What is a twin flame soul mate?

In it's simplest form a twin flame soul mate is part of the same soul. As in the yin yang symbol pictured at left, each soul has a male polarity and a female polarity. Within each half sits a part of the other so when the two halves are split they still retain a part of the other polarity and as such will always be in contact, sharing in the same "one complete soul" experience, even after death.

There are seven twin flames all together with one twin ray. Most twin rays are currently on the other side and most often are considered ascended masters. If we liken the soul's creation to a flower, your twin ray would form the center of the flower where the rest of the flames are the petals. Each flame has its own twin ray and together they again form the center of the flower where the rest of the flames again are the petals. In essence the flames were created from the rays.

Pictured here is the Easter Lily, the symbol for the resurrection and the very essence of the soul itself. Note the six petals with one center totaling 7 and the six buds within the center also with a bud at the center that totals 7. These are repetitions upon repetitions of creation and we are a part of that wholeness - all connected to the whole.

"Lily" in Hebrew is "shoshana"
and actually means a rose
Rosslyn Chapel ceiling: 6 petaled roses
Featured in The DaVinci Code
Currently these soul groups are beginning to reconnect. Telepathy
is common among the members as is shared emotions and feelings. Many times the twins will be endowed with the same drive to fulfill a mission and purpose and the ray at the center of the group of flames will always have their vision made manifest in all of the flames. There is a shared sense of responsibility for fulfilling the mission and the purpose for all is one in the same.

Many of us are hurting from perceived "separation" from our twins right now. We have an instinctive part of ourselves that knows we are missing our "other half". Even in our mortal relationships we tend to try and claim another man or woman as our own. Somewhere we know we have our other half somewhere and they are indeed ours, so we continue to look until we "feel" we have found "the one".

These relationships are a part of everyone. Somewhere someone right now is experiencing the same pain and joy as you are right now. You ARE inside the same soul. For the sake of your other half, choose joy. For the sake of you both, choose love.

This video clip is taken from the movie "What Dreams May Come" and demonstrates the shared consciousness between the twins as well as shared emotions.

From DaVinci Code, the symbolism for twin flames; a chalice (upside down triangle) and blade (rightside up triangle): Twin flames are often said to be "mirror images".  You'll see how DaVinci depicted this idea in his painting in the video below:


Reni Sentana-Ries said...

Thank you, Deborah, for explaining some soul mate - twin flame little understood intricasies to us readers.

Upon reading this column we wish to see many pay greater attention to this reality and hopefully persuade them to place more effort into this aspect of personal growth needs for the benefit of their own incarnational progression. Good work, Madam!

ElevenSeven said...

Thank you so much Reni :)

Angie Rebirth 1111 said...

Twin Flames share one soul, not Soul Mates. What do you mean by "there are 7 TFs all together ? Your article about Susan Elsa is intersting, it's time for her to STOP what she started ����

ElevenSeven said...

Thank you for you comment Angie. Yes Twin flames share the same soul, not soul mates, but there are many levels of soul connections. Twin Flames, twin souls, soul mates, and twin rays. I've been instructed by a few spiritual masters, that's where the 7 twin flames originally came from. Since then, a few others have written in that in Sweden (I believe..it's on this blog) they also "teach" about the seven twin flames. From what I understand there are seven balanced polarities that make up the flames. The next level would be the twin rays. Not everyone has seven twin flames. I suppose somewhere in the soul's creation from the godhead down, each was split differently. The flames that do comprise one of the seven are similar to the petals on an Easter lily - the very symbol for resurrected life itself. All seven must complete their karma before their final union and graduation from the earth plane. Two twin flames are always closer than two others may be. If you visualize the flower one petal maybe closer to another, as one twin may be in closer frequency to another flame even though there are others in the group. Most often these sets of flames take physical manifestation as 4 males and three females. There are six petals on the lily and one center. The center flame is also the ray for the group and is most often male and has already reunited with their flame. In the center of the lily there are also another set of buds similar in number. In essence we are creations upon creations that have descended from spirit. The goal is to once again join in spirit for reunion with the godhead. There will always be one female manifestation that is part of one male manifestation that must complete themselves individually, then together, for the group to ascend.

ElevenSeven said...

Sorry the teachings are done in Finland, not Sweden. Here is the post with the information one of our readers wrote in with: http://michaeljacksontwinsoul.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-seven-twin-flame-soul-mates.html