Shifting from an Ego Based Society

When someone says the word ego we tend to think of someone with a big head.  Maybe someone that is conceited or seems to be stuck on themselves.  Ego defined in spirituality terms is defined as  the "self-concept", "false self", "conceptual identity", or identification with individual existence.  Some even say the ego itself stands for "edging God out".

We've stated here before that what happens on an individual level also happens on a collective and planetary level.  So when our ego is engaged in the power struggles and the need to feel important, the need to identify with the outer world, so is our world collectively. Looking at it this way makes it easy to see why real change needs to start at the individual. 

Recent news reports have included disturbing information about individuals shooting others, some have shot themselves, some have even felt justified.  At an individual level, it is the ego or self identification with the stories these individuals are repeating in their heads that make them act the way they do.  We have simply created a society that has supported the ego.  

When the white man came to America the Native American's noticed this ego based thinking. To them they termed it as such that it was called a mental illness.  Most white men where thought then to be regarded as "one who eats the life of another" because our base for beliefs in a society are that which promote self, ego, individualism, and competition.

On a global scale currently it is the same.  Countries compete for goods to bring money, control over land, and the list goes on and on.  

When the news recently hit about some children killing other children and gun men killing numerous people in public places, I couldn't help to become reflective of our "mental illness". The President here in the United States even made statements attesting to the fact that "he would ensure the safety of the people."  While I think it is very grand for someone to stand up and make a gesture like this, the problem I had is how exactly was "he" going to do it?
Was "he" going to be in the places these people showed up and protect us all?

When you think about it like this I'm sure you can see the problem.  "He" is ego based.  Our society is dictating and reinforcing the fact that someone else is going to take care of our problems.  The president coming out and saying something like this simply says to me that we are lulling our humanity back to sleep with the belief that someone else is going to take care of it and we can go back to being zombies going through the motions of our lives.

If we think realistically, however, do we really think that the president or any one person is going to take care of society's problems?  World problems, or even the problems in our own families that we like to smooth over because we just don't want to recognize them because then we might actually feel like we'll have to do something about it.

Shifting our society to a more conscious humanity would most likely embrace a leader that was more conscious of the oneness of all to begin with.  For how can true change occur without the cooperation of the all?  Perhaps it would be better to ask how can we all fix this, than it would to say "I will protect you from this happening again".  The strength in this is to empower the people and that is what this country was supposed to be founded on - the idea of democracy stems from the freedom and choice of all the people.  With that comes responsibility for all the people.  And, just like a child you can't dole out responsibility until that child proves that he or she is responsible for themselves.  

This is why The Man in the Mirror Project is so important.  It's with us and only us that we can take these small steps that will one day make a huge difference in changing the world.  This weekend may you begin to shift your thinking into "what can I do to change what I don't like in my life" instead of "what do I think other people should do in order for me to be happy".  The first step is to start to become responsible for ourselves.  The task then is to release old memories that  replay past problems that block you from your true self, remembering that you and only you are responsible for what you think and therefore the creator of your own reality.


The Man in the Mirror Project - A Lesson of Nature

With so many upheavals in the world presently it makes one wonder what might be the cause.  Is it simply time for the earth to shift creating weather patterns of destruction to cleanse our planet?  Or is there a possibility that there may be another reason?

Nature can be one of our greatest teachers.  In essence I think most people would agree that man does not create man, man comes about naturally.  So what is it exactly that makes man think that he can beat or "manage" nature instead of living by the rules of nature?

We have made many separations for ourselves not realizing that in a field of flowers never once has the daisy said to the rose you cannot grow on this field it is only for daisies or I own this land, please get off.  When we see a flock of geese flying south for the winter I have yet to see one that is not flying with the flock.  What is it that makes these geese seemingly know when to swoop down on a field together or fly in one direction or another?

