Energy Patterns and Reincarnation

In one of the previous posts, I mentioned past lives.  There is a post that references similarities between Mozart and Michael Jackson.  It's also in that post that it mentions my past life and how they correspond to our present lives and situations.

If you've ever considered past lives, you may have wondered what the significance of them might be. Perhaps part of the journey through them is to get through our karma (the law of cause and effect) and get back to our true God selves.  I've heard many people speak about karma, past lives, getting to the source and many avenues to get there.  I don't believe, however, that it was ever intended for us to just sit around waiting for our "karma" to happen.

I think Michael had said, or perhaps it was St Germain, who referred to the fact that although most people know about karma, few actually understand it.  If I say karma is when I hurt you and then the next time around you will hurt me, there may be truth to that, but it doesn't encompass the entirety of what karma is; or by the true definition of what "the wheel" of karma entails.

When we began to look at our man in the mirror, in the Man in the Mirror project, we started to notice patterns within ourselves.  Those patterns are most often brought through with us through our past lives.  In yogic philosophy some believe that the soul is "energetically" drawn to those people and situations that will most "resonate" with the frequency the soul needs to be at in order for it to be put in another similar life situation to be able to give that soul an opportunity to "transcend the wheel" or release itself from it's karma.

For instance, Michael had a life as Mozart in a past life.  His life was very similar that time around as it was this time.  His father in both lifetimes managed him.  This lifetime, however, he broke the wheel of karma by making an independent choice of becoming his own manager.  That karma was released and Michael began his journey into becoming a "God free" being, independent of the prior pattern of oppression.

It's those "patterns" of energy that need to be tapped into in order for us to not only release our personal karma, but to also release the planetary karma.  Becoming conscious of both could truly heal the world.


Michael Jackson on frequencies and divine love

I just had a question about where Michael was in the spirit realm and had to ask him.  He told me he was in the fifth dimension with a third dimensional  frequency.  Michael then gave me the following in an explanation to post:

"Third dimensional frequency is the rate at which a vibrational field resonates at within a specific level.  We are all spiritual beings and every one of us vibrate at a "frequency" or vibration.  When you die, you take that with you.  Although your body has it's own frequency, your spirit and thoughts also have a frequency.  The more hatred, or bad thoughts you have the denser the vibration.  The more love and compassion you have, the higher the vibration or frequency.  When I wrote "I'm the light of the world" in This is It, that's exactly what I meant.  I felt light, and high on life.  Like there was nothing beyond me, that everything was a part of me and I was a part of it.  Love in it's highest vibration is divine and that's truly what we should all strive to be at.  Divine love is different than people love.  Divine love accepts everything and everybody for who and what they are.  Allowing for mistakes, allowing for indifferences and allowing for other opinions on things.  It is the love of all and what I hoped to convey through my music."

** "This Is It" is a song co-written by American pop star and musician Michael Jackson and singer-songwriter Paul Anka. The song was recorded by the former and featured as a track on the album, This Is It (2009), which accompanies the 2009 concert documentaryMichael Jackson's This Is It

source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Is_It_(Michael_Jackson_song)


Michael Jackson and the I AM Presence

It's a stop in your tracks something is going on feeling, only this time I not only stopped in my tracks, I was swept up in my being as well.  There were always "meetings" with Michael. When I say "meetings" I mean times when we would come together physically in the same place.  This is common with twin souls.  You are getting used to the others energy and testing yourselves on the path.  Look at the picture on the right of Michael and the Blue Eye.  I have blue eyes.  If I was a part of him, this is how I would represent it (as I did on my cover art work for the first draft of the book)  When you look at the mirrors on his jacket and if you've ever read any stories about this shoot, you'll realize the photo speaks of looking at oneself.  When you meet with a twin in the physical realm that's what you do - it's as if you are looking at yourself; your mirror.

I'd like you to understand what this is truly about.  More than love, its about being able to come to terms with everything about yourself and growing spiritually.  That can be very scary.  For as much as we all want a complete love, it's just as scary to have to look at ourselves and all of our fears, flaws and mistakes.  That's exactly what you are doing, and exactly what it takes to come together.  An honest, open look at yourself and acceptance of everything about you.   This is the ultimate vulnerability. Many twin flame soul mates are just as afraid of meeting this other being than they are in wanting to.  The natural inclination is to run.

