Michael Jackson and "Dame" Elizabeth on Life, KFC and Ryan White

"What separates the goat herder from the goats is the ability to lead the goats.  A goat can't tell another goat where to go, but a herder can gently lead them in the direction he wants them to go.

Like a goat herder, your job is to lead the herd.  Be the example in your life to make conscious decisions and stick to them.  You are not of a "herd" mentality if you constantly check in with yourself.

Conviction to do what you feel is the right thing for you and those you love; Faith to know the choices you make are the right ones for you; Love to strengthen the hope that lives in each one of us and a commitment to the self to strive to be the best you can be.  This is not only a recipe for success, but the recipe for a life well lived.  The age old question when we come to the door of death is not how well did I fit in, but how well did I live my life and what did I contribute to life itself."

                                                                                -Michael Jackson 

"How well a life is lived depends on your contribution to society as a whole.  Did you give it your all, make it up along the way or sit on your fanny waiting for something to happen?

Wake up and smell the roses! All of life isn't waiting to happen, it's waiting to be lived."

-"Dame" Elizabeth

Notes on messages:

I didn't know much about Elizabeth Taylor when she lived and have since found both her and Michael to be playful and amazing friends.  Michael has been after me for weeks to get Kentucky Fried Chicken - the three piece meal, "original" recipe (not xtra crispy), with mashed potatoes and corn.  Of course it came with a biscuit.  I don't know the significance of getting KFC, only that Michael was very excited about it.  Maybe he liked KFC, maybe he had a craving, I don't know, but they got a kick out of it when I went through the drive thru just for them.  My original thought was I think I'd like the xtra crispy, but I think he was right, the original recipe was much better :).

Elizabeth and Michael, when they are around, are always very playful.  They constantly kid around and chide each other.  After the messages above Michael chided Elizabeth (he corrects me when I say "Liz") about being "Dame" Elizabeth.  I put "Dame" in quotes because he made a point of it.  Since I have looked up why and when anyone came to call her "Dame" Elizabeth.  I have to say how pleasantly surprised I was to find more information about this great woman that only supports the role she now plays with Michael.  I knew she supported AIDS research, but had no idea how much and for how long she really did speak out and make a difference.  In the year 2000 she received the title "Dame" Elizabeth honoring her efforts.  Elizabeth Taylor may have had some issues with her life, but she definitely did make a difference in the lives of others.

The most fascinating and heartfelt finding was that the foundation she started (The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation) also was in honor of Michael Jackson's dear friend Ryan White.  You can contribute to the organization by visiting the website here:  http://www.elizabethtayloraidsfoundation.org/
  • In South Africa, nearly 1% of the population is infected with HIV.

    Fashion designer Halston dies of AIDS.

    Artist Keith Haring dies of AIDS.
  • Elizabeth Taylor and Jeanne White testify before Congress to urge passage of the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act of 1990.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act is passed, protecting people with disabilities and those with HIV/AIDS, from discrimination.

  • 1990Ryan White dies of AIDS at age 18.

    In the U.S., 100,777 people have died of AIDS.


AEG vs Jacksons Trial Update

The jury for the AEG vs Jacksons trial is in deliberations for the second day.  They ended the day today, Friday and will resume on Tuesday.

Jury requested 12 copies of the Conrad Murray /AEG contract.  You can view the contract below:


This is a good sign.  The scope and date of service began May 1, 2009 which falls in line with Conrad Murray requesting his back pay.  It also states to "perform the services as reasonably requested by producer".  This ensures that Conrad Murray was under the control of AEG, not Michael Jackson.  As the contract states, AEG Live is the producer, not Michael Jackson.

It also states that AEG will provide Dr. Murray with the medical equipment necessary; saline bags, needles, etc.  Kind of blows the top off the fact that AEG claims they didn't know anything about a drug dependency or what Dr. Murray was doing.

Further food for thought is the fact that Conrad Murray has not taken legal action against AEG Live.  If you were a doctor fulfilling services for a client, e.g. AEG OR Michael Jackson, wouldn't you continue to seek the compensation due?  Especially when, as they have stated, he was so badly in debt?

Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Our Lens of Perception; Acting From Our Center

What is at the core of every individual is a sense of center, the lens from which we see and act from in our world.  Whatever is at the center of our life is our source of security, guidance, wisdom, and power.

Our security represents our sense of worth, identity, emotional anchorage, self-esteem, and personal strength or lack of it.

Our guidance is our source for our direction in our life.  Encompassed by our maps, our internal frame of reference that interprets for us what is happening "out there", our standards or principles and the criteria that governs our moment by moment decision making and doing.

Wisdom is our perspective on life, our sense of balance, our understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other.  It embraces judgment, discernment, and comprehension.

Power is the faculty of capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something.  It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions.  It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones.

These four factors are interdependent on one another.  Security and clear guidance bring true wisdom, and wisdom becomes the spark or catalyst to release and direct power.  When these four factors are present together, harmonized and enlivened by each other, they create a great force of a noble personality, a balanced character, a beautifully integrated individual.

In most of us, all of these factors are also under minded by other factors.  Our security can be shaken by the fickle forces that play upon it, dependency on other people, circumstances or things over which we have no direct control.

Our guidance can be skewed from a dependence on the social mirror or other unstable, fluctuating sources.

Our wisdom usually falls somewhere between a totally inaccurate map where everything is distorted and nothing seems to fit and a complete and accurate map of life wherein all the parts and principles are properly related to each other.

Our power lies somewhere between immobilization or being a puppet pulled by someone else's strings to high proactivity, the power to act according to our own values instead of being acted upon by other people and circumstances.

During the past few years I have had the pleasure of speaking with many people who have visited the blog.  We all seemed to share much in common.  One commonality has been a very rough past.  Hurtful family relationships, poor self esteem and even substance abuse.  Through statistics most of us would have fallen through the cracks of life and ended up somewhere on the street.  I did always used to say I was going to be a bag lady . . mmm.. anyway, from the people that I've talked to they have always stated that they couldn't have done it without "blank".  The blank was either their spirituality or twin flame soul mate.  Both, to me, imply the same.

The difference here is that when I went through the above concepts, I related it to my own life.  At each of the four centers the answer in my life has always been the same: my spirituality is where my center is.  It has been my focus for years, and because of it I have been able to balance myself enough to remain stable even though many around me may have wanted or expected me to fall.

If you go through the above, ask yourself what is at your center.  In other words, where is your attention at in your life?  Is it your family? Then most likely you will be acting and making decisions all based on that.  Your job - then most likely you attribute your self worth with your position.

Where ever your attention is, your center most often is there as well.  Should we wish to change anything in our lives we must pay attention to where our attention goes.  From there we can ask ourselves at the inception of all four concepts where we are getting our security, guidance, wisdom and power from.  If we don't like our answers, we always have the power to change our minds.

