Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

The lyrics in the video I've posted below are sung by me and Vanessa Williams.   It is dedicated to the work and outreach of Michael Jackson.  It has been a shared vision to heal the world even since we were children.  As you might imagine, the black and white babies shown at the beginning of the video then hold great significance for me.  Two children looking at a world that needs to come together.  It was this same scene that was depicted in the "Black or White" video back in 1991. When Eddie Murphy stated he would only date black women, I had wondered if Michael felt the same.  His answer was obvious and as we go beyond black or white, and extend our soul family to all nations of the world, we begin to see our true unity with all things.

With his encouragement and a little help from my "friends", I offer this in honor of the work he did, the beliefs he had and the continued hope and encouragement he has for us all.

May all of his hopes and dreams that continue, be fulfilled through all of the love we all share and demonstrate to the world.  His guidance, his love, his inspiration, protection, patience and humility are loved more than he knows.  He has restored my faith in a weary and bitter world at times and I have so much to be thankful for.  May his inspiration live on in all of us and may we extend the love he gave to us to each other always.

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson - I love you always, all ways and in all ways.

Living with the Dead - Michael Jackson

I can only wonder where this one is going, but it's Michael Jackson's idea today so here we go:

"Living with the dead is like rubbing salt in the wound.  You can see them sometimes, know that they are there, but you can't touch them, you can't always feel them, and sometimes you can't even trust yourself enough to really believe they're with you.

I've been around many people since my passing, the good ones and the bad ones.  Lets say the good, the bad, and the ugly.  No one knows what I now know about how I died and who was up to it.  I realize how important it is now to have people who truly care for you around you and not the people you would like to believe would take care of you or put you in a better place.

No one in the world has been better to me than the millions of fans around the world that sing my praises, fight for victory for my death and listen to my music.  I see them dancing, I see them singing, I hear them talk to me, I even hear their prayers for my family and friends.  No one in the world could be luckier than me to have that in my heart.  You will never know how much it means to me to have an adoring public with love in their hearts.

I wanted to write today to give you a clue.  No one could have been kinder to me than this lady right here.  We are all here every morning when she writes.  She can't see all of us, but she writes trusting what we have to say, knowing it's important for people to learn about themselves and how the world really operates.  She doesn't take payment for this, and I've learned what a dedicated soul she is to the work in our field.  By that I mean for love.  You don't give of your time, your resources and your knowledge just for kicks.  She's been at this for years now, and I don't see her stopping.  Our work together will take precedence for both her and I in the coming years.  This means we will be working together toward a common goal: peace and love, humility and strengthening the ties between all members of the human race.  There are many of us working here and many of you working on this side of the veil toward the same goal.  Yet sometimes I don't see what I'd like to.  I don't see the support and common ground. I see people dictating who is right and who is wrong.  I see people indicating differences instead of commonalities.  If it were me and I wanted to change the world, because you know I do, I'd go on doing what it is that means and matters most to do that.  That's what we are here for, to make a difference.

My life was taken by people who wanted to rob me of what they thought I had.  They didn't.  I'm still here and the most precious assets I've ever had are still with me.  My soul, my children, the life I continue to live is still here.  They haven't ruined me like they think they have, they've only changed who I am.  I am more resilient, more confident and more loved now than I ever have been.  So thank you Mr Branca for putting me back on top and thank you to my family for knowing how much I cared.  I won't be going anyplace soon and you never know when you peek out of the corner of your eye, you just might see me moonwalking into the moonlight.  The dead like to speak and when we do, we always have a lot to say."


Connectivity and Connections with Robin Williams

I think we have a new member to our little group here.  Robin Williams seems to want to be included and is offering some advice this morning.

We are talking about connections and connectivity. Sometimes a psychic connection, or a twin soul connection, can seem very strong.  Other times not so much.  We often wonder what happened, what changed for the connection to fade.  Most often it is ourselves that have "changed the signal".

Like a TV set that accepts signals to transmit a picture or sound, we are the same.  Our "frequencies"emit an energy that attracts the like energy we seek.  When we create a lower frequency than the energy we are trying to connect with it gets harder.  I've heard it said that higher energies can always step down in frequency, but lower energies can never reach past where they are.  This would explain why even Jesus has said that "my fathers house has many mansions".  There is always a place to reside from where you are in "energy frequency".

We'll let Robin take the reigns now as he tells me "nanoo, nanoo" and is making me laugh.  Below he explains how difficulties in connections can happen on earth.  Pretty wise for an alien! lol


Thoughts on Suicide by Robin Williams

"You aren't aware of the pain and struggles of another person.  Even in this day our families, our sons and daughters are always there in our hearts, in our minds.  But often we don't think they understand our pain.  Inside it can grow like a cancer.  Something you can't stop.  You don't know how.  It only takes one thought and then bingo, your life is taken and you are transported somewhere else.

I know many of us think of suicide.  In our minds its the only way out.  We don't think we have a choice.  We want the pain to stop, the struggles and the nightmare.  If I could only tell you how much I care.  If  you only knew how much so many other people really do care.  Sometimes we don't think they do.  We hardly ever show it in the ways that are most important, but people do care.

I struggled with many things all of my life.  This go around seemed to be a blow to me.  I wanted to get out of my body, get out of the hell that I thought I was going through, but nothing is compared to the hell I experience now seeing you go through the pain I have left you with.  I'm sorry kiddo.  Sorry for the pain I caused you and your mother.  Sorry for what I did and the scars and wounds it left you with.  I can't take it back. I can't take what I did back, but I can tell you this.  There is no other place in the world that I would rather be than with you and your mother right now, this very moment.  I mean that with all my heart.  If you only knew how much I truly loved you, I hope that it would make it ok.

So good bye for now.  For all I've done to increase your pain, I"m sorry.  I truly am.  For all your struggles, all your pain I now see you in, I'd take it all back.  I'd do my life over and relive those last few days in a different place.  I now see how taking my life effects the life of others and believe me it's much harder here watching them struggle than it was for me to struggle with my issues.  All of us have them, all of us try and get through them, but it's not worth it in the end.  Not worth taking your life to end your pain.  It's inevitable.  There's always another struggle ahead, another hump to get over.  It's just in another disguise.

I've been blessed to have you in my life.  Blessed to have this kind lady write for me, but my biggest blessing is the kindness and love you showed to me by being my daughter.  I've never loved someone so much all my life.  You take care and be good to your mom.  My love is always with you.  Ta ta for now."

***Some personal notes:  I woke up to Robin this morning standing in my bedroom.  He was upset.  It was the first time I've seen him upset.  I've seen him a handful of times since his death but not like this.  He's concerned greatly and very upset about what his family is now going through.  I agreed to write with him to try and help ease the pain.  

He ended our conversation by telling me I was lucky.  Lucky to have Michael in my life.  That if he could he would jump into his arms and have him take him away himself.  Somehow I think many other people might feel the same way.  

May we all feel blessed today to have the people with us that we do;"they are a gift"

I just found this video of Robin and his daughter and it made me smile.  Thought I'd share it.


Michael Jackson Murder - The Summary Fact Timeline

I had 'technical difficulties' over the weekend.  Everything I worked on for the past several months was lost in a crash of the timeline software, Timemap.  Details of emails, the entire timeline.  I was not a happy camper.  However, everything happens for a reason.  Rather than reading through a litany of facts (and there were many-several hundred in the timeline) I decided maybe a short summary fact video might be better at this juncture.  

The following is a summary fact timeline of the murder and criminal intent.
All facts are not present and it is not in exact chronological order, but I think it speaks for itself.

Two things need to happen from here:  The revealing of this vital information needs to be made public and justice needs to be served.

Not revealing the truth about Michael's murder is an insult to his memory. 

 His children need to feel safe and vindicated for their father's death.

If you ever cared about Michael, you'll care that the public and the authorities know the truth.


Believe: The Spider Story

Opening up to your divine self requires you to be open to the possibilities that you are more than you once thought you were.  More than a piece of flesh and bones, we are spirits, souls, dancing in the scheme of life to the tune of love.  Whispers inside of you speak of the ages of knowledge and wisdom we have all known.  We've just forgotten.

Open your mind to the divine.  Think of god.  Think of his kingdom and the wonderous joy he brings the world.  The angels on high sing in unison to the sound of peace and the spirits of nature dance in delight over the earth.  The cool wind blows through the trees and finds a resting place among the flowers in the meadow.  All of these things are divine and so are you.  Our coverings, our wrappings, are different, but inside we all possess a little piece of one another.  A divine seed that connects us to the father mother god we were born from and to.

When you think of yourself think of a huge network all around the world.  Every living thing is connected by tiny little strings.  Each vibration, each sound one creation emits is felt in the strings and is transmitted to all the others.  It's like we are a huge spider web reaching across the globe. The spider knows when he has his prey because he can feel the vibration on his web. This is how nature works.  How your divine self knows things you have no explanation for.

God created the earth, not man.  His rules then are the ones we should play by. Mankind has been long in the darkness of his mind, not letting the sun, the light of our true divinity into his heart.  If we did, we'd see how truly powerful we are.  I suppose this is why (Marianne Williamson) used to say "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."                              

-M Jackson

*CORRECTION:  I looked up the quote used above and saw Nelson Mandela's name attached to it.  Someone just kindly corrected me.  The quote used about our deepest fears is actually from Marianne Williamson.  All over the net it is attributed to Nelson Mandela's 1994 speech.  I just watched it and it's not even in there!. My apologies to Marianne Williamson <3 p="">
** I should have the timeline completed by Monday.  Have a joyous weekend!


Frank DiLeo - The Afterlife Conversation

I am trying to update the main three pages as I go through the evidence I've collected over these past few years.  Today I ran into some notes I took on November 13, 2011.

Michael brought me Frank DiLeo to meet on that day.  I believe I wrote on the blog that Frank apologized, but I didn't write what he said.  The first time I heard his voice I was stricken with that seemingly "Bronx" accent and when I saw him in spirit, I remember how large he was.  I think maybe even larger than what he is in the video I posted below, but I'm quite sure the two are now looking over things as he says "from heaven".

As I look at these notes today and other evidence I almost feel stupid.  Everything was right there.

Here is some of what Frank said.  I found it peculiar that Frank used the word "Live" for AEG.

  • The contract between him and Live says "in the event of his death he'd receive 1/2"
  • Intent to commit fraud with insurance company
  • Security was paid by Live
I also had the following name written down, but unfortunately I don't know why:

"David Linden"

I will be following up with more soon.  I hope to post a complete timeline as I pull everything together.


Continuing the Evidence in the Murder of Michael Jackson

I forget myself at times, so please forgive me as I post repeatedly.  I know things and forget to let the public know about them as well.  When writing it's always said you have make your point, remind the reader, then remind them again about what they just heard.  So somewhere in that fashion I'll remind again that when Michael died he told me "Someone gave me a shot.  Everything went black.  I didn't kill myself."  This means Michael was given a shot that killed him, not an IV.

In the posts prior I revealed the consciousness Michael and I shared during his life and that continues even after his passing.  That consciousness has allowed me to view events in Michael's life as if they were happening to me.  Two key events were seeing several people in Michael's room, with two of them giving Michael injections.  One per IV and the other with a syringe.

"He told La Toya that her brother’s Lebanese-born, self-appointed business manager Dr Tohme Tohme had fired all the staff at the Beverly Hills property and at a second rented home in Las Vegas."

‘I want to know how Michael died, and then, at 11pm on the day he dies, all the staff are fired?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘That raised my suspicions"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1199092/La-Toya-Jackson-Michael-murdered--I-felt-start.html#ixzz3Asn5CuzJ 

More to come soon . . . and I do have to apologize for some of the links(correcting); please copy and paste if needed to the respective document locations.  

Unfortunately the copyright link timed out.  To search US Copyright records enter that name: "This is It" or number for the PRE filing AEG did:  PRE000002493

Michael Jacksons Murder: Supporting Paperwork Evidence Follow Up/UPDATED

Let me help you follow up and take a look at the paperwork and supporting evidence of Michael's murder.

First, my"visions" of Michael's life have been all  my life as documented in my memoir which, by the way is NOT a fictional work, but a true life account of what transpired during Michael's lifetime and mine. If a judge is going to allow AEG executive Randy Phillips statement about his friends psychic saying Michael killed himself, she might want to think again.  I have some evidence to back up my statements and connection to Michael himself.  I'm not a street psychic and I don't write this blog because I simply have too much time on my hands.

"Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls"  was published a few years ago. Now if I were in other circles I might have sought the spotlight, sought out a great big check from a publisher, but I did not.  The intent of the book was demonstrate a spiritual connection and truth to our being that has been there since the dawn of time.  I would never want this work to be misconstrued as another Michael Jackson fan book or "opinion" book from someone who supposedly knew him.  That's why some people that have read it never even realized it was about Michael Jackson until they started reading it.

Please take time to listen to my psychic reading as well.  Posted at the right side bar it explains my relationship, Michael's murder and the fact that TWO people were involved. This reading was several years ago by a woman I have never met from the UK.  I live in the states.

So there is some of the background.  Let's skip forward now to the real meat and potatoes and look at some of the physical supporting evidence we have available to us today.

As June says, Michael was and is ordained to God and will always be in the fathers hands.
Help change history by making the TRUTH known and let Michael's legacy be the one that he deserves.  He was here for a reason; to teach us how to love.  It's that love that he gave and that love we should all return.

**PLEASE continue with ADDITIONAL evidence here**

Michael's Murder - Tohme Tohme and Randy Phillips Conspiracy; with Evidence-UPDATE 2 (Edited)

At the preliminary hearing in the Conrad Murray case, Houston cocktail waitress Sade Anding testified, "I didn't hear him (Murray) on the phone anymore … I heard commotion as if the phone was in a pocket or something. The noise was like (sound), and I heard coughing. And then I heard like mumbling of voices."

Michael Jackson and Conrad Murray were obviously NOT the only two people in the bedroom the night Michael Jackson died.

The following information is a backward working of two specific insights I received:

The first was seeing Randy Phillips, Tohme Tohme and Frank DiLeo in Michael's bedroom.  Michael was lying in bed with his breath shallow.  His eyesight was very blurry.  They were yelling at Michael that he screwed everything up and Michael was crying.  They were ending the engagement of Michael in the "This is It" shows the night he died.

The second vision was of Tohme Tohme approaching Michael's bedside.  He tied a rubber hose around Michael's arm and injected him with a needle.

Evidence that this spiritual connection can happen is posted at right as well as documented in my personal memoir - Another Part of Me; An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls which deals directly with my experiences with Michael Jackson when he was alive.   Twin souls are joined in spirit and in the I AM presence. Those experiences continue today, even though he has crossed over. Our souls, or that part of spirit connected to him in life, has now merged more with his.  It has allowed me to view segments of his life and memories as if they were my own.  Twin souls merge into one soul.  The one they came from originally when they were created; i.e. Adam and Eve/ Yin and Yang

When I asked Michael what happened when he passed, he said "Someone gave me a shot and everything went black.  I didn't kill myself."

Conrad Murray was tried and convicted of Michael's murder, however, Michael didn't say my doctor gave me a shot, he said "someone".  He didn't say my doctor gave me propofol or an IV, he said "someone gave him a shot."  The second vision then concludes that Tohme Tohme murdered Michael Jackson.  Working backwards from the visions I received I found the following evidence:

Tohme Tohme was Michael Jackson's manager from 2008, handling all of his negotiations and finances.    A contract he negotiated with AEG put everything of Michael's in jeopardy as insurance for the performances of "This is It".  His whole life was wrapped up in the contract which included his Sony/ATV catalog Michael claimed they were after just prior to his passing.  There was a clear intention to steal everything away from him.  The prized catalog and Beatles catalog were worth a lot of money, as well as the Neverland Ranch and his own music label. Although Michael Jackson was made to look broke, he still retained many valuable assets.

When Conrad Murray was hired as Michael's physician, Michael's health continually declined.  He was given uppers to perform, (diet pills), and downers to rest, like propofol.  Propofol makes you unconscious, not sleep.  He was being run ragged purposely, controlled financially, physically, and mentally by  Randy Phillips of his contracting company AEG and Tohme Tohme, his manager. They tried to make sure Michael negated his contract in order to collect the collateral named in the contract as insurance - the prized Sony/ATV catalog.

The night Michael was murdered that's what they did.  In the vision they were in his bedroom and while Michael lied in his bed crying because his entire life was being taken away, Frank sat at his bedside yelling at Michael about how "he" screwed it up.  When all along it had nothing to do with Michael and everything to do with his "handlers".  Michael's intentions were to do his part.  He even performed, practiced at rehearsals while he was extremely sick with not only the drugs in his system, but other complications as well.  Think back to a time when you had the flu.  When you're body was too weak to get out of bed.  His was like that, only he was made to get out of bed, made to perform, and did so while he was sick; repeatedly.

I saw Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme at the foot of Michael's bed.  Busy going through a briefcase, shuffling papers.  I saw Frank DiLeo insert a needle into a tube at Michael's right leg.  It was to "settle him down".   When they left the room one stayed behind - Tohme Tohme.  He tied a rubber hose around Michael's arm and inserted the final "shot".  When Michael told me someone gave him a shot and everything went black, this was it.  It was not from an IV Conrad Murray hooked up, it was from a "shot" that Tohme Tohme inserted into Michael's arm.

It's taken quite a while for this all to come to fruition.  I never wanted to see the things I have seen.  I never wanted to see Michael so sick, so taken advantage of, raped of his humanity.  Of all the scenarios I could have come up with, this never could have entered my mind.  Michael told me some time ago it was a man with a short sleeved shirt.  I didn't know about Tohme and his "shirts", but I do now.  As he walks free to this day, take a gander at what this man and Randy Phillips of AEG actually did.  Self dealing is common place I suppose in those circles.  So allow me to expose some evil people.

The Beginning of the Evidence

At the inception of any mystery the first question that should come to mind is who has the most to lose?  In this case it should have been obvious;  Tohme Tohme, the man that had taken over Michael's affairs also took over his finances.  Not only his finances but self dealt every way he could with Michael's money and his assets.  He put everything Michael had into the AEG contract to perform the This is It concert series as collateral - backup.  Tohme was also the man responsible for getting "financing" for Michael to save Neverland.  As part of that deal, Michael was to perform 10 shows with none other than Mr Randy Phillips of AEG Live.  Michael made good on his end of the deal, as Tohme continued to make good on Michael, working with Randy to increase the number of shows because they saw how much money they could make.  Tohme, after all, would collect 15% of all of Michael's earnings, let alone other monies that he wrote himself in to be collected like the percentage of a finders fee for finding financing with his friend Tom Barrack for Neverland.

With no regard for the human being, both Tohme and Phillips increased the number of shows without even consulting Michael.  Why would they?  He was just the performer anyway and if they wanted him to negate the contract to begin with, what a great way to do it.  Michael was a machine that would allow them to make the money.  It was the name "Michael Jackson" that would sell. Ticket sales went through the roof and Michael Jackson impersonators (Just in case Michael couldn't do them and they had to withhold his money) were by the handfuls.  Besides they could get cancellation insurance to cover costs AND profits.   In the agreement with AEG, Tohme was assured his money as was Randy Phillips.  But both Randy and Tohme had to agree that Michael "actually performed" before they would give him his share, AFTER all the costs for production, etc were subtracted.  That would suggest to me someone else was slated to come in as an impersonator in their early thinking.  Tohme was supposed to be Michael's manager, yet he and Randy obviously found it in THEIR interests to directly control not only Michael, but how he got paid as well; (or more specifically how he wouldn't get paid).  ANYTHING that was supposed to go to Michael, including millions of dollars of advances, went directly to Tohme Tohme via wire transfer; internationally.

Michael had been easily manipulated because he trusted them.  I suppose maybe it came as a surprise to Tohme when Michael began to try and regain control of his life by firing him.  What did this do to Tohme?  It cut him out of everything(or was supposed to) Tohme thought he was getting.  Fifteen percent of all the performances, his finders fee, his $35,000 a month salary from AEG on top of his 15% commission: everything Tohme was to collect was riding on the "This is It" performances. He himself had put everything of Michael's at stake in the contract.  Tohme had put the same assets at stake for Neverland.  If Tohme Tohme was no longer Michael's manager on contract, he risked losing everything he had invested himself in to get.  That's why he stuck around, refusing to leave the scene and that's why he conspired with Randy Phillips to kill Michael Jackson.  It was the only way they could both still make "a ton of money".

There was problem for Tohme now.  He set it up so carefully to make sure he would get what he wanted and now he was on the out.  Already with things in motion, Michael showed signs of not being able to perform.  He would not pass another physical for insuring the shows for cancellation insurance any longer.  Cancellation insurance would be the insurance they would use when Michael Jackson had to cancel performances because he was too weak to perform.  That way they could still get paid for the concerts including the profit from them and collect the "collateral" written into the contract-Michael's music catalogs.  Conrad Murray was performing his "duties".  But there was other "insurance" they had - life insurance.

On the 19th of June, around the same time Randy Phillips et al, visited Michael at the Carolwood residence Tohme had secured for him, a life insurance policy went into effect - an "amended" one. Guess who was named as beneficiary besides AEG?  Tohme Tohme.  One might question why this man would be on a policy that was for someone he no longer worked for let alone have this policy "amended" to have Tohme included and put into place by AEG, the contracting company for the concerts.

Maybe you've heard it said before, that Michael was worth more dead than alive?  I suppose that's what they were thinking.  When Randy Phillips took the stand at the AEG Live and Conrad Murray trial, he was grinning like a treasure cat.  They didn't take the additional footage for the This is It film, Tohme Tohme did, as he so eloquently described in his complaint against the Michael Jackson Estate with all the "other things" he apparently did for Michael Jackson.

The "personal" tapes, as testified at trial, which were the footage of rehearsals that made the "This is It" movie, got to AEG/Randy Phillips like lightning simply because it was a planned event.  The two maintained contact the entire time and conspired to "make a fortune" on Michael after he was gone.  Copyright filing at the US office for copyright confirms the expedient way Randy not only filed for copyright, already with the idea for the film, but also how expediently he filed to receive the benefits from the life insurance policy with Tohme Tohme as well - the man Michael himself fired months before.  Days after, the two got together again.  Just prior to a meeting with the Estate of Michael Jackson to "collect" on production costs and talk about a "separate" deal - the This is It Movie.  Tohme Tohme signed for Michael Jacksons' company that day even though prior emails relayed to AEG that Michael Jackson was the sole owner of that company.  Not only that but the contract itself with AEG shows two signatures by Michael Jackson.  They are vastly different.  Later you'll see that AEG dropped their lawsuit with Lloyds, the insurance company, after emails and details of their mishandling of Michael began to become public.

People began to become suspicious.  Michael was losing weight, appeared disoriented and was missing rehearsals. But as Randy Phillips stated none of them were the "doctor".  Let Conrad Murray do his "job", he said.  He would probably know since Randy boasted that he and Tohme had to "physically" dress Michael for the announcement of the This is It shows.  At that time any normal human being would have concluded he was not in for 50 shows.  These men were abusing Michael from the start.

With Michael gone, Tohme and Randy could collect on the movie, ticket sales and even the insurance policy.  It's a win, win, win and all they have to do is kill Michael and make it look like an accident. That's easy when Michael's been known to take propofol.  The two, Randy and Tohme even exchanged emails about Michael's apparent "drug use".

Tohme was the one in control of the people in Michael's life and even had access to his home - he's the one that secured it for him.  They could just make it look like an accident.  Like he overdosed on propofol himself.   He has the history, or should I say the press for it.  And, Conrad Murray after all is his "real" doctor.

Tohme conveniently, even though he was fired, still controlled the staff.  During and just hours after Michael died he fired them all.  That might explain missing security footage from the home the night and day Michael died.

The music catalogs that Michael said they were after were used as collateral for the concerts.  AEG would have received them should Michael not be able to perform, like they intended.  However if we remember who wrote those into the contract to begin with, we'd realize if that happened Tohme Tohme wouldn't gain a thing.  Michael fired him and he used the same catalogs for collatorol for the Neverland financing deal and with nothing left to draw from, Tohme wouldn't get anything.  He made sure he stuck around, even though he was fired, to see things through.  He even showed up with Randy Phillips at the announcement of Michaels death.  Claiming to still be his manager; Lurking behind Jermaine Jackson as he announced Michael's death.

Below is video from Prince Jackson's testimony at the AEG trial. Prince Jackson said his father's phone calls to AEG Live honchos ahead of his planned comeback shows would often end in tears. "After he got off the phone, he would cry," the 16-year-old testified. "He would say, 'They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me.'" In his testimony Prince said his father was referring to Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme.

He also states and confirms RANDY PHILLIPS was at Michael's home the night before he passed.

From Paris Jackson testimony:  "Randy Phillips and them were out to get me"

The two vials I have indicated here I found in the autopsy report.  One as part of the "4 components of an IV system"  ( possibly the one Frank DiLeo injected) and another a singular 10cc syringe barrel with plunger containing propofol and lidocaine.  Pertaining evidence is in the "Medical Evidence Analysis Summary Report" findings here.

The "blurred vision" I experienced while the three men were in the room can be also explained by the same report found in the "Laboratory Analysis" portion of the autopsy.  The drugs Diazepam, Diethylproion, and Lorazapam all found in Michael's system are known to cause blurred vision.  Consult Joanne L Smith B.Sc., Ph. Phm. and J Raymond Buncic, MD, FRCS (C)t "Drugs Which Can Affect Near Vision: A Useful List"

The levels of propofol found in Michaels system in autopsy were not by the negligence of one doctor.  The levels caused the coroner to label Michael's death "homicide".  Injections by three others, however, would explain the levels of propofol.  Premeditated murder, not negligence, was the cause of Michael Jackson's death.

Some photo evidence, as well as a continuing link to more evidence, is posted below:

Some Photo Evidence

Michael and Tohme Tohme

Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme at the \UCLA Hospital
the day of Michael's death - arriving together
Tohme was fired months before

The announcement of Michael's death.  Tohme appears with
 his "short sleeved" shirt and tells everyone "no questions".
Tohme, was again, fired months before by Michael.

The bedroom-note the seat next to the bed where Frank sat
and the rubber tube laying on the bed that Tohme used.
Additional fingerprints that were not Conrad Murray's or
Michael's were found on the IV bag found at the scene,
as well as two vials used for injection under the bed.
Michael gaunt and ill

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Love, Unexpected

Love astounds us when we come into it unexpectedly.  It captures our hearts, it spins us off our feet.  Love unexpected can be light, airy, joyful and full of promise, but when you think love what do you think of?

You're standing in line fed up with the wait when suddenly the giggle of a baby comes from behind you.  You look back to see the joy and you can't help but smile.

Your day at work is full of anxiety and pressure.  One more person calling you on the phone and you feel like you're going to blow.  You come home and collapse in the chair.  Your dog comes up and put his head on your chest, looking up at you with "those" eyes.

Your hurriedly getting ready for a family event, running late as usual.  The kids are dressing themselves as you are making the last minute touches to the dish you're bringing.  Your three year old announces he's "ready".  When you look he is dressed in the pants he had when he was two and has one blue and one black sock on.  His shirt is lopsided from missing the buttons and he grins proudly as he says "Aren't you proud of me mommy?"

The elderly lady next door is the neighborhood gossip.  She can barely walk and all the neighbors talk about her being by herself all the time.  She wobbles out to the street while your daughter is playing in the front yard.  You see her eye your child and a feeling of dread comes to the pit of your stomach.  You think she's going to complain about your child making noise, when she bends over to cut some flowers from her front yard.  She wobbles over to your daughter and offers them for her tea party smiling.

You are out for a hike when an unexpected rain storm rolls in.  Miles from camp, you are cold, wet and tired.  You find a tree who's canopy is just dense enough to shelter you.  Climbing underneath the umbrella, you rest your back on the trunk looking up at the expansive branches.  The once threatening rain pours down around you and suddenly you're sheltered from it's bite.  You look across the way and see a family of deer nestled under another tree.  Suddenly you're stricken with the quietness and wonderment in the way nature really operates.

Appreciation for the little things;  Wonderment in the moments, are all we need to recognize love when it comes to us unexpectedly.  When you think of love, remember that it's the force that has created us.  It is alive and operating in everything and everyone we see.  Manifestations of love abound and the glorious song of it's joy is there when we ourselves are ready to see it.

May we all embrace love and even show it  . . . unexpectedly.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Dark and Light

Hope, love, faith and trust are the keys to the world.  Without hope we are lost.  Without love we don't exist and without faith we fail to see our way.

Working and living in the world requires a great deal of patience, love and understanding.  We must be compassionate toward one another, allowing for growth, for guidance and for ignorance as well.

Recent events around the world all point to violent acts against humanity.  The shooting of a young man, war crimes and still the struggle for control over land.  We point our fingers at "others" who are to blame, never realizing that they could be like we once were.  They could be living ignorantly to the truth of who they are and in scarcity themselves.

No matter what someone looks like on the outside; black, white, rich, poor; we all have our own inner prisons.  It's the thoughts we believe about ourselves, the thoughts that we believe about our world that shape our very foundations and our very lives themselves.  We express these thoughts to the world.  We co-create our world with all those other souls that share in the creative process.  The universe doesn't segregate between blacks and whites.  The universe doesn't care which country you're from or what religion you practice.  It simply does what it does.  This is nature.  Nature that we are all a part of.  We are not manufactured puppets that exist on the earth.  We are human beings created by divine manifestation with the earth.

We have done so much to get away from our roots.  Our true divinity lies within.  Our divine inheritance doesn't care if we are black or white.  It doesn't care if we are a Christian or a Jew. Our divine inheritance is simply a part of who we are.

Knowing this makes us wonder why we have strayed so far.  Going to war to kill over land seems stupid and thoughts and beliefs about the color of our skin, ignorant.  Our wake up call is eminent.  We will simply destroy ourselves or we will change the consciousness enough to change our reality.  But as many before us have shown, change doesn't come easy.  We must stand in the truth and stand in a place of knowing even in the midst of adversity.

If we look back at some of the greatest souls that walked the earth, we'll note their struggles, their triumphs, but most often their willingness not to engage in violence.  Violence breeds violence and one of the best most notable and strong messages is just that:  Peaceful resolution and reconciliation.

Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela all used non violence as part of their plan to necessitate the needed changes they saw in our world.  We must do the same.  For every act in hatred we must respond in love.  As hard as it is, we simply cannot become haters like those that hate.  If we do, we lose our hope, we lose our faith, and we lose our trust in the world.  Taking steps to become the change; to become the example for others to live by will be the one catalyst in changing the world.  Hatred cannot live inside love, just as the darkness can never extinguish the light.


Michael Jackson - A History (A Place With No Name)

"Soon we must all face the choice of what is right, and what is evil."

- Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter

Today is the release of a NEW single, A Place With No Name, by Michael Jackson.  But wait! He's not even here!  That's right.  For the first time in history we have managed to re-write history. But wait . . it's not the first time is it?  

Reading the details of the promotional "first time release on twitter" and the preview during the dance show reminds me so much of how that kind of publicity went along with Michael's last album he did himself (that would be his original music, not remixed) Invincible.  Am I remembering correctly? Was that true?  

Our history is changing and has changed before our eyes.  All over the world our history books even in our schools reflect what the governments want you to believe.  All over our mainstream media the messages are what they want you to believe.  Currently, the slew of people who paraded back into Michael's life at the time of his death are taking his work and changing his art.  Taking his music and changing the rhythm, the song and the inspiration of what the work was originally intended to do.  Michael's work was  inspired by the divine.  This means what went into it was from above, through him.  The work that is being put out is "manufactured", he says.  Not anything like what he would present to the world.

Did you notice the angel scene that is now gone from the "You Are Not Alone" video?
Did you notice that the video for "Earth Song" has most of the sound effects muted now and the ending message is not shown?

Taking liberties to change the music and composition of an entertainer does not preserve their legacy.  It destroys it and everything they stand for.

"It is ambiguous of a time when crime ruled the world.  Poverty, street crime and big government are on the rise.  As people take to their swords, justice must prevail.  Hope, charity and dignity are the keys to the kingdom and the ingredients that will help us win the battle.  I love you."


Robin Williams - "I Still Exist"

Robin Williams has recently passed on.  His passing saddens me, more so because of what has been reported; that he has committed suicide.

We live in a world that is riddled with lonely people.  People who are struggling and in deep emotional pain.  Our feeling is in separateness from our world and from our creator.  Not knowing that we can gain strength from feeling the connection with the all, sometimes we may wallow in our pain.  Feeling alone, afraid and/or depressed.

There are times you can look at someone in the eyes and you can tell of their inner turmoil.  Robin Williams was one.  Yet when I think about all the good willed people, the ones that really go out of their way to make the world a better place, I see the same.  Most lives riddled with pain are the lives that are sensitive to the pain in others.  Because of it, they reach out.  Because of it, they make a difference.

There is so much I could say about what Robin Williams did while he was alive, but most of all he inspired us.  He changed the consciousness into something of wonder and in great delight.

I almost wrote that I have not seen Robin on the other side and now I see him standing here with me.  Our thoughts are like flashes on the other side and all it takes to connect is a simple one; a thought of another in love.

This is from Robin:

"Remember me for the man I was.  Simple, famous, wealthy, what ever you want.  But the man I am today is different.  I no longer have a body but I do have a soul and where that soul goes, and pardon my English, so will my demeanor.  My character in life was to play a humorous man with a gift of gab.  Today my life is settled.  It's in review, it's in love.  I've never felt so much love really.  Surrounded by a family I never knew and they were there all along. Loving me, hoping for me, believing I could do my best.  So here's to life, to love and the pursuit of your dreams.  Never give up hope to live because you never know who might be on the other side rooting for you.  My mother, my dad, my belief in myself was gone.  Now I'm not alone and miserable, I'm happy and alive, still in the space you call earth but no longer in the body.  Moving around silently and whispering in your ear I love you.  I'm here for you and we never go away we just change form."

If you are a reader of this blog, you'll know Robin starred in one of my favorite movies. "What Dreams May Come" is a story about twin souls.  Robin plays the husband who passes on leaving a wife behind.  In the scene below he is communicating with her after his death:


Have You Heard the Voice of God?

"Once before a lecture I froze.  Then with a silent prayer to my Master came the authority, "You can! Speak!" His voice sounded instantly within his consciousness."

- Autobiography of a Yogi

Prior to Michael's death he said he had heard the voice of god.  I don't think it was just because he was near death that God was talking to him.  He had spoken to him before.

I've heard the voice of God a handful of times.  We all are connected to that great one by a mediator called the Christ or I AM presence.  Last night I heard words from him again.  They were eerily similar to those I believe were spoken to Moses at one time:

"Let them place nothing before me.  I Am that I Am.  I am the light of all things."

In review of the statement, my mind went to scenes from some of the old biblical movies of Moses when the people accumulated idols and worshiped them, yet down deep I understood what the great one was conveying.

There is one source and one source only that created all things.  All things, great and small are connected in a pattern of life that is constant and evolving.  Unfortunately these simple natural laws of the father have been preceded by mankind itself.  For we have placed man in front of God.  We have placed who he is, who we are and how to get to him in our own hands, in our own misqualified thoughts.  We have in essence placed ourselves before him as knowing more than the all mighty natural king of all things.

Where is our reverence for the one who made all things?  Where are our most cherished thoughts for those things he created with us; the earth, the sky, the seas, even our animals?  We even kill our brothers and sisters and say that it is in His name?  Who are we to say that God himself would ever have another one of his creations take the life of another?  Was it not one of the commandments from God to Moses that said thou shall not kill?  Yet how many holy wars in the name of God have there been?  How many wars and terror remain masked by thoughts of who is right or who should remain in control?  What happened to love they neighbor?

There are many schools of thought on who and what God is.  Many religions that have been handed down from generation to generation.  Yet there can only be ONE true source and if that is true, then there must only be ONE true truth of God.  We have desecrated the foundations of who we are; spiritual beings, divine beings, with the thoughts, control and deceit of mankind itself.  Heavy are the hearts of the men and women who decided to take our father in their hands for the sake of control of the people. Heavy should be the hearts of those who have desecrated the fathers name in the name of money.  These things are all man made, not divine and not by the hand of God.

Within us resides his temple.  It is there that all men and women should seek the father.  No other man or woman can be that which the father is to all of mankind.  No other man or woman can take his place.

There are energy patterns illuminating the human, animating his soul and consciousness directs it. Knowledge acknowledges its action.  Becoming conscious then of who we truly are can and will change the direction of the world.

Our most perfect plurality is also our most perfect unity of the ONE who created us and all things.
The perfection we place within ourselves shows up in all that we touch.  Listening then to our divine guidance and playing our part in the divine orchestra of life, has a ripple effect.  Each deed we do, each thought we think enters into the vast ocean of consciousness.  The consciousness of all things that is directing our entire universe.

If consciousness is the force that directs the energy of the world, where are we placing it?


Consciousness and Love

"You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop"

- Rumi

This morning as I asked again what we should write about, Michael said . . you guessed it "love".  I laugh every time, but do realize how important it is.

One of my mentors and the wonderful man that wrote the forward for our book "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls", Maurie D Pressman MD, has also passed on.  He has been an amazing inspiration both in life and after the body for me.  His work with what he calls the "Supermind" is work that will continue for years to come.  It is the "Supermind", that subconscious space that allows us to go deeper, connect more and also even as Michael would say, "love more".

So as we rolled around the topics this morning that is what entered into the picture.  As science in the physical is now starting to take a back seat to our "consciousness" and that type of science, we wanted to point to some instances in the past and some unique insights we now have into our future.

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda was one of the first books I read that told me that what Michael and I had experienced together was not only possible, but could be something that was taught at one time in schools that were not part of our every day learning.  In it he explained experiences that included seeing his master teacher in spirit and joining the consciousness of another human being.  

When Maurie lived, we talked about how useful it was for him to enter into the consciousness, feel the feelings and emotions of his patient.  He said he could know sometimes what they wanted to say without saying it and sometimes he would just sit with a patient and they could be healed without saying a word.

Michael too was very keen on the tools of consciousness, the healing power of prayer and even the tools Patrica Joudry, Maurie's co author with his book on Twin Souls, work on the healing power of sound.  Music does have a direct effect on the consciousness of mankind.

As we've been traversing this path as twin souls we've discovered a very unique symbol I've had on this blog many times that is found at the heart center chakra; The star of david; two superimposed triangles.  We have often likened this center and symbol to Jesus himself and the divine sacred heart of fire so often depicted in the masters paintings of this great soul.  Even when we travel around the world in search of other traditions we find the same themes, the same guidelines for a good ethical life and love to conquer the evils of this world and be in sound spiritual practice.

It seems our traditions and secret knowledge of this past have begun to make it's way to the forefront of our culture.  Since 2012 and the ending of the Mayan calendar our consciousness has "sped up".  Increasing in vibration.  There have also been great changes upon the earth and in every country.  Order in this consciousness is now needed more than ever.  As I've stated before, many people will take their rightful places in bringing us all into the divine order we need to be in for this wonderful transformation to happen.

I happened upon one this morning as I recalled my friend Maurie D Pressman who stated this man was an inspiration to him.  His name is Dunvalo Melchizedek and if you listen and watch what he presents below you'll realize it is some of the same messages that we have brought you here already on the blog. His insights are profound and I think you might really find what he has to say about our "consciousness" and "love" very interesting.


Merging Twin Flame Soul Mates

I have done a couple videos on twin flame soul mates.  At this juncture of the road I too am still learning about the path.  I still am marveled at what can transpire between two people and what actually happens after death.

I've seen some not so good information on the net about twin souls merging.  Most of this information doesn't resonate with me, so I thought I'd explain how the merging process has been from my own experience.

In its most fundamental form, twin flame soul mates are two halves of the same soul.  As the frequency of each half begins to attune to the other, they begin to magnetically attract themselves to themselves. This means there is literally a "draw" to one another and the draw is felt internally.  It is the soul that seeks completion within, not the body.

There have been times when Michael lived when a pull to my other half was as simple as a thought.  The mere thought of the other brought us into contact.  I think of it now as if it's like a direct line.  A resonating frequency that is your own and so the connection is automatic.  You don't have to wait for it like a phone.  It's like turning the television on and the signal to tune in the channel is already there.  You don't see the signal, but it brings you a picture.  We are just like that.  Once "tuned" into another's frequency, we too can receive pictures and words just like the television set.

Tuning in for me took place in the morning and the evening to start.  These were restful states and the times I was most likely to tune into the subconscious and drift in and out.  You are relaxed.  Once I realized, however, that something was taking place during these times, I began to pay more attention to it.  I held a space open for belief and curiosity about what I was feeling.  I consciously decided to further investigate and discover what exactly was happening.
"Daybreak"  painting by Maxwell Parrish
The inspiration for the "You Are Not Alone" video
Daybreak is "morning time"

I began to explore this subconscious part of me that I seemed to be tapping into.  I would sometimes set my alarm to wake up just a few hours after sleep.  That way I'd remember if I had any out of body journeys.

Out of body, would mean just that.  If we believe that we are souls inhabiting the body, what does the soul do when the body sleeps?  Most often it leaves the body and visits with other souls; here or on the other side.  True to that statement, I found myself remembering my "visits" and received confirmations by music videos I had visited when they were filming or from other confirmations I found in consciousness during the day.  I later found out that it was during these evening hours that Michael liked to film his videos.

I'm thinking of one in particular I believe I put in the book, so I'll give you that example.

There was a night I had set my alarm.  I knew at that point I was going out of body to meet Michael, but I couldn't remember when I woke up in the morning.  Although we spoke, I wanted to remember being with him.  So when my alarm went off at 3 o'clock in the morning I recalled what had transpired. Michael was dressed in black lace, it looked like, with a bare chest.  I was shocked actually at the time.  I thought he might be a cross dresser.  I couldn't figure out why he'd be in "black lace."  I remembered a man behind a camera telling him to turn around and look at it smiling, like a model.  He did it several times, and I remarked how good he was at it.  I had modeled for a short time, but Michael was a natural.  Then there was a stage.  I remember moving around on it, almost teasing him.  That's when I woke up.

Several months later a video called "You Are Not Alone" came out.  I could see the black lace top, the stage and the part that the videographer had told him to turn around to the camera was.  I posted the video below.  This was also the song that he mentions hearing my prayers and the two times we talked:  in the morning and in the evening.  There is more in the book about this particular time and video, but that's the part that is pertinent for this post.

So merging with a twin takes place on several levels.  It starts in the subconscious.  As you begin to become conscious of this other half of yourself, the dawning of union begins to happen gradually.  These "meetings", I'll call them, on the other side of your consciousness will happen more frequently.  Some you might even recall.  Just as a flower blooms,  you must give this time to transpire.  It will happen naturally and quite beautifully.  There will come a time when you will have a very real dream of the two of you actually "engaging" together.  That will precede your very first "physical" meeting.

The first physical meetings are amazing.  I most always stood in awe in a sense that I was amazed that it was actually happening, but also in the sense of "what is going on here? And, why do I feel so close to this person already?"  It's a coming of understanding that they are already a part of you.  You know that inside, you can feel it, but on the outside it still seems as if you are two separate people.  The bodies are only shells.  The real you is already part of the other and so the face to face contact seems very unusual, for there most likely has never been another you have felt this strongly about or so close to.

Those physical meetings, coming into contact with each other physically in the same location, will spur the two of you into more "union".  So much so that you will begin to feel the other inside of you.  When Michael lived and I "reached out",  as he says in his song, I could actually feel him, half of his body inside mine.  Patricia Joudry, co-author of  "Twin Souls", the book, with Maurie Pressman, would give the image of two metal rings connected.  When you visualize these two rings beginning to overlap one another that's how the merging felt.  One half in the other half.  One half fully merged and in bliss.

I don't know if full merging can happen with two bodies on a physical plane, but I do know since Michael's passing it has changed.  I have actually awakened to him speaking from the pit of my soul.  At the time it felt a little like the movie "Alien" where the little alien baby comes out of the earth girl's stomach. Sometimes these things are so surprising they are a bit unnerving. Yet, when I thought about hearing him from that part of myself, it made sense.  It was the solar plexus area, the area where our soul resides and that is the part where his essence would reside with mine; in the soul.  We were continuing to merge even though he had passed from the earth plane and I remained here.

Since then it has continued ever so more.  I have not only reviewed his past lives, but now my own.  It's almost like reviewing each others school work.  As the levels of yourself begin to unite with the other part of yourself again, you'll find the blissful feeling of harmony and wholeness you once were from the very beginning of your creation.


The Age of Reason - The French Revolution

With an open mind may you too explore this author believing in a NATURAL ORDER for the world.  Simplicity of creation and negation for religions, believed to be created by man.

from wikipedia:  In December 1792, Paine's Rights of Man, part II was declared seditious in Britain and Thomas Paine was forced to flee to France in order to avoid arrest. Dismayed by the French revolution's turn toward secularism and atheism, he composed Part I of The Age of Reason in 1792 and 1793:
It has been my intention, for several years past, to publish my thoughts upon religion. . . . The circumstance that has now taken place in France of the total abolition of the whole national order of priesthood, and of everything appertaining to compulsive systems of religion, and compulsive articles of faith, has not only precipitated my intention, but rendered a work of this kind exceedingly necessary, lest in the general wreck of superstition, of false systems of government and false theology, we lose sight of morality, of humanity and of the theology that is true.[6]
Although Paine wrote The Age of Reason for the French, he dedicated it to his "Fellow Citizens of the United States of America", alluding to his bond with the American revolutionaries.[7]
At the beginning of Part I of the Age of Reason, Paine lays out his personal belief:
I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.
I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavouring to make our fellow-creatures happy.
But, lest it should be supposed that I believe many other things in addition to these, I shall, in the progress of this work, declare the things I do not believe, and my reasons for not believing them.
I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.
All national institutions of churches, whether Jwish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.
I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.[16]

As we take a look back at the life of Marie Antoinette, may we remember that which she too believed in.  Apart from the church and more over the more probable reason for the revolution, was the belief in a natural order as portrayed in Mozart's rendition of "Figaro" which condemned the power of church and government.  Maria Antoinette publicly supported Mozart on this work.  Her support of this very project was said to have begun the plans for the French Revolution.

"If we assume man has been corrupted by an artificial civilization, what's the natural state? 
The state of nature from which he was removed?
Imagine wandering up and down the forest without industry,
without speech and without home"

-Marie Antoinette

More on the ideas of Thomas Paine:


Stranger in Moscow

I watched one of my favorite movies entitled "The Help" last night again.  In it, I recalled one of the main characters narrating that no one had every asked what it was like to be her.  I recalled a visit from a young man from the day before.  He was eager to get into the music business and explained to me that he thought it was alright for Joe Jackson to have treated Michael the way he did.  He made him billions of dollars, as he put it.

The statement in the movie, the statement that the young man made really made my heart ache.  I realized that most of the world still thinks that Michael Jackson lived in a castle and was glittery all of his life.  No one asked him what it was like to be him. But I did, at one time.

I'd like to start from the end and work myself back to that time, because in the end, the last years of his life,  I believe, were the hardest.  I know what it's like to be alone.  Not to be able to count on anyone and if you're like most people when you think of Michael Jackson, you just don't think of people, you think of crowds of people.  People you think love him, people that you might think he could count on.

That wasn't the case.  Many times I would think he was extremely busy and he would tell me he wasn't. There was no one he could trust or feel supported by, bar a few.  It was Elizabeth Taylor that made a huge difference in his life and that's why she will always remain in my heart as well.  She was there while the rest of the world was crucifying him.  She was there when I couldn't be.

There was a time when Michael told me he had no place to go.  We talked about him and the kids coming to live with me and my then husband.  I remember thinking, can that be true?  No place to go? But he didn't.  And if he was seriously considering coming to live with me, I knew it had to be bad.

When we talked about Neverland and how it was so expensive I told him he should sell it.  When I thought about that last night, I wish he would have.  Neverland wasn't Michael.  Neverland is a place he created for what he wanted to do for the world.  Yet the world rarely thinks about what we did to him.

You can never know what you do to another person by your actions, in-actions, or words.  In this day and age it seems it doesn't matter if you're in the public eye or not, some seem to think that spreading lies and using others is just part of life.  Entitlement, getting something someone else has or is perceived to have is treasured more than treasuring life itself.  It's hard to know a loneliness that pervades even in the midst of cheering crowds.  It's hard to know who really loves you, when you don't know if it's the star they love or the real person.  It's hard to know a normal life, when life has never been normal.  And it's hard to accept that people think you should lead a normal life, when you never had it.

When I asked him what it was like to be him it was back around the year 1995.  He was recording then and asked what I wanted to hear.  I told him I wanted to know how it felt to be so popular.  His answer was in the song posted below.

Our world is full of people who feel alone and lonely, yet we rarely reach out to make a difference.  We perceive they have the perfect life or something we don't.  We don't realize they are people too.  Feelings, emotions and thoughts that make up their world.  You can be the richest person in the world, but riches can never bring true happiness and fulfillment.  It's our connectivity to each other and love that are the only things that can do that.

Remember to love, to reach out.  Someone right next to you could be hurting and needing support.
Maybe we could all start to ask others how it really feels to be them too.  Then maybe we'd realize that we are all in this together.  Rarely different on the inside, only perceived as different from the outside.