There is another thing that happens energetically when meeting on the physical plane.  You are increasing your vibration and expanding the field around the two of you.  It's a very intense and uplifting experience.  It literally is like you are both encompassing everything around you.  These are the experiences I speak of when I say when you come together with a twin flame because you have experienced oneness with them you have no doubt that we are all truly one.

So when Michael passed and this feeling came over me, it was even stronger.  There is a divine spiritual presence that we all have called the I AM, and I can only associate the joining of these with the experience I had.  I experienced the feeling of not only his body, but his past lives flashed before me, and the impact of what his life was like.  I had always tried to imagine, thought I could, but never in a million years could I.  The pressure from so many people was immense.  There are simply no words to describe what it was like for him when these feelings came.  The other feeling, was his presence, however.  It not only encompassed the room I stood in or the building, like in our previous meetings, it encompassed the world.  Sounds crazy doesn't it?  But it's not.  Michael's presence was in the world, true, but it made his statement of We are the World, very literal.

I never planned on sharing this until much later, if at all.  But there is something I think you should know.  These experiences have happened all my life.  I have and still do believe there is and was spiritual work to do together.  His life was taken and mine is still here.  If I do not finish what he started I'm afraid my life and his will not fulfill the purpose for which they were intended.  Twin Flames always work on some spiritual purpose together.  The purpose of this, my writing is not to prove I am Michael Jackson's Twin Flame - It is to continue the message and the work.

That being said, I've expressed the experience because I know without a doubt there have been many other people who have had experiences.  Because I was connected with him, does not mean he was not connected to anyone else.  I may have had experiences, but know there are others as well.  How can I know this?  Not from message boards, I assure you.  It's because of the kind of soul he was.  I had that experience because his soul did have an effect on the entire world.  How can someone have an effect on the entire world and not be part of it?   

All I'm saying it if there are masters in this world, those that heal, love, and create miracles, they never come here for just one person.  They come for the world.  I keep trying to refer back to his music because, like I said, he's told this story all along.  Listen to Another Part of Me and when you do, I hope you realize he felt there was a mission.  He tried to tell people all along through his music that we are all part of one another and that we all contribute to healing the world.

After you listen to the words, refer back to the handwritten note I posted in the last post.  These brighter days he sings about are the days of the higher consciousness he wrote about in the note.  These days are now.


A Twin Flame Conversation

I had a conversation this evening with an honored friend who was first in the field of recognizing and documenting twin flame relationships.  He told me about someone he knew and seemed distressed because she had felt she found her true twin flame soul mate and he left her.  She was abandon and couldn't get over the fact that he had left.  We talked about the ego self, how your ego self, the personality is the part of you that wants to hold on or claim someone for their own.

I say this because if this person was truly her twin flame and if she was truly ready to come together with him, she would have sensed that no matter where they are, no matter what personality or ego decided to do, they would still always be a part of each other within.  Twin flames are not possessive of one another.  Although you may long to be with that person, there comes a certain point when you realize that everything happens in divine time.  Of course while you are on that journey, it's painful, and most of the time unclear.  The fact is, is that while most people feel these relationships are meant for the earth and by the earth standards I can tell for a fact they are not.

It's very rare for twin flames to come together at all.  Now, since we are entering into an era of enlightenment there are more twins coming together, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are coming together as man and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.  There is work to do and that will be the only reason twin flames come to this planet.  I have never heard of twin flames coming only for the pure joy of experiencing one another.  A relationship like that would be self serving for the twins and true twins are never self serving.

I hope that it is realized however that true twins are about divine love, and never only about the love of what is defined on this earth.  I hope that there is a realization that with each relationship you have, and each depth of love you experience, there is still another layer beneath.  A more fulfilling, deeper and more complete love.  As you allow yourself to enter this state of being you draw ever closer to bringing the light of God within you.  That source is the stuff you were originally made of and where also the source of the true twin resides.  Being God centered the love that is experienced is that of God, not of man.  It is God love, divine love, not man defined love.

The following video is a very nice summary of the journey and follows what happened on my journey with Michael.  You'll see the mention of the mental and emotional bodies and those are the bodies we were working with in the Man in the Mirror Project.