There is a concept in yoga that a teacher can know when the thoughts of a student change.  For when attempting to balance on one foot and the student begins to tumble the teacher knows that the thoughts have changed and thereby changed the results of the body.  What if this same concept that applied to us individually was also made apparent in the collective consciousness just like the geese flying together?  What if your thoughts, like with joint prayer, joined with the thoughts of others creating a collective consciousness that had an immediate effect on the planet?

If this was true, my thought would be that with so much fear, hatred and violence on the planet how can there not be massive global earth changes?  After all, the earth is something that is a living thing as well.  It is not separate from us because we inhabit it, thereby collectively either giving to it or taking away from it.  What are we providing to our earth and what is it that is the result of our thoughts and actions?

We all live by the stories we tell ourselves and create.  Even science is a story or an idea that someone has created.  What if we changed our story, changed our beliefs into thoughts that nature has already taught us?  For is it not nature that is the real truth of our existence?  Perhaps our healing the planet  has been right before our very eyes and we just never noticed.


The Man in the Mirror Project - Energetic Patterns

Part of the process of ascension or entering into a higher consciousness is purifying our four lower bodies.  Most of us think we are just a body.  The physical vehicle is the one lower body that is most apparent on the earth, but there are other "bodies" we hold that have just as much as an effect on us as does the physical.

Our minds, as we have discovered in previous exercises contain patterns of thinking.  Perhaps when we were growing up we were subjected to an occurrence or repeated behavior that we keep with us still until this day.  Phrases like "I'm stupid.  I am so fat or I will never be rich." are often statements that we received from outside sources that we reinforce through our own minds, ultimately making it our own reality.

What most don't realize, however, is that there are subtle mental bodies and emotional bodies that are connected to the physcial body as well.  Our thoughts are not merely abstract ideas floating in the ethers, they really do create energy currents and patterns or emotions that we hold in our bodies.

I know this intellectually and often have tried to convey becoming conscious of these energies in previous posts.  Last night during my yoga practice however, something unexpected happened.  I have been practicing yoga for years and have never once had this happen yet.

I noticed as I entered the studio where my thoughts were.  I was worried about going backward.  You know how things happen in your life and then when you find yourself in a similar situation you think "Oh no what if this happens again?"  I think it's natural to think that and noticing I was trying to get past it.  I knew I had to stay with the thought and feel it in my body as emotions stirred.  As my yoga practice ended my teacher said some very simple words.  He said "Just because something has happened in the past doesn't mean its' going to happen again."  In his words "this is the way it is now." This was the moment that was unexpected as I realized I was fighting with myself on creating the same pattern that I had been living.  My teachers words made it ok for me to move forward knowing I didn't have to live the way I had been living and I began to cry.

Tears are a form of emotional release and I was so thankful to have had the experience.  Here was proof that my emotional body was being cleansed.  The proof was in the tears.

Sometimes we aren't conscious of all the patterns we have, but if we stay with the emotion and move our physical bodies to shake things up a bit, sooner or later the release and realization will come.


Become Like a Child - A Game of Reality

It is becoming apparent that there are many people coming to terms with the fact that they are not alone.  Some have had visions, some feelings, some have had strange occurrences.  All of this leading to the fact that there is much more at play in the universe than man has made it known.

For centuries man has at some level tried to control the masses.  It is with power and authority that man makes the masses believe that which will control the many and empower the few.  For centuries lies have been told, abuses have been perpetrated all to cover a great truth and the true source of power in the universe. 

In Michael's life they used the power of false press. Still until this day the ones that tried to persecute him continue using this same vehicle to slander and lie, trying to make the innocent look like the ones that are trying to use them instead of the other way around.  This game has gone on for centuries.  Man's inability to take responsibility for the evil deeds they have done becomes lies to cover their abuses and it has made grave marks on the plight of humanity.

One person lying starts a ripple effect into the masses and centuries that can take centuries to undo.  Do you realize the karma and hardship this places upon a lifestream?  Yet people do it every day without thought because that is the way they operate, what they do and where they get their power.

In past ages it started with the rulers, discovering parts of history they didn't care to have printed or truths they would rather not be told.  Like cattle we have believed what they have said unquestioningly because the lie, the belief had been told so often it has become ingrained within us.

