Signs of Spiritual Progress

"Progress is not about perfection or success.

It i s tempting to ask ourselves whether we are making “progress” on the spiritual path. But to look for progress is a setup—a guarantee that we won’t measure up to some arbitrary goal we’ve established.

Traditional teachings tell us that one sign of progress in meditation practice is that our kleshas diminish. Kleshas are the strong conflicting emotions that spin off and heighten when we get caught by aversion and attraction.

Though the teachings point us in the direction of diminishing our klesha activity, calling ourselves “bad” because we have strong conflicting emotions is not helpful. That just causes negativity and suffering to escalate. What helps is to train again and again in not acting out our kleshas with speech and actions, and also in not repressing them or getting caught in guilt.

Progress isn’t what we think it is. We are talking about a gradual learning process. By looking deeply and compassionately at how we are affecting ourselves and others with our 28 speech and actions, very slowly we can acknowledge what is happening to us—which is one sign of progress.

We then discover that patterns can change, which is another sign of progress. Having acknowledged what is happening, we may find that we can do something different from what we usually do. On the other hand, we may discover that (as people are always saying to me), “I see what I do, but I can’t stop it.” We might be able to acknowledge our emotions, but we still can’t refrain from yelling at somebody or laying a guilt trip on ourselves. But to acknowledge that we are doing all these things is in itself an enormous step; it is reversing a fundamental, crippling ignorance.

Basically this is instruction on disowning: letting go and relaxing our grasping and fixation. At a fundamental level we can acknowledge hardening; at that point we can train in learning to soften.

Acknowledging what is, with honesty and compassion; continually training in letting thoughts go and in softening when we are hardening—these are steps on the path of awakening. That’s how kleshas begin to diminish. It is how we develop trust in the basic openness and kindness of our being.

However, as I said, if we use diminishing klesha activity as a measure of progress, we are setting ourselves up for failure. As long as we experience strong emotions—even if we also experience peace—we will feel that we have failed. It is far more helpful to have a goal of becoming curious about what increases klesha activity and what diminishes it, because this goal is fluid and includes our so-called failures. As long as our orientation is toward perfection or success, we will never learn about unconditional friendship with ourselves, nor will we find compassion."

***Excerpt from Pama Chodron's book:


Update on the "North Pole" and Other Visions from the "Other Side"

Several days ago I posted a segment about Michael Jackson and a vision of him on the "other side".  He was creating Santa's home and the North Pole for the children on the "other side" of the veil.  As I said I would, I am updating you on what has transpired since.

Last evening I was shown the progress.  It's not just Santa's town, it's a kids town from what it looks like to me.  There were snowmen built around the grounds and several forts, I'll call them.  Not exactly little houses, more like barricades.  They would be used, I was told, for snow ball fights.

As the building of these festivities continued, I caught Michael "rehearsing".   A while back I had seen him constructing a theater.  This time as the vision came, I saw him dancing with someone.  When I inquired he said he was "rehearsing for a play."

What play that actually is, I still don't know, but what I do know is that there seems to be much going on in preparations for some fun filled events on the other side of the veil.

As a side note, I am warmed with heart filled joy to know that Michael has met my very first psychic teacher, Bob Fontanive.  Bob passed away many years ago and has recently made a reappearance as one of my guides.  I was 18 when I first met Bob.  He was the first psychic I had ever asked about Michael When I did, I was awe stricken by his response. When he told me I was correct in my thinking that  Michael was actually a twin flame soul mate, I questioned him.  Leading on I said "He's black", "Yes", he said, "And he's famous", I added.  To which Bob simply replied, "Exactly.  That's why he's been waiting.  He wanted you to find out for yourself."

It's amazing to see that the people who have passed on in my life have now become in some ways a part of Michael's life on the other side.  Even Maurie Pressman M.D. , the psychotherapist who had written the forward for my book has passed.  He too has been instrumental in connecting on the "other side".  Visions of many twin souls uniting on another plane had at one time intercepted my dreams.  One of those soul unions were Michael and I.  Upon awakening, Maurie stood in my room and just before I opened my eyes he said "So you did make it."

I hope it's as heartwarming to my readers as it is to me to know how much life still happens even after we have passed.  The warmth and love from the other side astounds me still.  As souls join together in service for those of us still who remain here on earth, I am quite certain we all have our angels to thank each and every night in our prayers.

May we all be mindful of this continued state of being.  That if we too act in kindness and generosity as they do, perhaps we can even create a heaven on earth..

The snowball "barricades" looked almost exactly like they do in the video posted below:



Consciousness - Evidence of ONE

As we've gone forward with Man in the Mirror PROJECT in transforming our thoughts and emotions individually, you might understand more on a "scientific" basis, how our own individual emanations created from these powerful forces within us also effect the planet itself.

I've always marveled at the work of Gregg Braden, a leader in the study of consciousness.  He has been able to bridge the knowledge of the past and bring a scientific understanding of that knowledge to the present.

As we've discussed Jesus and the emanations we so often see from his heart center, the following video by Gregg may help us understand how Jesus himself was able to create the miracles he was so well known for.

As we all play a part in our universal consciousness, we'll find as we change our own individual consciousness we too change the consciousness in the world.  You'll notice the word "pattern" used in this video.  It's those patterns within that must be transformed individually, to change the world collectively.  This is the goal of Man in the Mirror PROJECT.


Update on Prince and a Story from a Reader

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can have the most horrid kinds of days, but when you see your children and their smile, everything goes away and you too smile for their happiness?  It's like coming home and seeing your dogs. Happy to see you, no matter what happens.

Today was one of those kind of days; I was a bit down, until I read the news.  That young man that I was so happy about on the day he was born 17 years ago, has with stood the pressure of many people and is going to go to college!  I can't tell you how excited and proud I am.  I don't even think I can put it into words, but when I read this article the worries I had in the past weeks were lifted. Prince Jackson has not gone down the road his uncle Jermaine wants him to.  He is going to college for business and film and this "cyber mom" couldn't be happier: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2014/11/prince-jackson-future-college/

Prince Jackson you're a star in your own right!  Keep your head up and your feet on the ground.  When you follow your own heart, everything is bound to fall right in place.  I would write something from your dad, but he says you already know he's proud of you.  He always wanted you to go to college :) You are strong, brilliant and know what's right.  Keep going Prince, your future only holds great possibilities and the sky is the limit.  What more can I say, but WOO HOO!!! :) xxoo


On another note, I was given permission to share one my blog reader's stories.  It hit me hard this week, and my heart went out to her.  As we approach the holidays, Thanksgiving here in the states and Christmas all around the world, many of us turn to our families.  But some of us don't have the luxury of having a loving, supportive family.  Some families hurt us more than anyone ever could.  This is such a story.  I wanted to share it because as I told my reader, I feel many people share the same kind of pain.  It's deep and gut wrenching and it lives with us for years.  This kind of pain can debilitate you.  It can stop you in your tracks, make you feel worthless and produce strong and powerful feelings of anger, betrayal and loss within us.

Here is Lee's story.  I invite my readers to share their comments for Lee in the comments section.  If we all share our stories, maybe we can all help one another lessen the pain and loneliness of being cast aside by a parental figure.

Hello Debbie! Its ok...being able to talk to you makes me feel better already! I will try and send it through to you here.
Nov 24

Lee wrote:  Yesterday, I thought would be the day that I finally met my biological father.
After 39 years I truly believed that one of my biggest wishes would come true.  I was ready…I was excited…It did not really matter what I would say to him, I just wanted to be in his presence. Nothing else mattered.  I was going to have that moment finally.

It wasn’t a pleasant circumstance or gathering at which we would have met.   If I just knew what my biological father looked like….does he have grey hair, does he wear spectacles, is he short or tall,
what is his style of walking? It could have saved me a lot of wasted time, 39 years...

Even myself, who hates funerals, but who has been blessed in attending EVERY known nuclear family members’ funeral so far,  knows that people need you at this time and after.  He did not pitch up and I will tell you why.

Along with me…patiently, expectantly, excitedly waiting to see their father were three other beautiful ladies with tainted souls.   Yes, all of us; expectantly, excitedly not so much patiently anymore waiting for him.   But, what was all too clear is that; he WAS expectedly anticipating our arrival.  I later learned that two of his other biological  children attended the service. 

I went up to them cordially, and introduced myself. They excused his absence by saying that,
they had made the decision not to come’…to which I replied, ‘Yes, I am SURE that they did’.
At the beginning of 2014 when I tried to make contact with him, he responded that, I was part of his past and that I should be forgotten.


I am not a big fan of airing one’s personal laundry on social media platforms, but I want to claim something for myself today,  after I have lost and been robbed of everything else. I want to let this go…end this unrealistic dream of him and me.

I want to say that:   I am beginning to think that I am so much better than him, because -


His inability to do so and the horrible pain that I have felt all these years are in the process of building a very wounded, but rather strong and resilient character in me.  Of course, there will always be a part of me that wants to keep the unrealistic dream of him and me alive.

The hurt you have caused all whom you deny in this life will not, I believe, go unnoticed.
As a Christian and a preacher, Mr E Hildebrand...you will only have to answer to God.

I called Kuthumi and Jesus last night. If I don't get to see or meet him it would make me feel that my life here was in vain (not true)...

It is just the immediate feeling and thought that comes to mind.

I want to say how much I feel this woman is such a brave and courageous soul.  Those attributes are those of not only survivors, but of victors.  Lee is an astonishingly beautiful woman and soul.  Her life circumstances do not define who she is, she does.

I hope you will join me in offering your thoughts of healing and encouragement for her and others going through these kinds of difficult struggles.

May we all be thankful for the blessings in our lives.  Some blessings even come in the form of NOT having toxic people in our lives.


The Bloody Shirt - Interesting Facts

"Waving the bloody shirt" is political slang for a Republican political tactic used after the Civil War for winning votes, particularly black votes. The shirt being, for example, the shirt of a black man, freed by the Civil War, thanks to the righteous Republicans, but whipped to death in the reconstruction of the South. Republicans often "waved the bloody shirt," both figuratively and literally. In 1868, Republican Representative Benjamin Butler took the floor of the House of Representatives to display the bloody shirt of an IRS tax collector who had been whipped by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi.

A white, blood-stained blouse was found hanging in Michael Jackson’s wardrobe.

The women’s garment, still had its $3.99 price tag attached to it, but was not seized as evidence by police officers investigating Michael Jackson's death. Legal experts have speculated that it may have been used to mop up the singer’s blood.

Lawyer Craig Silverman has said: “It’s pretty extraordinary that a bloody shirt would not have been taken as evidence.”

A Los Angeles police spokesperson refused to say why the garment hadn’t been taken as possible evidence.

The spokesperson said: “I don’t know why it wasn’t taken. Our detectives aren’t speaking about the investigation so we won’t have an answer at the moment.”

The above song was written about Tom Sneddon, the District Attorney prosecuting Michael Jackson for molestation in 2005.  

Below is an accounting of the molestation trial by a woman named Aphrodite Jones.  She self published the same year I self published a book, both through IUniverse.  Some media channels don't feel "good" news sells, but I'll let her tell you her own story about what happened during that trial.

My summation of this information?  Just stating the facts.  Somewhere in the court systems of California, Michael Jackson was an obvious target.


The Twin Flame Experience - Doubt

Have you ever been thinking about someone when the phone rings and it's that someone you had been thinking about?  Have you ever had a dream of someone, and soon you hear from them out of the blue?

Many of these types of experiencea we all have in our day to day lives.  Most often we pass them off as "coincidence", or "weird" things that happen and forget about them almost immediately.  It is the subtlety of the experience, the quite whisper that sometimes we catch, then we throw away as soon as we do.

Twin flame experiences are the same.  You "catch" the whisper.  You notice consciously for moments that something has transpired, but as we are brought up to believe, we throw them out quickly.  We haven't been taught about them.  No one has "told" us these things are real or even exist.

It depends on who you ask.  If you were speaking to a yogi, they might tell you it happens all the time.  An enlightened being might say you are in the ocean of the consciousness itself.  Everything is connected.  The all is made available at all times to everyone. You only need reach for it.

Twin flame experiences mirror the "coincidences" in our lives.  They are divine in organization and always have a timing and method to their seemingly elusive nature.  For when you begin to reach into your own personalized I AM presence, are more centered and calm, the experiences begin to come to the forefront and into the consciousness for recognition.

The recognition comes, but if you pass it off, it goes very quickly.  The key to determining whether or not you have access to that other part of yourself, comes when you hold those experiences in your memory.  Pay attention to them.  Remember the feeling, the words, the dream or the vision you had.  When you can confirm the experience, do so.  When you cannot, hold them still.  Remembering always to hold a space for what is actually transpiring in your life, rather than dismissing the reality of all things.

We haven't been taught about this elusive reality of our twin flame soul mates.  We think it's crazy, weird, just coincidence, until we begin to simply pay attention.  Where your attention goes, so does the consciousness.

When I was going through my experiences with Michael, at every juncture of the road I would view the experience as "Wow, that was weird."  Later after I received confirmation that the experience was real, because I would find confirmation of the vision or event, I still would be in disbelief.  "It couldn't be.  It can't be real.  I must be just "psychic".  Yet when events like this happen repeatedly and you begin to pay attention, you'll notice the more you do, the more you will become aware of.

This particular belief pattern is essential to uniting with your flame.  At some point in your life, your entire being will be filled with the desire and will to go somewhere, meet someone, call someone or go to a place you have never heard of and have absolutely no logical reason why.  Logic, our conditioned thinking, has nothing to do with the soul.  Should you hold your "weird" experiences in a place of "could be", logic can be placed aside and you, the being you truly are, can begin to listen to the whispers of your very soul.

Soul whispers aren't words.  They are "feelings".  Feelings that you need to go somewhere, do something or say something at a time when there are not apparent logical reasons.  Holding a place for the experiences you've had in that realm, will allow you to act on these soul whispers when the time is most crucial.  When you do you'll find that the reasons you did where because you were being "drawn" to that thing or place you needed to be.  This is how true twin flame soul mates meet.  They magnetically "draw" each other to themselves.

The next time you have an experience and go to disregard the feeling and "coincidence", remember this.  It could be that you yourself are ignoring the call from the most beloved part of yourself - your twin flame soul mate.


Santa Comes to Heaven

Twin flame soul mates often share consciousness.  The times you connect you can see each other or sometimes, and most often, see what the other sees.

My experiences in shared consciousness with Michael Jackson were when he lived.  They have continued since his passing.  He has brought me people to meet from the "other side" and I've been able to get "visions" of him sometimes visiting with them.

It wasn't that long ago that another blog reader explained she was having dreams of Michael in a castle.  Her dreams intrigued me, because Michael had taken me for a tour of a castle on the other side.  It was his new home.

It is in that castle that he hosts many children who have passed on.  He, and others, help them adapt.  The last young man I was introduced to was deaf.  He wouldn't speak to me.  When I asked Michael about him, he simply said he didn't know he could. . yet.

This morning I received another vision.  Michael was waiting on a bench waiting for me.  He was wearing a blue shirt and slacks that looked like they were from the seventies.  Are those back in style now?  They were pinstriped and he looked pretty "in" for having been gone now for five years.

He wanted to show me something, so he pointed his finger off into the distance.  There was a huge expanse of snow covered hills and in the distance I began to see something come into my vision.

It looked like a candy house, only bigger.  The roof had snow that looked like fluffy white frosting and all sorts of candy banked the outside.   It was Michael's version of the North Pole.  Santa, he said, will be coming to heaven this year. The children who have passed on that have been under Michael's care and others, will be able to see this grand vision of magic.  There is simply no other word; it is truly magical.

I was not privy as to exactly who would play Santa, but I can only imagine that with Michael's imagination there will be mounds of gifts, candy and magic.

If you have had a child pass or a brother or sister, you might want to know that they too will receive a little bit of Christmas magic this year.  If and when I receive any visions of the festivities, I'll make sure I let you know..  Elizabeth Taylor has said that one of the children have even written a song.  If we listen close, perhaps this season we'll all be able to hear them.  Singing in heaven, as we too sing during this very special Christmas season.


Ryan Gosling - The Twin Flame Soul Mate

Maybe you have heard; The story of a stalker, claiming she is Ryan Gosling's "twin flame soul mate"?

I can't tell you how this makes authentic flame relationships look.  This woman has stalked Ryan, sent him repeated emails to not only Ryan, but his family.

I met Ryan a few years ago on the set of a movie.  They were filming George Clooney's "Ides of March" here in Michigan.  I thought George and  I connected, but he was too short and too pretty to be my twin flame (just kidding :).

Ryan seemed even shorter.  Not that it makes a difference, but when people like this come out of the woodwork and state these claims for no apparent reason, you have to wonder what's in their mind.  True twin flames wouldn't need to write a letter to their flame repeatedly.  Their contact would already be within.  There would be no need.

This is disturbing, because it makes the definition of twin flame soul mates seem even more "crazy".  If someone thinks they have a twin flame soul mate, and it's "authentic", they wouldn't need to go to such lengths.  That twin flame soul mate would also "know" and feel the connection.  It is blatantly apparent in this case that it's not a two way street.

Please be aware how many people continue to throw around the words "twin flame soul mate", not understanding what or how that relationship exists.  If and when you ever do believe another person is your twin flame, it's not something you'd ever want to "push" on them.  The sheer desire to force the issue indicates it's not a twin flame soul mate in the first place.


The Power of Prayer

When I was young, my family rarely went to church.  We were Polish and Italian, traditionally Catholics.  I had my first glimpse of Jesus hanging on the cross in one of those churches and it brought me to tears.

Since then I was always puzzled how to reach "him".  It seemed the priests had taken over the ability to reach "him".  They would tell you what penance to pay, how to atone for your sins and how to live a "good" life.  Yet I felt Jesus with me sometimes, and knew somehow everyone, not only the priests, could reach God themselves.

I remember struggling when I was young, trying to know the "right" words to say to "him".  It was during a thunderstorm, when I was very afraid, alone in the attic, that I began to just "talk" to him.

My talking lead to peace and that peace led to a hand, although not visible, being placed on my forehead.  Someone had heard my prayer, someone had come, and they had comforted me.

The power of prayer is great.  Yet some of us only use it when we seek to get ourselves out of the darkness and return to the light.  If we continue to reach for the light always, the light will always be with us.  There will be no more fear of the darkness.

They have had studies of the power of prayer.  The studies have shown that the ill who have been prayed for, even without their knowing, were healed quicker.  The reach for prayer has brought about miracles all over the world, and the ardent, honest, heart felt prayer always brings the greatest of spirits in answer to your request.

Prayer can bring intercessions, healing, freedom from binds, and transformation for you life.  When you pray you reach for a higher power, one that is greater than your own ego self.  When you pray in servitude, it is with the earnestness of the heart that God himself sees and so not only your prayer is made manifest, but so is his.

Michael Jackson had always been a faithful prayer servant. For hours at a time he prayed to God to show him what else he could do for humanity as a whole.  At times the guests at his home, Neverland, bore witness to his sincere and remarkable gift to connect with God himself.

Tonight I've been reminded of prayer, by friends who have lifted me through difficult times in my life.  Both here and on the other side.  When you are faced with adversities in your own life, I hope you too will seek guidance from above.  It is there that you will find the strength, love and light we all so desperately need in each and every hour of our lives.

I'd like to share something Michael himself said on this blog a few years ago.  The Conrad Murray trial had just started.  That day I watched.  I was exhausted.  I asked Michael that evening how he felt and his answer surprised me.  I suppose I expected him to remark about the case or express his feelings about the testimony, but he didn't. This is what he said . .

"I am humbled. I can't believe the number of fans all over the world that are supporting me. I hear them. I hear all of them. Every word. It's amazing. The prayers, the wishes, the desire to do good, everything is in my heart and I can't believe the outpouring of love. It's truly, truly amazing. I wish I could be there to share it all with you. I wish you could know the love I feel in my heart for every one of you. If you could only know the way the world really works you would know that I'm at peace. The love you have given to me may not have nourished my body, but it has nourished my soul. That love can take you to the heights of reality. The true reality is that of the spirit, and in the spirit of love. Lift yourselves up to a place of love and you will soar."

Our prayers are heard all over the universe.  When you pray, you never know who might come to help you.  It even may be someone who once wore a white glove.  Those that choose to service the father in life, will always serve him, whether they are here in body or have transcended through death.  Our spirits live on, and so does our will to serve the father.


Updates on Murder Findings - Conspiracy

During some review of the evidence I've found a few things I'd like to share and one to correct.

The first is the correction.  I explained a vision I had of Tohme Tohme using a rubber hose to tie around Michael's arm before he administered a "shot".  I had thought that the rubber hose was photographed on the bed at the crime scene, however, upon closer inspection I have found it was not the rubber hose used that is in that photo; the photo shows Michael's prayer beads.

The tan colored, looped object lying on the bed was thought to be the rubber tubing.  It's not.  They are the prayer beads Michael is wearing in the photo below.

If he like to "wear" them, I'm not sure why or how they would be off his person. I have a similar set.  You can see where the strings are tied at the arrow.  Prayer beads are continuous.  However in the photo, shot at the home, you can see the strings seem to be broken, indicating they were either gripped off or unintentionally broken.  If they fell off, however, I would think they would be higher up near where his head would be.  Not down on the bottom of the bed by where his feet were.

Now for more "shockers".  I DID NOT want to go here, but as the evidence suggests, I have to.

I've been reviewing my notes that Michael gave me a few years ago.  In them I noted the following from what he said:

Sony=Mottola  Set AEG up to claim rights. In return they would get profits from my estate.  Look for contract between AEG & Sony paying a portion of Estate.  Executors of will are Branca and McClain (John)They both have a stake in Sony

Needless to say I wouldn't post this if I didn't think the statements that he made here weren't true.  Branca and McClain are the executors of his will and on the board for Sony, as well as Frank DiLeo.  It's almost hard to believe but another email popped up for me.  One that was written by Randy Phillips of AEG back in July of 2009, after Michael's death.  He said:

"We just closed a $60m deal against a gigantic back-end for the rights to the film that will be created from all the footage we so wisely shot from the beginning of this project to the last rehearsal." - Randy Phillips, AEG referring the deal with SONY

Now there has been all kinds of controversy about the "footage" used in the making of "This is It".  During Conrad Murray's trial, Kenny Ortega testified that the only cameras taking footage were those for Michael himself.  There were 2, he said.  Further he stated:

"The raw footage was never meant to be seen by audiences, but there are short films Ortega and Jackson put together that were supposed to be viewed by those who bought a ticket to the concerts."
Yet when the DVD for This is It movie was released, we found there to be credits for more than two cameras.  Matter of fact it was SONY's attorney, Gary Bostwick who stated during the Conrad Murray trial that: "There were more than two cameras".  He also, if you remember, was reluctant to hand over the footage during the trial.  He said they would hate for anything to go viral.

We found later that Randy Phillips from AEG himself stated that there were over "100" hours of footage taken during the rehearsals.  On July 2, 2009, just one week after Michael's death we find this report from Associated Press.

AEG chief: Jackson rehearsal footage may become motion pic

Thursday, July 2, 2009 12:00 am

BETH HARRIS,Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A 30-second snippet of Michael Jackson rehearsing two days before his death was released Thursday, part of more than 100 hours of footage that could be turned into live albums, a movie and a pay-per-view special, the promoter said.

"May" is an interesting word, considering the fact that it was AEG themselves that filed for copyright to the footage days after Michael's death, specifically stating the words "Motion Picture".  This is the "recorded" copyright.  I say "recorded" because it had to have been submitted prior to 7/02 to be recorded with the office.  Michael died on a Thursday, 6/25.  This "motion picture" had to be sent by mail.  Considering the time for the US postal service to deliver, when do you think this was prepared and mailed?  Over the weekend? All of it done within ONE WEEK.

Type of Work:Preregistration
Type of Work Preregistered:Motion Picture
Preregistration Number / Date:PRE000002493 / 2009-07-02
Application Title:Documentary footage re rehearsals and behind the scenes for Michael Jackson ?This Is It? Concert Tour
Title:Documentary footage re rehearsals and behind the scenes for Michael Jackson ?This Is It? Concert Tour
Copyright Claimant:AEG Live, LLC. Address: 5750 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 501, Los Angeles, CA, 90036.
Creation of Work Began:2009-04-13
Date of Anticipated Completion:2009-09 (Approximate)
Projected Date of Publication:2009- (Approximate)
Authorship on Application:AEG Live, LLC.
Description of Work:Audiovisual recordings shot in the Los Angeles, California area by and on behalf of documentarians Tim Patterson and Sandrine Orabona (as work for hire) in connection with preparations and rehearsals for Michael Jackson?s ?This Is It? Concert Tour. Includes footage shot at (1) Center Staging in Burbank, California from May 18, 2009 through June 1, 2009, (2) Stimulated, Inc. in Burbank, California on May 29, 2009, (3) Culver Studios in Culver City, California on June 1, 2009 through June 10, 2009, (4) the Forum in Inglewood, California on June 1, 2009 through June 21, 2009, and (5) Staples Center in Los Angeles, California from June 22, 2009 through June 25, 2009. Footage includes, inter alia: (1) On-stage rehearsals, creative meetings, and behind-the-scenes footage of Michael Jackson and/or band, dancers, and singers. With Michael Bearden (musical director), Alfred Dunbar (bass), Roger Bashiri Johnson (percussion), Jonathan Moffett (drums), Thomas Organ (guitar), Orianthi Panagaris (lead guitar), and Morris Pleasure (keyboard); singers Judith Hill, Dorian Holley, Darryl Phinnesse and Kenneth Stacey; director Kenny Ortega; choreographers Travis Payne, Anthony Testa, and Stacey Walker; Karen Faye Heinze (hair and make up); Michael Bush (costumes); other members of the crew and other persons (including personnel of Stimulated, Inc.); and fans; and (2) Michael Jackson singing and dancing in 3D and 2D formats, for the background Chaos LED screen to be set onstage behind him during his performance. Also footage shot by Steve Stone Productions at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California and Center Staging in Burbank, California from April 13, 2009 through May 2009 of dancers? auditions for Nicholas Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Christopher Grant, Misha Hamilton, Shannon Holtzapffel, Devin Jamieson, Charles Klapow, Ricardo Reid, Danielle Rueda Watts, Tyne Stecklein, and Timor Steffens.
Names:AEG Live, LLC
But help me get my bearing here.  Wasn't the footage Michael's personal footage? Then I read in the court filings between Tohme Tohme and the Michael Jackson Estate that it was Tohme himself that brought the recordings to the table for them....Oh! I see, now it makes sense.  Do you see a common factor here? Tohme Tohme did ALL the negotiations for Sony, the Estate and AEG Live.  Oh, and let's not forget Colony Capital.  He's a broker, that's what he does: deals, with EVERYONE.  Got money, Tohme travels!

Why if we look even further, he'll also state (as he did in his complaint against the estate) that he was handling all of Michael's SONY royalty contracts.  He was in touch with SONY the entire time he was supposedly representing Michael.  If you need to know how Michael felt about Sony you can look at this video.  Michael's catalog, the one they were after and the one they put in the contract with AEG as "collateral", included MICHAELS rights to SONY. 

Adding to the evidence is Frank DiLeo, God rest his heart for having told me about the insurance fraud scheme!  He stated in the video we posted earlier that: "At the last minute Paul Gongaware got cameras" referring to the fact that there were only 2 cameras brought to film rehearsals, however, at last minute . . Paul decided to bring in more. "Thank god they did", he said...because that's how they made the movie, after "someone said it might be a good idea."  100 hours of footage, all at the LAST MINUTE!  I don't see the math . . but . . 

Someone said it might be a good idea.  So with over 100 hours of footage when exactly did this good idea really start?  Let's look at some emails back from 2008.  MONTHS before Michael was even under contract with AEG.

