Sri Aurobindo and Mira on Simplicity and Twin Souls

The above note from Mira states:
  "Life must blossom like a flower offering itself to the Divine"
During some of my last visitations with Mira and Sri Aurobindo, they presented to me a field of daisies.  I noted it without judgement and since have seen them again several times.  I have taken the liberty to look them up and was  pleased to find the corresponding information I sought.

As in the note at right, Mira (Mother) describes life like a flower.  That you must "blossom" over time, offering yourself to the divine.  Sri and Mira also had great insights on nature and the corresponding elements to life itself.  The daisy, it is said, represents integral simplicity.  This is simplicity that arises from perfect sincerity.  The message of simplicity was quite timely for me, so I thought I would share what Sri and Mira's views are on the subject.

Simplicity is the quiet strength of inner poise that is indifferent to outer appearance. You are who you are, you act according to your own sincerity and don't worry necessarily about how you might appear to others.  Luxury, on the other hand can be termed as focused attention on the external appearance.  Most luxury minded people will want to keep up with the Jones's, have the best car, the biggest house, yet it is the luxury mind that is in disregard of inner content. According to Mira and Sri, those who seek the non-existent inner strength, the luxury mind, are incapable of any worthwhile external appearance.  This would explain why most people aren't happy or fulfilled, even though they may seem to have all the luxuries life can offer them.

When we begin to simplify our lives, really get down to what our priorities are that truly make us happy this is what is said will happen:

Integral Simplicity
The simplicity that comes from perfect sincerity.
Creeping daisy
"As soon as all effort disappears from a manifestation, it becomes very simple, with the simplicity of a flower opening, manifesting its beauty and spreading its fragrance without clamour or vehement gesture. And in this simplicity lies the greatest power, the power which is least mixed and least gives rise to harmful reactions. Simplicity, simplicity! How sweet is the purity of Thy Presence!"
                               - THE MOTHER

It is with this simplicity that we begin to make our way back to our twin soul as well.  For the inner content of being will be beginning to blossom.  When the effort of trying to "make" the union to occur disappears, the true nature of the union is allowed to blossom.

Sri has written a wonderful poem that highlights the twin soul relationship below:

"On the dumb bosom of this oblivious globe
Although as unknown beings we seem to meet,
Our lives are not aliens nor as strangers join,
Moved to each other by a causeless force.

The soul can recognise its answering soul
Across dividing Time and, on life’s roads
Absorbed wrapped traveller, turning it recovers

Familiar splendours in an unknown face
And touched by the warning finger of swift love

It thrills again to an immortal joy
Wearing a mortal body for delight.

There is a Power within that knows beyond
Our knowings; we are greater than our thoughts,

And sometimes earth unveils that vision here.
To live, to love are signs of infinite things,

Love is a glory from eternity’s spheres.
Abased, disfigured, mocked by baser mights
That steal his name and shape and ecstasy,
He is still the godhead by which all can change."

                                                                                      - Sri Aurobindo, Book V, Canto


Michael Jackson - The Birthday Interview

On this day back in 1993, I received a vision of Michael laying on a sofa in a hotel room.  Elizabeth Taylor was there presenting Michael with a small cake with white frosting.  It was his birthday, but he was curled up in a ball, not interested in celebrating.  That was the year the first molestation accusations surfaced.  I remember thinking what a small cake for such a big star.  Sometimes our perceptions are far from the truth.  The press may have portrayed Michael one way, but the real Michael was a different story.

Sixteen years later on November 7, 2009 I awoke to a chorus of Happy Birthday.  It was the year Michael died and the year I had to divorce.  He gathered all my "friends" from the other side to surprise me.  I was alone that day, at least physically, but he went out of his way to make me feel special.  This was the Michael Jackson I knew.  Far from the one portrayed in the media.

So as I thought of what to do on this day for Michael I couldn't help but want to share my gratitude for the being I knew and know he is.  He is a selfless, compassionate soul that would put himself in harms way before anyone else.  An amazing man that gave billions of dollars to charity and started many charities in hopes of healing our world.

His unique perspective, amazing dream and inspiration live on.  Who would have thought that the birth of this one tiny baby on this day 55 years ago would have made such a difference in our world.  Such is the power of just ONE person.  Such is the belief in knowing how just ONE person can make a difference in the world.  Imagine what would happen if we all decided to make a difference.

I can't be more delighted, more inspired or more excited about Michael Joseph Jackson's decision to incarnate and his commitment to heal and inspire our world.  He is the epitome of love.  The force of God himself and the initiator of joy.  He continues his joyous efforts still til this day and when we talked about this special day we decided to do a question and answer to put his current life into perspective.

So I thought I would come up with the questions, but it began a three way conversation between Michael, myself and Elizabeth Taylor:

How will you or would you like to celebrate your birthday?

I plan on being with my children.  They mean the world to me and I love them very much still.  This side doesn't change how you feel, only how you look.

What would you say to the children if you could?

I would tell them I love them to pieces.  I mean that.  Really, I really love them with all my heart and want the best for them.  I still watch them.  I still see them.  They do feel me, I know they do, but sometime they don't know I'm there and I like that because I can see them for who they are - how they act when no one is around.  They are good kids, they really are.  I am a very lucky man.  I have great kids.

Are you proud of them?

Very.  Very proud of my children and my mother.  She's handled this whole thing incredibly well.

(Elizabeth) I want to know what it would take for you to prove life beyond death?
(Me) Good question.
(Michael)  I think to prove it we have to be very consistent and over time people will learn that there is life after death.  The idea is not new.  There are many traditions that believe in life after death.  But I think too few people realize that after we die we do carry our emotions with us.  The love, the care, the attachments we have to those we leave behind is very very difficult to let go.  Let alone being killed the way I was.  You don't want to just walk away.  There are things left unfinished, things that have been unsaid.  I'm sorry for all the times I held back saying I love you to my mother or my brothers and family.  I hope they know that I will always love them no matter what.  We are a family, we always will be, regardless of what other people believe or want to say.

If you were here (all of us) how would we celebrate?

(Elizabeth) We'd throw a great big party.  All of us would be together and have cake.  A BIG white cake with layers and candles and sparklers.  Everyone would get water balloons and we would just go at it!  That would be fun.  That's what we'd do.

We have water fights now all the time.  You just don't see us.  It's fun to be here.  Every once in awhile we get to be just us.  Just who we are.  Let our hair down and get on with our life.  It's such a nice change of pace, a blessing really for all of us.

Who do you admire most?

(the love of) Jesus - He was selfless and served humanity.  There wasn't anything he took for himself, not one ounce.

Do you see Jesus?

Sometimes.  He comes when I am still.  When I'm not thinking about anything, then I reach for him, I reach for God and he's there.  He is a friend, a teacher.  He loves all of humanity.  He's incredible.  The light and love he emits is amazing.  I've never felt anything like it.  I LOVE the feeling, the ecstasy of being in that vibration of energy is incredible.

What do you most want to say in general or to anyone now that you've passed?

To love one another.  To live each day like it's your last because you never know when you will go.  To find the light in every situation.  To go above and beyond in whatever you choose to do in life, but above all to love everyone.  To love our children, to protect them, guide them, be with them, spend some time with them.  They are our future and we are their teachers.  Don't go it alone, reach out and love one another.  Don't wait.

If you could be granted a birthday wish, what would it be?

My wish would be to engage the services of every human being in loving each other more.  To have them see that together we can make a difference, apart we drift away.  Don't let the small stuff worry you.  There will always be worries, but the big part, the important part is love.  Just love one another that's all.  

**Thank  you for your love, support, light, prayers and tributes.  It's amazing to witness love in action from beyond.  I love every single one of you and will never stop.  Keep going, keep hoping, and keep healing our world.  It's working and it's amazing.  I love you all.  Love, Michael Joseph Jackson


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King

Today is the anniversary of the famous "I have a dream" speech by Dr Martin Luther King.

In celebration of a man with drive to make change for not only himself, but for others, I'd like to pay special tribute to him today.
There are many reasons why I admire Dr. King, but as you can imagine the first and foremost reason is that he recognized social conditioning.  In his case, it was the conditioning of a black race conditioned to think of themselves as something "less than" the whites. That conditioning has been spoken of on this blog often.  We are conditioned socially, politically, by race, by nation, by religion, by society, by gender and even by our families. 
Man in the Mirror PROJECT recognizes that when conditioning occurs we are not able to grasp who we truly are.  We are not our color, our religiion, our gender, our country, or our families.  We each have within us an individual light that when we shine it, like Dr Martin Luther King, we can make profound changes in our life and lives of people around us.  May today remember that.  May we remember people like Dr Martin Luther King and what he decided to do with his life.  To stand up for change and to stand up for people and the equal rights that all should have because we are all human, we are all people, and we all live in the same world created by the same force.

'The moment we'd all been waiting for': March attendees remember King's historic 'dream' speech

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addresses marchers during his "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Aug. 28, 1963.
Fifty years ago, more than 200,000 people gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. NBC News asked six African-Americans who attended the march to share their memories of that day and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s "I Have a Dream" speech – and how they’ve passed on King's message to the next generation.
Jack White, 67, Journalist
Richmond, Virginia
In August of 1963, I was just out of high school and had a lot of curiosity about the civil rights movement. I grew up in Washington, a segregated city, and until 1954, I’d attended segregated schools.
On the day of the March on Washington, I put on a sport coat and a tie; it was sweltering hot. People were just more formal then. The powers that be were afraid of violence – can’t have all those Negroes there without trouble! – but it was the opposite. People were peaceful, respectful. Joyous and reverent would describe the mood. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave his famous speech it was all echoes to me. Still, I knew it was a historic moment because I could feel it in the crowd – this was the moment we’d all been waiting for.
Looking back, the point that resonates with me most is when he talked about the Declaration of Independence being a promissory note that all Americans should be treated equal, but America had given a check to citizens of color saying “insufficient funds.”That’s what bedevils us today, the contradiction between the magnificent visions that Dr. King outlined and the reality that we have still yet to deliver on that promissory note. How are we going to make America America for everybody who lives in it? That was always the issue.
I started having conversations with my kids about the notion of battling for justice as soon as I thought they were old enough to understand that whatever opportunities they enjoy come about as a consequence of what people did before them. On one hand, my children and grandchildren have opportunities somebody my age could never conceive. There’s nothing they can’t do. On the other hand, what they don’t have, that people my age had, is this sense of a historic moment when everything is changing.
Anne Ruth Borders-Patterson, 73, Civil rights activist and retired professor
Atlanta, Georgia
As a little girl in Atlanta, I went to segregated schools. We got all our books and desks second-hand from the white schools. I thought, why do we have to have books like this, all torn and tattered? There were all these rules that were supposed to make us think we were second-class citizens, though I never believed that.
In 1960, when I was a junior at Spelman College, I was one of the organizers of the Atlanta student movement. When we sat in at numerous “whites-only” restaurants, I was one of those who went to jail. Three years later, I drove to the March on Washington from Boston University, where I’d attended graduate school.
I never imagined a crowd like that. It looked magical, unbelievable. I remember not being able to move in the crowd. I remember children on their parents’ shoulders. And the number of white people out there -- to see all of them amongst the crowd of black people was amazing.  When King talked about looking forward to his little children being able to grow up in a society where race was no longer defining who they were or who they would become, that stood out to me a lot. I could begin to dream as he dreamed.
To my kids I have said, don’t be lulled by the fact that you can sit where you want on a bus or go to hotels, these are rights that you take for granted. You stand on the shoulders of many people. I think we’ve made progress but I still feel racism is alive and well in the United States today, and that is unfortunate and disappointing. We must continue to be committed to fighting for King’s dream.
Lurline Jones, 68, Basketball coach and educator
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My mother had told me not to go to the march because she was scared of violence, but I just had to go. At the time, I was part of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) at Morgan State College in Baltimore and had been on freedom rides to Cambridge, Maryland. I'd also participated in a sit-in with other students at a segregated movie theater in Baltimore. Some of us ended up arrested. I spent five days in jail. Afterwards, they integrated the theater.
The day of the march, the streets of Washington were filled with people coming from every direction, and everybody was going to the same place. We were arm in arm, singing, “We shall overcome.”
The line from Dr. King’s speech that really resounded with us, what we could hear loud and clear, was “free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are free at last.” The whole place erupted in cheers, people were jumping up and down, hugging and kissing.
I knew that I was doing something to let the people in this country know that you can’t continue to treat us the way you’ve been treating us, because we are Americans. We believe in the preamble and the Constitution. We fight in wars. We should be treated right. I felt very strongly that that’s what would happen. I really believed the dream.
I was with my grandchildren the other day, and I was telling them about the march. I wanted them to know about it, and about Dr. King. I told my son, “Please make sure that my grandchildren will always remember that their grandmother was there, and that their grandmother has always been a fighter and continues to be a fighter for equality.”
All the things that we marched for in 1963 are basically the same problems we face in 2013. In some instances, doors have opened, some doors have been shut, and some doors have been left ajar, but it’s still a process. I don’t think we are all the way there.
Jim Seida / NBC News
Les Payne, seen here at his home in Harlem, wears a button from the 1963 March on Washington, which he attended. For years before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday was observed as a national holiday, Payne and his wife would keep their children home on that day and teach them about the civil rights leader and his legacy.
Les Payne, 72, Journalist
New York, New York
On the day of the march, I took a bus to Washington from Hartford, Conn., where I had just graduated from the University of Connecticut. I was leaving for the army a few days later.
I didn’t go down there knowing Dr. King would speak; but I understood the significance of the march, although I was just coming into my political maturity.
In King’s speech, when he talked about the red hills of Georgia, it took me home in a way that really was transcending. I was born not too far away, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and my grandparents still lived there. What he said brought together all of what was happening in Alabama – Bull Connor and George Wallace and the bus boycott – what black folks had been through, and what happened in my own life. For me, he was no longer flying at 20,000 feet. He was on the ground, and he was talking to me.
At that point, politically I was struggling with overcoming a conditioned sense of inferiority, and I was trying to come to grips with that between both King and Malcolm X. I embraced them both; in fact, my own enlightenment was coming to realize that you didn’t have to choose between them.
When our kids entered first grade [we] started keeping them out of school on King’s birthday, long before it was a holiday. We would drive them to New York City for a program at one of the black churches, or we would listen to an album of King’s speeches and talk to them about who he was and what racism was about. I think King got his work done. The first Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act show his work, but until we (African-Americans) get rid of present vestiges of inferiority, we won’t be liberated.
George Mitchell, 69, Illinois NAACP State Conference President
Evanston, Illinois
In 1963, I was a Howard University student in Chicago for the summer. There were two trains that took people to the march. It’s a 12-hour ride or more.We sang songs, like “We Shall Overcome,” pretty much the whole ride; it gave you a sense that you were part of something bigger than yourself, and that no matter what happened, you were going to be ok. King’s speech was truly a dream speech; he talked about what it should be like in this country. It made me more aware of the injustices prevalent in American society and brought home the idea that people don’t just give you justice, you gotta demand it.
My wife and I used to tell our children, you have to be 10 percent better to be seen as equal. My children were always taught to respect themselves, respect others, but when people wrong you, stand up for yourself.
Keith Srakocic / AP
Nolan Atkinson Jr., left, George B. Vashon's great grandson and a lawyer from Philadelphia, addresses the Pennsylvania Supreme Court during the ceremony where the court awarded a posthumous Certificate of Admission to practice law to the descendants of Vashon in Pittsburgh, on Oct. 20, 2010.
Nolan Atkinson, 70, Trial lawyer and chief diversity officer of Duane Morris, LLP
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I was attending summer school at Boston University where I just finished my junior year. I was assistant eastern regional Vice President of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, and the fraternity determined that all national officers should attend the March on Washington.
It was an attentive crowd. The speeches made many people believe that ending segregation, raising the minimum wage and making political change were things that could be achieved.
When Dr. King began with “I have a dream today,” the words were so simple and so eloquent that you just listened. It took on an almost church-like feel as he spoke. I think people left that march feeling like, we’re going to get this done.
Throughout my life, I have always tried to be a leader for diversity and inclusion. I try and enable people of color to have full opportunity. This was something that was passed down to my children.
King was a leader and that is what we need today, more than anything – leadership from the next generation. People who are willing to stand up and talk about things that are right, needed, and necessary. Certainly there have been achievements since King’s speech and his dream, but the kind of nation that King wanted, and believed was possible, is still a dream, not a reality --that’s something we have to continue to work on.
source: nbcnews.com


Conrad Murray - We HAVE to Weigh In!

Sometimes I feel I have multiple personality disorder when it comes to blog posts.  From the beautiful inspiration of the Brothers, Sri Aurobindo, Mira and Michael himself to things like this.  Some things have to be said however and some of us spiritual folk just don't talk and act like Mother Theresa all the time, so here we go:

You may or may not have heard Conrad Murray's (the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson) taped recording released just recently.  Dr Murray was the man who declined to testify for either side of the AEG vs Jacksons trial, however, somehow he has had a change of heart and made a taped audio call for AEG.  What caused this timely change of mind?  It may be the fact that AEG attorneys are helping him get out of jail AND the fact that  "Doctor Murray" as he says here at the end . . (stage name I suppose)...is getting ready to market his "tell all" book about who?. . why his "friend" : Michael Jackson.  (Let's just clarify here that Michael Jackson has many friends.  They are noted by the money they wish to make off of his name and image, not the friendship they provided him with. .I know confusing, but that's the way they roll)

Let's listen to the audio, and then as he goes point by point I'd like to offer a few comments, on Michael's behalf:

  Conrad Murray:  Michael Jackson Hired Me and Hated AEG
  - Watch More
  Celebrity Videos

First off, the title from TMZ: "Michael hired me" . . when I asked Michael he said:  "How was I supposed to hire Murray.  I didn't have any money remember?!"

TMZ I thought I heard that Murray said it was Michael AND AEG who hired him.  Did you hear wrong?  Did you just wake up or something?  Or is it that what you want people to believe? You know everyone believes what they hear. . without question . . it's the news!

So let's break this NEWS down as reported by TMZ:

TMZ has obtained a voice mail Murray recently left on a friend's answering machine.  If it were testimony in the wrongful death trial, it could be explosive.  Among other things, Murray says:
No way!! He left this on a friend's answering machine! Really?! That's what I do when I say I'm not going to testify.  I call with a list, numbering the items I want to make statements about and leave the message on an answering machine. . . you know so no one can use it as testimony.  (Someone think we stupid Buckwheat?!)  And, I am just shaking...it could be EXPLOSIVE if used in testimony?! OMG..contain me ..please!  Now let's get a book deal, shall we! :) Marketing loves those kind of words.
-- Michael personally offered him the job of being his doctor on the "This Is It" tour  Is that what he said?! I thought he said AEG and Michael employed him . . mmmmm

-- AEG actually wanted to hire a less expensive doctor, but Michael got his way with Murray  According to all these people Michael always got his way.  He was spoiled and rich..oh wait, isn't someone else rich and Michael needed the money...didn't AEG say they were the one paying Dr Murray and holding the contract . .?  So confusing when you really lay it out isn't it?

-- AEG never ordered Murray to give MJ any specific medical treatment.  All requests came from Michael  Nice cover Dr. ;) never ordered Murray to give mj any "specific" treatment. . . now why would he say "specific".... I guess I might use that word if they ordered me to give treatment but not what kind of medicines you know "specifically" . . . 

-- AEG was not even aware of the medical treatment Michael was receiving.  This point is critical  TMZ who is this point critical for? YOU or AEG or BOTH OF YOU?!!  The critical part is the testimony and EVIDENCE that Randy Phillips had over a half hour of phone conversation with Dr. Murray as well as Dr. Murray's request for medical equipment.  You mean they didn't question why they should pay for medical equipment, you mean they talked about golf, booze and women for a half hour?!  I'll tell you what's critical . . regardless of medical treatment someone DELIBERATELY killed him.  That point is CRITICAL.

-- Michael despised AEG and referred to people who worked for the company as "snakes"  I can't say that's not correct..Snakes has been used by Michael before..sounds accurate

-- Michael had particular disdain for "This Is It" producer/director Kenny Ortega.  MJ said he hated Ortega, who had no idea how much pain he was inflicting on Michael with the breakneck pace.  I think Dr. Murray hated Kenny when Kenny showed concern for Michael . . remember Dr. Murray?  When Kenny sent him home?  YOU said YOU were the doctor.  No egos here, no, none at all . .

And Michael's venom extended to his family.  Murray claims during the Jackson 5 Pay for View project, Joe (whom he called Papa Bear) demanded $1 million.  Katherine (whom he called Mama Bear) also wanted $1 mil.  And each of the brothers wanted $500k.   Venom is used by snakes.  Michael was not and is not in THAT category.  True the family wanted more. Even in MY book I talk about how Michael did not want to be a part of the family show anymore but was under a great deal of pressure.  However, I don't think any of this is even applicable.  How is painting his family this way applicable?  Oh, yes, I forget.  You want to help paint them as greedy so AEG can win...silly me!  OK Dr. Murray go ahead and blab all you want.  I'll be right here for you and anyone else that decides to bend the truth about Michael, his family or his death to fit their own agenda.  

By the way, did I tell you I have a book?  If it were entered into testimony it would be EXPLOSIVE! :)

Let's make this abundantly clear.  Ms. Rowe, Dr. Murray, AEG and Mr. Branca.  I KNOW Michael Jackson was murdered.  He knows how and who.  You can bend the truth all you want, try and change the public's opinion, try and hide, but sooner or later it WILL come out.

I've had a visit from Frank Dileo not so long ago.  Yeah, he's dead too.  Or so people think.   And honeys let me tell you, Frank apologized.  Now why would he do that?

Elizabeth Taylor, (also dead - did I tell you? - I speak to dead people! OMG I know, crazy, right?!) She can't believe how horrible the things you did to him were and if she were here she says she would be putting her foot right up your asses.  (Sorry that's from her, not me.  I might imagine something else.)

Michael currently has other words.  Something to the effect of backstabbing, something or others and just wait and see.  They're going to get theirs.  Hope it was worth it boys!  E=MC2 Life does go on and I'm not the only one that knows it :)

In that light, let us lovingly dedicate the following song to . . well you know who you are don't chya?! ;)


Energy and Vortexes - AMAZING!

Vortex created by the passage of an
 aircraft wing, revealed by colored smoke
"Energy vortexes are found all over the earth.  There cause and location is variable.  Some are
stationary, others have found there way into the seas and even into the mountains.  Energy vortexes are like they sound.  Energy that forms a vortex or spiral of energy that transmits thought patterns and light into our universe.  It's sort of like code coming from the earth.  Signals can be transmitted through space and time and even great distances.  When looking at our earth from above the vortex is simple, aligned and functioning in time with the rest of the earth's atmosphere.   However, from a mere glimpse from above the seen can be distorted.  We have been functioning with the same vortexes and over time the energy of the earth has shifted.  What do you think has happened to the vortexes?

They too have shifted, but not a great deal.  Depending on their location and who they were created by the vortex may have been moved, abandon or even experimented with.  An energy vortex is able to do many things.  One, it can dance in the clouds like an imaginary halo, encompassing vast numbers of people and creating a vibration of peace.  On the other hand, it can also have an inverse effect and do just the opposite.  It stands to reason then, that these vortexes can and are created by a great number of people.  Similar thoughts repeated over time create enough energy to transmit itself into the atmosphere, and wa la, a vortex is created.

Humans don't realize the power they have with their thoughts.  We don't think anyone can hear what we think and don't give a second thought about whether or not the thought has good intentions or hateful demise.  Regardless, the thought is energy.  Energy that has been created and it stands to reason that it has to come from and go somewhere.  So this is how some thoughts are transmitted.  How some countries stay hateful, others maintain peace.  How uprising may start and also how they may stop.

Today in your thoughts you may want to notice what kind of vortexes you may be contributing to.  Is it for healing our world, hating your neighbor or bettering your life?  Being conscious of what you think is the first step in being responsible for the continuation and creation of our personal worlds as well as the world around us.  Truly the choice is yours."

Michael Jackson 

The above information was contributed.   With further investigation I thought it interesting to also add the following information available on the net regarding energy vortexes.  You'll recognize some familiar names and according to this information you'll also recognize a familiar shape as well:  the triangle:

The Bermuda Triangle & Japan's Devil's Sea are considered anomalies, where unexplained phenomena occur, such as disappearing ships & planes, & radios & compasses that stop working.

Why are ancient Megaliths placed at specific equidistant points, such as Mohenjo-DaroCairoPeruEaster Island, Zimbabwe, and Borneo, to name a few. Why are Positive Energy Vortices, such as in the Himalayas, Sedona (AZ), & the Incan culture situated where they are?

If the Earth is mapped out as a icosahedron (or dodecahedron) Grid, these are all equidistant geometric points (Vortices) of intersecting (Leylines. Note that the Vortices appear to originate from deep beneath the Earth's Crust, so they may be focused by underground water or mineral deposits to vary slightly from the exact dead center, sometimes with multiple surface areas of manifestation.

There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 25 North that may be doors to other dimensions, often called "Vile Vortices" (Vile may be too strong a term):
  • Bermuda Triangle (planes & ships disappear in green fog)
  • Algerian Megalithic Ruins (South of Timbuktu)
  • Karachi (Pakistan) [site of Mohenjo Daro - Rama culture, the ancient origins of Hindu culture]
  • Devil's Sea Triangle (near Iwo Jima, Japan) (planes & ships disappear - Japan officially calls dangerous)
  • Hamakulia, S.E. Hawaii (heaviest volcanic activity) - actually, the focal point is in the ocean, more to the SE of Hawaii. It is in the Ocean, where some ships and planes have disappeared in the past.
There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere near 31.7 North that are Positive healing Energy Vortices:
  • Between Sedona, AZ & Sonora, Mexico (31.7N 112.8W) - Hopi & Yaqui Indian, Hohokom waterworks, Sedona Healing Vortex (& magnetic anomalies at Torreon, Mexico?)
  • The calculated Vortex Focus is near the Papago Indian Reservation, W of Tucson, AZ, S of Pisinimo/W. of Cowlic/Vamori/Little Tucson
  • According to Ken Eagle Feather, in "A Toltec Path" p.11, Castenada's Books on Don Juan (Matus) were centered here (mid-Atlantic, Atlantis per Edgar Cayce - "the position ... Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico ... and the Mediterranean")
  • Egypt - Pyramids (focus Energy)
  • Himalayas, N.E. of Lhasa (Tibet) - Center for Tibetan Enlightenment - also, not far from Xi'an Pyramids in China. Home of the Panda and ancient irrigation systems and Midway Island
Further North, near 50 to 55 North, are some well known Vortices:
  • Findhorn, Scotland: Key Celtic/Druid Ley Line: Calendish megaliths, Loch Ness, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodger
  • Kiev (Ukraine, Russia) - Key Eastern Orthodox Religious Site
  • Buffalo Lake (Alberta Canada), major Indian Medicine Wheels
  • Hudson Bay, Canada north Magnetic pole, Ugansk Bay, Eskimo Art, Chubb meteor crater
  • Lake Baikal (Northern Mongolia): Meteor Crash? - unique soil, strange plant & animal genetic changes
In the southern Hemisphere, there are also 5+5 areas, near 25 & 30 South, (most are in less-traveled ocean areas), some of which are the:
  • Megalithic structures at Sarawak (Borneo)
  • Nan Madol (Pohnpei Island, Micronesia)
  • Incan Culture in South America
  • Easter Island - Megalithic Statues, many of evil Cthulhu - culture degraded to cannibalism, then enslaved
  • Gabon (West Africa) [alleged natural Atomic Reactor 1.7million yrs ago] / Zimbabwe Megaliths


Michael Jackson's Twin Soul - The Glamorous Life

Have you noticed since Randy Jackson's tweets made headlines, Paris Jackson's new photos have surfaced?  In the entertainment industry I suppose it's all about the media, who gets the best press, most coverage and looks the best.  I've been witness to some of the biggest slander wars as I've watched Michael's coverage through the years.  Unfortunately, I can say that most of it was completely skewed.

Currently, they are painting Debbie Rowe as the new mother Theresa of 2013, when just a few short years ago she was the woman who sold her kids.  The new stories, in my opinion, are the new image Ms Rowe needs as she moves in to take custody of the children.  I don't know Debbie, but I do know some of the history, what Michael has told me and the decisions he has made regarding Debbie in the past.  I know California law states that the children's custody goes to the surviving spouse, or in this case surviving parent.  I can't tell you how heart wrenching this is for me to watch.

Through the years I've watched in the shadows the public at large put Michael up on a pedestal, tear him down, then crucify him on every form of media known to man.  Now, after his murder, I get to watch as his children are ping ponged around and given to the one woman he never wanted them to go to.  My heart is broken, as I watch helplessly.  If I believed that Paris was in good hands, that Prince wanted to be with her, or even that she loved them, it would be different.  But I don't feel that way.  Paris wanted a mother long ago.  Debbie was not the one that Michael reached out to.

Like the pages of my diary, here it is in a nutshell.  Imagine being connected to someone all your life.  You share with that person feelings, emotions, speak with them almost constantly.  You share in their pain, you watch as a public tears them apart at the most cherished parts of their being.  You watch from the television, knowing they are reporting only what they want to be heard.  You know the truth.  You know the damage it's doing to the person it's being reported against.  But you can't hold his hand.  You can't swoop in and save him.  Your voice is not heard on the radio, or are they interested in your voice on the news because you don't "really" know him.

You hope for the best.  You send your prayers, words of encouragement, thoughts of love.  Your embrace of the soul, you hope will heal all of the turmoil and pain.  It happens again, and you learn to reach for a higher power.  For by now, you know there is more to this life than just this physical realm.  You've lived it.  So you call on the angels, you ask for intercessions and find that your request is granted.  But you realize it's not just the court case that is so devastating, it's the treatment of the people, the stories in the news, the betrayal of the so called "friends" you thought you once had.  It breaks your spirit, makes you wither and the dream and hope for truth, justice and light for all begins to fade.  Because those closest to you have not only betrayed you, but have gone out of their way to make sure you fall.

I watched as he worked his way to the top, to be murdered by those wishing to take all he had.  I waited for years to see where this so called "connection" would take us.  It must be some place wonderful, some place magical, it's so strong I thought.  In the end, he was murdered, I was abandoned, and now I watch as his children suffer as well.  Michael has died, but only his body.  We still share emotions, I still feel for his children the way I did when he lived, the way he feels for them.  But I can't touch them, can't help them, can't do a thing about what they now endure.

So now I sit here, trying to pick up the pieces of where Michael was.  Try to help spread the message of love, help to inspire and heal.  Yet, some people don't get it.  Some say it's crazy, others don't believe, many are skeptical.  They would believe in a medium speaking to their mother, but not Michael Jackson and when it comes to twin souls, by golly, that's just way to far.  It's been called fantasy.  So here is the real fantasy you are referring to.  This is the life of a twin soul of Michael Jackson;  a life of suffering, pain and turmoil that doesn't stop even when your "twin soul" dies.  As for being Michael Jackson's twin soul, if you want to walk in my shoes I'd trade this in a heart beat.  There is nothing notable, brilliantly wonderful or romantic about this path. It's hard, repulsive, and agonizing.  The real crime of it is it's not because it's supposed to be, it's only because other people make it that way.

So if you have a twin soul, if they are famous, be mindful.  It's the work of the soul, not of their life that you are most likely to be involved in.  Take some advice from me, try not to get attached to or even pay attention to who they are as a person.  Their fans will assault you.  People will be jealous.  Others won't believe and call you crazy.  You'll be like Jesus.  Claiming you are the real deal as others crucify you.  This is the work of the soul.  The work of the unseen and the courage you have to have to walk the path.  You are not alone.  Your twin will share your path with you, but it may not be in the physical.  He or she may die, you may have to wait, you won't know how you'll end up, you'll struggle trying to know, you'll act out in anger because it will get to be "too much".  Just remember, in the end it all comes down to the soul and the soul alone.  Their experience in this life is theirs, yours is yours.  The point to keep in mind is that you must be whole yourself.  Your experience must be whole and theirs must be whole.  My experience this life was not supposed to be with Michael's family - his was.  But because he has maintained feelings for them, so do I.  That's the hard part, the confusing part.  You have to let go of what life they had and leave it as their experience and not try and make it your own.  You will have your own path, your own issues to contend with to become whole.   Knowing in the end the karma that each of you had will be relinquished and the two can once again join in blissful harmony.


Visitations with Sri - Wisdom of the Heart

"The heart knows true love.  One that is rich in color, vibrant and radiant.  Love is felt on many levels, in many countries, in many religions.  Why is love so important?

We seem to put an emphasis on money.  We have seemed to misplaced love.  Where did it go?  Is love that illusive?  Does it hide in the shadows?  Is it a fad that has gone out of style or a notion someone once made up?

Love is none of these things.  It is the fabric that holds together our very existence - it creeps in from your heart when you smile - it holds your breath when you marvel at a sunset.  It crushes your spirit when someone close to you dies.  Love is not illusive.  Love is not a shadow.  It plays in our thoughts, makes itself known in our everyday dealings.  The more you pay attention to love, the more love seeks you out.

Be that today - Love.  Look love straight in the eye and say I AM Love.  For today is the rest of your life.  Live it like you believe in love.  Live it in the joy of love.  Witness it in the people you love.  In the touch of a hand, an extended glance, a flower in bloom or a brilliant star.  All of these things are love, but so are you.

Imagine if someone looked at you and exclaimed "You are love."  What would you look like?  How would you act?  What might you do?  Ponder this today and in your world be love.  For it is in love we will find true happiness, true salvation and the reason for our very existence."

Sri Aurobindo
Mother with Daisies


For Prince, Paris and Blanket

We could write a book, but sometimes expressions are best done with music.  So for Prince, Paris and Blanket I'd like to offer the following.  Your dad is watching you guys still, even though he is not there physically - he has his eye on you! ;)  

As you grow and go through your days, remember that he wants you to be what you want to be- not what you THINK he wants you to be or others.  Please listen to the words of Heavy D.  These lyrics are truly meant from the heart - all of them.

I hope everyone else enjoys this little jaunt back in time.  The choreography and children will most likely be familiar to all Michael and Janet fans from back in the day.

We remain.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Love and Light - Becoming the Change

When we talk about love we refer to a higher power that has created us all.  It's not romantic love like some people might think, it's love that life itself is made of.  When you walk into a room full of people sometimes you can feel love.  Your family maybe or a loved one, waiting for your arrival.  That's love. It's that feeling radiating from that person waiting for you, just you, to be in their presence once again.

Twin flame love is like that but on a bigger scale.  Waiting for a twin flame is like waiting for Gandhi himself to arrive.  You know it will be the highest, most encompassing love you can find, and it is.  The love is sought and found in the soul.  It's pure, energetic and all encompassing.  It's fair to say that you can't search for this love except within yourself.  It's fair to say that this love will also elude you if you are not becoming the light that needs to shine to express this love.

The union of flames generates more love.  For shiny, pure, all encompassing love to extend to the planet, there must be a shiny, pure garment of light around each individual.  I'm not saying you have to be Gandhi, but think about it.  How can you express love to your twin when you don't have it yourself to begin with?  Reaching for your higher self, taking steps to clear the energies that block love from coming through makes you lighter, your light shine brighter and allows for love to flow through you.  This in essence brings to you and attracts your twin as well as creating a life of abundance and love in almost all aspects of your being.

Try this:  Sit and meditate today just for a few minutes.  Think about love.  Think about how love feels.  Not sexual love, don't go there! Just a beautiful, all encompassing love that surrounds you like a soft, fresh blanket.  Feel it in your body.  Now think about Gods light.  Imagine his light is above you and now his light enters your body through the top of your head and also surrounds your body, intensifying the love.  This is the peace of love, the light of love and how we all can begin to be the change using love and light as our guide.  Be light and love and you will also be the change the world needs so desperately.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Visitations with Sri

I had asked Sri Aurobindo for a message that might help everyone the most and here is what he has given:

"What is your state of being?  Listen to your heart.  What does it say?  Can you name the emotion?  Is it a flower, a bud, or a delightful orchestra?  Do you worry, are you pensive, guilty or annoyed?  Do you care what others think?  Do you bring your problems to your work force or are you tardy or absent because you are annoyed with your work situation?  What of any of these things matters?  In the end you will find all worries are for not.  The simple act of worrying accomplishes nothing.  No one or any thing can change what is, but you must see what it is instead of how you perceive it to be.

Here we are.  We have the entire universe at our disposal and we squander our resources on petty worries.  What kind of job we will get, our car, where we live.  If any of that really mattered we would already be provided with it.  A better job, a new car or a new home will not make anyone happy.  It is only you and you alone who will make you happy.  Petty worries are just the ego mind playing tricks.  It likes to feel important by doing something like worrying, fixing, playing the martyr.

But we are not powerless beings.  Although at times you may imagine you are, it is the I AM that is all pervasive and that part of you never dies, never gives up and is always clothed in hope and love.

When you reach for the I AM you reach for me.  I AM there as you are in I AM.  This is the force that resides in all of us that connect us at the very core.  Making life the truly beautiful symphonic orchestra that it is.  The dance begins with a single step, one note, one rhythm, one ponder of words, the rest is history.  For when you allow the dance to unfold, all of life rejoices in its wonder and mystery.  The birds sing louder, the cars seem softer, the whisper of the wind beacons you to listen and a heart of fire raves at your door.  The passionate one, the one that seeks God, the one who ponders his life, not squanders it will be rewarded in life.  For here this one knows the truth.  That we are beings of magnificence and beings of destruction.  Sure we can decide to ruin our lives, let others dictate our life for us, but in the end what will we have given back to life?  Nothing.  When the soul awakens to the passionate purpose it was born to live in all things, all beings and all of life stands in applause.  Here is the beauty, the majesty and wonder of life.  I AM, that I AM is all that is.  Believe in it, in you and yourself as a higher being and the promise of heaven on earth is indeed yours.  Majestically yours in love."

Sri Aurobindo


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Breaking Patterns/The Emotional Body

There are four lower bodies we wish to focus on in Man in the Mirror PROJECT.  One is the emotional body which is tied to our thoughts.  If you've ever seen "What the Bleep do we Know", you might remember the above clip.  It is our tendency to re-create feelings from previous events and from our childhood.  We are mostly living from our past experience or thinking of our future.  The clip above actually demonstrates the way the energy is transmitted, creating pathways and patterns in our energy fields.  The more they are traveled, the more engrained  that pattern becomes.

We can spend weeks on this subject alone, so lets start with an event I witnessed in my own family.  Like many families we had alcoholics in ours.  Generations of alcoholics and in the middle class family, having a drink equates to "relaxing" or having a "good time."  In many alcoholic families the abuser of the alcohol often becomes emotionally unstable creating a chaotic environment for the rest of the family.  Children are often the witnesses and when they grow older they have already been engrained with a sense that family, love, and home equate to chaos.

In my case, I was at a point in my life that I was able to watch.  Because the person I'm speaking about wasn't my mother or father, but was in my family unit, I was able to remove myself enough to recognize the patterns at play.  I knew the history of the family and when this person in question was met with a sense of lull in her life she literally began to create drama.  It was so specific in nature, I was actually able to pinpoint the next outburst.  Whenever things seemed peaceful, I knew the next outburst was about to erupt.  That simply was not her "normal" state and creating drama made her feel more at "home".

Like most people I know this person never realized why or what she was doing.  Most likely she blamed everyone else for the chaos in her life, never realizing it was she who created it and more importantly why.  In this case she had a habit or an addiction to drama.  It made her feel comfortable and every time she would enter into the cycle again, it re-enforced the habit.

Taking this one instance as an example, how would we begin to unravel the chain of events that lead us down this path if this is indeed something that is happening with us?  If you watch your thoughts today, try to notice what kind of recurring pattern they may be generating that you may be unaware of.
For instance, try to notice if you are trying to find something wrong in your life to think about.  Thinking about someone and how you should make them "pay" for what you perceive they have done to you or even thinking about yourself and how fat you are, how you'll never lose the weight, or how broke you are.

Once you identify what it might be that is a recurring thought, try to identify it's source.  Did someone say it about you and you believed it, were you ridiculed, were you treated that way or made to feel a certain way?  Close your eyes and try to work your way through the chain.

Once you've identified what and where it came from, it's time to start breaking the pattern.  As with most things the pattern you have put in place has been there for a long time, so it only stands to reason that it will also take some time to "re-route" new healthier patterns for yourself.  Here are some guidelines as you begin to make the change:

  1. Stop the thought.  Pay attention and once you begin the thought, become conscious of it and counter it.  If the thought is "I'm so fat", counter it with "I have a choice to become thin and have the tools I need within me to make that change"
  2. If the feeling is brought about by a person, remove yourself from their presence temporarily.
  3. If you notice your feelings are coming from an outside stimulus, like the addiction of smoking when drinking, remove the stimulus.  Don't drink for a while.
  4. Change the payoff.  When you embark on these patterns internally you already know the result you seek.  Change it.  If it's the fact that you will relish in the donut you punish yourself with get a really nasty one so you don't enjoy it so much.  This way you change the result and the addiction won't be so appealing.
  5. Surround yourself with different stimulus and people.  If I do drugs, this means not hanging out with friends that do them.  If I want to be successful, I stop engaging with the people that don't believe that I can be.

Above all, live in the moment and question your motives, feelings and self about why you are where you are and where you want to be.  Is this the life you wish to create, or is there something more that you are brave enough to explore?  The power and choice is in your hands alone.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Exploring Upanishads NEW FINDINGS

Mandaka Upanishad
Chapter One, Section II, Verse 13

"To him because he has taken entire refuge with him, with a heart tranquilized and a spirit at peace, that man of knowledge declares in its principles the science of the Brahman by which one comes to know the Immutable Spirit, the True and Real."

Sri Aurobindo, August 13, 2013 accompanied by Saint Therese, The Little Flower

"We live in a world at different octaves of light pulsating at a rhythm through time and space.  Some may see light, others beams, perhaps even rays.  This is the essence of the universe.  The universal song sending the thought and vibration through space and time, mimicking the vast array of our universe.

Thought energy is concentrated in light strands.  These strands transmit our thoughts through a vehicle known as the apex - a real vessel from which all things are created.  Thoughts actualize in Brahman by creating other light waves around them.  Each thought then is made manifest through repeated vibrations and made stronger by repeated patterns.  This is how a thought is brought into fruition and made manifest.  It is comprised of the energy sent out by its creator man and compounded with energy from feeling and other thought transmissions either adding to it or taking from it.

Do this:  Write a thought.  Watch your words and notice how you feel.  Wait two days and see if the thought manifests itself in your life.  If it does, you know how it works.  If it doesn't ask yourself why. Did the thought escape you, did you not believe in it or was it simply that you doubt your own experience?  If it is the latter, try again with a different thought.  One that is simple in context.  "My dog ate a bug" - It's not rocket science only the way things work.  If your dog eats a bug in two days time perhaps you will begin to believe.  If he does not, perhaps you will never know the truth."

Note to the reader:  I write what is given to me.  In this case I had no idea what an "apex" was. Looking it up I found the following taken from Wikipedia:

In geometry, an apex (Latin for 'summit, peak, tip, top, extreme end;'[1]) is the vertex which is in some sense the highest of the figure to which it belongs.
  • In an isosceles triangle, the apex is the vertex where the two sides of equal length meet, opposite the unequal third side.
  • In a pyramid or cone, the apex is the vertex opposite the base.

This is of particular interest since we have long spoken about the creative vehicles and building blocks of creation as they relate to the triangle.  Two superimposed triangles representing shiva and shakti, or male and female union, and the triangular shape of the pyramids, also referenced as the builders of form.  The "merkabah" is also comprised of triangular shapes and now we have learned of the apex from Sri which seems to point in the same direction.  


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - A Game of Perception

"The innocence of children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult, you're conditioned" 

- Michael Jackson, Ebony/Jet interview, 2002 

With Man in the Mirror PROJECT we are focusing our efforts on consciousness.  To break down patterns of perceptions about ourselves and our world.  Healing ourselves then can only begin to heal the world around us.  WE will become the change we wish to see in the world.

It's been said many times that we have been conditioned.  In this lifetime, other lifetimes, society, countries and religions.  We have separated ourselves and consciousness into them and us.  Catholics are different than Islams.  Iranians different than Americans.  But is this true or is it merely our perception?

Today I'd like you to explore our emotional and mental bodies with the following exercise.  Look at the picture below and note what you see:

Each of us may have a different perception of the picture above.  If you are with a group of people you may want to embark on conversation about what you see.  However, we each have ideas about the way things are and the way things should be.  We interpret everything we see and experience through these two different ideas.  We rarely question why we see things the way we do and simply assume we are correct, storing the idea within as truth without even realizing it.

Now look at the two pictures below:


When looking at the first picture some of you may have seen the young woman, pictured left in the original picture presented and others the old woman pictured right.  No one was incorrect, yet your perception of what the picture was is different.  If we did not go further, you would have looked at the original picture, made your conclusion and stored it in your mental body.  Later when asked you would have gone to the point of arguing with someone else that had the different perception of the picture because in your mind you KNOW what you saw.  This is how powerful our conditioning affects us and our perceptions.  If in a few seconds we can have that kind of impact on the way we see things, what about the conditioning of a lifetime?  The influences in our lives, family, church, society, friends, have all made silent unconscious impacts on our lives which have shaped the way we see ourselves and our world.

Our work is to shift this consciousness into one of openness.  Valuing other's opinions even if they are different than our own, valuing the human, even though they may be a different color and valuing another country, even though they believe in running it differently.  We must recognize we are all one, living in different states of consciousness acting as if we are separate.  Let us shift that consciousness into a unified level of love and acceptance.  This shift must begin with us.  May you begin today by taking a step back and viewing any given situation as a child.  With an open mind and loving heart.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Upanishads and Path of the Twin

Isha Upanishad
Verse 15

"The face of Truth is covered with a brilliant golden lid; that do thou remove, O Fosterer, for the law of the Truth, for sight"

In the inner sense of the Veda Surya, the Sun-God represents the divine Illumination of the Kavi which exceeds mind and forms the pure self-luminous Truth of things.  His principal power is self-revelatory knowledge, termed in the Veda "Sight". His realm is described as the Truth, the Law, the Vast.  He is the Fosterer or Increaser, for he enlarges and opens man's dark and limited being into a luminous and infinite consciousness.  He is the sole Seer, Seer of Oneness and Knower of the Self, and leads him to the highest Sight.  He is Yama, Controller or Ordainer, for he governs man's action and manifested being by the direct Law of the Truth, satyadharma, and therefore by the right principle of our nature, ydthatathyatah, a luminous power proceeding from the Father of all existence, he reveals in himself the divine Purusha of whom all beings are the manifestations.  His rays are the thoughts that proceed luminously from the Truth, the Vast, but become deflected and distorted, broken up and disordered in the reflecting and dividing principle, Mind.  They form there the golden lid which covers the face of the Truth."  

  - The Upanishads, Sri Aurobindo

Several thousand years ago a man named Jesus inhabited the earth teaching us the same.  "Know thyself", he said.  When Gandhi came he told us we had to "be the change" we wanted to see in the world.  One common message, the one path always begins with us.

In the above verse and it's interpretation, Sri explains that there is but one Truth that is available to all. He explains that there is a Seer that is the Knower of the self that leads us to our highest sight.  In simple terms we might say it is the witness.  That part of ourselves that is not the ego or personality, but the soul witnessing the events and life lessons we play out.  When we think our thoughts, it is this seer that hears them, that notices, that knows that it is only that part of ourselves that has been made manifest through our deflected, distorted, reflecting and dividing principle, Mind.  It is not our true self.

In knowing this we find that the twin soul, that other part of ourselves, also resides with the Seer.  For the relationship of the twin is within the soul, not the ego.  Reunion with them, then only comes with knowledge of the self.  The witnessing and releasing of the patterns we have manifested within ourselves and the self work necessary to become illumined.  This right action not only will lead us to freedom, but freedom from our thoughts, limited beliefs and the knowledge of all there is.


Twin Flames Breaking Free


"All this hysteria, all this commotion
Time, space, energy are just a notion
What we have conceptualized we have created
All those loved, all those hated

Where is the beginning, where's the end
Time's arrow, so difficult to bend
Those broken promises, what they meant
Those love letters, never sent."

- Michael Jackson, from Dancing the Dream

What does true freedom mean?  Internally it would be to break free from the patterns of thought we have created for ourselves.  What we perceive we often believe, creating our feelings of love or hatred towards others.  In your own life I am sure you can recall times that you had different thoughts about the same situation or even have had a change of heart.  It wasn't that the situation changed, it was your thoughts about the situation.

During some recent correspondence I have been reminded of the internal struggle in accepting the twin flame relationship.  We all want true complete love.  I believe we all search for the one "perfect" partner that will make us complete.  Yet just as in Michael's poem above, there will be concepts created, broken promises, and sometimes years of wondering and waiting before you really know that the path to this perfect one has so much to do with ourselves.

Our twin flames mirror the lessons that we ourselves have yet to learn.  If you perceive the world as a cold place you may perceive your twin as part of this place as well.  It isn't until you have grown into the idea that an all pervading love beyond what is perceived can actually be already alive inside of you.

My yoga teacher made a wonderful point during our last class.  He told us about a trip he had taken with his wife not far from his home.  He described the scene with flowery words, beautiful pose, and an exasperated tone.  Yet, as he did this, he explained that there merely were no words to capture the experience.  Some experiences are beyond words, beyond explanation, and sometimes even beyond our human conception.  Feeling your twin inside yourself is the same.  The feeling of bliss, oneness and ecstasy are beyond words.  The wholeness felt reminds you of the magnificence of God himself.  It is all encompassing, all pervasive and pure love.  There are no thoughts that define it, no way to capture it.  It sits within you like the stillness of a moment in time when you are suspended and you feel yourself as part of this pure energy that completely takes over your entire body.  The times that I have experienced this I keep my body absolutely still.  I am afraid to breath for fear the feeling will leave.

The journey is not that beautiful, however, and that part isn't God's design, it's been ours.  It's these perceived ideas we have, these patterns we've created that keep us apart in our external world.  Fear, worthiness, inner struggle with addictions, fear of failure, self worth and all the things that are deemed our demons inside.  The journey is an internal climb upward to our true selves, not external.  The human face of your beloved is only your perception.  The true beloved you seek already whispers inside of you.  He or she is already a part of you.  We will always on the path be doubtful, we will be afraid, we will be angry, and we will be joyful; but all of these emotions, all of these hurts and all of the misgivings in the end will come to be known only as stepping stones in our own growth.  For in the end the perfection we seek we will come to know was a part of our true selves within all along.