If we do we can begin to ask the deeper questions.  When we feel "unstable" or "shaken" we can begin to ask why.  Do I feel "powerless", has my "security" been shaken?  We can then define what or who has shaken us.  Were we too dependent on someone or something?  Did we allow someone else to take our power away by acting as they wanted us to instead of how we truly are?

These are all questions only you can answer.  If taken in context and looked at internally, they can be a very valuable tool in assessing where you are and where you would like to go in your life.  If you've become the bag lady that I once thought I might be, you have a choice.  You can take back your power and find the resources within yourself to get stronger.  We should never let the "outside" forces that chip away at our lives in when we want to obtain mastery over our lives.  The bag lady on the street and the CEO of Apple don't have anything different internally.  The only difference is how they have used their resources and cultivated their minds.

*** The four "center" definitions were taken from the book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"


AEG vs Jacksons - Rebuttal Today - Church Lady Reveals Michael's Killer

The rebuttal for the closing arguments AEG made yesterday will be televised live today here:  http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=9259817

Yesterday's closing argument made by Marvin Putnam was difficult to watch yesterday.  I, as well as many other commentators that I watched with, shut it off midway.  The offensive way Mr. Putnam tried to tell the jurors that they did not see the evidence they did see and could not use their own common sense to put the so obvious pieces of testimony together, appalled me.  It reminded me of that song by Shaggy, "It Wasn't Me".

There is something about human nature that seems to be a common thread among thieves and liers. Not only is their sense of what's right and wrong completely off, but their sense of under minding the logic and intuition of others completely maddens me.  Church lady might ask if we could say the word "manipulation".

And so that's the word for this whole ordeal, "manipulation" and "control".  Abusive people, those that want to obtain power and money, use it like their best weapons.  Luckily there are those that recognize these wolves in sheeps clothing.  When they attempt to shout their innocence to the world, some will stand up and reiterate those things that the onlookers already know.  Today is that day, as we await Mr Brian Panish, the attorney for Katherine Jackson.  I am confident he will shatter any confusion and blurred lines that the AEG attorney tried to mask yesterday.

Mr Putnam spoke much about red flags, although he failed to mention that the biggest red flags were the EVIDENCE that was presented.  Email after email, testimony after testimony, and the bottom line:  who had control of Dr Murray?  In AEG's own email, they did.

The video below reveals just how relevant the AEG argument was yesterday.

AND, we already know Conrad Murray wasn't really the one that was responsible for Michael's death anyway.  But if it wasn't Conrad Murray, then who would benefit by making a deal like this with AEG? Church Lady might have the answer for that as well:


Putnam is KILLING me! Just getting it out . . .

Putnam the AEG attorney is making me roll my eyes.. he is discussing red flags.  Here's one: the email from AEG stating Conrad Murray should be reminded who is paying him.  In summary . . .

Closing Arguments for AEG vs Katherine Jackson About to Begin

AEG will facilitate it's closing arguments momentarily.
You can watch the live stream here:  http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=9259817

May thoughts and prayers be with the Jackson family today.

Ascended Master Kuthumi - A Conversation about Love

I'll step a bit more over my own superimposed line as I talk a little about the ascended masters.  This gets into some of the guidance I've had for a great deal of my life.  The masters are made up of many souls who had one time inhabited the earth.  They have made their ascension and in turn, they help others like myself up the ladder.

I first encountered members of the Brotherhood and masters during a conversation with Michael back in the 90's.  At that time they had asked us both for assistance in the field of consciousness.  Since then, I have met some of the masters as they have tutored me on lessons I have needed to learn.  Saint Germain, the master that is currently leading the spiritual revolution here on earth, was one of the first to present himself to me.  It was he that I discovered my past life as Marie Antoinette with and later Michael's as Mozart.  There is an amazing story there that I have in my book, but the jest of it is that we all reincarnate with the same circumstances and people until we learn to break out of the patterns.  My life and Michael's during that time were almost identical.

Some of the other masters have come to my aid in times of need.  When Michael died in 2009 and I was going through my own personal upheaval my most intimate friend Saint Germain assigned Master Kuthumi as my tutor.  I waited for months for Kuthumi to appear not knowing why he was assigned to me, or even what he did.  I then found out that he works with our psychology and he had ushered people into my life to help me heal from my past wounds.

Last night Kuthumi appeared to me in meditation.  I am always greatful and happy to see the masters because it gives me opportunity to converse with them. Sometimes they will give me things to write and other times we just talk.  I don't sit and try to come up with things to write for the blog.  They are usually given to me or I am moved to write them, so one of my first questions to Kuthumi was what would you have me write about.  His answer was love.  Internally I rolled my eyes.  Every single time I ask what I should write about or ask Michael what he wants to write about, its love! lol How much can one person write about love?  What else is there to know?  But Kuthumi continued and his message I felt was of great importance.

There is a fine line between love and hate because in between there is something we fear.  We may love someone but we hold back unsure if the love will be returned.  We are afraid that someone will not love us anymore. we fear they will not love us for ourselves, and we fear others do not love us the way we love them.  Love is a verb, and when you embark on love most often it is with trepidation.  Love makes you vulnerable.  When you love you get angry if you feel slighted.  Love can make you jealous because who you love may love someone else.  There are many guises of love and love itself is the fabric of our existence.  But why should we fear love?  We fear it for what we fear we won't get in return.  But if we love only for what is returned to us, then why love at all?  We must stand in love for what love is; pure and lovely, white and frothy.  It's essence is purity, it's kiss is immaculate.  Love should never be feared for fear leads to hate and stops love.  We stop love within ourselves when we are afraid, but if we could see ourselves as a glass of milky love why would we stop it when it's only half full?  Why not let ourselves be full of love?  There is nothing to fear when you love just to love, expecting nothing in return.  It is our attachments that we place on love that hold love back.  As mother Theresa would say "love them anyway" and soon you will become love itself.


Closing Arguments - AEG vs Katherine Jackson

I was pleased to be able to view closing arguments by Brian Panish, attorney for Katherine Jackson and the kids.  I had tissue that I couldn't put down and am grateful to Mr Panish for such great representation for Michael's family.

Jury deliberations will most likely begin Thursday this week.  Tomorrow, 9/25, opposing counsel will offer their closing statements.  Live coverage can be seen again here:  http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=9259817

It's been an emotional day for me, I can't imagine what it must have been like for Katherine and the family, but there is one thing that is certain, Michael is extremely proud of his mother, children and family.  He says "Let's get one thing straight, there is no one, and I mean no one that is like my mother.  She is strong, solid and loving.  No other mother in the world could have done what she has done in the past few years.  That's the truth.  Mother I love you.  I always have.  I always will and don't forget that.  It's our faith that always brings us through and this is no different.  There will be justice after all of this is over.  I promise."

