Send some love for Katherine Jackson today . . .

Just a quick note to ask that you join us in sending Katherine Jackson some support today.  She is taking the stand in the AEG trial for Michael's death.  May she be strong, full of courage and know that she is not alone.  Sending some love.

Take This Journey With Me . . The Upanishads

About a week ago I was having a visit with Sri Aurobindo and Mira in meditation.  He had been coming around quite frequently.  I honestly don't know much about Sri's life, probably only the surface things.  He's always fascinated me, however.  His life with Mira and the studies and dedication they have had for the human race.

Sri and Mira were twin souls and as we've said here before, twins always have something special to offere as a couple.  This doesn't mean necessarily that you will be a romantic couple, only that you will have similar spiritual work together.  My work with Michael has to do with the human consciousness and Sri and Mira have been very kind and generous in extending their help.

We've often posted Man in the Mirror PROJECT items on the blog.  Our hope is to continue that journey and even expand upon it.  Michael has been instrumental in the creation of many of these ideas as well as the Brotherhood of Light, who include people like Sri and Mira.  I cannot and would not attempt to do any of this on my own.  We work always as a team.

Recently Sri has instructed me to get something called the Upanishads.  When I looked the word up the wikipedia said that they are texts that concern the true nature of ultimate reality(brahman).  Brahman had been the word Sri had used previously and I recently found out that he also made statements and discoveries about our natures between sleeping and wakefulness, which only support the experiences that Michael and I had in communicating with each other telepathically.

Sri has made his own interpretations on the Upanishads.  I have no idea what to expect, but thought it might be fun if my readers joined me in this part of my learning.  I will be taking a repreave until the first of August.  If there are any of  you that would like to consider learning about the Upanishads with me, Sri, Mira and Michael, perhaps you could pick up a copy from your library.  I'll be posting what he teaches as well as what I find and it may make for wonderful discussion as well as some great insights from all of us.

Until then I hope the next week or so finds you in a good place, remembering to live only in the moment and trusting yourself enough to know you'll be where you are supposed to.  See you again soon! 


Are You Spiritual?

In this world of perceived separations, knowing you are not alone is key in stepping towards union with your higher self.  If you don't consider yourself a "spiritual" person, think again.  It's the "spiritual" part that makes you who you are.  If you don't "practice" your spirituality,  that's a choice, but that choice is most often made not knowing the changes you can make in your life practicing it, and even more importantly how you can practice it.

Many times when we hear that someone is "spiritual" we paint a picture in our heads of someone meditating in the lotus position, perhaps even dressed all in white and levitating off the floor.  We say things like "they are very spiritual", or "I'm very spiritual", even surmising that someone will "dress" the part.  Michael Jackson had even said he was going to put a red dot right in the middle of his forehead at one time.  Yet, looks can deceive.  The most spiritual people in the world are most likely everyday Joes like you and me.  They don't use spirituality as their title - that's ego.   And they don't make it a habit of letting people know just how "spiritual" they are.  They move through life using their spirituality to help heal themselves and those around them.

The best spirituality practicitioners are the ones that continue to question.  They know instinctively there is more to us than we have been taught.  They question the hows, the whys and the whens.  They search within themselves for why they find themselves in the same situations over and over again.  They look for answers in books, in asking, in teachers, in friends and most often just while they are taking a walk.  They are marveled at nature, they delight in a child.   Their playful nature exudes life and they are intoxicating to be around.  They may not be dressed like Jesus, or have a habit on like a nun, but they exist among our every day people.  The ones that will make true change.  The ones that because they have dared to traverse the path themselves will open the door for others, guiding us along our way.  These are the true spiritual people of the world.  The ones who not only practice, but use that practice for the betterment of humanity, not just themselves.  As Jesus once said "You will know them by their fruits."



Twin Souls - Listening Inward

"I just want to lay next to you for a while."  It is the silent embrace of the soul that is sought before sleep that keeps us safe and comforted.  Our other half completes us, and when we reach to them and they to us, we create for ourselves a wholeness that is unparalleled to anything ever experienced in the third dimension.

The brothers of light tell me that twins have come in record numbers at this time in history.  It is part of our evolution and part of the plan to join what was once split apart back together.  The process can be confusing to some and a mystery to others, but it will happen for everyone, they say, and in time we'll know what it's like to be masters of our own destiny once again.  For in joining, we create the vortexes needed to change the evolution of the planet itself.