There is a specific passage in the bible that says that to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become like a child.  Michael referred to this passage many times because it is with the eyes of a child that you uncover the true mysteries and truth of the universe.

There seems to be a common misconception among men that if you become like a child or become a loving person you are considered weak.  On the contrary, to be like a child allows you to see things for what they are instead of what you are told. You question life, not just assume things because that's what you have come to believe through the years. To be loving means you have to overcome the power struggle for control and relinquish yourself to a greater power.  Knowing that the greater power is that which has created us who is really the weaker man?

I say these things because even Michael before he passed has mentioned to the public that most everything we have been told has been a lie. How is it that we may find the truth and see them for what they are unless we become like children and question?  

There is irony in many things.  As I child I remember going to the church. They told us that after you die you go to heaven.  I wondered why heaven wasn't crowded, then I wondered why the priest offered holy water when I had my first ghost experience.  My thought was, if they deal with stuff like this all the time then why don't they teach about it?  I thought every one went to heaven or hell, how was it then that they knew about ghosts?

Another time I sat at my grandmothers dinner table.  She had a picture of The Last Supper hanging on the wall.  I questioned who the woman was sitting next to Jesus.  I was told it wasn't a woman.  They were all "male" disciples until my family members took a closer look.  They had assumed they were all male.  After all, that's what we've been told.  However, as a child my question was why was Jesus here all alone and didn't he ever get lonely?

Shouldn't we all question these things?  Like why is there a story of Adam and Eve but there is no other mention of why there is an Adam and Eve in the rest of the bible? 

I mention these things because we are coming to that point. Questioning allows us to grow. 

Some people believe that the world is not ready for information on twin souls.  The biggest lies seed the biggest obstacles.  Unfortunately sometimes the truth had to be hidden in our art and music.  How else would the world know unless someone left clues?  So I'm posting a game of pictures for you to ponder about this morning just to get your brain started again for the week and hope that you too begin to see like a child.

The Last Supper - who is the woman and if we believe in twin souls would it make sense for their garments to be opposite one another like the opposite polarities of the yin yang symbol?
Adam and Eve - Why is the tree called the tree of knowledge? Why is it said that Eve together with Adam after eating the fruit is said that their eyes are opened?  The two being made one.
Michaelangelo - The Creation of Adam - why does the Creator have his arm around a woman?

Michael Jackson's Dangerous Album - Why did he tell Jet Magazine he wanted this album to live forever, that he wanted people to dissect it years from now?  Who are the two people in the bubble and why is there a half black half white face next to it? Why is the world upside down?


On the Path

On the path to becoming one with your twin and higher self there will be many difficulties.  The path is not easy.  There will be much loneliness and despair and you will feel as if you are the only one feeling so much pain at times and perhaps even the only one that cares about what is happening in humanity and on the planet.  Friendships, family relationships may let you down and you most likely will begin to feel "different" as your energy begins to transform into that of a higher frequency.

Music has always held a special place in my heart.  It's mere existence can take you to the highest of highs or lowest of lows without any words whatsoever.  So when I saw this video I wanted to share it with you because the message is right and the visuals and music support it very well.

As you venture into your weekend I present this as my gift to you so that as you have already or are just beginning to embark on the discovery of your soul you keep these things in mind and know that you are not alone.


Twin Soul Reunion

What happens when we unite with a twin flame soul mate?  The merging of the I AM presence allows for the unification of both of the fields of the individuals.  Whether or not you both reside on the same plane of existence (for example one here on earth and the other in the spiritual realms) matters not.  The I AM or higher self completes itself in joining the two parts together re-uniting the whole.

This is the blissful oneness of becoming one. It is not a physical union, but a spiritual one that takes you back to the beginnings of your creation.  Many traditions and societies have portrayed these unions as a romantic entanglement of the body.  In essence, the body has nothing to do with it.  It is the I AM and only the I AM that can and ever will merge.