I've never felt, or witnessed such a loving bond between two people, daughter, son, mother, spouse or friend.  There is one thing I do know that the strength Katherine had to have to walk through this storm could not have been just the in the strength of one person.  Katherine must have had an army and if I don't know any better, I might even say she prayed for one.  One thing is sure, the army came, the testimony happened and now all you have to do dear one is wait.  Take a deep breath and know the love you marched forward with in your heart is now doing all the work.  It may be too premature to say congratulations on the case, but I do bid Katherine, the family and the team at Panish, Shea and Boyle congratulations on a job well done.

What a fine example of what love bids us to do.  Katherine Jackson. "No matter where I go from here, you're in my heart my mother dear."

Closing Arguments NOW ABC

AEG vs Jacksons closing arguments are live now:  http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/livenow?id=9259817

Man in the Mirror PROJECT - The Power of One; Influencing the Masses

It may be by some odd coincidence that my blog started based on one of the most influential artists of our history, or not.  Michael Jackson was one of the few that knew the power someone in the public eye could have on the masses.  He was one person, but influenced not only a generation, but the world with his music and humanitarian efforts.

It takes effort on the part of anyone and great pressure to endure the limelight.  When it's done right, however, the great ones on the other side know how much can truly be achieved.  If we look at the life of Adolph Hitler we will also see the effects of one man, but on a much different scale.  Wouldn't it stand to reason then that the path one chooses influences all of those around them?  The difference between Adolph Hitler and Michael Jackson is that Michael chose to learn about himself.  He took the words of the song Man in the Mirror literally and applied them internally, knowing that our world desperately needed a place to look for healing.

The Man in the Mirror PROJECT's aim is to help do just that.  We may not be a Michael Jackson or an Adolph Hitler, but by default, whether on a grand scale or microcosmic scale we do influence those around us.  Our children, siblings, friends, co-workers, the list goes on.  Our decision with the type of influence we want to have is ours and ours alone.  No one makes that choice but us.  The question is what are you handing down to your children and what kind of influences are you spreading with the people you touch every day?

I read a story recently that describes how desperately our looking to the self is needed, for what happens on a small level also happens on a large scale and each one of us play a part.  The story got me thinking because this week New York City will welcome dignitaries from countries all over the world for the United Nations General Assembly.  The dignitaries are made up of people.  Those people each have their own patterns and like you and I can influence their countries with those patterns either in a positive manner or a negative manner.

The following story was taken from the book entitled "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  It describes precisely what is going on with each of us individually that we need to work through in order to make effective change and peace on this planet.  In the book the author uses the word "scripting" for past patterns in our lives or the new ones.  We can follow a script that has been handed to us by our parents, society or our country or we can re-write our life script and choose to lead a different life.  By doing such a thing, one leader made great change:

"One of the most inspiring accounts of the rescripting process comes from the autobiography of Anwar Sadat, past president of Egypt.  Sadat had been reared, nurtured, and deeply scripted in a hatred for Israel (conditioning).  He would make the statement on national television, "I will never shake the hand of an Israeli as long as they occupy one inch of Arab soil.  Never, never, never!" And huge crowds all around the country would chant, "Never, never, never!" He marshalled the energy and unified the will of the whole country in that script (pattern).

The script was very independent and nationalistic, and it aroused deep emotions in the people.  But it was also very foolish, and Sadat knew it.  It ignored the perilous, highly interdependent reality of the situation.

So he rescripted himself.  It was a process he had leaned when he was a young man imprisoned in Cell 54, a solitary cell in Cairo Central Prison, as a result of his involvement in a conspiracy plot against King Farouk.  He learned to withdraw from his own mind and look at it to see if the scripts were appropriate and wise.  He learned how to vacate his own mind and, through a deep personal process of meditation, to work with his own scriptures, his own form of prayer and rescript himself.

He records that he was almost loathe to leave his prison cell because it was there that he realized that real success is success with self.  It's not in having things, but in having mastery, having victory over self.

For a period of time during Nasser's administration Sadat was relegated to a position of relative insignificance.  Everyone felt that his spirit was broken, but it wasn't.  They were projecting their own home movies onto him.  They didn't understand him.  He was biding his time.

And when that time came, when he became president of Egypt and confronted the political realities, he rescripted himself toward Israel.  He visited the Knesset in Jerusalem and opened up one of the most precedent-breaking peace movements in the history of the world, a bold initiative that eventually brought about the Camp David Accord.

Sadat was able to use his self-awareness, his imagination and his conscience to exercise personal leadership, to change an essential paradigm, to change the way he saw the situation.  He worked in the center of his Circle of Influence.  And from that rescripting, that change in paradigm, flowed changes in behavior and attitude that affected millions of lives in the wider Circle of Concern.

Lets hope our dignitaries meeting in New York this week realize the same highly interdependent reality of our current world situation and may we all realize the need for interdependence on each other and the ability to look within to make change with ourselves so that we too can take part in changing our world.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Freeing Ourselves from Our Emotions

It's been said that before you can make your ascension (climb the heights of spiritual perfection) you must learn to master your four lower bodies; spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.  I've often wondered how is that we can master our emotional bodies when society itself seems to dictate that we are a product of our feelings.  Not so.

One of my new favorite books has become Stephen R. Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In it he explains that although Hollywood has scripted us to believe we are not responsible for our emotions, that we are a product of our emotions, it simply isn't true.  One of the most famous quotes taken from his book is that love is a verb, not a noun or something to possess, but something you do.

As such it would imply you must engage a choice in choosing to love, which brings us back to our other bodies and patterns set forth that would make us make such a choice.  Our mental body, for example, most likely contains the thoughts and seeds that have been ignited to produce this powerful emotional feeling.  In the case of our twin flames, it may be the spiritual body that may evoke such an emotion, however in either case this doesn't mean that those emotions should wreak havoc on our lives.  We have a choice to understand where it came from and in essence get to the underlying reasons and either make change or settle ourselves into the knowledge and be at peace with it.

Simply put, we can use our emotions to trace back to the roots of our patterns that need changing in order for us to lead happier more fulfilling lives.  Say I have a chronic feeling of loneliness.  My parents and family abandon me and my former husband left me.  I feel unloved and the actions of those around me have left me feeling unworthy of love.  I may then reach out for anyone to love me.  After all I am desperate.  Yet inside I may believe that no one "could" love me.  My own parents don't love me, so in turn I may seek out someone who I know will also "not love me."