From: Richard Nanula [mailto:RNanula@colonyinc.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 5:18 PM 
To: Randy Phillips 
Subject: Re: Thx 
Yes. His name is doctor tohme, he is a longtime consultant to colony and has long time relationship with mj and brought him to us when note was near due. 
Tohme told me katz was coming to see him. Tohme is a good guy, but a broker no more no less. Katz 
shld let u and I know what he wants to present to tohme, if anything. Tohme mainlines with mj 
now,they talk many times per day. 
Hope that helps 
----- Original Message ----- 
From: Randy Phillips  
To: Richard Nanula 
Sent: Tue Jun 24 16:46:37 2008 
Subject: RE: Thx 
Richard, I just got off the phone with a music attorney named Joel Katz at Greenberg Traurig in 
Atlanta. He is an old friend and on retainer to AEG. He has met with all the Jacksons including 
Janet about a Jackson Family tour. He is speaking to one of the Colony Capital partners about MJ. 
Is there another partner with an unusual sounding name who is dealing with Neverland and MJ beside 
you and Tom? Jack and Ken will come back to us with a way to structure the deal with a fee baked 
in for MJ, however, I am concerned that you guys are falling into the same circular jerk-off that 
the rest of us have trying to get MJ to do the right thing for his career at the right time. If he 
doesn't regain his confidence to perform, the future is bleak. 
-----Original Message----- 
From: Richard Nanula [mailto:RNanula@colonyinc.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 4:12 PM 
To: Randy Phillips 
Subject: Thx 
For arranging call today. Sounds like we are on the right track. Mj's advisor just sent me a note 
saying that mj will never work without being paid (you and I agree that he shld view as a 
commercial paid for by someone else), maybe we can be creative about advancing something against dvd sales, etc ... 

So Tohme is a "partner" with Colony?  Is that why he negotiated the deal to "save Neverland"?  Then in return offered Michael up to work without getting paid (as the contract with AEG so blatantly attests to) and further collect from what? DVD sales!

It's obvious even back in 2008 Randy Phillips stated himself that he thought the future was bleak if Michael did not regain his confidence to "perform."  Yet they went ahead, signed the contract, introduced 10 shows, 30 some shows, then 50.  Do you really think AEG thought Michael could perform 50 shows looking back even at this email months before the concerts were even presented to Michael?


"MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent. Tohme and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hairdresser/makeup artist." - Randy Phillips, AEG

"I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking," Phillips said in another e-mail to Leiweke. "Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair. Then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have ever seen. He's an emotionally paralyzed mess, filled with self-loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through this press conference."

"I just slapped him and screamed at him louder that I did with Arthur Cassell" - Randy Phillips, AEG


Twin Flame Soul Mates and Unfinished Business

I just had a comment on the blog that made me realize something most people may not understand.  Twin flame soul mates are relationships of the "soul".  They are not brought together because they have similar backgrounds, are in the same social circle, or are attracted to one another on physical attributes alone.

Something inside of you magnetically draws you to your flame.  That magnet of attraction resides in the "soul" itself.

Telepathy is common, because it is the soul vibration that makes it most accessible.  Resonating frequencies always will "find" each other.  It doesn't matter if you live in Germany and your twin flame is living in Columbia.  The "soul" part, that spiritual part of you, is in contact always.

Most of you that have followed the blog and perhaps have even read my book, know that I spoke about that soul connection with Michael when he lived.  In that book I ended it with the statement Michael himself made about his death.  The conversations and experiences have continued, even though I never thought they would.

That continuance has included seeing and feeling Michael's past lives, including this one.  Something  that I feel is closely associated with the I AM presence of both of us.  That joining, the joining in the soul and in the all, permits the joining also of the experiences of each part of the soul.  As most of you know, Michael was murdered.  That has been the sole reason I started this blog to begin with.

After Michael passed and I viewed his past lives, I thought he was gone to where he needed to be.  Where ever that was.  Yet he continued to visit.  He appeared in full apparition several times in front of me, has kissed me on the cheek, and has even been in my dreams and in waking, with visions of him on the "other side".  We have still been in close association.  In some ways, closer than when he lived. I feel more things from him and know him better than I did when he lived in the flesh.

I have to tell you, however, that when he did pass I wanted him to "move on".  I didn't want to hold him here with thoughts of regrets of what had not transpired or because he felt he needed to help me.  In the beginning that was his only reason for being here with me, or so he said.

I not only questioned him, but I questioned my teacher.  I didn't know how much of a relationship Michael himself had with my teacher Saint Germain, but I felt he would be honest with me enough to tell me what I should do about Michael's continuing presence in my life.  One that I didn't want to have if it made Michael himself sad or feel like he "owed" me something.

After a couple of years of going through my own struggles and after the death of Elizabeth Taylor, it was apparent Michael was still around me.  Elizabeth herself came to me and explained that the things they did to Michael were horrible, just horrible.  When she told me I remember feeling frozen.  Something had happened, even more than what I had believed at the time, and I was afraid.  Michael had told me before he died that he thought someone was trying to kill him.  When I asked him who it was, he didn't know.  With the information from Elizabeth and knowing of his presence, her words quite literally shuttered my soul.

I was getting a divorce the month before Michael passed.  He offered me a home.  He wanted to help me and wouldn't let up with offering something.  He was redoing his will, he said.  Something he had told me, but that I didn't find confirmation for until just recently.  His presence with me is always loving and caring.  He looks out for me, guides me on life things, and says he will take care of me.  Not many people in my life have held up to their word, but I can say with certainty that Michael has in every way and every moment.

So when I asked Saint Germain what I should do, it wasn't for me, it was for Michael.  What was it that I could tell him for him to be happy?  How should I handle the situation?  In my mind, Michael needed to be at peace and move on.  Yet Saint Germain told me with great sadness that it would be best for me to continue working with Michael.  Our unfinished business was not complete.

Years before that Michael had fled to Bahrain.  It was after the child molestation trial and he was fed up with the government and accusations.  I didn't want him to be away, but did want him to rest.  If you've ever been through the legal system even, a little bit, you'll know it takes a great deal out of you.  Amp that up about 100 times and put your trial in front of the world, and you'll come to know it's utterly unbearable.

After some resting and being out of the country, I began to get worried.  What if he died and we never met? What if he died or I died and we had unfinished business?  I started to plead with him to come home to the states.  I wanted him to face what was here.  That's part of our soul work.  We can't run, as much as we sometimes want to.  We have to face our fears and overcome them.

Michael did come home.  It was in December, I believe of 2005.  The news was not announced until January of the next year, but I was relieved.  At the time I didn't know how much of an importance it would have on my own life.  If it's true that twin souls are part of the same soul, it would hold to reason so are their experiences and karma.

It seems like a lot, I know.  Not only your own experiences, but those of your counterpart, all wrapped up in the same soul.  Yet Saint Germains words to me and the sharing of both Michael's past lives through myself and seeing my own life in review, tells me that we share our karma, lifetimes, and lessons.  This might help you understand why it's so important for me to clarify and seek justice for Michael's murder.  We have had lifetimes of murder and betrayal.  The cycle needs to end and it will end with the truth being known for him, for me and all the lives around us that have been affected.  His children need closure, as do I.  There is simply no other way for my life to continue without it.  That's why I'm here.  That's why I write for him and that's why I will continue to serve the brotherhood and Saint Germain as best I can.  They have been the caretakers for our very souls.  From the beginning to the end and everything in between.

