Michael Jackson's Murder - The LA Court Paper Trail of Cover Ups

Maybe you've seen the video of the Court Cover Up in the Conrad Murray Trial.  We explored the charts that were used instead of actual phone records, the 911 phone call that came from The Beverly Hills Hotel and not Michael Jackson's home and the extravagant way the prosecutor David Walgren took the liberty of unsealing evidence to place a bottle of propofol in a slit IV bag right in front of the jury to now enter it as NEW evidence to prove his theory.

Now let's take a look back at what went on behind the scenes in the form of actual statements from the court and the rumblings before the actual trial.

In the document below, entitled "Jackson Prosecutors' Internal War", you'll find that there were actual "fights" between the Bureau of Investigation in Jackson's death and the District Attorney's office.  I would imagine looking back, that may have been because the investigative office probably knew what actually happened. 

Although as we do know now, it was the District Attorney himself that took the liberty of not only staging a conviction for someone who was not guilty of the crime, but filing documents to conceal the evidence that could have exonerated Conrad Murray.  

The Amicus Curiae that District Attorney Steven Cooley filed on 8/31/2011, kept not only an insurance policy held by AEG Live out of evidence, but the case that the insurance company itself filed against AEG.  That policy, instituted just 3 days prior to Michael Jackson's death, paid in the millions to not only AEG but Michael's former manager, Tohme Tohme who stated he would bring death and destruction to the Jackson family.

The insurance company, Lloyds of London, was suing AEG Live for FRAUD.  That's right, fraud. This means, as stated by wikipedia:  "a deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain." 

You'll notice in the above document that not only was Lloyds suing AEG, but Jackson LLC. Jackson LLC was NOT Michael Jackson.  

This timely undertaking was done by the request of the Michael Jackson Estate. You'll see they filed for a motion to quash those records just ONE day before District Attorney Cooley filed the Amicus Curiae.  Now that's service! 

Not even a month later, the trial for Dr. Conrad Murray began.  On September 27, 2011 Conrad Murray was tried for manslaughter.  The court did NOT allow the Lloyds of London insurance documents, the court filing that Lloyds was suing AEG for fraud or the contract Michael Jackson had with AEG Live. Stating that they were not "relevant".

You'll see in the documents below from the California Courts itself in its response to Conrad Murray's appeal, that they simply felt the allowance of such evidence would cause a "distraction and a sideshow".

Now I don't work in the courts, but it would seem to me that a life insurance policy that was put into effect just 3 days prior to someone's death that paid in the millions of dollars naming someone who publicly stated he would bring death to Michael Jackson wouldn't seem like a side show to me. The actual court case, however, which took the time to have Michael's personal chef specifically reveal what and how she prepared Michael's meals, certainly does seem to be both irrelevant AND a sideshow.

You'll want to note that most all of the actors and actresses of the trial were promoted.  Both prosecuting attorney's received advancements in their careers and the chef earned celebrity status with both news coverage and a new book.  It takes a professional chef to leave granola soaking in almond milk.

You'll most likely remember that the Conrad Murray Trial was televised.  It was stated in the record of appeal for Conrad Murray (below) that this case was an "unusual case" and that the trial may be "the most publicized in history."  Dr. Murray's legal counsel argued that there is a danger that is created when a trial is managed for the purposes of entertainment and television ratings.  Given the review of that trial, I'd have to say this was Hollywood at it's finest. Not only do we have actors in the movies, but in the court room as well.

The courts have certainly made "history".  Convicting someone who wasn't guilty of the crime and covering up more of Michael Jackson's REAL life and legacy. Beware friends.  If this is how history is recorded, we'd better think twice when we read our history books!

The video below shows prosecuting attorney taking out evidence and putting in another vial of evidence to support his claim that Dr Murray left Michael Jackson with an IV "drip" that caused his death rendering it acute propofol intoxication - Homicide (hom·i·cideˈnoun NORTH AMERICAN
the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder as revealed by the autopsy reports.

Deliberate killing, as revealed by those reports, is not "involuntary manslaughter".  Killing someone over an insurance policy and a movie to make money, however, is.

Here is David Walgren, the prosecuting attorney taking the stage:

In the same breath the courts stated that "justice trumps everything". . . "regardless of cost".
And that justice would be where?

And although Mr. Walgren went through such pains to entice the jury into believing his theory, they still were not willing to test "actual evidence.

These items had actual propofol in them and they weren't put there during a trial.  As stated from the autopsy report itself, it was homicide by "injection", not an IV drip.
HOW DID INJURY OCCUR?  Intravenous injection by another

 You would think that the courts would like being on TV.  They did it for Conrad, but when it came to AEG Live, they decided to bypass that step.  AEG is their friend after all.  They'll file documents to conceal their guilt and make sure no one knows about it by not televising the trial.  Even the incrimination emails that somehow leaked to the press were under "seal".  Don't you wonder what else they were hiding?

The Conrad Murray Appeal document can be found in its entirety here:

Perhaps those of us that are fighting for the truth and ACTUAL justice, should consider joining the circus.  I'm considering doing a nude photo with evidence posted all over me.  Maybe that will finally get the attention this case deserves.  LaToya it may be time to re-visit the Playboy mansion.

The Shift and Connections

Since I started this blog, I've come to be aware of many people having experiences in the not so ordinary realm.  Many have been with Michael Jackson.  Some have even been with other people often in the media.

