The Man in the Mirror Project - Love

Love in the universe is simple. There are no catches, no ideas of how it should be or rules you need to play by in order to get it.  Love in the universe just is.

Many people think love is something they need to obtain, when in fact it is something we are made of.  How can that be you might say? Well, love is what our Creator is so how can we not be the same?

We were created out of love so when you think about tapping back into the source think of love.  When you look around you and look at the beauty of nature think of love.  When you look at a child's face, think of love.  Appreciating the beauty in nature, children and all of God's creatures brings us back to love.  So when we say look within, connect with the divine in you, it's that simple - Love.


The Man in the Mirror Project - ONE Humanity

What does it mean to be human?  Does it mean we are separate individuals trying to obtain our individuality and at some point we realize we are meant to act as one?  Or does it mean the opposite, that at some point in time we are all supposed to be separate, like our own little islands floating among ourselves in the ocean of life but without touching the other, or truly reaching out?

I would bet that most of us would say we are the first idea, that we are all individuals, maybe even hoping to obtain some common ground to lead us in to oneness, but is this how we act?  If we say we are loving, do we act like we are?  If we say we forgive, do we truly forgive from the heart?

Many of us will say the words, use them as if they are a law, but when it comes down to our actions are we really putting those words and beliefs into action?  Most of society is currently focused on the perception that we are all separate.  We use words like us, and them, or the Chinese, or the immigrants, separating out a select group of people as if they are somehow not like us.

Although we are separated by the ideas of culture, countries and society, it doesn't mean that we are separate by spirit.  Every culture, every belief system on earth even now believes in a higher power.  That is the force we were all given life from, whether we are black, white, cream or purple, we did come from the same source.  So why do we continue to act as if we didn't?  Why do we continue to act as if someone else who is seemingly different than ourselves is less than we are or in some cases more?

This week focus on what similarities you hold with someone with whom you thought was different than yourself.  Maybe it is someone who you are a rival with or that has made you uncomfortable.  This person would be the best to try this exercise out with.  Every time this person enters your thoughts and you think about why you don't like them, immediately change the thought and think about what you might have in common with them.  All of us are different, there is simply no getting around it.

Learning to accept our differences and being accepting of where others are at in their lives, even though it might not match up to our ideas of how they should be, helps us move into the concept and idea that we are truly ONE humanity.



Monday in the United States marks a day we call Memorial Day.  It is a day that honors the memory of those who fought for our freedom in war.  Freedom, however, is not just for those in the States, or those in any specific country, freedom is one of our birth rites.

Recognizing this day is very important for me personally.  After all Michael Jackson loved freedom as did our twin flame sponsor, St Germain and myself. True freedom comes at many levels.  It can mean a free country, world or even individual freedoms.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet and speak with more people from around the world.  I say rare, because here in the US many of us are confined to our lovely homes with our lovely thoughts about who we are going to text or phone in the next five minutes.  It is with rare occasion for us to look outside of ourselves to realize the true loss of freedoms in other parts of the world.  Perhaps this is why Michael Jackson felt so passionate about helping those less fortunate.  He realized the plight of not just a country, but of the human race because he was given the rare opportunity to travel the world.

All countries have at one time or another been at war.  We honor the memory of those fallen, or those who have fought, but what have they fought for?  Freedom, control, money, power?  Who really knows the true reasons war is fought when it is in the hands of a select few.

During a layover at the airport this weekend, there was a traveling exhibit of all of the fallen soldiers from a specific state.  I noticed some personal notes written on some of the pictures, some other military personnel walking through the airport, and reveled at the average age of the victims; which was 20 years of age.

I had just taken my son to another state to start work.  He's 20 now, and as I glanced at the pictures of the faces of those young people who have lost their lives, I couldn't help but think of him and how it might be for someone that age to have to engage in the terrors of war.

I say terrors like I know about war, but the truth is I have only heard stories.  I was involved with a project that recorded stories for those who were veterans of WWII and it was during that project that I was given a glimpse of the reality of what war can do.

I went to several assisted living facilities to capture stories.  A local television station interviewed me and a few of the residents for a special they were doing.  On one particular day we had about three veterans lined up to film their story.  I was touched that some of the families showed up to witness the event, as these 80 some year old people engaged in telling us about how they felt the day WWII ended.  Some opened up about some things that happened to them and I cried when I witnessed them reliving the pain of the memories from so many years ago well up within them once again.