So here is the pattern.  We have a feeling that came from thoughts.  These thoughts are not necessarily true.  They are the reflection and perception of a behavior of others.  In this case, it would be feasible to say I have empowered the weakness of my parents, family and past relationship to control my emotional life.  I feel lonely.  I should, after all, everyone has left me.  Now since this belief is intact and I have reacted to these outside forces (other people) I will continue my pattern.  I will engage in the self fulfilling prophecy to reinforce the pattern of belief - that I am not worthy of love.  I may choose abusive partners, engage in cheating activity, or other self destructive behavior, but the fact remains that unless I become conscious of the pattern I will continue to self loath and blame these outside forces; other people, circumstances and situations for the emotional well being of my life.

Is that true?  Do I need to feel the victim of every person willing to step on me or do I have the ability to take control of my own life?  The crime here is that in this case it is not the person being left with the inability to love, it is those that are doing the leaving.  Once this is realized the person can begin to take back their power over their own emotional well being.  We have a choice.  To empower that which others have given us because of their own weaknesses or to empower ourselves with the knowledge that we have a choice to accept feeling unworthy.  We have a choice to take responsibility for our own emotional well being and happiness.  This frees us from feeling like the victim.  For every time our thoughts turn to "But so and so did this or that" we re-route our pattern of thinking by enforcing our new pattern with "it doesn't matter what so and so did or didn't do, I make the choice to . . "  Now the power and the control of our emotional body is back in our hands.  We cannot control the choices of others, what they do, say and how they feel, but we can control how we react.  We can become a victim repeatedly by being only reactionary to others or we can empower ourselves by becoming pro-active with our thoughts and emotions.  This is the path of self mastery of the emotional body.

Use the following as your guide:

My chronic feeling is:  _____________________________________________

The thoughts associated with this feeling are:  _________________________________________

These thoughts came from this experience and/or person(s) in my life ________________________

As a result of their actions or this experience I felt _______________________________________

I accept responsibility for my own well being by no longer reinforcing this belief but by countering this belief with my new thought that is of self mastery:

I am free from this emotion because I choose to not succumb to reacting to this continually in my life.  I now choose to change this thought to one of my own self empowerment and one of love for myself.

Every time you feel this emotion you must consciously engage in this process once again.  Over time you will re-route the pattern set into motion within you and soon you will be entirely free of the feelings that once controlled you.  You will now be in control of them, no longer "looking" for a reason to eat, to drink, to be unhappy, or otherwise because you will no longer be "self fulfilling" that need.

Below is a visual of how our patterns play out internally, taken from the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know":


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Energy Cords and Prayers

Yoda-In honor of Blanket Jackson
"May the force be with you"
"For my ally is the Force – and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you: here. Between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship." 

 - Yoda, Star Wars

Many years ago I remember traveling to where ever I knew a specific teacher or one of my twin souls would be.  I had heard it said that whenever you meet your twin you will sometimes just like to be in their "energy" or be near them.  Its sort of like basking in the sunlight when you meet a high teacher, twin flame, or someone who is just full of love.  The pure radiating energy coming from them is like an elixir and personally I just can't get enough.  I've been very fortunate to meet several individuals with this type of energy.  One was Michael Jackson, another Mira and Sri Aurobindo and yet others are not so well known.  Coming into their presence is like this;  You can feel their energy before they even appear.  You look up because you recognize something has, as Yoda might say, "disturbed" the force around you.  A new energy has entered it and it is uplifting.  You can't help but be insatiably curious as to what and who it is.  When you see them finally, gazing with their luminous smiles, you realize it's a high being full of love and service for humanity.

Last night I had the sheer pleasure of meeting another teacher.  His name is Jason Blackman and I went to see him speak on his experience of going to the other side.  Jason fell very ill and ended up in a coma.  When he awoke he remembered his experience of being in the presence of some luminous beings.  He spoke about the energy cords we talked about here on the blog.  When twin souls communicate it is through these cords of energy that the telepathy takes place.  In Jason's experience he said he was able to view his body before he went back in.  He could see the faces of people that were praying for him and all the "cords" coming into his body from their prayers.  Our prayers and thoughts are real and they do go somewhere.  It is this subtle energy that we all possess that does and will make a difference in our world.

As he told more of his story he talked about a woman he met that also had passed and came back.  She was in a traffic accident and left her body.  While "hovering" she heard all of the thoughts of the people in the cars around the accident.  Things like "How long is this going to take?", "When is this traffic going to start moving", "Damn it, can't they get that thing cleared faster".  Then he said she heard another thought and her attention was brought to a bright white tube of light radiating up to the sky then shooting out to her body.  She was immediately brought into the presence of one of the women sitting in traffic.  She was in her car saying a prayer for the lady who was in the accident.  She could not only hear her prayers, but see the results of them as well.

This made me think of Michael when the Conrad Murray trial started.  I remember talking to him at that time.  The first night of the trial I asked how he was.  I expected him to have opinions on the trial itself, when I was so pleasantly surprised by an unusual answer.  He spoke about the prayers he heard that day, how he could hear all of them and how beautiful it was to see the love that was being sent.

I believe I know more about what he was talking about and I wanted to share with you part of this heartwarming story.  Our prayers are heard and even seen on the other side.  The next time you decide to pray I hope you know that they are being felt and do make a difference.


Shifts in Consciousness - Dust, Cones and the Evergreen

Our consciousness contributes directly to our state of being.  The thoughts we think, the things we do, how we view the world.  What if we were to shift our thoughts from our world of linear thinking to that of a grand view of the world?  Every thought, every action and every part of your being plays a part in the grand scheme of life itself.

Imagine a spec of dust flying through the air, landing on a flower or a cone from a tree.  Another spec lands next to it and the two begin to converse. They talk about where they have been, where they want to go and the land and sea they have both seen.  They originally came from different parts of the world, yet the two know inside they are of the same substance.  The two decide to merge.  The two specs of dust now become one little pile.  They sit on a cone of a neighboring evergreen tree and soon the rain begins.  The rain mixes with the dust and now the muddy little pile slithers down onto the muddy ground where again it unites with the ground and dust already there.  The cone emits a seed that plants itself into the ground where the dust has settled and soon an evergreen is sprung into the air high and mighty.  The evergreen bears cones itself and soon it drops to the ground to continue it's cycle.  More specs of dust come and settle among the cones and soon the rain begins to pour yet once again.

We are all dust, we are cones and some of us are evergreens.  When we shift our consciousness into that of merging with the all, we create together in harmony.  Although we are different, we know each one of us is necessary to the all of life.  We all play a part, no matter how little a spec of dust we are or how big of an evergreen we become, we are still necessary, still matter in the scheme of life.

Today take time to connect with your part that you play in our world.  Will you settle like dust into your life, will you plant seeds for your tomorrow, or will you reach to the sky and stretch your limits like the evergreen?  The choice for the way of your being is yours, the consciousness, the cycle are already there.  It's just waiting for you to discover within yourself.