For as long as life has been in existence we have sought out to connect with one another.  A person who believes he or she is a diver will seek out other divers for a shared connection.  French people relate to French people and many religions and other "societies" operate the same way.

In love we seek to connect from the heart.  We hope for partner to share with and who will love us. Most often we are seeking unconditional love.  The soul remembrance from the time when we were first created.

All of these things are currently coming to the forefront of society.  Spiritual experiences are more openly discussed, and twin flame soul mates have catapulted to a place I never dreamed of.  Yet with all of these experiences, comes a very crucial element as well.  When an experience is made manifest in our life, we interpret it.  Our interpretation is most often done with what we know to be true.  We can only operate on what we already know.  We can only decipher what is transpiring from what we already feel inside of us.

Sometimes these things can get distorted.  We all have colored lenses that we look through based on our view of the world.  That view is what experience has taught us.  What we ourselves believe about the world around us.  It's the same analogy when we ask two people if the glass is half full or half empty.  We will always have a different interpretation.

As we shift into the new consciousness, the same type of complexities of interpretation are bound to occur.  Two people with an identical experience can interpret the same from two differing points of view.  As we continue on our journey we must be open to the reasoning that everyone will have a differing internal dialog from which they are speaking.

Just as in nature, our spirits or souls, will always seek to join back together.  We simply seek "connection" with one another.  This is present in our society in the formation of groups, churches, ethnicity and marriages.  We simply want to feel as if we "belong".

At our deepest levels we do belong.  We belong to a greater whole that is currently seeking to connect with the whole of ourselves.  We belong in the myriad of spaces that fill the void and complete the picture of ONE.  As we seek and our souls seek to connect, we will have many experiences that point to connections with others.  We may have a dream, a vision or even hear a voice.  But how we interpret that connection with the whole can make the difference between confusion and enlightenment.

For every ying, there is a yang.  The balance on the planet always seeks to maintain uniformity. There is dark and light and just like on this side of the veil, the other side contains both good intended individuals, and the not so good ones.  Discernment here then is crucial, when we try to interpret a psychic manifestation.  Remembering that all things are connected and that no one of us are separate from the other.  We are all part of the same big spiritual family we were born from.

Sometimes looking at nature helps us see what is transpiring for the human race as well.  Previously we spoke about "strings".  Strings are energy lines that connect us to a person when we speak telepathically or when we pray for someone in need.  These strings form connections and if we see them with our eyes they would look similar to the video below.  This is a video of cells, seeking to connect just as we do in the human race:


For Paris

"For my Princess Paris,

You are more than I could have ever dreamed of.  More beautiful than words can say. I love you from heart and will always love you.  You need to know I want you to feel happiness and joy.  I want you to live your life and find happiness and peace.  Your time on earth is still in process.  Mine is in another place.  You will always be the love of my life, the beautiful princess I put on a pedestal and adored.

If you ever need me, I'll be with you. If you ever feel lonely, just reach out and I'll be there with you. You are not alone and the words that I have to offer you are few, but they come from my heart when I say I want and need you to be and become the beautiful woman you were meant to be.  If I had one wish in my heart I'd wish for a castle to put you in a place of safety with knights to guard and protect you as you lived your life. If you see me in your dreams, you'll know I was there.  When you see me in the clouds, you'll know I'm everywhere.

Life is meant to be lived.  If I could be there now I would take your hand and tell you everything will be OK. I love you and support you in everything you do. I want you to succeed, to be strong and wise, just like your grandmother.

Time has taken its toll on us all. If you're in need of support please don't hesitate to call.  We find each other when we need to and we live in  each others hearts even though I'm gone. Please take care of yourself and your brothers. They need you and you need each other.

I love you more than you know,

Dear heart, sweet Paris,

I've written so much on this blog it's hard to believe I've not taken the time to write some of what you need to hear.  So I'm taking this opportunity at the request of your father to tell  you some things you need to know at this time.

Although I've shared some very personal things here, I have yet to share the most personal.  These have been private moments.  But sometimes we all need to hear and see for ourselves a confirmation of things that are not so earthly. I want to share with you moments that have been special and moments that may help you know you are loved.

When your father first passed on, he spoke about how upset you were.  He wanted me to tell him how to reach you.  It's difficult when we are in a place of sorrow and sadness to reach to the other side and for them to reach us, but your father was very near you, as he often is now.

When he asked me how to reach you, I told him to go into your dreams.  It's the most safe way and is used by many people on the other side to make contact with loved ones after they've gone.  He's since shared many things about you and your brothers.  I ask about you constantly.  To see how you are, to know what you're doing, to make sure you are happy and safe.  Many times I worried too much. When your father says time has taken it's toll, it has on me too.  I've often had to ask myself what it would be like if I had been there.  What could I do now that could help and if I could ever make a difference in helping you and your brothers and the family heal.

Part of our healing is in knowing that our loved ones are in a good place.  Your father is.  He is bright and shiny and moving through all the levels of existence faster than lightening.  He obviously still worries about you.  He, above all, wants you to be happy.  He wants you to know that it's OK to move on with your life.  That's why you're still here.  That's why I haven't written about you or your brothers in while.  That's why I don't check any public profiles.

I never wanted to be the "creepy" lady stalking a pop star's children.  I smile when I say that because I know you know better, but I too want you all to be in a good place.  As much as I write about your father, I don't ever want it to bring you back to a place of pain.  My role in your fathers life is making things right that he couldn't.  Your role is to go on as his beautiful children, free from pain.

