Twin Flames - Creation

My guides told me long ago that this journey I have chosen is not about me.  I'm going to offer some personal information here, however, to begin the discussion of twin flames and creation.

I can't believe now that I think about it how long ago it actually was, but one of the last times I saw Michael, one of my twin flames, I experienced something very odd.  We were attempting to meet, which we did, but we never were able to approach one another.  Guided by divine guidance, you'll know instinctively when you're told not to.  It's more of like a command, than a request.

But the time I'm speaking of I requested the meeting.  I asked for divine intervention.  I wanted to know, and here I go again, the "truth".  As you can imagine I just wanted closure.  Something to close the chapter if we weren't ever able to come together.

As it happened the meeting did occur, but not the introductions, again.  With Michael I was never really sure it was him anyway.  He'd often wear a disguise and it left you guessing not only about your sanity, but about what you saw.  It wasn't until after the event and the press reported it on the news that it was actually him in disguise, that I ever really got it.

One thing, however, is always present.  There is always a "knowing" and/or always a "feeling".  For me I'd always take that feeling to the next level.  Somehow I was like a perpetual student.  I wanted to know more.  Why was this happening?  Who was this person I seemed to be connected to?  And, why was this stuff happening to me?

So with the "feeling", I'd always dig deeper.  I might study the hands, listen for the voice, and more importantly, gaze into his eyes.  They have always said the eyes are the windows to our soul and the particular meeting I'm talking about proved it to me.

I wasn't sure it was him.  He sat at the next table, actually, by himself and stared at me.  But the voice didn't match and there was a blonde girl attending to him.  I questioned the experience, even though I had asked for it.  When I could "feel" the feeling, the pull, that magnet that was drawing me nearer, I looked into his eyes.  I remember saying to myself "show me the truth".  It was in that moment that it seemed I was immediately taken to "black".  I don't know how else to describe it, but there was nothing and even in that moment I knew there was a deafening silence.  There was nothing.  Just blackness.  Like the blackest of black skies without any stars.

I guess because I'm a chicken, it really scared me.  In my mind, black meant evil or darkness.  I questioned again, thinking oh my God, it's an evil person pretending to be Michael Jackson!  (I hope you find that funny because I do . . .at least now)

I had asked my guide St Germain for that meeting.  I went home that night wondering what had transpired when I was told it was what I wanted to know.  It was the truth that I had asked for.  That truth was the very conception of our creation.

It was the void that I've heard about in many books and texts.  The great void, some call it, before the big explosion, or creation itself.  This void was void of any sound, any light, or anything else you could imagine.  It was the beginning of our creation as a soul.

This is the important part.  It is in this moment, the time of creation, that true twin flames are made manifest.  A spark of light ignites from darkness.  (And bear with me here because I'm being given this as I write and I have questions!)  My first question is how can light come from nothing?

The answer I am given is that the light is transformed from the darkness into manifestation.  It's the evolution of what was.

So a soul is created.  It contains two halves of a whole.  Each is a counterpart of the other, creating a balanced soul in alignment with the sun.  The aspects of the soul are divided.  In it's division, one half is made male and the other has female qualities.  In it's division each half descends retaining with it part of the other, gaining momentum and entering into the earth plane and earth consciousness.  The fields of consciousness are transformed into a denser form of energy.  The soul forgets in consciousness, but not in form.  The subtle bodies remember the connection and that energy is magnetized and in touch with, always looking for it's counterpart.

This yearning to be whole once again is what people on earth search for.  The "perfect" partner, someone to join them on their journey.  Someone to love them unconditionally and someone to be there for them always.

We don't realize this other part of our soul is with us still.  Even though the two are split they maintain constant contact.  Because your consciousness is not aware of the contact, it doesn't mean that it doesn't exits.  You simply need to clear away the cobwebs of an earthly mind to come to the realization that this part of you is already residing within you.

Many people think "within" must mean one body within another,, but that's not how twin souls work. Twin flames are complimentary axis.  What one has the other doesn't.  When joined in wholeness they "compliment" each other, not "become" one another.  Becoming would be likened to being completely transformed into another person.  With flames it's more like a sponge when it soaks up water.  The water is in the sponge, but by looking at it, you might not be able to tell what's inside. It is still a sponge, but it's also water.

There are so many stories in texts I have found from the days I went searching for twin flame material.  In this day and age the internet has been a great tool for research.  From Adam and Eve, to other Bible stories that speak the same language of the twin flame soul mate.

I think both Michael and Maurie said it best long ago.  It's like a cell in creation.  All of creation mimics another on every level and on every plane.  The cell is formed, it splits, and more cells are formed.

This beautiful analogy of the creation of a baby is the same analogy for the creation of souls.  Cells that split, again and again, until we descend into form and finally begin to make our way back home.

As it's been said, home is where the heart is and where are true "reunion" takes place.  As you watch the video below, I hope you get a clearer understanding of that concept.  Souls split again and again, but they also join together again and again, creating a beautiful harmony of creation itself.



I never intended to post these documents, trusting that the legal system in our country would do what it was supposed to do.  However, I just went to print an email I personally sent to the District Attorney's office in LA and found my own words tampered with and put in nice big letters.

To many people twin flames or this relationship I claim to have had with Michael Jackson may be a joke.  But I can assure it's not.  I didn't come on this blog to be ridiculed and I didn't write the book on his murder to be the next up coming author.  If this is "twin flame shit" to you, you shouldn't be threatened!  Did I make that large enough for YOU?

This "tampering" is only evidence to me that someone doesn't like what I have written, but is afraid of the TRUTH.  With that being a letter to the District Attorney herself, I can only wonder who that might be. The actions of the Estate taking out vital scenes of my story from Michael's videos and the courts reluctance to take action on Michael's death are far beyond comprehension in this matter.  

Let this be on record:  I already know you've picked this blog to pieces.  I know you've had me followed and checked my credit.  Am I a threat to you?  Your actions have just confirmed what the public needs to know.  This is a HUGE cover up!

Below is a copy of both the letter I sent to the Attorney General AND the email sent to the District Attorney's office.  If I was just in this to stroke my ego, I certainly wouldn't take the time to rally for the truth or REPORT A CRIME THAT IS NOT BEING ACTED UPON.

Let me make this CLEARER:  WITHOUT my testimony you've left a trail large enough for anyone to catch on.  I'm no threat.  I'm just a crazy woman CLAIMING some "Twin Flame Shit".  If that's what you and the courts want to believe , you really shouldn't be taking the pains of doing all this. I'm really not worth your time.  I"m just another crazy fan writing about Michael Jackson.

Did you get all that?  I just love the feeling of being tracked in my home, on the internet and my own personal computer.  It just leaves me feeling, oh how can I say this, more determined, angry, outraged?  How are you feeling now? Scared, angry?  Angry's a good one.  I bet you're angry now aren't you?  Did you ever stop to think how Michael felt when you decided to put a needle in his arm while he laid there helpless?  Did you ever stop to think that there might have been more to his life than just his money?  This is not about you.  Stop taking such "shit" so personally.

Twin Flame Soul Mate Stages: Testing

I just received an email from someone going through the stages of union with their twin flame soul mate.  It was so reminiscent of my own experience I felt compelled to do a post on it.  It's important to know what you're experiencing so you can get through the experience without feeling completely off center.

I'm posting a video I've posted here before and that is available on the side bar.  This video describes the stages of the twin flame relationship.  Today, because of the email that I received, I felt it important to share more on the "testing" phase of the relationship.

Stage 2 in the twin flame relationship is "testing".  Testing is the phase in which there is a temporal spiritual awakening.  As stated in the above video, the "ego" or little self begins to emerge.  At this stage many of you will try to fit the relationship into the mold that you have been "taught".  Your beliefs and patterns about what you think a "normal" relationship "should be" come into play.

This stage often makes you critical of the other person.  You will judge them, just as you have been taught in society, based on their likes, dislikes, the way they act in public settings, the way they dress, anything personal about them that doesn't fit your "conditioned belief" come into play. 

While that happens they also engage in the "testing" grounds.  Doing the same, they judge you on your habits, your appearance, what you "seem" to be, all based on their own inner dynamic of how and what they believe you "should be".  These ideas and beliefs are from our own experiences, our own belief patterns and are all a part of the "ego" or little self that comes to the surface.

