Michael Jackson Estate - "Like we knew he was going to die"

It's been almost seven years since the death of Michael Jackson, and reports of the "savvy" Estate bringing the stars posthumous career back to life have flanked the news, articles and internet. The Estate of Michael Jackson has gallantly stepped into the spotlight to "wipe out" the "ton" of debt Michael Jackson, the star who died of an "overdose", had managed to accumulate during his lifetime.

It would be hard to believe that the most beloved star in the world would have had so much debt when so many people around him were still looking to him to profit just before his death.  It seems that even the reports about the "savvy" Estate are fickle.  One report will tell you how all of the debt has been cleared away, of course, thanks to the Michael Jackson Estate.  While others will tell you that the Estate had to sell Jackson's half of the Sony/ATV catalog back to Sony because:

"Selling the stake in Sony/ATV would let the Jackson estate clear a mountain of debt accumulated by the late King of Pop before his death in 2009" 

These reports are more than fickle, they are discriminatory.  When all these reports come from the same sources, we can bet they are made to make the Estate look like the "good" guys.  The reports and comments themselves are coming from none other than the Estate themselves.

It is clarified by the quotes and people who have been quoted.  Just yesterday Bloomberg reported the above quote, while another article published the same day by Billboard claims:

"Executors John Branca and John McClain have overseen a remarkable turnaround, wiping out Jackson's debt and making enough revenue to generate about $100 million in tax payments already."

It seems the hearsay comments made about the financial affairs of the Estate of Michael Jackson are just that: hearsay.  No reporter has been in the books to my knowledge and if these statements have been made by the Estate itself it would appear to me that they are telling the public whatever they feel will put them in the best light at the time.

This shouldn't be any surprise.  In recent years it was the Estate of Michael Jackson that documented paying thousands of dollars to companies to get the "bad" press off the internet.  Matter of fact, if you're following the news you might want to take a copy of the articles I refer to for your files.  Any article that has been mentioned here or in the news about the Estate, AEG, or Tohme Tohme, has put them together or in a bad light has conveniently disappeared off the face of the net.  Even the trial videos for Conrad Murray's case have been tampered with in several YouTube accounts.  Footage has gone missing and some transcripts can no longer be found.  Companies, Estates and people can't spin a web of illusion when the real evidence is out there.

One of the most recent articles regarding the Estate of Michael Jackson, says the Estate is claiming Michael Jackson was only worth $2,105 at his death.  Of course that's because the article is citing an IRS investigation into Jackson's worth and unpaid taxes by the Estate itself.  In this instance it would serve the Estate to put the worth of Michael Jackson much lower.  Although the facts would lead us to believe other wise.  It was stated in the Michael Jackson Estate v Tohme Tohme cross complaint that Tohme Tohme himself was collecting thousands of dollars monthly just from royalties Michael Jackson was being paid for his catalogs.

It was this same catalog, Sony/ATV, that Jackson claimed he would be killed for.  Ironically, or not, the catalog and all other assets were named in the Michael Jackson/AEG contract for the This is It performances.  The property used to secure advancements made to the company Tohme Tohme was controlling, The Michael Jackson Company LLC, included Jackson’s Sony/ATV music catalog.

It is ironic, or not, that the Estate is now selling the catalog back to Sony for thousands of dollars under it's actual worth.  When we read comments like this from Howard Weitzman, the Estate's attorney, on their current IRS plight we might gain a better insight as to why:

 "Michael Jackson had no merchandising deals then," says Weitzman. "Only after we began the resurrection and This Is It did things begin to change. The IRS says, 'You should have known about the documentary.' That's like [saying] we should have known he was going to die."

Now that the IRS is involved the Estate has it's sights on making the Estate look like it's worth less than it actually is.  It works for them.  Not only that, but the blanket statements made by Weitzman are entirely untrue, and he knows it.  Jackson did have merchandising deals through AEG and they did know about the documentary.  And yes, I'll go as far as saying they did know he was going to die.
When you plan a conspiracy to murder someone you tend to know they're going to die.  

Budgeting a convicted doctor for only two months before a year's long tour and taking out an insurance policy naming Tohme Tohme, his former manager on the policy, while dropping cancellation insurance makes it all too clear.  Add the fact that it was Randy Phillips of AEG himself who brought Branca, one of the Estate's executors, back into the fold just before Jackson's death and I do believe we have a conspiracy on our hands.  It was the Estate of Michael Jackson, Howard Weitzman, that filed for concealing the records during the AEG trial and the Conrad Murray trial. That included the insurance policy AND the contract with AEG.