Everyone has a time and a place.  We all have a purpose.  Although it's difficult to see why things happened the way they did now, I know that we all will see it one day.  I trust in the great spiritual beings that your father has trusted in.  They've guided us for years and still continue to do so to this day.  I know they will never leave us in a place of abandonment.  You must know that you too will never be left in that place.  No matter what happens, no matter who might hurt you, we will always be connected to something greater than ourselves that will always pull us through.  You have to believe that.  If there was one gift that your father could have ever given you, it was that.  To know you are loved from that place through him, through your family and even through me.  I love you so much. You need to know how special you are to me.  The gift of your presence in the world reminds me of the innocence and trusting love that we all should aim to possess.  You are like a small budding rose, delicate and beautiful, sensitive and fragile.  The rose itself is perched upon a strong stem and the foundation, your stem, of your living light is found in the strength of love and bond we all share.  I will never leave you, just as your father will never leave you.  I heard you say you need me.  I need you too.  I need you to be the person you were meant to be.  I need you to know how very much I love and care about you and I need you to take strength from that. Promise me to believe that I will always love and support you no matter where you are or what you do.

Most of the time when bad things happen, they make us look deeper.  We tend to look at our lives in a different way.  Sometimes we get angry.  Sometimes we get mad at life because it seems so unfair. We are left to pick up the pieces of our lives and sometimes we have to do it several times, crumbling back down to the ground in our moments of sorrow.  Yet each time we get up, each time we fall, we are given an opportunity to search ourselves ever so more.  We find we gain strength in each moment we rise and we find our strength always comes from within.  It's that place that grows and in that space that you will always find your strength in life.

Wisdom speaks to us in many ways.  Sometimes we see it in the clouds.  Sometimes in dreams. Sometimes it's in the whispers of the morning while we wake silently in the early morning hours. Pay attention to the signs.  All the silent whispers around you.  You'll always be led to where you need to go, when you need to be there.  You are always where you need to be in every moment.  Don't ever think you are unprotected, left behind or have been given a bad lease on life.  We have all chosen what we were put here to do. Inside you'll always know.  That's what will take you to the next place and what will make you rise every time you fall.

That said, I have to say I've never seen a more spiritual family.  There are people in your midst that I'm quite sure have shared their knowledge of the way things really are.  For that I am grateful.  I want to thank you for the times you have reached out.  For the times that others too have made their whispers in the silence of all things known.  We have all been in a very peculiar position.  However, I trust that this very special part of our connection, our wondrous spiritual family, will keep and hold us together in love always.

Your dad wanted you to read this tonight before you went to sleep.  I hope you sleep knowing that you are loved more than you may ever believe.  From my heart, I will always be there for you and your brothers and family.

PS Elizabeth (Taylor) wants to say: "Paris darling you should be enjoying yourself.  Get out, play, have fun.  You only get this time for a little while.  You have to make the most of what you have.  Go out all night, dance, sing. Do whatever it is that makes you smile.  You know that's what he wants to see.  To see you smile brings your dad the greatest joy he could ever treasure."

Oh lord, here comes your dad again . . (I think he's being dad! lol)  He says he wants you to be kind and sweet.  Remember to say your prayers. . . Good night and sweet dreams and always remember the angels are watching. xxoo


Dr. Wayne Dyer; From Beyond and Before: Finding your Purpose

Dr. Wayne Dyer passed on a few weeks ago.  I've seen him on the other side and he graced us with a message for the blog.

What I didn't write about was some of our conversations.  I recently ran into the video I posted below, and was reminded of one particular conversation I had with "Wayne".

As it happens when spirits come to visit, we often have more than one visitor.  Michael will bring "friends" sometimes, and on this day his friend in tow was Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I would say Dr. Dyer (he says I can call him Wayne) is always inspiring.  He still seems to inspire,even from beyond the veil.  So it would have it that we began a conversation about inspiration and spirit.  We were talking about ascension and Wayne began to say how hard it really was to ascend.  "It takes a great deal of work and really consciously determining to reach farther into another dimension." he said.

I was totally engrossed in what he was saying.  I was serious and fixed on his words.  "I know, I know, right?"  

"Yes", he said.  "It is a lot of work. BUT," he said. "I took a short cut".

I was shocked.  There was a shortcut to ascension?!

"What?" I said.

He paused, then simply and matter of factly said "I died."

I laughed at the time, but being so close to his death, I opted not to post it.  Yet when I saw this video it reminded me of him and his great sense of humor.

This is Finding Your Purpose with Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I'm sure you will find a lot of inspiration, still, from a great soul who lived with purpose and still is "in spirit" ion:


The Courts, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Press - The Child Molestation Trial

"Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."

- 1 Peter 5:8

If you've ever spoken to an attorney about litigation, you'll know that they most likely tell you the stories about cases that they've dealt with and how they've come to find out the truth.  Most people, as told to me by one attorney, you find you think are telling the absolute truth, then you find out that the people you thought were crazy were actually the ones with the real story.

When press reports what they get from "sources", society deems it as truth.  When in fact the people who are reporting the information are more than likely doing it out of a motive.  Some may get paid, others may try to manipulate stories to cover the facts.

The problem is that the press and stories now become a fact in peoples minds and the truth is never revealed.  Press and reporters owe it to the public and society as a whole to do a thorough investigation on what they report.  We can say that this official said this, or this person said that, but we can't decipher that even an official of a court or otherwise is telling the truth.