How do we begin?  We find the twin within.  There are processes and veils that separate our consciousness that will be needed to be dropped away.  The veils shield us like slender doors between our conscious mind and subconscious; the part of us that dreams.  That which we are aware of while we are awake, and that which is known while we sleep.  Some of you may recall some of the music Michael himself recorded.  Some words in particular that will be helpful are "you just reach out for me girl, in the morning, in the evening."  The words are from the song "You Are Not Alone."  What as a twin do you feel it might mean?  That he wants her to call him on the phone in the morning and in the evening, or is it something else?

Twins can reach each other internally.  It is said that if we could see what others can on the other side you would see millions of light strings going back and forth in our universe.  These strings carry the vibrations of twin flames all over the world communicating telepathically.  Our best time to reach them is in the morning and in the evening.  We are most often always between a state of wakefulness and sleep when the veils can be lifted enough for us to hear and feel our twin with us.  If we know who they are, we can picture them in our mind bringing into our feeling bodies a desire to pull them close. Before you know it, it will feel as if they are there lying next to you and making you whole in a feeling of bliss; this is the soul's embrace.

Their voice will sound like a whisper within.  If you've heard them in life they will have the same voice inside.  You'll know that it's them when you know the communication is coming too fast for your mind to make it up.  You'll sense a calm and peace when this communication is transpiring.  For those that have made communication and are conscious of it, remember it is within the soul.  The desire to join in the physical will be great and the desire to place the relationship into traditional roles, even stronger.  You must remember that this is a soul relationship and there will be many lessons, hurdles and challenges as much as there will be love, joy and wonderment.  The journey, however, is always well worth the effort.  For in the end you will come to know a part of you that is the most magical part of all - love.


Visitations with Sri - The Path to the Twin Soul

Sri Aurobindo, a great soul who inhabited the earth with his flame Mira, has given me some advice on
the path to the twin.  I asked what advice should be given regarding twin flame soul mates and this is what he said:

"What do they need to do to come to terms with their own souls?
  • solidarity
  • love
  • compassion for self
  • fortitude
These are the things that bring us up from the mud and into the light.  We are not immortal by accident.  A thought, a fleeting wish can fulfill itself upon a whim.  For in your mind you are the creator.  The dance begins when all of life joins in harmony from our single thought.  A creation, a form in action brought forth from a feeling of love, delight and fortitude.

Who can say what life will bring?  For when the force of life is played diligently, all will see great things come to pass.   This is the path of a flame.  To master the self above the fleeting emotions, the moments of solitude and the disappointment of other men.  To stand in a place of honor, letting go of the judgments of others, while living your truth.  No one of us is the same.  No one of us is different.  We all carry the same seed of being brought forth from a source of love.  Fulfillment then lies in our return to it.  The love that life itself is made of will one day heal all of life and transcend our fondest desires."  - Sri


Twin Flames - Patterns After Death

This entry may be better written on the pages of a diary.  For as far as I know, most people don't write about these kind of things with flames.  Hopefully you will take something from it and learn.  It is personal, but I do believe that is within the personal story that people most often learn the most.

The blog's title is Michael Jackson - A Twin Soul's Story.  Even after he has passed the story continues.  I had written a book at his request several months back.  He's recently thought I should write another one on what has happened since his passing.  "It could make you money", he said and I've come to realize something about Michael that I never had.  This is personal, and not about the pop star.  So if you are not reading for valid twin flame material and only about Michael Jackson the pop star, I highly suggest you stop here.  Honestly.. and thank you.

As anyone who has ever been on the path to a flame, you know it's not an easy road.  You question yourself, the other person and why the bond even exists.  With Michael I did the same and when he lived I had always assumed I was the only one that had issues and karma to deal with.  For some reason I thought he had worked through all of his.  I didn't take the clues I was given.  We make up stories, like we do in life with other people.  The ego has a devout way of making sure we stay in our pain bodies.  Enacting stories about who we are and who the people around us are, even what they are thinking and what is actually happening.  When given the choice, we believe our story instead of the truth.  There are times that we just aren't ready to awaken to it.  One of those times has now passed, and I have awaken to a truth I should have known a long time ago.

When Michael and I spoke before he passed, it was often, sometimes deep, sometimes very casual. After he passed, however, we've begun to be able to get to know one another better on a personality level.  I say it that way because even when he lived I used to say if we ever met we should try dating.  For those that believe flames are magically in love, they are, but I knew even then that the personality or ego was different than the soul.  There are some things that might not work between the two even though you might be the exact soul match.  There are issues that need to be cleared.

Michael has been instrumental for me in my growth and sweeter to me than anyone has been to me in my life.  Flames are often the source of our biggest spiritual growth.  It stands in truth that this is also how it is after one passes.  He continues to spur me on to new levels of growth, both spiritually and personally and we continue to mirror back both the good, the bad, and everything in between.

