This is It - Behind the Scenes

The following photos are screenshots taken from the movie "This is It'.  While the movie was a box office success, many people don't realize the behind the scenes events that took place.  Take a look at the story today and what documents have been uncovered to reveal the real story behind the making of the movie:

One of the first scenes in the movie are interviews with various dancers.  The interviews, as stated on the film, were taken April 15, 2009.  This date coincides with Kenny Ortega's testimony in the Conrad Murray trial that rehearsals for the This is It show began "mid April". 

Footage, as described in the opening statement on the film, was taken from March thru June, 2009.   The footage was intended for personal footage and show footage, although AEG Live emails discovered during the Katherine Jackson v AEG trial, show reference the film as far back as January.

Below is a shot of Michael Jackson seated next to Dr. Tohme Tohme, his one time manager, arriving for the announcement of the "This is It" shows in London on March 5 2009.  In the front seat sits AEG Live executive Randy Phillips and standing on the left is Alberto Alvarez, Jackson's security guard directed by Dr. Tohme and paid by AEG Live.

Michael Jackson, Dr Tohme Tohme and Alberto Alvarez
Randy Phillips, AEG Live executive pointing the way.
Michael Jackson taking the stage followed by Dr. Tohme.
Emails describing what happened earlier that day: 

 "I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking.  Tohme and I have dressed him . . "

"I just slapped him . . "

On his way in to the announcement, Michael moves his arm away from Dr. Tohme Tohme as he tries to grab him: 

Frank DiLeo watching rehearsals behind Kenny Ortega the show director.  As you can see from the document above, Frank was also being paid by AEG Live.

Credits are below.  You'll see Michael Jackson's personal assistant Michael Amir Williams listed, although he did not appear in the film.  He, also, was being paid by AEG Live.

A larger shot from the above credits, allows us to see "Tohme R. Tohme" also listed on the credits as Michael Jacksons Personal Advisor, also being paid by AEG Live, as referenced in the above document.  However, Dr. Tohme was fired in March by Michael Jackson himself.  His formal termination letter follows the screenshot.

Today Investigates, March, 2009

Produced by:  Randy Phillips of AEG Live, Kenny Ortega and Paul Gongaware, also of AEG Live. We'll see they filed for copyrights just days after Michael Jackson passed (7/2, Michael passed on 6/25 and they already filed for a "motion picture" copyright) in the document following the screenshot.

When and how did they make these arrangements?  On the Sunday following the Thursday death of Michael Jackson, Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme met with John Branca apparently acting as the Estate of Michael Jackson.  Remember, this was on Sunday, three days after Michael's death.  No one was NAMED as the Estate of Michael Jackson.  No will was validated at this point. Although you'll see from the screen shot below the document filed with the Estate that Sunday that both executors, John Branca and John McClain were executive producers for the film.

You'll also see that Michael Jackson LLC, the company in contract with AEG for the shows, was in all actuality Tohme Tohme, who was never authorized to sign for Michael Jackson LLC as further demonstrated in the Sole Officer email below:

Document showing Michael is the Sole Officer and only person authorized to sign on behalf of Michael Jackson LLC.
This was an AEG document.
The document signed three days after Michael Jacksons death by Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme, representing The Michael Jackson Company LLC.

As you can see from the document below, Randy Phillips of AEG wasn't too concerned about Michael's death.  As he state here, Michael's death was a tragedy but life must go on, he was going to "make a fortune":

Also acting attorney for the film, below, was John Branca:

Part of the fortune went to proceeds collected from album sales as well; John McClain, MJJ Music and Epic Records:

All rights were reserved by "The Michael Jackson Company LLC", the company Tohme was acting for and the company insured by Lloyds of London that AEG had filed documents for.  Lloyds sued AEG, but that suit was settled by the Estate of Michael Jackson for them.

Another document showing how AEG and the Estate worked together refers to an exhibition scheduled in August of 2009.  AEG would again split the profits with The Estate of Michael Jackson.

As you can see below, the Estate of Michael Jackson calls these facts "stale internet conspiracy theories" (see bottom caption on photo)

However, "stale internet theories" should never warrant paying a company thousands of dollars to clean up the evidence..I mean "stale internet theories".  You'll see in the document below a company called Websheriff was paid $30,000 in 2013 alone:
(Note:  This document is a screen shot from the accounting of the Estate, The Estate of Michael Jackson was ordered to file in court)

More "theories" coming soon!


A 2006 Will and Tohme's Confession

What do you think about this idea for planning a conspiracy?

