Concerning God Follow-Up . . .

I am being told I need to be honest.  When my Father, YHWH spoke with me a few months ago, he revealed to me some things which I have no recollection of and some things that will be done.  One thing he spoke to me about was the prophecy of Elijah.

For Michael Jackson fans, you might remember Michael speaking about this prophecy years ago when he embarked upon a project called "Heal the Kids".  I believe the correlation to this passage had to do with healing of our relationships between parents and children.

When I listened to my Father, he said I would fulfill this prophecy.  To this day I still don't know exactly what that entails.

Our previous post revealed the words from my Father.  In this post, I am following up on what has transpired since.

In the words of my Father, he said:

"Do not falter on your part or the legs you have been given will tumble to the ground and your final resurrection will not be in peace but dismay at your willingness to bring destruction to each other and the planet."

The legs of Pope Frances have tumbled to the ground, as you can see in this video:

Perhaps this is a mere coincidence.  I am of the most assured opinion that people will believe what they will.  For me, I am only the messenger.

There have been too many people who have died in vein.  Too many tortured and too many lies put into the minds of the masses.  You must realize that what you are being given in words and knowledge holds in part a deliberate attempt at swaying the opinion of the masses to conceal wrong doings.  In Michael's death, we see it in the press.  Kind words have been spoken by the very people who murdered him in an attempt to hide the truth.  Do not mistake an outwardly kind persona for that which lies hidden to the eyes.  Our true identity is one in which God himself sees, and sees clearly.

If anyone believes they hide their wrong doings from the public and have succeeded, they are mistaken in their understanding of the law.  To hide something from the public, does not mean it is a hidden deed from God.  His sight should be given recognition before all others.

Contempt and deceit have been common place throughout the world.  For ages man has sought to control our nations and our brethren by becoming "the way", the mighty, and the ruler of peoples.
One way in which the people have been discouraged to seek a relationship with God is through the church.  Our priests do not hold a special power beyond our own.  Our future and our savior does not lie within the churches walls.  The relationship that we ourselves have with our Father is the one that matters most.  He and He alone knows your heart and mind.  He and He alone will be the one to deliver you to the place most high.

Our church has been given the authority and seeks the right to bring the people to our Father.  It is not the path of the church to give unto man that which belongs to God himself.  You must not ordain yourselves as a deliverer when you are not.  He that holds the keys to heaven will come to the earth and release all that has been hidden.  Your hearts and minds will be full of love and understanding. For the wisdom revealed will be that of God himself.

Trust not your fellow man, but trust your Father in His glory.  He that comes, comes knowing his Father.  He knows his glory and his kingdom.  Thy will be done.

For the first church:

St. John the Divine
Chapter 2

2 "I know thy works and thy labor, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

3  And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name's sake hast labored, and hast not fainted.

4 Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left they first love.

5 Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent."

The Last Supper - Leonardo DaVinci

Regarding the book "The DaVinci Code" - "The book is everywhere," Cardinal Bertone told Il Giornale newspaper, according to a report in The Times today. "There is a very real risk that many people who read it will believe that the fables it contains are true. [Dan Brown] even perverts the story of the holy grail, which most certainly does not refer to the descendants of Mary Magadalene. It astonishes and worries me that so many people believe these lies."

The church has perverted the original teachings of Jesus the Christ and Mary Magdalene.  If it is anyone who has lied, it has been the church which seeks to keep the people under it's control by proclaiming themselves to be the word of God.  Our pope does not take the place of Jesus.  He will speak for himself.  

What has happened to our world since the days of Jesus when he walked the earth?  The very people who killed him took his words and changed them.

When it comes to matters of God, you can't change what you want, when you want because it's popular or works for you at the time.  This misuse of his teachings have left humanity in an unending cycle of birth and rebirth.

The teachings meant to be given were misused.  Heaven is not obtained from living one life.  It is obtained by seeking the Father from the Kingdom within.  It is called ascension and that is what Jesus and Mary Magdalene came to teach.

Do not dismiss the divine feminine.  For without her there will be no ascension.


Concerning God . . .

A few days ago, I was given a message.  When you've lived all of your life seeking the truth of all things and finally find a path, you learn to listen to those who have helped you along your way.

When I was growing up, I searched far and wide for the truth about who and what God was.  Did he exist?  Was he somehow a made up story someone had decided to spread?  And, why were there so many beliefs about this one being who supposedly created us all?

I looked into several religions, not really practicing any.  I've read some passages of the bible, but have yet to read the entire book.  My studies have been based on things I receive from my spirit guides.  Things that they mention or are told to me.  I often look up passages they recite or things they mention on the internet and try to fit the pieces together.

I first heard the voice of God when I was barely the age of twelve.  I was later visited by the mother Mary offering her help for anything I wished.  Since then, I've heard His voice several times and in this past year have been granted the gift of seeing his face.

