Biggest Fears of the Zodiac Sign

I absolutely love Maria Shaw Lawson. She is very intuitive and one of the best astrologers I know.

She recently shared the "Biggest Fears of the Zodiac Sign" in her newsletter.  The excerpt was passed onto Maria from Blondie from the Johnny and Blondie Show.

If you follow or study astrology, you've probably spent a good amount of time reading about the positive qualities of your sign. Studying the dark side of every zodiac sign, like the fears we have, can make astrology a more useful tool for everyone.

Here are all twelve signs of the zodiac with their corresponding fears:

Aries (March 21 - April 19): Fear of losing people
The only thing scarier for an Aries than losing a fight is losing a friend in the process. Although they often won't realize that until afterward, because they really hate losing a fight.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Taurus loves to be comfortable. They enjoy the simplest creature comforts: Taurus guards their money and fights off debt like the plague. If they see their account balance dwindling, the first thing they worry about is the changes they'll have to make to their lifestyle.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20): Fear of making decisions
Geminis change their decisions, opinions, choices and even their promises to themselves/others all the time. The reason? They don't feel like sticking to them.Gemini is symbolized by the Twins, meaning there are two distinct sides to their personalities (more than two, when it comes to Gemini men) that are constantly in conflict with one another. The minute they settle on one choice, their "other half" begins to pipe up about what they could be choosing to do instead. The problem for Gemini is that they know both sides have great ideas.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Fear of leaving home
Cancers are the ultimate agoraphobics. They like to stay in their safe zone, the place where no one can hurt them. The irony of agoraphobia, which is defined as "a fear of being trapped in places or situations where escape is difficult" is that it takes the people who suffer from it prisoner.

Leo (July 23 - August 22): Fear of being ignored
If there is one thing Leo won't stand for, it's walking into a room unnoticed. Lucky for them, they know how to work with that fear in a motivational way. They make it almost impossible for people to ignore them, either through their wardrobes, their body language or the way they express themselves. Most of the time, they use all three to gain the attention of those around them.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22): Fear of imperfection
Remember the full mental breakdown that would happen to Monica from "Friends" when something was spilled on the floor? If you walked into a Virgo's apartment spilling wine on the carpet, throwing used tissues on the ground or wiping your greasy hands on their dishes, they'd file assault charges. The slightest bit of disorganization in their personal lives or their physical world can trigger feelings of despair for Virgo.
While they consciously fear external imperfection, what they truly fear is their own internal imperfections.

Libra (September 23 - October 22): Fear of being alone
Intelligent, loving, passionate people, Libras are exceptionally good romantic partners. It's hard to imagine them spending their lives alone. It's especially for them to imagine it, but they do, all the time. Because nothing frightens them more.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21): Fear of Losing Control
Scorpios are dark, deep, complex people. You may have read that Pisces is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac, but that's because a Pisces will (boldly) wear their emotions on their sleeve. Scorpios, I would argue, are even more sensitive than Pisces, because Scorpios are too sensitive to give full expression to their feelings. A Scorpio's sensitivity is actually paralyzing. Abandonment and engulfment are the two factors that create this fear of intimacy in Scorpios. They are afraid of others eventually leaving them, or they are terrified of losing their individuality to a relationship.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) : Fear of enclosed spaces
Sagittarians are natural explorers. They love to travel the world in search of their personal truths, like trust fund kids after college graduation. The difference is, they'll do it on their own dime without regretting the cost. They are ruled by the planet Jupiter, also known as the planet of expansion. They are wild horses made to roam, and that's the truth. Perhaps it's Jupiter's influence that endows every Sagittarius with a certain degree of claustrophobia, whether they are afraid of actual confined spaces or of daily responsibilities that make them feel confined, like checking their bank accounts before going on that trip to Morocco. Nothing scares them more than a hindrance to their freedom.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19): Fear of failure
Capricorns happen to be very business-minded people.  They're workaholics, which is pretty much the best kind of addiction. But the shadow side of their ability to climb the ladder to success is a deeply embedded fear of failure. This fear is also what sets their slow-and-steady pace in everything they do.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18): Fear of institutionalization
Aquarius will spend their lives avoiding any kind of intellectual entrapment.  They're a lot like Sagittarius in this respect, except that their claustrophobia is directed at institutions - like corporate work, school, hospitals, or marriage.They view all of these institutions as a kind of intellectual imprisonment, and hate the idea of subscribing to any kind of "group mind." They're so original, it's hard to blame them.
Leave an Aquarius to make up their own minds, or leave them alone. They're probably much happier that way.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20): Fear of responsibility
The Peter Pans of the zodiac, Pisces live in a fantasy world where they just don't want to grow up. Not that they could, even if they did want to. They are a study in contrasts - they're somehow full of the wisdom of the ages, without an ounce of true maturity.Pisces were given the gift of unending creativity, and with that comes a total incapacity to deal with day-to-day life.

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Twin Flame Communication; Before and After Death

Since my twin flame soul mate's passing, I've received communication similar to when he was living. Visions of him spending time with people on the other side, doing things, and continued telepathy.

I sometimes feel uncomfortable with the word "telepathy".  For some reason an alien comes to mind with little antennas on the top of his head.  It still sounds "out there", so for this purpose, I'd like to term it more accurately as "soul communication."

There is something about this three dimensional world that makes us think that once we die or another does, all things end.  That's exactly what I thought when my flame passed.  That all the visions, all the communication would stop.  Perhaps later, after I died, we'd meet up again.  But,
I've come to a new conclusion;  I'd like to change the phrase "he lost his life" to "he lost his body". Spirits do live on, as does the soul.  We are indeed eternal beings.

Because this process is still somewhat of a journey for me, as I learn about what is transpiring in my own life there are times I like to share those things on this blog.  As time moves forward, many people may be or may have already experienced similar events.

I have never read about flames after one passes that have had a similar experience to my own. So when faced with these new experiences and many times questions, I often go to the other side for answers.

In this case my questions were about visions I am still having seven years after my flames passing. Like anything else we often form concepts and conclusions in our minds that may or may not be correct.  In my case, this twin flame soul mate journey has been going on all my life.  So when my flame passed, I expected it to end.  In some ways still I expect it to end.  The visions, the communication, everything has been ongoing.

If your're familiar with the concept of twin flame soul mates, this might not be surprising to find that everything continues.  Logically it makes sense.  That when two parts of the same soul are either on the earth plane or the next, they'll still be able to communicate.  When you're actually living it, however, it's not so easily digested.  The twin flame realm is mind boggling for most people, including me at times.  We have been raised in a society that doesn't necessarily believe in the afterlife and I would bet that if most people heard the word "telepathy", they'd say you were off your rocker.

This concept and my own feelings about this situation I've found myself in recently came into play when the recently passed on musician, Prince, asked how Michael and I met.  How do you answer a question like that when we did, but we didn't?  My reply was the same.  We did and we didn't.  I found myself stating rather matter of factly, "We communicated telepathically."  It was the "telepathic" word that made me cringe inside, even though I wasn't even saying it out loud.  I think I was more awkward about it than Prince.  His only reply was "You're kidding me?"  I suppose when you're on the other side it might be more widely accepted (communicating telepathically), because that IS how you communicate with the living.  Yet to think we were doing it while on earth?  Yeah, you're kidding me!

I took my situation to my twin.  He always has the right words to say.  So I've decided to share with you his very logical and beautiful explanation on this subject.  Here is "Two People - One Soul" by Michael Jackson:

"Like a cell you each have a mind.  In a cell the nucleus is the mind.  The cells are continually transmitting information to one another.  This is always the same for twin flame soul mates - even after death.  

They are in constant communication, but can only be heard when one or both are ready to receive information from the soul. 

 The transmittal process is two-fold; One communicates while the other listens inwardly, responding in sound vibration through a frequency ready to absorb the information.  Sound frequencies are like light. Some travel swiftly, while others linger in the atmosphere.

With flames all sounds re - verbirate in the soul.  The sound of a voice in the mind, an image, is all carried by frequency.  The weight of the message and it's importance, play a key role in the receptivity of the receiver.  When one transmits a message, the other feels it in vibration in the body, resonating a response even without words.  

Knowingness comes from the soul. It's here that lies the aspects of the self that are linked to other dimensions and galaxies.

Let me give you an example:

Two birds are sitting on a branch.  One sings a tune and flies away.  The other looks on in dismay.  The bird and the song have fled.  But inside there is left a residual vibration.  The feeling of the emotion rising within as the bird sang.  This feeling comes from soul memory.  And so as twins merge with each other so do their memories and consciousness.  Vibrating in the same rhythm
for all of eternity.

These are twin flame soul mates.  The rarest of birds with the most beautiful of song."

The following videos demonstrate how cells transmit signals to each other, similar to twin flame soul mates.  


For Joe Jackson and the Family

Sometimes I am afforded the opportunity to be of the benefit of a "nanny".  I've been put on a "nanny cam" for the past week with Elizabeth Taylor as Michael has been busy attending to other matters. Joe Jackson, Michael's father, has had a little downtime recently. He is in our prayers and it has been impressed upon me strongly to give him and the family this message.  If you've felt him lurking around, you can bet he's been keeping an eye on you.