The recent manipulation during the Conrad Murray trial reminded me of a prior trial Michael Jackson had.  He was accused of child molestation and brought to trial years ago by the same California courts that have covered up the real facts of his murder.  I had read some time ago that the court and officials had planted evidence.  It was unbelievable for me at the time that a court system put in place to uphold justice and truth would do such a thing.  Today I know better, after finding out the facts for myself.

It was during this time that Elizabeth Taylor spoke out about the charges brought against Michael.
We all know Michael Jackson was found "not guilty" on all counts, however, the manipulation of the evidence and what the court system put him through still hit me in a place so deep it's hard to put into words.  False statements by court officials cause a disruption in operations, a loss of public confidence in the courts and paint pictures of people that are entirely untrue.  The results of the actions of the court are unfathomable.  Not only the pain and suffering that was caused to Michael Jackson and his legacy, but to his family and children.

"It is an unconscionable action and dissemination of lies hoping to alter the image and legacy of a great man with a great heart", as Elizabeth Taylor has said.

Here is Elizabeth speaking about Michael when he lived:
(If you've read Another Part of Me; An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls, the photo of Elizabeth with Michael in the brown suit was taken at the Carousel of Hope Ball)

Here is Michael Jackson and what he had to say about the child molestation ordeal:


Murray to CNN: "They altered evidence right there in the court room."

Astro News with Maria Shaw - SuperMoon this Weekend!


One of our biggest planetary events of 2015 will be the SuperMoon/Crisis Moon Eclipse on September 27th.

You've read about it in my columns and on Facebook. It's a huge aspect that will have a major effect on many of us.

There's a couple of things going on with this Eclipse which is in the sign of Aries.

It's a Total Lunar Eclipse which means the earth, sun and moon will align precisely.

It is a Super Moon which we always call a Crisis moon because the moon will be closer to the earth than the average full moon. We will feel the energy more than usual. When people feel the intensity of the moon's energy, more drama spreads and secrets are revealed. Some folks will experience crisis.
This eclipse takes place near the Autumn equinox which magnifies the energy too.

Full Moon eclipses push to make decisions reveal secrets and initiate endings. If you've been dealing with specific concerns over the past year, this eclispse highlights the same issues of previous eclipses; April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014 and April 4, 2015.

So ask yourself; What was happening in your life then? What decisions or issues were you grappling with? Now, this eclipse takes you to a new chapter. For many people, it has much to do with relationships and what we want from them. You will hear of people ending partnerships, both business and personal.

Things will come to light that force you to make decisions to end or continue a union. Some of you may be doing a balancing act between your personal lives and the demands of the outside world. Many of you have been dealing with relationship karma since last summer's Venus retrograde and then also with mercury retograde in Libra happening now. Most everyone is reviewing a committment or obligation of some kind. If there is worry or concern, the eclipse will magnify it and shed light on the issue. You will be forced to deal with it under this eclipse's influence. For many, this is just the eclipse you need to help  take a relationship to the next level, to marry, to move in, to commit and more.

For other folks, they may decide to end a relatioship because the way they see it has changed drastiically. In the past you may have been under a "spell" and saw your relationship through rose colored glasses. Now reality sets in and you see things exactly as they are. This alone may force you to take drastic measures.

For people who have been uncertain about making a committment this eclipse may be exactly the push you need to do it. Relationships of all kinds will be looked at under the eye of the eclipse.

The term relationship doesn't always have to relate love or marriage. It can be your relationship to a company you work for or a committment to a project or even an area in which you live. It may differ for us all depending on your chart. The one thing that is certain for everyone however is that this eclipse will likely shake things up in our lives and force some sort of a change. Wherever it falls in your astrology chart and whatever planets in your chart are affected will reveal neccessary changes. If you do not know how this major eclipse will affect you, you may order a one question reading and ask "How will the September 27 eclipse affect me?" I will record your answer after researching your chart and send it back via email.

A few days leading up the eclipse you will start feeling more axnious or intense about things. This is normal. So don't freak out and don't allow other people to disturb your inner peace by pulling aboard their crazy train.

The Autumn Equinox heralds the change of the season on the 23rd, right before the eclipse. The Sun will move into the sign of Libra, which rules partnerships and relationships. Another reason we are turning our focus there.

By the 24th, the intense energy will expand and there may be emotional frustrations. People are likely to be more critical than usual. Then the SuperMoon eclipse will hit on the 27th. In summary, this eclipse will bring a close to very important chapter in your life. The Universe has been sending messages for quite a while. Some have been subtle, others more direct. This is an exciting and intense time. But do not judge this eclipse until the energy has passed and things are calmer. It appears you will see things from a new perspective after the dust has settled. The changes occurring will be for the best in the long run. Maria Shaw


For more about this "Supermoon" read USA Today's article on the Lunar Eclipse


Lawless Court Officials, Greedy Insurance Grubs and What John Branca Wanted

Just a few videos to give a clearer picture of what happened to Michael Jackson.

I can't believe it's been six years and still this goes on.

If there is anything that can be said for twin flame soul mates, it's that you simply
can't go on when there is unfinished business to attend to.

Mrs. Jackson it makes me cry when I see your face on the papers sometimes.  I can only say for sure one thing:

No matter what happens or doesn't happen, I have your back.


Michael Jackson Murder - Letters to the DA

I'd like to personally thank District Attorney Jackie Lacey for deliberately continuing to cover up the murder of Michael Jackson.  Another thank you for orchestrating the denial of the AEG vs Jacksons Appeal.  And, while we're at it, thank you so much to all the people involved at the Los Angeles Court house that took part in convicting Dr Conrad Murray and covering up the insurance policy AEG held with Tohme Tohme named as the additional insured. I believe that thank you should also be noted to former District Attorney Steven Cooley.