When I write this I know that while living in the world we do today, not much emphasis is placed on believing in speaking with God.  However, I do take solace in knowing that much of the world still prays to a higher power and far too many believe in the words of the bible not to believe that some of the most treasured scriptures are most certainly true.

Some years back my personal search led me to a book entitled "YHWH".  I had no idea what it was, what the letters stood for or what was inside it's pages.  The only thing I did know is that I had to get it.  The store clerk cautioned me, saying that I would most likely not understand what was written inside unless I started with something simpler.  I refused, somehow knowing I needed to acquire this white book with the golden letters imprinted on it.

A few years later, I came across a woman who wanted me to paint a picture for her.  It was a simple photograph that she gave to me.  A sky with clouds.  Apparently the photo was of a particular place in Ohio where many people gathered to see an apparition appear in the sky - the doorway to heaven.  I tried to tell the woman I didn't paint realistic pictures.  I had been doing mainly abstract paintings using colors and crystals.  She insisted, however, that I try and to paint whatever came to me.

I sat in my basement looking at the photo and it seemed as if the painting almost painted itself.  When I felt I was done, I was astonished to see faces in the cloud interpretation I had painted.  I've posted this picture before, but want to post it again for reference:

At the time, I had no idea what or who this represented.  Maybe a symbolic reference to "God" somehow and perhaps my own interpretation of some door had made its way through.  However, years later when I saw the paintings done by Michelangelo and discovered that "YHWH" was actually a name for God, it became clear to me that the painting was more than what I had once thought.

Today this painting represents the YHWH God I have seen and spoken to.  The streaks of light coming from his nostrils represent the creation of man and the man in the front represents Jesus who I've also seen and spoken to, coming again into our world.

Recently I ran into another account of an apparition in the clouds.  This account was captured on film by a woman in New Zealand.  The face she captured was the same: 

PUBLISHED: 20:51, Mon, Jan 20, 2014

When I spoke with YHWH some time ago, time seemed to be completely irrelevant.  He said a great deal of things to me I found difficult to digest for some time.  I was also shown events that would happen in the future.  Today I remember only a few key elements of that seemingly long conversation.

He spoke as if these things would be.  There was no questions he asked, only statements and I could hardly believe that this image of the face I painted so many years ago was really before me.

Part of my personal path has been to serve in any capacity that I can for those who have helped me on my path in life.  I am sometimes a conduit for information that comes through. I believe that I'm given some information not only for myself, but for others as well.  When spirit comes through strongly, I find it difficult not to write the words and give them freely.  So I'd like to share with you what I received from YHWH a few days ago:

"I am a living God.  Stand before me without shame in your nakedness.  Nothing is hidden in the sight of God.  

God YHWH stands before you, three in one; over the suns, the moons and all of creation.

I Am the force that moves the trees, the winds, the oceans and the hands of time.
I beckon to you to come to the place hidden in your heart.  A place that has been prepared by me long ago.  Withstanding all temptation to see life as a different journey and seeking that which is your true destiny.

The word of God has been proclaimed.  All that hear this, hear my voice.  The world will not be destroyed by man.  It will lie in the hands of the father God ruling all lands, all seas, all marine life and all wickedness will come to an end.

For many ages I have given the freedom to man to do his will. All people must come to realize the word of God.  It is not I that seek Glory, but that of the living word and life of being with me.

Come children of Israel and those who seek my hand.  For I have given myself in promise for a new kingdom to be born from dust.  It's light shall shine so bright the stars in the heavens will no longer be seen.  Open your hearts and minds to the glory I have bestowed on you and see my face once again.  

I do not wish to harm this world, more over my will is to transform it's essence into a greater light for all of humanity.  Yield to the law I have given and to that which has been proclaimed.

Thou shall not steal.
Thou shall not hurt or harm.
Thou shall not torture any other living being.
Thou shall not rob that from another whom seeks that it should be his own.

Things shall not abide by man made laws any longer, but to those given in the time of Moses, of Jesus, of Mary and the Lamb.

  Forget your enemies.  Put down your swords and bring to me the peace and harmony of the just, the willing and the righteous.  Be not fore warned, but know that the truth you seek is written in this word.  

This is my final offering to bring matters to peace and justice.  Do not falter on your part or the legs you have been given will tumble to the ground and your final resurrection will not be in peace, but dismay at your willingness to bring destruction to each other and the planet.  Mark my words, know them well and bring peace and joy through music, sound vibration and glory.  Lift your hearts to the heavens and proclaim my name.  I am YHWH, the living light and the one whom which you seek.  KNOW I AM." 

I'm not an expert at the paintings of Michelangelo, but I did notice on his painting "The Last Judgement", that there seems to be a garment being taken off just right of the center of the photo. 

When I read these words of YHWH back to myself, the words "Stand before me without shame in your nakedness" reminded me of his painting.

The painting, "The Last Judgement" by Michelangelo, is posted below: