Twin Flames and Some Quotes From Some Readers

Sometimes I get notes from readers of the blog that have begun their journey back home.  They are traversing the path back to their twin flame and as they do, I've found their notes to be both inspiring and heartwarming.  Sometimes they have led to posts on this blog.  Today I'd like to quote a few recent ones that were said so eloquently I just had to share them.  These will remain anonymous, but I do want to thank the people who sent them to me.  I hope you don't mind that I share your wisdom.

One reader I met several years ago.  She has a flame, questioned the relationship, questioned her state of mind and like many people, was afraid to tell anyone.  Twin relationships are relationships of the soul.  They are an internal path for the soul to be reunited in divine love.  Although these relationships are not yet part of what's deemed "normal" in society, they have been around for thousands of years.  They are in our history books, in the bible, and in many religious and spiritual literature as well as many traditions that have been handed down through the ages.  Just because someone may have not been told about them or know about them, doesn't mean that they don't exist.

Even now as I look around the world I see the words on our world currency all relating to one thing: God.  Statements like "In God We Trust" are written even across the dollar bill here in the United States.  When someone takes the stand in a trial, they are asked “Do you swear that the evidence you shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”  Statements like these, even in our government systems, should lead us to believe that even the governments recognize a higher power present and active in our world.  A higher power that even the courts evidently believe in.

Although those beliefs seem to be just an undercurrent, one that is not commonly acted on, the evidence in the world still suggests that it is indeed there.  A spiritual reality that governs the conscious minds and inner workings of all people.  Those inner workings are the seeds that govern our lives and the same seeds we can transcend ourselves to unite with our flames and begin to heal the world as a whole.

This is the role of the flame relationships.  Ever spiraling back to wholeness, we take with us all that is love.  Flames are the catalyst for our new age.  United flames will be the forerunners for human history itself.  Elevating the consciousness within themselves, each other, and in turn the flames that follow.  This domino effect can and will gain momentum during the next century.

These are some of the quotes I wished to share.  Now more commonplace, flames understand what's necessary for their own growth to become whole themselves, before true realization and unification with a flame can be obtained.

"The twin relationship, work that needs to be done within each twin and for the world has to be the inner child. Until we evolve into a loving consciousness that honors children, our world will remain in jeopardy."

"looking at a tree and watching the tomtits picking from the stringed peanuts, and my plants who start to bloom, sometimes I just think there must be this gigantic child be hidden inside me, my life is an almost constant state of wonder and happiness"

"That does make sense because when your busy and your connected to someone, it's real easy to ignore the connection. So if both of the twins or one of the twins are scared of the connection or doesn't want to deal with it for some reason, they have the ability to shut if off, Which Lee and Sherry call the "switch."

"I am so afraid to trust what I feel. I keep thinking that it's all in my head."

"This connection has really been intense for the past 4 days. She must be really missing and thinking about me. I can feel the tug on my heart chakra"

In summary, we have to realize that for the past decades the world has placed a great deal of importance on intellect and science.  It's not wrong, but it has replaced the value we have placed on who we are as a human species.  We not only have a mind, we have a spiritual body and a feeling body.  I like to maintain the concept that science has not proven love, but we have all felt love and know that it exists.  Don't ever be afraid to trust what you feel.

Here is one of my favorite videos regarding that stages of flame relationships.  In this day and age it is a difficult path.  However, I do believe if you are given the guidance and knowledge you need, it will make that path that much easier.  This video is a great tool.


What would happen if we chose to Wonder?

Living our lives from a single point of perspective constricts our internal compass to that which we have been taught to believe in.  We take the outside world at face value, often ignoring what we "feel" inside.

What if we instead began to "wonder" at the world outside of us and in?  What if instead we saw something or someone and really wondered who they were or what their purpose was?

In yoga my teachers would often tell a story about a pen.  At the front of the class the teacher would hold up a pen and ask the students what it was.  Of course everyone would say "it's a pen".  Yet when the teacher went on, he would begin to ask what it would be to a dog.  What would it look like to a monkey or a baby?  In those cases the pen would become a chew toy, a tool or even something to suck on.

As people we need to learn the same lesson.  Because we've been taught that something looks one way on the outside, doesn't mean that that's necessarily what it is.When we look at the bud of a flower that's what we see.  What we don't see is the beauty of the flower in full blown.  In other words, what it can become.  We can nurture ourselves and our children this way.  It's not seeing things and people as they look now, but looking at them with the potential for what could be and wonder what they truly are.