While I'm making enemies, I might as well go ahead and thank the people who murdered Michael Jackson as well.  Thank you so much Randy Phillips of AEG for conspiring to murder Michael Jackson.  For physically abusing him, emotionally abusing him and mentally abusing him.  The slap across the face backhanded really hit home with me. Your lies on the stand in a governing office of the law and contributions to political campaigns should be a model example for all United States corporations to follow.  Well done.

As you and Dr. Tohme Tohme skated off with Michael Jacksons money and invested in your own personal ventures with the Michael Jackson Estate, I can only hope you are happy with what you received.  It's unfortunate that no one has told you that money doesn't last forever nor do lies remain concealed.

My detest for you all grows every day.  I have to live with what you have done, as does Michael's family.  The press, the courts, the everyday people who are uninformed only add insult to injury.

I'd like to let you see one of the emails sent to District Attorney Jackie Lacey.  There were two and both went unanswered.  To date there still has not been an investigation into Michael's murder or the cover up in the courts.  This is both unfathomable and unconscionable.  You'll see in the court document that follows, mere days after my email the denial of the AEG vs Katherine Jackson appeal was made. Even though they had given time for an extension until June.

Thank you Ms Lacey for the courtesy of not even replying.  If you think I'm crazy, you haven't even seen crazy begin.

Eyes Wide Open - Michael Jackson Murder

I have to say I was quite inspired by last night's Republican GOP Debate.  The front line winner of the debate was a woman who uttered these inspiring words:

"Lady Liberty, Lady Justice . . she stands with eyes wide open unafraid to see the truth, with a sword in her hand."

Carly Fiorina is a woman of substance, unafraid to stand for the truth.  "75% of Americans" she said, believe that politicians are corrupt.  She has and will continue to "buck the system".  If Americans want true change, we have to stand up and be counted and not go along with "status quo."

You may have already guessed why these words resonate with me.  Michael Jackson's murder and political cover up have infuriated me beyond belief.  In a country that was formed for justice and liberty for all, we certainly have a long way to go to ensure those freedoms.

The Los Angeles Courts have not only covered up Michael Jackson's murder, but have taken money from other people as well.  Many single moms have not seen even a cent of the money owed to them from child support.  That money has been taken in the county even though the fathers have made payment.  This issue is not just about the murder of Michael Jackson, but his fabricated child molestation trial and the rights for all people in all counties all over the world.

My stance and information on this very heated topic have been readily available here on the blog.  It is unorthodox, unheard of and to some may be completely unbelievable.  I realize that, because for me the whole journey has been quite unbelievable and I've been the one to have to go through it.

Yet I'd like anyone who challenges the facts that I've presented here to take a look at what is already in black and white.  Facts are facts.  There is no arguing what has been brought out in court about AEG, Michael Jackson's contracting company, Tohme Tohme, the courts themselves and even the Michael Jackson Estate.  When we are speaking of corruption, abuse in every way shape and form and injustice, the Murder of Michael Jackson encompasses not only the corporate greed, abuse, criminal activity, but political corruption at it's finest as well.

It's with this in mind that I'd like to outline the facts yet once again:

