Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Transformation with Nelson Mandela (Updated)

One of the greatest men I have ever met, atleast on the other side, has been Nelson Mandela. Humble in spirit, beautiful in stature and wise in his ways and his words.

During this time in history there is much chaos in the world.  War, violence, greed, have all run rampant.  As we have been progressing on this blog I've often spoken about Saint Germain, the ascended master, and his gift to us:  the violet flame and its use for transformation into a new age of peace.

Part of our own personal transformation starts with our mental and emotional bodies.  We've talked about some of the ways we can master those and how each body, our thoughts and our feelings inter connect.  This process is the foundation for transformation itself.  Not only for our own lives, but for the world we live in as well.

To give us some insight on how truly powerful this art of mastery is, lets hear Nelson Mandela explain in his own words how what he felt inside, the emotions he felt during his time in prison, had to be overcome by his thoughts in order to initiate freedom and have peace transpire in his country.

Below is another video of Nelson Mandela with Michael Jackson, announcing their "new adventure of humanity".  In it, you'll see the camera zoom onto Michael's broach.  This design is the maltese cross, the same symbol that Saint Germain has used for centuries as his electronic pattern.

Maybe all of this transformation talk is a mere coincidence or possibly it has been going on for centuries with people and in places we have never even realized.

Saint Germain
Maltese Cross


A Twin Soul's Story and Beyond: Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Kindness

A Twin Soul's Story and Beyond: Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Kindness: We are worlds away from all being kind to one another, but one small step on your part can start a ripple effect across your community and ...

Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Kindness

We are worlds away from all being kind to one another, but one small step on your part can start a ripple effect across your community and even into the spiritual planes.

We've all had them.  The man behind us beeping his horn the moment the signal turns green.  The disgruntled grocery clerk, solemnly ringing your groceries or the angry boss, looking for someone to let steam off on.

We've all had to cross paths with unkind people.  Sometimes we too, have a bad day.  We may come across cross or callous because of it to others.  It's contagious when we do that.  Worse than any flu, bad moods can ripple through a household in a matter of mere seconds.  If we don't catch them and become conscious of that energy, we could be in for a long night.

Sometimes it's just the insinuation that can have an effect.  A comment like "You look angry" or "You look stressed", "What's eating you?", can make even a good mood suddenly become somber.  The fact remains that like energies attract and carry through on like energies.  If we don't consciously "decide" to "not" take on another's negative energy, chances are someone elses bad day will become ours too.

Kindness, however, can have the same effect.  The clerk that goes out of her way to get you just the "right sized box".  The car that lets you in during a traffic jam or the boss that lets you leave early, just because its a nice day.  When someone is kind to us, we want to be kind in return. Suddenly we're in a good mood.  Suddenly we want someone else to feel the same way we feel.

I've noticed through the years that the act of kindness that is bestowed is always something I seem to so readily want to extend to another.  My somber, angry moods, I could do without.  I don't think I'd ever wish those on anybody!  But if we think about kindness, and the sheer desire to be kind in return, to me it goes hand in hand with love.  If we are created in love to begin with, we are a ready conduit for kindness automatically.  Letting the kindness flow, connects that love between people and makes us feel better, more alive and happier as a whole.

Today be mindful of the power of kindness.  It's the secret code word for love.  In a world that is at times so filled with sadness, kindness can be the best healing balm we ourselves can give the planet.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: I Have a Dream

"I avoid using the term 'religion', because many people say my religion this and my religion that. Why should it be 'my' religion?

I just believe what’s in the Bible with regard to which religion is involved. I simply believe.... I believe in it and I get down on my knees every night and thank God and ask Him to lead the way."

- Michael Jackson in a 1979 Ebony Magazine interview

Set an example for yourself and others.  Being a catalyst for change can be easy when you let the playfulness of your natural joy burst from within.  Inside that little girl or little boy that needs to express it's playful creative side is bursting to get out.  Allow that part of you to emerge and embrace a vision for your life and others by implementing playful, creative fun.

Part of our true natures are that from the "creator" himself.  Therefore, bringing anything into manifestation, into our third dimensional reality, requires some type of creative energy.  Where do we think that comes from?

If we look back in the bible we'll see some clues:

Matthew 18:3-6

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

A child is full of wonder and imagination.  Children are not yet conditioned by society, nor are they taught of the bitterness of the world.  They are open, often honest, and imaginative in play.  When you are a child, anything can happen and in your world, everything can be seen as magic.

If our true reality lies in what we believe anyway, if we decide to believe in magic I suppose we might be able to live an extraordinary life.  Even people like Nelson Mandela who at one time was thought to have too extraordinary of a vision to be possible, made his dream manifest.

If our thoughts are like beliefs, believing like a child may be the greatest thing we can do for ourselves to enhance and change the life we live.  Imagination, after all, is just the beginning of any great project, hope or dream.  If we dream big and in color, who knows where that imagination can truly take us.


Michael Jackson; HiStory, Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou

Michael Jackson's HiStory Album
Past, Present and FUTURE
There have been two reports since yesterday that have captured my attention.  One report was of man thought to have ties to ISIS that attacked an officer in New York City USA and another that they have also begun using chemicals in Iraq to attack security.  Our government officials, security, police officers, those that protect, must be very vigilant in the next days to protect themselves as well as others.

I don't think I need to remind anyone again of where we are headed.  Maybe Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, his HiStory video and all the posts for the last few years make more sense now. There will be chaos before the calm.

Sometimes I feel disgusted.  Have you ever felt like you're trying to scream out the truth and no one is listening? That when you actually tell the truth,  you're not believed, or even ridiculed?  Only to have that truth come to fruition and as much as you tried to warn people, no one listened.  No one bothered to change or make a marked progression toward preventative measures.

An American Indian I once met, had a tribe member once visit the United Nations.  Pre 911, he went to warn them of the impending disaster.  I guess we all know what happened.

Sometimes a small voice, one, can be construed as meaningless, but one small voice does count. Small voices can become louder, stronger and more resilient.  As Mr Mandela would say, our voice must be heard and well pointed.  Our mission strong, and united and we must NEVER lose focus on the goal - that's the mission.

There have been many great people in history that have done great things with this simple, yet powerful philosophy.  Martin Luther King, Jesus the Christ, Buddha, Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela himself, Malcom X, Gandhi and many, many others who have made positive change in our world.

I'm writing today because it does get hard.  It does get agonizing.  And sometimes it does get "disgusting." When we keep trying and we don't feel like we are getting anywhere, we want to quit, we want to stop.

The woman who screams for rights in a country that doesn't treat woman fairly  The boy who's parents abandon him that looks for hope.  The girl who has been tortured and beaten, that's ready to give up on life.  Don't stop.  Don't stop believing that there can be change.  Don't stop believing that we can move mountains and eliminate slavery, terrorism, war and even greed.  Don't stop believing - in yourself.

Mr Mandela has touched my heart greatly since he has passed.  I was afforded the opportunity to speak with him when Michael introduced us some time ago.  His life seemed to be a bit of a mystery to me until I took the time to look at his life and actually was able to speak with him.

He had such wise words, I remember.  As he and Maya Angelou stand beside me now, I'd like to recant what he said some months ago from my post:

"He stood there with these twinkling eyes, smiling and I felt the same kind of warmth from him as that radiated from Sri Aurobindo and Mother - pure love. I asked him how he was able to have the strength to do what he did. Racial segregation and the things that transpired because of it was pure hell. How could one black man stand so strong against hatred?

When you are the low man on the totem pole, he said, its easy because you don't have that far to fall. He laughed when he said this, but I really wanted to know. How did he make such a difference, how and what does he think we could do to help change the world we live in? He told me we have to stand in our truth. That no matter what you have to stand for what you believe in. In his case it was equality. Equality for all people, not just a few. It's easy, he said, when you know in your heart what's right and the right thing to do and that's how he did it.

He said there will always be those that hate. Hatred is all some people know. When adversity comes you have to stare it straight in the face and tell it you're not afraid of it. Change comes, but it comes slowly when there are others wishing ill will. But we must fight for change or change will never happen. We must not be afraid to have our voices heard and sing the song of freedom for all races and all people.

They will persecute you, rape you of your pride, kick you when you are down and succumb to violence when they feel they are losing the war, but you must not retreat. You must wage the battle and continue to fight for what's right. If no one does, all is lost, so it must be us, must be you, if anyone wishes anything to change."

From Maya:

"The water is never clear until everything settles to the ocean floor.  Our thoughts are like the water.  Ripples, rippling out to the universe.  It hears our cries, it dreams our dreams.  Big ripples expanding across the globe.  Loud thunders of voices crying out for help.  Listen to your hearts you will hear their cries.  Listen to the leaves in the wind, you'll hear their voices. 

I'm not a great poet.  I write poetry.  I'm not a great soul, a master or even a slave.  I am being, worthy of love , worthy of greatness and full of potential.  We all have potential, sisters and brothers.  We all have love.  Give wisely.  Use your time wisely and let the rest of the cards fall where they may.  We are all in this together.  This great big world, this land we call mother, Madiba and I will always treasure.  We're here, with you now.  We're here because we care. Won't you care for one another too? 

I love you most.