There's a wonderful book out on the market now called "Wonder".  It's about a boy with a deformity that begins to go to a public school.  Everyone looks at him for who they think he is from the outside.  The boy longs for people to look at and know him from the inside.  For as much money and time as we spend to "look" one way or another on the "outside", we all long for the same thing as this boy does.  For someone to really know who we are on the inside and to be loved and accepted.

Here is an excerpt about the book:

"You can't blend in when you were born to stand out.

My name is August. I won't describe what I look like. Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse."

August Pullman wants to be an ordinary ten-year-old. He does ordinary things. He eats ice cream. He plays on his Xbox. He feels ordinary - inside.

But Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go.

Born with a terrible facial abnormality, Auggie has been home-schooled by his parents his whole life, in an attempt to protect him from the cruelty of the outside world. Now, for the first time, he's being sent to a real school - and he's dreading it. All he wants is to be accepted - but can he convince his new classmates that he's just like them, underneath it all?

Narrated by Auggie and the people around him whose lives he touches forever, Wonder is a funny, frank, astonishingly moving debut to read in one sitting, pass on to others, and remember long after the final page.


Reconnecting with Love

Today I'd like to take you to a sacred place.  For moments in your life you receive reflections.  It's in the quietness when you observe a newborn baby, or admire snow glistening on the tree branches.  In those moments there is a feeling inside of you.  A quiet stillness, a knowing.  That feeling is love.

Our admiration for simple pleasures in life, not the man made ones, but the stuff we are really made of, draws us closer to our source.  Closer to God and our true natures.

Since Michaels death I've often asked what it will be like when I get there.  Who will be there?  How will it feel?  He always answers that I'll be surprised.  There are many people waiting for us when we cross and we are always greeted with love.

Currently our world is in great need of more love.  More precisely put, we need to get back in touch with love.  War, crime, terrorism, you name it, has invaded our world like a rampid disease.  We have taken our focus from our internal natures and have placed it on the outside.  Outside luxuries aren't wrong, but they can never replace what is needed and longed for inside.

Inside you know you need love and nurturing to bloom and grow, just like a flower.  Many of us reach for these things in buying things to make us feel better, earning more money, or if we are mistreated, by mistreating others.  People and children who grow up with violence often act violently themselves.  That's what we've been taught.  That's sometimes all we know.

But lives like this leave us feeling lonely and we will most often know inside something is missing in our lives.  Some of us won't be able to put our finger on it.  Others will know instinctively it's love.

If you're a reader of this blog, you'll know how often I've often rolled my eyes when I've been told to write another post about love, but I have to agree it can't be said enough.  That is what we need and if it's the stuff we are made of, people need to know how to bring it back into their lives and into our world.

Twin souls share a sacred space between them.  When you join in union there is a sense of completeness and bliss that you can only call love.  It's love like I've never felt before from another human being.  It is divine, complete and unconditional.  It wraps around you and within you like warm soup.  Reflecting on this and the fact that all of us long to unite and be brought back together, I've been searching my mind and soul for glimpses of this love in our outer world that people can relate to.  And, it's in those quiet moments.  Those moments that don't say anything.  It is the moments of stillness and internal elated rising of emotion from within that seem to be the moments that we connect most with the love that we are.

You can name yourself anything you want.  You can say you are a convict, a bank robber, a horrible mother or father, but I can bet that every one of us has had at least one of these moments in our lives.  Today I'd like you to go to that moment.  Recreate it within yourself and carry that feeling with you.  No matter how lonely or how hard life can get, you can always reach for that moment and know you are never truly alone and can carry that love with you.  Knowing the real beauty of the life you were meant to live.


Some Personal Words on Michael Jacksons Murder

The true measure of a man is not in what he says, but what he does.  If you have truth it is your duty to believe and have faith enough in humanity to tell it.  If everyone cowers and nothing is said, we all lose.  Evil wins and the world will become darker, with less and less light willing to take a stand.

The battle between good and evil isn't a new one.  For ages this planet has undergone battles between states, churches, in the name of religion and even now with terrorism. Everyone has their own ideas about what should be right, yet we still are all on this planet together.  We all still have to live in this world.  It's simply up to us when we think about what kind of world we are creating.  Our silence for injustice allows humanity to pay the ultimate penalty.  If we all took this stand, there would have never been the likes of people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, or a politically incorrect Abraham Lincoln when he took a stand against slavery.

Change does not come easy, nor does justice at times.  There are times we will win and times we will lose.  But if I've learned anything from my friends on the other side, it's that they have been constant in their care of me.  When I look to the conspiracy of Michael's murder, I realize I have to make a choice.  I can try to be like everyone else or I can try and be like the masters who have stood by my side through thick and thin.  I have accepted the fact that I'm not like everyone else.  This choice is easy for me, matter of fact it's without question.  There is no choice in this situation.  It's simply something that must be done.

Although I realize coming out as Michael Jackson's "Twin Soul" doesn't sit well with many people and makes them uncomfortable, I can't say I apologize.  I have had this experience all of my life and it still continues.  That's something I don't take lightly and given the opportunity for what the experience really has been, I doubt that many people would be willing to take my place.  As uncomfortable as it has made many people, it's the truth.  It's in that truth that we have brought the details to light regarding Michaels' murder.  I'm not in the Michael Jackson community forums because I'm not a Michael Jackson fan.  I came out with this story to offer the truth about his murder.

This is personal for me, and my loyalty to Michael and my spiritual guides will continue.  As I've posted previously, The Estate of Michael Jackson has removed the angel scenes from the You Are Not Alone video.  This video and the angel scenes hold prominence for us.  I'd like them put back in.

This world is not what it has been made out to be.  We are spiritual beings and many people know that.  Yet living in a world where people truly believe that is sometimes different.  These angel scenes were not taken out by accident.  I'm well aware that the Estate of Michael Jackson knows who I am. John Branca has stated he will deal with Tohme Tohme personally and at the same time I've seen John McClain asking God for forgiveness for his part in this entire ordeal.  I do believe things can be set straight, or I wouldn't be writing this.  I'm asking for things to be set straight.

I've been told that it was the Estate of Michael Jackson that put Tohme Tohme up to what he did.  If you've read the book, you'll realize Tohme Tohme was the middle man in all the deals between Colony Capital, the Estate of Michael Jackson and AEG Live.  The catalog and assets Michael Jackson maintained didn't go away all by themselves without direction and the home Michael wanted in Vegas was not as secret as some people would like it to be.  Michael asked how I'd feel about living in Vegas.  He was making plans for his future.

That's what makes this personal for me.  I'm sorry if some people simply don't understand, but that's what it is.  Life continues beyond the veil and for me I've had to endure both places living here.  I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm looking for justice.

This whole ordeal has taken some time.  Just recently Michael has begun to offer details of how he was treated and you might want to know he does want this known.  Why?  Because it's simply not right.  I never wanted to believe that Michael was murdered.  I never wanted to see what I have or experience the pain of losing someone after you've waited your whole life to be with them.  I never wanted to hear the details, because I was afraid.  Afraid of knowing how cruel people can really be. It's hard to still maintain hope in a humanity that treats people like how they treated Michael or even treated me at times.  To have your life taken from you along with everything you've ever worked towards in that way is beyond despicable.  It's inhumane.

But Michael says we still need to have hope.  We have to live and we have to continue to move forward.

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

- Michael Jackson

We are not the only flames working towards justice and the move for humanity to wake up into a new consciousness.  There are many others.  In the fight for our right to move forward in our evolution, I hope you'll join us in standing up for the light at every corner and in every nation.

I've recently run across a book called "Twin Flames Revelation; Answering the Call to Save Humanity" that other flames might find interesting.  Here is a little blurb about what it's content:

"Twin Flames and numerous advanced souls are presently re-uniting across the planet to complete their mission at this critical juncture in Earth's ascension. Humanity has long been trapped by the forces of darkness that have brought about much suffering and despair. Today the world stands poised to emerge from the spiritual wilderness as increasing numbers of souls awaken to their true purpose; to reconnect to their spiritual origins and serve their fellow brothers and sisters. If they are successful, they will transition to a higher dimension. Alas, unseen forces are working hard to stop humanities ascension and it will take the combined efforts of Twin Flames, Star Seeds and other advanced souls to bring the balance of power back into humanities favor. The time is fast approaching when the presently unfolding worldwide events will reach their prophesized conclusion. Will the souls of humanity be ready for a fifth dimensional existence or will they be required to experience further three-dimensional lessons? Worst still, might they be coerced into another dimension altogether, further delaying their return to their true home? This is the sixth time that humanity has attempted to ascend from this planet and it has required a substantial degree of interplanetary and spiritual assistance just to get this far. These souls have come to live the path of unconditional love knowing that there are no barriers that true love cannot overcome. Remarkably and despite high levels of intervention the final result still appears to hang in the balance."

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you make it count.  We're here for a reason and with purpose. Don't let the light that lives inside of you go dim.  Make it shine!


Happy Birthday "Blanket" Jackson!

Happy 13th birthday Blanket!  You share this day with my own son turning 12 today.  You are a Pisces. You can be emotionally intense and quiet, but pretty remarkable when it comes to your intuition!