Which leads us to the question of consciousness.  The only path to the unification individually with your mighty I AM is through the purification of consciousness and raising of vibration.  Once obtained the merging with the twin can commence.  Consciousness of both twins will then be merged as one as well.  Should your twin have achieved the same heightened sense of development the consciousness of both twins will be constantly in contact, almost as if there are two people inhabiting the consciousness or mind at one time.  Telepathy at this point is a natural occurrence.  For here the two have already joined and the vibrations are much higher and it is as if the twins communicate with the other as naturally as they would think their own thoughts.

This higher dimension of union is called samadhi.  In samadhi all things become one and union is not only realized but actualized in the subtle bodies.  Merging occurs not only at the individual soul levels of the twins but on a level of union with all that is.  Universally this consciousness encompasses the entire world and beyond.  It is in climbing the rings of the ladder that we find ourselves knowing the great divine and realizing the greater whole.   There is much at work.  It is as if your consciousness is raising ever higher in the spectrum of the sun.  Basking in the beauty of knowledge that you have forgotten since so long ago.  Making a difference in the world then is as natural as making a difference for yourself.  For you now know all things are also a part of you.


Forgiveness - A Necessary Step in Climbing the Spiral and Becoming Whole

We have posted a few segments in The Man in the Mirror Project about forgiveness.  Many people say we need to forgive but few realize how to really let go.  Truth be told, should we not forgive we actually generate negative energy that pollutes our energy fields, not the other persons!  So if you don't forgive how can you truly expect to let the light of your divine self shine through?

This September a special international forgiveness movement will be going on.  It is something I feel is worthwhile.  Where ever our attention is, that is what we tend to engage our energies in.  Forgiveness is one place those energies are worthwhile to expend.

The following is a short clip about Project Forgiveness; a documentary:


The Man in the Mirror Project - Recognizing Duality

A change in the consciousness of man must not be misunderstood.  It is that which lives in you since the beginning of time and that pure light of thought that we hope that you will allow to shine through.  Everyone of us has a path and a destiny.  It is the path of the light or dark, and only a path that you yourself will choose.

On the spiral up to your true form, your higher self and reuniting with your twin there will be much to over come.  The world in which we live is a world that is riddled with duality.  There is both masculine and feminine energy present within all of us, as well as a shadow and a light side.  It is the ego, the dweller on the threshold that does battle with the light within you.  Both sides fighting for control of the mind and it's beliefs and values.  Control of the consciousness leads to knowledge of the self.  So if ego takes control your view of the self will be based on ego values; the personality part that has been created by self through the years and the illusion of what and who we think we are.  Should illumination and higher self control the consciousness it is that light that will shine in the consciousness of man the real truth.

There is in this duality a poetic a geometric pattern set from the beginning of time.  It is patterns of energy that repeat itself.  We have mentioned it here before that like nature we are also like the world around us.  There is within the world a macrocosim and within us, a microcosim of man.  Meaning what happens on an individual level also happens on a planetary level and vice versa.

Coming to a new age of consciousness means that one or the other must possess control of the consciousness.  It is at an individual level and a global level.  Globally it is the mass consciousness of the world.  Currently there are those trying to ascend working towards the light and those who refuse and are holding fast to their ego.  On a collective level this brings confusion and chaos into our world and it is evidenced by what is transpiring on our earth today.

Individually we are struggling internally with that of our own identities and egos.  The ego says believe this, it is what you have known, and the divine mind says have faith and come with me.

When Mrs Jackson was on the Piers Morgan Show some time ago she mentioned she believed we are coming to the end of the world.  She said that's what the bible says.  She is Jehovah's witness and that is what they believe  Perhaps we are not, however, perhaps we are at the point of the opening of the seventh seal, the crown chakra and the raising of the consciousness. Perhaps the period of Revelations is the one last fight within ourselves and within our world of form before our true peace and planetary consciousness can make the final shift.


The Man in the Mirror Project - Limits and Bounds

One of the most favorite things for people to do is limit themselves on what they can achieve.  Everyone has a purpose in their lives, but most people don't give themselves a chance to believe that they do and never realize it.