I have to laugh because when I was younger I liked to think of people who passed with wings.  Heaven was the place they went and somehow even the mean people seemed to transform into great people after they died.  In the eyes of the living, they somehow changed form.  I can say today, that is so absolutely not true!  Not only that, but flame or not, you continue.  Not only do you continue, but you continue with all your "stuff" as well.  Part of Michael's unfinished business was me and I have finally figured out why.

He's appeared at my doorstep behind a man leaving.  He's warned me about several men I have dated and flicked my lights on and off so many times now I can't count.  Elizabeth, his friend, has said we have earned the right to be together.  I believed her and began working with him on a more consistent level, but I had issues.  Part of me was blocked.  I had an attitude.  If you've ever read my book, Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls, you'll know that Michael and I never physically came together as a couple.  I held him responsible for that after he passed.  Every time I would ask a psychic reader why he wouldn't approach me even though we were face to face when he lived they would say he didn't have to.  And, every time I would try to approach him, I would be told by my spirit guides very sternly to let him approach me.  At the time, it seemed there was a "mystery" reason for the separation.  Now I know much better.

We've talked many times about patterns on the blog.  Both Michael and I have worked out many things personally, but the thing we did not work out was our patterns in personal relationships.  I failed to see the patterns in his life and how they related to our bond as flames.  I blamed him for something he was unable to do.  Our personal relationships start with our relationship with our parents.  For Michael that relationship was based on how he could make money for them.  His whole life has been about what he could "do" for other people to get love.  I am sorry to say, that it has not changed, even on the other side of the veil.  Sorry because I didn't realize it, and sorry because he didn't either.

Michael and I not coming together was just as my psychic teacher had said many years ago - he didn't have to; we already talked.  What I failed to see is that Michael was not capable of coming closer to a physical relationship.  He simply didn't know how and I can't say for certain looking back that I did either.  I never realized the impact of his upbringing on our reality.  He did not have the means or the courage to bring real intimacy into his physical life.  His whole life pattern based from his childhood was all aimed at achieving.  Achieve a goal like profits, healing the world, greatness, marrying someone for children, or a better public image.  Our personal relationship then was like a woman who enters into an affair knowingly with a married man.  If we kept it purely on the spiritual level, there was no pressure and no threat of a commitment.  For as lonely as he said he was and as much as he wanted to have a family, he still had something that kept him from it: himself.  Our egos are so strong, they will engage in any activity to keep us in the normal, and more comfortable patterns that we have always engaged in. This is what was happening when he lived between us and is still happening now.

His comments about making money was the final clue.  I didn't start the blog to make money or even write the book for money.  I'd rather people really get something from it, to learn, to experience, even wonder and hope.  Yet I realized his self worth was eerily similar to mine.  He had to offer something in exchange for my affection or help.  He simply currently knows no other way.  When you are faced with everyone in your life expecting and taking from you, I guess you feel everyone is like that.  It's sometimes hard to believe someone would just be there, just do for you because they can and for no other reason.  His life and lessons, our life and lessons, don't change after we pass.  His priorities are currently the same.  He remains loyal still to his family and to his fans.  He still composes music and still lives in another Neverland with children and animals.  Our opinions are different, our views vastly apart.  His loyalty had baffled me at one time.  For when you look at someone else you see so clearly, yet I had placed my loyalty in those unworthy of it at one time as well and for the first time I see clearly the mirror that is placed before me and continue to hope that he does too.


The Psychic's Contact Information

Some time ago and on the side bar is a psychic reading I received in 2011.  This reading was done by a lady that goes by the name of Carol Clarke.  She lives in the UK.  Some people have inquired about her contact information for a reading for themselves.  Recently she has allowed me to offer the following:

"The psychic readings are either recorded by me as a QuickTime audio file or as an MP3 audio file. The QuickTime file can only be played on your computer, all you will need is QuickTime player which can be downloaded for free. The MP3 file can be downloaded as any other music file, please state your preference. Both types of recordings are sent over the internet.

The recordings are approximately about 50 minutes in duration. I also offer a 30 minute reading.
I ask you to choose twelve numbers between 1-78 in any sequence and give your date, place and if known, the time of birth. I connect and work with the energy of your written words and the numbers including those of your birthdate and name, The reading will connect with many areas of your life, also possibly your past lives.

These are all the details I need. However, if you should have anything you wish me to focus on or have any questions you would like me to answer during the reading then please let me know. If you wish to send a photograph for an aura reading ( to be included in the reading no extra charge) then please do.
For the 50 minute reading, the charge is £76 sterling (GBP); the charge for the 30 minute reading is £56 sterling (GBP)

I do all readings personally and your reading is usually done within 31 days of payment being received.
Once your reading has been done, monies paid cannot be refunded.

I can accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer. I will of course confirm when payment is received. Unfortunately, I cannot accept credit card payments at the moment."

You can reach Carol at her email address:

Visitations with Sri - Mira (Mother) and our vibrations

Sri sat with his white strands of hair beaming.  I engaged in conversation with Mira.  I wanted to know what it was like when Sri passed on.  He had an accident and died.  I had read that she said she felt the vibration of it in her very being the moment it happened.  "Did you talk to him, see him after he passed?" I asked.  "He appeared to me even physically", she said.  "We were always in contact.  It never ends."

She told me to write it down.  "Draw a circle", she said, "and another in the middle.  Here in the center is you.  The outer circle is the universe and you emit vibrations out into the universe constantly."

"Draw another dot here, that is you.  Here is where I am", she said, "and here is where "we" are.  We step down our vibration to be with you. "

"All of life dances to this orchestra.
 One beats at a note above the other,
another beating of the drum is below.
We are cymbals, drums, flutes and clarinets, each sounding our vibrational frequencies into the earth.  This time we must recognize what we wish to compose.  Is it a song of freedom, of love, of righteousness or of war?  We choose, you choose and the world as a whole is the result of those choices.  We are one.  Blessings."


The Legend of Neverland

I had put the phrase on a t-shirt for a company I founded in 2007 called Inner Temple.  "What you believe and conceive, you can achieve."  It was those same words that Taj Jackson testified on the stand today that Michael believed in as well.  Another reference was made to his favorite song, "Man in the Mirror", and I find myself thinking of where this all has taken us.

It is a place of knowing and understanding, when you continually marvel at the relationship of the soul. We dream, we see, we just know things that in this everyday world, seem just too far fetched yet still.  Most people don't talk about spiritual experiences for fear they won't be believed or ridiculed for believing in something that seemingly no one else does.  When I write these words, I can't help but know that they are missing out on the most magical part of life.

What is the purpose of life itself if not to spur itself into a continuum of love?  What is the sense of living, if you are forbidden to live it passionately?  Who is to say what the absolute truth is for any of us in this world today?  In answer to all of these questions, it boils down to one thing, you.

It is your perception, your experience and your beliefs that will help you move forward or hold you back.  They will enter you into an argument, or have you make peace.  They will allow you to help heal the world, or they will deter your efforts because no else "believes" in your dream.

The legend of Peter Pan is based upon believing.  If you've ever seen the story, you'll remember the boyhood Pan reciting the same words to his boyhood friends.  "All it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust"  Mentoring the boys to never grow up and become stuffy adults adds the magic back into Pan's life to "believe" he could achieve anything.  The legend of Neverland is the same.  If we hold within us the faith in our inner child to never grow up, we'll also hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven.  For those who not only see the world through the eyes of a child, but believe in it as well, will be among those who achieve the most monumental changes in our history.  All that you have come to know and believe, could be just a dream.  For those who believe in Neverland, the dream will never end.


Visitations with Sri - Twins, Love, and Brahman

Twin flames Sri Aurobindo and Mother (Mira)
Some years back there were two very well known twin flames living; Sri Aurobindo and Mother.  It's been said that many twin flames when joined together will turn around and help others as well.  I've been seeing Sri quite often in meditation, as well as his lovely counterpart Mira (Mother).  The most extraordinary part of meditation is that it allows you to quite your mind enough to be able to connect with great beings like these.  The frosting on the cake, however, is when you are able to become their student.

I almost felt as if Michael had brought Sri to me.  I saw him dressed in a blue shirt and very much at peace.  He sat with us as Sri commented on how knowledgeable Michael was and I couldn't help but think that I really must be the "slow one" in the group.

We talked about Brahman.  Sri had a beautiful way of explaining it; he said Brahman is Hindu you know.  It is the word they use to describe the all encompassing force that all of life is.  That is Brahman.  It is not a deity, and it is not only within man, it is all things.  The force, he said, that activates Brahman, is love.

Well to me that sounded nice, but how exactly would love activate Brahman, I wondered.  How can you begin to feel love or activate love yourself?  He described love like this:  Love is the force that draws the flower nearer to the sun; it is the desire to reach for and connect with another piece of Brahman; it is the force that causes the trees to sprout limbs, the mountains to shield the cattle, the part within you that desires to create a warm smile to share and the desire and yearning for union between a man and a woman.  It is a reaching for, a compelling of; that is it's nature.

I know that technically twin flames are suppose to join together.  One part of the soul, joins with the other and notice him and Mira were still two separate individuals.  He said if that were true, the idea in my mind, he would have two heads!  Not likely, he said.  The joining, he explained, is the vibrational frequency of the soul itself.  Like a neurotransmitter, you can be miles apart and still on the same radio station, so to speak.  The difference between "joining" and being twins and not knowing, is the level of frequency and the consciousness of that frequency.  The higher you go, the more Brahman is accessed.  The love then that compels the two together flourishes upon the other and creates a ripple of more love in the universe.  You are complete, because the two now act as a force of love in Brahman and not two resonating at different levels still trying to merge.

Sri and Mira are very loving and I am very honored and blessed to be able to offer this to you.  They have not come for my benefit alone and we are in agreement to post our visits here.  I'll be offering more "Visitations with Sri" as they come.


Michael's Death Conspiracy - Asking the Questions

Hypothesis:  Michael Jackson was deliberately drugged by Conrad Murray, who under direct supervision of AEG, made sure that he would not be able to perform as necessary to meet the requirements of the contract.  I further contend, that John Branca was directly involved with negotiating a deal with AEG in an attempt to regain the controlling rights over Sony and other assets , such as the Beatles catalog owned and acquired by Michael Jackson from Branca and Sony in previous years.  Branca and his Sony company board participants facilitated rights to documented footage and sales of This Is It as well as stepping in to facilitate their own deal by ensuring all assets of Michael Jackson would be transferred to the Estate of Michael Jackson (John Branca and McClain) for their own control; this includes the self dealing company they are a part of: Sony.  These self dealings continue today by the formation of trusts and other investments benefiting Sony and the executors directly.

The Questions:

What was on the contract with AEG and Michael?  Collateral:  In the event of default, AEG would be entitled to all assets of Michael Jackson freely - particularly outlining "including films", etc.

What did Sony wish to acquire from Michael?  The assets once lost to Michael from Sony and Branca: The Beatles Catalog and ownership rights in Sony itself.

Was AEG in the business of films?  AEG and Sony are named on the DVD version of This Is It. Their "agreement" allowed them to gain huge profits.  I believe Randy Phillips of AEG realized how much "profit" he could acquire per his email to introduce the project to AEG when he noted how much money Sony made from Michael Jackson sales in January of that year.  I have no prior knowledge of AEG being in the film business.  AEG is known as a concert promoter, not a film producer.

How did AEG acquire footage of This Is It and so soon?  The US Copyright office shows documented filing for copyright of This is It was acquired 5 business days after Michael's date of death by AEG.  Was AEG filming for themselves, when prior testimony stated they were not?  And if not, how did they acquire rights to this footage since the executors of the estate for Michael Jackson would be in charge of his assets at this point?  If it is true then, they were filming, it shows intent to enter into an agreement with Sony from the beginning.  If not, did the executors run to Michael's house get the footage then call AEG and say "Hey, let's make a movie?" all in a matter of hours?

What is different from Michael during the 8 week period talked about in the trial from him doing multiple spins to hardly able to do one?  Conrad Murray's entering into a verbal agreement with AEG.  On May 1st Conrad Murray's services began.  He documents that his services were being fulfilled to the "client" in good faith in his email to Tim Wooley of AEG on 5/28/09.  This would not only imply that Conrad was servicing AEG's "client", not Michael Jackson, but that according to testimony, the deteriorating health of Michael Jackson was as a direct result of this agreement with Conrad Murray and AEG to service the "client" proven by the period of eight weeks of deteriorating health as testified and the simultaneous chronology of the date services began for "the client".

On 5/28 another email from Murray to Tim Wooley of AEG states:  "I find it a pleasure to work with you and look forward for future endeavors."  What future endeavors?  I thought they were contending he worked for Michael and in such case should have been corresponding with Michael about "future endeavors", not AEG.

What drugs were on the autopsy report and found in the home that would lead us to believe that someone was deliberately poisoning Michael?   During a recent review of both the autopsy and coroners report we find many different drugs.  The ones that stand out, however, are drugs that contradict each other.  Propofol, Lidocane and Flumazemil, for instance were detected in a syringe and in fluid from IV tubing.  Flumazemil is an agent that elicits symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawl (which Michael exhibited with flu like symptoms, paranoia, forgetfullness, sensitivity to the ears, etc) and also is used as a blocking agent for properties found in other benzodiazepine.  What does this mean?  Not only was Michael being given Propofol to help him sleep, he was also being given an agent to keep him awake at the same time, further rendering other side effects including prolonged insomnia, flu like symptoms, etc.  Further findings on the report include evidence of Ephedrine in the urine.  This is a diet pill.  Recent photos of Michael and his severe loss in weight (also a symptom from withdrawl effect) don't look like he needed an appetite suppressant.  If I wanted to run someone down, however, I might use one or two and make sure they don't sleep as well.  I would say that would have a definite effect on one spin versus multiple spins in just the months prior.

Why would they poison Michael?  To acquire the assets, money from sales and still go on with the show.  Looking at photos,  clips and even songs to date lead me to question:  Will the real Michael Jackson please stand up?  

Who would benefit?  AEG, Sony, The Michael Jackson Estate (i.e. John Branca and McClain)

How do we know AEG was involved?  Recent testimony reveals even early on how lazy Randy Phillips explained Michael was and that he would try to get out of doing the shows.  He goes on further to state how Michael will lose everything, they had a contract.  Talk about coming out with it.  Of course he would paint him lazy when he knows he's making him that way and getting everything for himself as a direct result of a breach of contract, is exactly what was intended.

Further, the evidence of emails regarding the insurance policy that was obtained early on included a healthy medical exam for Michael.  In March they tried to up the insurance but when faced with getting an updated exam and the exam was requested to be in London they wanted to  "pull the plug", then in later emails "reschedule" for sooner in the states.  They already knew Michael wouldn't pass medical in London - they had plans to make sure he wouldn't be able to perform, let along pass a medical exam.  If it was all on the up and up then Conrad Murray wouldn't have lied on behalf of AEG as evidenced on 6/23 that he was in great health.  The documentation is an email from Kathy Jarrie of AEG thanking Murray for his "assistance" with the insurance company.

On June 18, 2009 Phillips and Gongaware of AEG demanded Michael stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and demanded medications only be taken by Murray.  Klein may have been able to help and most likely would have gotten in the way since he had been Michael's doctor for years.

Phillips also resisted the request from Kenny Ortega to seek help for Michael when Kenny complained about Michael's state of mind.  Not only did he say no psychological help as Kenny offered he needed, but said that it was "critical" that none of them in the show become amateur physicians or psychologists.  This implies he not only knows something about Michael's physical state, but tells us further to leave it to Conrad Murray.  He has it well handled, he says, and is, by the way, under AEG's direction.

Who was Frank Dileo and why did he come back into Michael's life?  Michael's "former" manager and sat on the board of directors for Sony.  He wasn't his manager in January when Michael started negotiating with AEG, apparently "someone" hired him back in.  If we know AEG is the one footing the bill, my bet is on them.

Where was the security footage?  Security footage from the home where Michael was living was missing the night he passed.  No one knows where it went.

Who paid security?  AEG paid everyone and for everything, retaining control of everything and everyone in Michael's life at that time.

Who paid Dr. Murray?  The contract with Murray was with AEG.  His revised contract even included a "confidentiality" agreement.  The first did not.  Revised contract date: 6/23 per email evidence entered into court.  The confidentiality included the sensitive information Conrad Murray might come across.  If he was Michael's doctor, I don't think the confidential things were AEG's business, yet I guess AEG remained in control, so this does make sense.  We wouldn't want Conrad to tell anyone about what was "expected" of him.

Who scheduled additional shows?  AEG

Who fired all of Michael's business associates in the same month Murray was hired?  AEG

Why did the estate not take action against Conrad Murray if he was responsible for Michael's death?  The estate has contended Murray has no money, however, the contact that he had with AEG required him to obtain malpractice insurance.  I guess that would cover the good old doctor so what other reason would the estate have in not suing him?  Obligation?  They have already made it known to sue for less, like Michael's Heal the World Foundation but not Michael's death?  That's odd, don't you think?

Why is AEG interested in seeing "an innocent man" set free?  I would imagine the same reason the estate has not taken action against him.  Conspiracy.

Whose name(s) are on the This is It DVD case?  AEG, Sony, Columbia Pictures, The Michael Jackson Company (The Estate)

Who was taking footage of This is It?  According to testimony in the Conrad Murray trial, no one but Michael's guys were.  However, according to credits on the film as well as copyright application, we see many cameras and camera men being given credit.

How was that footage acquired?  If it was Michael's it stands to reason someone took it from his home and I don't think he handed it to anyone.

Consciousness of Humanity

They started as flashes of scenes.  My guides told me to just let them pass.  I was viewing things from all over the world.  Acts of kindness, selfishness and people speaking to one another.

It was 2012 when the world seemed to be in an uproar about the ending of the Mayan Calendar.  It predicted a change in world consciousness.  For some reason perhaps most believed it would happen all in one day.  Yet, it is still happening on a daily level.  For as the flower grows it's petals, so does the consciousness of humanity.

During the revolution of industries, a great number of inventions were created.  Factories put their buildings up, the auto industry began creating more cars and merchandising to make money became common place.  As the years went on, we began to notice the contribution these things also made on a global level.  The exhaust from the cars and even the toxicity of waste from the factories.  Our consciousness is the same.  Each deed we do, each thought we think, enters into our global atmosphere.  Like an unseen smog, it can depress or uplift us, depending on what we decide to put into it.

This unity consciousness effects us all even though we might not see it.  We can feel it when events like 9/11 happen and enter into the compassion of it when school children are killed by a man searching to end his own pain.  We are collective and unified, yet we still have the thinking that we are separate.  Like separate cells on the human body, we each play a part in the world we live in, as even each cell on your body effects the whole.  One cell can infect another.  It can spread infection and create havoc on your entire system.  Adversely, another cell can induce healing and heal the entire body, adversely creating a healthy state of being.  We are not different.  The deeds in one day handed to one person can either make or break that persons day.  In turn they too can decide to pass it on to another.  Depending on what they received from you, it could determine if that deed is in kindness or rudeness, inspiration or in despair.

What power we have!  Yet we still do not realize the extent of it.  We create our world each day individually with our own thoughts and collectively as a whole.  May we one day we realize that both are the same.


Evidence of Keeping Michael from Performing his Contractual Duties/The Autopsy

After some research, it was discovered that if Michael was taking Ambien, as stated on the previous post, it could have been out of his system in as little as six hours:

Rxlist Messageboard: Bendodiaziapines & Drug Testing http://www.rxlist.com/rxboard/ambien.pl?read=1055 Regarding the matter of how long Ambien is detectable, the drug is rapidly eliminated from the body, and is usually undetectable within 6 to 14 hours

Three of the other medications found in his system were Bendodiaziapines, which are all used as sedatives and muscle relaxers, most often used before surgery.

One of the drugs, Diazepam, also treats insomnia, however another property it is used for is Benzodrazepine withdrawl, which can occur from the sudden abruption or gradual reduction of other Bendodiaziapine medications, like the Nordiazepam, Lorazepam and Midazolam found in Michaels system. An interesting note on this is that if that was what Michael was experiencing the following may be present:  (I've highlighted those symptoms that I currently am aware of.)
The following symptoms may emerge during gradual or abrupt dosage reduction:
I am not a doctor, but the one that did hit me on this list was "Increased sensitivity to sound" You can see Michael on tape during rehearsals telling them to turn the sound on his earpiece down.

There were several other medications that I found interesting. One was Ephedrine which is a stimulant and appetite suppressant. Nice option for someone already losing weight, don't you think?

Also found on the dresser, in Exhibit 500-390 from the LAPD, is a bottle of Flumazenil which is used to reverse the effects of sedation from medications like Midazolam found in Michaels system.  So simply put it seems like there was insurance on keeping him sedated and tired as well as undernourished.  That would probably lead one to believe that performance and contractual duties would be almost impossible.  

Below is the video of Michael at rehearsals taking his earpiece out just before he asks them to adjust the sound.  The actual footage of him asking for sound adjustment is taken out, but present in the full version of This Is It.  You can tell he is pushing it here.  He looks very tired.

More Confirmations - NEW Information

An addiction specialist took the stand on Tuesday in the AEG vs Jacksons trial.  The specialist confirmed what's been stated here before: Michael Jackson was not an addict; he was dependent on pain medication.

Also in the news is Paris Jackson.  Again as we've stated earlier, she is now expected to be in "treatment" until the trial is over.  I don't think many of us are surprised by that one.

Other reports are claiming Jermaine Jackson is claiming that Paris doesn't respect authority.  I'm not surprised by this and really want to comment. I have permission on this one,  so just let me say, again (because I've said this earlier too) abusers do not like people who are not submissive to them.  Paris has her own mind and was raised that way.  There is nothing wrong with a young woman having her own mind and Jermaine, I suppose your son shooting a taser gun at Michael's children would be considered respecting authority?  I'll just stop there, because I could do volumes on Jackson abuse.  Michael raised and wanted to raise his children differently.

Several other issues have been brought up as to Michael's health and medications.  He's recently told me about a drug called Ambien that was given to him.  He kept impressing me to look it up.  Ambien is defined as:  Ambien (zolpidem) is a sedative, also called a hypnotic. It affects chemicals in your brain that may become unbalanced and cause sleep problems (insomnia).

The side effects are:  

Ambien side effects

Ambien may cause a severe allergic reaction. Stop taking Ambien and get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction to zolpidem: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: depression, anxiety, aggression, agitation, confusion, unusual thoughts, hallucinations, memory problems, changes in personality, risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger, or thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself.
Stop using Ambien and call your doctor at once if you have:
  • chest pain, fast or irregular heartbeat, feeling short of breath;
  • trouble breathing or swallowing; or
  • feeling like you might pass out.
Common Ambien side effects may include:
  • daytime drowsiness, dizziness, weakness, feeling "drugged" or light-headed;
  • tired feeling, loss of coordination;
  • stuffy nose, dry mouth, nose or throat irritation;
  • nausea, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach; or
  • headache, muscle pain

    What other drugs will affect Ambien?

    You may need a lower dose of Ambien if you take other medicines that make you sleepy or slow your breathing (such as cold medicine, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and medicine for depression, anxiety, or seizures). Tell your doctor if you are currently taking any of these medications.

This would explain the loss of coordination, not sleeping, not eating and more recently, headaches, Michael was suffering.  He told me he was getting headaches and was taking a green pill with a white stripe around it.  I looked it up and it's Exedrin Extra Strength, as pictured here.

As far as I could see, I did not see Ambien on the toxicological findings, however, I don't feel that is conclusive to what he was being given prior to the night he passed.  Conrad Murray did say he was trying to get Michael off the Propofol.  


Breaking News: UPDATE on Frank DiLeo

I didn't plan on posting more, but went to Twitter to track the court news.  Turns out the attorney for Michael Jackson's family is being bombarded.  The family of Frank DiLeo does not want to turn over the hard drive belonging to Frank when he lived.  There is apparently information on there that they don't want to be discovered.  This is serious business when the court asks for evidence and it is withheld.

Given the recent post with Frank in Michael's room the night he died, I guess things are beginning to come together or should I say, into the light.

More on Michael's Murder - Confirmations from Bonnie/Update Peter Lopez

The plan was to keep today's post light since we are entering into the holiday here in the states,  but there are confirmations that I have received and more visions I'd like to share.

First let me say there are several ways I get information that I post.  Some are direct experiences, as if I am experiencing them as Michael.  Some I post that are what he tells me and then some are my own impressions or words of some of my guides or the Brotherhood.  I will always quote when it comes directly from Michael as a strongly worded statement he wishes to convey.  Other flowery posts, well, I don't always quote him per say.  Some are just a joint effort, although, I do have to admit, he is the brighter of us two in more ways than one for all the "good" posts.

Previously, Michael had told me Frank Dileo was in the house the night he passed.  Recently, I also received a vision of other men there as well.  When we shared the information about Frank, he was in the kitchen, but Michael was already out of body then.  This time I received a vision of Frank on the right side of his bed (as if I was laying in it).  He was yelling at Michael that he screwed everything up.  He said something to the effect of the hospital, the kids, the house, everything is gone now.  Michael was crying.

This is so disturbing and sometimes to be honest I am afraid to see everything that has happened.  I think that's why it's been taking so long.  When Elizabeth told me how horrible they treated him, I didn't want to see.  I didn't want to experience what he was going through.  So we are working slowly together.

Another vision for some reason surprised me.  I saw Frank insert a needle into a vial kind of thing on the right side of Michael down by his right leg.  This would be Michaels right if he was laying in the bed.  I am trying to find some kind of confirmation for this, but can't seem to find it.  I am assuming this must have been an IV of some sort.  Frank then sat in a chair to the right of Michael, which I did receive confirmation for in the photo at right.

Randy Phillips was going through a brown bag to the left of Michael, several feet from the foot of the bed.  There must have been some kind of dresser there that the bag was on.
I'd like to say brief case but it was bigger.  He was going through papers and then I heard someone yell to find the footage from rehearsals.  They took things from the home that night.

I can still hear Frank's voice in my head.  What is that a Bronx accent?  It sounds like he should have been in a mafia movie.

Although not all the information above has been confirmed, I was able to bring other confirmations today.  Bonnie Vent, the medium just recently brought to my attention, posted another video I found validating.  I've posted it below.  There are several things she brings out here that confirm what I have said about Michael.

  • He used to leave his body when he lived.  (This is in my book as well)
  • Not everyone that claims to be talking with Michael is.
  • He is still concerned with his children.
  • He visits with the kids when they are sleeping (on earlier posts)
There are some other things present as well that I personally had to laugh at.  The comment she makes about him liking that she says what he says word for word for example.  He's a stickler for that.  That's why I said if he does come across strongly, I put it in quotes.

I hope you find it fascinating and know that one day this nightmare of murder will come to an end and truly wish everyone a safe, happy and enjoyable holiday.

** I just want to add that I saw another vision this morning and have just received confirmation on it.  There was a man kissing a reddish haired woman that was sleeping.  That man was Peter Lopez, Michael's old attorney who has passed.  So if his wife is reading this, please know Peter still watches over you and loves you very much.

Peter Lopez and Catherine Bach (Peter's wife)