Murdered Music - Rise of the Fallen Stars

I've just completed a book that has been very dear to my heart.
The work it took to put this together was immense, yet the people
that I have done it for were worth the effort and so much more.

As you know, I've been an advocate for seeking justice for the murder of Michael Jackson.
He has, on occasion, allowed me to speak with some of his friends.  They too have become
dear friends in my heart.

When I started this quest for Michael, I had no idea that there would be so much involved.
In some ways, I have been shielded from the atrocities that have transpired with Michael
and some of his friends.

It is with a distraught heart that I have found myself having to write this, just to get the
truth out.  It is not only the courts who are corrupt, but the music industry itself.

This effects each and every one of us.  When you listen to a song, buy a CD or watch a video, the people who have killed our musicians are gaining profit.  When you go into a court room, you expect to gain justice.

We have loved our artists for who they were and the creative force that they have used in creating their music.  Their gifts have been stolen and they have been killed for rights to what they created.

Our most precious legends deserve more dignity than to go down in history as "addicts".  Not one that I have spoken to was an addict at the time of their death.  What has been reported in the news, has been given to the news by the people who want us to believe otherwise.

"Murdered Music - Rise of the Fallen Stars" is the story from the people who have been there.  Our lives don't end because we die, and our memories stay in our hearts forever.