Healing Ourselves and Healing Our World

Taking action to heal the world doesn't have to be a major undertaking.  One step, one gesture can make a difference in someone's life and change their thoughts about "people" for the rest of it.  How many times have you had one person do something really great for you that you'll always remember or maybe someone who did something really bad to you that you'll always remember?  These are the experiences we take with us into the rest  of our lives.  Sometimes our view of the world is based on these single events.  But knowing this, knowing you can effectively change the course of someones life by a small gesture on your part really gives us power in influencing the world around us.  Smiling at someone, holding a door open, helping an elderly lady reach the soup can on the top shelf; any of these things can make or break the rest of someone's day.

When Michael lived he was very instrumental in the lives of children around the world.  We have been very fortunate in the United States, France, the UK, and other countries.  Most of us have food to eat, and clothing to wear.  Some aren't so lucky.  Now, I know you've heard this before, but as the old saying goes, "what's out of sight is out of mind".  I mean, Michael had a unique perspective you know?  Not many people in this world have an opportunity to travel the world and actually SEE the suffering of our mankind in other countries.  Just because we don't see it, however, doesn't mean it's not there.  How is it that you and I can help?  How can we find the compassion in our hearts to help others?

First we have to find the compassion in ourselves. To forgive ourselves for our wrongs, our failures, our imperfections.  To promise ourselves that we can do better for ourselves and BELIEVE we have the power within us to lift ourselves up no matter what the circumstance is.  Some of the most successful people in this world have overcome the most adversity.  I love to look at those people and know that if they can do it, then so can I.  You have the power within you to heal yourself.  We all do.  It doesn't matter if I only have a dollar in my pocket or I'm very, very rich.  Depending on how I view myself and my world is what will either make or break my life.

I'd like you to find that compassion for yourself.  I'd like you to view your world with kindness.  Maybe the best way to do that is by showing kindness first ourselves.  White, black, yellow or green we are all the same inside.  May this day be the day YOU decide to accept who you are and know that you are a divine being, made of love, and when you look at the world, may you know that one day you will also return to love.


Your Divine Identitiy

I saw a man named Gregg Braden speak a few months ago.  As we've gone through some of the Man in the Mirror Project my hope is that you are continuing to work on those repeating patterns that you wish to change.
As often as I can, I'll be posting supporting material to help you on your journey.  In the meantime, I'll be working on the book, which Michael feels should be the priority at this time.  

I hope that you keep an open mind when you watch this video.  There is a story that Gregg tells that relates to twin souls and/or twin flame soul mates.  It's about synchronicity.  In the video Gregg calls it the Divine Matrix. I'm not one to get too caught up with labels, I just want you to know that once you start becoming in tune with yourself, you'll also begin to tune into the universe around you.  This is the Divine Matrix.  People and events may seemingly magically transpire into your life.  It's not an accident.  It's our true blueprint and our true identities that will be shining through.  This is truly an exciting time and I do so hope that you all find magic in areas of your life you never dreamed possible!


More on Thought Patterns

I saw a post today that related to thought patterns and found the video below that I thought I would share.  We were focusing on our thought patterns and emotions and this video goes hand in hand with what was discussed.

I hope you get some more clarification on how it works here:


Success On Your Journey

"Today I want to wish you success on your journey.  This has been fun.  Re-assuring in a way.  I hope that you have been able to notice some patterns in your life that have made you realize what it is that you've been doing. In healing the children and healing our planet, it's important to remember that we all play a part individually.  All of us have issues we need to deal with on a daily basis and we all see things differently.  Being mindful that what you yourself set into motion has an effect on our children is a big part.  Our children, and I do say OUR children, play a huge part of the history of this planet.  It is important for them to be nurtured and loved in a way that will allow them to nurture and love themselves, the planet and the future children who will care for our world. 

I hope you realized that we aren't perfect beings.  I hope you realized the part you play in the destruction and the construction of your life.  For now we will leave it at this.  You've made headway with citing some very specific things.  Now the work is yours.  And, it is work.  Every day you have to be mindful of what you are thinking and doing.  Most likely it's repeating patterns, suppressing emotions, that cause you to do the most unconscious things.  When you find yourself asking yourself why you do something, come back and take a look at the steps again.  This is why and this is how you can begin healing but the work itself, the responsibility for it has to come from none other than you.

It's been a joy and pleasure to be here with you.  But time beacons and I have to part ways.  There is no one more dear to me than you and I mean it.  You all mean the world to me.  My life has ended however, at least the one I had on earth.  I now realize that as long as I prolong this, you all prolong my death and suffering as well.

I want you to know how much it has meant to me, the thoughts and prayers you have sent and felt in your hearts.  Its time that helps us move on in our lives.  It's that time now when Debbie and I will come together in a way that we never have before.  We have work a head of us to do.  This work will entail a great deal of dedication on our parts.  Unfortunately, we won't have time to do what we have been here, but I promise you we will be back.  Our future holds something in store for everyone.  Although it has been expressed that many of you have wanted our identities to remain secret, it simply cannot be.  Debbie will be surfacing.  Whether she likes it or not, the wheels are already in  motion.  The public scrutiny will be upon her and I hope that you will be kind.  Let's face it, not many people were that kind to me.  But I will be behind her.  It's important to remember that you all play a part in the future of our world.  Please, please, be kind to one another.  I wish you the best.  Lovingly, Michael"

I have to post what is given.  That's our agreement.  I don't know what he is speaking about, but if it's anything like what he's previously given, I'm sure that time will tell.

I have to tell you this came today as a total surprise.  I expected him to say he was moving on after he started.  I do know that there will be work, I've always known, just not specifically what.  When that time comes and it is revealed, and when prompted I'll post it.  I hope that if anything does come out it is understood.  Remembering that we are spiritual beings first, and not just people in the flesh.  . . .  Best :)


The Man in the Mirror Project - Make that Change; Day Seven

"Day seven brings us into determination of whether or not we feel we need assistance with coming to terms with who we actually think we are.  Do we think we are reincarnations of our parents, a product of society or an individual manifestation of the God source, which by the way is all empowering.

Do you believe that you are what you have created?  Do you believe that being in the seat of power of creating your own life that you have the power to change it?

Many people have issues to deal with on a day to day basis.  Seemingly life passes us by and we forget to wonder about the source that is creating our day to day existence.  Think for a moment about the past few exercises.  Those exercises were designed to get you in touch with the one thing that is creating that pattern of issues that is now present in your life.  Thinking back I want you to close your eyes and think about what it was that you noticed about how you felt and what you were thinking.  Were you able to link it back to a time when someone said or gave you a message about yourself or how you should act?  In addictive behaviors, we sometimes redundantly enter a pattern of self sabotage or self defeat without even knowing it.  The "feeling" that we are no good, not good enough, or even that no one would want or love us drives us to create situations to make that statement true.  Most of the time these statements hold no truth at all.  They are simply statements or feelings we grew comfortable with and have taken on from outside sources.

Since a prior exercise focused on changing the "thought" this time we will focus on changing the "feeling".  How do I feel?  During the first exercise we noticed these feelings.  We tried to name them.  Anxious, angry, uneasy. Whatever that feeling was, I want you to tap into the feeling when it comes on.  First correcting the thought, for instance if it is "I'm so stupid", we correct it by saying to ourselves "I am an abundant field of wisdom" and begin to believe that with God all things are indeed possible.  Secondly, we focus on the feeling.  How am I feeling?.  When I think "I'm so stupid" I feel my body collapse upon itself.  When I think "I am an abundant field of wisdom" my shoulders pull back, my chest opens, and I am open to possibilities. I am not shut down.  I am open, literally, to the blessings of the universe.

Changing our thoughts always goes hand in hand with changing our emotions.  Focus on this now."

Lyrics from "Man In The Mirror" - It is not only with our heart (our feelings) but with our minds (our thoughts) that we will truly begin to transform ourselves and in turn the world - Make that change!

"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror,
(Man In The Mirror-Oh
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
(Better Change!)
No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
(Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make The Change)
(You Gotta Get It Right, While
You Got The Time)
('Cause When You Close Your
You Can't Close Your . . .Your
(Then You Close Your . . .

It is with joy in our heart that we will be able to spread joy to others.  

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.”

-Michael Jackson


The Man in the Mirror Project - Make that Change; Day Six

"Today lets discuss the topic of rainfall.  What does rainfall have to do with anything we're talking about?  Rainfall is something that almost everyone in the world has experienced.  Some people have seen waterfalls, the lucky ones, but most everyone has seen a rainfall.  A really good rain when it streams down from the heavens.  What does this rain do?  Most people would say that the rain waters the earth and helps things grow, but there is something else the rain does.  It cleanses the earth as well.  From the great flood, to the gentle down pour on a spring morning the rain has always been natures ways to eleviate the dirty grime left  on it's creations.

I've heard someone say that we for the most part take care of our bodies by showering and bathing most everyday, but it is with rare occasion, if ever that we cleanse our energies.  By that I mean the stuff we collect in our energetic fields that surround us.  We all have a rainbow around us of color vibrations emitting light.  It's part of who we are.  Our thoughts, wishes, plans, feelings, are all stored in this energy field.  Sometimes when you're not feeling so well you might have some really dirty parts in it.  Sometimes when you are angry, annoyed or even simply fatigued it is evident in this field.

So today because we've been paying so much attention to what's going on inside of us, it's a good time to do a cleaning.  Now that we are noticing our negative thought patterns and focusing on changing them, we can begin to do our own "spring cleaning" so to speak to clear away those old energetic patterns.  To do this stand with your feet about a foot apart.  Place your hands on either side of you and close your eyes.  Breath in deeply and release all the tension from your body as you exhale.  Visualize a beam of light just above your head.  Within that beam of light place a picture.  In your minds eye visualize a stream of brilliant white light covering over your forehead and hold it there.  The picture in your mind should be that of yourself with a hat or halo over your head. You are now going to bring that light down into your solar plexus (the place just above your belly button.)  Holding it there for a moment visualize it as bright as the sun, streaming out from the center of your body.  Finally take your light from above and flush it straight down through your entire body like a really hard rain, taking with it anything that no longer serves you in a healthy manner.  Place your hands at your heart like you are saying a prayer and repeat after me " I am now at peace.  Peace is with me.  Peace I Am.  My peace is with you God, Allah, whomever you believe in.  May you bestow peace to me and peace to our planet.  Ah men."


The Man in the Mirror Project - Make that Change; Day Five

"It's almost heartbreaking isn't it?  When we find out that we are our worst enemies.  The thoughts and patterns we have set into motion for ourselves are very destructive and need to be broken in order to create a new pattern of joy and love for ourselves and the world.

I'm truly hoping you will stick with it.  The work it takes to get back to a state of bliss is a lot.  I know.  But like I said, it's well worth it.

So this time lets focus on our energy.  The breath.  Your breath is the vehicle which your life force is regulated.  Notice your breath.  When you have thoughts about yourself that are negative in nature or when the feelings arise that we were trying to pay attention to on day one come up, notice now the breath.  What changes?  Is your breath restricted?  Are you holding your breath or are you breathing freely?  Is your chest open and expanded or caved and constricted?

The chakra, or energy center of the heart is very powerful.  This is the area you will feel pain if you've been hurt.  You might have even noticed reliving a painful situation by remembering, it is felt in the heart and solar plexus.  The heart energy is the energy that can transform energy of our bodies and minds into something very beautiful.  When we feel pain from someone else, emotional pain or trauma the first thing we want to to is shut down.  We don't want to feel the pain anymore,  It hurts and we want to shut it out.  The best thing we can do for ourselves, however, is to feel the pain fully, then let it go.  If we let the pain live within us we store it as "pain" energy, that from it's hurt will turn into anger subconsciously.  In order to heal we need to release the pain energy back to the universe and let the universe or our heart energy transform it.  This is how:

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly"
When you feel the feeling coming on or the thoughts coming into your mind, stop yourself.  Notice your breath. Then make a conscious effort to lift your heart center, sending both shoulders back expanding the chest.  Now think of the feeling, breathe in pure white light.  Feel it expanding in your chest and illuminating all of the black or gray areas of sadness transforming them into pure light.  Now exhale, letting the breath take all the negative energy out.  Practice this on each situation that arises."

Note:  If the pain is associated with pain from another human being, try to make a conscious attempt to forgive them.  Forgiveness is not saying that what they did to you is right.  Forgiveness is not about forgetting what they did to you.  Forgiveness is about transforming yourself into a loving pattern of energy that rises above the situation that caused the hurt.  Realizing that we are all imperfect beings, each on a different level of consciousness.


The Man in the Mirror Project - Make that Change; Day Four

"Test yourself.  Are you ready to make that change?  Do you know if you are ready to take the plunge and dive into the depths of your soul embarking on a journey that will change your life and your whole way of thinking?   It is truly a huge step.  It might be scary for some people, too painful for others and really exciting for a few others.  But I do promise you it is well worth it.  Making changes in our lives is not an easy process. But if you've ever made any changes in the past you'll know from experience that they are well worth it.  The feeling, this gift you can give yourself is insurmountable.  Enjoy it that feeling.  It truly is a gift.