I hope your day is filled with much happiness and lots of laughter.  Your dad would tell you how proud he is of who you've become.  That every time you think of him, he's there.  You will always have love in your life and strength of character.  You've become so resilient, or so I hear!  You should be both proud of what you've accomplished and excited about your future.  You are loved more than you know! Xxoo

We were going to post the Three Stooges birthday song, but I felt this one was funner.  Today that's what you have to focus on...Fun!

Happy Birthday!


Astro News from Maria Shaw Lawson

Astro News

By Maria Shaw

Today we have a new moon and it is not the usual kind. It falls at the last degree of Aquarius. When we get a New Moon at the last degree, it's not good for new beginnings like we have learned new moons usually are. This one shows us that we have way too much responsibility or things on our plates. So it's a time to take care of business at hand rather than start something new. I talked with one of my friends who is thinking about downsizing her business and just focusing on the things she really wants to do like writing but even if she does this, more stuff is coming up over this new moon cycle, which will add more to her plate. So even if she lets something go, a new set of responsibilities may appear now.

The new moon is also close to another aspect we will have this weekend when Venus conjuncts Mars. When this aspect hits, it can bring the start of a new relationship or new money making idea. Because the planets are in fiery and passionate Aries, if you start anything under this influence, it's apt to take off quickly! My other friend just met someone romantically over Mardi Gras and that relationship is taking off quickly...so quickly it's scary!

So as you add to your plate this week, be sure to prioritize. You will have to let some things go. You can move things around but know there's a lot coming at you! Have a lovely week. We hope to hear from many of you or see you on our travels! Maria
For further information on Maria and her services, please visit her webpage at www.MariaShaw.com


Making The Shift with Jonas Elrod and the Robed Ones

I met a friend of Jonas Elrod's a few years ago.  At that time he told me about a movie Jonas was doing called "Wake Up".  The movie was about his life and how one day it changed.  He began to see spirits, angels and demons.  Today I was very excited to see that Jonas has his own segment on the Oprah Network.  He is following stories of people exploring consciousness and in turn, helping to spread the truth of what is actually happening on our planet.  It's called the "Deep Shift".

The first clip is from his original movie, which I highly suggest you see if you haven't already.  The second, is a recap on the processes for making the shift.  I find so much truth in what he says here as I'm sure many of my readers will  He explains how we are like layers of an onion.  We have to peel away those beliefs and parts of ourselves, our patterns, to see who we really are.  We must realize that when the horrendous moments happen in our lives, that there is also opportunity to make the "shift".  Shifting our lives from a mundane state of being to being who we truly are.  Integrating that new found truth takes a bit of introspection and work, but highly worth it in achieving a greater consciousness for who we are and how we fit into our world.

Please take a look at what Jonas has to say.  The third video portrays one of my favorite stories.  A doctor that had passed on is visited by "robed ones" and told to go back.  These robed ones are the Brotherhood of Light we've spoken about here on the blog.  Great work and exciting for all of us!

The first movie "Wake Up"

Three steps to waking up

The doctor describes what happened in "heaven"


Catching Up; Prince Jackson's Birthday and Astro News!

So many things to say to catch up, so this post might be a little scattered.

First off, I want to wish Prince Jackson a very happy birthday!  Prince is 18 today and I'm sitting here with a huge smile on my face, marveling on how he has grown up so fast!  They say as we get older, time goes by faster...I guess I'm getting pretty old! lol

Our wishes for Prince: Boy there are so many.  I know you will make choices.  Some will be deemed right, others wrong, but remember what's most important is what you learn from those choices.  You learn from yourself.  You learn how you react to people and why and you learn what other people are telling you without them saying a word.

Our fondest wish is for your happiness.  Whatever you decide to do, make it count.  Be happy, be confident, and know that you are supported.  Sometimes our best support is internal.  Cultivate who you are, know that you have everything you need as you step into the next phase of your life and above all seek God in guiding you along the way.  Your dad says you have some plans, so with that I'm sure those will go well too.  You have so much to be proud of and so many people who are truly proud of you.  Love you lots!!

The news has be swirling around Bobbi Kristina.  We've been praying for her still, as I hope you are as well.  I can say she needs emotional healing at this time as well.  So if you can offer prayers to that end, they would be much appreciated.

Many people feel very alone here.  I hope you know that the prayers sent to Bobbi have been felt.  If you were to see them on the other side, they say it's beautiful.  Strings of light with faces attached all going to her heart.  We remain hopeful for her and what she has to offer.  I have a friend who passed on a few years ago and she told me the masters have payed Bobbi a visit. The more we can help to heal her with prayer, the better she will be equipped to deal with what she has to deal with on other levels later.