  • Steven Cooley, the Los Angeles District Attorney at the time of the Conrad Murray trial filed an Amici Curiae withholding a life insurance policy naming AEG Live and Dr Tohme Tohme on the policy, which went into effect 3 days prior to Michael Jacksons death. This policy was not allowed to be entered into the trial.
  • Dr Conrad Murray was tried and convicted WITHOUT this crucial evidence.  He served time in jail WITHOUT a fair trial.
  • The Los Angeles courts planted evidence and falsified evidence during the Conrad Murray trial.  This included, but is not limited to:
    • The 911 call which was made from the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, and NOT the home where Michael Jackson was found.
    • Phone records were created on "CHARTS" instead of ACTUAL phone records of those that testified.
    • Security guards were led in testimony, even being counseled by LA officials before their testimony
    • An IV bag was presented as evidence without any items in it. Yet prosecutors found it necessary to place a bottle of propofol inside that evidence to further their case against Murray
    • After testifying that he received a phone call regarding Michael Jackson's health at 10:30 am the morning Michael Jackson died, Randy Phillips was corrected to ensure the time of the call fell in line with what the prosecutors were presenting.  David Walgren, the prosecuting attorney, led the witness stating "It could have been closer to 12:30 right?"
  • Prosecuting attorney David Walgren was promoted after the Conrad Murray Trial.
  • Donations from AEG Live and Tohme Tohme are documented in Steven Cooley's campaign records.
  • Tohme Tohme was not brought in for testimony, even though he stated he would bring "death and destruction" to Michael Jackson and his family
  • The courts "concealed" incriminating emails from AEG regarding abusing Michael physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The courts "concealed" the terms of the Lloyds of London Insurance case, which was the company issuing the life insurance policy hidden by the District Attorney and at the request of both AEG Live and the Michael Jackson Estate.
  • Lloyds of London was suing AEG Live for FRAUD; The policy naming Michael Jackson that AEG went to collect on mere days after his death.
  • The media has gone out of it's way to publish reports of both Conrad Murray's conviction and AEG's absolution.  Reports on media propaganda and payments for such press are on record and have been a mainstay tactic used in China and here in the US for corrupt corporations.
  • AEG Live CANCELLED their 'cancellation' insurance in May of 2009, leaving only a life insurance policy in effect for Michael Jackson.  They had NO intentions on going to London for any kind of performances.
  • AEG Live's Randy Phillips admitted he struck Michael Jackson, but no charges for assault were ever made.
  • Both Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme fraudulently took control of both Michael Jackson's life and finances, yet no charges for fraud were filed.
  • AEG Live's Randy Phillips lied on the witness stand repeatedly, yet was never held accountable for his actions.
  • LA Courts "refused" to test syringe evidence left at the scene containing both Propofol and Lidocaine - the  substance that Michael Jackson died from
  • Tohme Tohme admitted to becoming a representative for Michael Jackson working WITH Sony/ATV in court records, yet LA officials never investigated the correlation between his dealings and his fraudulent taking of Michael Jackson's assets OR his death.
  • Tohme Tohme admitted to being in control of Michael Jackson's security team, yet was never brought into court to testify who was at the home or why he was on the life insurance policy
  • The security tapes that would have had evidence as to who and when anyone came to or left the home were conveniently "erased."
  • LA courts made a circus of the Conrad Murray Trial, even asking the chef to state exactly what and how she made Michael Jackson's breakfast and meals.
  • LA courts sought an immediate conviction of the wrong man in order to soothe public outcries for a conviction.
  • LA courts even went to the extent of hiring and bringing in phone "experts" in lieu of presenting "actual" phone records.
  • Michael Jackson stated to several people on record he agreed to 10 shows and not 50 with AEG Live, his contracting company.
  • AEG Live went on to sell tickets to the public at both regular AND inflated prices for all 50 shows even though the shows were NOT agreed to and were later not even insured for.
  • AEG contracted Dr Conrad Murray to begin his "services" in May.  The exact month Michael Jackson's health began to deteriorate. 
  • Tohme Tohme was FIRED as Michael Jackson's manager by "Michael Jackson"
  • John Branca, Frank DiLeo and others were not brought into Michael Jackson's financial fold by Michael Jackson, but by AEG Live's Randy Phillips
  • Randy Phillips of AEG Live is on public record stating the Michael Jackson would perform even if he had to carry him on stage.
  • Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson's son, testified that his father was afraid that Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme were going to kill him.
  • Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman stated to CBS News that he got a call from Randy Phillips assistant a little before noon as to Michael's death.  911 was apparently called at 12:22 on record, yet this call and lapse in time line was also ignored by LA Courts.
  • Michael Jackson's "second" autopsy, as requested by the family, stated HOMICIDE, not "accidental overdose"
  • Michael Jackson's security guards were being paid by AEG Live
  • The Michael Jackson Estate, John Branca and John McClain, filed a motion to "Quash" the findings and filing of the Lloyds of London Insurance suit, evidencing their partnership and loyalty to AEG Live, not Michael Jackson, his family, his fans OR the public.
  • AEG Live, Tohme Tohme and the Michael Jackson Estate met 3 days after Michael Jackson's death to sign "deals" relating to the This is It film and other endeavors.  These three should have been investigated, but NONE of them were.
  • AEG Live budgeted Conrad Murray for only "2" months, not for any length of the tour.
  • Randy Phillips of AEG Live and Tohme Tohme were photographed together the morning of Michael Jackson's death
  • And last but not least, and in no matter shape or form is this ALL of what transpired, I'd like to offer the following:
Tohme Tohme hit Michael Jackson stating he should clean up the blood with a shirt from his closet. That evidence was also not taken into consideration, as well as the fact that there were blood stains on Tohme's clothes at the announcement of Michael Jackson's murder.

Here is a photo of that evidence.  Footage can be found on the announcement of Michael Jackson's death.  You'll see that "Dr" Tohme is even glancing towards the stain as he walks away from the podium.

For more details in video and evidence relating to this atrocity, please visit The Murder of Michael Jackson Blog, or YouTube channel Debbie4Justice.


A Vibrational Universe

Musical tones are heard from their transmission through the air at a specific number of "vibrations per second." Tones at the upper octave are at a vibration rate double that of the tones at the lower octave.  "Octave tones," because of their relationship (1-2, etc.), "identify" with one another in what is described as "Unisons".

Our universe operates the same way.  Even though we may not "see" a vibrational tone or frequency, we know it still exists.  We don't see what is being transmitted to our radio or our TV but we see clearly what the process brings to us in the form of a picture and sound.  We don't see the airwaves of the radio, but we do hear the songs it brings to us.

Everything operates at a certain vibrational frequency.  The higher the frequency, the more we are able to transmit and receive.  "Unisons" or tones can be likened to tuning into a radio station, a television channel or even a twin flame soul mate.  The simplicity of this concept is that the tonal vibrations are in unison.  We may pick up on one tone, but not another.  Our televisions transmit one channel while not transmitting all the others available.  The difference is how we tune in.

If everything is based on frequency and everything is all connected, it would stand to reason that the higher we go in consciousness the more "frequencies" we can tune into.  There are simply more chances for "unisons" to occur. If I direct my consciousness like the television directs it's energy to a certain channel, I can tune into anything in the universe, given I raise or lower my vibrational frequency to the frequency of what's being transmitted.

