Book Supporting Material: The Way You Make Me Feel

Detroit Airport: Westin 1988

The place of my conference with co workers who nicknamed me "Dangerous" and bar meeting after Michael told me he was Michael Jackson and not to tell any one.

The Grammy performance of the slowed down version I performed in my kitchen, the stepping on the cigarette from the night before, singing my name, Debbie, again, and the hands I saw the night before at the hotel bar.

Motown Museum:  The place Michael was the day after the "visit" to my home the night before.

1988 - Michael presents a check for $125,000 to Esther G. Edwards, president of Motown Museum and Motown founder, Mr. Berry Gordy during ceremonies at the Motown Museum Historical Foundation in Detroit, Michigan, finance sustaining the maintenance of the famed museum, the highest amount of money donated up until that time to the museum.

Superstar Michael Jackson, in a rare public appearance, visited Detroit's Motown Museum and donated $125,000 to the famed museum. Extensive security measures were taken for Michael's visit to the Museum, West Grand Blvd. was completely blocked off and police officers and mounted police awaited the arrival of Michael and Motown founder Berry Gordy, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young welcomed them to city.

Michael's black fedora and sequined glove are on 
display at the Motown Historical Museum at Hitsville 
U.S.A. in Detroit

The "Bad" Tour in Detroit:

The mortifying cherry picker where Michael was screaming

The scene when Michael told me  to
"Turn around.  It's beautiful"
Everyone had their lighters lit.

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