With Valentines Day around the corner many people will be celebrating over the weekend.  So happy Valentines Day!  Michael says he wants red socks!  I'm not so sure about him sometimes.  . .  maybe he's looking to replace those glittery ones he once wore.  I just thought it was pretty funny.
Whatever you decide to do, please do it with love.  Whether it be for yourself or another loved one, celebrate the spirit of love in you and in them.

Love goes on beyond the veil too!  I've been privy to some gossip on the other side while I "check in" on some people who have visited.  Matthew Lyzen who passed on last year was recently rumored to have a girlfriend.  I noticed his absence for a long period of time and was told he met someone.  They have shared some time together, but Matt says he's in the doghouse now.  He's single and available, but happy and making his rounds around family and friends.  He wants to tell his mom he said "hi".  That, he says, means something to her.  He says he's still around :)

Elizabeth Taylor, when she first passed, was seeking the companionship of a man she knew here on earth.  "Richard" was with someone at that time, however, Elizabeth had once again won his heart and was happily involved with him again for a time.  Elizabeth has now said he's gone on.  She says there are more fish in the sea and that she's very happy.  She's here with Michael now.

I have not seen Robin Williams lately or Princess Diana, but it doesn't mean they haven't been around.  My friend Madeleine was the one that told me about the masters visiting Bobbi Kristina.  I hadn't seen her in a while either, but they seem to make themselves known when they want to.

As far as Michael Jackson goes, well, he's been with me, a lot.  Several months ago he asked my permission to be a spiritual guide.  According to him, it would allow us to spend more time together.  My old psychic teacher, Bob Fontanive, was around at that time as well.  It's Bob's practice to ask for permissions, so I'm not sure if Bob let Michael know about protocol, or if this is something that is common.  One thing I do know for sure is that with many flames the other will wait on the other side of the veil until the two can make the transition together.  We are finishing some business here and when it comes my time, we'll meet up again and decide our future together.

The future here looks like it's moving forward.  I've been privileged to see many things on the other side and with Michael's passing, now know a life I could have never imagined.  It's not easy sometimes to have your feet here and your head in the clouds, so to speak, but we've managed to work it out.  I've recently watched a clip from Men in Black 3 that reminded me of how things can really be.  I've posted the clip below.  The alien (the man from another planet) is glimpsing the future, through the fifth dimension.  We all will be able to receive these glimpses as we pass through the phases of heightening our state of consciousness.  What's it like?  If you view the clip below, you'll see.  Some things that are seen through our internal eyes are invisible to the external eyes of the world.  This is how a psychic or clairvoyant can see images as they come.  Many possible futures, with some miracles we might never expect.

Maria Shaws ASTRO NEWS for the weekend!!!

The LAST Uranus Pluto Square is Coming

There's been a battle going on in the Heavens and in your life!

Uranus the planet of quick and unexpected change and Pluto, the planet of death, transformation and power struggles has created, what astrologers call "a square", bringing crisis, change and transformation six times since June 2012. We will soon experience the last of the seven squares, March 17, 2015.

Between June 2012 and March 2015 Uranus and Pluto created a storyline in everyone's life. For some of you reading this, there was reversal of fortune, betrayals and challenges. Some folks experienced power struggles and sudden, unexpected changes in their lives out of the blue. The creation of this aspect in the Heavens forced us to transform our lives. A few of you went through major career upheavals. Others lost a lover. People passed on. Some families were forced to move. Some felt like they were losing themselves. Perhaps you felt like you were choked, trapped and couldn't leave a bad situation or perhaps you wanted to hang onto something but couldn't.

We experience major transits like these to help our lives transform. Each time Uranus and Pluto joined up in the first 6 squares, you probably were struggling with letting go of something or someone. When they reach the final square next month, both Uranus and Pluto will have helped you complete the process of your personal transformation. You will have changed; spiritually, emotionally and physically by late March.

Pluto and Uranus have been battling it out in your life the past 3 years. And these are both heavy hitters. There have been six battles. Now we are coming to the final one where a resolution is imminent. These are exciting times. What will be the conclusion? We can wait and see what mid March will bring but you will soon feel the energies within yourself as well as your outside world. They are starting to bubble and boil again and as we reach the last final square we will see the transformation and change that has taken place within our hearts and in our charts! If you do not know where your Uranus/Pluto square has been activated, you may order a one question reading at
Click here for a one question reading
Have an amazing holiday!!


Michael Jackson - Murder/Audio Book Coming Soon!

The audio version of "The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy" is in process! The full audio version will be available by May 1, 2015.

This new audio book will be narrated by Aurora Goldstein.  I am very happy to be working with her.  Her voice lends credibility to the work and is perfect for bringing this information to the public forum.

The paperback book is available now at Amazon.com.  You can click on the links on the sidebar or download the free pdf version now (link also on the sidebar).  It's only 82 pages.  This was a "must get out" type of book and reveals the details, the people and the summary of what the public didn't know about the business behind the murder of Michael Jackson.

Also available on the side bar, are links to the related evidence mentioned in the book.  In this way you can confirm for yourself the evidence I gathered in completing this book.  In this world, seeing is believing.  Don't let what's been reported be your truth.  Just like you would question the intent of a stranger, we have to question what's being reported.  Stories are planted.  Evidence has been hidden and people have made a lot of money at Michael's expense and at the expense of his children.  Don't let this conspiracy be hidden any longer.  The facts are there.  This must be not only reported but acted on in a court of law.

I've heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some pictures that go along with this story. I don't think they're too hard to follow:

AEG's DEATH Policy Amendment naming Tohme Tohme as additional insured.
This policy was endorsed THREE DAYS prior to Michael's death.
(Makes you wonder why AEG dropped that lawsuit with Lloyds, why the Estate of Michael Jackson made their agreement with Lloyds a PRIVATE settlement, and why Steven Cooley the DA in the Conrad Murray trial
WITHHELD this evidence during the Conrad Murray TRIAL.

AEG Live's RANDY PHILLIPS with Dr. T Tohme (named in the AEG
DEATH INSURANCE Policy above) arriving TOGETHER
at UCLA hospital the day of Michael's death.

"Dr T Tohme" grabbing Michael.  Randy Phillips got to "slap" him, according to emails,
and Tohme got to "grab"him.  BOTH of them had to DRESS him, according
to emails found during the AEG vs Katherine Jackson trial.

"Dr. T Tohme" was fired ....in MARCH
"Dr. T Tohme" at the announcement of Michael Jackson's
death (same shirt as in the photo above with Randy Phillips)

What "Dr. T Tohme" stated about Michael Jackson and his family
Michael speaking about Tohme Tohme
I think this one is self explanatory


Re Post of why I started the blog

I did a video on September 26, 2013 that I'm posting here again that explains why I started this blog.  I do have to correct myself because Elizabeth Taylor became present before I started it, not after.  Although it was her words that confirmed what I didn't want to know at the time.

2009 was a very difficult time in my life.  There was some time before the connection and realization was made about the details of Michaels death for me, but I think this video will help explain that.

I recently reviewed this for some reason and realized that the book just released on his murder is what I was making reference to here.  It was with Michael's help that I was finally able to see the person who actually killed him this past year.


Humbling Experiences from the Afterlife

1 Corinthians 3 

3 However, brethren, I could not talk to you as to spiritual [men], but as to nonspiritual [men of the flesh, in whom the carnal nature predominates], as to mere infants [in the new life] in Christ [[a]unable to talk yet!]

2 I fed you with milk, not solid food, for you were not yet strong enough [to be ready for it]; but even yet you are not strong enough [to be ready for it],

3 For you are still [unspiritual, having the nature] of the flesh [under the control of ordinary impulses]. For as long as [there are] envying and jealousy and wrangling and factions among you, are you not unspiritual and of the flesh, behaving yourselves after a human standard and like mere (unchanged) men?

I heard this scripture this morning and had an aha moment.  I spent last evening in prayer for Bobbi Kristina Brown.  I was met with the fact that if she continues to live that she may not want the life that she will have to endure.  I wanted so much for her to heal and be well, I had forgotten the choice of the person.  The compassion we need to understand their walk is not a choice we have to make, it is theirs.

The scripture above hit me because I was met with a similar situation when I had heard about a friend that had gone missing.  Matthew, now on the other side, had committed suicide.  I knew he did and I immediately went out to "find him".  I was determined to make sure I found his body, when he himself said he wasn't ready.  He was in a great deal of emotional pain when he passed.  He said he wasn't ready to be found, because when he was, he would have to endure that pain all over again.

In both of these instances I had tried to put my will over the will of those that it most effected and I am humbled.  This, as the scripture above notes, is being under the control of ordinary impulses.  My impulse was to do what I thought was best.  Not what was best for the person involved.

They say that we will get hit with the same lessons again and again until we get it.  For me and my ego, these weren't the only two things I had tried to control.  My guides had told me years ago I needed to go back to work for a man who had forged my name on a document.  I resisted....profusely. Yet I knew that there must be good reason if they were telling me to do so.  I phoned the man.  He needed someone to work and I began the next week.

I found that his mother was dying of cancer.  His mother was apparently the one that had forged my name on the document that I had left the company for to begin with.  She wanted my forgiveness. She had held herself responsible for my leaving and wasn't able to forgive herself.  We spoke on the phone and settled things.  It was the next week that she passed and soon after that I left the company again.

Several years ago I wanted to buy a home.  It was perfect.  I prayed very hard for it.  I was a good person, I thought.  God would surely give me grace.  When I asked if I would get the home when a bidding war ensued, I was met with the blunt answer of "no".  I was unaccepting, and like a child went into a little temper tantrum in my mind, at least for a few moments.  Yet when the news came that my bid was not accepted, another home that was nicer, bigger and less money appeared.

The lesson in all of this is trust.  We have to trust that everything is happening in the right way for the right people, at the right time.  Although we may want what we do and believe we are correct in our thinking, sometimes there is another side of the coin.  Sometimes we have to let go of our ordinary impulses and step back to let nature take its course.  Following the clues the universe has laid before us that lead us to the best for others and not necessarily what we think is best for ourselves.


A Small Request from the Twin Flame Readers

As a twin flame soul mate and on that path, there comes a point in time when you realize that you are not only connected to your flame, but to every other person on this planet as well.  Twin flames hold a special place, however, and the strength they carry together can be made manifest more readily than just for one individual.

It's for this reason that I am asking my twin flame readers for a favor.  We've kept tabs on Whitney's baby girl, Bobbi for the last few days.  Whitney says that the prayers have been helping a great deal. As twin flames we can amp this up a bit by connecting with our flames and sending another powerful healing her way.

It will take just a few minutes and can make all the difference in the world.

I'd like you to quiet and center yourself.  Place the image of your flame in your mind.  Once you have them there, focus your attention on their heart center until you feel it connect with yours.  Bringing the two together, imagine healing light coming from that joint space going out to and around Bobbi Kristina.  See the light entering her body.  Imagine it healing her insides; her nerves, her veins, her blood, and all areas of her brain.  Lighting up the centers in the brain and illuminating her entire body.

If you don't know your flame, if you would please light a white candle and place it in front of a picture of Bobbi.  You can print one from the internet, get one from a magazine.  When you light the candle set an intention of lighting it for Bobbi.  Say a prayer to send the light of the angels and the healing power they have to Bobbi.  Leave the candle burn in front of the photo for 45 minutes (minimum) This will hold that healing power for that time as well.  At the end of the day, or time. blow out the candle imagining the light being delivered to Bobbi.

Any and all prayers will help and together we can make a difference.  It takes just a few moments of time and I'm sure if this was anyone's daughter we would appreciate the same.

Thank you.

Updates on Bobbi Kristina from Whitney Houston

We've been checking on the status of Bobbi Kristina.  This morning I received an email from a dear friend confirming what I was told.  Bobbi is starting to enter into the phases of recovery and has been moved to a new hospital.  Whitney is in the house this morning and wanted to say something.  So I'm giving her the floor:

"Everyone has been so kind in sending prayers and support for my family.  I love, love, love everyone for being so caring and compassionate towards my daughter Bobbi Kristina.  If I was there I'd be right up in that hospital taking charge.  It's hard to sit back and watch things like this unfold. She is a very bright young lady.  She is blessed beyond belief with her talent.  She wishes nothing more than to be with me, but I can tell you that's not the way it's supposed to be.  People die every day.  We live, we breathe, we birth our babies and one day we have to say goodbye, but not for long. It still seems this big mystery of life is a huge mystery, but it's really not.  I wish I could tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to be by Bobbi's side.  She knows I exist.  She hears my voice she sings my songs.  I only wish she could hear me when I say I love you baby more and more and I'll never stop.  I'll never stop being your mom.  Never stop caring about you the way I cared for you when I was on the earth.

This is strange, a little crazy maybe, but it's the only way I have to reach out to some of you.  So here goes.  You know I love you.  You know I always have.  Bringing news like this to a place like this isn't "normal".  I know that.  Our beliefs are far and vast.  Just know this; Bobbi will be OK.  She IS recovering.  She wants to be like her mom.  She loves me so much, but her time is not now.  She has so much more to live for.  So much more to give.  If I was there I'd tell you this.  She is in recovery. The phases she has to go through have started and it's typical for someone with the absence of oxygen she suffered to endure.  We all know she'll be OK.  But to watch something like this is traumatizing to say the least.  My family is praying so very hard.  I hear them.  I hear every word.  If it were not for those prayers of support, I don't think she would have made it.  I really don't.  Thank you, thank you for all you have done for my daughter.  She is a star in her own right and will live to rise to the occasion.

-Whitney Houston Brown"

I'm ending quote as per Whitney's words.  I never knew her to go by Whitney Houston Brown, but that's what she said, so that's what I wrote.  Perhaps it has meaning to someone.

Let's not stop those prayers! It sounds like there has been some progress because of them.  Thank you.

I can't tell you how emotional this post has been for me personally.  My heart is literally ready to burst.  The love I feel from Whitney is so very powerful.  She would like to end it with the song I've posted below:

"I love you"


For My Twin Flame Readers - The Eyes Have It

I just received a text from Becky.  Becky is the mother of Matt whom I wrote about on this blog.  He has passed onto the other side and Becky and I have connected.  She feels him around and is happy to know he is having so much fun on the other side with Robin Williams.  I didn't know Matt liked Robin until I spoke with Becky, but I've definitely seen them together hanging out on the other side having fun!

Becky's told me about a great twin flame movie, I have yet to see it.  It looks very good and was released in 2014.  The movie is called "I Origins".  I've posted the movie trailer below for you to take a look.  I like the trailer and am interested in this particular movie because it makes reference to the gap between our spirituality and science.  Although we are beginning to close that gap, a majority of people still don't believe in things that aren't scientifically proven.  I'll put it this way, man may not be equipped to scientifically prove everything...yet.  There are things in our universe that are constant, but have been hidden for many years.

Take a look at the movie clip.  You'll notice some similarities even with the covers of some of Michael Jackson's albums.  The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul.  So I've posted a few of Michael's covers below the clip.

You'll also hear about the synchronicity of 11:11 in the clip.

Thank you Becky for sharing!

UK Promo for Dangerous
In the Closet

Blue Eye

This one was just for fun!


A Little Something on Bobbi Kristina - Whitney's Daughter/UPDATED

I just answered an email from a friend regarding Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston's daughter.  I heard that she was in the hospital.  That's all I heard.  I don't watch the news much, but when I do hear news like this and I know of those on the other side, I check.  Whitney is very upset and is in constant vigil at her side.

I'm writing about this because it's heart warming for me to know that all of the people that I have met on the other side through Michael, including Whitney, not only work together, but care for one another in kind.  Just because someone has passed out of the physical body, doesn't mean that they don't keep tabs on the people they love or look after them.

I met Whitney not long after she passed.  She was very excited Bobbi was in a relationship with a man at that time.  She cares a great deal about her daughter and is literally beside herself with this current ordeal.  Your prayers of support for Bobbi and her family would be much appreciated.

On the psychic side of things I do feel Bobbi will pull through.  I see her having trouble walking and I expect her to be entered into a treatment program.  It may be a tough road for her.  It's not unusual to have buried feelings about the death of a loved one, let along a parent.  Bobbi's position with her mother Whitney and the ideals put on that relationship I feel have played a big part in her emotional state.  Bobbi seemed to have gone to the first set of arms she saw to receive the love and nurturing she felt she needed at the time of Whitney's death.  I'm not saying this is wrong, but sometimes that doesn't give us enough time to really grieve what we lost when we try to replace it with someone else.  No one can really do that and when we find out that we are still where we were when the loss happened it can be devastating.

If you lose a parent, someone whom you deem loves you and that you count on, know you are not alone.  Most likely that parent is listening to you, knows your pain, and wants you to be happy.  It's not easy letting go of a love and bond so strong, but in essence you really don't have to.  Cherishing the love and the time that you did spend together, reminiscing about what you loved about them helps.  Our love bonds never die and I'm afraid most people still think that when someone dies they are literally gone.  They're not.  They've just changed forms and one day we will all see the ones we've loved so much again when we do the same thing.  For now, we have to choose the best life we can live.  That's why we are still here.  Knowing that the ones we love are loving us too, and look after us from beyond.

Michael has met many of his family members as well.  I was once introduced to his grandfather named Prince a few years ago.  I recently found a photo of him that I'll post following this post.  Prince was a quiet man and I felt like maybe his daughter Katherine could have taken on many of his traits.  Some are quite reserved like him and others, like Whitney are more outgoing.  I suppose maybe because Michael knew Whitney in life that they joined up again in the afterlife.  One thing that I do know for sure is that life does go on and the bonds we share literally never end.

UPDATE:  I just wanted to update this post with Bobbi Kristina's own words.  She could hear her mom's voice in "spirit" back when she interviewed with Oprah :)

This is how I saw Michael's grandfather - Prince

Another family member of Michael's I met
He introduced her as Dee Dee - The face is like I remember,
but her hair was different; shorter style


Some of my favorite Twin Flame Movies!

Here are some of my favorite Twin Flame Movies to get you in the mood for Valentines Day!

Sleepless in Seattle

The DaVinci Code

What Dreams May Come

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir


Kate and Leopold

City of Angels

The Lake House


Somewhere in Time