Happy Birthday Paris! - Messages From the Other Side

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Today is Paris Jackson's birthday! 

Some people have come through from the other side wanting to give her their wishes:

"You're beautiful! Stay strong.  Happy Birthday muffin!"  Love, Elizabeth (Auntie Em)

"Happy birthday to a super star sister whose light shines as bright as the sun.  Be yourself!" Happy Birthday with lots of love and gooood wishes!  - Robin Williams

"Thank you for getting your remembrance of me.  I will always believe in you, even when you don't. Happy Birthday Paris.  Love, peace and prosperity,  - Prince Rogers Nelson

"Happy Birthday Paris.  May all your dreams come true. Even the small ones" - Nelson Mandela

"I am astounded at the beautiful woman you have become! Please, please, please take your time and always be yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you how to be or who to become.  I am amazed at your beauty - inside and out.  Love you baby.  Happy birthday!" - Whitney Houston

"I am really God awful sorry we can't be with you to share your birthday.  I would have loved a great big piece of yummy chocolate cake! If by chance you come upon any, please eat a piece for me . . frosting first! Many happy wishes for your special day.  Your dad was an amazing human being and even better as an angel." - Princess Diana

"I feel good(na na na na na . .)
'cause today is your day(na na na na na . .)
I feel good (na na na na na . .
'cause today is your day
So good
So good
'cause it's your birthday!
Happy birthday Paris with many happy memories and love to see you through life's challenges and blessings." - James Brown

"What's round and flat and goes beep, beep beep?
A clown with a nose job.
Be sure to laugh at least once a day.  You're living the life I was meant to live - a model an actress . .  . they just never appreciated my beauty when I was there.  Happy birthday.  Many good wishes. mwa, mwa (blowing kisses) - Joan Rivers

"I'm all shook up.  Well since my Paris left me, there's one thing I don't understand, Is how you got to be such a pretty mama, when your dad is so far gone.  I'm kidding you know!  Your dad is the best looking guy on this side of the veil (lots of laughs). Happy birthday! Two shoes are for walking.  Use them well and do what matters to you most.  You are loved and cherished for all time - and that you can bet on!" - Elvis 

"Treasures are for keeping, deep within our hearts.
 You know I'll always love you, 
even though we're far apart.  

Listen to your guidance.  Don't look back, look forward.  walk slowly, but purposely.  Leave the past behind you and dare to walk in the sun - that's where I'll be waiting.

You're one day closer to meeting your Prince Charming. 
 One day less that I have to be without you.  
One year older, one care less.

Love is like a whisper, somethings cannot be expressed.  The words are in my heart, no longer in my head.  
The love I have and give to you, sometimes it goes unsaid.  
But know this one thing surely, for it's as real as real can get - you'll always be the little girl I once had put to bed. 

Now you're grown into a beautiful lady, full of lots of doubts. You're growing into womanhood and I just can't figure out, how a lady as charming and as beautiful as you are, could have brought her dad so much joy, even though I am afar.  Your glistening like the sun, sparkling as the stars, where ever you go, I'll be with you, for your blessings are not far.

True love exists.  
It's the love that is shared by two people who know each other well. 
 They care because they can.  
They love because they do.  
True love doesn't allude you. 
 It lives inside of you. 

 Love, hope, pray.  Be strong, be resilient.  Test the limits and take flight, knowing the beautiful woman you have become has become the greatest treasure of my heart.

Live in the light and you can't go wrong. Believe, you'll get there. 
You'll always be my Princess.  I love you from the bottom of my heart always. Hugs, kisses  and a kiss for your forehead." - Dad

"Oh my what can I say.  I've watched you grow since you were a wee little thing.  Sassing and carrying on all over the place.  Your wit comes from my side of the family! If I could have been there to celebrate your birthday we'd have balloons and a big party.  Whenever I see you dancing, it reminds me of your dad.  He loved to dance.  Every time he'd hear music he'd be up out of his chair.  Little girls grow up to be fine women.  Your dad and I have seen you grow up so faaast!  

Make the world all your own.  Know who you can trust and who you can't.  Believe in yourself and you'll go far.  Trust the angels, they're there to guide you.  When you trust them, they can use you to do great things.  Know that I love you as much as everyone else here.  We are all in your corner, pulling for you, listening to you and hearing your prayers.  You are supported in ways you could never imagine.  Love is the rhythm and the tides.  Keep it in your heart and never be afraid to give it.  Your joy is also ours." - Great Grandpa

(All in chorus) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARIS!!!!!!