One person starts the event in motion and passes it on to the next.  Each person takes their part and the illusion is a perpetual motion around all the conspirators.  One person can tell half the truth, while at the same time directing the blame at another person involved in the conspiracy.

This would be like Tohme Tohme blaming the Estate, the Estate of Michael Jackson blaming Tohme, AEG pointing the finger at Conrad Murray and the list goes on and on.  But if we watch the balls in motion, as they're swinging above, we'll see all of them have something to do with the activity itself.

Newton's cradle, as seen above, was named after Sir Isaac Newton, is a device that demonstrates conservation of momentum and energy using a series of swinging spheres. When one on the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres; a force is transmitted through the stationary spheres and pushes the last one upward. The device is also known as Newton's balls.
source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_cradle

A book entitled "Untouchable" hit the stands in 2012.  I'm personally not in the market for Michael Jackson books, but when I get information I do search.  Today I was surprised to discover some interesting lines from the book.

One such comment is outlined in red below.  That Tohme Tohme himself said that he was convinced of a conspiracy.  Not necessarily to kill Michael Jackson, but to weaken him to cancel the shows.

Considering Tohme was named on the accident insurance policy just days before the death of Michael Jackson, I suppose he would give only part of the truth.  I do believe that part of the conspiracy was to weaken him to cancel the shows, but what they didn't take into account was that Michael would need to go to London to secure that "cancellation" insurance, which of course was dropped in May, earlier that year by AEG as they outlined that "Tohme was out" and budgeted Murray for those 2(two), did I say 2?, two months, May and June:

"Accident" insurance was put in place, not cancellation insurance AT ALL.  The fact that he brings up "control of the catalog" allows for the assumption that Tohme had admitted he had personal knowledge of AEG's intent.  Most likely because he was the one involved in negotiating the contract from the beginning.

An additional observation was the following quote.  Eluding to a 2006 will that did exist at one time. I do believe Tohme had these documents, not just "saw" them:


Pg. 507

Both [attorney Dennis] Hawk and Tohme saw the ‘Neverland Trust’ agreements (naming Katherine Jackson as the trustee of the estate and making no mention of John Branca) that had been prepared in 2006 during Raymone Bain’s reign as Michael’s manager, and assumed those would be the templates of any new estate documents. [Sulivan doesn’t say how Hawk and Tohme saw these documents; he says they “saw” them, not that they had them.]

In the end, conspiracies are only as good as the conspirators.  Each one is out for themselves and sooner or later the illusion falls away and they are seen for the separate little "balls" of  *@ they are.


Who's Bad? Sony/AEG Middleman - Joel Katz

The Michael Jackson Sony/AEG middleman - Joel Katz

In an email written on June 24, 2008, Randy Phillips of AEG explained that Joel Katz, an attorney at Greenberg Traurig , was an old friend of his and on retainer for AEG.  Joel was apparently meeting with Tohme around that time as well, according to the email.

Tohme, as Richard Nanula from Colony Capital stated, was a broker.  Tohme brokers deals and apparently Joel Katz "negotiates" them.

Email thread from Richard Nanula/Randy Phillips - AEG:

Michael Jackson's real attorney was Peter Lopez.  There was no "New Peter Lopez" as of June 24, 2008.  Peter was still acting as Michael Jackson's attorney as far as Michael was concerned.  Perhaps AEG's Randy Phillips had other plans.

Here is footage of Peter and Michael shopping together in February, 2009:

Katz not only has a long history of "negotiating" deals, he has a seat on the board for Sony Corporation and as Phillips stated, is a good friend of the boys at AEG. 

 Just a few of the highlights from his career are listed below:

  • Board Member, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, LLC, Appointed by Michael Jackson and confirmed by the Michael Jackson Estate, Board of Representatives, 2009-Present
  • Negotiated with John Branca of Ziffren Brittenham LLP, on behalf of the estate of Michael Jackson, the affiliation agreement between the estate and the Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) for representation of the public performances of Jackson’s music catalogue.
  • Negotiated and concluded on behalf of Randy Phillips in the establishment of the Global USA
  • • Negotiated with Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and Sony Pictures for an extension of the Angry Birds franchise for film

You can see the full Joel A Katz profile here

You'll see one of his most recent negotiations in theaters soon.  The negotiations with Rovio and Sony regarding the Angry Birds film included the use of Michael Jackson's song "Bad".  Which also must be just another "negotiation" between Sony and The Michael Jackson Estate?

When "Phillips was concerned that the company could be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars –productions costs, guarantees, ticket sales and more — if the fragile Jackson were unable to perform his 50-date London run, according to the music industry leader. Phillips was said to be worried that a court might void AEG’s contract with the singer due to a conflict of interest — Jackson and AEG were sharing the same lawyer, Joel Katz, a well-known music attorney, and his gobal firm Greenburg Taurig"

"In an interview, Katz said that he first heard the idea of luring Branca back from DiLeo, who took on the role of intermediary between the lawyer and Jackson"

If Katz was Michael's lawyer, he shouldn't have needed DiLeo to be an intermediary, but DiLeo of course was on AEG's payment schedule as well, and also sat on the board for Sony.  In that case, yes he probably was an intermediary.  I didn't find any footage of Michael shopping with Katz or DiLeo in 2009.

When Michael passed Katz questioned:

“Does anyone have a will,” Katz wondered?

“I have one,” he says Branca answered. “If it’s valid.”


ASTRO NEWS-Dreams, Eclipses and Change!

Astro News
By Maria Shaw

The week looks good, especially for financial opportunity and meaningful connections.

If you are following my 2016 Moon Calendar, you will see that there's a lot of strong and lucky financial days this week and into the weekend. Make sure to write your Law of Abundance checks or manifest money under these lucky cosmic influences.

Are you getting signs from the Universe?
I want you to start watching for signs and symbols this week. With the spring eclipses around the corner, the Universe is ready to send us all a personal message about a change in our lives. We have two eclipses coming, a solar eclipse in Pisces and a Lunar eclipse in Libra in March. This month we should be getting a strong message as to what needs to change in our life or what opportunity awaits. Eclipses act as wild cards. They bring in needed change even if we can't appreciate it at the time.

For some folks, these eclipses could bring pressure on the job so they will feel inclined to look for new work. Sometimes, a new relationship develops under this influence. You just never know what to expect exactly but you can tell what area of life the change will occur in, if you follow astrology. For now, be very aware of the subtle and not so subtle messages you may be receive between now and the 22nd of February. I'll be doing an hour long class on the Internet on February 16.  I would recommend everyone print off a free copy of their chart at astro.com and you can follow along during the webinar class and understand how the eclipse will personally affect you.

Tuesday and Wednesday are high yield and lucky days. I would suggest you do something positive to move your intentions along these days. Make phone calls. Build strong connections. Reach out to people this week as astrological influences tend to fall in your favor now. If you are starting a new project, now is a good time to promote it or get it off the ground. If applying for a loan, to school, for a new job or business license, these things tend to go extremely well this week.

Tuesday night and Wednesday be sure to listen to your dreams. You may have more dreams than usual and these could have a strong hidden meaning of some sort. Even bad dreams can bring a good omen. But be mindful of what your subconscious is trying to express this week as there are important messages coming through. Some of you may be dreaming of deceased loved ones during this period too. This is one way they can connect energetically with you and spend time with you. Positive energy is available  in so many ways, to all those who make a point to access it this week.

Thursday and Friday you may take the initiative to start a new project. You my have a sudden insight or a psychic thought that pops in your head. These could be messages from your angels and spirit guides to do something. Run with it! You are being divinely guided and if ideas pop into your head out of the blue, know that you are being pushed and inspired to try something new!

For more information on Maria visit her website at www.mariashaw.com
Registration for the online class being held on the 16th is also on the site:

The Eclipses are Coming and Crystal Connections
Tuesday February 16th - 8p.m. eastern / 7p.m. Central


The Michael Jackson Estate and the INVALID Will

"Under California Probate Code 6110, a written will is valid if the maker signs the document or affirms her signature in the presence of two witnesses, who also sign the will. Witnesses should be disinterested. If one of the witnesses stands to inherit under the will, the law presumes that he used undue influence and the burden is on the witness to prove otherwise."
source: http://info.legalzoom.com/californias-statutory-requirements-last-testament-4189.html

In a recent review of documents, I noticed three witness signatures on the Will of Michael Jackson; Trudy Green, John McClain and Barry Seigel.  The will in question was apparently signed on July 7, 2002 at 5:00 pm, in Los Angeles CA:

Under California law, as stated above, the witnesses on the will should be "disinterested parties". Both Barry Siegel and John McClain were not "disinterested parties" - they were apparently named as executors of the will and both on the board for Sony corporation; a controlling interested party in the catalog Michael Jackson owned called Sony/ATV.  Further, John McClain is now collecting on proceeds from the sales of music titles along with the other executor of the Michael Jackson Estate, John Branca and both are taking a salary for managing what they're taking from the Estate.

Barry Siegel signed a document on August 26, 2003 declining to be named as a co-trustee of the Michael Jackson Family Trust and as a co-executor of the last will of Michael Joseph Jackson. However, even looking at the signatures on the two documents it seems even Barry's signature is different on the two documents.  This leaves one signature by Trudy Green, not two, making this will invalid according to California Probate Code 6110, For the record Barry Siegel is and was a CPA managing money for Michael Jackson at one time. His firm "Provident Financial Management" would stand to gain should he have remained on the will in question as well. He was "managing" funds for the "This is It" tour and was involved in the accounting for the Estate as evidenced in the AEG vs Katherine Jackson court records.

Here is the letter from Barry Siegel declining his co-executor ship of the last will of Michael Joseph Jackson: Note the signatures.

This letter addressed to Michael's CPA at the time, Jeff Cannon, on March 25, 2009, came just after Michael's letter to Randy Phillips of AEG that Tohme Tohme was no longer his representative. Here the letter is apparently asking on this same day to "transfer" ALL records to none other than Barry Siegel:

John Branca's firm drafted the will and states that it was signed in Los Angeles CA on the 7th of July. The other problem is that Michael Jackson was in New York City that day and from the looks of what he was speaking about I don't think he was interested in doing business with Sony or Branca any longer.  As of February, 2003 Branca was terminated http://www.thewrap.com/media/article/secret-report-got-branca-fired-22850/

Here's the evidence related to Michael Jackson's where a bouts on July 7, 2002:

Finally, in assessing whether the will had testamentary intent, did the court even ask when Michael Jackson signed the will if the witnessing signatures were in his presence?  Were they ALL indeed in Los Angeles or were they ALL in New York City? And, if they ALL were in New York, why does the will state Los Angeles?  And if ALL of them were in Los Angeles, then obviously the signatures were not witnessed in the presence of Michael Jackson and therefore the will is still INVALID.


Stepping Out of the Drama

Some people play by the rules, and others draw their lives out of the lines.

A criminal will play on the odds of not being caught.  Like a gambler, they gamble at the chances someone may do something, say something, or bring the crime to anyone's attention.

If they've drawn enough attention to themselves, they'll believe they hold the upper hand.  They'll go out of their way to make people believe their the good guy, doing right and being honest and respectable.

But those of us that know better we see through the deception and the web of illusion.  In ascension, you learn how to "discern" the true intent of any given soul.

In the world we live in today, they're not many that would believe that spiritual receptiveness or god like qualities even exist.  We have been so focused on the external world, we find it hard to believe anything but our own thoughts exist within us.  I beg to differ.

Our connections are vast and in any given instance someone can catch a thought, view a glimpse or hear a word or phrase said about them or someone else.  No ear is closed in the world of spiritual truth.  We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  And for those of us that listen more than we talk, we'll find that we'll always hold the cards of the truth.

Truth isn't popular.  It's not egotistical, it's not rampant, and it's not closed minded.  Ego on the other hand, is critical; it's deceptive and it is argumentative.

When people stand in their truth, they stand silently, knowing that what they hold is true and powerful.  When truth comes it comes in the force of a vibration that rivets the fabric of our very creation.  There is no stopping truth.  It's not one's ego that enforces truth; it's the universe itself.  All negative energy seeks resolution through situations and people.  And there will always be people and situations to offer their assistance in resolving that energy.

When faced with negative situations and people, it's best to know ourselves and to know who is trying to engage us in the dance of deception.

Most humans live in a state of consciousness that likes to engage in drama.  A book entitled "The Celestine Prophecy" written some years back, gives the example of humans trying to "draw in" the victim by enticing them into a dramatic conflict.  An insult, a lie, an argumentative tone will all set the bait for an unconscious person to start the dance.  Once "hooked", the dance ensues and the baiter gets exactly what they want; more drama and the energy of the other person.

But who baits, who engages in these unconscious patterns and how do we recognize them?  There are key signs to look for:

  • A person who insults you directly.
  • A person who insults you while trying to be polite.
  • Someone who doesn't know you, but is making assumptions and statements about you.
  • Someone seeking to control you.
  • Someone eager to ruin your reputation.
  • Someone wanting to isolate you by talking to other people about you.
  • Someone who wants to divert your attention, because they want you to "not" look at something else.
  • Someone trying to manipulate you into doing what they want you to do because they'll derive some form of benefit.
All of these situations are on both a personal everyday level and on a grander public level.  Many people will try to ruin the reputation of a rising star because it may suit their purposes. While a jealous co-worker may try to sabotage your work, because he or she will want to "appear" better. Most often our "ego" engages.  We'll choose to fight back, to gossip back, to talk about that other person as well.  Yet when we refuse to engage any unconscious pattern thrown at us, we then take the power away from the baiter and leave it to reside in ourselves.

As Jesus said, know yourself .  Know how you will react to any given situation.  When someone tells something untrue about you, how will you feel, what will you do? If you let the untrue statements "in" and they become your own thoughts, then you have allowed the "outside" world effect your "internal" one.  If you engage in the pattern of the ego to "be right" for the sake of being right, where exactly does it take you in the end?

There will always be unconscious people ready to offer you a chance to engage with their ego.  They will challenge you, place bets upon what you will or won't do, and they'll say mean and nasty things about you - all because they have but one purpose in mind - it makes THEM feel better about themselves.  Whether it's hiding a deed they did, making up for lies they told, or to hide jealousy and envy, it all comes down to the ego.  If you dare to "edge God out" (EGO) of the equation, you'll repeatedly and unconsciously, repeat the pattern of negative energy in your life.

But for those of us that wish to rid ourselves of this negative energy and step out of the drama others seem so willing to engage us in, we might find it useful to listen to a story by Eckhart Tolle.  A monk in a small village was once accused of fathering a child of a young teen.  It ruined his reputation, isolated him from people and it was all a lie:

How controlling energy looks and how a "conscious" person responds: (Celestine Prophecy)


The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is After the ESTATE of Michael Jackson!

This photo was just released.  It looks like the Estate of Michael Jackson, John Branca and John McClain, are being brought to court by the United States Government:

As for the internet and people like Susan Elsa, the Estate of Michael Jackson has paid a company that gets bad publicity off the internet over thirty thousand dollars in just one year!  Don't think they wouldn't pay someone to open up a myriad of sites and put my name all over posts labeling me a fraud and lying about Michael's death.  If they would pay a company to remove their dirty laundry, you'd better believe they'd put a fake twin soul out there.  They already tried with a fake MJ.  http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/04/22/rumored-use-michael-jackson-body-doubles-could-be-key-issue-in-trial/

You'll see the document below which is an accounting of the Estate records.  Web Sheriff is a company that monitors and removes bad publicity on the net.

Michael Jackson Murder Conspiracy with Evidence - MUST SEE!

The Heat is On!

Things are getting heated!  The Michael Jackson Estate is currently being challenged in court. Although the press is obviously not publicizing the trial like they did for Conrad Murray, there is more authentic incriminating evidence coming out now.

A twitter user named "Twiggy" has been updating us from the courtroom.  Documents and statements from Michael Jackson's former business associate, Raymone Bain, have been posted to her account revealing the details of what transpired after the death of Michael Jackson.  Ms Bain signed the document in Washington DC and it was presented in the courtroom.  In it she states that she sent thousands of dollars to Mr. John Branca of the Michael Jackson Estate that he claimed he had no recollection of.  She also claimed part ownership to one of Michael's companies of which prior documents were shown to confer prior to the forming of the LLC in place at the time of Michael's death.  She stated that John Branca asked her to appear on television with him to endorse him as the official representative for the Michael Jackson Estate soon after he passed.

Apparently Mr. Branca began acting very nervous when questioned about the money and it was overheard outside the courtroom that Mr. Weitzman, John Branca's attorney, stated he needed to "get him out of here."

Photos were also posted of Tohme Tohme's home.  It is now shrouded with black tarp draped across it's entry gates.

Court documents also reveal that John Branca has filed for and has been granted a protection order.

"Twiggy" posted the following documents to her blog.  Special letters of administration describing the urgency to act immediately following Michael's death due to "third parties".

Here's a link to her look back:

WHAT HAPPENED TO MICHAEL?: FLASHBACK: JUNE 29, 2009 "LETTERS OF SPECIAL ADMIN...:                                                                                Londell McMillian and Burt Levitch June 29,2009   FILED:...


Why Justice has Eluded Michael Jackson Fans

A Bill for the State of California called SBX 211 was passed in February, 2009.  The bill states that judges and justices in the State of California are held in immunity for prosecution regarding accepting bribes and donations in their public office in excess of their salary.  In other words, they can accept money from anyone and not be held responsible for receiving it, nor can anyone take action against them for any criminal activity related to it's acceptance.

Reports show that approximately 90% of the judges received illegal payments from approximately thirty counties and courts as of 2008.   This particular bill was enacted on May 21, 2009.  Just days prior, on May 18, 2009, AEG sent it's infamous email (at least on this blog), that outlined their new budget.  As you may recall, this is the budget where they dropped all cancellation insurance and left only the life portion on (Lloyds of London vs AEG) AND budgeted Conrad Murray for ONLY TWO months - May and June. (see original AEG email here).  The budgeted amount for Murray would have only taken Murray through June; not for any length of any tour.  Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009.

Is this just a coincidence or perhaps some pre-planning on the part of AEG?   This case was definitely pre-meditated murder.

Just in case you're still wondering, here is an excerpt from Family Security Matters regarding this exact bill:

"he describes the powerful legal and law enforcement organizations that went on record defending the double benefits for judges, such as LA District Attorney Steve Cooley, County Public Defender, all Bar Associations and big law firms who appear before the Judges."

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

As you may recall, Mr. Cooley was the District Attorney that signed the request by the Michael Jackson Estate (that would be a legal organization-attorney John Branca/Weitzman) for the concealment of the insurance policy AEG had in place with Michael Jackson's former manager, Tohme Tohme, added to it just three days prior to Michael's death.  This would be, as it states below, until Dr. Murray was convicted for the crime.

He was also the District Attorney that accepted "donations" from all parties involved in Michael Jackson's murder.

This law affects all the people in the State of California (except of course for it's corrupt politicians):

"As examples, cases and appeals in the substantive areas of law affected are: (1) administrative law cases; (2) child custody and family law cases; (3) class action cases; (4)  conservatorship and elder cases; (5) constitutional law cases; (6)  contract cases; (7) criminal cases; (8) death, estate, guardianship and probate cases; (9)  eminent domain cases; (10) environmental cases; (11) government abuse of power cases; (12) personal injury cases; (13)  property cases; (14) regulation cases; (15) tax cases; (16) traffic cases, and (17) zoning cases, amongst others."

Currently there are some attorneys and others banding together to reverse this bill.  In cases where illegal judgments and/or bribes have been accepted, Attorney Richard Fine states:

"Case law has long held that “…any act of a disqualified judge is absolutely void whenever brought into question. A judgment rendered by such a judge is open to attack at any time.” In re Henry C., 161 Cal.App.3d 646, 652 (1985) citing T.P.B. v. Superior Court, 66 Cal.App.3d 881, 886 (1977). In Rossco Holdings Inc. v. Bank of America, 149 Cal.App.4th 1353 (2007), 158 Cal.Rptr.3d 141, the court stated at page 148:

“Orders made by a disqualified judge are void. (Cadenasso v. Bank of Italy (1932),214 Cal. 562, 6 P.2d 944;Christie v. City of El Centro (2006),135 Cal.App.4th 767, 37 Cal.Rptr.3d 718.) There is a dispute in recent appellate authority as to whether such orders should be considered void or only voidable at the option of a party; the Supreme Court’s latest opinion on the matter held them to be void. (Christie v. City of El Centro, supra, 135 Cal.App.4th at pp. 769-780, 37 Cal.Rptr.3d 718.)….”[Disqualification occurs  when the facts creating disqualification arise, not when the disqualification is established.” (Christie v. City of El Centro, supra, 135 Cal.App.4th at p. 776, 37 Cal.Rptr.3d 718.) “[I]t is the fact of disqualification that controls, not subsequent judicial action on that disqualification.” (Id. at p. 777, 37 Cal. Rptr.3d 718.) (Emphasis added.)

In Vallely v. Northern Fire & Marine Ins. Co., 254 U.S. 348 (1920), the U.S. Supreme Court emphasized that no court could validate a void judgment at 254 U.S. at 353-354:
source:  http://scannedretina.com/2013/04/19/an-act-to-repeal-and-ammend-sections-of-sbx-211-letter-to-california-state-lawmakers/

This is why there has been such a fight for justice in the case of Michael Jackson's death.  Corruption is and has been on the rise.  Unfortunately, it's the common people who are paying the corrupt politicians through taxes and other forms, as they further their abuses on them for their own selfish means.

If you haven't taken an active part in looking at what's going on in your town, it may be time this year.  I hear there's a few elections coming up.

The Full SBX 211 Bill that passed in 2009: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/09-10/bill/sen/sb_0001-0050/sbx2_11_bill_20090220_chaptered.pdf