God's Kingdom and Twin Flame Soul Mates

The ascended spiritual master, Saint Germain, once stated that humanity is currently in a "rut".

It was about 25 years ago that I received a request from he and the other members of the Brotherhood of Light.  I spoke about the request in my memoir "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls".  

It was not one member from the group, but many.  As it was stated to me, that when I thought of them, I should think of myself.  When I thought of myself, I should think of them.

The request that was made was to help them bring divine order into the consciousness of man for the enfoldment of humanity.  At the time I had no idea what this meant.  Nor have I really understood it until now.

The request made, was given at a time when I was speaking with my twin flame soul mate.  It concerns him, myself, the Brotherhood, God, Jesus and you.

Enfoldment is best described as something that weaves the fabric of consciousness together. Currently, the consciousness of mankind is splintered.  We have different states of mind, different beliefs and different ways of thinking about things.  We have been taught through the years what to believe in by our parents, relatives, friends, the mass media and the collective thoughts of groups of people like religions and secret societies.  What someone believes in can come from the thoughts of someone else or it can come from direct experience.  When it comes to God, Jesus, or twin flame soul mates, I have and will continue to post only those things related to my direct experience, unless it is noted.  

In the previous blog message, we spoke about a message from Jesus.  This may or may not be the Jesus you were brought up to believe in.  He may not have spoken the words you may have expected or perhaps he has spoken the exact words that you have known were coming.  

It was many years ago when Jesus walked the earth in a body of flesh.  It seems fitting, now as we embark on the season that celebrates his birth, that some of these things will be revealed.  Although I was told some years back that this mission that I have agreed to be part of is not about me, I do feel it may be important to someone reading this material to explain how and why I would receive a message from Jesus himself.

Through most of my life I have searched for the truth about God, Jesus and my twin flame soul mate. I have researched religions, philosophies, meditated, have done yoga and embarked on a series of lessons from the ascended masters themselves.  During that time, as most people do, I have been able to obtain bits of truth that seemed to intersect each other.  Some bits were from Buddhist philosophies, some from the Catholic church, others from Hebrew texts or even historical accounts. Yet the most riveting knowledge that I have yet to acquire has been from the ascended masters and my direct experiences.

I have worked passionately toward knowing who God is all of my life.  When I was a young girl I used to pray to him constantly to intercede on behalf of humanity.  Sometimes to heal sick children and sometimes just to know the truth about my twin flame soul mate.  My prayers have always been answered, although not always in the form I expected or wanted.

I once believed that when we die, we go to heaven.  Then I began to experience recollections of past lives so much so I was able to go back in history to get confirmations on dates, people's names, and events.  One of those past lives was with Jesus himself.  I was one of his students.  I remember many things about that time.  Some things that the church has denounced, but other historians and people have proven.  I was on the road to Damascus with Jesus that has so often been written about, but you don't find my name.  I was at his crucifixion and witnessed Mary being with a child.  I believe it was a time in history when women were not very well represented.  Mary Magdalene was represented as a prostitute and the other women that traveled with Jesus are rarely mentioned even in the Gnostic texts.  I don't believe my specific role with Jesus needs to be mentioned, but his teachings do.  They have been lost.  And with losing them, so has our way.

I believe this is part of my mission to serve.  To serve as a vehicle to bring my experiences to the light, so that others may find their way as well.  This concerns you and how you were created and your twin flame soul mate - the other half of your soul.  It concerns God and Jesus and how humanity has been entangled in the rut that has been so long trodden.  The rut I am speaking about is the constant cycle of rebirth.  Now let me say I also once didn't believe in reincarnation . . . that is again until I began to experience my past lives.  

This rut has been created by the beliefs that we have been fed.  I, like many people, believed in what others told me.  Be it the church, my parents, whoever was able and willing to lend their point of view.  But who truly knows something until they experience it for themselves?  

What happens when a man such as Jesus is born into the world?  One that the world has worshiped in a myriad of ways but that was crucified by the same people who claim to represent him now?  I can tell you that any religion, whether Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, or Jehovah Witness has one single element in common - man's interpretation of what he thinks is right.  It is dangerous for us to blindly follow another man without having a direct experience with God himself.  

Jesus said to "Know thyself", "Seek the Kingdom of God Within"; not from another man or woman, including me.  A man, no matter what position he holds in this world, cannot change the rules for the masses of people and claim it ordained and blessed by God, unless that man is God himself.  Since I have not heard one religious leader profess that statement, I can assure you, that it is you that must make that trek to the truth.  So that you know the truth for yourself and that you can be brought into His Kingdom by your own doing.  Not by the words uttered out of the mouths of people who have no authority in HIS Kingdom. 

This, in and of itself, has brought us to our current rut.  Millions of people believe they will go to heaven, be met by thousands of virgins or will be in Bardo after they die.  But how do they know? 

When we here accounts of people from all over the world having direct experiences with past lives, life after death, or even ghosts, it should be enough to make you wonder.  These are direct experiences, not a mere statement that someone who claims to know because it's their interpretation of what they have assumed.  Many historical facts have been distorted and the truth has been hidden simply because it was fashionable at the time or because it allowed a select few to maintain authority over the people. 