Twin Souls - Naked in the Mirror

There was a beautiful analogy of twin souls I read once.  It said that twins were separated so that each part knew they wouldn't be alone in traversing their path.  That they would have support and company along the way and never be lonely.  What's interesting is that the path is lonely, but when you get there and realize that the part of you that you've been missing has been inside of you all along it takes on a whole different perspective.

I've recently had a friend share some information with me about her twin.  In some ways it's nice to look back at my life and see how she too is moving in the same direction.  With twin souls you share so much internally it's hard to hide anything from the other.  At times you may wonder what is your idea and what is theirs.  At times it will be hard to even see that you are two individuals because you will meld together so perfectly.  They say we are mirrors of one another and as such we mirror all of the nice things about us, but all of our imperfections too.  It's not easy to stand in front of a mirror naked, but that's exactly what you do when you are met with your twin.

Stand in front of a mirror naked yourself and see how you feel.  I've found at times I can barely look and my eyes dart past all the parts I "don't want to see".   We do this internally as well.  We'd rather not look at our "ugly" parts, the parts that aren't so flattering, but we must learn to accept all of us in wholeness, not just the select few.

Begin to study yourself  in the mirror and try to accept every flaw and every part of who you are.  This is what you do with the twin.  At times you will accept their flaws more than your own.  You won't be able to help it.  You love them unconditionally and this part of you, that you instinctively know exists, will never cease to love you.

On the deepest levels of your being sits a seer.  That seer knows how much time you need, how much patience must be met and how best to traverse your path.  He also knows how to love unconditionally, for it is with that love that the seer itself was created.  Reaching to this level, seeing each other naked in front of the mirror and accepting one another unconditionally in love is the beautiful part of the path of the twin.  Here you know there is nothing you can hide, and with that knowledge, nothing that the other can do that will stop you from loving them.  It just is, because you just are.

Expressing this love between the two of you, allowing it to flourish and surrendering to the knowledge that this is just part of who you are plants the seed for something even more amazing.  The love you have found with your twin begins to be reflected in all of those people around you as well.  You realize at the deepest level that you must be connected to many more souls as well.  That within them, at their deepest part of their being, there is that same unconditional love that you have found within yourself.  Your reflection in the mirror begins to expand and soon your love for your twin extends to love for humanity itself.  It's by design, it's through love, and our unconditional knowing that it will be made manifest.


Michael's Message for Paris

There have been some developments in Michael's family and he wished for me to write the following for him:

"Paris, Daddy knows you are hurting.  Don't blame them for my suicide.  I didn't kill myself, they killed me.  I wanted to let you know how I was.  I'm fine.  You are a healthy beautiful princess and I will NEVER forget you.  I know you cry a lot and miss me and I miss you too, but believe me we will always be together in my heart.  You know that.  I told you before that I would never leave you.  I never will.  It's just now things are different, people have pushed their way into our lives and we have to deal with the cards we have been dealt.  I'm not angry with you.  I think you know what I mean, but I want you to be careful.  You are not the star child of the family, you are my daughter, my bestest friend that I will cherish forever.  Don't let them step on you or push you around. I'll be there, I'll be here and as far as anyone knows we'll always be together.  Prince and Blanket are there for you too.  You three have become inseparable.  Don't let them pull you apart.  I know inside it feels like you are broken, I'm broken too, but we have to stick together, know that we all still love each other and that's what counts.  Love.  It can and will take us miles.  Don't count on anyone Paris.  Count on yourself.  Count on daddy.  I'll be here.  I'm here for you and Prince and Blanket, still.  I'm still here, concerned about your welfare and will be every day for as long as we live.  Debbie is here too (hey that's me!) and she says she'd take you in a heartbeat but I'd have to be the dad..good luck with that right?!  Anyway she wants you to know she loves you too, except she won't say it so I will.  We both love and adore you and so does Elizabeth and a slew of other people here with us too.  Don't be afraid to reach out.  We'll be here and so will she.  Debbie knows you feel the way you do.  Trust her.  It's her job to mediate.  I'm letting her.  Tito is willing to compromise so let him.  Don't get caught in the middle of anything anymore.  You know I'm here.  I'm not going anywhere.  Wish me luck.  You're going to be very surprised when I tell you about your grandmother.  She's a star in her own right and right now she's even wishing she was here. but I can tell you she doesn't have a clue what she wants.  If she really knew what this was all about she would think again.  I don't have any idea about how many people know about the after life but I can tell you one thing, it's not all its cracked up to be.  One thing is for sure.  You know who cares and who doesn't. I can hear almost everyone and still cry when I hear you call my name.  So no more tears, daddy's here and when the time comes we'll be together in another way.  Right now you need to be there, I need to be here and we can work together still.  I still hold you in my arms at night and rock your baby to sleep.  I'll never stop loving you the way I told you I would. Never and I mean that.  Don't for a second think I don't.  I never intended on leaving you. Only now I think we just have to be smart, make the best of it and remember who we are.  We are strong, like steel, you and me and your brothers; never apart, never separate, we are always together.  Be good Paris, I still love you.  Always have, always will, your daddy. xxoo"

Mira on Becoming Whole - Union with a Twin Flame

Ingredients for Wholeness: Simplicity and faith, Love and devotion

"A single flower,
a rose petal,
the break of dawn,
the breath of life.
The strumming of the stream as it cascades over the rocks;
The hills alive with color in the morning sun.
A breath of fresh air - your lungs expand, your nostrils cool and your body is nourished.  All of this in a moments time without a thought; without wonder, yet do we take for granted what we are, what we have or what we will become?

Becoming whole yourself is what you will seek before uniting with a twin flame - it is here within the self - self knowledge and mastery, that you will gain the skills necessary to advance to higher planes of consciousness.  Wonderment in every day activities; seeking God in the seemingly mundane and questioning why it is you think and do all the things you have done before without thought, without reflection, without regard to the all of life.

There are three steps to acquire:
1.  Self inquiry
2.  Self realization
3.  True purpose - what is it that drives your passion within the soul?

This is your task, to seek beauty in all things; recognize yourself, see yourself in others and finally to know yourself within.  Here will be divine union - and union with the flame."


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Making Time to "Be"

Being present, in the moment and not thinking about our day to day activities is what is required for true definition of the soul.  We can say we are spiritual beings, but to be one is quite a different story. Many of us are distracted with our daily activities.  Living in the moment and being truly present with who we are requires skill, dedication and time. We lose our focus when our mind drifts to the future, things that need to be done, others that require our attention.  When this happens we forget we are who we are, we drift into the unconscious patterns of thought once again and lose our center.  Being here, being in who we are and not what we think we are allows us to ground ourselves in our being.  The being is the core, the center of who you are, the source from which all life flows.  Taking time to connect to that space allows us to connect to life itself.  To breath in the breath of delight, of release and of contentment.  To be in the moment means to enjoy life just for the splendid second for what it is.  Not to judge it, not to condemn it, but to ponder at the experience of it.