The next time you think of your twin flame soul mate, know that they too are going through their own personal struggles.  The higher you can reach, the more resilient you can become, the more you help them too.

Michael had always been resilient in his life.  When I expressed my concern about one of us dying to him, even after the death of Princess Diana, in 1997,  he simply said "No", he wouldn't let it happen.  He'd come back down.  The next thing I knew, he had released the "Invincible" album.  The one that he photographed "Blue Eye" for and the one photo that was released by his family.  The "Blue Eye" photo was the identical concept for my first book about our experiences that I used for my cover in 1998.  The actual photo used was even more "identical".  It was the cover depicted below, only one eye was blue and the other was brown.

This is Michael's song "Heaven Can Wait", from his album "Invincible" released in 2001.  True twin flames never leave each other.  Some even stay behind and wait, while their unfinished business is being taken care of.


Higher Ground

"Who would think that a man committed to a career of fine performing artists would be involved in a cover up of  a scheme to steal millions?  Although many events have transpired since my death, the worst has been the belief that I have taken my life in my hands myself.

I'm not a criminal.  I never did drugs and I'm not an "addict", as some people would like you to believe.  If we looked closer on what went on, you'd see the story unfold.  You would see people using other people to get ahead.  I don't think there are any of us unaware that that's sometimes what people do.  They use people for their own selfish means.

It should come as no surprise then, how I died.  By the hands of a greedy company interested in only maintaining the status and money that controlled the power they thought they had.  No one has enough power, however, to truly destroy someone's life and that's why we are writing.

If I was a no one, someone that lived in a rural city and I was murdered because my landlord was angry at me, chances are you wouldn't hear about it on the news.  A blip here, a story over there, ad mist the world news of more major atrocities that have hit our nations.

There isn't a difference between me and them.  The others that have lost their lives due to the neglect or self indulgence of another human being.  We are all human.  We all have lives.  Yet we continue to treat each other as barters for what we look to receive.  We still look to others to fulfill our needs and we still feel we are entitled somehow to the upper hand.

No more.  It's evidenced across the globe.  Terrorists in every city, countries taking up arms against each other and governments still seeking control over the people.  Will it stop?  Can it stop, if we allow this to continue?

We can't stop it alone, but we can stop it together.  Control over another human life is wrong.  No matter what shape, size or circumstance.  If you're a woman it doesn't mean you deserve to be controlled by a man.  If you're a young girl it doesn't mean you have to be the person your parents "think" you should be.

These bonds, the ties that hold us to the belief that we are helpless, are the subset of beliefs and patterns we have been brought up in.  Society dictates to us every time you watch the news.  Parents instill their beliefs every time they tell you what's wrong and what's right.

When we learn to discover the light that is hiding within us, we will learn to accept that there is another reality we can choose to live.  That reality is nothing like the reality that speaks about violence, control and manipulation.  That reality is based on love, kindness and freedom of expression.

You are here for a reason.  You are not the mishap of some birth event gone wrong, even if you were born into a family that gave you up, treats you badly or shames you.  You have meaning.  Your live has purpose. You and you alone are the only one that can know that purpose; the plan for your personal evolution and the unfoldment of your truth and divine identity.

We implore you to help try to find that light. To try and reach for a higher ground, a more subtle energy found within yourself.  What does it call you to?  Who does it speak to?  And how can you make the life you once thought you should be living into the life you were meant to?

All of these answers and more lie inside of you.  It is the god force of love that will lead you to the answers. When you find what's in your heart, what makes you happy, is when you find yourself and the real you, you were meant to be."


Looking Back: Michael's Own Statement about his Murder

I've been looking back at posts since I started this blog.  It was started at the inception of the trial of Dr Conrad Murray.  In the beginning, it was anonymous.  My only intent was to be a voice for the truth and for Michael.

He's said quite a few things that we have posted on the blog.  Many things I don't question, I only write.  Some things I have found perplexing.  This post, at the time, was perplexing.  It was after they convicted Dr Conrad Murray.  However, I didn't realize who exactly was involved in his murder at that time.  I do now, and as I look back at the post, apparently he did know at that time. I like to collect physical evidence, as well as what is said, felt and seen. So as most of you know the real people involved in his death have been Tohme Tohme and Randy Phillips of AEG, his contracting company.  Here is the post from Michael that speaks to that end, dated 11/11/11:



Michael's statement about his murder

I did not plan on posting to the blog today.  I was going to wait to view the Conrad Murray interview set to air this evening on MSNBC.  Michael, however, had other plans and as I have said before, this is kind of a joint venture here, so I write what he would like me to.

I'm writing this after he has given me the wording of what he wanted to say.  I'd like to tell those of you who don't know, that all of our thoughts, everything that is said and done go out to the universe.  Although someone has passed, it doesn't mean that he or she can't necessarily hear or see what is still going on.  Michael is very upset, as am I, about what is currently transpiring.  Seems there are things being said that are untrue and Conrad Murray's defense team has taken up a campaign.  I hope that anyone who is able, defends the truth when they can at all times.

"Due to the overwhelming feeling that Dr Conrad Murray is not only guilty of my murder, but held accountable for my death, I felt it necessary to correct some statements in the general public.

My death was not brought about because of the negligence of one doctor. My death was brought about by the greed and manipulation of a contracting company who wished to retain the rights to my music catalogs.  My life was incredibly insane.  Full of people who wished to use my celebrity and status as a way to benefit themselves.  Although I admit I had a problem with drug addiction, I did not, and I repeat, did not take my own life or contribute to it.  I in no way shape or form took anything to deceive Dr Murray or anyone else.  My children and my heart are broken hearing these allegations that are false.  No one would wish to step in my shoes if they knew what I had to go through.  If I was an animal I might have been given better care.  I was a person, a human being with feelings and a life.  They took it from me, from my children, from you and it was all because of money.

Let me say this, no one and I mean no one on this planet can understand another person's life unless they have lived it.  Leave me in peace."

We had a very long conversation last evening.  I took nine pages of notes.  Those responsible for his death will be found.

That's the post in total and I can tell you I did not have the contract at my fingertips then, but I do now.  His entire catalog was at stake in the contract with his "contracting company".  And I will add, just in case you haven't seen the emails from AEG, he was not treated very well either.  My notes give more information that makes more sense now.  I will continue to work for the justice in Michael's death as I hope many others will as well.


Attack Update: My Reprieve

I am heartbroken to have learned of several terrorist attacks and eminents around the world. Our previous posts to warn of these atrocities have unfortunately begun to come to fruition. I cannot stress how important it is to be vigilant and prepared for your own safety and that of our worlds children - no matter what race, ethnicity or religion.
The following are links to reports of these attacks just in the last days:



Our freedoms, both personal and planetary, MUST be upheld.  I can not express how difficult this news is for me.  My heart and prayers of comfort and healing go out to the families that have been affected by these actions.  Terrorism, war crimes, controlling behavior towards other human beings astounds me.  As these last days I have furthered my own personal investigations into Michael Jackson murder, I am not only appalled, but heartbroken with those findings as well.

I started this blog at the inception of the Conrad Murray trial.  For one reason; to make sure people knew that Michael Jackson was murdered.  I wanted him to have a voice.  I wanted the truth to be known.  I did this for him and his children, not myself.  I wrote for others hoping they would see not only the validity of twin flame soul mates, but the unquestionable connection to each other and the source of our very lives.  I put my name to it and included other notable figures such as Maurie D Pressman, because I knew I had to stand behind this work.  I had to stand behind Michael Jackson and the truth as given to me by my teachers.

I have been met with much ridicule, controversy and judgement.  In my teachings I am aware of those who have made strides in the world enduring the same.  However, my life is not public, I am not an ambassador for a nation, nor am I a political leader.  I am a human being like the politicians, like the ambassadors and just like the homeless men and women in the street.  We all have a voice. Many of us have a vision.  We all have dreams, motives and interests.  I have shared my vision of world peace, unity and a hope for humanity not only with Michael Jackson, but those I have sought out to teach me;  Saint Germain, the Brotherhood of Light, Nelson Mandela and the others that Michael Jackson has been so generous to bring me to meet from the other side of the veil.  They work in unison.  Working together, they not only have a sense of peace on the other side, but a sense of unity.  Unity is not found in ridicule, judgement or controversy.  Gossip itself is even something the masters do not condone.  I am naive like Michael.  I had hoped I could make a difference, and somehow carry on his work.  I have shared my experiences openly hoping that others might find comfort, a sense of hope, and a sense of belonging in this world.  I have been bold, not only because I know the truth, but because I am confident in that truth as well.

Although I have had my share of naysayers, I have also had a great deal of support from around the world that I am sincerely grateful for.  I have never sought out twitter followers or followers for this blog. I was never in this to feed my ego. Yet it is apparent that many readers have found me regardless.  One blog reader made a statement to me long ago.  She said "Never cast your pearls before swines".  At the time I didn't want to think that the readers of this blog would see me as being insincere.  Yet it is evident that some people don't change.  It has been his fans that have been the most viscous and in my mind, considering the circumstances, you would think they too would want justice for Michael and be the most kind.  It is in this selfishness of being that I have decided to take a reprieve.  If I were a man, I feel I would have been viewed differently. I would not be a threat to the women who feel that they are ones that own Michael Jackson.

I am writing candidly because it is this behavior that cost Michael Jackson his life.  He was not "owned" by his management, yet they treated him that way.  Right now I don't see much of a difference from some of the fans.  No one "owns" Michael Jackson.  No other person can take credit for what he did, does or what he accomplished. Including his own family. Those were his accomplishments.  His life was his own and the hearts he captured around the world were by his own doing, not the mechanisms of a public advertising campaign.  If it was, they'd have another Michael Jackson.  We don't.  We never will.

Those that have contributed to his murder, that have covered up the evidence, that have lied in the face of his family and children are the kind of people that bring destruction into this world and into all of our lives.  They are everywhere.  In every nation and in every religion and in every race. Even in our own families and personal relationships.

It is evident that I can't change the consciousness when such hatred, selfishness and violence exist. That must be done by each one of us.  Those of us that are brave enough to look in the mirror. My hopes for Man in the Mirror PROJECT as a tool for transformation have been dimmed by Michael's murder and the silence that still resides in achieving justice for him. The news today of the children being killed in the schools adds to the feeling of having a silent voice. Going unheard and unrecognized for trying to speak the truth on behalf of others.  It goes without saying that I have grown tired.  I have posted most every weekday for the past three years hoping to make a difference.  I can't make a difference in the lives of others if that difference isn't wanted by they themselves.

If Jesus himself were in the body he would ask someone to cast the first stone.  He made that statement over two thousand years ago, and all of us are still throwing stones at each other.

So I will take the blame.  I will recant my claim to be Michael Jackson's twin flame soul mate. Susan Elsa can be "the real one" as she continues to post my name all over the internet claiming I'm a demon from hell and in cahoots with Lady Gaga.  I'll agree with you, Susan Shand, that Michael was not murdered, it was just "his time".  I'll say that everything I have posted here, including my personal memoir, was all made up.  I'm a literary genius in that respect.  Linking all the pieces together and making it "look" like it was real.  I'll claim my "visions" of Michael's murder were made up because that too makes you feel better.  You can say I'm crazy, I'm a fraud, say whatever you want.  I can't stop you anyway.  Say whatever you want, but one thing remains and one thing only:  truth.  And when truth comes, it comes with victory.  When that time comes, those that are casting the stones will not be able to recant what has already been done and said.  Be careful with whom you choose to condemn and criticize.  You can never know the inner being of another person.  As Jesus has said "You will know them by their fruits."

I will continue posts only when I feel guided to do so.


The Seven Rays: Setting the Common Man Free

Spirit/matter is directed towards us and our planet by vibrations and energies.  Some may call it the "holy spirit", sent from higher spiritual beings.  It is the angels cry, the interceptors, the prayer receivers, and the spiritual governments overseeing and interceding on our behalf.  When we speak of the seven rays we are speaking of the rays of knowledge and wisdom given to us by some of those higher ascended masters.

The seven rays can be likened to the seven spheres in the causal body.  The center of the body is the white-fire core of being: God's purity.  This center is the point of God-realized oneness.

The first ray teaches us of God's will.  Faith and the trust in His wisdom, and not our own preconceived ideas.

The second ray is Christic illumination.  It fires our minds with the words of wisdom of the son of God.  Discrimination is born here, with the wisdom to determine truth from error and light from darkness.

The third ray is the pink sphere that merges with the flow of divine love.  It is the comforter promised by Jesus as you face the tests and trials of life.  Creativity, love of beauty and the arts sprout forth from this cosmic ray.

The fourth ray is the working of miracles.  It is the heart center, the point of expression through feeling and thought transmitting into the universe to manifest.

The fifth ray is the dwelling of peace.  Communication with the Christ self and ministering to those in need.  As it is said the son of man came not to be ministered to, but to minister, and in doing so gives his life as a ransom for many.  It is the ray of healing.

The sixth ray is the interpretation of tongues.  This is a ray of world service in balancing of karma both personal and planetary.  It is the domain of truth, science and religion.   In the words of Jesus, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The  seventh ray is the heart of freedom and of God's desire to make man free.  The science of alchemy where divine law is sought to bring about desired changes within his world.  The laws of transmutation and transcendence are clarified within the heart and mind and the opportunity for liberation from limitation is born here.

Here are the seven rays.  They are both personal and planetary.  Currently the seventh ray is directed toward our planet for the upliftment of humanity into the next phase of consciousness. The great I AM race, the freedom of all people through a divine order of consciousness made manifest on the earth plane.  Every one of us contribute to this consciousness and every one of us either use it to transcend the planes we create and transmute the chaos or add to the chaos by our own thoughts and feelings.  This is the outline of the masters and the way to self transformation.  On a planetary level, it is also the way to world transformation.

Michael Jackson sings about the earth in his song "Earth Song", as he does the seventh ray attributes in setting the common man free.


Conrad Murray's Statements to LAPD - More Evidence of HOMICIDE

The video above let's us look back at the prosecutors speaking about Conrad Murray and the death of Michael Jackson.  Repeatedly, if you remember, we'll find that Conrad Murray showed "no remorse."  Repeatedly, when questioned Conrad Murray said he "was not guilty."