For instance, I may really enjoy painting pictures.  Perhaps it has been my passion for many years but I never took the time to enjoy it, never believed that I could do anything with it because the dialog in my head is programmed as such that the underlying belief is "I will never be a painter" or "You can't paint for a living".

Who made these statements true?  Is it you, society, someone that told you?  These are the limits we place on ourselves.  It is the bindings that bind us up in chains and prohibit us from reaching our maximum potential as human beings.  Things like "that's not possible" or "You'll never amount to anything" simply aren't true unless we consume them and make them a part of ourselves.

The problem is most of us have.  We have accepted these principals as our own without question, without contemplation on whether or not it holds any value.  These bounds we hold onto in our thoughts and beliefs are both of feeling and of mental projection, thereby transmitting our own creations, our own limitations into the universe and making it our truth, even though it need not be.

The most creative and intelligent human beings in history did not believe in limits and bounds.  Albert Einstein did not say he could not become a powerful influence because he was a "nerd" and Gandhi never believed he could not speak his truth because he was "different".  It just depends on how you want to label and believe in yourself that makes the difference.  So tell me, are you a label that someone else has placed upon you or are you living your own truth and becoming who you truly are without limits and without bounds?


Twin Souls - A Few of the Ugly Road Signs

Back in the 1980's it seemed that information about twin souls wasn't even in existence.  I looked it seemed for a long time and found nothing until I stumbled upon Dr Maurie Pressman's book Twin Souls.

Currently, it seems there is not only a rise in interest about twin flames, but information about them as well.  I wanted to write a little something more on them that most sites and books don't seem to talk about.

Every twin soul reunion will be different.  My experience, however, is so close to most of the stages that have been sited in other works, it almost boggles the mind.

When I was reading some of the information, however, I wondered where the ugly part was.  I didn't see many books that really explain the depths of hurt and pain you go through on your way to coming back together.

Twin flame separation is extremely painful.  I believe if you are destined to meet your flame this lifetime you feel that pain within yourself at some point in your life.  It is pain from a soul level.  I remember feeling so lonely and in pain I would pray every night and cry to God.  It seemed to me that no one else cared about what was happening in the world.  I felt different because I cared.  I felt the pain from deep within my soul.

As I grew older I felt the same way.  Different from everyone else.  I began to "look" for someone that I knew deep within me there was no way I would not find.  No one could tell me that I would not meet this person, even though I never realized why.

As you go through the steps, like awakening from a dream, you begin to become conscious of your soul integration.  Meaning, you begin to wake up and remember not only who you are, but that you are indeed connected to another.

It sounds beautiful and the thought that someone loves us unconditionally, truly blissful.  What we tend to forget, however, is that if you were both born in this lifetime you both will have egos and personalities to overcome before the union can occur.

If that sounds simple, it's not.  We tend to think "Hey I'm an O K person.  I'm nice.  What could be so hard?"  Just like anything else to say the words, like "he was killed" does not reference or include all the turmoil associated with it.

I like to refer to the hardest part as the dweller on the threshold.  It's that point where your ego and old beliefs are battling with the light that is beginning to come through.  You are here in a three dimensional world and as such you have beliefs that are three dimensional.  You believe relationships should be a certain way for instance.  If your twin does not respond to you according to your concepts about he or she should respond, most likely the patterns you have established from this lifetime and others will emerge and you will find yourself in a bit of a pickle.

You will have to realize that you may be at a different level than your twin.  You may be more conscious of your connection, than the other.  You have to give the other time to come into their own. It is the union with the higher self individually that will ultimately bring you to union with one another.

Internally, you are struggling. Trying to find your way in your beliefs and what you are willing to let go of in order to bring yourself into that divine part of yourself to share with your twin.  You simply must let go of those old patterns and beliefs that are so earthly and ingrained into us and see the bigger picture.