For Nelson Mandela and I, our days are done upon the earth.  Now. . . it's your turn.  What can you do?  How can you help?  What can you give to make this world of ours better?  In your heart you'll see what you need to do.  Feel what's right and how to make it right.  Don't faultier, don't stall, nor waste your time.  The time is now to change all we can.

The language used at the beginning of the video above is a universal language called Esperanto.  It depicts a future in which there is a language spoken that is more universal than there is today. It is our FUTURE of ONE.



Ever since I was a child, I have had a fascination with trees.  I would look up into their branches and feel somehow they were protecting me.  I was safe when I was under a tree. Somehow I even thought the tree could feel what I did.  I've heard of people talking to trees. Sometimes I think they can even talk back.  They too are in the consciousness of all things.

Everything in nature is a vibration, a rhythm, a flow, an ebb and design in the masters plan. We've come to the planet not knowing our identity in divinity, but knowing it in form.  What matters most is the attitude we take with ourselves and the world.  Most often when we find things different than we are, we judge them.  Often thinking we know the only way things "should be".

In some ways our world is like a tree.  One whole tree contains many leaves of varying colors and branches of belief.  From it's trunk stems many aspects, many souls, lives and belief systems.  I liken it to our source, our creator, with the roots that fortify our very beings.

Trees are the silent witnesses to life.  They stand silently watching, whispering to themselves in the wind.  They see the things no one thinks is seen and they hear things no one thinks they hear.

Some trees are giants and some are very small.   Some see for miles and others for just a few inches.  But what's most marvelous about trees is that they give us the very air we breathe.  The planet is fortified by them.  Our bodies are nourished by them.  The animals, sheltered and our worlds are made more colorful by them.

Trees will always be in my heart.  When I see their leaves fall, I'll remember my own life when everything fell apart.  In winter when they are barren, I'll remember the coldness and sting of having no one in my life.  In the spring, when they bud, I'll remember the new beginnings my children and I took after my divorce and in the summer I'll relish in the majesty of their leaves glistening in the sun and the knowing that I too finally have found the light.

Like trees, we all have a season in our lives.  Sometimes it may be winter in the summer or summer in the spring.  But what's most important is that we know that the seasons don't last for ever.  For in every tree and being is the wisdom that there has been a seed planted somewhere and it only waits to be born.


Breaking news: ATTACK WARNING + Update

I have just learned there has been an attack on the Canadian capital today.
Another two men have jumped the fence at the White House in the United States.

I posted a very devastating vision that had to do with terrorists attacks a little while ago.  That vision was with a woman and I cited some dates, October 23-27

Today is the 22nd of October.  There is much at play and I don't feel this is the last of what we will hear.  PLEASE keep vigilant of your surroundings and your children in the next few days.  This feels deliberate and organized.  And as I mentioned in the previous post, political.

Original posts


Woman Revealed

Follow Up

****Update:  Attacks sometimes come on the heels of the places we hold dear as a nation.  I feel impelled to add to keep watch on the Lincoln Memorial Center in Wasington D C and other national sites around the world.  Like 911, deliberate, organized and possibly simultaneous.

Michael Jackson Murder - Holes

Today is the eclipse and if I remember correctly, astrologer Maria Shaw Lawson stated we might be in for some surprises. Maybe even shocking news.

I have a little snack of shockers for you today just to feel like I'm part of this great big universal plan.

At one time an employer of mine asked if I ever saw the movie "Erin Brockovich".  It's a movie about a woman who takes a position as a legal assistant and decides to look into things.  She uncovers a massive cover up by a company that had been contaminating water and making the local people sick.  Somehow I reminded him of that movie.

Astrologically speaking, Scorpios are investigative by nature.  I happen to have a Libra rising and if anyone can remember the symbol for the sign Libra you'll realize it's the scales of justice.  Justice, peace and harmony are very important to me .  That's something that's held true for my entire life and I don't think I'll ever change.

That is also why I continue to seek justice and continue to speak the truth about Michael's murder. I've already written who I saw in Michael's room the night he died.  I've written about why they were there.  I've written about why they killed him.  I've even given some evidence and the paper trail to back that up.  Today I thought we'd look again and see that the facts in the timeline also convey that the three men involved in Michael's murder where in cahoots the very day Michael Jackson died.

Conspiracy Murderer #1:  Randy Phillips AEG Live

Here he is.  I chose this photo specifically for his toothy fake smile.  This is the shot that says "I'm a grinning treasure cat"... "I like money and will do anything for it."  Don't get me wrong, I do realize there were "other" men involved as well in the deal that was made with Michael Jackson's then manager Tohme Tohme.   But lets leave Paul Gongaware out of this for now.  It gets so messy when we really go to count ALL the dirty hands.

During the trial for Conrad Murray, Randy Phillips was asked how he found out about Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009.  He testified that he received a phone call from Frank Dileo about 10:30 am or 11:00 am and that MJ was having trouble breathing. (How would anyone know MJ was having trouble breathing? NO testimony backs this up except for the 911 call itself) Paramedics, he said, were at the house. It took Phillips about 15 minutes to get to the Carolwood house.

Please note:  The paramedics were never even called until 12:20 pm

Which brings us to Frank Dileo, Conspiracy Murderer #2:

Frank DiLeo, the man that Michael Jackson fired as his manager that was put on as manager again for him just weeks before he died was asked the same thing, just not in court.  He said he was having an early lunch, you know around 11:30 (I like how he noted the time) Lunch had just come and apparently a fan called him to say there was something going on.  So, he says, he called Michael Amir, Michael's personal assistant.

Apparently, as Frank stated in his interview, an ambulance was at the house.  He said Michael Amir said "that's what he heard".

Michael Amir wasn't at the house.  Matter of fact Michael Amir didn't even mention he spoke with Frank that day until cross examination.  He had two phones, he said and spoke to Frank on the way to the Carolwood home.  The problem is, his testimony states that he didn't know what was going on at the home until he got there.  That's when they were leaving with Michael on the gurney around 1pm.

If Frank just got lunch it must have taken a long time. Not to mention the fact that the paramedics never arrived until 12:26 pm and Michael Amir apparently(according to his testimony) never knew they were there until he got there at 1 pm.   Around the same time Frank got there . . as he stated he had to then go to the hospital.  The ambulance had "just left".

But the kicker is this:  Frank says he then called Randy, who stated he got Frank's call at 10:30 am (2 hrs before 911 was even called) and they met at the hospital.  Which brings us to  . . .

Conspiracy Murder #3; Tohme Tohme

I prefer this photo of Tohme because he stepped right up to the plate after injecting Michael to say "There will be no question!" at the announcement of Michael Jackson's death.

Now Mr. Tohme, to my knowledge, has never been questioned in Michael murder.  I guess someone listened when he said "No questions please".  Yet we do have a little thing that ties him to #1 and #2.  When Randy and Frank say they arrived together at the hospital we find a photo of Randy arriving at the hospital that day:


Funny thing is, it doesn't look like Frank DiLeo does it?  Maybe it's me, but it looks a little like Tohme Tohme, don't you think?  Maybe if we fattened him up a bit and slammed a cigar in his mouth he might pass.  But even at that I do believe Frank might be a bit shorter.

Besides wasn't it one of the local news stations that reported this:


Michael Jackson Art ; Twin Soul Reunion and Consciousness

Patricia Joudry
Many years ago I obtained a video of a favorite lady of mine, whom I never met. Patricia Joudry was the co-author of the book Twin Souls along with my friend and co-worker at one time, Maurie D Pressman MD.  The video I'm speaking of has been prominent in my mind for the last week.  Both Patricia and Maurie now reside on the other side and the video, which was done by Diadra and John Price, is to my knowledge no longer available.

As we progress in our consciousness, we can often continue our understanding with some of the work that has been done by people like Patricia and Maurie. Many others have, in the past, directed us to a higher state of being.  Today I'd like to offer an excerpt from John and Diadra's book, Soular Reunion:

"Do Twins move back into the undifferentiated Light following reunion?  Do they maintain their individuality?

We believe reunion takes place in an upward progressive fashion through the expansion of consciousness in this manner.  First, there is the reunion with the individual I AM self of each person.  Consciousness thus expanded in awareness of oneness with individual Self automatically is drawn into the greater expanded consciousness of the reunion of Self in the opposite polarity, or Twin Soul.  As absolute fusion is experienced at the Twin Soul level and by the nature of the cosmic unity of ALL Life, an expansion again takes place as the Twin Soul Unit begins to experience union with others of similar vibrations of love resonance.  This is experienced as inner knowingness of oneness on an even grander scale than oneness with Self and Twin. This would ultimately result in the reunification in consciousness of the oneness of all people.  This, of course, would not be the ultimate unification either.  There are many mansions, and many created Beings in those many mansions of God's House or Kingdom.  Just because they are not visible to us does not in any way deny their existence.  Union of consciousness at the global level would then facilitate the ushering in of evolution into union at the cosmic level.  The nature of God and God's creations is infinite, and the stages of union must also be infinite."

I am re-posting some of Michael Jackson cover work for his music.  He has shown through the years his knowingness that twins, once united, expand the consciousness into ONE love.  That love is in the consciousness of all, yet it starts with the reunion of the twins for us all as well.

This is where we are headed.  This is our Future, this is the ending of the Dangerous ride and the significance of the ending of the Mayan calendar.  All of these things speak of a higher consciousness, a higher understanding and union with all.

The cover art for the song "Butterflies"
 Two faces looking at one another.

Mock copy of the the album "The Future" now titled
"Invincible" (see yesterdays post for details) 
Snapshot of the "Dangerous" album.  Twin souls in the
bubble over the doorway at the end of the ride. 
Hand written note from Michael
regarding "Higher Consciousness"

The song "Butterflies"

"All I gotta say is that I must be dreaming, can't be real
You're not here with me, still I can feel you near me"


Blue Eye and the Invincible Album

If you've read my memoir Another Part of Me, you'll remember that in 1998 I wrote the first draft of my manuscript regarding twin souls.  I had a copy of that manuscript delivered through a publisher to Michael for approval.  On the cover I placed a picture of Michael's face with one blue eye and one brown to symbolize twin souls.

I never published that manuscript.  At the time they only wanted it to be published as fiction, citing that The Celestine Prophcy was fiction and didn't want an outpouring from the fans.  I didn't want a fictional work.  I wanted to publish something that made people go "wow"! Things like this are really true.

Forward to the year 2001 and you'll find that Michael Jackson released his last album entitled "Invincible". The cover art had Michael's face the same way I had pictured it on my cover with one eye pronounced more than the other.  Later, upon the family's request, another photo of Michael entitled "Blue Eye" was released.  This photo was taken for the Invincible album, but never used.  It depicts Michael with an actual blue eye and mirrors on his jacket.  Twin flames mirror one another and when it was released I remember thinking what an artistic touch that was.

Little did I know really how artistic.  Last night I ran into the Invincible cover again and I noticed one of the eyes seemed larger than the other.  Michael told me because one of them was mine.  When I questioned him he said he took it off an old comp card I had for modeling.  This would be the comp I used when I went downtown for my modeling assignment and saw Michael on the street.

So of course I was curious and went through my things to find it.  It was done in 1984.  My hair is a frizz bucket because that's what you did back in the day.  Perms were in and I guess my fine hair didn't fair so well! lol  Anyway I scanned it and put it in Microsoft Paint to see if it really did fit.  I was kind of speechless when I saw how everything actually lined up.  The eyes, the nose, even the lips.

I then remembered a clip from the DaVinci Code.  The one that talks about the art of DaVinci and the painting of the Mona Lisa.  One side is larger than the other.  The reasoning given is that one side represents the masculine and the other side represents the feminine.

I thought it would be interesting to share.  I've posted the photos below and also the song "Invincible".  In it Michael sings about "perfect love" - the entire concept of twin souls. Although maybe it's all just a "coincidence".


Interviews about Elf Culture with the Other Side

In our household we have a great affinity for the movie Elf.  Of late, we have been discussing the need to brush up on our Elf culture and all the things that go with that.

In discussing this morning's topic, we settled on doing interviews.  Michael has gathered some people from the other side we can ask questions of.  Some, like Marilyn Monroe, I have never seen before.

I'm not very good at coming up with questions, especially with so many in the house, so we decided to ask about Elf culture.  The code of the Elves is something that I feel should be universal.  After all it is "Christmas" like and exemplifies love and kindness all through the year.  There is room for simply "everyone" on Santa's nice list.

Well Fred (Astaire) had no idea what I was talking about so we had to show the movie.  He was first marveled at my television.  He says he's never seen one like that.  Mind you it's not the cream of the crop kind of TV.  I think it's just that he says "it's been a long while" since he's seen one.

So with that, we had them view the first portion of the movie.  As for the interview questions we have we have decided on one.  What was your favorite part of the movie and how do you feel you could implement that part of Elf culture into your every day life?

Here is the list to choose from:

The Code of Elves

1.  Treat everyday like Christmas.

2.  There's room for everyone on the nice list.

3.  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

I'm not Barbara Walters, but Michael has given a little help here so lets start with him:

Michael Jackson
What is your favorite Elf code and how do you feel you could implement that part of Elf culture into your every day life?

Well since I don't really have an every day life I guess I'd have to say "singing loudly for all to here".  That's my motto and the goal I hope to achieve is that one day everyone will hear the song in their heart.

Fred Astaire

I enjoyed watching the movie, at least that part of it.  The baby crawling into Santas sack reminded me of my own youth.  I too liked "singing loudly for all to hear".  I live in the mountains of heaven and there is where I still perform.  I dance, I sing and sometimes I make little pilgrimages like this.

Grace Kelly

Treat everyday like Christmas.  I think it's important for people to realize how precious time is while their on earth.  Every day is a gift.

James Brown

There's room for everyone on the nice list.  Sometimes I was a bit naughty, so that's my favorite.

Elizabeth Taylor

Well I have to say if I had to hear you sing, I certainly wouldn't choose number 3.  I have to go with number 1, that's my favorite.  Treating every day like Christmas is what life's all about.  We can all pretend it's Christmas every day.  How wonderful would that be?  Amazing wouldn't it?  

(Sorry, as a side note, Michael used to leave Elizabeth with me while he went on his pilgrimages.  I used to sing very badly and loudly for her as punishment for Michael leaving. . it was really just a joke . .OK ... let's go on . .  .)

Whitney Houston

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  It reminds me of my own family Christmas.  We enjoyed singing, all of us and it brought back memories.

Princess Diana

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  I like to sing.  No one really knew that but I was too refined back then.  I think it releases something in you from deep inside.  It makes you feel more alive.  That's my favorite one.

Robin Williams

Yo!  My favorite, let's see.  The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear, because that's how I roll.  Here, look everyone it's me... I'm singing, I'm singing.  I'm in heaven and I'm singing. . can you hear me, can you hear me, I can hear you . . I'm still working on my elfisms....

Joan Rivers

Oh my god this is outrageous!  Who thought this up?  Ok, ok lets see which one is my favorite... Treat every day like Christmas that's a good one.  I'd like to see that happen.  Everyone would be on the naughty list.  If that happened all of heaven would fall down in one single swoop

Marlon Brando

Hello.. (oh my...what a deep voice) ...the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.  I think because it reminds me of home.  Our hearts are with our homes, our families.  Singing at Christmas reminds me of that.  It's nice.  It's soothing.  

Ryan White

I like there is room for everyone on the nice list, because if we make room for everyone in our hearts then everyone feels loved.  That's important.  To take time for people and try and understand where they're coming from.

Gary Coleman

I like them all.  I think its cool to have elf culture and be like you're celebrating Christmas every day.  It's nice to be able to talk to you..this is cool...ok, ok, Where were we...so all of them.  Yeah.

Nelson Mandela (woo hoo!!! Nelson Mandela is in the house!)

There is room for everyone on the nice list of course, that's about reconciliation.  In our hearts there can be Christmas always.  It's a pleasure and a joy.

Watch the video below to inspire some Elf culture into your own home.  Practicing now makes you much better at it for the upcoming holiday.


The Other Side with Robin Williams

If you've entered this site and find there are messages from "beyond", that means as the name implies above, that life does continue after death.  Dead people aren't dead.  I often marvel at the fact that we celebrate birth, but shun death as if it's the end of everything, it's not.  Sometimes it's only the beginning.

We die because we long to live again.  Lifetime through lifetime we are reborn.  The consciousness continues and lives through different vehicles at different times.  Speaking to people who have passed on allows for healing for those things that weren't able to be healed when someone was here.  It allows sometimes for closure, like in the case of Michael Jacksons murder, and sometimes it allows us to know that our departed loved one is OK.

Personally, I think it's fascinating learning about the other side.  In having a soul connection to Michael , I have been given the opportunity to see many things I never thought I would.  The consciousness that was connected here on the earth plane continues to be connected even though he has passed.  It has allowed me to view the world he now lives in and the people he now enjoys his time with.

One of those people, is Robin Williams.  Robin has stayed around to help.  Many people who have passed, I've noticed, are eager to help others.  I think they know how difficult earth life can be and often get pleasure from serving and helping others in ways they necessarily couldn't in their lifetime.

Robin's message:

"Nanoo Nanno.  Greetings from the other side of the veil.  This is real.  We are all connected.  It goes with out saying that I'm dead.  I think I'm still alive.  I mean I'm talking ain't I?  Or is that my head just floating around in space and someone decided to catch it.  Like a baseball in a mitt.  

Don't think I've retired.  I'm still going around telling jokes to all the people in heaven. 
Sometimes they get them.  Sometimes they don't.  But that's OK, nanoo, nanoo wasn't around forever and people like George Steinbrenner and Bette Davis are people you wouldn't know anyway.  

I'm here, gloriously handsome and incredibly smart.  

I travel at the speed of lightning and I'm not even a super hero!  

It's nice to be dead.  You can eat all you want and never get fat.  

I like to do my hair in different styles every day just by thinking about it and I love to ride the bus to school in the morning just for kicks.  When I get off I pretend I'm at home again and I do it all over again.  I love riding the school bus.  

Anyway, don't forget, one day you will die too.  That's not psychic, that's just life.  When you do, you'll find out this is true.  We don't really go anywhere, it's just space.  A tinier spot that you just can't see.  Think of it that way.  

When you find out that some things in life just weren't that important anymore, you learn to live differently, see things differently.  That's why we stay around to help.  That's why we care.  The struggles us humans go through can be seen through the veil.  It's not easy being green, as Kermit would say, but it sure is nice to get a helping hand every now and then.

Well anyway, that's my bit for today.  

Here's Mork from Ork, or the famously, infamous Robin Williams of your time over and out.  Nanoo, nanoo."

As I've seen with Michael and spoken to Fred Astaire about, you are able to create your own home on the "other" side.  Castles and homes over looking the mountains.

Below is a clip from when Robin was here.  He finds humor in everything and we can get a glimpse of the type of home he might create on the other side as well as the most "priceless" things we can find on earth. Love, compassion and comfort from one another.  These things you aren't paid to do, but are worth the most to all of us.


Astro News with Maria Shaw Lawson

Astro News
By Maria Shaw Lawson

Lucky Days Now!

Even though we are in the mercury retrograde until October 24th we still have some lucky days between now and the 20th of the month to enhance your life, job opportunities, draw money to you and expand business.

Today Sun sextiles Mars and this is a great aspect if you need to really focus on a project at hand. You will be able to accomplish quite a lot now. Boy, do I need it. I'm getting everything in place for our annual convention and it is a large amount of work that goes into putting on this event.

If you've been feeling a little foggy or if you someone is lying/deceiving you about something, you will get clarity tomorrow. You will be able to see someone or something in a clear light when the Sun conjuncts Mercury.

Here's your time to sit up and take notice:

October 16th, 1:33 PM to 7:49 PM Eastern time.

Now, on Thursday, Mercury conjuncts Venus and this is a perfect day to plan a meeting, presentation or just have a heart to heart talk with someone. Havingtrouble in a relationship? Between Thursday and Sunday you can resolve a lot of problems with someone by talking things through.

October 20th you can get what you ask for! Venus sextiles Mars. And by the way,it's a great time for love and romance too. This aspect will be felt over Sweetest Day on Saturday too.

I need to share something you too. The past few weeks I have had many clients share with me that they are feeling very depressed and want to check out. I would say over a dozen people have reached out to me. The eclipse energy has been causing a lot of people to really feel depressed or anxious. Please check on your friends and family members who may be having a hard time and let them know you love them. If you feeling this way, please know it will pass, seek advice and help and reach out to someone now! You are loved and special but may not feel it because of some of the harsher astrological energies. They are bringing some folks down. But I promise this will pass. Know you are a beautiful soul and the world is indeed a special place because of your presence!

The Solar Eclipse on October 23rd is coming!

It's at 0 degrees Scorpio so it's affecting late degree Libra and early degree Scorpio folks the most as well as Taurus, Leo and Aquarius but we all have this eclipse falling somewhere in our charts. Because this is a new moon eclipse, it will bring you new opportunities wherever it falls in your natal chart. Many of you will be giving serious thought to the relationships you are in; both personal and professional. This eclipse will also usher in new relationships for many people over the course of the next several weeks. Pay attention to the new folks in your life.The y bring meaning and messages.
You may meet someone very enticing out of the blue.

This eclipse could also bring some crazy events into play. There may be relationship or financial concerns for some of you. This eclipse brings healing too especially in relationships as the Sun, Moon and Venus all conjunct 0 degrees Scorpio and these planets are all trine to Neptune.

A word of warning however, Mercury opposes Uranus and as you know Mercury is also retrograde. There are aspects to computer problems and travel, especially when driving. Please be extra careful for the next month!

Good news on October when the Sun conjuncts Venus. It's a beautiful time for love and money. This good relationship cycle hits on October 27th when Venus trines Neptune and continues through Halloween. Lovely, lovely times are ahead.

And here's some more good news...

We are coming into a HUGE $$ cycle the end of the month that continues until November 8th when Venus trines Chiron. It also means this is one of the best astrological aspects to start a new romance. So as you can see, there are many wonderful things to look forward to! Hope you make use of these fantastic energies!

Blessing and Love, Maria

For more from Maria, visit her website at www.MariaShaw.com


Living in the Mind - The Mental Body

We all project our own worlds within.  That means we create our own world and how we feel about it inside ourselves.  Each creation we have in every individual is different.  That's the very reason for different opinions and different ideas on how to live life.

It would stand to reason that we are "consciousness"' first then.   For every experience we have, through every one of our five senses and every sensation, fear or anxiety is experienced through our "consciousness". Without consciousness we would not be a living thing.  Without consciousness there would be no proof that life goes on beyond the body.

We have already discovered we are not the body, but a soul that transcends death, but what goes with that soul is the consciousness that creates the "reality" of that soul.

We create in our consciousness every day.  In it we put fears, drama, hurts, love and our outlook on the world.  I like to imagine everyone's consciousness as a bubble all around them.  As if each of us is our own planet, constantly creating good or bad vibrations in it, and constantly living in what "consciousness" we have created.

One of the fundamental tasks I have been solicited to help with is bringing divine order into our "consciousness".  I try to do this through many writings here on the blog with the help of some very amazing people from the other side.  Divine order is seeing ourselves as a divine being instead of flesh and bones.  Divine consciousness brings us understanding and wisdom, trust and higher knowing.  It is the essence of who we are; divine in nature and fundamentally, "consciousness."

Michael Jackson used to say whatever enters the mind, the mind enters.  In this very statement we can understand it is within the mind that we create our very reality.  Whatever we "believe" is how we live our lives.  The input into the mind varies.  It is society's conditioning, the religion you were brought up with, the values from your parents, and the experiences you have had.  They are all held in a vast set of beliefs and rules you have created for yourself and world held within your "consciousness".

Saint Germain, an ascended master, would call this our "mental body".  One of the bodies that we need to purify and understand on our road to ascension and to the twin flame.  Mental bodies contain all the thoughts and beliefs of this lifetime and others.  Breaking down the patterns we have discussed so many times here, begin with this specific body.  It is here that changes first need to be made - in our own thoughts.

I'd like to acknowledge Robin Williams this morning for helping me with this post.  Below you'll see a clip of a movie called "What Dreams May Come".  This movie, starring Robin Williams, depicts beautiful scenes that illustrate the fact that we actually live in our "minds".  The very scenery around Robin changes as his beliefs and perceptions change.  Perhaps with this knowledge it is easier to see the struggles we can actually create for ourselves when we put ourselves in dark places and how with just the change of a thought or two, we can lift ourselves out.


Twin Flame Soul Mates - The Human Being and Merging

I had a discussion with one of my teachers last evening, Saint Germain.  For much of my life the twin flame soul mate experience has been both agonizing and blissful.  The path has certainly not been easy and last evening with Saint Germain's help I was able to come to a few realizations.

Many times here on the blog we've discussed the concept of twin flame souls mates as if they are cells.  Both Michael Jackson and Maurie D Pressman MD have used the word "cell" to describe the relationship of the twin flame soul mate.  Most often, however, like with many other things, we "label" something and give it a definition in our minds.  Often times we never really deviate from that definition held within us.  Even on this blog we've had many people come forth with different ideas about "their" definition of what a twin flame soul mate is.  Everyone has different beliefs and different ideas about what it should or shouldn't be.

When Michael lived, I always used to say that if we ever actually came together I would get down on my knees at that very spot and thank god for us coming together.  It might sound strange, but in my mind the whole thing was so extraordinary to me I knew it had to be very special, very spiritual, and if that finally happened, a very blessed union.

I don't think I was wrong in thinking that, but I was wrong in thinking what Saint Germain last night termed as "idealic thinking".  At first I thought perhaps he meant because Michael was a public figure he was saying I had been "idealic", but it wasn't that at all.  It was that I had defined the "relationship" as holy and instead of seeing it for what it was, most times I was idealic in thinking that because the "relationship of the soul" was holy, so was the relationship itself.

I think many people most likely have this concept.  That their twin flame soul mate is someone bright and shiny, loving and caring, even to the point where they don't have any flaws or are not human.  If you would have asked me years ago, I could have told you I thought Michael was definitely human.  We had spats, but I always held him in a place of high regard.  The idealic part set in when I thought that the "union" would be just that.  Union in bliss for ever more.  Saint Germain has very nicely explained this to me.

Twin flame soul mates have been described as cells because it is more a function of nature.  That's how we were created, naturally part of the whole.  On the road back to love we will encounter many parts of our whole, with twin flames, soul mates and others resonating like us.  The concept of divine love that is held in our minds is real, but the concept of human love can not be disregarded.  We are still human even though we have been created in divinity.

Even on the other side after we die, even as we merge as twin flame soul mates, we retain a bit of our humanness.  Part of the dross layers of energy that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime.  It is in that humanness that we still may act out from.  We will always seek connections, seek to connect and seek love because that's where we came from: Love.  And sometimes we will always seek that love in the same ways we have always sought it in our humanness.  Simply put it is our patterns at play that still emerge even in the merging process and the union.  It is "completion" that is still sought through the soul, through love and through connection.

I wanted to write this today because I think many people may have this misconception about twin flames. You may find your flame and feel the intense desire of love and connection, but it doesn't mean he or she is pure already if you should be able to come together.  There will be a gradual process of clearing before, during, and even after merging.  It all takes time in our walk back to the divine.

Similar to a biological cell, the soul cell when created split, then split again, and again and again.

In our return home to source, those souls will merge back into that wholeness similar to the depiction in the video below.