Knowledge is power.  Hidden knowledge renders the people powerless and thus has led us to our rut. Lifetime after lifetime, we experience a never ending cycle of rebirth because no one has shown us the way back to the true Kingdom of God.  This was the teaching of Jesus.  His path, not the church's, your mother or fathers, but the one truth that has been hidden from mankind for so long.  

I have posted a clip from the movie "Cloud Atlas" below.  The movie depicts our repetitions of lifetimes, many times accompanying the same people on our path.  One of the last scenes describes the way in which we create our future with each kindness or selfish deed.  The world we are creating today, will indeed be the world we live in tomorrow.  Our pollution, our wars, our greed, our destruction.  We will live in the filth we have created or the bright and shiny newness we decide we must partake of.  What are the consequences of repeating lifetimes for all of eternity?  What are the consequences for those who have hidden the truth and have told us that there is only one lifetime?

The movie is science fiction, but speaks volumes as to the paths we all take each day.  It is the fact that are lives are bound to others that must be taken into account.  Weaving the fabric of our consciousness into the Christ consciousness it was meant to be, means doing as to others as you would do for yourself.  This is the simple statement that the Brotherhood of Light had so eloquently stated back in 1992.  When you think of us, think of yourself.  When you think of yourself, think of us.  We are one - all bound together in a fabric of unity encompassing the planet.  When we hurt another being, we will, whether today or tomorrow, hurt ourselves.  We must learn to look at the man in the mirror and ask ourselves what the reflection shows us.  It is in the reflection from other people that we can learn most about ourselves.

When Jesus spoke the words "Know thyself", he did so for a reason.  How can you not know yourself and know God, when God Himself is within you?  If you don't know what is you, how will you know what is God?

The process of knowing yourself is by reflection.  What is it about another person that bothers you? Do you find that same fault in yourself or have you in the past?  Sometimes this in of itself can be our greatest teacher.  The reflection from other people helps us to know where we need to improve.  For as long as we have thoughts and judgments about others and ourselves, we cannot allow room enough for God to emerge from within us.  If there is too much chatter about who we think others are, what room is there for God to reveal himself within us?  Would we judge Him too?

Clearing our thoughts and beliefs, our actions and reactions, is part of the puzzle of coming into divine union with God.  Our union with our source God brings us into union with the other half of our soul - our twin flame soul mate.  This other part of you - male or female - is the opposite polarity of yourself.  They have been created from the same stuff you were when you were first created by the creator Himself.  We find the stories from Adam and Eve in the Bible, when we hear that Eve was created from a rib taken out of Adam.  She is part of him.  Our DNA speaks to the missing "Y" chromosome found in males, but not in females.  And in the Kabbalah, Yesod is the Groom and Malkuth is referred to as the Bride.  Revelations speak of the first "marriage in heaven".  The Yiddish word "Bashert" refers to the one's divinely predestined spouse. These are all references to the twin flame soul mate - the true marriage and union of the soul as God has ordained from our conception.

For some time now I have been given the message that I am "Malkuth".  I've looked the word up repeatedly since then.  I don't study the Kabbalah, although like many faiths, I do believe it holds truth.  I prefer, however, to know my Fathers truth through His revealing.  So I have researched those words and phrases that have been given to me.  Among those findings for Malkuth and Yesod, I have found literally dozens of references to alchemy, Norse mythology, the Tree of Life, the Sephiroth, the Torah, Sacred Geometry and the list goes on.  What I've found most interesting is that I was also given a vision.  A simple scene of the hands of Jesus outstretched towards me above two intertwining flames.  I was given the vision twice.  Once with only the hands and the second time, including the flames.

The vision depicted for me a path.  Taking into account the words I was given and the vision, I have come to the conclusion that it is only through the union of the soul - the twin flame soul mates - that the true Kingdom of Heaven can be reached.  This is His Kingdom and the one which many of us strive to become a part of.  Yet it can only be reached by the opening of the door.  

That door has now been opened.  In 1991, Michael Jackson released his album "Dangerous".  He had stated to Ebony magazine that he believed he hadn't scratched his real purpose for being here yet.  He released his first single from the album, "Black or White", on 11-11.  Divine action always takes shape in dates and numbers.  It is this same 11-11 that many people have seen through out the years that has seemed so mysterious.  It is also the same 11-11 that represents the pillars for the temple of Solomon and the Freemasons.  These pillars are represented on the cover of his album.  This is the album that he wanted both children and adults to decipher for years to come:

The album cover depicts a journey.  On the right side of the album you can see a "bubble" with both a man and a woman inside.  This bubble was taken from the art entitled the "Story of Creation".  It is Adam and Eve as depicted in the original art below in the middle panel, left bottom corner:

It was around this same time that I received the message from the Brotherhood of Light.  The song "Black or White", by the way, includes the lyrics:  "we're one and the same" and my nickname at the time was "Dangerous" given to me by my co-workers (not Michael).

Several years later I was asked to do a painting for a woman who had met Michael some days before. The painting, posted below, depicted the door to the kingdom of heaven.  Our father YHWH is breathing the breath of life into man (his creation), as Jesus descends:

That isn't what I was asked to paint.  It's only what appeared on the canvas.  The photo I was asked to paint was of the clouds.  This is what came out and now it puts the pieces of the puzzle together. Michael Jackson's mission was also part of mine.  To prove the existence of twin flame soul mates and to bring the path back to God back into the consciousness of man.  This is how we were created. And now that the door is open, how we will return. 

Below are some visuals from different paths depicting the tree of life and the Kingdom of God after union of twin flame soul mates - the other part of your soul:

Image result for tree of life kabbalah
Qabalah - depicting two serpents
beginning with the union of Malkuth and Yesod.
Attaining the heart chakra union depicted by the star.
This is the same symbol used in Tibetan texts.
The heart chakra, when joined between twins, expands.
This is why Jesus is depicted with light emanating from
his heart representing divine love.

Twin Flame Soul Mates Uniting in the I AM Presence above

Leonardo DaVinci Sketch
"Days of Creation" painting
One soul globe containing both a man and woman

Freemason board with two pillars
The Sun representing man
The moon representing woman

Michael Jackson Blood on the Dance Floor
Album cover - with Freemason Board floor
Twin illustration with male sun and female moon
Two pillars/Sun and moon with two
triangles at the bases (interconnected form
the heart chakra symbol - union)
Sumarian Creation Seal with the Tree of Life
Adam and Eve Story of Creation 

The Last Supper - depicting Jesus and Mary

Scene from the DaVinci Code

Scene from "What Dreams May Come" - Twin Souls after death

Michael Jackson Twin Flame Soul Mate Tidbits:

The Future album cover with the photo
"Blue Eye" depicting future union with
the other half of his soul 

"Butterflies" cover with two mirror images

Man and woman unified into one

Image from the video "You Are Not Alone" depicting divine union
with another

"Scream" with my name "Debbie"

"The Way You Make Me Feel" with my name "Debbie"
"I Just Can't Stop Loving You"  . . "Heaven's glad you came . . . "

"In Your Eyes" movie trailer - What telepathy is like between twin flames


A Message from Jesus

I have written in previous posts that I have seen Jesus.  He has come my way in a series of visions. His presence has been sometimes preceded by joyous dancers and Saint Therese, the Little Flower.
His face has also been joyous, and his eyes were a brilliantly light blue.

These visions, I believe, are the indication that He is embarking his way back to the earth plane.

I have been told repeatedly that we are in the times of Revelation as told about in the bible.  My purpose has been and will always be, to be the vehicle in which the messages from the other side can be heard.

A few days ago Jesus spoke to me saying that we needed to speak out against the "hypocrisy of using his name".  Hypocrisy is defined as:

1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does     not really possess.

2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.
     source: dictionary.com

Today he has given me this message to convey:

"This is a most precocious time on the earth.  It will be difficult to comprehend the truth about our existence, when as people have given their opinions about how our earth was created and people were given form and also our whereabouts after our deaths.

These truths that have been handed down to the masses have been false.  In this way our people have been given tools to worship a false existence.  Our fathers and forefathers have foretold of a time when all people will come to the kingdom of God through a messenger.  His name was Jesus - some call him the Messiah - the true messenger of God.  Yet his words and his teachings have been thrown aside and laid to rest at the hands of criminals who have stolen his wisdom and replaced his words with their ideology.

The time is now to be heard and understood that not all men are created equal.  There have been some who will use and manipulate the word of God to benefit themselves and take from the masses without giving thought to the repercussions on the way of the Fathers plan for humanity.

It is not I that give these instructions for mankind, but that of the Father who has created and maintained the earth for thousands of centuries.  His name shall not be used to manipulate human kind any longer.  The true words spoken by me have been given in scripture and in the synagogues that have kept my word secretly.  

Know this - that all men are on the verge of their destiny.  The time will come when all will account for the sins they have so willingly harbored against their brothers and sisters.  

Keep the way of the the truth and falter no longer.  Your insolence to the rejection of others through your judgement and hypocrisies using my name to serve your mortal wishes must cease!  

We are a bounty of hosts proclaiming our mission to save humanity from its binds.  The deeds and actions of churches who seek to persecute others in the name of religion is no act of the Father.  It is the acts of men who wish to steal away the rights of humanity itself.  There is no religion who has been given a higher authority than that of God himself.  Lest you not cherish your lives as they are lived today, you must also seek asylum to the words and actions of your forefathers and their brethren.  

Hold not fast to the wickedness concealed by the walls of the churches, but to the promise God himself has given you in scripture that has been handed down through the ages.  Keep your promise to Him and Him alone.  This is what I have taught.  This is how we should have treated our brothers and sisters.  

As your churches crumble to the ground in their faulty actions, our truth will be heard.  This has not been the way of my teachings.  My name shall not be used as a tool to or license for humanity to redeem itself from tatters when the way itself has been lost.  This is a lie! 

Leave your tattered words at the door of forgiveness and bring your hearts to my kingdom.  If matters persist, as I am aware of, thee shall not seek the place of God, but be downtrodden with anger and the sword of my mouth.  

This day has been foretold. You will not have to worry about who will be taken. You will need to worry about who will be left behind.  The kingdom is for those followers of the true god YHWH.  Not the false prophets, the priests, the priests in the synagogue, nor the preachers preparing mass.  All of your heart and mind belongs in the kingdom with me.  Trust your Father and no one else."


The Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Conspiracy - Wikipedia
Types of conspiracies. Conspiracy (civil), an agreement between people to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage.

What exactly is the conspiracy Michael Jackson is speaking about in the above video?  In simple terms, the conspiracy involved his music catalogs. 

Michael Jackson died in 2009, while preparing to begin a tour with AEG Live for the performances of the This Is It concerts in London.

The Michael Jackson Estate has said repeatedly that these are "stale internet conspiracy theories".

"The relationship between the Jackson family and the estate has been contentious, with three of the singer's siblings alleging the executors derive their power from a fraudulent will. The executors have dismissed the allegations as grounded in "stale Internet conspiracy theories" and noted the judge presiding over the settling of the estate had accepted the will." source

However, a theory is defined as an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain facts or events. : an idea that is suggested or presented as possibly true but that is not known or proven.  In this context, even the will for Michael Jackson is only a theory.  When the will was presented to the Jackson family, the signature page was missing.  The date on the signature page, later presented, was stated as a date that Michael Jackson was not even in the location specified on the will.  In this instance, the validity of the will is actually a "theory" or an idea and the invalidity of the will, is actually proven.

Of all the people to represent Jackson, John Branca stated he re-entered the singer's life just weeks before he passed.  He met with Jackson, he said, at rehearsals.  Even though the stated date was a date that Jackson himself was not even present at rehearsals.

The corruption in the California courts has caused Jackson and many others not only their lives, but a life full of lies and manipulation.  Their continued use of the political system to ruin the lives and cover up the deaths of many of our most prominent and influential stars, has not only rendered a skewed view of what reality is, but renders them an accomplice to the acts which they have chosen to further.

This corruption is found in the banking systems, the courts, the police and fire departments and in the county of Los Angeles itself.  Not only have there been transfers of copyrights to individuals, such as John Branca himself and Randy Phillips of AEG, Live for songs that have been recorded by stars they once represented, but other assets, such as homes and personal items.

Randy Quaid and his wife once explained his view on the corruption in the state of California during an interview:

For Michael Jackson, the conspiracy surrounding him was not only in Santa Barbara County, where they began their defamation campaign to smear his name by accusing him of child molestation, but with the lawyers and music industry representatives standing in the shadows calling all the shots.

This is where Hollywood begins and ends.  The lawyers and people involved in the music and film industries make their living by exploiting and capitalizing on the lives of the people they represent.  If you stand up for yourself, as Randy Quaid did, Prince, and Michael Jackson, rest assured you'll be targeted.  If you've built a name that is familiar in the public arena and have not regained the popularity you once had, rest assured you'll also be targeted.  This was the case with Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston.  The bottom line is how much money can be made from a star who is living and a star who has died.  Dead stars are the new marketing technique for Hollywood.  There is a rise of interest among the public and following, a rise in sales of their songs.

For both Michael Jackson and Prince, their songs were transferred from them to the people who now represent their estates.  They were both reported broke in the news, as they were made to be broke in the shadows by the actions of the people who once represented them.  When Prince wrote the word "Slave" on his face, it wasn't because he was being overly dramatic.  A slave is someone who works for practically nothing.  When people steal your royalties away, your only income, you are working for practically nothing.

The conspiracy theories, therefore, are more than theories.  They are based on facts that can be found not only through the lives of Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and the Quaid's, but through documentation which I've gathered in my most recent book.  Autopsy results, copyright transfers, invalid signatures and the list goes on.  

Corrupt counties and judicial systems don't make the conspirators correct with their findings.  They continue these charades by lying to the public and adding to the abuse of power and people.  It is with this that the judicial system itself should be labeled "criminal".

Among many of the individuals who have been smeared against and have lost their lives, one name appears over and over again: AEG Live.  They have been acting as the go between for the music industry and the political arena.  They have acquired the copyrights for songs by Prince, who they once represented, and have acted as a chief conspirator in the death of Michael Jackson.

Did you ever notice that the AEG v Katherine Jackson trial was not televised, yet the Conrad Murray trial and the Michael Jackson child molestation trial was on every TV station?  Have you ever wondered why?  

Perhaps it's because it's Hollywood, the original land of make believe, setting the stage to perform for the public their strategic dance, allowing us to view their version of the story they want us to believe. We must question the attempts at mass media throwing stories our way, especially when it comes from Hollywood.  There is always someone standing behind the scenes feeding the stories they want printed.  The managers and attorney's who want to discredit their prey and the court systems that allow them to continue their efforts.

Below is a map I constructed of the people involved with Michael Jackson's death.  These conspirators engaged in behavior that not only abused Michael Jackson, stole from him, but murdered him for profit.  Their offices were all centrally located, conveniently using addresses from some virtual offices.  All within walking distance, you can see for yourself that even the lawyers for AEG, Live used in the Katherine Jackson v AEG Live trial, occupied the same office location as the company address listed on the original agreement Jackson had with Colony Capital.  

Colony Capital was the company that was said  to have been engaged to help Jackson with the financing of Jackson's Neverland home.  However, it was Colony Capital, along with AEG, Live, who helped Sony, John Branca and John McClain of the Michael Jackson Estate regain control of Jackson and his assets.

The address listed for 1801 Century Park on the right of the photo for Zifferen, Brittenham, Branca & Fischer, was an address listed on a transfer of Michael Jackson's copyrights a year before he died. This did not correspond with John Branca's claim to have been re-hired as Jackson's attorney in June of 2009, since the date was in February of 2008, just before the release of the 25th Anniversary Edition of Thriller.

I'd like to know what kind of conspiracy "theory" this might be since the records shown are clear and in black and white.  And, since the name "Zifferen" is misspelled, it might make you wonder who else might be at this same address. . . the listing for the actual "Ziffren" offices are at 1801 Century Park West, not East.  

Type of Work: Sound Recording
Registration Number / Date: SR0000613501 / 2008-06-03
Description: Compact disc.
Copyright Claimant: MJJ Productions Inc. Address: c/o Zifferen, Brittenham, Branca & Fischer, 1801 Centrury Park East, Los Angeles, CA, 90067, United States
Date of Creation: 2008
Date of Publication: 2008-02-08
Nation of First Publication: United States
Authorship on Application: MJJ Productions Inc., employer for hire; Domicile: United States. Authorship: sound recording, compilation of photographic matter.

Sony Music President Tommy Mottola was said to have "threatened" Jackson.

"Not physical threats, but a threat that Michael would be destroyed and his career would be over if he didn't agree to Tommy's terms.” 

 The article quoted stated it was Tommy’s way of saying "I'll ruin you." 
 The basis for all this was apparently "The Beatles Catalog" said a source." It was all in an effort to squeeze Michael financially. (Friedman, Jacko May Claim 'Threats' by Mottola, 2002)

Tommy Mottola appeared on the Today Show just after Michael Jackson passed, describing himself as the "gatekeeper" of Jackson's catalogs:

To read more about Michael Jackson's story and on the deaths of Prince, Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley click on the link for the book "Murdered Music; Rise of the Fallen Stars".  All of these stars were murdered by people in the industry and their deaths were covered up.  In the book you'll learn why and how.


About Murdered Music; Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley

"Murdered Music; Rise of the Fallen Stars" is now available on Amazon.com.  This book has been a very lengthy and painstaking process.  Murder is not fun to write about, especially when you love the people who have been killed.

When I started this blog in 2011, my intent was to provide evidence related to Michael Jackson's murder in order to achieve justice.  Since his murder, there have been more; Whitney Houston and Prince.  This is what happens when corrupt courts let murderers, frauds and criminals get away with crimes.  They do more, all the while knowing the system that was put in place to protect the innocent, is protecting them.

Michael Jackson was friends with Whitney Houston during their lives, and Prince . . .  "when the news came that Michael had died, Prince was in rehearsal at Paisley Park"… Prince cancelled rehearsals, sent the band home, and for days locked himself in his bedroom and wouldn’t come out and really didn’t talk to people.   (ExtraTV.com, 2016)

Neither Prince or Michael Jackson were unaware of the events transpiring around them prior to their deaths.  Even while the artists lived, they knew the danger of their success.  Copyrights bring high revenues and when someone else has done the work, it's easy money for the corrupt people who steal them away.

Personally, let me say that this entire ordeal has cost me a great deal.  I have been slandered repeatedly on the internet, my posts have been hidden through others tagging their material with my name and other information I have posted.  I have been threatened to be fired from a job for talking to "dead people" and almost anything I tweet about relating to the copyrights that have been stolen has been replied to as "false information".  And, I've had to endure reliving some of the experiences that Michael himself was subjected to.

I have spent years, hours, weeks, months of my personal time putting the details of not only Michael Jackson's murder together, but for Whitney Houston, Prince and Elvis Presley.  I am a medium who speaks with people on the other side.  I have been all my life and although I don't practice for money, it doesn't mean I wasn't meant to use my gift.

I have lived my life seeking guidance from the highest source available: God himself.  When my father says I should "write", I do.  It is obvious to me by now, that justice for any of these incredible people has gone by the wayside.

Although most people may take only a glance at the deaths of these artists, to me and to those on the other side, they meant a great deal to humanity.  These artists created music that touched the lives and the fabric of our entire universe.  Our entire existence was created through sound.  It is the sound of music, it's vibrations, the lyrics and rhythm that speak to the entire world.  It doesn't matter what language you speak, what culture you come from, this is the the source, the glue that is able to hold humanity together and connects us all.

It can go without saying, but I am extremely angry that our system that was put in place to protect the innocent has fallen so far.  That people have acted so selfishly at the cost of another's life.  That the people who stand and watch, do nothing.  That you and I, the taxpayers, pay for these corrupt individuals to continue aiding the corrupt individuals who steal, abuse and murder our stars.

Los Angeles County actually had the audacity to collect donations for Michael Jackson's publicized funeral.  This was to pay the people who helped cover up Michael Jackson's murder with donations from Michael Jackson's fans.  This much publicized "funeral" is now available on DVD by the company who helped murder him - AEG Live.

Jackson’s memorial service was organized by AEG Live, and AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC. The city of Los Angeles said the memorial had cost the city $1.4 million for 1,400 police officers, trash pick-up, sanitation, and traffic control. The city set up a webpage asking fans for donations to help with the expenses.  Apparently the donations made to the city to keep AEG and their friends out of trouble weren’t enough.

City Attorney Carmen Trutanich said it would be wrong to expect taxpayers to finance a private event.

"The city attorney does not want something like this happening again, the city paying for a private event," spokesman John Franklin told CNN. "That's especially in a cash-strapped city, where people have been furloughed or even lost jobs."

The event was not “private”.  AEG not only held the public, televised memorial, but recorded it.  It’s now available for sale on DVD. 

If it cost the city $1.4 million, AEG should have had enough funds to cover the expenses themselves. After all, it was Randy Phillips himself who stated "AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film."  

The police officers and city officials, were obviously acting on their behalf, yet they asked the public, whom they were hired to serve, protect and seek justice for, for donations.  Not only were city officials not willing to uphold their duties they were being paid by the public to do, but in the aftermath of their corruption, they had the audacity to go to the public again and ask them for money.

It was at this event that Jackson's own daughter stood on stage stating she had the best "daddy" in the world.  While AEG filmed her and even profited from her statement about her own murdered father. These people have no limits on their abuse of people, particularly Jackson and his family and any other person or group of people they can use to make a profit - this includes the public at large and all the taxpayers in the state of California.

Within days of my research and in writing on this blog, almost every reference to evidence contained in trial videos, articles and links have been removed.  YouTube videos now stand "fixed" with footage missing, articles are gone and even the DVD itself is now being taken off as reference from AEG Live.  The screenshot below is just one example of a pre-existing link that is now gone.  Ken Ehlrich, who is partners with Randy Phillips of AEG Live, was involved in the distribution of the DVD containing the footage of the memorial.  That information is now missing from his profile but still appears on a search:

Let us make no mistake about it.  The people behind the deaths of these stars have spent thousands of dollars trying to cover up their crimes, including the state of California.  Unfortunately, I find it hard to resist the urge to continue this quest when they continue to try and cover up their deeds and my very existence.

None of the stars spoken about on this blog have died from the reported overdoses that have been put into the public's minds.  Prince was GIVEN medication that was not his.  Because he took painkillers, did not mean he overdosed on them.  Different medication was put inside the bottle of painkillers he normally took.  

Pills MARKED as hydrocodone were seized from Paisley Park after Prince’s overdose death.  The pills ACTUALLY CONTAINED fentanyl, the powerful opioid that killed him. (source) (And, by the way, I already have this article saved in case this one goes missing too)
Prince, like Michael Jackson, had his copyrights revenue stolen months before his death by the same people who are managing his Estate today.   If that sounds familiar, it's because Michael Jackson's copyrights were also stolen from him by the same people who are running his Estate - months before his death.
The unimaginable stories of Prince driving hours to get his "fix" from a Walgreens store were the same as Michael Jackson injecting HIMSELF with propofol.  The photos of Prince show his manager's vehicle with passenger's side door opened ALREADY.  This means Prince DID NOT go to Walgreens to get his "fix" by himself.  He was meeting his manager and another man, whose identity you will immediately recollect when you read about it in the book.  This Walgreens, miles away from his home, was actually next door to the closest Bremer Bank - the bank who was entrusted to run his Estate.

Whitney Houston also DID NOT die from an "overdose" as reported.  She was drowned in a bathtub purposely.  The case report on her autopsy said the decedent was a 48 year old woman with a history of using narcotic substances. (how convenient-it was the same corrupt agency that investigated Michael Jackson's death-Los Angeles County)

There was water on the bathroom floor and in the bedroom, adjacent to the bathroom, the carpet was soaked with water, according to the scene description in the investigator’s narrative included with the coroner’s report.  In the bedroom, a blanket was found on the floor, next to a chair with clothes on it.  There was no cocaine found in the suite.

Whitney Houston’s death was ruled as an “accidental drowning/overdose”.  Yet, the water had not only been found on the floor of the bathroom, but had seeped into the bedroom enough to “soak” the carpet. 

Had Whitney Houston let the water run to the point of soaking the floor of the bathroom AND bedroom before she turned the water off, put herself in a tub full of scalding water, full of drugs, and took to drowning?  

Or had someone put her in the tub, left the water running and later turned the water off?

Perimortem and postmortem scald burns were found on Whitney’s body, indicating she obtained the scalds at or near the time of death and after she died.  The scalding marks were found on Whitney’s sacrum and back.  The water temperature was noted in the reports to be “extremely hot”.  It was 93.5 degrees six hours after Whitney was found. 
Rigor mortis was present in the limbs and jaw.  Livor mortis was fixed and distributed posteriorly. 

Livor mortis is apparently useful in determining whether a body has been moved after death. It is said that if a body is “livor” on the back (posterior), it indicates that they died in the supine position (face up).  

Whitney Houston’s body was found “livor” posteriorly, which meant she died in the face up position, not face down as her assistant Mary stated to police. 

A woman in California confessed to drowning her adopted child in January, 2016.  She told officers that she was home alone with her son when she found him in the bathtub partially floating face up in the water.

Police said that detectives conducted a lengthy follow-up interview with her three days later and she reportedly admitted that she held the child under water "until he was lifeless."

An accidental drowning would render a body face down, with indications of livor mortis in the anterior or front portions of the body.  The blood would settle in the portion of the body closest to the ground.   If Whitney was found dead face down, livor mortis would have been present in the front portions of her body. 

Yet, Whitney’s body was found with livor mortis in the posterior portion of her body – her back.  This meant that Whitney Houston died face up and was most likely held under water until she drowned, just like the child who was drowned by his mother.

If you're wondering what all this has to do with Elvis Presley, I'll let the following quotes speak for themselves:

RandyPhillips of AEG:  “We called the paramedics and he's not breathing. I was with an associate of mine"

Elvis' road manager, Joe Esposito: "Someone is having trouble breathing at Graceland."

Although AEG acquired an insurance policy three days before Jackson's death, (hidden in the Conrad Murray trial by the District Attorney) there were also a number of other perpetrators linked to Michael Jackson's demise. 
Michael Jackson did not need to be killed in order for his copyrights to be stolen.  That process started years before he was killed.  A process started by his one time attorney John Branca who made Jackson's life a living hell.  He and Howard Weitzman, who now handle Jackson's Estate, have always made it a point to make sure Jackson looked like a child molester.  There is evidence that these two individuals manipulated the California courts in order for Jackson to be charged with child molestation.  These events took place at key times during Jackson's life.  Branca was not representing Jackson prior to his 1994 allegations.  Yet after Weitzman entered the picture, Branca was brought back in and Jackson was talked into settling a case that would have never been proven in court anyway.  
Imagine spending your life so intent on making someone else's life miserable.  These people are less than pathetic.  Going to the lengths they have to cover up these atrocious acts, while planting stories in the press that they are "helping" Jackson, that they are carrying out his wishes, continuing his legacy is not only disturbing, it's remarkably psychotic.  
"Murdered Music" details these accounts and more.  These pathetic poetically inclined individuals have even named the copyright transfers with incriminating titles, not to mention transferring some of  them on my birthday.  I guess there is divine order.  Not only were the copyrights transferred on my birthday, but Conrad Murray was convicted on that same day.  I guess it might be in the cards for me to set this story straight once and for all.  After all, it is the 25th anniversary of Dangerous. 
Maybe they should have renamed that album, took my name out of all of Michael's songs, besides removing the angel scenes from the "You Are Not Alone" video.  That might have covered up the existence of the divine presence that is present now.  Yet for as much as things can be covered up, they never truly go away.


Murdered Music - Rise of the Fallen Stars

I've just completed a book that has been very dear to my heart.
The work it took to put this together was immense, yet the people
that I have done it for were worth the effort and so much more.

As you know, I've been an advocate for seeking justice for the murder of Michael Jackson.
He has, on occasion, allowed me to speak with some of his friends.  They too have become
dear friends in my heart.

When I started this quest for Michael, I had no idea that there would be so much involved.
In some ways, I have been shielded from the atrocities that have transpired with Michael
and some of his friends.

It is with a distraught heart that I have found myself having to write this, just to get the
truth out.  It is not only the courts who are corrupt, but the music industry itself.

This effects each and every one of us.  When you listen to a song, buy a CD or watch a video, the people who have killed our musicians are gaining profit.  When you go into a court room, you expect to gain justice.

We have loved our artists for who they were and the creative force that they have used in creating their music.  Their gifts have been stolen and they have been killed for rights to what they created.

Our most precious legends deserve more dignity than to go down in history as "addicts".  Not one that I have spoken to was an addict at the time of their death.  What has been reported in the news, has been given to the news by the people who want us to believe otherwise.

"Murdered Music - Rise of the Fallen Stars" is the story from the people who have been there.  Our lives don't end because we die, and our memories stay in our hearts forever.


Our Fathers and Mothers Grave; Zianna Oliphant and Kamala Harris

Recently, a nine year old girl, Zianna Oliphant, spoke at the Charlotte City Council explaining how she felt about the recent shooting of a black man in her hometown.  Children should not be afraid of not being treated fairly by their own law enforcement officials.  Children should not have to speak, nor should adults have to protest, in order to be heard or given equal rights.

Law enforcement officials hold a special place in society.  Their duties are to serve and protect the public.  Whether that public is black or white, poor or rich, the duties of the officers placed in those positions are the same.  While there are many officers who hold their positions in fair and just ways, there are others that continually abuse their positions.  This has led the public to feel distrustful of the men and women who have taken their oaths in office.

When I saw this little girls video, I, like many people, was moved to tears.  The strength and courage for a nine year old girl to stand in a room full of adults and speak the words from her heart, knowing that the people in her city were fearful of many of the same people she was speaking to, was enormous.  Someone very wise once said, that it is our children who will begin to heal the world.  It takes the heart and innocence of a child to not only express their most inner feelings, but to touch the hearts of the people around them.

This time that we currently live in, is an ever changing landscape, formed by the actions and decisions that all of us have made yesterday.  If our tomorrow is to become any different, we must stand up, all of us, and act today in a way and manner that allows for a better tomorrow.

I'd like to thank Zianna, not only for her courage, but for her words which were spoken on behalf of the many people who feel the same way she does.  For the spirit that moved her to stand up and be heard.

While many people have commented on this little girls actions, I couldn't help but notice that a comment was made by the attorney general from the state of California.  Kamala Harris was quoted in an article written by the BBC as saying:

"It's impossible to watch this speech without having your heart break. Zianna, you are so brave for speaking up."

Kamala Harris has specific duties as the attorney general.  Among those duties, she is responsible to see "that the laws of the State are uniformly and adequately enforced" and "prosecute violations of state law through the California Department of Justice and participate in criminal investigations".  

I found it very unsettling that a woman in her position would comment on this little girls actions, when she herself was not upholding her duties as attorney general.  When I wrote to Ms. Harris last year regarding the cover up of the murder of Michael Jackson, I received a reply which said "the decision rests with the locally elected official responsible for such a decision, the district attorney."

The district attorney, however, in this case was part of the problem, as I well stated in my correspondence with her.  Perhaps it should be more well known that the state of California has had a continuous problem with their "elected officials".  There have been many prosecutions of innocent people, evidence that has been tampered with and single mothers who have had their child support withheld.  These are the actions of the District Attorney.

When a district attorney withholds evidence, such as life insurance policies, contracts, testimony and investigations into people who have publicly stated they want to bring "death and destruction" to an individual who has been murdered, the fact that the district attorney is not acting in his official capacity is made abundantly clear.  If the evidence that was withheld had been brought to light, any jury would have had ample evidence to find a conviction "beyond a reasonable doubt". 

Zianna's statements about losing mothers and fathers and having to visit them at their graves was both heartbreaking and shameful.  But to lose a father or a mother, and then to have the state in which you live in not only neglect their responsibilities as elected officials, but go to such lengths to hide the people responsible for the action is atrocious.  Families provide the love and support our children need to become responsible and confident members of our society.  When children of mothers or fathers who have been killed are not given fair treatment by their governing agencies, it leaves them feeling as Zianna does - afraid to live in their own city, because they know that they will not be treated fairly.

Prince and Paris Jackson, at the young ages of 16 and 14, who had lost their father, were made to testify and/or give depositions for a civil lawsuit that had to be filed, since the locally held officials could not see past their own pocket books to ensure that the people who were responsible for their fathers death were held accountable.  Even in that trial, closure and justice was not served.  The "elected official" even had Mrs. Jackson, Michael's mother, pay the people who were ultimately responsible for her son's death.
The actions of the district attorney and Kamala Harris, the attorney general, have put a huge scar on the face of our society and on the hearts of not only these children and Michael's mother, but on the millions of fans who do know who was responsible.  
The photos I have posted are of families.  Families who love and support one another.  Families, like the one little Zianna belongs to, that are there for their children in their time of need.  Ms. Harris, since you feel you cannot be there in your official capacity for the people of California and in their time of need, perhaps you should turn your official office over to Zianna.

"California attorney-general, and Senate candidate, Kamala Harris also posted the video, saying: "It's impossible to watch this speech without having your heart break. Zianna, you are so brave for speaking up."

"The Attorney General of California is the chief law officer of California and the state's primary legal counsel. The attorney general "[sees] that the laws of the State are uniformly and adequately enforced" and prosecutes violations of state law through the California Department of Justice, which he or she oversees.[1]
The officeholder also represents state agencies and officers in legal matters and provides legal advice on request. Further, the attorney general plays a direct role in law enforcement efforts and "coordinates statewide narcotics enforcement efforts, participates in criminal investigations and provides forensic science services, identification and information services and telecommunication support."[1]

Additionally, attorneys general play a prominent policymaking role by "[establishing] and [operating] projects and programs to protect Californians from fraudulent, unfair, and illegal activities that victimize consumers or threaten public safety." https://ballotpedia.org/Attorney_General_of_California