Although this stage often results in conflict, it is also serving you both in a very important way.  It is bringing to the surface everything you have within you; your beliefs, your patterns, your thoughts about what this other person is, and about what this very special soul "should" be in your life.  This stage not only brings these things to the surface, but now they can be viewed and reviewed internally for clearing.  Once brought to the light, those old belief patterns and ideas can now be "transformed" into a higher understanding and consciousness about "who" your twin flame really is.

This stage is inspiring because the connection has been made.  You feel it.  You also feel the badgering back and forth and you are beginning to realize this relationship is not just one sided.  You most likely wouldn't "argue" with your self.  But you will also feel, as the video describes, "toppled".  It's literally impossible at this stage to say that there is NOT a connection.  It's because of that strong "knowing" that the connection is there and the old patterns and beliefs that make you feel that way.  In other words, here is your true twin flame soul mate coming into your life under the radar, so to speak, but he or she is NOTHING like what you thought he or she SHOULD be.  Ego likes to think they should be this way or that and there begins the conflict.  You must at this stage accept those issues rising to the surface as ego traits from you both.  Must, because you have no other choice.  This connection is real, you can feel it, you know it is, but it's internal and the conflict is also internal. Ego might say release it, make it go away (the runner stage), but you'll soon realize that you must accept it because this IS the other part of you.

The testing phase is truly the "mirror" we look into when initiating the stages of union.  It is at this stage that our twin is reflecting back to us and bringing to the light all of the darkness hidden in the ego.  There is a lot of fear in this stage.  I've heard it said that our emotions either come from fear or love.  It's at this stage you are making those choices.

I remember this stage well.   My ideas about what was true in life led me to believe Michael Jackson was someone different than what I knew.  Stories on the news surfaced that he was this or that.  I remember feeling so afraid that I was somehow connected to a man that was what they were saying on the news.  All of my fears rose to the surface, yet I knew there was no doubt that the connection was there.  How was I going to contend with it?  How could I deny at this point we were connected but accept that he was this crazy person the media was portraying?

The result was that he wasn't the crazy person the media contended he was.  Those issues were resolved internally between us two.  My beliefs, my patterns, and where my "truth" came from changed drastically through the years.  All my concepts about "who" he was and our connection transformed.  

On his side, I was viewed critically as well.  He thought I was a "player".  I'd meet him at certain locations we agreed upon then walk away.  To him I was playing, but to me, I was afraid.  Fear takes a real hold in these situations.  These are powerful unions!  You feel it inside.  What if it's true?  That's what I was asking myself.  And if it is true, and I accept it, what am I supposed to do with it?

My fear in walking away was viewed differently than what I experienced inside.  I was afraid of this "divine connection" that seemed so powerful and didn't understand what it might mean.  If we actually came together, how would that change everything in my life?  In other words, everything that I "thought" was true and everything I had come to know and believed in.  All of it comes up for clearing.  All of your fears, your worry, anxiety come into play.  Fear is very real at this stage and it will make you do things and act in ways that you have been taught previously in regards to relationships.  This did and does often usher in the "runner" stage.

Here is a depiction of "walking away" and the "stubborn" attributes that rise to the surface taken from some of the performances that Michael did:

The "testing" stage is crucial.  This will allow you to work through and transform your patterns, allowing you to enter the next stages. There may even come a point when you want to throw it all away.  You've thought of everything you could, did everything you could, said everything you could, yet the union still seems to elude you.

In my case those stages were overcome.  In the final stage we were preparing for union just before Michael was killed.  That stage is depicted in the video below by the two joining at the end of the video descending the staircase together.

Life After Death; Putting it in Perspective

"In a mother's womb were two babies. One asked the other: "Do you believe in life after delivery?" The other replied, "Why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later."

"Nonsense" said the first. "There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?"

The second said, "I don't know, but there will be more light than here. Maybe we will walk with our legs and eat from our mouths. Maybe we will have other senses that we can't understand now."

The first replied, "That is absurd. Walking is impossible. And eating with our mouths? Ridiculous! The umbilical cord supplies nutrition and everything we need. But the umbilical cord is so short. Life after delivery is to be logically excluded."

The second insisted, "Well I think there is something and maybe it's different than it is here. Maybe we won't need this physical cord anymore."

The first replied, "Nonsense. And moreover if there is life, then why has no one has ever come back from there? Delivery is the end of life, and in the after-delivery there is nothing but darkness and silence and oblivion. It takes us nowhere."

"Well, I don't know," said the second, "but certainly we will meet Mother and she will take care of us."

The first replied "Mother? You actually believe in Mother? That's laughable. If Mother exists then where is She now?"

The second said, "She is all around us. We are surrounded by her. We are of Her. It is in Her that we live. Without Her this world would not and could not exist."

Said the first: "Well I don't see Her, so it is only logical that She doesn't exist."

To which the second replied, "Sometimes, when you're in silence and you focus and you really listen, you can perceive Her presence, and you can hear Her loving voice, calling down from above."


The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy Audio Book Update

I just reviewed the first 15 minutes of the audio for the book "The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy" and I'm sharing that below.

I have had questions about the statement being made in the book and now the audio about the words being used.  Specifically the quote I used from Michael was about the "night" he was murdered.  This has been a common theme during these last years.  Common, because for him it was the "night" he was murdered.  Although his death was approximated in the morning hours of June 25, 2009, for Michael it was the night of June 24, 2009.  It was "night" because he came home from rehearsals on June 24, 2009 in the early morning hours of June 25, 2009 and hadn't slept.

Hearing the audio was very emotional for me.  It's been a rough few weeks  I had the pleasure of the company of Maya Angelou yesterday.  She is both wise and encouraging with her words.  As for Michael, I have still been receiving visions of his life in the next realm.  Last I saw he was playing catch with a baseball mitt.  I had seen him at a baseball game not too long ago.  It seems that he likes that sport!

I like baseball too, but that's neither here nor there.  However, Michael and I do have different ideas about what to share and what not to here on the blog.  I'm going to overstep my boundaries today because I think sometimes he's hilarious.  I don't think many people know that about him.

I went to reach for a tube of cream this morning in my makeup drawer.  Instead of what I was reaching for, I came up with a tube of hemorrhoid cream.  Michael simply stated I could use that on Tohme Tohme's head.

Here is the first 15 minutes of the audio for the book "The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy".  Changes are currently being made to omit the reading of the legal information, such as copyright notices and ISBN numbers.  The reader, Aurora Goldstein, has taken great pride and is delighted to be involved in this work.  I'd like to acknowledge her personal and heartfelt efforts in joining me on this crusade:


Psychics in the Government, Ghosts and Testimony in the Courts

source: http://thelegalgeeks.com/blog/?tag=almosthuman

Several years ago I contacted medium Mark Anthony.  Mark is a medium, but also a lawyer.

I wanted to know if a psychic was ever allowed to enter testimony into a court of law.  As our beliefs in society have shifted, like our belief once that the world was flat, so are our perceptions of what is real.

In a poll done done by CBS in 2005, it was found that 48% of people believe in ghosts. A whopping 78% believe in life after death.

More than one in five Americans say they have seen a ghost themselves, or have felt themselves to be in the presence of one.

With the consciousness changing on the planet, more and more people, and scientists, are realizing as humans that we have more to who we are than mere bodies and our current beliefs.

If a witness is testifying as an expert at a trial, his testimony in the form of an opinion is limited to such an opinion as is:

(a) Related to a subject that is sufficiently beyond common experience that the opinion of an expert would assist the trier of fact; and

(b) Based on matter (including his special knowledge, skill, experience, training, and education) perceived by or personally known to the witness or made known to him at or before the hearing, whether or not admissible, that is of a type that reasonably may be relied upon by an expert in forming an opinion upon the subject to which his testimony relates, unless an expert is precluded by law from using such matter as a basis for his opinion.

On the face of the code section, an expert opinion cannot be twisted into a dead person testifying from a “psychic medium,” because such testimony is not actually an opinion, but “hearsay” from a dead person. Given the issues with cross-examination or whether the dead can make a statement, a Court would likely bar such testimony.

However in our present age, jurors at the AEG vs Katherine Jackson trial several years ago, DID hear such testimony from Randy Phillips of AEG:

"Jurors at the Jacko trial heard testimony from a surprise witness yesterday — the ghost of Michael Jackson!

Randy Phillips, CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, testified about a chat he had with his longtime friend Brenda Richie, who claimed to have talked to a medium who had channeled the spirit of The Gloved One after his 2009 death.

In the supernatural tête-á-tête, Jacko’s ghost allegedly absolved Dr. Conrad Murray of any guilt in his death and admitted he “accidentally killed himself,” Phillips said.

“Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael either through a medium or directly,” Phillips told jurors about his talk with Richie, the ex-wife of singer Lionel Richie.

“She said Michael told her that it wasn’t Dr. Murray’s fault, that he had accidentally killed himself.”

Brian Panish, a lawyer for Michael Jackson’s family, objected to Phillips’ ghost story, calling it triple hearsay, since Phillips was relaying a chat from Richie, who had heard from a medium, who — allegedly — spoke to a dead Jacko.

Remarkably — over the laughter of courtroom spectators — LA County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos allowed Phillips’ explanation to stand."

When I read the above two items relating to testimony, I would think that a reasonable history of psychic communication prior to an incident, such as a death, would allowed to be entered into a court of law.  With testimony from Randy Phillips hearing third party information from only a medium, why wouldn't the testimony from a twin soul counterpart be allowed to be entered?

Physics and mediums do have their fair share of non believers.  But just for today I'd like to break this down.  A physic tunes into "possible" futures.  Some things seen may come to fruition, others may not.  The reasoning is simple.  People have free will.  If someone says you'll go into accounting for instance, that may be where you are headed, but at last minute you may decide to go into computers.

With mediums we have to take into account the methodology and verification process of whom the medium is speaking to.  Mediums are different because they aren't giving what may come information, but more transferring information from the departed, based on who and what they believe they are being given.

I'd like to step that up a notch to the twin flame realm.  Many people haven't heard of flames, but unlike a medium or psychic, they are documented in many ancient texts. According to the Talmud, in Sotah 2a, Rav Yehudah it is said that 40 days before a male child is formed, a voice from heaven announces whose daughter he is going to marry.  This is said to be literally a match made in heaven.

The Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) speaks of husband and wife as “plag nishmasa – half souls”. And Nachmanides explains in his Emunah U’Bitachon (Chapter 24) that G-d takes the soul whose time has come for it to enter into this world, and separates it into two halves, placing one half in the male and one half in the female. And when these two halves meet again in matrimony, their original connection and love bond comes back.

So how can a bond that has been documented be overlooked by a court of law when testimony from a third party psychic be allowed to be entered?  If we are looking at the facts, the history and the basis of a reasonably reliable witness, which testimony holds greater water?

In the case of twin souls, it's not even the ability to speak with the dead.  Scenes, feelings and visions are experienced through your own eyes, mind and emotions.  This isn't third party information, information being transmitted from the departed, it's information coming directly from the soul.

As we progress through these ages of disbelief in a phenomenon our current society is still learning about, I'd like you to take a look at the importance these types of phenomenon our federal government has placed on these so called extraordinary events.

Joseph McMoneagle worked with the CIA some years ago.  He received The Legion of Merit from the military for his remote viewing work. That award is only given for "exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements". It ranks higher, for example, than the DFC.  Joseph was part of a federally funded program to use psychics in our own department of defense.

You can view the video below to see the testimony of his findings, along with the testimony of his counterparts on things that happened that they could not explain.  This evidence further contends that because our humanity cannot explain things that transpire, it doesn't mean it does not exist.  What is certain, however, is that mankind cannot explain our true spiritual identities currently simply because we don't have enough information.  How can you measure something you don't see?  How can you believe in something you haven't yourself experienced?  These are the questions that most people base their belief systems on.  However, again, I have to say, how many people believed that the world was flat?  Almost everyone back in the days prior to the actual discovery that the world was round.

Science and spirituality are now joining hands.  And as they do, I don't think I need to be psychic to say that our world of tomorrow will be based on much more non tangibles than it is today.  These psychic experiments were done years ago.  Not only by our country, but others as well.  Our governments are taking notice.  It may be time for the general public and courts to take notice as well.

Here are some other psychics and mediums relating to the case of Michael Jackson and their knowledge of the events:

Bonnie Vent on the conspiracy:

June Gatlin on Tohme:

Bonnie Vent: Willing to Testify:

Other psychics involved in crimes: Allison DuBois

Allison DuBois is one of the most recognized psychics in the world. She's so famous that they based a television show on her life—Patricia Arquette plays her on the television show Medium. Allison rose to prominence through her ability to see into the minds of murder victims and the people who allegedly committed crimes.



Michael's Murder: More Details

While I'm thinking about I wanted to write a few notes that I received that I haven't posted before.

Michael's former manager, Tohme Tohme is the man that killed Michael Jackson.  He and Randy Phillips of AEG Live conspired to kill him to collect funds from an insurance policy that was endorsed three days prior to Michael's death as insurance for the This is It concert series. Payable only upon death. (And I do have to edit this: The insurance policy wasn't the only thing that was a motive here.  All Michael's assets would then be turned over to the Estate of Michael Jackson: John Branca and John McClain.  Tohme was the negotiator between AEG and Sony; aka the Estate)

Tohme Tohme killed Michael Jackson while he was laying in bed almost completely unconscious by injecting him in the arm with Propofol.

DR. Tohme, and I state DOCTOR, because he was the ONLY other DOCTOR in the room with Michael and in his life besides Dr. Murray at the time of his death that would have been able to give an injection, is still free, along with Randy Phillips of AEG Live.  I don't know if it's better at this point to see them arrested or know that they are on edge and afraid of being caught.  Sometimes the latter is better medicine for the wicked.

What I did want to add, however, is that Frank DiLeo added something a while back that has been running through my mind again.  At the end of the vision I had with Tohme giving Michael the final shot, I saw blood.  Sometimes I like to block things out.  I don't like to see images like this.  But I do remember just blood.  It wasn't on anything or anybody; just blood.

When I last spoke with Frank he said Tohme took pictures.  I remember thinking how morbid this act was and found it difficult to believe.  However, what rolls around in my head is the photo of the bloody shirt that hit tabloids not long after Michael's death.  I wonder how it got there and if anyone got paid for releasing it.

Stained: Shocking photographs of a blood stained white shirt were found in Michael Jackson's wardrobe following his death

Twin Flame Notes: Fusion

Sometimes this blog is like my twin flame journal.  I like to write about what I experience as it happens so I don't forget, but more importantly, that when I publish it as a fresh memory, it might help others traversing the path as well.

This post has to do with fusion.  As time progresses it seems the inner workings of being connected to a flame become more fused together.  I'm using that word today because that's the word I was given for some of my most recent experiences.  When my flame was in the body I called the times we connected to each other together times; almost as if I could literally feel half his body inside of mine. When he passed, it seemed to become more complete.  Closer, and as if a full body of another was placed inside of yours emitting a feeling of total bliss and wholeness.

I always think this is the end.  That death would end our journey here on earth, or that feeling whole would end the feeling of being complete.  None of that has ended. Matter of fact, I'm very convinced at this time that we continue to join in wholeness ever spiraling to higher and higher vibration.

I took some time today to look for information on twin flame "fusion" and have not found anything about what I experienced.  For the last month or so I've been getting visions of other lives that Michael has had in other dimensions? I placed a question mark there because I'm not sure I understand it completely, but that's what Michael has told me about some of the glimpses I've been receiving.

Since then, the comings together have been not only been in wholeness, but in wholeness expanded.  It feels like every cell of you is vibrating very quickly and it makes you feel very light and free.  When what I was told was "fusion" took place, the experience was like feeling every atom in your body vibrating and feeling those atoms so full of light and love you just know they're going to explode.  It's not scary, but very exhilarating.  This fusion eventually has those atoms burst with love and light and I could feel the energy vibrating higher literally popping like cells bursting above my head and into the consciousness itself.

In summary, it seems this state of fusion is that which is creating the third vibratory level of light and love. Possibly beginning on the spiritual planes and being brought back through the body. What I saw reminded me of a scene from the movie Lucy, quite literally.  So I'm posting a video below to add to this post.  It's not the mind or brain that takes us to these levels. It starts in the mind, but the result is in consciousness itself.  With a full knowing a knowledge that there is no time that separates us.  All time is literally one.

** As a side note, I don't feel any smarter or have any superpowers . . yet.  Although that might be pretty cool if that did happen!