Today, let s talk about karma and its actions of cause and effect.  Karma is something that few people really understand.   Its a concept brought about by the east and those enlightened masters that tell us that whatever we do, whatever we think goes out to the universe and is one day brought back to us.  What does this have to do with this man in the mirror project?  I'll tell you.  The thoughts we talked about yesterday.  When you were to pay attention to what you were thinking while you were experiencing are going out to the universe.  Do you remember what you were thinking?  Exactly!  So as I said, is there a way you can turn those thoughts into a positive thought?

For instance, the thought "I am fat" can be turned around into a positive statement like "I am beautiful".  The laws, these statements we think, that we have created for ourselves, or that have been fed to us, become our realities.  If we take the time to be conscious of them, we can change them, thus changing our realities.  So your lesson for today is to take the time to "catch" the negative thought and "replace" it with something good."

Michael Jackson


I think Michael is getting a big head over how amazing I think he is lately.  He is enjoying himself immensely and has been gone much more.  Apparently going on "visits".  Elizabeth (Taylor) has made a reappearance with her little white pooch and they have decided to stick around and work together with us.  And I do mean "us".  There are others that Michael and Elizabeth have contacted in helping us come to terms with ourselves and our planet.  I know it sounds strange, but it really is what it is.  If I would have had my way, perhaps I'd like to keep this as a private thing, but, it's obviously not meant to be that way.  The consciousness of the planet is being spearheaded by many people, both on the earth and on the other side.

St Germain, an ascended master, is leading the way. There are many on the other side who've been commissioned for service to the planet.  His thinking is that the earth is currently in a rut.  A pattern of conditioned thinking.  To break through this "rut" we have to step beyond the normal confines of our normal patterns.  Like a bicycle that rides the same dirt path day after day, sooner or later there is a groove in the dirt.  A crevice that is harder and harder to avoid because it's been created over a long period of time.  We are right there.  But as more and more people begin to wake up to the "crevice" or "rut" they have created, the more illumination we lend to our planet.  It is with each individual manifestation that is awakened that our true consciousness of the entire planet can take place.

I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise to most people who know about what Michael Jackson felt about the state of humanity and our planet to know that he is helping lead the way to this planetary shift.  He's been "about", ministering, you might say to those who have been calling on him.  So to the people who have been calling on him, you have left me alone again! lol  He's left Elizabeth with me and her white pooch when he leaves.  Don't get me wrong, I love Elizabeth, but it's just not the same.  I often feel the need to entertain my "visitors" and Elizabeth is beginning to cover her little dog's ears explaining to him that he shouldn't be hearing my exquisite singing voice.  .  .  I didn't know Elizabeth in life, and never even knew she had a fondness for dogs.  I found this video recently and feel it encompasses exactly who she is.  She really is beautiful, inside and out.


The Man in the Mirror Segment - Make that Change; Day Three

"It's with great pleasure that I share with you the knowledge that you all have passed phase one.  You've noticed you are doing things again and again and again!  This is good.  That's what its' about.  Now we have to find out why.

Pretend you are someone observing yourself.  There is a little man in your head and he's snooping around in there looking for clues as to who you are.  What do you suppose he would find?  A scared little girl or boy?  Someone with grand dreams who was too afraid to try and bring them to fruition?

Every one of us have obstacles that we sometimes unconsciously place in our path.  Sometimes they are from our childhood, sometimes they are things we create  based on the beliefs we have about ourselves.  So before we can decipher which is which, when you notice those feelings come up, be the man in the back of your head.  Do some snooping . . .

Then ask these questions;

1.  What thoughts are associated with the feeling I am having?

2.  Is it something negative about me that I believe to be true, or am I just thinking them because someone else told me I am this or that?

3.  Is the thought true?

4.  Can I change the pattern of the thought to something positive about the situation or myself?

When you can answer these questions, we'll be ready for the next step.  Good work!"


The Man in the Mirror Segment - Make That Change; Day Two

"Don't try and compare yourself with other people.  Their thoughts and wishes are their own, not yours.  Your thoughts, your wishes are those that come from deep inside of you, not those placed upon you.  You must realize that there is a difference."
                              - Michael Jackson

Yesterday's post really took me by surprise.  It was deep, you know?  Sometimes I wonder how did he know that?  These patterns he is speaking about are real.  In yoga they say there are actually lines of energy and the chakras (the energy centers) are the ones that get clogged by "stored " energy.

So after we posted I went to try to do my own work, you know follow along.  I couldn't think of a really good thing.  I thought, well  maybe the post wasn't clear enough.  I need to know what to do too.  If  I don't then how are other people supposed to know?  Then this morning as I was getting ready for my day I noticed a feeling coming over me.  The feeling was a sense of urgency and so I stopped myself (as per the instructions) to find out why I was feeling so rushed.  Getting in touch with the feeling this is what transpired.  I asked myself the three questions:

1.  How does it make me feel?  It makes me feel uneasy.  Rushed, as if I shouldn't be taking so much time.

2.  What benefit does it serve in my life?  I could find none.

3.  What is it that I notice about myself when I experience these feelings?  Looking deeper with in myself I ask why.  When I do, I remember my father used to remark about how long it took for me to get ready in the morning.  I have been on vacation with other girl friends that take much longer than I, but I still carry with me the feeling that I take "too long" in the bathroom.  The feeling is that I don't "deserve to spend time on myself" . .the subconscious feeling is that I am not worth spending time on.  

That is the over all message I received from my father.  He never said "you are not worth spending time on", he portrayed it subconsciously by saying I took too long in the bathroom.  That there wasn't a reason that he should go to lunch or spend any time with me.  When I needed him to be there, I was told I was old enough to handle my own affairs; simply I wasn't worth the time.

So this is how it works.  I wanted to share it with you because in some ways this can be your example.  In the coming days that feeling that maybe you were not readily able to connect with may come to you by surprise.  When it does, stop yourself and dig deeper.  Just observe, without worry of labeling, condemning or judgement.  Remember, this isn't about "other people", this is about you and YOUR feelings, patterns inside YOU.  Whether or not someone else thinks they are valid or not, doesn't matter.  They live within you and it is you that must do the work to clear them.

Until tomorrow . . .


The Man in the Mirror Segment - Make that Change Day One

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012!! We're ready for change and change it will be.  According to my favorite astrologer and numerologist, Maria Shaw, the year 2012 is a "5" year.  The number five represents change.  In the previous year you may have thought about change.  In this year, you most likely will make it happen.

As the Man in the Mirror Segment starts, I hope that you will be patient with yourself.  I hope that you will realize that change is a process, not an instant cure.  Like anything you do in your life that is worthwhile, it will be important to remember that old saying that "Rome wasn't built in a day".  This is a process, and if you give yourself time and forgiveness along the way, I promise you'll see a difference.

Week one we are going to focus on what real change is about.  It's not about the way we look it's about the way we feel.  Inside of us are many thoughts that come and go.  Some of them we are conscious of, and others come and go without any awareness at all.  This week lets start with our base level of consciousness, our feelings.

This is a lesson in introspection.  To see your man in the mirror, you must focus on how you feel when certain situations arise in your life.  To begin, you may recall certain situations in your life that make you feel "bad", make you feel "guilty", or make you feel "ashamed".  We won't talk about those things that make you feel good or uplifted yet, as you most likely won't want to change those.  So think back on those "ugly" feelings.  As you do you may begin to experience the feeling again.  You are recreating what is already within you.  Do you notice now? There is a pattern.  If there wasn't a pattern of energy already within you, you would not be able to recreate the experience.  This is the pattern of energy, the addiction, that we need to work on.  Keep focused on this "feeling" and ask yourself these three questions:

1.  How does it make me feel?
2.  What benefit does it serve in my life?
3.  What is it that I notice about myself when I experience these feelings?  (i.e. do I go smoke a cigarette, drink, eat, sleep) What ever the "response" to the feeling is, I want you to take notice of it.

I would suggest getting a notebook and writing these things down.  As you do, you will be revealing the pattern that is present in your life, blocking your joy.  This first step, is to merely notice.  If you don't have any answers, it's ok.  Give it time.  For now, just notice.

Should you experience an unpleasant situation similar to the one that you remembered, or even another one that seems unrelated  in the coming days, I want you to notice as the feeling comes on what you are experiencing and try to give it a name.  Anger, sadness, hurt, vulnerable,  whatever it is that comes to mind.  Right now just notice.