A Major Announcement: The Murder of Michael Jackson: UPDATED Preview on Kindle

The Murder of Michael JacksonI wanted to do a personal video to present a new book I am releasing, but I can't do that without crying, so I'm writing some words.

I've tried simply every avenue available to me to have justice come to this case.  It's become apparent to me that I am the only one who can offer this story and it's a story that needs to be told.

I've spent a great deal of the last few days in tears finishing this work.  It's something I really did not want to do.  I'm neither proud or happy to announce it.  It is one of the most terrible tragedies in the history of mankind. Michael wanted this to be done by the end of the year.  I made him a promise that I would, but he was not the one that wanted this done originally.  This work has been warranted by a higher authority.

My work with Michael has been for bringing light into the consciousness.  That work is shared by a great number of people all over this planet and beyond.  In my previous memoir, Another Part of Me, I shared part of my story about the Brotherhood of Light and how they came to me.  At my first encounter of them an individual arose to say "I am one of many.  When you think of yourself, think of us.  When you think of us, think of yourself."  This is the ideal oneness that we wish for this planet.  My brothers and sisters on the other side of the veil are the ones that answer your prayers, hear your thoughts, and relish in your dreams.  When I began working with them I found that there was much more to life than what we've been told.  I, like them, would go above and beyond for any member working towards our common goals.  Michael is one of those members.  Working towards a better planet while he lived, and now on the other side.

I cannot express to you the light that was stolen from our planet when Michael Jackson was murdered. His life exemplified all that we should strive to be.  He made a conscious choice to use his life in service.  To use his celebrity to share the dream and the need to heal our planet.  There has not and is not another human on this planet that can replace the potential that Michael Jackson had in reaching the masses to spread the word of both truth and love.

Human beings rarely think about others in their quest for money and power.  The ramifications of this act and the treatment of this man is beyond repair.  As Michael once stated, animals have been treated better.  Let his life be a testament to the worst of mankind and how we need to change our ways.

One life may seem irrelevant to some, but each and every single life on this planet has a purpose.  The acts of one, like Gandhi, Adolph Hitler, or even Nelson Mandela should tell you that we all have the potential to be great in goodness or take part in the darkest of evil.  This act was evil.   Evil or the light cannot come to this planet without our permission.  We make that choice every day in our decisions as to who we wish to serve.  I made my choice long ago, and my brothers and sisters of the light have joined me in supporting this work.  We will not stand by to let these untruths happen any longer.

I want to thank and recognize all the people who have blogged, written about and presented stories on Michael's behalf.  These people are the ones that helped make these truths come out.  It is always an effort that is joint in nature and done in love that makes the most difference.  I know how hard so many people have worked to make sure the truth made its way out.  They have heard the prayers on the other side and they are being answered.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing love, to stand up in the face of adversity and for being courageous enough to stand in the name of truth and love.

The book will be released this week on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe.  The pre-release is available now and can be purchased by clicking on the link provided on the right column.  Although it is labeled a personal memoir, it is backed up with the facts of the case and relates only to the murder of Michael Jackson.

For a preview on Kindle click here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RNGYKSC 

I've posted the press release below:


Twin Flames - The Balance of Light and Dark

I posted some time ago about the ascension of twin flame soul mates.  True twins must come each into their own identity and wholeness before the ultimate union can occur.  This means there must be a shedding of the ego, a realization within the self and a knowing that our greater power is that which has been given from our very creation - that from above and the father.

The earth is a place where we can experience, we grow, we are allowed to choose.  We choose in our every day living.  Making choice to serve the father, serve ourselves or serve to fit ourselves into society.  Of all these choices, there is one only that is eternal.  Serving the father must come first.  Your longing and union with Him is the same longing and union you in actuality have for your flame.  This is the ultimate love, a gift from God himself.  These unions bring you closer to "Him".  The union then is to also serve "Him" - our father God, in all ways, and always in communion.

We live our lives most often in our physical world.  Basing our thoughts and beliefs on that which as been brought to us through our families, our friends and society.  But as the saying goes, you were brought into this world alone, and you will also leave alone.  Your spirit, the soul that is your actual being, lives on.  Repeating in cycles, time and time again, until we discover who we are and recognize that society's rules, our friends opinions, and our families beliefs are often changeable.  There is only one true constant.  The constancy of love and that of our very souls.

Our planet is multidimensional.  If you've ever had a dream, then you'll know that there is something about you that you have hidden inside.  A secret language that you seemingly can't control, nor do you most likely know where it comes from.  That language is the language of the soul.  The part of  yourself that gives you glimpses to your path, your future and your current struggles.

Our dimensions coincide, they interconnect and like all things they must be in balance.  In order for our earth to be in balance a certain number of twins and/or ascendeds must remain on the planet.  Their sheer desire and reach for the father brings His light down from the upper spheres.  That light infiltrates the planet and allows for love to flourish.  With so many free will beings and so many patterns set into place for war, death and the destruction of our planet, that balance is crucial to our surviving as a race.

It is love and the father that have brought us into creation.  Not man made war, industries, crime or businesses.  Love then, must be present for humanity to survive.  It is our essence and our birthright, but when covered by the misqualified energy created by man himself, it is lost.  We must then be the best servants we can to ourselves, our twins and to each other.  Each twin union will amplify the light and create a third energy that is love itself.  It's the light of the creator and the light that "two"  flames create in "divine" union, as was done in the beginning of our creation.

The choice, however, is ours.  Our free will allows us to amplify the darkness or amplify the light.  You choose every day and in every moment.  Being mindful of those choices and passing the tests our father has laid before us, allows us to grow ever closer to Him and in turn our flames.  Amplifying our light and the light of the planet itself.

We spoke yesterday about Joseph from Genesis.  He was an interpreter of dreams.  Meet another man whose dreams of the soul connected him with God himself - Noah.


Twin Flames of the Bible

Have you ever had a realization about something you've known about for years?  These past few days I did.  I was remembering Jesus and what his life must have been like.  I had some flashbacks to during that time and realized more intuitively his teachings of the time and how so much of his life was taken out of context.

There has been much said about his life in the bible.  Many religions speak about his life and the writings in the bible.  As fate would have it I stumbled upon something on the history channel that captured my attention.

I'm a little nerdy when it comes to things like this.  Our human history, I feel, has been manipulated as much as the tabloids have manipulated our news stories.  So when I sat to watch just a little bit of the show they showed some stories about people who's lives stories were actually removed from the bible.

One such story was about Joseph and Aseneth.  If you've ever heard about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, it's the same Joseph.  The Joseph from Genesis in the bible.

So Joseph is in the bible, you might say, yes he is.  But his counterpart, a woman, did not make it in completely.  Like the twin of Jesus himself, Mary, how Joseph and Aseneth were brought together was left out.  I feel the story is quite common with twin flame soul mates, so I decided to post it.

Here is the story according to wikipedia:

According to Genesis 41:45, Pharaoh gives Aseneth, the daughter of Potipherah (Pentephres in the Septuagint) priest of On to Joseph as a wife. Genesis 41:50-52 narrates that Aseneth bore Joseph two sons Manasseh and Ephraim. No more is said of her. Like many narratives in Genesis, the biblical story is tantalizingly brief, and raises questions that were to fascinate later interpreters. Why would an upstanding descendant of Jacob (Israel) marry the daughter of a pagan priest, and how could it be justifiable? How could two of the eponymous tribes be descended from union with an outsider, otherwise prohibited by the Mosaic Law? The story of Joseph and Aseneth sets out to answer some of those questions.

The twenty-nine chapters of Joseph and Aseneth narrate the conversion of Aseneth, from idolatry to monotheism and the worship ofAdonai. Aseneth, a virgin who has rejected numerous worthy suitors, falls in love with Joseph when he, as vizier of Egypt, visits her father. Joseph, however, rejects her as an unworthy idol worshipper.

Aseneth then secludes herself in her tower, repents of her idolatry, confesses her sin, and embraces Joseph's God. Begging for God's acceptance, she then receives an angelic visitor (looking like Joseph), who assures her that her prayers are answered and that she is now a new creation. There follows a strange and extended ritual, where in order to confer on her immortality, the angel shares with Aseneth a magical honeycomb, and is told of her heavenly counterpart Metanoia (Repentance).

The honeycomb, which the angel marks with a cross, causes a swarm of bees to surround her, and some return to heaven though others die. The meaning and significance of this episode of the bees is uncertain, and appears to have some sort of connection to initiation rites of mystery religions. There may also be a connection with the otherwise mysterious name of the prophetess Deborah, literally bee, from one of the oldest parts of the Book of Judges. It is uncertain whether the involvement of a cross indicates a Christian influence or not.



Foul in the Courts - A Murder Cover Up

Quite some time back, I posted information related to a man named Steven Cooley.  Mr. Cooley was the District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles at the time of Dr Conrad Murrays trial.

Do you remember the outrage at Dr. Murray during that trial?  Do you remember the peoples cry for justice?  I'm sure Mr Cooley does as well.  Maybe that's why he chose to turn a blind eye on evidence that would lead him to the real murderer.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of Dr. Murray.  I am, however, a fan of truth, and this case quite frankly reeks in disgust.

Steven Cooley was investigated and reported to be taking bribes from organizations to turn the tables in court.  It's also been said that he has never prosecuted a murder case.  If you check, you'll find some nice contributions, even ones made by AEG Live.  Like this one during 2010:

TIMOTHY LEIWEKE LOS ANGELES, CA PRES/CEO/AEG WORLDWIDE, INC. $1500 Contribution date: 2010-10-28  Report date: 2011-01-31

I've smelled that stench before and with a look at the trailing documents wouldn't you know it.  Steven Cooley filed for a "Amici Curie" just before Conrad Murray's trial.  What this means is that they wanted to put on hold the case involving Lloyds of London - that would be the INSURANCE case - until they could prosecute Murray.  Cute huh?  That way no evidence that would come out in the Lloyds case could influence the Conrad Murray case.  If it did, we might have already seen the truth in court, but as we all know,  it did not.

Here is a little background on Cooley:

As for the Amici Curie, thanks to Team Michael Jackson, we can let you view that below as well:

Just to top off this post, in case you're still doubting just a little bit, here is some coverage of the Conrad Murray trial.  You'll notice every time Conrad's attorney begins to ask the "right" questions, he finds an objection:

Conrad Murray's defense attorney Chernoff asks:

MJ was ultimately responsible for the production costs up until June 22, 2009? (This was the date noted on yesterdays post)

Phillips: Yes

Chernoff: Contractually he was responsible for tens of millions … (objection sustained)

Chernoff: AEG had cancellation insurance. (objection sustained)

Below is the video testimony from Randy Phillips at the Conrad Murray trial worthy of review.  Notice the questions that were "objected" to and what Randy says.  "Pulling the plug" on the concerts comes up as well as the insurance and Randy telling us Michael was having trouble breathing at 10:30 in the morning.  If we remember, the ambulance wasn't called until after noon, nor did ANYONE know, or supposedly know, what was wrong at the home that day.  It was nice of Mr Walgren to lead the witness to correct the time of his knowing about Michael later in his testimony.  But I still have not seen the correction on actually how Randy Phillips knew Michael was having trouble breathing. 


Michael's Murder: AEG Case/Insurance Evidence

I am VERY PLEASED to let you know that the Jackson vs AEG Live case is set for oral arguments on January 22, 2015.  

In celebration of this marked event, I'm including some evidentiary evidence in this post that I haven't included before.

As most of you know, Michael's death had a great deal to do with the contract he held with AEG Live and the insurance policy taken out by them.  AEG made sure they not only covered losses for expenses, but for profits as well.  The policy in force at the time of Michael's death was for accidental death only. There was no insurance policy for illness.  That policy could not be put into effect because Michael, as Conrad Murray stated in his texts to the Lloyds of London (insurance co), was not in agreement to provide the requested information.  That text was sent to Lloyds the morning of Michaels death.

A look at the policy that was in effect, brings more light on the situation at that time.  As you can see from the first page of the policy, the insurance policy was amended just before Michaels death.  The date of that policy went into effect on the 18th of June.  As you can see by the initials on the bottom of the policy, it looks as though it actually went through on the 22nd of June, 2009.  Three days prior to Michaels death.

This is the same policy that was amended with Tohme Tohme named as the additional insured.  Tohme was fired by Michael the month before, yet it was obvious that even in the AEG contract Tohme was collecting not only Michaels share of the money, but having wire transfers into his own off shore account as well directly from AEG.  All the details were stated very clearly in the contract for the This is It shows.  

If we were to establish a timeline with the evidence, we'd find even more evidence pointing to these separate deals between AEG and Tohme Tohme.  With full knowledge that he was not representing Michael any longer, AEG continued to take it upon themselves to not only include Tohme on the policy, but let him sign on Michael's behalf for a company he had no legal right to sign for.  That company was The Michael Jackson Co and afforded AEG the opportunity to sell the rights and enter into negotiations for the making of the This is It film.

When a reporter wrote in March of 2009 that Randy Phillips had the satisfied look of a man who had just pulled off an inconceivably ambitious plan, I don't think she realized just how inconceivable that plan was.  After all as Randy stated himself Michael's death was “a terrible tragedy . . but life must go on.”  He additionally stated “AEG will make a fortune from merch sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/dvd”  Phillips wrote in fact AEG Live would be allowed to sell Jackson tour merchandise and share in the profits from the documentary “This is It', produced from rehearsal video. That must have been the video they never really took, but later said they did.  

"We just closed a $60m deal against a gigantic back-end for the rights to the film that will be created from all the footage we so wisely shot from the beginning of this project to the last rehearsal." - Randy Phillips, AEG referring the deal with SONY

Yet if we look into Tohme's cross complaint with the Estate of Michael Jackson, we'll find he is taking credit for that footage.  His signing on behalf of  Michael's company entitled them both to sell the video footage taken from Michael's rehearsals to the Estate that Sunday, and in turn, make another tidy profit.   
"with plans to turn Jackson's last rehearsal videos into albums and televised tribute, a commemorative ticket plan and insurance money, the company may end up making profits, reported Los Angeles Times quoting AEG chief executive Randy Phillips"
AEG Live to make profit on Jackson's legacy



Christmas or Christmas Day
(Old English: Crīstesmæsse, meaning "Christ'sMass") is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ

One of the most celebrated holidays of the year is upon us.  Christmas has been a long held tradition among many households.  Gifts, family gatherings, and the rustle and bustle to make the season merry. But let's not forgot why we have this day to begin with.  It is with the birth of Christ Jesus that we celebrate.  His birth foretold by three wise men, traveling far by the stars.  With only "stars" to guide them, it may make one believe in the science and use of astrology itself.  But to find him in a manger, with animals, may make one wonder that even then, the richest of kings failed to see the true meaning of his birth.

His birth has brought so much power into the world that even our time system all around the world is based on his birth.  BC signifies "before Christ".  A measurement that many countries and societies still use today.  What makes the Christ Jesus so special and if he was, why was he born in a manger of all places?

The story depicts someone with humble beginnings.  It's not in the richness of the wealth of those in high places on earth, but with the richness of those glories brought from heaven itself.  Our most wisest teacher, the one who was not afraid to speak the truth, the one that told us of our salvation and that he was a son of God.

This season may we all reach for our most high.  Our Christ self, our heavenly father and thank him for the blessings in our lives as well as our lessons.  May we think of Christ Jesus and the life that he led, what he gave us with his suffering, and the ultimate price he paid to bring us his teachings.  Many people have tried to change his words, change the meaning of why he was here, and hide the true power of God our father present within Christ himself, but the coming of Christ is again upon us.  In each and every one of us, beckoning us back home to the place where we all once were.  Simple and wise, untainted and innocent.  Our true natures, our Christ selves and the spirit that lives forever.  

Let all egos pass to the wayside. as we celebrate Christ and his very presence in all of our lives.  We are all the children of God.  All made by his works and it was Jesus who was the very man who made us aware of the might and power of this almighty true eternal king.

When Jesus was asked why he came, he told them it wasn't to bring peace on earth, but to bring the sword of truth.  Let that truth be sung unto the mountains.  When asked how to pray, he replied "The Lords Prayer".  Eternal to the father, let his will be done in your life as it is in heaven and watch your suffering of today become your tomorrow.  May all people, everywhere, have a very blessed and thankful Christmas Day. <3 div="">

From a friend of "Elizabeth's", here is Andrea Bocelli with The Lord's Prayer:


Echoes I Have Seen - Children of War, by Lee-Anne Davids

Echoes I have Seen

Can you hear their pitter patter We seem to be missing their feet Can you see their smiles The window to their dreams

They are gone with the soldiers Gone with the guns Eradicated with the war Thought of by none

I hear no pitter patter in the future We seem to have lost their feet

Their smiles have been silenced And we have managed to kill their dreams

They were snatched by the soldiers Killed by the guns Sacrificed with the war Thought of by none

Children forgive humanity For we know not what we do Children forgive humanity That we are doing this to you

We can hear the pitter patter It’s up to me and you We can hear the pitter patter Change the stories on the news

We can see their smiling faces It’s up to me and you We can hear the echo of their laughter Let’s change this from disaster

The window to our dreams… the window to our dreams… Humanity look inside… Please humanity let’s not hide…

Don’t let them be stolen by the soldiers blinded by the guns ended with the war thought of by none…

I want to hear the pitter patter The pitter patter of their feet I want to experience their smiles I want to listen to their dreams

They have been saved by forgiveness Saved by a dream Saved by forgiveness Echoed in a dream.
© Lee-Anne Davids (20-December-2014)


Twins and Twin Flame Soul Mate Evidence and Correlations

The Yin Yang Symbol

I've recently been given a link by a special reader to a story done about twins from the womb. As we've posted before, Gregg Braden, a scientific and spiritual author, has made the correlation that when DNA is taken from an individual that DNA reacts to the stimuli of the individual, even when placed miles apart.  This test ties in with the findings of Albert Einstein himself, who had discovered what he called "spooky action at a distance".  Simply put his discovery was that two molecules when split apart reacted the same way, even though they were distant in location.

There are beliefs that what is held in the microcosms of our universe are also held in the macrocosms. What is above, is also below.  On every level our universe mimics itself.  We can almost liken this to billions of cells within our own bodies, as there are billions of people in one world body.  All one, yet still maintaining an individuality.

The following video is a fabulous find for the weekend.  It tells the story of identical twins and the uncommon telepathy and connection they have.  I believe these connections are explained by the concepts both Gregg Braden and Albert Einstein have come across.  Simply put, DNA that is split, split from the same cell, maintains the communication with the part that it is split from in the beginning of the creation itself.

These findings are exciting, because it also explains that if we put this same theory to the test with twin flame soul mates we can liken it again to a single cell splitting.  Although this time it is not just in the DNA, it's within the very soul.  The age old tradition of the symbol of both the masculine and feminine counterparts, the yin yang symbol, illustrates this concept beautifully.  Two halves retaining a part of the other.  Retaining a connection and communication with the other part of itself represented by the corresponding dot of color held within each half.

For more on how twins from the womb have these connections you can view the video below.  These are the same types of connections that twins of the soul have, only stronger and more in sync.  Soul twins, created from the same soul resonate in vibration not only on the physical level, but on the spiritual level as well.


A Twin Flame Poem from a Reader: Ek hoor jou . .

I am pleased to share with you a creative writing from one of our blog followers, Lee-Anne Davids. She wrote this before she came upon the blog and has offered us to share in it's publication. Thank you Lee-Anne!! Beautiful :)

Ek hoor jou...

I hear you
I feel you coming
Our movement is one movement
You and me
This time we will meet again
Beyond sight
Beyond dreams
We are visitors in the same being
We are symmetry
Masks of each other
Aware of each other
Matched and creating
A tangible uniqueness of separation....LINKED
Mirror actions create possibilities where
Freedom collides with a matching heartbeat
And the all seeing eye envisions a different path
A new reality
I am a stranger walking with my familiar other self
I dont think that you know me
I dont think that you see me
That I have spoken to you without speaking
That I have found you without feeling
Can you see what I see?
My vision is through you and your vision feeds through me
This is not tangible
This is not tangible
This is not seen
This is not seen
Our reality is blind to words as you exist because of me
As you see what I see
I am mute in your presence
I am mute in your presence
I am mute in our melody
That when we connect
Results in this unique reality
(We become me)

© Lee-Anne Davids (July 2014)

Lyric content written for: Justin Brown Short Film – MOTEL
Translated into Afrikaans from English Version – I hear you…

Ek hoor jou…

Ek hoor jou
Ek voel hoe jy nader kom
Ons beweeg as ‘n identiese mens
As een
n’ weerkaatsing van mekaar
Ek en jy
Hierdie keer sal ons mekaar weer sien
Ons is verby sien
Ons is verby drome
Ons is besoekers in dieselfde ligaam
Ons is
Maskers van mekaar
Bewus van mekaar
Saamgepers en saam
Skep ons hierdie
Unieke maar materiaale wêreld van akskeiding
Nogsteeds vasgeband
Ons aksies weerspeel mekaar
En ons
Skep allerande moontlikhede
Waar vryheid met die aanpassende aardslag bots
En die alsienende oog
Verwys na ander wandelpaaie
n’ nuwe werrklikheid
Ek is soos ‘n vreemdeling wat
n’ bekende ligaam behuis
En saam loop met my tweeling
Ek dink nie jy ken my nie
En ek dink dat jy my ook nie sien nie
Ek het met jou gepraat sonder woorde
Ek het jou gevoel sonder om aan jou te raak
Sien jy wat ek sien?
My sienning is ervaar duer jou oë
En jy sien deur my
Dit is iets waaraan ons nie kan vat nie
Hierdie is nie die materiaale wêreld nie
Dit is nie iets wat ‘n mens kan sien nie
Dit is nie te sien nie
Nie te sien
Want ons werklikheid
Benodig nie woorde nie
Omdat jy uit my bestaan
En jy sien wat ek sien
Ek is stemloos in jou teenwoordigheid
Stemloos met jou
En ek is total stom as ek ons wysie luister
Want wat volg is ‘n unieke werklikheid
Ons is saamgestel in een
Ons is ek en ons is jy
Ons is een
Een ons…


Attack News Confirmations - Our History

As an update to our previous post, the recent attack on the school children in Pakistan has tied together the words of Gandhi as we wrote in the post back in July.  Specifically we said:

"Gandhi has said that this is political and may affect alliances with the United States."

Today I have found in the headlines:  

Taliban: We Slaughtered 100+ Kids Because Their Parents Helped America

Militants who attacked an army-run school in Peshawar claim it’s retaliation for U.S.-backed efforts to crush a group that's helped protect al Qaeda.
As more begins to surface on this ordeal, it is apparent there seems to be much more going on than meets the eye.  Somewhere between the two sides lies the truth.  I was told back in July this would be a form of retaliation and that it would involve US allies.  Both of these things have come to fruition.
It should be very apparent that society has fallen to a level where both governments and people want and need to be heard.  Both must act hand in hand to solve the slaughter of both innocent children and innocent people.  No where do I see that violence will solve violence; nor death to solve more death.

Retaliations are from anger and anger from hurt.  It is in the mind that all people who harm one another physically, emotionally or mentally have the most to overcome.  It is there that the thoughts, the hatred and the retaliative measures are sought out.  What comes to fruition on a personal level, is also felt on a planetary level.  There are uprisings of all sorts across the world.  Here in the US we have just had people protesting because a young black man was killed by a police officer.  These are the types of events that trigger our inner hurt.  Our wounded child and we react with that hurt in protests, violence and with our voices.  Black people in America have had a history of being mistreated.  Within their circles, raised by parents who have witnessed and experienced those injustices instill that into their children.  Generations of people can and are affected until restitution is made.  Not unlike terrorism. There are people in other places, with different thoughts, who obviously feel they have been brought an injustice and are acting out to be heard, to gain back their power and recognition.

It is human nature to want to be heard.  Mr Mandela has cited "reconciliation" because it takes two parties to take part in a war.  It also takes those same to parties to make it end.  What's wrong with communication?  With reconciliation or with the government to say to the black people of America, you're right and we're sorry.  You have been mistreated.  It's only human, only the truth.  Once we see that we are part of the problem, I believe we'll also have the solution.

Governments of countries cannot continue to claim they are for people when they only listen to a chosen few.  Our hope is that America, the land that was founded on the principals and ideas of freedom for ALL, can take a stand in the reconciliation of war and injustice.  I'm quite sure in the eyes of the terrorists we are seen as the "bully" on the worlds playground.  But this war is not the peoples. This war was and is in control of the government.  Our people fight it because we're told to.  In every nation around the world we must stand for justice and hold our boundaries.  Every nation fights for it's rights, just like someone on the street.  The world has become very small these past decades.  I feel it's time for the world to stand together and erase the wounds of yesterday with the compromises and peace we have the ability to bring forth today.

The United Nations was formed after WWII for this very same reason.  To end such acts against humanity itself.  Those acts cannot end with the same form of retaliation that the abusers use. Violence breeds violence.  At some point may we realize there is and must be a better way to have peace in our world.  The children who were lucky enough to live have now witnessed the events in that school in Pakistan.  The mere thought makes me shutter.  To be emotionally traumatized for the rest of their lives, I don't think they will have kind thoughts toward the people, the group, that brought forth such an act.  Where does the cycle end and who will be brave and wise enough to end it?
It must be within the framework of our world governments.  As we stated in our letter to the United Nations earlier, peace must be agreed upon by all and upheld by all, first and foremost.  We are now creating the new history books of tomorrow.  We must stand as ONE world; all people and all world governments.


Attack Update

At the end of July, I wrote a post regarding children, a suicide
bombing and a devastation that was eminent.  Gandhi had said it
was a form of retaliation.

Today I have learned that hundreds of children were killed in such 
an attack in Pakistan.  145 people mostly students were killed.
This is not the first attack involving our children.  Please remain vigilant 
in all areas where the governments convene and are in cooperation.
This attack is seen as a retaliation and the gunmen were wearing suicide vests.

I don't  like to write about such things, however, I am being told there will be 
more information to come in future days and I will post that information when
I'm told.  This blog will remain open until I am told otherwise.  Please send peace,
love, and light to those families and children who have been affected.
Additionally, may we pray for those responsible.  At some time there must be 
peace for all, in our hearts and minds, no matter how our opinions differ.



An Angel Story

This is the season we are most reminded of angels.  Today we wanted to lighten the hearts and minds of those who have witnessed them, experienced their grace and by the good works of God, their loving protection and favors.

Although I maintain this blog, believe or not, years ago I was, and still am in many ways, a natural skeptic.  I began psychic classes around the age of 18 simply because I constantly seemed to get visions that would come true.  I didn't understand it at the time.  Some people said it was evil.  They prayed for me and I worried because quite a few visions involved death.

As time went on, I began to understand the nature of our consciousness. By request I even did some psychic readings for friends of mine.   My very first party was for a very dear friend of mine who has since passed on.  Her name was Madeleine.  I always seemed to spell her name wrong.  We met through my mother, but this woman always had the very best intentions and to my utter surprise, the utmost faith in me.  She visits now often and I am honored by her presence as well as the soul ties to her and others in her family.

One such family member was at that first psychic party.  His name was Jimmy.  Jimmy was the kind of man that you meet and instantly take a liking to.  I could never explain exactly why, but Jimmy, although not blood related, was like a brother to me.  He still is, and as I write this I have to remember another conversation we had about finally meeting our twin flame soul mates back almost 20 years ago. He believed at that time he married his.  I was still keeping my secret and told him I'd let him know when I had come to grips with what was happening in my twin flame world.  We all know that story, but what Jimmy brought to me that day was something just as marvelous; he brought with him an angel.

I had never thought I believed in angels.  I thought maybe they were some invention of the church.  So when Jimmy sat down for a reading and I saw her, like my twin at times, I tried to dismiss her and pretend she wasn't there.  That's just how we deal with things sometimes right?  If we don't understand it, we pretend it's not there, hoping it will go away.

Well this angel didn't.  Boy did she pester me!  I didn't believe in angels, I told her.  Yet she still made herself known throughout the entire reading.  So much so that I just had to come out with it.

I thought Jimmy was going to really think I had lost my sanity if I told him.  Doreen Virtue was NOT around at that time.  Who really knew about angels?  Besides she didn't LOOK like an angel I ever saw in the depictions of them anyway.

When I finally came out with it, Jimmy sat in with a huge smile on his face.  When I described the angel I saw, with her jeweled crown and short stature, he explained that he had seen her all of his life. No one until me had confirmed her existence and for the first time both of us sat staring at each other in the warmth of love, knowing that angels really do exist.

Since then I have called on the angels to help children to get out of danger, help Michael in court and protect loved ones.  Angels come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes even in the packaging we don't even expect.  So in reverence and gratitude for the many angels, no matter who they are, this is for them.  A heartfelt thank you for the intercessions, the people and the guidance they so willingly and lovingly give us all through the year.

Next time you see an angel you might not even know it until they have gone.  I've even heard it said that every time another one gets their wings a bell sounds.

I know my friend Madeleine is earning her wings right now.  I expect quite a few bells this season, and I hope that you do to.


2014 The "Karma" Year - Sony

The recent news releases have opened a glimpse into the lives of Sony Executives.  When Michael Jackson took to the streets of New York City back in 2001, many people in the press ridiculed him.  He was trying to expose the abuse of the industry.
Today the story seems much different.  After a recent hacking, there have been dozens of emails and correspondence released that point in the same direction that Michael was pointing to years ago.  In an article posted, just hours ago, writer Holly McKay from Fox News has included the following quote: 

"The hacked emails of Sony executives reinforce the cut-throat way some shows like “Entourage” have portrayed Hollywood.

“That kissy-kissy atmosphere Hollywood is known for is just as fake as a fictional movie,” PR guru Glenn Selig, founder of Selig Multimedia, told FOX411. “The public wants Hollywood to be larger than life and a figure of perfection. But wherever there is big money there is backstabbing.”

Backstabbing, leaked emails, the words sound eerily familiar as I recall a case between the Jacksons and AEG executives just in the past year.  It can make the photo above take on a whole new meaning.

But lets not forget, this is a '7" year; the year of karma.  Karma is the law of the universe.  Where there is something hidden, most times it will be brought to the light.  In this knowledge, let us all not forget; the year is not over, yet!

2014 Is A Year Of Unavoidable Karma

By Jeff Pierce Jr., Karen Starich, & Chris Ebert — Author

Saturn is 'Father Time," keeping a perfect set of books, now circling back in its 29+ year orbit to the points activated by the prior savings and loan crises. The tax payers bailed out the banks then and now the elite may have a new set of circumstances as people are becoming less tolerant to war, taxes, and bailouts. Pluto and Uranus make another exact square in April 2014, marking the 5th of 7 total exact squares since June of 2012. Each time these two celestial bodies make this contact the energy becomes more intense. You may be wondering why your life keeps changing without notice, well these two planets can force changes in your life, for better or worse, depending upon your own natal chart, whether you like it or not.