On a spiritual level, there will be many who will oppose this union.  You may be bombarded with many things you have never even thought of before.  Intrusions, strange occurrences and possible interference with any twin communication that may be taking place.  You may find yourself blaming your twin or believing that the relationship is not so good as you once thought.

I am posting this because I don't believe many people talk about this part.  I believe we are on the verge of many twins being reunited and am excited and hopeful to see this happen.  I wish someone would have given me a road map because it would have made it so much easier.  So I offer these road signs to you to make sure you know you aren't on the wrong road, it's just pretty bumpy sometimes.


Bullying - Why Healing the World Starts with our Children

I recently ran into this program and wanted to share it.  Bullying has been widespread and it's been my belief that these patterns if not broken develop into those things more damaging as adults.

Child bullies grow up to be adult bullies and many times they are worse than what they were in school. This program identifies bullying and how it effects us.  We all need to be aware of this for ourselves, because maybe now you can put a name on it even if you are an adult, or if you have children that are being bullied.

If you work with children or in a school this is an excellent source of information.

The current outbreaks of violence in our society are a direct result of issues like these.



A Message from Saint Germain

Saint Germain
Today I was surprised by the offering of a message from Saint Germain.  He is the sponsor for Michael and I as twins and our work as twin flames.  This is what he had to say:

"We are currently undergoing a rut in humanity.  The wheels are slipping out of the grooves and we are beginning to see changes on a planetary level.  This change is being brought about by human consciousness and the way we are beginning to view the world.  There have been many of us working towards this union of consciousness and clarification of the steps and goals we need to obtain.  We offer the use of the violet flame for your personal and planetary evolution to transmute the energies that have been so misused long ago.

It's time to remember your identity.  Remembering who you are is not about the ego, it's about the time when you were first conceived.  Born out of the pure fires of the breath of God and into the hands of a waiting civilization.  I hope that you will take the time to honor what gift has been given to you.  You have come a long way and each one of you will begin to see and recognize that which is divine within yourself very soon if not already.

Our fathers before us have taken issue with humanity before.  They have condemned the use of violet flame and the tools needed for avenues of ascension.  I can not stress how important this time in history is to our brethren.  It is not often that we have seen so many ascensions taking place and we are delighted to witness this transcendence of the earths energies that have been held stagnant for so long.

Your I Am presence is the one thing that must be maintained in your thoughts on a daily basis.  This is your true self and the part that will integrate you with the rest of the world.  As you know yourself today is not who you are in reality.  You live here thinking you are three dimensional beings when in reality you encompass many dimensions.

Further, it is noted that many of you have come from other dimensions to assist humanity.  This is not taken lightly and your efforts have been met with much gratitude, your persistence with much respect.

Brotherhood of Light
Working towards planetary evolution
Do not take this lightly it is a fact of evolution.  This mandated transition on the planet is that of a higher power, not of man.  This is why there is planetary turmoil, environmental changes, stagnation s in governments and changes in ecological temperatures.  Man is not in control with his outdated ego, we are.  This planet has been in existence for eons and it must be now that we take the steps to change the planetary cycle or the planet itself will be doomed along with all life upon it.  There is no need for fear this isn't the end of the world, only the end of the world as you know it today.  All things transcend their former selves and this is the work that is needed for our planet to grow.

Take time today to meditate and get in touch with your I Am presence.  This is the key to unfolding the events already beginning to take place and transmute this planet into a higher energy."


The Man in the Mirror Project - A View From the Heart

Your heart as it grows older sees things differently.  When we are children we see things as new, playful and full of joy.  As we grow older we begin to lose the bright shiny newness of seeing things for the first time and start to view things critically and judgmentally.  Who among us can be so certain that the way we view things is the correct one?  Have you ever taken the time to view a circumstance or event through someone else's eyes?  Have you stepped in their shoes enough to know that given their same kind of circumstances, upbringing and experience that you would not view things or have the same opinions that they do now?.

Bringing our awareness to the point where we can mindfully see another's point of view as valid even though they are not our own, allows us to engage our hearts and minds in the act of compassion.  Every one of us is different, with different experiences and ideas.  When we view things from our heart instead of our preconditioned mind we begin to realize the diversity of our world and cultures and accept people for who they are instead of who we think they should be.

Realizing the way your heart views the world can be a critical step to achieving oneness on the planet.  Waiting for someone else to say we are one can take your mind there, but if you don't feel it yourself, don't see it yourself in your own minds eye we can never all truly get there.

Practice today and when a situation arises in your life that makes you think you should pass judgement on another, try viewing their situation with your heart.  Little by little, we can change the world and how we see it, but it first must start with us.


The Lion of Judah

Prince JacksonWhat is "The Lion of Judah"?


January 8, 2000, Reni Sentana-Ries

"The Lion of Judah" is a position. It is a “High Office”. This position can only be earned through lifetimes of integrity. Its holder has thequalified backing of all intergalactic councils- "qualified" inasmuch as the High Councils' recognition of theperson holding thisOffice is conditional upon righteousness.

The nature of this Office is governmental and its authority isabsolute - "absolute" in the sense that its rule upholds the order of the universe. Its hallmark is understanding, its mandate is truth and its nature is righteousness.

The High Office of the Lion of Judah is not religious, for the order of the universe is not religious, nor ever will be. Man's recognition of the Office and its holder brings with it order, and conversely, man's rejection of the Office and its holder brings with it chaos. And here order and chaos are equal just as Light and darkness are equal, and in all this the balance between the two is maintained.

The Office was promised to a descendent of Abraham from the lineage of Judah - hence "the Lion of Judah". The character qualifications of its holder compare to that of a lion: uncompromising, majestic, fierce, and kingly - with all these expressions manifesting in the positive.

Genetically the current holder of the Office is a literal descendent of Abraham from the lineage of Judah. All Germans are of the tribe of Judah, for Judah's descendents make up the Germanic tribes.

The righteous rule of the Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia as "Lion of the Tribe of Judah" is symbolic of the righteous nature of the spiritual Office today's holder of the High Office of the Lion of Judah has as founder and introducer of the New Era for all mankind. And therein lies the absolute nature of this Office.


This number joins together the principles of the man, 700, the cosmic plans, 70, and their image in the Archetype, 7, according to R. Allendy. It is the universal organization, 7 + 7 + 7 = 21, the general evolution.

Represent the celestial perfection, 7, on the 3 plans of the manifestation: matter, astral (mental or soul) and spirit.

It is the number of the sacred work of the sons of God for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the Earth, mainly for the period of the seventh millennium after Adam where it is written that Satan will be chained for thousand years.


Dancing the Dream

Because I have this blog up many people think that I might have been a huge fan of Michael Jackson's. Although I followed his music and news about him, I was not.  I don't know half the things his fans know and am sometimes astounded at the amount of information they do know.

We talked about writing about the light today.  What it was like on the other side and how it felt.  As usual that thought went to another and I was reminded of Michael's book Dancing the Dream.  It was the only one I have ever read about him my entire life and the only one I still have in my possession.  I had heard him recite poetry before it was published and when it came out it was the only true reflective part of him that I found at the time.  Obviously, this is why it holds special value to me.

The title, however, Dancing the Dream reminded Michael about where we are.  We are still in the dream and he is in the light.  He has woken up and we are still dreaming.  We are still conditioning our minds to that of the world he says.  When you get to the other side you don't have things like where you are going to work, what job you will do, or who has the better pair of shoes.  Your mind is massive and expansive.  You realize there is a beating of the drum, life's eternal heartbeat that keeps everything in time and unison.  We are the dreamers but we fail to dream the big dream and choose only to dream in small sections, not realizing the bigger picture.

What if our minds were like they were after we died?  What if we looked at our lives through the eyes of someone who has passed and put ourselves where we are in our most natural state?  What would we see differently?  Who would we see differently?

These are our dreams.  Some dreams we paint very dully, others fantastically.  Dreaming only requires one thing - the dreamer and you get to decide what dreams you wish to dream.