"It's the little things that show up in someone's life that show to them that there is someone there that cares about them.  Too often the words go unexpressed, feelings get hurt and there is an upset in the family. I want you to know how very much you are loved in every way. Your dedication to our family and hope for the future has always brought us together in ways no one could have imagined.

During this time in your life, I hope you know how much you are loved and supported.  No one knows what the future will bring, but I can tell you that what ever happens I am there to support you. Being there for someone doesn't mean you just show up.  It means you take the time to say you care and find the words to express yourself in a fashion that lets the person know you'll be there for them always.  If you ever feel alone, know this:  It's not what you did or said but how you made me feel with what you did for me.  I felt love when you were there for me, when you supported my dreams and when you went out on a limb to stress the importance of family.  I won't give up hope for a future that is brighter than today.  I won't be the one that will let you down.  I'll see you again when the time is right.  For now, know that I love you and that I'm here to support you, always.  Love, Michael

P.S. If you see me in your dreams, know that it's real.  No one can tell you how something is. Sometimes you have to experience it yourself."


A Message from Prince in the Afterlife

Let me start off by saying I was never a Prince fan.  I love the 80's, I know who he is, what his music sounds like, I've seen one of his movies, but I've held an impression of him that is entirely untrue.

As most of us know, what are shown in the news and via media platforms is how we form our opinions about people and events. My honest thoughts about Prince were that he was raunchy and wild.  Not someone I particularly would like to follow as far as someone in the public eye.

Yet as I've come to know just a little bit about him in the afterlife, I've been very pleasantly surprised by his warmth, charm and particularly good intentions for all people that were in his life and those who he hangs out with now.

Prince wanted me to post a message from him today.  I just watched the news and some people from our area in Detroit are planting "purple" gardens.  I happened to put on a purple shirt, but I'd like to pay tribute to Prince by writing down for you what he wishes for you to know.

Prince 5/6/2015 6:10 pm

"I want to thank the public and my fans for the outpouring of prayers.  My heart is exploding with love.  I haven't felt so much love in all my life.

Please continue to support those in the music industry who are struggling with their managrment and recording companies.  I am be-funked at how this all went down.  At least I know I have the support of my group - they're tight - and family members who know me well.

I haven't been able to express my gratitude for those who came before me.  My heart is heavy due to the fact that so many lives have been taken and exploited.  If I were with you now, I'd tell my crew to stay strong, stay in the light and never back down.  You never know who or what will come into your life or at what time.  Timing is important; remember that.  It's those who know me most that will remember the strength and courage I've had to have to endure ridicule, fame and success.  

I hope you know I'll always love you.  Keep smiling.  Keep singing, and always love yourself and others.  I am grateful for the time we've had together.

Love always and always,
Prince Nelson"


Murdered Celebrities: Big Business

An article published in June, 2014 by Ian Halperin says that Frank Dileo, Michael’s cigar-chomping, larger-than-life manager, was apparently taken in by bizarre claims - conspiracy theories. 

The legendary music mogul – an affable character who was Michael’s life-long companion – was blunt:

"Michael, he believed, was the ‘victim of foul play’. Dileo died in 2011, following complications after heart surgery, but gave me his final interview. Teary and emotional, he made a series of wild allegations that have never before been published

‘It’s clear Michael was worth more dead than alive,’ he told me, choking back tears. But he added: 

‘I can assure you Conrad Murray is not the only person who should stand trial.’

Frank Dileo insisted that Michael never released certain songs because they were not up to his incredibly high standards.

‘Michael was a stickler,’ he said. ‘Unless it was incredible, he would never consider putting it out. I fear that the people who exploited Michael while he was alive are now conspiring to make as much money [as they can] off him in death. It’s not the way Michael would have wanted it.’

It was only weeks after Michael’s death that the co-executors of his estate, John Branca and John McClain, made headlines for beginning lucrative major merchandising deals.

Dileo said: ‘Just a few weeks before Michael died he told me he thought someone would kill him. I thought he was being overly paranoid. 

‘He told me there were people out there who wanted him dead. He said he didn’t think he would live too long and that if anything happened to him he wanted me to know he loved me."
source:  Daily

Commercializing dead celebrities has become big business. Indeed, the monetization of publicity rights of deceased celebrities has markedly expanded in recent times as new technology, such as holograms and computer-generated imagery can keep the virtual celebrity alive and entertaining us forever.