  • When you think of someone and they suddenly call.  That's picking up on vibrational frequency.
  • When you have a dream and the next day the same situation happens, you're tuning into vibrational frequency.
  • When you consciously are thinking about someone then dream about them that night, you are directing your frequency of vibration in the subconscious.
  • When remote viewing occurs, you concentrate on the place or person you wish to see - directing your consciousness and "tuning in."

A guide of mine related this to me in the form of "strings".  Strings that sound a vibration and that are attached to every living thing.  Each "string" sounds a vibration.  If you are open enough to it, you receive inspiration, a spiritual message, or a vision.  Sometimes it may be the "knowing" that you need to call someone, or go to a certain place.

Once you "tune into" the vibrational frequencies in the universe, the more information you'll receive from it.  The world around you will suddenly become also the world within you.

Take a glimpse of this small video about spiders.  They receive the same "vibrational" intelligence we do as humans.  The only difference is that sometimes the spiders strings are "visible":


Twin Souls with Patricia Joudry; Co-Author of the book "Twin Souls; Finding Your True Spiritual Partner"

"The Days of Creation: The
Sixth Day" by Edward Burne-
Jones" depicting the twin
soul concept again in a sphere
of wholeness.
Almost 20 years ago I came across some of the first new material available on twin souls.  I had searched for years until I came upon Dr Maurie D Pressman and Patricia Joudry's book "Twin Souls; Finding Your True Spiritual Partner".  

Imagine my delight when I discovered a video of an interview with Patricia Joudry, the visionary for the original book.  This one and half hour video not only explained the concept of twin souls, but the evolution of it's consciousness and the hurdles we sometimes must endure.

Needless to say, that was quite a while ago.  The video was released in 1996 and after I watched it I wanted to speak with Patricia.  She was a playwright living in Canada and I had hoped to speak with her about her knowledge of twin souls.  Unfortunately, by the time I had worked up enough courage to even make contact with her, Patricia had passed on.  In October of 2000, Patricia Joudry made her transition to the next plane.

When it came time for me to write my material for twin flame soul mates I knew I had to have someone with authority on the subject to help.  At that time I had nothing to lose, so I contacted Patricia's co-author Maurie D Pressman.

If you've heard the interview posted on the side bar, you already know Maurie was at first, not a willing participant in my little venture.  Without his support for the work, I was sure that I would be seen as a lunatic.  Twin souls were one thing, but a twin soul and Michael Jackson together? Society was still in the dark about who Michael was, let alone what a "twin soul" could be.

Yet my spiritual guides kept telling me to write.  I'd like to say I put my foot down, but I know better. I simply explained that I would go no further until I had a credible person to back me up.  Michael and his friend Elizabeth who were both on the other side of the veil at that time, decided to take a journey.  They found Patricia Joudry who was also on the other side.  She offered to help, stating Maurie was just being "stubborn".  Much to my surprise, he was, and Patricia knew exactly what to do to change his mind.  Low and behold, Another Part of Me; An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls was finally released.

In sharing this with you, I'm sure you might understand how I feel about Patricia and Maurie.  They both truly are the first pioneers in the field of twin soul study.  Not only were they remarkable in their stature, but remarkable in their love in sharing and helping us along this journey.

A true study in twin souls simply can not be complete without a look and listen to these two most incredible souls.

Most people are very visual.  I think having a visual with any teaching is important for a student to truly understand any concept.  Somehow it locks the concept into our minds in another way, more than just mere words.

Patricia's interview is available still on DVD.  Unfortunately I have not found any other place to purchase it, but at the original site that recorded it:  The Wings of Spirit Foundation.  The full DVD is approximately $20 and can be purchased here.

For now I really wanted to share just a small segment of Patricia Joudry. In the snippet below, Patricia is explaining the twin soul concept with rings.  I have yet to see a better analogy than what she gives.  Besides, she is so adorable you just can't help but smile when you see her!

This video is a beautiful follow up to yesterday's post about union.  Patricia is referencing the Sufi context from where the ring idea came from and the union that results in one "being":


Twin Flame Soul Mates - Union and History

In the pure desire to reach for God, we come into union with our twin flame soul mate. Individualized ascension, union within the self and self mastery are all the elements that point to the meeting and connection  The connection may be in physical form, or it could be in the spiritual.

Spiritual union is what is actually taking place at the point of union.  The I AM presence of each individual unites again through their holy Christ self.  This union enables the two twins to communicate telepathically because the contact and union join the two in consciousness.

In the Emerald Tablets, written by Thoth the Atlantean, there are versus that pertain to "two becoming one and the one becoming the all".  This passage speaks about consciousness and the ever expanding spiral towards wholeness.  Union with the flame leads to greater union with the all. But what might be surprising is that the Tablets also speak about beings that already reside in the Halls of Amenti. These are the "children of light".  They are one being with a dual consciousness of both male and female.  This is where the union with a flame takes us and where ultimately we are headed.

As so given, your flame even if he or she resides on the other side of the veil will most likely be influencing your consciousness while you are on earth.  Many flames will act as spiritual guides for their counterparts and some even partake in projects and writings.  Each maintains their identity, while still uniting in spirit.  The point of union and the ascension is the ever expanding spiral back to the whole.  As humans we tend to think that it's the end all. - it's not.  We are constantly expanding our consciousness, constantly growing, and constantly reaching towards wholeness with the all.

This is not a physical manifestation, but a spiritual path.  Your reach for the divine, the divine part of yourself, unscathed by society, patterns of thought or beliefs, is that part that contains the original blueprint of your creation.  Think of yourself as a cell that was formed from other cells dividing in the body.  The original cell is pure. But if disease sets in, it no longer operates with it's full potential. The disease would be representative of our mis-qualified energy, formed in the body, mind and consciousness of the individual by our patterns, conditioning and society.  To break through that barrier, we must ascend through our consciousness.  Change the way we think and act, setting our sights on the higher goal - union with God.

This concept is not something new, but something forgotten.  For even in our history there lies many treasures that provide a glimpse of the inner workings of the some of the greatest poets, philosophers and painters of our time.

Here are some of our treasures:

Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, for example, represents the birthing of a nude woman.  Not yet clothed by man, she is pure in form, void of the coverings of the pure soul, this is truly DIVINE beauty:

    Botticelli, Birth of Venus: Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, 1483-85, tempera on panel, 68 x 109 5/8" (172.5 x 278.5 cm), Galeria degli Uffizi, Florence Speakers: Dr. Beth Harris & Dr. Steven Zucker

The Birth of Venus (French: La Naissance de Vénus)  by 19th-century painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau:

The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch, representing the two in one at the left corner of the center panel:

The cover of the Dangerous Album by Michael Jackson.  Our road to wholeness and union, again represented by the same Adam and Eve represented in the painting above, only this time it is represented as a destination:

A painting commissioned by Michael Jackson, similar The Birth of Venus above, again representing divinity:

Eros, son of Aphrodite:

Guido Reni Archangel Michael painting with both female and male features: The higher form of one consciousness:

"When I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along."

   - Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Plato 2,500 years ago:

" ... and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other's sight even for a moment..."


From the Afterlife - Wayne Dyer

"On every occasion you get embrace the life you have .  Don't fret about the small things...they'll always be there.  Don't agonize over the big things..the plans for your life are already in motion.  Realize the journey is what this life is about. Moment by moment and step by step we search for a destination only to arrive at the beginning of another journey.  It never ends. "

Last night I was pleased to meet the acquaintance of Dr Wayne Dyer.  I always fail to realize how similar souls move in circles.  He told me he knew Marianne Williamson and Michael Jackson.  I remembered a touching video he did after Michael died and the latest post from Marianne that Wayne had passed.

Wayne is so peaceful.  He already has plans on the table for assisting his daughter Sky in one of her endeavors and has offered his service still on the other side.  He's offered to share a post:

"Being human means we are imperfect beings. We are made up of many undercurrents that seem to change and transform our lives from one moment to the next.  Sometimes we sit in dismay and other times we might think "What has God given me to deal with?"  Yet there is a powerful story in telling you the truth about your divine identity.  It's not the who you think you are, but the who that is underneath the you you think you are. 

That fine little voice that sneaks out just at the right time and tells you what to do, where to go or who to be with.  That little undercurrent of thought that says don't do this or that at the precise moment you need it.  Just like a radio transmitter, the universe sends us signals that we receive on a daily basis.  Sometimes we can hear them loud and clear and other times the signal is so soft we tend to ignore it.  Pleasing ourselves is the only goal of the master plan.  The universe sets us out on a journey that includes heartbreak, destruction and divine intervention only to get us back on the road we were intended to be on.  If life seems to get in your way every time you set your course, it only means you're not on the right path . . . just yet.  

Listen to what it's telling you. Decide your course of action when the time is right by feeling the moment the universe tells you it's time.  Don't stress about the nuances of life or the little things that set you off; like the dog that always messes in the back hall.  Some things are just as they are.  Leave them.  We have more important things to do with our lives than worry about the little things in the bigger picture. 

Be happy, be joyful and remember that the true essence of God is already in you.  That divie light that shines through every time you take a step on your journey.  It's the light that shines through the newborn baby's eyes even though we know they can't see yet.  The light that graces the leaves of the trees as the sun shines brightly through them.

Being human does have it's advantages. I can place a cup of milk on my desk and see it, touch it and taste it.  Either way when you are in spirit you can still realize you are divine.  The only difference is the satisfaction in knowing that those physical things you once tasted and touched where only made of matter.  A similar substance found all over the universe except in a different form.  I'm now in a different form too.  It doesn't mean I don't exist.  It only means I'm not here any longer to be seen.  I've changed. My energy is different and I have transcended from where I used to be.  

You too will transcend in your own time.  We all do.  On every occasion you get embrace the life you have .  Don't fret about the small things...they'll always be there.  Don't agonize over the big things..the plans for your life are already in motion.  Realize the journey is what this life is about. Moment by moment and step by step we search for a destination only to arrive at the beginning of another journey.  It never ends.  

Your life is not a destination.  Your life is an adventure.  Full of wondrous things to discover about yourself and those around you.  Life itself is ever changing.  The leaves on the tree don't hold the same color all year long and the ice on the lake soon melts into a different form.

May your days be blessed with knowing that your entire life is full of discovery.  Take each moment, each step with a sense of wonder, appreciation and gratitude.  For the life you have been given is your own and you are the only one able to appreciate the beauty it brings you in the moment.

Listen to your inner guidance and see where it takes you.  Do I turn left or right? Do I fly or fall to the ground in misery?  Hope for the best, expect the worst and at each venture and each corner of change look for the beauty life has brought you.  This is the journey of our lives and the inspiration of the masters. This is your life adventure.

Peace be with you.  God bless you all."

-Dr Wayne Dyer, friend of Michael Jackson and the Brotherhood of Light

Dr Wayne Dyer on Michael Jackson:

Marianne Williamson on Dr Wayne Dyer: