The Prayer I Heard - Forgiveness - Michael's Death

There are times when I receive visions of people and places.  Recently I received another that took me by surprise.  It was vision of a man praying.  He was earnestly asking God for forgiveness for his part in Michael's murder.  The man's picture is posted on the previous post about Michael's murder.

I have to tell you, Michael told me several times about this man. I wasn't so sure he was involved or "present" on the night in question and I waited for the posting for quite some time.  Would it matter if I revealed his name?  I don't know.  I do know I was humbled.  For when faced with the people that treated Michael so horribly I can't help but have a piece of me held within me of disdain.  But I should know what holding onto that does.  It eats you like a cancer and does nothing to the other person.  It is for this reason that we must "let go" of the grievances we have with others at some point.  The feeling itself wreaks havoc on our very beings.  Just think for a moment of someone you are angry with and notice the feeling in your body.  Not so good right?!

So while I had not planned on posting today, I thought it necessary before the vision went into my lapse in memory.  Just prior Michael had instructed me to write a passage from Rumi about justice.  It reminds us that true justice isn't tat for tat, it is placing bounty in the hands of those most deserving of it.  It doesn't necessarily mean that good poor people will get rich, or the bad rich people will get poor.  There is more bounty bestowed by the father than just money.  There are gifts, love and a surplus of needs and wants even for a lifetime.

So as I think of this individual my heart is softened.  His earnest in his request for forgiveness was heartfelt.  It was not I that needed to forgive him, or maybe it was in some ways, but I hope that he knows that his lesson in this is to do all he can to correct the wrong to the people in Michael's life that he left behind.  In moments of a narrowed, selfish vision, we rarely see the effects on the person we are perpetrating against or those close to them that they love and cherish.  Now is your opportunity to make it right with them, make sure his children are cared for properly, and if it's not a public apology or a personal one that is made, may you make the apology within your heart to theirs.

I will stop this blog, stop the details, if you do just that.  I can't bring Michael back, but you can make sure things are right with his children and they are protected and that includes their future assets.  



"What is justice? Giving water to trees. What is injustice? To give water to thorns. Justice consists in bestowing bounty in its proper place, not on every root that will absorb water. "

- Rumi


On Michael's Death - The Ugly Truth

Michael knew he would be killed.  If anyone has read my book, you would know that's what he told me early on.  He knew someone was trying to kill him.  The night it happened he was not alone in his room.  He did not pick up a needle and give himself a shot, nor did Conrad Murray.  There were at least three others in the room with Michael that night, including Randy Phillips, an executive from AEG Live.   How do I know?  I saw them for myself. Now you too can view some of their photos right here on my page :)
I've heard the words before, that it was Michael's time to die, that it had a higher purpose.  Many people draw conclusions based on the information we have.  That's just how we operate.
John Branca, John McClain
Former business associates and
termed by Michael as "snakes"
Yea, they look like real nice guys
don't they?! lol
We are all given many exits to leave the earth plane.  Sometimes there is a choice and we get to come back.  Sometimes we just aren't given that choice.   His passing was not an intentional plan on the part of God.  Unfortunately, we all live in a world of free will.  Some of us will choose a path of goodness, others a path of greed.  Those of us that get caught in the path of the latter, most often end up the victims of dirty souls.  That is what Michael's death is.  Not a higher purpose.  He did not want to die.  His life was taken.  His higher purpose was in the legacy of his life, not the legacy of a pop star's death.

The Assistant -
whose fingerprints may match
those found in evidence
(The assistant was named
to be hired per Conrad Murrays
contract, but never brought into
Did you know . . . Dr. Murray received a message -- Dead Body Found in Courthouse Sweep  Just hours before Dr. Conrad Murray was scheduled to appear at an L.A. County courthouse for his arraignment in the death of Michael Jackson ... officials discovered a dead body in a sweep of the grounds ... TMZ has learned.  Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2011/01/25/dr-conrad-murray-michael-jackson-dead-body-homeless-person-la-county-suprior-court-house-arraignment/#ixzz2j7lVoMvR 
We have talked many times about what he experienced the night he passed.  If it was divine timing, the brothers would have been there to meet him.  They were not.  When Michael passed he witnessed his children screaming for him while he was out of body and blacked out.  He has since been taken in and counseled by the Brotherhood of Light.   I've asked St Germain, one of the ascended masters on several occasions if I should personally work on sending Michael on.  There was great sadness when St Germain said to me that he was taken and more sadness when I asked what I should do.

It's nice to think that he's in a better place, there was a reason for his death, but there is not a good reason for Michael Jackson dying.  The real reason is greed, not addiction. The better place is still here until we get justice and fight for what's right.  If you are looking for the higher purpose in Michael's death it is this:  To not treat people how Michael was treated; to not judge them and persecute them at every corner, to not put greed in front of a human life and to treat our fellow brothers and sisters how we would like to be treated.  The higher purpose is there.  It always has been.  Jesus, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama, even Martin Luther King  - the higher purpose is to love one another, that's all . . . just love.

Frank DiLeo - a former manager
In light of Conrad Murray's release, let me reiterate again.  It was not Conrad Murray that gave Michael  the shot that killed him.  If the fans that now grow hatred in their hearts knew the truth they would not act the way the fans are acting in this video posted below.  Please remember not everything has been brought out into the light.  Wouldn't you be mortified to know you have tried to crucify someone for a crime they didn't commit?  I'm not saying Dr. Murray's hands are spotless, but I am asking that all people hold within them a space of allowance instead of condemnation for our fellow brothers and sisters until we know for sure, personally, all the information and truth that back our conclusions up.  I'm quite sure in the coming weeks more will be revealed about Michael's death.  Just as sure as I was about Conrad Murray being released early.

  Dr. Conrad Murray -- Lawyer Heckled
  - Watch More
  Celebrity Videos


Neverland Love Story - Black and White Swans; Coincidence?

Swans have long been a symbol for twin souls because of their monogamy and fidelity.   

Since Michael's passing, there have only been two swans found that remained at the Neverland Ranch -  a black one, and a white one.

Neverland love story takes flight

On the story behind the performance:
Brandon Pereyda: "It's pretty much a love story, and it originates from when the Neverland ranch was recovered after Michael died, and there were two swans that were left - a black swan and a white swan, and they represent the idea of staying together, no matter what."

Luba Kazantseva: "The story inspired the designers and [show creator] Jamie King to create an aerial straps love story for that number. Basically, we're the swans, and I'm white, and he's black.

Full story here:  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/arts/news/article.cfm?c_id=544&objectid=11147214

Thoughts about Conrad Murray's Release Today - October 28, 2013

For as long as man has been in existence have there been wars, criticisms, scams, lies and deceit.  When you have one person doing it, sometimes the lie can be caught, but when you have many, the lies build on top of one another and the web of deception is sometimes difficult to see through.  Add a few cases of personal perception and stories handed down to us, the press, and interpretations of our history books and human kind has nothing short of a mess on their hands without even realizing it.

On this perfect day in history, October 28, 2013, we will have yet another date to record in our history books.  The day Conrad Murray, the doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson was released.  Our history will sound something like this:  Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol on June 25, 2009 administered by his then doctor, Conrad Murray.  Murray was convicted and served two years in a California prison and was released on October 28, 2013.

From the surface it looks truthful, makes sense, why not?  Michael Jackson was painted to be a drug addicted, wealthy, and spoiled, pop star, just looking for his "milk".  But who paints those pictures, who tells the stories, and who really knew the Michael Jackson they all have claimed to know and love?

They have firms they hire in industry.  Just as easy as they "create" a public image, they can tear one down.  What makes us think that anything in our mainstream media is truthful when for centuries human kind has literally made it it's business to deceive?  Their motive is money, that's what drives big business.  They will use anyone and everyone to get to their goal.  With so many selfish, egotistical people at the helm of these businesses its a wonder they even survive.

So what is the truth?  I can tell you with certainty it was not Conrad Murray that delivered the fatal dose of propofol to Michael Jackson, nor was it Michael himself.  This is big business, and when big business is involved, lots of money, assets to be more specific, the stakes get higher, the risk is riskier. But with Michael, they believed they had the whole thing figured out and from the looks of it they did.  They knew Michael had a drug dependency, and could count on anyone who was a slave to the dollar to do their bidding.  It really isn't that hard when you have the cash to go around and pay people off.  The rewards they stood to gain were great and indeed they have all made a nice tidy profit from Michael's passing.  Besides, it is people like them, the jealous ones, that even feel he deserved it.  He had so much, such a great life, a wealthy pop star, who was most likely nothing without "them".  Sound familiar?

So as Conrad Murray is released today, I can't help but think of the others that have been set up in assassinations and murders.  How long will Conrad walk free before someone tries to take his life thinking it was him that murdered Michael Jackson?  The stories are many, the lies, sickening, yet the general public still believes them, is still under the spell of the media as they weave the story to enthrall us into a reality that has nothing to do with truth.

We all must make choices.  Some of us will choose to lie.  Some will choose to deceive.  Some will choose to murder.  Most often these choices, by our own families, our work associates, our employers and our society at large have one thing in common:  their selfishness and will to defend their own ego.  Choices like these have little to do with others, and everything to do with themselves.  Michael's life was not even a consideration.  His well being, not given a second thought, but there is one major difference in the lives of these people and Michael Jackson.  For as eternity plays out the dance, Michael has made his choice to serve others instead of himself.  Our universe rewards us all with deeds we have done in kind.  His bounty will be full, as the people who have deceived will always be in the wanting of more.

The universe itself will separate the sheep from the true herders.  As a twin soul you will always stand in truth.  Your gaze is upwards to your father in heaven, not outwards towards man.  Your treasures are hidden within, you have no desire to display your gold.  You don't look at the world as having to scheme to get what you want, you are well versed in the gifts your father has bestowed upon you.  You don't have to lie about others to make yourself look better, you already know who you are.  In the words of a great sage from India, Sri Aurobindo:

"They therefore who perform the vow of the Eternal Father produce the twin creature.  But theirs is the heaven of the spirit in whom are established askesis and holiness and in whom Truth has her dwelling.

Theirs is the heaven of the Spirit, the world all spotless, in whom there is neither crookedness nor lying nor any illusion."

May we look at this day as testament in the knowing of the truth we know within and the desire to do good even though there are others that will continue to choose to do evil.  And may Conrad Murray himself decide to reveal some of the "truth" that has been hidden for so long.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Taking Back Your Power

Abbott Khru
There are so many ways we can give our power away.  Our choices, our decisions, are most often based on what we think others will think of us, what we think those closest to us "want" us to do, or even what's expected of us because of our race, gender or nationality.  I say throw it all out the window and start with a fresh perspective of your life.  You have no color, no nationality and no gender to hold you back.  How does your life look now?

Sometimes it's only in the deciding to look at something differently that we can make the best changes in our lives.  Society has taught us mostly about how to be the victim.  Our news broadcasts stories of robbery, murder, crime, the list goes on and on.  Our response is "How awful!".  Then when faced with conversation with others we compare how "awful" our stories are compared to theirs.  "Oh yea well I had cancer and when I went through chemo . . ", or "I had to file for bankruptcy it was so bad".  Are we proud of how "bad" our lives can be?  Sometimes it sounds as though we are.  If you dare share something "good" in your life, do you notice the looks or the way people tend to hold back behind the "Oh that's great" statements?  Not everyone is this way, but some are and it's those people who are in that rut, that cycle of blame, hurt and disappointments that tend to hold us back from claiming our true power.  The beliefs of "that's not how life goes" or "you'll never get anywhere" come into play and are reinforced by friends, family and society.  Take those thoughts away, those feelings, and suddenly you are free to make your own choices and be your most authentic self.

Recently a friend sent me a link to a video about a monk in Thailand who cares for children who have been abandoned.  Some could barely speak, staring into space.  They had no one to care for them and the people that have stepped up to do so know that if our children are not nurtured and cared for, their spirits will become hard.  This cycle of impoverishing not only the stomachs of children, but their emotional and spiritual well being will raise yet another generation of people who don't care for one another.  If one person, however, like this monk reaches out to a child, that person can make a world of difference.

These children have no shoes, they wear a robe and shave their heads.  They travel by horse and learn all they can from their father, the monk.  At first glance you may feel sorry for them.  They "look" like they have so much less than we do.  No real home, or mother or father, no ipods, or computer, no toys or games.  Yet as I watched and read the commentary I noticed the things the monk was teaching these children.  It was not how they should expect from the world, it was how to live.  Looking at it this way gave me a new perspective.  These children are perhaps far better off in the world than the children in the US.  They have the support and the knowledge of how to think and take power over their lives.  Not many have been taught that here, not even us adults.

So I wrote a few things down that struck me that' I'd like to share.  All of these statements were made in the video by the monk (Abbott Khru) and hold much wisdom in helping us taking back power over our lives:

  1. Don't depend on others; you're responsible for yourself
  2. Do not be enslaved by drugs, alcohol, or desires.
  3. Do good and happiness will follow
  4. Don't get caught up in the good deeds you do
  5. Forget your past and don't place any hope on the future
  6. Don't regret the past; If you regret the past it will consume you and you will find no peace
  7. How can you make a happy world if you are not happy yourself?
  8. If you don't think good thoughts there will be chaos.
  9. If you are good, good spirits will look after you.
  10. If you are bad, the spirits will break your neck.

Have a good weekend! :)


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - A Personal Declaration; The Inner Child

Our Personal Declaration
by a bunch of really cool people on the other side

  1. I am free to pursue my dreams
  2. I shall be free from all binds
  3. I am free to choose how I react to people and events
  4. I am free to make my own choices
  5. I am free and willing to change my mind
  6. I am able to perform what needs to be done to change my life the way I see fit
  7. My mind shall be free from all self destructive thoughts
  8. I am free of judgement, even of myself
  9. I am free to wonder about the perplexity of life
  10. I am free to honor myself and all the decisions I make - even though some may seem wrong
  11. I am free to live my life how I choose
  12. I am free to honor my children, my pets and all things and people important in my life
  13. I am free to believe in those things I cannot explain and that others do not validate for me
  14. I embrace the idea that all life is a mystery and I honor it with all of my being

As our minds are sometimes overloaded with "grown up" thoughts, we tend to complicate things.  Living in the moment allows us to free ourselves from thoughts of the past and thoughts on our future.  One of the most precious concepts has always been found in the innocence of our childhoods.  Although many of us are now older, there still lives a child within us all.  The child wants to be loved, nurtured and cared for.  May we embrace the simpler aspects of our inner child by allowing ourselves the freedom to have fun, be in the moment and the simplicity of just being without worry.

Recently Corey Feldman published a memoir about the abuses he suffered in his life.  Like many of us we have a past of hurtful people and events.  A wise monk once said that if you regret the past it will consume you and you will never find the peace you seek.  With the simplicity as in the eyes of a child, may we look to our present instead.  For Corey, he found peace at the Michael Jackson Neverland Park.  Where, as he put it, he was able to experience the innocence of being a child.

May we all retain that innocence even as adults.  May we foster the inner child, believing we are free, that when we grow up we can be anyone we want, and to live presently with what is only in this moment; forgetting our past and not placing any expectations on our future.  And for the wiser ones, we already know, that our freedom, our dreams and our childhood will always remain with us as long we let them.  For as we know the inner child never grows up, he remains inside sometimes hidden, but when he's nurtured and loved he blossoms into the kind of person we've always dreamed of being.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: The Art of Manifesting

Symbol used by
Sri Aurobindo

Have you ever heard of the book called "The Secret"?  Written by Rhonda Bryne it is based on the law of attraction and became a best seller some years back.  It's philosophy is simple; that with positive thought you can attract wealth, health and happiness.

There have been similar philosophies, by Louise Hay for example, who has created many books relating to the same principal.  Her book, "You Can Heal Your Life" exemplifies the knowledge that what we think, we also are.

There is one part that is missing however, that it is not only our thoughts, but the feeling behind our thoughts that spur our reality into motion.

There is an art to manifesting.   One of my true inspirations, Sri Aurobindo used a symbol seen many times on this blog called the Star of David. His symbol as shown above at left, is the depiction of manifestation, or creation, itself.  He writes the following:

The descending triangle represents sat chit ananda.  The ascending triangle represents the aspiring answer from matter under the form of life, light and love.  The junction of both - the central square - is the perfect manifestation having at the centre the avatar of the supreme - the lotus.

The water inside the square - represents the multiplicity, the creation.

Going back to some previous posts, you may remember this same star present for creation in use by St Germaine, the ascended master, and at the heart center chakra, as depicted by those in Tibet.

The descending triangle, sat chit ananda, represents our consciousness.  Where is your state of consciousness?  In other words what are your thoughts?

The ascending triangle, the answer from matter is in the form of life, light and love.  What is the root feeling, the emotion behind the thought?  For some it may be a belief that a earnest prayer will be answered, for others it will be the thought that "I will lose weight", but it will not be supported by the "feeling" that they will.  When the two merge in harmony, that's when true manifestation takes form.  For then it is only in that one moment of thought and feeling, that starts the evolvement and process of creation itself.  We are the creators of our own worlds.  When we begin to realize that it is the power that is indeed coming from us that creates our world, we can begin to manifest those things that we never may have even dreamed possible.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Tools for Growth

While we bounce around between justice for Michael, twin flames and Man in the Mirror PROJECT, there is one thing they all have in common - personal growth.

There are many things in our lives that can help us grow personally.  Self help books, mantras, and meditation can go a long way, but our self reflection can perhaps be our biggest tool.

To unite with a twin flame, most often you each have to work through a great deal of your "karma".  Now I'm not much on definitions.  Most people have different ideas for the same word.  When I say "karma" it is not only cause and effect that I am talking about.  It is the repetitive patterns through lifetimes that I refer to.  The soul chooses it's journey, often taking us on the same road until we "get it" and can get past what we need to learn on the road to self mastery.  If I was very obedient to others in past lives and in this one, it may be that I need to learn to stand in my own beliefs and act on them.

So how do we know what it is we have to work on?  One of our best tools and greatest teachers are the people that treat us the worst.  Many of us tend to think that their abuses are just nuisanses in society, and I do have to tend to agree, however, as they treat you badly you mirror back what and who you are. In Dr. Maurie Pressman's book "Twin Souls", there is a beautiful analogy of a dual between light and dark; good and evil.  As evil engages with a soul in the light it is opportunity to drive both further into the light by action alone.  In other words, you can use an ill intended individual to ask questions about yourself.  What is it about me that permits them to do this to me?  What is it about me that has gotten me into this situation?

In Michael Jackson's case, it was his sheer desire to trust others.  In his position, there were very few, and when faced with other obstacles in his life he felt he had no other choice.  The offer was "appealing" to the things that he desired most; a family home, a chance to get back on his feet and lead a somewhat "normal" life.  The offer is most often very appealing with shrewd deceivers.  They promise the world, while all the while their plans are on taking everything you have.  It could be money, fame, success, reputation, anything they feel you don't deserve and they do.

So the next time  you're faced with difficult people remember it is an opportunity to look at yourself and gain mastery.  Should you react with anger like them and give them all of your energy, should you engage in war, should you step aside and let them hang themselves, or simply stand up for your rights and walk away?  There may be times in your life when you may employ all of these techniques, however, if you take the time to reflect within you will find the strength and courage to realize that which is within you, that which you can let go, and that which will give you freedom and that is the greatest tool for growth there is.


The Day You Were Born by my Favorite Astrologer, Maria Shaw

Maria Shaw, the astrologer for the National Enquirer, will be teaching a course on numerology soon.   She has recently published the following article that I thought you might like and enjoy.  You can reach Maria for a private reading or join in one of her fairs or conferences by visiting her web page at www.MariaShaw.com:

Numerology and the Day You Were Born
By Maria Shaw Lawson

The day of the month you were born, no matter of which month or year it is, can provide you with lots of information your personality.
If you were born on the first day of the month you have a strong will, are self-reliant and independent. You have a good mind and like to think things out. You may use your heart rather than your head. In spite of all your independence you are very sensitive and need positive encouragement. You have more power than you think you do.
A birthday on the second day means you are emotional and very sensitive. Sometimes you can be nervous and forgetful but you make friends easily people are drawn to you. You're warm hearted. You can be very creative too.
A birthday on the third day of the month indicates that you have great vitality and can quickly recover from any problems or challenges. Your imagination makes you a great communicator too. You get bored easily and always have to have something going on.
A birthday on the fourth day of the month indicates a solid person, a lover of nature, home, family and country. You're rather set in your ways and try to safeguard your reputation. When it comes to work, you could be a workaholic. Try to balance work and play,
A birthday on the fifth day of the month means you are flexible, enthusiastic and like to have fun. You have an active imagination. A lover of life, yours is a life filled with all sorts of new experiences and constant change. Although you are the type who hates to be tied down, you like being in love.
A birthday on the sixth day of the month shows a love for nature. The 6 seeks perfection too but seldom finds it You worry constantly about money. But you shouldn't as you will always have what you need the most. Having good, honest and PEACEFUL people around you is essential to your well being.
A birthday on the seventh day of the month indicates fate is a big thing in your life. You are quite intuitive and should always listen to your gut feeling. Your opinions are strong and you don't like to change them. Relaxation is important to your well being.
A birthday on the eighth day of the month indicates a creative, productive individual with good business success. You like to make the decisions. You could own or work for large businesses, corporations or the government. You can be generous. You have the ability to make money.
A birthday on the ninth day of the month shows a person interested in metaphysics and someone who can succeed in almost anything artistic, as well as writing, teaching, law, publishing or spiritual vocations. You can expect lots of changes in your life. A very karmic lifetime.
A birthday on the tenth day of the month indicates a person with many interests, capable of doing several things at once. Many people will grow dependent on you but if you need help, it seems no one is there! Your creative talent is expressed in many ways. A desire to own a beautiful home is strong and you will.
A birthday on the eleventh day of the month indicates an inspired, imaginative individual with determination and perseverance. You may have to overcome some illness in this lifetime. You react quickly to things. You are intense and can go to extremes
A birthday on the twelfth day of the month indicates a brilliant, magneti personality who can get anyone to do anything! Your high ideals mean you know that you have a big purpose in this lifetime. Be sure you finish whatever you start as you tend to get excited about things and then the interest fizzles.
A birthday on the thirteenth day of the month indicates someone who possesses creativity and a kind, spiritual self. You are sensitive but exceptionally stubborn. Often misunderstood, you are considered temperamental and at times unreasonable but you are a very good leader because of your strong mind.
A birthday on the fourteenth day of the month indicates a versatile person with psychic abilities. You can also be quite lucky. You should own your own business at some point in your lifetime. But you will have to safeguard against addicitions.
A birthday on the fifteenth day of the month indicates a gifted person who will probably learn a lot over his or her lifetime. You can attract many good things to you like friends, money and opportunities. You may look younger than you are and can expect good health.
A birthday on the sixteenth day of the month indicates a nervous person who doesn't always make the best decisions. However you can succeed in the art field or in business alike. You hate it when others interfere with your life plan and purpose. You have a mission and on some level, know you must do it for your soul's growth.
A birthday on the seventeenth day of the month indicates an individual who is generous but needs to be the leader in his field or business. You have a talent for managing others. You can be successful in any big endeavors that you initiate but leave the smaller stuff for others. Think BIG!
A birthday on the eighteenth day of the month indicates a person whose life is filled with change, activity and travel. Your life will not be boring. It's best for you to stay single or keep relationships lighthearted, as you need to have the freedom to do as you please.
A birthday on the nineteenth day of the month indicates a practical, artistic and great person who can overcome much in this lifetime. You're independent and you refuse to follow in others footsteps. You crave change are moving or making changes in your personal life.
A birthday on the twentieth day of the month indicates a person best suited to working on a team. You prefer to work with others rather than shoulder all the responsibility. You have lots of compassion and sensitivity toward others. Your attention to detail makes you well suited to many professions.
A birthday on the twenty-first day of the month brings you blessings in life and more love than you can imagine! However you do have a paranoid side and that active imagination leads you to be suspicious. You'd be a great teacher or writer.
A birthday on the twenty-second day of the month indicates a high powered and influential person but you need rest in order to recharge. Very psychic, you should heed to your first impressions of someone. Your greatest success comes from helping to make the world a better place.
A birthday on the twenty-third day of the month indicates a sympathetic, sensitive, understanding person.. Self-sufficient, you are also popular with others and well liked. You can make the best out of a bad situation. But sometimes you take on too many responsibilities.
A birthday on the twenty-fourth day of the month indicates an active person who thrives on constant change; You aren't the type to retire because you have to have a purpose. You're practical and have a domestic nature. You see a lot of things that others don't see.
A birthday on the twenty-fifth day of the month indicates a natural psychic and intuitive person with a strong interest in the occult. You don't always show your true feelings and as a result are not always understood. It's important that you learn to concentrate more on the tasks at hand. Sometimes you can be a little lazy.
A birthday on the twenty-sixth day of the month indicates an individual with lots of stuff. You may hang onto things for years. You're introspective and tend to live in the past. You love a nice home and family and feel best in a good relationship.
A birthday on the twenty-seventh day of the month indicates you like nice things. You want to be married and feel secure in a relationship too. You are a natural leader who cannot be satisfied in a subordinate role. You would do well in the writing, entertainment or broadcasting fields..
A birthday on the twenty-eighth day of the month indicates a strong willed, dominant; person loves with all of his heart. You will work hard to get where you need to go. Your tendency to daydream could hinder you a little. One a goal is reached, you must find a new one or you will grow bored and lazy.
A birthday on the twenty-ninth day of the month indicates strong spirituality and leadership abilities. Your powers are great and you can use them to help many. You're an extremist in every way, especially in love.. A solid home life is essential to your happiness.
A birthday on the thirtieth day of the month indicates a individual who seldom suffers from but they need to avoid any type of obsession You are a true friend, you would help anyone in need. Although you're an excellent worker or boss, you're not terribly fond of work. You'd rather play!
A birthday on the 31st day of the month indicates a person who doesn't like to live alone. A mate and family are important or at least great friends. You have good business qualities but not when it comes to money. You tend to overspend. You never forget anything. You have the memory of an elephant.

And I cannot leave you without a little bit of Astro News for the week ahead
October 21 - Mercury went Retrograde in Scorpio
Mercury, the planet of communication went retrograde and will continue to wreak havoc until November 11th with communications and travel and computers, etc. The influence of Scorpio points to secrets beings revealed when it moves forward. Trust is an issue for many of you in relationships; both business and personal now.

October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio

Here we go....we enter into the darker days when the Scorpio energy takes over. Scorpio forces us to get to the heart of things and deal with the underlying issues we have. Something will end in the next 30 days but something will also rise from the ashes.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: The Heart Center

What if we found out our universe contained only seeds?  Seeds that were transmitted from our hearts into the atmosphere where the ideas, thoughts, and feelings we have are waiting to be born.  They say that there is space between us.  That there is "nothing" in the space that is between you and I and that when the soul departs there is "nothing" left of them.  Yet somehow psychics and mediums, seers and other traditions have been able to "tap" into the "space" around us.  The psychics see possible futures, with some that come true.  The mediums seemingly speak to those that have departed with detailed information that they have never been told and the seers and other traditions have "traveled" into the next realm often taking pilgrimages, performing healings and making themselves known to other people.

There must be something in the "space" between us.  Something that science has yet to understand.  Perhaps it is the "something" that is the field that joins us in the unified field that we are.

They say that whatever happens on a macro level, happens at the micro level as well.  This means if we look at our earth from space we see ONE earth.  When we look at a country or the land mass that a continent is we see ONE mass of land.  Looking closer even then at the land we may see ONE lake within it.  The deeper we go in levels, the more diversity we see, the higher we go in levels, the more unity we see.   But what allows us to see this unified field of ONE earth?  Is it our brain playing tricks on us or is it truly something, some force that connects this bright, brilliant earth in a perfect little ball that seemingly floats in what?  More space.

On a personal level we are each different as well.  Yet when we go inside our bodies we see ONE heart, ONE body, even ONE nose.  If we looked deeper with a microscope, we would see the atoms and cells that make up our ONE layer of skin, or our ONE nose and so on.  So what is in the space around us that seemingly unifies us and how do we effect it?  We must effect it right?  How else would a psychic pick up a possible future or a medium receive a message she could have never known from a loved one? How could a prayer be answered or a knowing of who is calling at the moment the phone rings?

The answer has been there all along.  We do it every day.  Our media plays upon it, a good story evokes it and the love of your life expands it.  Our emotions, the feeling coming from our hearts is the creator.  It is here at the seat of our creation and with our birth right that we project our emotions into the universe to plant the seeds into the atmosphere and create our future.  We do this individually and we do it collectively.  For whatever ones does, so does the other.  There is always cause and effect, always unity of action, even though it seems we are separate at our "level".

If you're reading this blog you already know that this material isn't something that has been given to us by our teachings, at least not here in the states.  We have come this far and have wondered this much because inside we know there is more and seek the information we need to explain it.

Previously we posted pictures of Jesus and pictures of the Tibetan view of the heart chakra, or energy center.  The commonality that these three things have is the heart center.  For Jesus it is the passion of firey love and for the Tibetan's it is the symbol of creation right at the heart center itself.  These two images alone reflect the amazing possibilities the heart center encompasses.  For it is within the heart itself that we offer our most earnest prayers, our most cherished desires and our most compassionate views of the world around us.
Ascended Master St Germain
Holding the symbol of creation
built upon simple triangular shapes 
Tibetan Heart Chakra
features two superimposed triangles
Shiva/Shakti or feminine/masculine energies

Master Jesus pointing to his heart
of fire.  It is here in the passion
of the heart where miracles can
take place


More Disney: Pocahontas and Twin Flame Soul Mates

During the late 80's I was introduced to one of my spirit guides by what would become my first spiritual teacher, Bob Fontanive.  At the time I wasn't so sure about "spirit" guides.  Matter of fact after he told me the name of one of them, John Smith, I thought the name was a little "too" plain to be real. Couldn't he come up with anything more creative?  "He's a pioneer", he told me, as if he could read my thoughts.

Years later I found that there used to be a "real" John Smith who was a pioneer.  What made it more interesting was that he was rumored to be the twin flame soul mate of Pocahontas, an Indian woman that lived here in the United States.  I wondered if that might be why he was my guide.

When the Disney movie Pocahontas came out I had little doubt.  The animation perfectly encompassed the connection between flames.   With feeling and wind, love and compassion.  There is always the will to make the world a better place, a sense that you connect beyond racial lines, and a knowing that goes beyond words.  Telepathy, feeling each other without being near each other physically, all were present in the film.

The clip below demonstrates the connection as well as the words to the song used in the film entitled "If I Never Knew You."

If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be
If I never held you
I would never have a clue
How at last I'd find in you
The missing part of me
In this world so full of fear
Full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear
In your eyes
So dry your eyes
And I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

I thought our love would be so beautiful
Somehow we'd make the whole world bright
I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong
All they'd leave us were these whispers in the night
But still my heart is saying we were right
For If I never knew you

[Next Part, Pocahontas starts earlier and Smith follows after so they are overlaping as they sing the words.]

There's no moment I regret

If I never knew this love

Since the moment that we met

I would have no inkling of

If our time has gone too fast

How precious life can be

I've lived at last

[Pocahontas' Friend; Speaking]

[Pocahontas/Girl; Speaking to Smith]
I can't leave you.

[Smith/Boy; Speaking to Pocahontas]
You never will. No matter what happens to me, I'll always be with you. Forever.

[Smith/Boy; Singing]
And I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Empty as the sky

Never knowing why

Lost forever
If I never knew you

Some history of Pocahontas: