Take Up Your Cross - The Road to Ascension

Matthew 16:24-28

"Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me. 

"For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul.

"For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and WILL THEN REPAY EVERY MAN ACCORDING TO HIS DEEDS. 

"Truly I say to you, there are some of those who are standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom."

During this past weekend I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Stations of the Cross service at one of our local churches.  I'm not a regular church goer.  I don't practice any particular religion. However, the stations always remind me of the sacrifices, pain and suffering Jesus endured in coming to the earth.

It was in one particular section of the service that I began to understand the words Jesus said during his walk to his crucifixion.  

In the second station they described Jesus taking up his cross.  They explained that someone was looking to help Jesus.  They looked at him and he looked away.  This person heard his voice saying "I do not need your help to carry my cross.  But know this; every time you do not help someone who needs it, the weight of my cross increases."

My first thought was that it was Jesus's voice that this person heard without him saying anything directly to this person.  Today we might call this telepathy.  Telepathy sounds too "out there" for me at times. I believe it would be better to term an experience like this as "consciousness" and the knowing that our consciousness can be reached by Jesus, God, and all the masters who have earned their ascension as Jesus did.  In this way, it is truly a demonstration of us all being and becoming one.

During these last few days I've pondered this story of Jesus and what's been told to me by him and some of the masters.  I've struggled with the idea that justice still has not been served for Michael Jackson's death.  When I read the words from Matthew posted above, I finally understood the path of ascension.  

The first verse says: "Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross and follow Me."

In my lifetime I've long sought to become like the masters.  In this verse Jesus explains exactly what that entails.  Should we long to become like Jesus himself, we must deny ourselves.  This means we must shed the ego part of us and all attachments to what the outside world brings us.  We cannot think of ourselves as a profession, a ethnicity, a family member or as belonging anywhere but to God the father.  Shedding our ego means putting away all of the ideas about our life and who we are and accepting the path that God leads us to.  We must bear the burden, or take up our cross as Jesus did.

But what does "taking up the cross" mean?  It is not our personal burdens that Jesus speaks of.  As described in the story told at church, every time we do not help someone who needs it, the weight of the cross increases.  When people condemn others, treat them unfairly or when we turn a blind eye to injustice we place the responsibility for making things right again on the "cross".  This burden is carried by those who have chosen the path of ascension as Jesus did.  They will be, and have to be, those that serve God and take up the cross on behalf of others to make things right again.

On my personal path this is exactly what has happened.  For the past few years I've struggled to go back to a "normal life".  One that fits in with society.  To take a normal job, a real profession, date, and go about my life living like "normal" people do.  Yet every time I ask the masters for their advice I'm given the same answer.  I've had to "trust" them, trust God with my destiny.  Should I decide to follow the path I have chosen and have worked for so long, I have to listen to and follow the path laid before me.  

I've had to do a great many things I simply did not want to do.  I've struggled greatly with having to call those who have been unkind to me and offer help to those who have treated me unfairly.  I've had to write things here on the blog and in books I would have rather not spent my time on.  Yet this is exactly what Jesus was trying to say.  I had to "lose my life" (Matthew 16:25) in order to find it with him.  The choices and things I've done had everything to do with others.  Had I looked to my benefit alone, I would not have chosen those things the masters have called me to do.  It is a choice to "serve" and an honor to carry the burden as Jesus did.

This path is not an easy one.  Losing yourself means losing everything you were "taught" to believe in and trust in a higher power.  You will most likely go through all the things Jesus did; mocking, belittlement, abuse and suffering.  

At times I've found myself becoming very angry because of others who were in positions of helping others failed to do so.  This has placed the burden on our shoulders.  Our cross has become heavier because of the lack of doing others have made a choice in.  This can be likened to the child who was abused that you have to nurture because of the abuse of another or the steps you must take to redeem another who was crucified by their fellow man.  This is God's work and the work that you will do should you choose the path of ascension yourself.

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul."  In this verse we find the choice.  Choose the path that man has laid before you in exchange for fame, celebrity or money or choose the path that offers you the opportunity to serve and become one with God.  Will you look to the now and what you have to benefit from it?  Or will you look to the eternal and what benefit it will give to the whole regardless of the suffering you must endure?  The benefit in choosing the latter is to walk with the masters and gain your freedom in His Kingdom.

"For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and WILL THEN REPAY EVERY MAN ACCORDING TO HIS DEEDS."  I have been told that Jesus, the Son of Man, is coming again.  Many years ago I chose to believe that the Book of Revelations in the Bible was merely a story about opening the seven seals of our chakras.  I realize now how off my thinking was.  For one of the first readings in that book describes the one who has prevailed in opening the seven chakras or seals:

"And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof."

- Revelation 5:5

The seventh seal or chakra described in this passage, is the opening or gateway to the father.  This state of consciousness connects the father directly to his servant.  This is the path of ascension and the consciousness and power of the father is with the one.  Now they are one together.  This Godly power and seventh seal is located at the top of the head.  This is why Jesus is depicted with a gold halo around his head in many religious paintings.  

As we venture through the rest of our journey and into the now open Book of Revelations, may we choose our paths well.  Will you take up the sword in the name of our father or will you choose to live in the present moment only for yourself?  The choice is truly ours.  May we all choose well.


The Liquidation of the Michael Jackson Estate: Time for Branca's Removal

Recently the news broke that the Estate of Michael Jackson sold the 50% interest Michael Jackson owned in Sony/ATV for $750 million.  I cited an article that valued that catalog in the billions several years ago.  It's been just brought to my attention that the catalog, which contained more current artists than just the Beatles, according to the video below, was actually valued at $50 billion in 2015:

Today there are reports that Michael Jackson's children 'face bills that could wipe out their Sh131 billion inheritance'  all over the net.  

These kinds of articles make you wonder just who is reporting the information, however, one thing that is obvious to me is that the Michael Jackson Estate is trying to liquidate all of the assets.  Not only stealing from Michael Jackson, but now his children.

This type of strategy could mean several things.  They are running scared, they're trying to play hard ball and using the children,  possibly both or they are simply looking to get out.

Michael Jackson's children, whether they have billions from the Estate, or hundreds of dollars from their OWN earnings will do just fine.  I don't think they'll have to steal money or catalogs from anyone to make their way in this world.  However, if I were them, I'd definitely think about taking legal action against John Branca and John McClain personally, since these are the people who are making the executive decisions regarding their welfare.  Prince is over the age of 18 and Paris is just behind him.  I would guess that almost all of their actions constitute a breach of fiduciary responsibility to the Estate itself.  

Here is some information that can get you started:  

Abuse of Trust: Breach of Fiduciary Duty by the Trustee
by FreeAdvice staff  

The abuse of trust or a breach of fiduciary duty by a trustee can be devastating. When an individual plans the distribution of his or her estate among beneficiaries, either by writing a will or creating a living trust, he or she will typically put responsibility for the matter into the hands of a trustee. A trustee may be a person or an organization that is qualified to handle the distribution of the estate according to the written wishes of the individual upon his or her death. A trustee can, in fact, be anyone specified by the deceased, from a lawyer to a financial investment company to a family member or friend. Known as a fiduciary, the trustee is someone who is legally bound to represent the individual in making decisions regarding the estate, and to oversee matters in that individual’s place. This is a legal obligation for anyone appointed trustee of an estate.

When You Can’t Trust the Trustee

If the trustee doesn’t perform his or her duties as stated, i.e. if he or she acts in a way that is disloyal or careless and constitutes an abuse of trust regarding the wishes of the estate holder, then he or she can be considered in breach of fiduciary duty. This is legally an abuse of trust, and that person or company can be held responsible.

It can be difficult to determine exactly when an abuse of trust has taken place, simply because the trustee’s position does allow for him or her to make judgment calls to a certain extent; this means not all of the rules are cut and dried. However, if the evidence seems to show that the person didn’t act with reasonable care, skill, or prudence, he or she may be liable.

How to Recognize a Breach of Fiduciary Duty by the Trustee  

Typically, an abuse of trust case is brought against a trustee by one of the beneficiaries, since they are the ones who suffer at the hands of his mistakes. There is no official enforcer of the trustee’s job, aside from the beneficiaries to whom he is responsible; however, a beneficiary who feels that his or her rights are not being protected, or who feels that the wishes of the deceased are not being upheld, has every right to file a claim against the trustee. Some common scenarios in which a breach of trust has taken place include:

  • The trustee’s own finances are mingled with the estate (this is not uncommon, given that the trustee is sometimes a family member; however, clear records must be kept and the trustee must make every effort to create distinction between his funds and those of the estate; if this is not done, it constitutes a breach. 
  • Conflicts of interest in which the trustee may have personal reasons to act in a way that goes against the wishes of the deceased and best interests of the beneficiaries. A trustee must not profit from the trust, borrow from the trust, or any number of other transactions that would benefit the trustee personally.  
  • The trustee fails to stop a co-trustee or other responsible party from acting in a way that constitutes a breach of trust; any co-trustees are jointly responsible for the behavior of all

Filing a Claim for Breach of Fiduciary Duty by the Trustee

If a beneficiary wants to file a breach of trust against a trustee, he or she must generally do so within one year of the incident’s original documentation. If the court agrees that the breach took place, in most cases a third party will step in and ensure that the beneficiary’s claim is handled properly and he or she is given what he is entitled to have according to the will or trust. Depending on the nature of the breach and whether or not it can be clearly proven, the trustee may also be subject to removal from the position and ordered to pay fines and/ or compensation to any beneficiaries injured by his or her actions. In addition, a beneficiary may sue a trustee personally in their capacity as the trustee in probate court.

Getting Help

If you believe that the trustee managing an estate you are involved in has been abusing his position, you should strongly consider speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you to gather evidence and take the proper action against a trustee so he does not do any further damage to the assets of the estate. 

Source: http://law.freeadvice.com/estate_planning/trusts/breach-of-fiduciary-duty-trustee.htm#ixzz43gNrdTUD 
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

You have valid evidence.  The recent sale of your father's share in the Sony/ATV is documented in their press releases and I'm sure a valid estimation of it's true worth can be obtained by an independent party.  It is clear they are not acting in the best interests of the Estate or it's beneficiaries.

Don't wait.  Go about your way personally.  Let only those you trust know what you do or don't do and be careful of the snakes in the grass.  You CAN do this.  It's your future and the vindication of your father and name.  If you need help, I heard this guy was pretty good:

10100 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: (310) 651-9960
Fax: (310) 772-2295
Website: www.mesereaulaw.com
Email: mesereau@mesereaulaw.com


Los Angeles County's Persecution of Michael Jackson

A friend recently posted a video of an interview done with both Katherine and Joseph Jackson around the time Michael Jackson was in trial for allegations of child molestation.  In the video, posted below, Katherine is very polite and does not want to expand upon her knowledge about what was really transpiring during the trial.

I don't see that speaking the truth can do anyone any harm. Matter of fact, it is the evil deeds that are kept secret that continue to grow.  In order for transformation to take place on this planet, for any individual, or for society as a whole, that which is done in the dark at the expense of others simply must be brought into the light.

You'll notice in the video Katherine eludes to the county using too much "tax money".  Apparently, the people in the Los Angeles County courts had plans to make sure they received the funds they needed to continue "business".  The district attorney at the time, Tom Sneddon, even made sure he planted the evidence he needed to get Michael into court.  We all know now that even those attempts failed, however, it really is amazing how so many individuals can be so low as to paint an innocent individual trying to help the world into a nasty character whom they truly only wanted money from.

Business in the LA Courts has been just that.  As we've recently posted the information about Richard Fine, the attorney who uncovered all the corruption in the courts, it seems the courts in LA are actually just a house for corrupt officials to take advantage of the public.  Little do tax payers know where their money goes and if you're a corporation, you most likely know you can pay off a judge here or there and get what you need done.  Isn't this a form of simple prostitution? (Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in **you fill in the blank** relations in exchange for payment)

There are no checks and balances, only the wielding of power hungry individuals ready to accept something personal for their cooperation and prosecution of innocent individuals using them as their pawns for selfish means.

These "prostitutes", because that is what they are: (they accept money by illegal means), have managed to destroy one of the greatest men to hit this planet.  Simply because of greed.  Not once, not twice, but several times.  Again and again, by the original sinners, and then the ones that decided to join them.  These people are obviously so desperate for money, they'll lie, cheat, steal and kill for what they want.  I suppose when that runs out they'll have to do it all over again.  

For a glimpse into the "real" life of Michael Jackson, the superstar some people see as the rich pop star, child molester that died broke, listen to his personal attorney, Tom Messereau, talk about how Michael had to worry about every single person in his life "taking" from him; You'll notice the name "Sony" coming up even then.

It seems the "deals" just never stop.  People have been "paid", selling stories to the press at Michael's detriment, and that does not exclude his own family.  

Is it so important that anyone has to gravel to this level to get money and ruin one man?  No one has ever given any thought to the implications they have made on his life, his family or his contributions to the world.  I remember telling Michael that he was like Jesus back then.  Persecuted because he was a good person.  Yet even in those words, I don't see how people supposedly living in a "civilized world" can act with such contempt.

It is not only the crooked companies, like Sony and AEG, but the individual people that go along for the ride.  Add to that a corrupt political system and I can certainly see why YHWH has said there will be a return because the world has gone so wicked.

The LA courts are operating at a deficit. I don't believe it's because taxes have not been paid.  All indications are that there have been "people" who have been paid in lieu of the county's responsibilities.  The people who are in places of governing authority need to step up to their responsibilities.  Here in Michigan, the Flint water system has contaminated thousands of people, because the governing authorities chose not to act and turned a blind eye.  What it comes down to again is money.  It seems it's OK for someone in a politically correct position to receive their salaries and bonuses all at the expense of the people they are supposed to act politically correct for.  Simply put, you and I are paying these people for cheating thousands.

As long as the public is kept in the dark and they say nice words on the television, you'll believe what they say.  The truth is they are leading the world into destruction.  These lies and the corruption have taken a toll on not only Michael's life and family but on billions, and I do mean billions, around the world.  We have seen the devastation one man can cause in the acts of Adolph Hitler.  Can you imagine the devastation being caused by all these men and women acting the way they do today?

The District Attorney, Tom Sneddon may have been the point man for the child molestation trial, but he did not act alone.  District Attorney Steven Cooley may have filed to conceal the insurance policy in Michael Jackson's death, but again, he did not act alone.  The Michael Jackson Estate selling the Sony/ATV catalog for a billion dollars under value may have been "legal", but in my book it's still stealing.  It's a crime to sell at such an undervalued price.  The Estate will not retain the earnings for his children.  This is not only underhanded, it's stealing the billion dollar difference away from his children.  

I've posted some of the videos showing just how the now promoted David Walgren in the LA courts manipulated the evidence in the Conrad Murray trial.  There are courts all over the country with the same kind of manipulation of the system.  One man was convicted of murder on splattering s of blood that were not even thoroughly tested.  The evidence and testimony by a court official was false. This is not only reminiscent of the child molestation trial for Michael Jackson, but the Conrad Murray trial as well.

I don't proclaim this man is innocent, but he certainly should have been given a "fair" trial.
Here is part of that man's story:

Wouldn't it be nice if all the facts that were so intentionally distorted in the public's eye could be made right.  A simple apology, an owning up to crimes.  Yet we will never see that from such contemptuous individuals.  My guess is that they will try to cover up everything that was ever done right up til the end.  For Michael, it's too late.  The damage has been done, the pain inflicted while he lived and it didn't even end with his murder.  They still covered up the true facts of his death and they are still using him for the money they so desperately want.  

Prostitutes beware.  They called Mary Magdalene a prostitute when she wasn't.  Michael Jackson a child molester when he wasn't.  Jesus guilty of blasphemy (the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk).  

The numbers are growing in heaven and the angels don't need money to operate.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."
-William Congreve


Michael Jackson Stories of Being Broke Can "Beat It"

After all the stories we've heard about Michael Jackson being broke, I'd bet that 90% of the public actually believes it.  Yet recent research has us realizing that Michael was far from broke.

In August of 2009 an Estate Planning attorney wrote an article stating just how broke Michael was. He stated "financial analysts have calculated the Michael Jackson's assets were worth at least $200 million more than his debts."  

The music publishing catalog that included the 250 Beatles songs just sold by the Estate of Michael Jackson, John Branca and John McClain for a mere $750 MILLION, was estimated to be worth a whopping value of between $1.5 BILLION and $2 BILLION seven years ago.  One could only speculate what it might actually be worth today.  On the LOW side it looks as if that catalog went to Sony for ATLEAST $1 BILLION UNDER value
source:  http://mckeeoffice.com/blog2/2009/08/15/michael-jackson-is-it-time-to-make-that-change/

Further headlines like this:  "Michael Jackson's family wins millions in settlement with insurance company after years-long battle" would have you believe that the money awarded in the insurance settlement with Lloyds went to the children and their share of the Estate.  Not so fast.  Michael Jackson had a life insurance trust in place as well.  That means any death benefits paid to the trust would not be included with the estate of the insured.

Looks like John Branca and John McClain have not been exactly honest in their business dealings for the children of Michael Jackson.  Perhaps it's time the kids told the Estate to "Beat It".


John Branca's Charity Seals The Deal

Bloomberg reported today that the Michael Jackson Estate sold it's Sony ATV stake back to Sony corporation for 750 million dollars.  Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie Group Ltd in Tokyo, stated "Sony is actually paying less than the stake is worth."

We haven't seen the charity contributions that Michael himself wished for the Estate to make since his death, but this charitable contribution seems to make the warm and fuzzy relationship Branca has with Sony crystal clear.

I had once heard John Branca was a brilliant business man.  In light of this recent deal, I'd have to beg differently.  According to the article, both Branca and McClain, co-executors of the estate, are quoted as saying "This transaction further allows us to continue our efforts of maximizing the value of Michael's estate for the benefit of his children."  This deal does nothing but rape the children of their father's investment.  With bolstering revenues for Sony up to $5.2 Billion (not million) dollars for the next fiscal year, paying $750 million is a steal!

The nice comments about the children are grand gestures to hide the amazingly brutal disregard the Estate has towards them and their father.  It is "brilliant" to sell to Sony since Sony was interested in the catalog all along, but legally speaking, this isn't exactly in the "best interest" of the ESTATE of MICHAEL JACKSON or HIS CHILDREN, perhaps only John Branca and McClain.

Putting all of this aside, the disregard, disrespect, the thousand lies told in the public and the outright conspiracy and alignments these large companies seem to hold in such high regard, we should all probably reconsider what's actually transpiring here.

I've heard Michael say "It's never enough" before.  They've gone to sell his death bed, all of his possessions, labeled him a poor man, yet were after every penny that he had.  Part of me wonders if there were any claims on his toothbrush or comb....I'm sure it would probably bring in some cash. Then we could say "It was in the best interest of the children."

In light of this, I am so distraught that I have mind to form a nonprofit organization for John Branca, John McClain, Sony, AEG and Dr. Tohme, as well as a few other people in Michael's life.  They simply never have enough money. We should probably begin to raise more funds for them, since they will be most likely looking for more deals in the future.  Money never seems to last does it?  But, that's what's important to them, so let's all get together and give them ours.

Once, after publishing on this blog, they actually took the time and had the audacity to check MY credit.  If I was in the same mind set as these heathens, and wanted the money they want, I probably wouldn't have waited until Michael died to go after his money.  I would have made a b-line straight to him and tried to take him for everything he had.

I would have sued the Estate for taking out the angel in the You Are Not Alone video, or perhaps sued AEG for conspiring to murder him.  Instead, I have chosen to continue to simply speak the truth about his murder and the conspirators surrounding him.

Michael Jackson was a brilliant business man.  That's why he had what so many other people around him wanted.  It's not easy to be placed in a position in society where everyone wants to grab what you have and at the same time they abuse and solicit lies about how broke you are.

Being a brilliant business man has nothing to do with stealing what other people have made for themselves.  Being a brilliant business man means that you've made enough to deem you successful and have the ability to make more for yourself in your future - without stealing it from other people.

It wasn't enough that they stole from Michael, but now they have resorted to outright stealing from his children.  This isn't brilliant business, it's just sad and shady.

But let us offer some hope for the Estate and their conspirators.  You can always sign a new "deal", maybe even capturing the gaming industry.

The video below is just one of the video games released holding the name of Michael Jackson.  A bit outdated, I'm sure it can be updated with "real life villains."  For the people who always wanted to take the spotlight and steal his place, this can offer you a real opportunity to star in your own picture. The song "Smooth Criminal" already sets the backdrop.

** By the way, if you like to start a "Go Fund Me" page for Sony and the Estate, the link is here.