Forbes now has an entire website devoted to “top-earning dead celebrities.” More than a few notable celebrities are monetarily worth more dead than alive.
source: Wealth

Another such celebrity is the recently departed Prince.  With so many correlations between Prince and Michael Jackson's death, there are still more coming to the surface.

For instance, about 12 days after Michael's passing Randy Phillips of AEG wrote an email claiming:

"Michael's death is a terrible tragedy but life must go on. "AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film"

It was just three days after Michael's death that Randy Phillips, Tohme Tohme, his fired manager, and the Estate of Michael Jackson met to cement the plans for the This is It film.  Estate executors, John Branca and John McClain, were not even named as executors yet.  

It is now approximately ten days after the death of Prince.  MPR News has published an article that eerily outlines specific plans for Prince stating:

"Michael Jackson has already given a posthumous digital performance. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe are on the way.

Imagine occasional future pay-per-view concerts featuring a virtual Prince performing previously unreleased music. Suppose there's a $20 fee to watch and, say, five million fans pay up. That'd bring in $100 million.

Those are the kind of money-making opportunities that may be available to the people overseeing Prince's estate once its fate is settled."

The "people" overseeing Prince's estate?  What people?  And how does the reporter, Martin Moylan, know that more digital performances are on the way?  Where did the figures and idea come from regarding "pay-per-view" performances?

It was in May, 2009, a month before Jackson's death, that the LA Times reported that Jackson was considering a pay-per-view and feature film.  According to the article, Randy Phillips of AEG not only named the ideas Jackson was considering, but stated:

"The concerts, Phillips acknowledged, are a do-or-die moment for Jackson"
source: LATimes

Taking into consideration the apparent "inside information" that the current article MPR has published includes, it might not take too long to figure out the source.  Apparently . . .

 "The latest Jackson album is due out soon" 
source: MPR

Randy Phillips, formally with AEG Live, was instrumental in developing Prince's residency at The O2 in London in 2007.

Phillips joined Global Entertainment as the CEO in February, 2015. Leaving the company after only seven months, Global stated Randy was slated for a "specific project to be announced in due course".

Perhaps in the near future we'll see a Prince impersonator performing a selection of songs by the late artist.  If it's anything like the hologram used for Michael Jackson, I'd beg you to save your money. The song choice for Jackson, "Slave to the Rhythm", reminds me a little too much of Prince's note he wrote on his own face: "Slave".

"Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life.
Electric word, life, that means forever, and that's a mighty long time.

But I'm here to tell you, there's something else . . 
the after world . . 

If the elevator tries to break you down,
go crazy . . ."

Music Industry Satire with Homer Simpson and Prince

There is some truth in satire. . .

The video below speaks for itself:


Prince, Michael Jackson and My Bad Fairy

"They call it “show business” for a reason. The music industry (and I use that term very loosely) isn’t concerned with art or expression. It’s not about identity or originality. And it’s definitely not about talent. It’s about money."
source:  Image

As the news has been littered with stories about the recent death of Prince, or the "Artist Formally Known As", I've taken a backseat to the stories that have been circulating.

Many reports boast about the ongoing feud between Michael Jackson and Prince, and in recent days, how similar their deaths have been.  The circumstances surrounding the deaths of both Prince and Michael Jackson are said to be "eerily similar".  Both involving a doctor, both involving an "overdose".

Yet as we may or may not know, the reports on the news and the truth are often in stark contrast.  In the recent years after investigating Michael Jackson's death, I've come to a firm belief about the music industry as a whole.  It is further propagated by the media.  In essence, in the music industry
"Your image is more important than your music."

This statement is supported by the efforts of the Michael Jackson Estate and others who have taken to hire companies and others to get the "bad press" about them off the internet.  By concert promoters, such as AEG Live, that outright lie about the condition of the artist and the facts of their engagement. By court systems who willingly "cover up" evidence that will elicit a bad response from the public. They are maintaining their image.

It is further propagated by the media, by reporting the news that is released to them via press releases by the industry professionals themselves.  Little concern is given to the artist, his or her ideas, or expressions of the truth.  As rumors fly from "sources" who "know them" or claim to know them, there seems to be a lack of checking on the media sources true credibility and a complete void of reporting from the actual source itself - the artist.

Since both Prince and Michael cannot speak for themselves during these post death aftermaths, I thought I'd share with you some "truths" that have been brought to my attention.  There is an ugly side to the music industry, and it seems to be getting uglier every day.  The lies and manipulation of the truth and distortions in the press still make me wanna "Scream".  It is this lack of disregard for humanity and the sheer will to abolish the truth that brings my "Bad Fairy" out.  The news is like a nest of gossiping girls relaying all the juicy tidbits "they heard" from other people.  When people lie about other people to make money, to save face or get people to like them, I consider it "fraud".  We have "frauds" walking all over the earth.  Friend frauds (fren-emies), corporate frauds (the ones who steal your ideas for themselves) and the list goes on and on.

Authenticity is lost when people lie.  They don't show their true colors and the mask they use to cover up what they've done or said is often held up by a systematic approach to make sure the mask is never taken off.  This is the "image".  The one thing that seems to be more important than a person, their art, or their true credibility.

Since the news has taken to reporting the differences between Prince and Michael Jackson, as a medium (someone who speaks with those who have passed on), I have to tell you that although Prince and Michael Jackson were once "competitive rivalries", they have both come to terms with how and who has taken a roll in their deaths.

Prince once was reported to have had changed his name to "The Artist Formally Known As".  He had a record deal with a music industry giant that was corrupt in dealing with the artists themselves.  His name and likeness were used in association for profit.  Nothing was given t to the artist and nothing was retainable to him by rights.  His entire music label was taken from him because of a contract he had with the recording industry.  His lifetime was spent making music as his art.  His combined fortune in sales and marketing made Prince one of the most valuable artist in our time.

If the facts were known today about how the music industry took advantage of the artists and not propagandized about them after their deaths, it would change the entire system.   But they report what they want, when they want, as it suits them.  Making sure the public is only aware of what they want them to know.  Further it is demonstrated by the knowledge the record companies and recording labels have about licenses and fair market share when it comes to marketing their music.  People like Prince and Michael Jackson are extremely rare.  Their careers  have been the sheer expression of their entire lives.  "Making music is easy, but conducting a campaign against the people who are supposed to be there to support you, is excruciating." (quote from "the other side")

Prince has met up with Michael Jackson in the after life.  Perhaps some people will find it hard to believe, but their stories and their lives are more similar than just an overdose and a doctor.  The music labels behind them wanted to make money, the same way they've been doing it for years - by using the artist.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here are two "eerily similar" photos of Prince and Michael Jackson:

Often the ideas and beliefs of the artists themselves come in the form of an expression in their music. To gain insight on these two most talented souls who have blessed us with their art, let us again listen to the words of some of their most famous pieces:

My "Bad Fairy" comes out when people are used and mistreated.  To learn about who your "Bad Fairy" might be, read the article below from Maria Shaw Lawson:
insane funny female clown with red rose in front of black
The Bad Fairy in Your Chart
By Astrologer Maria Shaw

Eris, is the goddess of Strife and Discord and the sister of Aries (Mars; God of War). It was Eris who played a role in the story of Sleeping Beauty. Eric is the basic archetypal character in this fairytale; the Bad Fairy at the christening of Princess Aurora. She was not invited and cast her vengeance. In your chart, she can be a crazy, out of control female energy that causes you to get angry, to act badly when riled. If you are aware of your Eris, acknowledge and own her. This may make it easier to control Eris as she's a hard one to reckon with because she's the part of you that gets ticked off easily. And when your Eris is mad, watch out!

Eris (ee-ris) not to be confused with Eros (Cupid)  is a small planet that can wreak big havoc. Each of us, no matter what zodiac sign we were born under will have Eris either in the sign of Aries or Pisces in the natal chart. She moves very slowly and will stay in a specific part of your personal chart for years. Thus, there is one area of your life that you are apt to have more strife and discord. Whenever it is aspected, you can easily lose control.

But there is a more positive side to Eris. Remember, she only causes trouble when she is not included. So you need to make sure she's invited to the party! You need to recognize the good she brings and use that energy she possesses in a positive way. If you exclude her, she will find a way to make her energy felt in a not so nice way.

Eris shows us how important it is for us to take a stand for what we believe in. Ever got so mad over the principle of something? There is a side of our nature that can be troublesome and struggle for survival and respect. When you feel disrespected, you can bet your Eris will come out and defend you! Eric can dish out revenge like no other.

She is a warrior queen. Wherever she shows up in your chart is where you can easily get ticked off and are prepared for battle. She's also the part of life, you need to feel included in. For if you are dismissed, disrespected or worse, you are not responsible for your actions. Words come flying out of your mouth. Curses and threats! Uncontrollable actions cannot be explained away so we look to our Eris. She's the culprit! She's the part of us that can get so out of control, we wonder; What the heck came over us? But if included and reconciled, she will be your best friend when it comes to defending you. She is YOUR inner warrior queen. So remember to invite her to the party!
If you'd like more information on your own Eris and how she can affect your life, please order a one question reading and ask Where's my Eris?