It was the very first time some of these people had ever even whispered a word about what they had encountered.  Matter of fact, all three survivors were living in the same assisted living community never knowing they were all in the exact same location the day the war ended.  My ears were listening to stories of first hand witnesses who were there when the peace treaty was signed with Japan and ships that were lined up in the ocean to mark the event.  Some of these stories their families had never heard before and as these WWII veterans let a few silent tears fall as they recalled their memories it dawned on me that they too were only 20 some years old when they went to fight for our freedoms.  That over 60 some years later they were still living with the painful memories of witnessing their best friends heads being cut off, or being blown to bits right in front of them.

I honor all of those who would put their selves in harms way to protect our freedom and on this day I personally pray for the healing of both those that have fallen and those who have served, that their emotional and mental energies that have been so traumatized by war be healed and made whole once again.  On this Memorial Day, whether you are in the US or abroad, I ask that you join me in just a small prayer, asking for this same healing and a special healing for our world so that no one's son or daughter, nor any one of us should ever have to endure the pains of war again.

God Bless all peoples under all nations and may we remember our pains and struggles so we may all go forward  in search of only peace.

Happy Memorial Day.


A Funny Look at Raising the Consciousness

In this time of history, as twin flames join together to serve their missions in humanity, we must by now realize that these unions are here to help raise the consciousness of the planet.  As we talk about the consciousness, we have spoken about energy, but it is truly much more than that.  It is the way that we look at ourselves and the world.  For me personally, my connection to Michael only proves that God, Allah, the source, knows no color lines.  He was black, I was white, but being connected at the soul level, should only prove to us there is no difference in the eyes of who we truly are.  We are all one.

Going forward with our mission, we have talked about patterns.  When Michael lived he stressed the importance of children and our care and education of them.  This is how some of the most damaging patterns are set into motion.  When we talked about misqualified energy, this is the misqualification of energy that we hand down from generation to generation.  We do this unconsciously and without ill intent, thinking its the right thing to do because that is how we we were raised.  

This can be a murky area to understand.  Michael knew this well because he saw in a child a clean slate.  A pureness of spirit, still unmarked, and as he put it "unconditioned" by the process of becoming adults.

The video below illustrates and pokes fun at how we have so successfully messed ourselves up.  Each one of us, each religion, each point of view, believing we are doing the "right" thing.  


Our Gifts

We are out of the Christmas season, but still not out of gifts.  We have many that we yet have to open.  Inside us is a store house of wondrous gifts just waiting for us to open.  Like a child, we wait in wonder.  What might be in there, we think?  How big is the box and what could be inside?

Waiting in anticipation, we find excitement and joy for those things we have yet to discover.  There is something magical about these moments.  A wonder that is child like and a blessing that goes beyond our senses.  It is pure, original and very specific to only us.  What is this gift inside of you? Is it music?  A symphony or orchestra playing the rhythm of life within you waiting for you to join in?  What instrument do you play, what contribution do you have to make and what gift awaits within you?

Seize your gift with all your being and heart.  Awaken the curiosity of the child within and be curious about the gifts that you were given.  These are your divine inheritance, your divine right.  Your gift will be the gift that  keeps giving, not only to you, but to the world.  


The Man in the Mirror Project - Past Hurts

How can we let go of past hurts?  Do you carry with you the wounds of yesterday as if they are fresh cuts that still bind your thoughts and emotions?  No one goes without hurts caused by others.  We often tell ourselves that sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never hurt us, but is it really true?  Does name calling, verbal harassment, mean deeds and actions really ever leave us completely?

The answer to that is a resounding no.  We go through our life most often holding onto resentments of the past, while still holding out for a better future.  An image, however, that comes to mind is a mummy that when it tries to walk forward is dragging with it a burdened leg with wrappings still attached.
Animated Gifs MummySo how do we really let go?  Can we simply decide to let the pain leave us or does it require more introspection?  Deciding is ultimately the first step.  You must decide whole heartily that this is what you want.  That you really do want the experience to leave you.  Most often we say we do, but we don't whole heartily go there.  We say things like "It doesn't matter" or "I'm over it", then something happens to us that reminds us of the past and BINGO, we are in the mucky waters of bitterness all over again.

Here, again, is a pattern of energy.  Recreating itself time and time again, every time a similar person or event enters into or leaves our life.

Breaking down the pattern consists of three steps:

  1. Decide to let it go.  WHOLE heartily decide you will no longer carry the burden with you.  It is in the past.  Telling your self "I release the thoughts and actions of my past and the past in which others have hurt me." begins the process.
  2. Realize that whatever the situation was is done and most likely was the result of poor thinking, poor choices, poor communication, or even conditioned patterning.  This realization must lead you to know we are also imperfect beings - all of us.  Accept the fact that we are imperfect; the perpetrator(s) and ourselves.
  3. Finally, forgive yourself and forgive that part of your past.  Decide that it does no one good rehashing but know that you must sit with it for a while and repeat the steps as necessary to finally release it from your mental and emotionally bodies.  When the hurt comes up and the wounds get opened again, remind yourself of these three steps, deciding once and for all to leave the past in the past.


The New Consciousness - Michael Jackson Sightings

In 1985 I attended a Diana Ross concert.  Michael Jackson and I had seen each other several times prior to the event.  Seeing each other with Michael was not like you might think.  Twin Flames are spiritual counterparts and there are always physical meetings prior, without actually physically meeting.  You are energetically drawn together and because you are in tuned with one another, you recognize the energy of the other.  There were times I knew when he was even in town before it was reported on the news.  As in his song "The Way You Make Me Feel" says, I could literally feel him from miles around.

Back in 1985 almost everyone knew that Michael Jackson and Diana Ross were good friends. I went to see Diana, because I love her voice, her presence and her music.  About a quarter of the way through the concert, however, the crowd started getting noisy.  I couldn't figure out why until I turned around.  Coming up the isle was what looked like Michael Jackson.  The whole place was practically going crazy.  I remember asking myself why I didn't feel anything.

I waited until he passed by me, and still, nothing.  Not a thing.  I knew at that moment it wasn't the real Michael Jackson.  It was an impersonator.  He approached the stage to say hi to Diana and sparing you some other details, at the end was escorted out by security.

I'm sharing this story because during Michael's life there were many people who tried to pass themselves off as Michael.  I remember everyone wearing red thriller jackets, trying to dance like him, and even doubles he used himself.  What makes us think that now that he's gone there still aren't people trying to pass themselves off as him?

This weekend I noticed more posts about people having issues with what they think is Michael Jackson.   I can tell you from experience 99% of this is not the real Michael Jackson.  I know it may look like him, may sound, like him, maybe you hear a song that was his, but believe me I have been there and what appears to be something, can always be something else.

This change in consciousness that I keep talking about is part of it.  We are currently undergoing a change in vibration on the planet as a whole.  This is mandated by the universe and when I say mandated, I mean it's like a baby growing.  There is no stopping it.  It is our next evolution.  Just because you may decide you don't want to be part of it, doesn't mean you won't be.  That's what we mean when we say we are all one.  It effects us all.  As some of us are raising our vibrations it effects the whole, meaning all of us.  In turn and as we progress many of us will be, and looks like, have been, experiencing more and more psychic phenomenon.  Our spiritual planes of existence are becoming more unified, and because of that you will dream more, get more intuitive feelings, and yes, may even see more ghosts, and other beings residing in the next plane of existences.

Just like people when they are living, there are bad ones and good ones.  Some are neither.  Elementals, for instance, reside on the other side and love human contact,  Matter of fact they feed off of it.  They can also impersonate others very, very well.  They can become anything you would like and will delight in entertaining any fantasy you might have.  For them it's fun.  There is no intention of hurting the individual, but they often never think of the consequences.  Opening the door to something you think may be Michael Jackson, opens the door to other beings as well.

That's not to say Michael Jackson is not in contact with anyone or near the earth plane.  He was murdered after all and still has unfinished business to attend to.  That business, however, is not making contact with woman all over the world to have a love affair.  And just to keep this plain as day, that is not why he is here with me either.  He has work left to finish, and cares very much about what is happening on the planet.

If you believe something strange is happening in your life with Michael Jackson, I want you to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Why is he in contact with you?  Did you know him before he passed?
  • If you believe it's because he tell you he loves you and wants to be with you forever, did he tell you that when he lived as well?  If not, its not him.
  • Is there a purpose in contact?  
There have been a few people who have said they have been directed to this site by Michael.  If you have this is why.  There were people who used him here, and some that continue to use his image on the other side.  Please don't fool yourself believing something at first site.  As I've said before, I do believe these experiences are real.  For the person it happens to, there is no getting around the fact that they are definitely experiencing something and that's why I will never negate someone else's experiences.  However, at this point I do have to say:  NEVER judge a book by it's cover


The Man in the Mirror Project - Being Open to Change

In this period of time where not only the consciousness is changing on the planet, but our ecosystems, our thinking, systems, and economic climate, we have a choice.  We can be accepting of the changes in our lives or we can continue to hold onto our old patterns and behaviors and struggle, experiencing stress and pain.

Some of us do this without even realizing it.  Our job changes or our marital status and we find ourselves longing for the way things "used to be".  There is one thing that is constant in the world and that is change. Yet for most of us, we take comfort in having the things around us remain the same.  We take comfort in the outside things that we seemingly think matter most.

With our current changes perhaps our focus should be somewhere else.  If we think about it what other constant has been present in every other situation in your life?  If you were to ask me that question, I would have to say me.  I AM the constant that has had the presence in every situation.  I can look back on my life and know without hesitation that I have made it this far because of who I am, not what I do or who I am with.

Within you, Michael would say, sits a seer.  The seer knows that whatever happens, happens with reason.  Sometimes they don't make themselves apparent at the time, but a true seer would know that he has to trust in the outcome.  That he has to trust in his maker that He knows more about what needs to transpire than we do.  Taking this leap of faith for most of us can be very scary.  It means we have to let go of our control.  But when you think about it, how much "control" do you really have in your life?

God, Allah, the force, is always described as a movement, then a rest.  Being open to change means that when the universe moves something in your life, you take rest.  Looking for a clue from the universe as to what your next step should be.  You remain open, saying to yourself "I am open to what wonderful things God has in store for me".  Like a child, you wait with excitement and anticipation. When something comes, like an offer for a new job, or maybe an opportunity to do something you have longed to do for years, you take that as a clue.  Now the rest is over, and you begin the movement part by taking action to grasp that which has presented itself in your life.

As humans, we tend to let our ego get in the way and too involved for our own good.  We make messes of things and balls of built up stress because ego says we are in control.  Being open to change means being open to the change the universe has for us, not necessarily only the changes we think are right.


Keeping an Eye in the Sky - Our Astrological Forecast this Week

As I written in previous newsletters, Venus retrograde begins May 15th and runs through June 27th. We will be rethinking our partnerships and relationships during this period. We are in an accelerated growth period now, which basically means some of us are growing by leaps and bounds spiritually, while others are not. If you are in a relationship that both people are growing, then great! This bond will continue to thrive. However, if there is a friendship, business partner or love connection in which one person is moving upward and the other is stagnant, it may fizzle out. If you feel I am speaking to you, then this specific relationship is the one(s) you will be rethinking and it could end before July. It's difficult to stay with someone who's level of consciousness is lower than yours.

We may also hear of more divorces and separations during Venus retrograde both in Hollywood and in our friendship circle. This Venus retrograde is a lot like the one in 2004 when many people ended relationships. This occurred when Venus transited over the sun. This aspect won't happen again for another 105 years so it's a big deal. We will all see a clearer picture of the associations we have with others. We will see people for who they really are, not what we think they should be or hope they are. For some of you, this has already been happening the past few weeks.

Combine this astro visit with the two eclipses we also have May 20 and June 4th and it's pretty obvious there will be some big changes for us in some way or another. This can be an intense period even for relationships that are usually easy going. For those of you who have had problems in relationships last summer, these astrological aspects show you what partnership needs to change or end. If you didn't make a decision last summer about someone, you may feel forced to do so now.

We are being pushed to change our patterns in relationships to create a better life. It's as if fate has now stepped in and exclaimed, "It's time to move on!"

Yes, this eclipse can make people a little crazy.

The new moon/Solar Eclipse on May 20 is at 'O degree Gemini. The Lunar Eclipse which follows on June 4th is in the sign of Sagittarius. On a positive note, both of these may bring some sort of success to the table. If you've been obsessive about something for a long time (and I'm talking years here), you could see your idea become accepted. Your goal can now manifest. Let's say you dreamed big for many years, these eclipses could manifest those dreams. Working on an invention you were obsessed with? Could be ready to hit the market and distributed. Obsessed with a long lost lover? Venus retrograde and these eclipses could bring him or her back into your life.

These eclipses will also bring a lot of things to light. You'll be able to see situations more clearly. Many of you reading this newsletter are also becoming more psychic and will use your intuitive gifts in a larger manner.

However there may be some power struggles in the work place. Things may need to change but the old guard doesn't want to.

This eclipse opens our minds and hearts to a new way of doing things; a new life! If you have lost hope or direction, this eclipse may very well bring you a sense of a new direction and show you that you do have a choice. It's time for you to take a new path; make a decision. Take action. All of the different astro aspects will create an energy inside of us, that makes us feel pushed to do something! In the month ahead, we must be willing to take action and push forward, even if we can't see the final outcome. We must trust everything will work out as it's supposed to. This really shows us how much we have evolved on a personal spiritual level.

For some of you in testy relationships, I want to tell you that they don't have to end. You may just have to change how you "play the game". Many of us repeat old patterns and often make our lovers pay for the sins of former lovers, parents, etc. Be aware of old patterns that no longer work.....or perhaps they never have!

Be willing to change how you deal with and handle the pressures presented the next six weeks. You may not be able to change someone's actions or opinions but you can choose how you will react to their actions. Understanding this concept will help you immensely in the forty days of Venus retrograde and get through some of the ecliptic energies.

by Maria Shaw Lawson


The Man in the Mirror Project - Weeding out the Widdles

Have you ever wondered what a widdle is?  Widdles are little creatures that live in your head that widdle out all the possibilities for your life.  A widdle could be a thought like "I'd really like to go to school, but I can't afford it" or "I'd love to move out of the city but it looks like I'll be here forever."  Something about widdles you should understand is that they are always self fulfilling.  Once a widdle is thought and felt it can widdle out all of your dreams in a matter of seconds.

This week try and recognize your widdles.  Believe it or not almost all of us have more than one widdle per day.  They are self fulfilling prophecies that stem from our belief we have about ourselves already. You have to notice the widdle and catch it before it widdles you down again.  Replace all widdles with "I can" and "I deserve" or "I will".  On the feeling side feel that whatever it is you want to manifest in your life is already there; believe it.  You do deserve to be happy.  No matter what any one else tells you or how they make you feel.  That's the other thing; don't let someone elses widdle become your widdle.

Its common to fight with your widdles.  These widdles have been present in us for a long time.  So when you catch them they don't leave willingly.  You have to be persistent in consciously weeding out your widdles so that you can allow for greater things to happen in your life.  


The Man in the Mirror Project - Storing Waste

I once heard a story about two monks walking down a road.  They came upon a woman who needed help crossing a mud puddle. It was against the rules for any monk to touch a woman.  Both monks looked at her predicament and one of them decided he would pick the woman up and carry her across.  He did so putting her down safely on the other side.

The two monks continued walking for several more hours down the road when finally one of the monks spoke up.  "I can't believe you picked up that woman.  You know it's against the rules."  The other monk answered "Are you still carrying that with you.  I put her down a long time ago."

We all carry things around with us that don't do anything for us.  The image we should hold in our minds is like we are storing waste.  For women (and I am one, so this came across to me very clear) we are always concerned about our weight.  What if every thought and situation we were not able to let go we stored as physical fat?  Would we continue to do so and how long would it be before we began to do something about it?

Believe it or not, it really is true.  Except the "fat" we store, this waste product of festering thoughts is in our energetic field.  Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

So this week as you are reminiscing perhaps about old hurts, words or actions, start to visualize where
those thoughts are stored.  When you do, ask yourself if you need the extra weight.  If not, perhaps you can decide to let it go, knowing its only some extra fat you can do without.


The Man in the Mirror Project - Detachment

Allow your journey through life to become your testament to your greatness.  Everything you are and everything you have endured has brought you to this precise point in time.  Our greatness depends on many things.  Our past, our present, and how we decide to use those things to create our future.

In yoga philosophies there is a law called detachment.  With detachment you mentally and emotionally detach from your thoughts.  Sometimes people do this when faced with trauma; they detach from the situation.  Although there is much comfort in groups of people who share the same ideas, in family systems, in countries and in societies the fact remains that we are still all unperfected beings creating misqualified energy.  We are all using our thoughts and actions of the ego to interact with each other most of the time.  So to come to a place where you truly begin to know where your greatness lies, you must learn to detach from those things.

This takes a little effort on your part.  It's similar to watching your thoughts and observing your feelings.  At this juncture, however, you must notice those things that hold you back in life.  It may be that someone you love has instilled in you the belief that you will never be more than you are.  It could be that you live in a place in the world that has been poverty stricken for many years and it is a belief in your society that you will never live in abundance.

This juncture requires you to shed those beliefs.  To stand in your God truth which says all things are possible and obtainable because God or Allah, our true source, is all things.  You have been created by His energy.  It lives in you.  We only need to access it to make those things manifest in our lives that we choose to but first we must detach from those things that limit us.

Create a space for yourself when ever a thought or emotion comes up that you notice is holding you back.  It could be a tense feeling like Michael had when his father walked into the room, making him feel ugly or a thought or fear that you won't have enough to eat today.  Observe this event then immediately tell yourself that you don't need to feel or think that way any more.  That this particular thing was not created by God, Allah or a higher source.  It has been created out of something distorted - it is misqualified creative energy.  You will no longer accept it into your life.  Replace it with the belief and feeling that you deserve and will obtain more for yourself because this is your true inheritance from no earthy form, but from God the father Himself.

There are many things that happen in our lives that seem unfair and hurtful.  There are many abuses that people suffer.  I've heard it said "it happens all the time."  My view is that it might happen all the time, but we certainly don't have to accept it into our lives.


A Look at the Planets This Week

The month ahead gives us a chance to look at how far we have come this new year; the changes we have made and/or the decisions we have made to move into a new direction. As I have wrote in previous columns, 2012 is the year of change as 2012, numerology-wise, equals the number 5; which is all about change!

One of the changes many people will be making over the next forty days is a change in relationship status. Venus which rules love and partnerships is going retrograde May 15th for 40 days. Many of us will be examining our personal relationships and either move forward or end them. Jupiter in Taurus is making aspects to Pluto which rules death and transformation. It is also making aspects to Uranus, which rules change. There will be some changes coming very soon for many of you in the area of partnerships. Some may be expected. Others may not. But because Jupiter is involved, they may be for the best.

There will be some lightbulbs going off in your head now about your love life. Some of you may feel as if you have sacrificed a lot for your mate, thinking that would please him or her when really they didn't want the things you offered up! Coming to terms with the past, the present and your future is the theme. You may decide how to refocus your energies and your life with or without this newfound knowledge.

Something is going to happen this week or perhaps someone is going to say something about your relationship that will cause you to really understand what's it all been about. If you have a partner that has been holding in resentment or a grudge against you, or perhaps you are toward your mate, it's coming out!!!!

The New Moon on May 20th at 7:48 PM EDT is a Solar Eclipse. This one relates to something you were doing 18 years ago. You are coming to a realization or finishing up something you started back in 1994.

Speaking of looking back to the past, the full moon last Saturday wraps up what we have been working on since November 2011. The new moon then, started a specific cycle in our lives. Then, there was a life crisis, directed from that, which hit in the summer of 2011. Now we will see the results of these events come full circle.

There'll be lots of realizations and "coming to terms" with the most important people in your life this week. What lies beneath the surface is bubbling to the top. Yu will uncover a lot of stuff you or your partner have been repressing. Time for healing growth and moving forward!!!

by Maria Shaw Lawson, Author and Astrologer


Spiritual Amnesia

If you have ever explored the possibility of past lives you might have thought about the reason why we don't automatically remember them.  There is a divine wisdom that plays a hand in almost everything that we are.  When you think about a flower or even a baby, we as people don't have to tell it how to grow, it is the wisdom that is already inherent within it that allows it to manifest.

Past lives and remembering them are almost the same way.  There is an order to things.  In divine order and with timing, like a flower, the blooming of or birthing of consciousness takes place.  Most often we come into this life not remembering our past lives.  Can you imagine if we did?

This morning as I was standing at the sink I was observing my mind.  It was thinking thoughts about my past.  My consciousness said "Stay focused.  You have to be in the present, you are not your past, nor your future, you are now."  This was me trying to be in the present moment.  Of course my mind didn't turn off at that point, and I went back to a conversation I once had with Michael.

I had remembered a past life we shared in Chicago.  We were performers and when I asked if he remembered he said of course he did.  Then I asked him why he never told me.  His reply was that I was supposed to find out these things all on my own.  Every one of us, like a flower needs to bloom in our own time to get back to our wholeness before we can unite with our higher selves and twins.

What I noticed about the path, however, is that at each juncture my higher self withheld information from my conscious mind.  It was as if it had this divine wisdom that knew when the moment of acceptance of the knowledge of my past or what was transpiring this time around was right.  Sort of like a spiritual amnesia, the higher self limits remembrance until your consciousness is ripe enough to accept it.  You may be acting on past lives and repeating patterns, but eventually your higher self will begin to allow you to glimpse the past in order to correct your future.  If you knew now, you may be thinking not only about your past this time around, but the past of the past and the past of that past.  How would you ever be able to come to know the true you with all those past lives and personalities hanging around?  The ego would say "but who am I", a geisha girl or a nun?  I was both.  The higher self says "You are neither.  You just are." 


The Healing Power of L.O.V.E.

Today I thought we should write about self mastery.  You know how to master ourselves when it comes to our emotions and thoughts.  Michael wanted to write about love.  We are still in some healing stages and it is a learning experience for us both.  When you are faced with a piece of yourself, sometimes there is no where to go.  You have to accept and face the issues, deciding to overcome them or you are simply not at peace.  It's almost like there is a war within yourself.  It's the power of love that makes you seek to reconcile, seek to become whole again and makes you return to love to heal the wounds within yourself.

Learning this with a twin soul mate only makes me think about us as humans.  If we did this same thing with everyone, sought the same kind of healing between us, without question, we could surely change the world.

So here is Michael's post, and as you will see in the end it explains the most important part of self mastery:

"When we think about love we think about the emotions between a man and a woman.  What we don't think about is how they got there or why they are there.  Sometimes in life we tend to take for granted those things we care about most.  We love the people in our lives because they are there supporting us and nurturing us but sometimes it is only on rare occasion that we tell them how we feel.  

When I say I love you, I mean it from my heart.  Love comes in many forms and different ways of expression.  I can love a flower, love nature, love children and love humanity.  When I say I love God, I feel different than when I say I love the raisins on the top of my birthday cake.  But no matter what form love takes, what shape it manifests itself in, it is still love.  That is the fabric that began and holds together our very existence. 

Some people look for love not knowing love is right in front of their eyes.  Expressing what kind of love you wish to receive only takes another beat of the heart, another string played by the melody of the soul in order to be made manifest in the world.  Expressing love, finding love, or being love isn't hard at all.  The hard part is letting love flow through you.  If you can master that then almost anything else is possible."



There was a great lady named Mira that lived not very long ago.  She was a twin flame to Sri Aurobindo.  Together they founded a society for Integral Yoga, teaching others how to integrate the physical with the divine.

In some ways this blog, and what I hope to do is the same.  This is a very historical period in human consciousness and there are many truths that I feel are important for people to know in order for there to be true happiness and peace on the planet.

Part of our journey with the Man in the Mirror Project has been in realizing patterns that we have within ourselves. Part of it has been realizing that our lives are in constant change.  Although many of us don't mind change, there are some that don't like it all, and some that like to hold onto the patterns they have within because let's face it they are where our comfort level is.

There is, however, a transition stage in the twin flame relationship that also holds true for coming to terms with  your true spiritual identity.  It's called surrender.  In surrender you accept that all things are made manifest in your life by divine will.  Michael had surrender in that all things he did he did with the intent to serve the divine and others, not take from it.  Surrender is difficult, however.  Our egos like to believe that we are in control.  What we don't realize when we do believe that is that there are always other egos that think they are also in control.  This leads to conflict.

Mother (Mira) spoke on this conflict present upon the earth.  She gives a wonderful, insightful, testimony to the beauty of surrender in the following video.  I'm sure as you listen (or read) what she has to say, you'll recognize the surrender that Michael himself had, and how you to can surrender in your own life to come to a place of your true divine being.

The Man in the Mirror Project - Listening to your Music

Every one of us has within a small knowing about our purpose in life.  As you move through this lifetime there will be many clues.  Some clues will be in the form of symbols.  Some are in the form of feelings and others are in the form of passions.  Sometimes when we are very small children our spirits are so pure that we naturally gravitate to our music.  It may be music itself, art or a passion for science.  All of these things are crucial in the role of the universe because it is your music that is the missing puzzle piece for this great big symphonic orchestra we call the universe.  What would a piece by Tchaikovsky be with out the beat of the drum or a Piano concerto without one of the notes on the keyboard?

Your music is not only important to you, its important to the universe.  If you think it is somehow frivolous to do your passion, think again.  It is most likely the very thing you were put on this earth to do.  It is that which brings you the greatest joy that at the same time will contribute most to the world.


Michael Jackson's Spirit - Ghost, camera dust, or the real thing . . you decide

Have you ever seen a spirit orb?  I have many spirits that like to hang around my house and sometimes they like to show themselves because they know I can communicate with them.  The orbs are balls of energy representing the soul of the person.

We took a trip to Disney this past year and Michael, yes Jackson, went along.  That was one of his favorite places to hang out.  During a review of some of those photos I found "a presence" in just about every one.  Most of them look as though the orb is "posing" with the person for the picture.  mmmmm....now who would do that?

The Man in the Mirror Project - Are you Living or Existing?

Michael Jackson started letting us know we were living unconsciously years ago with his song Heal the World, when he sang the words "stop existing and start living".  Our purpose on the planet was not be in want or disease, it was set forth to live in abundance.

Like the trees, the plants, the flowers of our earth, they don't need our help to live on the planet.  It's only when we, man, thinks he is smarter than our creator that things start to get messed up.

With us this "man" that thinks he or she is smarter is called our "ego". Ego tells us what we should "know better".  Even what our definition is of living and or what it is to say that we are existing is most often defined by ego.  Getting back to our perfect selves allows us to tap back into our "nature".  It's that part of us that nourishes not only our bodies, but our spirit as well.  Even looking at nature, breathing in deeply allows us to accept prana - the life force of the universe.  Even a small deep breath makes a difference in how you feel.  Try it.

Breathing in deep and exhaling allows us to release tension.  I don't think anyone has ever defined what tension is, but to me its a build up of our thoughts and emotions about anything.  Mostly they are negative in nature or fear based.  Coming back to our nature, we must try to mindful of those thoughts.  When we feel tension in our bodies, our bodies are telling us "Hey, wait a minute.  What do you think you're doing to me?"  It's giving us a very real signal to stop doing what we are doing because it is now causing you physical pain.

Energetically what happens is that those thoughts go into a place in your energy field.  If you liken the thoughts to colors of the rainbow, the negative ones are black and the positive ones of love are white.  Observe what you are thinking today and ask yourself what color you are emitting for yourself for your body to feed off of today.  This is how we nourish ourselves by God's design.  If you are not living, chances are there are thoughts of scarcity or fear that you yourself have put into your field.

For many years many of us have seen pictures like this one of Jesus.  Have you ever asked anyone what the circle was around his head? Or why his heart was on fire or why his hand was like that?  This is part of unconscious living.  For thousands of years the truth about our very existence has been around us.  We have failed to look at it only because we remained unconscious, not asking questions we believed what we were told.  We existed.  Now it's time for us all to start living.


FOCUS on Charities - Fans in Action

There are many charities that have been started by fans after Michaels death to make a difference in the world.  Once such organization is called EVERLAND.   They have several ways you can unite with them to make a difference so I am inviting you to learn more about the organization and how you too can help:


The Man in the Mirror Project - Embracing Change

A student went running to Albert Einstein after the final exams and said “Professor Einstein, I think you made a mistake. The questions are the same as last year.”
“Yes,” said Einstein, “but the answers have changed.”

If there was ever anything that Einstein taught us it was that there was not much constant in this world but energy.  That energy no matter what form it takes is always changeable.

Our minds, our thoughts, and our perceptions have all changed over the years.  This year in particular will be a year of great change for many of us.  We will change jobs, careers, relationships and friendships.  The shift in consciousness means that the old way we used to do things and think about things is changing.  We will need to be flexible to navigate our way through these changes with ease.

Some things in your life may change and you may think its the worst thing that could happen to you.  You may find yourself trying to hold onto old patterns, worn out thinking or stale relationships.  I'd like to challenge you to embrace a new concept:  In coming across a situation where your relationships or job may end, consider that your energy may be shifting into a new state of consciousness.  Trust that there is purpose in the shift and in time the "right" thing for you will be made apparent.

Remember this shift is not a man made shift, this is an energetic shift, allowing our energies and consciousness to be uplifted in a new enlightening way.  Don't be afraid to let go of people who don't want to be in your life, or jobs that no longer serve the real you.  Embrace the change by accepting and letting go, opening yourself to the new possibilities that will be greater and rewarding in ways you could have never imagined.