Being all there is to know in this world is not easy, but it's not impossible. Seeing your reality for what it is most often is misshapen by our views of the world.  But those views aren't fixed and as you grow older, most often your perceptions of your world change.

Drugs, crime, violence and foes have always been present in our culture.  Some will succumb to them, others surpass them.

Angels, demons, fairies and other life forms are also present in our life stream.  Some see them, others deny their existence.

Life force beyond the physical has taken a new dimension among many students in the healing arts. Some believe in that power of healing, others still cannot comprehend it.

For many our songs, our natures of self, have been hidden for so long and stuffed down a smoky pipe of glass and mirrors that we have forgotten our true potentials.  We can succumb to who we have been brought to believe we are or we can decide to "be" who we think we should be.  Maybe it is a poor boy who wishes to become rich.  A little girl who dreams of flying.  I can think of Warren Buffet and Amelia Earhart, both of whom made their dreams come true.  The difference in people who don't and the people who do is the knowledge and belief that they can.  They have made the time to "be" who they wish to "become".


The Brian Oxman and Randy Jackson Interview

As the AEG executives try and bring Katherine Jackson back into the courtroom yet once again, the Jackson family continues to be under a great deal of stress.  My thoughts and prayers are with them as they continue on their search for justice, truth and peace of mind.

The interview below highlights Randy Jackson and his views on the courtcase, Michael's past court cases, and family history.  You will find mentions of Michael being drugged deliberately and controlled.  Brian Oxman has been a trusted family attorney for many years.

Congratulations Randy . . keep going!




Man in the Mirror PROJECT - New TREND!!

I have been trying to get someone to do this for months to a new song for Man in the Mirror PROJECT.
This morning a friend forwarded me this video and I couldn't be more excited!  It's a new trend and the trend we envisioned for the PROJECT.  Making change begins with us.  Try just a small act of kindness and see how it makes you feel.  These two gentlemen have done a wonderful job putting together this video of making change all over the world.  We are the world and our humanity, our children, our earth all count on us.  Take a look and see for yourself and if you agree, please share it.  This is one trend worth talking about!


Paul and Randy Dismissed from AEG Lawsuit

This morning I awoke to an email from a dear friend informing me of a repeated broadcast of John Branca's (one of the executors for the Michael Jackson estate) interview with 60 Minutes here in the United States.  Timely, since they have just announced the dismissal of Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips, two of the executives from AEG Live named in the Jackson vs AEG Live lawsuit, from personal liability.

Legal issues are sometimes misleading.  Does this mean Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips are not guilty of any wrong doing?  No.  It simply means that currently the judge feels there is not enough evidence to support the fact that they personally had anything to do with Michael Jackson's death.  The lawsuit between the corporation AEG Live and Mrs. Jackson continues.

It's interesting to see the reports coming out on the news.  Headlines state things like "Legal Victory for AEG Live" from tabloid reporters.  The ones Michael always said where making up garbage.  I guess he was right, because as far as I know AEG Live is still involved in the lawsuit.  It's Paul Gongaware and Randy Phillips who think they have escaped it.  Further, it's very disheartening to still read the words "overdose".  Below is an interview with Dr. Conrad Murray, the man accused of killing Michael Jackson.    He states in the video below that he is not responsible for Michael's death, was not in the room, AND did NOT leave any propofol at Michael's disposal.  Now if it wasn't Conrad Murray, and Michael told me he DIDN'T kill HIMSELF - then SOMEONE else gave him the "shot" that killed him - one might call that MURDER.  The details are yet to be brought into the light, but I assure you that Paul Gongaware AND Randy Phillips DO NOT have clean hands in this.

I might want to reread ALL those emails between Philip Anshultz, Paul Gongaware, Randy Phillips and Kenny Ortega.   Here are just a few:

"According to the Times, AEG Live executive, Paul Gongaware, also wrote to Phillips, "We are holding all the risk," and "We let Mikey know just what this will cost him in terms of him making money...We cannot be forced into stopping this, which MJ will try to do because he is lazy and constantly changes his mind to fit his immediate wants."
Although Jackson did arrive in London for the upcoming tour, emails from Phillips to Leiweke detailed how Jackson was “scared to death,” intoxicated and refused to leave his suite. In fact, the emails even detailed that Phillips and Jackson’s manager had to dress him for the press event"

Don't you think that if Phillips and Jackson's manager had to "dress him for the event they might have known there was something wrong. . one might say "trouble at the front" What responsibility is Randy Phillips accountable for?  With all this happening did he still expect him to still perform?  No.  Randy stated that in his email "We cannot be forced into stopping this, which MJ will try to do."

“We want to remind (Murray) that it is AEG, not MJ, who is paying his salary,” CNN quotes Gongaware as writing. “We want to remind him what is expected of him.”

Kenny Ortega sent a panicked email in the predawn hours of June 20, 2009, telling promoter Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live, that Jackson appeared too “weak and fatigued” to rehearse the previous night, “trembling, rambling and obsessing” to the point Ortega recommended a psychological exam.
When Phillips didn’t immediately address his fears, Ortega fired off another email 11 hours later, the Daily News has learned.
“I honestly felt if I had encouraged or allowed him on stage last night he could have hurt himself,” Ortega wrote to Phillips in the confidential 1:20 p.m. missive obtained by The News.
Phillips responded within the hour, shooting down Ortega’s concerns with even more force than formerly exposed. “It is critical that neither you, me, or anyone around this show become amateur psychiatrists or physicians,” he wrote, adding that he was in touch with Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray"
Sounds to me like Randy Phillips is admitting personal responsibility with his own statement:  adding "he was in touch with Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray"

AEG Live didn't write that email, Randy Phillips did.  AEG Live, didn't "dress" Michael with his manager, Randy Phillips apparently did.  AEG Live did not decide to slap Michael, it was a choice made on the part of Randy Phillips "personally".  

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Observations on Conditioning and Conflict

What happens with a child when we ask them to stop doing something wrong and they don't?  We might try to bargain and they still don't do what we ask of them.  We then go to a threat; "If you don't clean your room now, I will take your i pod away!".   Sometimes, depending on the family, you might resort to a spanking, grounding or some other type of punishment for them not doing what they are told.  I see the current Syrian crisis through the same eyes.

Regardless of the action.  Be it bombing, killing or stealing cookies, there is still another mindset of "conditioning" that has occurred that makes the individual "think" differently than we would like them to.  With years of war and conflict in the middle east, the conditioning has not only been within the homes of many that live there, but for many of them it seems to be a way of life.

When another superimposes their expectation on another, like a parent on a child, no matter who they are, the other is forced to acquiesce.  This further stunts the development of growth in the corresponding pattern of thought.  This process neglects the need on one part to build internal discipline for the one who is imposed upon and on the other, makes the enforcer dependent on external forces to get things done the way they see fit.  Now both sides begin to become fearful of the other and both parties become defensive instead of cooperative with understanding of the other's position.  Remember, conflict is always started because there are two sets of opinions and minds, not the same one.

Whether it is in a home with children or in a country with violence, there is one underlying factor:  the desire to impose another's will to gain control.  Yet by doing the same superimposed methods of imposing our will, we destroy the quality of cooperation and understanding we could have.  The question then might be what does this child or country need to change the direction they, he or she is currently headed in?  Maybe it is time to develop emotionally, to gain a greater sense of security, or possibly to give to those our very basic human rights that are outlined in the constitution of the United States.  That all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights - the right to be happy, human and empowered.  Isn't that truly what we all want?  Power over our own worlds with the dignity and respect from others to run our lives the way we see fit?

When we try to control another, however, instead of controlling ourselves, the balance is often lost and we loose sight of the fact that we are all at different stages of development.  We loose sight of our conditioning.  We are unable to perceive the others state of being for what it is and only see it for what WE think it SHOULD be.  Our histories, both personal and by country, race and every other stigma of separation we have placed on people throughout the centuries have all contributed to who we are today.  We cannot expect anything more from who we have become.  Country or person, we are limited internally by the conditioning and beliefs we have come to know.  To us, there is no other way and we will defend our persons and beliefs any way we have been taught to do so.  There will always be "other" opinions, other thoughts of war and control.  The crazy part is that everyone still seems to think we can stop it by using the same minds that started it - violence.  Why can't we just have the United Nations stand for what it started for - to protect humanity.  The basic rule:  Thou shall not kill.  Those that do or order others to do it for them are captured themselves and like a bad child, placed somewhere where they cannot harm themselves or others.  Why should anyone, country, or person come and harm the innocent people around the one that has decided to do the deed?  It would be like coming in and bombing a classroom because one of the kids decided to bring a gun to school and shoot his classmates.  Is it really this hard to fix or have we just lost sight of going to the root of the problem and grown accustom to a temporary fix?

Compassion begins when we begin to look at one another from the inside out.  We are not simple beings our selves, we cannot simplify someone else so quickly either.


Discussions with Sri on Suffering and War

Some of you may have read yesterday's post regarding the fragile state we are now in with the world leaders coming together and being at odds about the crisis in Syria.  The post was prompted by Michael and took me by surprise.  I don't like politics, don't watch much tv and was very disturbed to see the reports released just hours after the post regarding the brutality of Syrian rebels.  The New York Times released a video showing the execution of seven captured government soldiers.  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/05/world/middleeast/brutality-of-syrian-rebels-pose-dilemma-in-west.html?pagewanted=all There is much more going on and too much to accept knowing the brutality and continued violence that remain.  This violence not only affects all, but continues to teach our children, another generation, that violence is the answer to conflict.  As long as the earth has been in existence, violence has not halted all wars, nor has it saved any humans or enriched our earth in any way. Our perceived ideas of being different, separate from one another and "disconnected" from the rest of life itself has left this world in a sad state of affairs.

I can't tell you how much yesterdays discussion with Michael disturbed and pained me.  So much so that when Sri came to sit with us I asked for his views on mankind's suffering and war.

"Suffering is a direct effect from the ignorance of mankind.  If we could see what we have created in the world we would be astounded.  The truth of our reality rests in the hands of the almighty the one right of action, halted by no one.  We misuse his power, place it among thorns and create havoc for all to witness.

Behold a new day. One of a bright and shiny sun, illuminating the minds of mankind and fulfilling his spirit.  Tremendous strength is found within.  Should we each look there there will be a solution.  But each must look - each must ponder and be with oneself.

It's not easy to live among thorns.  For when you are damaged among them, the cut can be very deep.  But know this.  In the end when all is made new, the cuts you have today will disappear among the lilies of the valley and all people will rejoice in the splendor of its beauty.  Be among the lilies, among the fields of flowers in blossom and all will see the true potential of the soul." 

On War

"The struggle is great and there are many killing innocent people or those thought to be the enemy.  This is prolonging the means to an end.  What is sought is victory for self preservation of the self - the ego.  What question comes to mind is what is the bigger brighter picture?

Preservation of all people, all places and all things.  When we say may all of mankind be happy and free is it not all?  All includes the all, not a select few.  It must be realized that two sides to every equation are never equal in measure.  There is always another version, another road, another thought.

What must be realized even on the micro cosmic level is that there must be balance, compromise and peace.  You will destroy yourselves without it.  But humanity will live on.  Dead to the senses from washing away the tears of despair.  We must wake up, realize it may be too late to place the burden on our children.  Is this what is wanted?  Another generation to engage in this behavior?  War, destruction, greed?  To make it stop there must be a new solution - a new compromise.  Where is the taking of life and destruction of earth bringing us?  What will either side have left?"

Sri Aurobindo
Michael Jackson attending


Michael's Message to the World Leaders - We Must Maintain PEACE

Preface:  Today's post was prompted by Michael.  I was told some time ago that he looks out on the world and have often found that he has gone on pilgrimages to help others all around the world in times of need and comfort.  I am shocked at what he has had me write today.  But when I went to check the current headlines on our Arab brothers and sisters, I'm afraid what he had to say is very truthful.  I don't like politics, but currently in our world we must live in a world created by the actions of those placed in roles of leadership for all of our countries.  Perhaps it is time for all people to speak out on behalf of humanity, instead of a few in power.

"Astrologically speaking, there is a new moon today.  New moon energy brings with it the opportunity to embark on new projects, ideas and attitudes about life.  Currently in the world there is havoc playing out among the people.  Today is a perfect opportunity to send prayers and realizations to those that live in places of unrest.

No one in the world wishes for a war to start.  There isn't anyone I can think of that would like such destruction to take place on the planet.  But a foreboding is about to occur and I think you know what I'm talking about.  Nothing is safe.  Our governments don't intend to take out people, but they do.  They don't realize the intentions behind their actions reveal a great cost to humanity.  Specifically the Arab community must step down in numbers.  They must activate slowly turning over into a nation of peace rather than unrest and war.  It has been far too long for the country to be quarreling even among itself.   Today's actions are unclear on what it will bring for all of us tomorrow.  Ripples in the universe always start somewhere and where there is anxiety and unrest, uprising is sure to follow.

Please be careful with your thoughts today.  Pay attention to the news and when you can send good wishes, thoughts and prayers to all in our world.  Whether or not we believe we live with others on this planet, the fact remains that we do.  We must all share in our responsibility to take care of this planet. Struggles for power, control and uprisings have long taken their toll on humanity.  This must stop.  At this point in history the leaders of all nations must stand in peace, not in war.  In strength, not in fear.  Our future, the future of the earth is currently in their hands."

I found the following news clips in reference to the message above:




The Far Reaching Influence of the Man and the Music

Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Perceptions of Suffering

We often judge our insides, our thoughts and feelings, by other people's outsides.  That's all we know, all we can see.  However, how many times have you been surprised to find a friend with suicidal thoughts, a neighbor who has a drinking problem, or the perfect couple down the street that has the police car at their house because of domestic violence?  Outward appearances don't always reflect what lies within.  I like to think of it as similar to the labels we tend to place on people.  What does a spiritual person look like, for instance?  You may draw the conclusion, that they have a bald head, no shoes, and an orange robe on.  Yet, we must remember to not always judge a book by its cover.  There are many things we see or don't see in others that we perceive differently than what they truly are.

When we do this we leave ourselves most often in a place of loneliness or suffering.  We perceive ourselves to be different then everyone else.  The only one in pain.  The only one suffering from an abusive childhood, an alcoholic parent, or an abusive husband.  Should we shift our thinking and accept the truth, that we have an undeniable commonality with many other people who have also had abusive childhoods, an alcoholic parent or an abusive husband we gain the "connection" again of being human.  Too often we place ourselves in places of loneliness when indeed it is only within the context of our mind.

We don't have control over what happens to us.  The child who is abused, the victim of a crime, or someone who has been hit with an illness.  We do, however, have infinite control within to claim our power and take reign on how we want to perceive our world and how we will feel about it.  Sometimes all it takes is knowing we are not alone, that one step at a time will lead us somewhere better and making the simple decision to be happy, no matter what.

Estate Follow UP

As the planned performance for the "tribute" show ONE is scheduled for Dubai and they are criticizing Michael and Elizabeth in the press again (read here: http://www.emirates247.com/entertainment/dubai-is-michael-jackson-celeb-choreographer-king-2013-09-03-1.519704  ) I'd like to speak out on behalf of both of them because obviously neither one are here to defend themselves.  Again, I think I did mention Dubai here before, and again I don't see anywhere where they have addressed the reason why Michael and Elizabeth decided that the 1994 should not proceed, only that Michael left the promoter in a "lurch" because of his "eccentric behavior."  Sounds like something AEG would claim.  Oh that's right, I think they did.  

As for Elizabeth and them claiming as her being a defining point?  She was the best defining point Michael ever had in his life.  Well over and above the current executors that were so called "friends" of Michael Jackson. They approved the show of course.  It will earn over and above the over three million tickets sold so far and will give them ample opportunity to line their trusts.  All but this one: The one their "friend" and business associate left for his children:  http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/planned-trust-fund-michael-jackson-children-remains-empty-years-king-pop-tragic-demise-article-1.1150263

Where is that accounting again?  If they want to nurture his legacy and highlight his role as a humanitarian where is the children's hospital, Heal the World Foundation or any other even ONE charity that has been given what Michael wanted to be given at the time of his death?

The family, Michael's children, are being treated no differently than Michael himself was.  They give them an allowance.  This is what an abusive husband does to his wife.  In Michael's case we'll pay for your house, the tour, your doctor, etc.  With the children it is the same; house, school, clothes.  The point they don't mention is that the estate is still in control of the family, just as they controlled Michael and tried to do prior to his death.

In the press they are painting his children as being suicidal, disobedient and rebels because his children were raised to have their own opinions and stand on their own two feet.  Not to bow down to conniving, controlling, abusive, leaches that continue to prey on those who actually have something worth while to give to humanity.  If anyone wanted to pay tribute to Michael and his children they would certainly not be taking control of their affairs, leaving Neverland to a stranger to run instead of his children and leaving the children's legacy in debt as they transfer the billions of dollars made from their fathers legacy into trusts formed all over the world.  I'm not impressed by people who use others to make a living and then submit bad press about their "eccentric" behavior.  In simple terms these people are cowards who hide behind fake masks.

For the children, you  have to know that no matter how much money or how much power anyone seems to have, at the end of the day it doesn't matter.  Life happens, whether you have ten houses or a box on the street.  When it comes down to it, it's how you look at your life and how much you rely on your own inner resources and power to move through it.  Your father would tell you to be brave and know you will always be ok, even though there are idiots in your midst.  Remember to keep your head up, your wits about you and love in your heart.  Watch out for the backstabbers and always remember what he told you; not everyone who claims to be your friend is.

Looks like there are way too many people are hiding behind the mask of Michael Jackson's Legacy:


Proof of John Branca's Devilishness

I've recently come across some proof of the diversion of funds John Branca, one of the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate, has been involved in.  The document below describes the investigation done BEFORE Michael's death.  I was not aware until after Michael died that there were funds being diverted until he told me and I posted it here on the blog last year.

When Michael told me he mentioned Dubai.  Ironically, the Estate just scheduled performances for one of their Michael Jackson imitation shows there.  All this while the IRS has just announced that the Estate has undervalued the assets of Michael Jackson and they now want their share.  This means, yes, they told the public Michael was broke while they diverted the funds to make it "look" that way.  The Estate has proclaimed they have made millions and have gotten "Michael out of debt", but recent reports show contrary.  The funds made have been diverted into other "trusts" formed by the estate and have not seemed to be able to make it into the "trust" formed for the family and/or children.  Some things can look very deceiving:


Visitations with Sri Aurobindo - Longevity of the Soul

Mira (Mother) pictured left
Sri Aurobindo pictured right
True soul work starts with the self.  The question is who am I? Where did I come from?  How am I
supposed to act?

Where are the guidelines on living?  Is there one set of rules, one set of parameters by which all should live?  The answer is simple - no.  We are not to be as soldiers fighting for the right to live.  We are empowered beings that take our own power away by limiting ourselves, limiting our beliefs and not recognizing our own soul.  There are many souls who have come to the earth to fight on behalf of mankind.  Many who have come seeking for the truth.  Yet so many more continue to live in limbo, in the dull drums of humanities weaknesses and callousness instead of picking up their hoe and tending to their gardens.  We are thoughts, we are wishes, dreams unfulfilled and plans that have been broken; compromises.  Listening inward, allowing our soul's compass-the inner wisdom to flourish, allows us to experience life completely.  We are then not our thoughts, our dreams, our plans.  We are not the compromises we have made in life.  We are eternal fountains of life itself, flowing like a river through all space and time awaiting for the moment of bliss.  The union with the divine that we all know inherently is already ours.  Our true self, true wisdom and true foundation of being.  This is who you are.  This is who you should be.

The strength you draw from the source of all power and the wisdom of all time.  Keep reaching for the highest part of yourself and the rest will seem to fall by the wayside.  For this is eternity, this is love, compassion and righteousness.  The true longevity and light of the soul.

Sri Aurobindo
accompanied by Mira