I am not an advocate for Conrad Murray, but I have always believed he was telling the truth when he said it was not him that gave Michael Jackson the dose(s) of propofol that caused Michael's death.  As I've contended here before, I saw who did, and those doses, three in total, would constitute homicide.  Not one simple IV placed by Dr Conrad Murray.

Not once have I seen an investigative report of the evidence in question.  I am horrified by not only the treatment of Michael by his "handlers"; AEG Live, Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme, but by the complete disregard by the LAPD as well.  I cannot explain how much this ordeal has led me to believe how much people disregard human life.

In the wake of his death, his children, family, and millions of fans all over the world mourn his loss. I personally am completely and utterly disgusted with the handling of this entire ordeal.  Not to mention the light, the great service work and presence one man held in this physical world.  All of that is gone.  His inspiration to the world, his works of service, his sincere interest in not only the welfare of others, but the welfare for our future; our children and humanity as a whole.

Many years ago Michael fled the United States, no longer believing in the political promise left by the forefathers of this country.  That promise was laid down years ago by and with Lady Liberty; The woman who stands at the harbor of New York City.  The woman who bravely holds the light of promise and wears the crown of the seven rays of freedom.  That is work that I and many others have dedicated their lives toward.  When this country was founded the Declaration of Independence was formed.  That document states:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, . . "

I personally hold dear the statement that we are all endowed by our "CREATOR".  Yet Michael's RIGHT to life and our RIGHT to secure his right to live and be governed by an institution deriving their power from the people has not been upheld.  Our government has become DESTRUCTIVE when it fails to use their position to uphold the rights of the deceased and those that have been affected by the death of those individuals.  Accepting solicitations for office and turning a blind eye to evidence collected in a murder investigation is destructive in any form of government.  I do believe it is time to take the rights of empowering that government or any government, turning away the foundations for which this country was founded to be abolished.  It now stands in the hands of the people.

To shed more light on the evidence collected, let us now turn to the statements Conrad Murray himself made to the police on June 27, 2009, two days after Michael's death.

"It was 4:30 in the morning and he was wide awake.  And then he complained, I got to sleep Dr Conrad.  I have these rehearsals to perform.  I must be ready for the show in England.  And tomorrow I will have to cancel my performance.  I have to cancel my trip."

"Cancel" his trip.  I'm not an investigator, but it would stand to reason that if a coroner had ruled a death as "Homicide" one might look at the reasons why someone would want to commit "Homicide".  In this case, I find it highly unlikely that Dr Murray would gain anything by committing "homicide".  However, since "cancellation" insurance was not able to be obtained at this point, it might point me in the direction of "Death" insurance and MONEY as a motive to murder.

"I wouldn't want to sign the death certificate when I don't understand the cause of his death.  And therefore I recommended we have an autopsy."

I don't feel Dr Murray is the smartest of people on the planet, but I don't think he's dumb enough to ASK for an autopsy if he already KNOWS he gave too much propofol.

"His show was going to fall apart.  He needed to sleep."

Yet this statement, that "his show was going to fall apart" might lead me to believe what that might mean to "other" people that may have been interested in and could benefit from Michael's death.

In reference to the lawyers, Jermaine Jackson and AEG asking him to review the press release Conrad states:  "I added that the cause - although it was presumed to be a possible cardiac arrest, the underlying cause of that condition is not known until an autopsy is performed."

If there was a "guilty" doctor here, do you think he would make this statement PUBLIC?!

"You wouldn't believe how sad it is to sit there and see the news report that comes around and it's so far from the truth."

"I had two syringes - and they were.  I would recap them. . . .Everything that I use I would put it quickly into the bags."

"Alvarez testified. And then he described how Murray immediately instructed him to help gather up empty medicine vials and put them in a plastic garbage bag. Murray also told him to remove one of two drip bags from an IV stand next to the bed—the one that contained a bottle with a milky-looking medication inside." source:  Testimony

The investigator on the scene, Elissa Fleak testified:  

"There was a syringe on the table and one on the ground, next to the bed.) That's "2" syringes.
The plunger and the top part of the syringe (to which you would attach a needle)?

Fleak: Yes.

Fleak: It was on the ground near the bottle on the ground.

Q: Did you ask for these things to be fingerprinted?

Fleak: I don’t remember?

Q: Is it part of your role to ask for things to be fingerprinted?

Fleak: No.

DDA shows new photos of syringes, of oxygen tank, other items, taking Investigator Fleak through identifying photos with more items, including an IV bag with connected tubing."

Fleak: Yes. And in the tubing hand an IV in it?

Halfway from the tubing there was a clamp and that clamp had a syringe in it.
The plunger was depressed." (That would make "3" plungers - enough to administer enough propofol to constitute a finding of HOMICIDE)

The question is this:  If Conrad Murray was so careful to make sure he had the security guard "clean up" the evidence.  Why would he leave the three remaining plungers?

At the end of the interview Dr Murray is asked for the keys to his car.  

"Inside the BMW -- which belonged to Murray's sister in Texas -- he found a contract between AEG Live and Murray saying he would be paid $150,000 a month to work as Jackson's doctor, along with AEG Live President Randy Phillips' business card and cell phone number, he said."
source:  CNN

I don't know about you, but I think some things were missed.  Wouldn't you say?

I am not a medical doctor, nor was I ever familiar with the administration of propofol.  However, the scenes that I witnessed coincide with ALL the evidence, physical on the scene, and legal documents, that show the cause, intent and reason Michael Joseph Jackson was murdered.

The three vials of propofol were administered by Frank DiLeo in the IV port at his leg, Conrad Murray via IV and Tohme Tohme via injection.  When I saw these visions I was not aware of how propofol was even administered.  Autoposy findings and other confirmed reports support this as well as the other "plungers" used in administering the drug. The rubber tubing I saw used for the final injection is even lying on the bed.

Note the puncture wound at the inner arm and lower leg.
Two injections sites from Tohme Tohme(3) and through IV,
by Conrad Murray(1) and Frank DiLeo(2)

The bedroom-  the rubber tubing on the bed that Tohme Tohme
used to inject propofol in the arm
The "chair" next to the bed where Frank DiLeo sat the morning
Shows.  AEG could NOT obtain "Cancellation" insurance at this point.
They did have "Death" insurance with Dr Tohme listed as the "additional insured".
I will remain constant in the efforts of the truth.  In the name of my forefathers and that of our spiritual master Saint Germain.

Saint Germain: Some esoteric groups credit him with inspiring the Founding Fathers to draft the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, as well as providing the design of the Great Seal of the United States. (See Manly Palmer Hall's Secret Teachings of All Ages.)[9] In New Age beliefs, Saint Germain is always associated with the color violet, the jewel amethyst, and the Maltese cross rendered in violet (usually the iron cross style cross pateeversion). He is also regarded as the "Chohan of the Seventh Ray"[10] According to Theosophy, the Seven Rays are seven metaphysical principles that govern both individual souls and the unfolding of each 2,158 year long Astrological Age.
The Great Seal of the United States
Novus Ordo Seclorum:

This destruction of the initiative for freedom and truth is starting to get us all pissed off.