Weitzman is all too familiar with the real story.  He was the attorney that handled the suit involving AEG and the Lloyds of London insurance company.  If you recall, it was the Estate of Michael Jackson who settled that suit - "under wraps" of course.  All the while claiming how the family would benefit.

As for the documentary, the film was referenced in an email as early as January, 2009.  Rights to the film footage were claimed mere days after Jackson's death.  It was Randy Phillips of AEG, who boasted it was that film footage they so wisely shot from the beginning of rehearsals that made them the fortune they were seeking.  All the while stating in court that the footage was for Jackson's personal use.

Below is a copy of the email referencing the film in January, 2009.  This email was dated just days before the This is It contract was signed with AEG.  It was copied to Michael Jackson's former attorney, Peter Lopez.  Peter was ousted at the inception of the deal and control was taken over by AEG, Tohme, and as you'll see on the email, another attorney named Dennis Hawk.  

In the "Attachments" section of the header you'll see the red boxed portion that reads:  "Feature Film Development Agreement."  You'll also note the legal council for AEG, Kathie Jorrie, is telling her client to check Tohme Tohme out and to make sure Michael Jackson knows what he's entering into. A separate contract was signed between Tohme and AEG that is also noted in the attachments as "TT International".  Finally on the bottom of the document you'll see the word "DILEO".  It looks as if this document was not provided to council during trial.  It looks to me as if it was taken from Frank DiLeo's files to be used as an exhibit in the Katherine Jackson v AEG trial.

This isn't the first time AEG omitted evidence.  Lloyds of London Insurance Company also requested documents from AEG that were not given.  It wasn't until the "concealed" emails that were kept under seal by the California courts made their way out into the public that AEG decided to drop their part in the suit with the insurer.  Lloyds continued the suit with the Michael Jackson Estate even though Lloyds contended that AEG was trying to assign their rights to the Estate.  That settlement is also "under seal".  We should note here that testimony in the AEG v Katherine Jackson trial depicted a "similar interest" for both The Michael Jackson Company and AEG Live in acquiring insurance.

Copyrights for the film footage taken were acquired and recorded by AEG Live as of July 2, 2009.  If there were no plans for a film, there certainly was a lot of footage as well as an extremely well planned execution to acquire rights.  Jackson died on a Thursday.  Rights were already acquired by the following Thursday, noting the "motion picture".  

Of course Weitzman would know this since the Estate of Michael Jackson, who was not even named as the executors yet, had already met with both Tohme Tohme and Randy Phillips of AEG the Sunday after Michael died to secure the deal.  I believe Phillips was quoted as saying "Michael's death is a tragedy, but life must go on.  AEG will make a fortune in merchandise sales, ticket retention, the touring exhibition and the film/DVD."

Below is a copy of an article written in 2009, now of course taken off the internet, that references the fortune maker "merchandise" AEG acquired rights to on behalf of Michael Jackson:

According the article produced by Billboard, "The IRS insists Jackson's name and image were worth more than $434 million. His estate says only $2,105",  Weitzman is reporting that Michael Jackson was worth $2,105 before he died.  The numbers keep going down according to the story or the motive.  Up, if you want to make the Estate look good.  Just look at all they've done.  I can certainly name a few things that haven't been mentioned in the papers.

Maybe they should make up their minds when Weitzman states "Only after WE began the resurrection and This Is It did things begin to change."  Who exactly is "WE"?  Would that be Howard Weitzman, John Branca, John McClain, Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme?  That sounds about right to me.  If that's not self incriminating I don't know what is.

And why didn't the King of Pop earn licensing money in the years before his death? According to the article we should "See: charges of child molestation, rumors of drug use and no tours back then. In fact, when he died of an overdose, he was preparing for a "comeback" tour.  It's enough to take a wonky tax case into sensational territory."

I do believe the IRS deals with facts and figures, not accusations, as should the public.  There were charges of child molestation, a lot of press (similar to the press now), and a verdict of not guilty on all counts.  We should be aware of the things written in the press and the things written on paper.

For instance. the child molestation charges were brought on in Los Angeles County.  The same county that tried Conrad Murray for Michael Jackson's death.  It was this same county that is reported as taking "bribes", although that fact is obviously not in main stream media.  

It was this same county that hid the autopsy reports, the insurance policy and the fire department reports during the trial for Conrad Murray.  If there are still fans out there wondering why Jackson attorney Brian Oxman announced he received a call that Michael Jackson was taken to the hospital around noon when the paramedics weren't even called until 12:26 that day, this might give you some insight.  According to Conrad Murray's "real" phone records (the records they produced during trial were charts) Murray was on the phone with someone else at the time the supposed 911 call came through from... the Beverly Hills Hotel, not Jackson's rented home.  I suppose that's why they wanted the fire department records "concealed".  But let's not go on about all the evidence the LA courts falsified. Because it was shortly after the first molestation reports (1993) in the news surfaced and after Jackson settled through his insurance company instead of going to court, when he agreed to merge ATV Music Publishing with Sony Music Publishing.  Just like a miracle the reports dropped.

Yet again when Michael spoke out about Sony in 2002, shortly after new child molestation accounts surfaced.  This time Jackson went to trial, and was acquitted on all charges.  

There is a direct correlation between what's reported in the news and what certain people want you to believe.  If Sony did want to acquire the ATV catalog as stated by Jackson himself before his death, ruining the public opinion of Jackson would certainly be one way to do it.  

Reporters should be careful when they say Michael Jackson died of an overdose and when they site "rumors".  If Billboard reports on rumors what do we need the tabloids for?  An overdose would imply that Michael Jackson took drugs and he overdosed on them and that killed him.  Referring to actual evidence, the stuff that's in black and white, Jackson's autopsy report clearly states "Homicide".  If this reporter, Eriq Gardner from Billboard, wants to talk about sensationalism he hit it right on the spot.  He's writing the sensational stories being fed to him by the Estate.  The IRS deals with facts and figures Gardner, not "rumors".

More about the Estate of Michael Jackson:

  • The estate said a trust that holds interest from some of Jackson's music and most of the Beatles catalog was worth $0

  • According to legal documents obtained by the L.A. Times, the executors of Michael Jackson's estate valued the singers net worth at $7 million after he died in June 2009 (that was reported in 2014 - Billboard now reports his net worth at $2,105 according to the Estate)

  • Much of Michael Jackson's memorabilia was sold at auction following his death, injecting millions into his estate - does this include the items auctioned off by Tohme Tohme?

  • Jackson's return was so inaccurate, the IRS said, that it qualified for a gross valuation misstatement penalty, which would allow the government to double the usual 20 per cent penalty for underpayment.

  • Most of the IRS dispute is centered around the value of Jackson's image, such as branded T-shirts, merchandise and using his likeness in television commercials (let's not forget the movies)

  • The estate valued Jackson's likeness at just $2,105; That must be why they went out of their way to sue so many people for using his likeness.  If it was only worth $2,105 why bother?  (Sorry, I forgot they have to collect on their attorney fees.)  The IRS estimated Jackson's likeness at $434.264 million.

  • The estate put the value of the pop star's interest in the trust that owns the Beatles' and Jackson's songs at zero. The IRS put it at $469 million. Yet the Estate just negotiated to sell the catalog for $750 million.  A few years ago it was worth 2.2 billion.  Who's zoomin who here?

  • Today the Neverland ranch is owned by the Estate of Michael Jackson, with Colony Capital LLC maintaining a 12.5% undivided stake in the property Contents

  • The IRS also said Jackson's interest in another trust was worth $60.6 million, not $2.2 million, as the estate claimed.

  • Tax court documents show that Jackson had three Rolls-Royces and a 2001 Bentley Arnage that the IRS said were worth $250,000, not the $91,600 the estate placed on them

  • The IRS also found other automobiles, saying that 'tangible personal property including vehicles not reported otherwise' were worth $47.467 million, instead of the $0 the estate reported

  • The article sited below shows a Michael Jackson fan holding memorabilia outside of the Forest Lawn Mortuary in Los Angeles on July 6, 2009.  If Jackson had no merchandising interests as of his death on June 25, 2009, my how they transpired quickly!

  • Lastly, quoting from the article:

    "The Jackson estate would like have argued that, before he died, the singer had neither toured nor released a CD for several years, and his public image had been severely damaged by allegations of child molestation. 

    This would have had a major effect on endorsement deals and whether companies would have wanted to be aligned with the Jackson brand."

    And then quoting from me:

    "There is a direct correlation between what's reported in the news and what certain people want you to believe.  If Sony did want to acquire the ATV catalog as stated by Jackson himself before his death, ruining the public opinion of Jackson would certainly be one way to do it."

    It's almost like they "knew he was going to die"


    Twin Flame Soul Mates - Collective Karma and Suffering

    "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." 

    "Chitta is the stream of thoughts, emotions, images and impressions that circulate in the mind"
    source:  http://www.shantiyogami.com/blog/blog-post-title/

    There is a philosophy in Buddhism that speaks about suffering.  It is said that our suffering is caused by "chitta" or the mind.  Thoughts about what our life is or about how we are feeling or made to feel cause our suffering.  This is the general notion that explains suffering in the sense of our normal everyday lives as well as our deep emotional wounds that play out during a time of crisis.

    Emotions and thoughts are energy.  That energy is stored in our four lower bodies as a dense fog that shadows our true illumination of the soul.  It is these four lower bodies; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, that must be cleared before ultimate reunion can become manifest with the twin flame soul mate.

    Twin flame soul mates are one unit.  Each possesses a portion of the same soul.  Because you are in essence a unit from the beginning of time, each part of the unit must work on it's share of clearing the four lower bodies before union can occur.

    The soul that is divine and in union with the father knows instinctively when time for union is at hand.  Our thoughts, however, are like "chitta".  They play with our emotions and can reap havoc on our beings while we wait for reunion.

    If I said that the union was already in place at higher levels of consciousness, it would still not be enough to warrant the perception that separation has occurred in the physical body.  This is why chitta and our perceptions are so important to accept.  Chitta, the mind and emotions, has been taught for lifetimes about how we must think and feel.  But chitta is not our true selves.  It is only the thoughts and emotions we have been storing in our four lower bodies for lifetimes.  As Michelangelo would say, we need to carve out the chitta in order for us to set our angel free.

    Chitta, our minds, can tell us that if two people were truly twin flames they would be together physically now.  It can tell us that if this twin flame soul mate really loved us they would be here right now.  It may tell us that our twin flame soul mate is the answer to all of our problems and the one person who will make everything shiny and new.  Yet this is chitta, our minds, not our souls.

    In the video below, taken from "What the Bleep Do We Know", they explain how our chitta, our minds work.  Instead of releasing the past beliefs about life, we sometimes just go with the flow.  It's easier to choose what we already know, instead of opening our minds to the things we don't know. We continue with our patterns of emotion and thought instead of breaking them down by consciously recognizing our patterns, because it's easier.

    Two parts of the same soul work independently to clear chitta energy from the four lower bodies. You each must work on the clearing for each of you to be polarized to the other for union.  Union, when these energies are cleared, is likened to a magnet attracting one part of the soul to its other half.

    If you choose not to work on clearing the false chitta floating around in your fields of energy and hearken to your twin, you will never find the union you seek.  The soul, regardless of the chitta, will know just how much work there is left to do.  Two parts of the same soul who come together with their chitta or shadow energy magnify the shadow energy between the two parts.  Imagine the harm we cause ourselves when we begin to engage in the patterns that have not yet been cleared with our true other half.  This event would be like throwing darts at yourself, literally.

    Twins share karma.  What one works on the other will work on at a later date.  If karma is created by one of the twins, the responsibility to clear that karma is held by both.  Twins share and are the same soul.  Therefore all energies stored by either and both of the twins are also shared.  Good or bad, these energies flow back and forth through both parts of the same soul awaiting their transformation.

    Many years ago I was very angry with my twin.  There were periods where I would think I was doing something wrong or not good enough, then periods where I would throw the blame at him.  I would think if the connection was real, there was no good reason why we couldn't be together.  I didn't realize at the time I had work to do on myself, as did he.  To me there wasn't anything wrong.  I didn't realize it was the thoughts and feelings I carried with me, like throwing blame, that needed to be cleared.

    It was during this time of anger when I threw angry thoughts at my twin, that my spiritual guides stepped in.  I was stunned when they told me "Be careful with what you're doing.  You are causing harm to yourself."  It was in that moment it dawned on me that everything I was thinking and feeling would come back to me, because I was ultimately only engaging with a part of myself - my twin flame soul mate.  I suppose that's why they call the twin the mirror.  They are truly reflecting back to you all of the good, bad and ugly things that need to be healed.

    So if you find yourself in suffering and pain because of your perceived separation from your twin, I hope you remember these words.  The separation is only temporary on this plane of existence.  It's our work collectively with the twin that will ultimately take us home.  Don't look to your twin to heal your own wounds.  You'll only be looking to a part of yourself.  Don't try to force the union, or you could only be hurting yourself.  As the Buddha would say, be in the moment, accepting what is in the now.  Chitta, like a train, will eventually unhook the cars and disperse.  It will be in that moment that all things will fall into alignment with the universe to bring the two parts into one.  The soul will produce urges to meet them or go to a location without any reasonable thought.  As the two parts begin the magnetic process of union there may be many similar experiences and/or meetings.  The two will be assessing how the one is coming along.  Bringing down the light of the I AM presence for union in the physical and clearing away all of the old beliefs and baggage of the past.


    Twin Flame Soul Mates - A History

    If you've ever watched the Harry Potter films, the title "Twin Flame Soul Mates - A History" may make you think of Hermoine Granger reading the story of "Hogwarts - A History".  In this day and age most of like to think we are fairly knowledgeable about our pasts and how we came to be.  For twin flame soul mates, however, there have always seemed to be unanswered questions.  Like the movie Harry Potter, some things you may have experienced as a twin seem simply "magical."

    Now that the consciousness is changing, I believe more answers will be provided not only for the twin flames searching for answers, but for humanity itself.

    If you are on the path to, are with, or are headed in questioning a twin flame soul mate relationship, you already know it can be one of the most excruciating journeys of your life.  The separation you feel from your twin is mirrored back to you in some of the most uncanny ways.  We aren't taught about twin flame soul mates in school.  To date, I haven't seen any church recite the words and in our circles it is with rare occasion that you can discuss your experiences candidly.  Perhaps it's for that reason alone that so many who have come into union with their twins or are on that path, have gladly offered their guidance to others.

    One of the most fundamental questions I grappled with years ago is why God would do such a thing. Why would he separate us to begin with, if it was so hard to try and come back together?  Why would he inflict such pain?

    When I wrote "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls", I opened with one of the most fundamental questions humanity embraces today.  Have you ever wondered why we are constantly searching for our "other half", the perfect partner, or a close companion we can share our lives with?  In physical terms one could answer the question simply by stating opposites attract; it is the species that attracts male to female or female to male.  Yet even when we are in "relationship" with another, does that relationship truly make us feel whole?

    Twins know we are more than our physical bodies.  We are left with the fundamental question of "What is our original state of being?"  Are we physical bodies existing on the planet or are we spiritual beings inhabiting a body?

    Because this blog is entitled "A Twin Flame Story and Beyond" and I talk to dead people, I have to go with we are spiritual beings inhabiting a body.  So how did we come to be a "split" spiritual being?

    A few years ago, I had a magical thing happen.  I was sitting on my sofa when a text message came through.  I picked up my phone to see who it was and found a new text message only it was written on my phone as if I was the one that was going to send it. You can only imagine my surprise!  When I read the text it said "Put back together was was taken apart."  For years I wondered what that message could have meant.  My family, twins, did I break a vase somewhere and had to put it back together?

    Recently, I believe, I've found the answer to that question.  Not only the questioning of what I needed to put back together, but why God would separate twin flame soul mates to begin with.

    Throughout lifetimes we have existed on this planet.  Not only the human race, but the earth has experienced angels, demons, earth creatures and other gods as well.  We see the evidence in the buildings constructed in Egypt, the Mayan temples, and the inscriptions and writings we have found throughout history.  Strange pictographs are seen in many places dating back to thousands of years before Christ.

    Some of the materials that archaeologists have discovered have often boggled the minds of scientists and religious people.  We are struck with what we have come to know and the opportunity to discover what is.  In light of their discoveries, we can now piece together, or put back together what was taken apart for so long - our history.

    About 60,000 years ago, according to archaeologists, a series of tablets was written upon.  The tablets were a written history found in Sumer.  They described a story about the creation of the human race, using similar language to what is written in our bibles today.  These tablets, entitled the "Sumerian Texts", were apparently written by another form of life, other than our own.  The claim is that they were god-like beings who decided to take it upon themselves to create a race to help them "do their work."  All over the internet you'll find stories about these beings being our creator instead of God.  It is said that they wanted us to become a slave race to mine for gold for them.  They were called the "Annanaki."

    Most likely you've heard stories about the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.  Perhaps you've seen the structures built for them in Greece itself.  Doorways spanning to great heights, implying that these beings were quite tall in stature.

    There are stories about Atlantis and Lemuria, a great flood that swept the lands away.  And there are stories about what great powers all of these beings possessed, whether they be Zeus or Thoth, the great Atlantean.

    I recently looked into the Sumerian Texts.  I want to share with you what I feel actually happened to us that split our soul in half.

    Here are some quotes from the sixth tablet of the Sumerian Texts regarding our creation:

    "To their Tree of Life two branches have been added"

    "With procreating powers their life essences are now entwined!"

    "Let them freely roam, as one flesh let them know each other!"

    “Like two entwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated."

    "Arranged like twenty two branches on a Tree of Life were the essence."

    "The ability to procreate they did not include.” 

    In the beginning we were whole spiritual beings.  One complete soul.  The passages above describe separating our essence, our souls, into two:

    “Like two entwined serpents Ningishzidda the essence separated."

    "To their Tree of Life two branches have been added"

    Two branches, or two parts of our soul, were added to our tree of life.  They split our souls adding the ability to procreate by adding a male chromosome to one branch and a female chromosome to the other.  Instead of our original 22 chromosomes, we all now have 23.  The final chromosome being our gender of sex, X or Y.

    Yet, as the quotes above explain, we are still entwined.  We, as part of the same soul essence, indeed know each other as twin flame soul mates; we know each other by our essence.  The part of ourselves that lives deep inside of us and gives us that "knowing" that there is something about this other person, or another person, that can take us home and make us complete.  That's why we keep looking.  We all have a deep desire to be loved and to be loved completely- a desire to become "whole."

    We freely roam the earth; our twins can be found on another continent, a different country, state or nationality and our essence, or soul, is still entwined with that other half.  No matter what the distance, you can still feel and know there is another part of you that exists somewhere that will indeed complete you.

    es·sence : the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character.  synonyms: quintessence, soul, spirit, nature;

    Last, but not least, is another passage from these god like beings:

    "Enlil was strongly opposed to this idea, and for the first time we hear the Anunnaki refer to the ‘all mighty GOD’ as Enlil says: “Creation in the hands of the Father of All Beginning alone is held.”

    The god like being, Enlil, was opposed to what the other beings were doing.  "Creation", he said, lies in the hands of the Father.  These beings did not create us, they split us apart, creating another half of us.  Our creation always lied in the hands of God.  It was not God himself then that separated us.  It was them.  For me, I now know what was meant by the text message, "Put back together what was taken apart."  This was not part of God's plan for us.

    This being separate from our other half, is also seen in another writing by Thoth the Atlantean.  In the Emerald Tablets, which date back to about 12,000 years ago, he writes that the two will become one and that the one will become the all.  There were, as he said, "children of light", which still existed in the Halls of Amenti.  They, in their original form, were one being with a dual consciousness of both male and female.  This is our original form, and where we are going when we re-unite with our true "other half."

    As history moved on, Noah arrived on the scene.  The great flood enveloped the earth and with it many of our god like beings were taken with it.  Since that time our history has been written, re-written, and manipulated by churches and opinions.  As far as the original creation story of the bible, it still holds some truths.  There was a tree, temptation, and a rib was taken from Adam to create Eve.

    Some stories are changed as time goes on, but our true history and the truth of what is never does.

    Here are two depictions from the time of creation.  One is a painting of the original scene of Adam and Eve from the bible.  The other, a scene created on a tablet dating back to 800 years before the creation of the original Genesis story, found in Sumer, the place our "god-like" beings resided.

    Assyriologist George Smith (1840–1876) described the Adam and Eve seal as having two figures (male and female) on each side of a tree, holding out their hands to the fruit, while between the backs of the figures is a serpent, giving evidence that the Fall of man legend was known in early times of Babylonia. 

    If you read the text associated with the Temptation Seal, and look at the picture, you'll realize the two are reaching for the same tree.  It's because they are both connected to the same tree of life.   Each with a serpent behind them, the two entwined serpents are now separated in essence.


    Clearing the Four Lower Bodies

    In our discussions regarding twin flame soul mates, we've talked a lot about clearing the four lower bodies in order to reach our individual higher self.  Our lower bodies contain energies that have accumulated from this lifetime and prior lifetimes that need to be cleansed and released in order for our true divine light to shine through.  It is a purification process that allows us to come into union with our higher selves and then with our twin flames.

    Prior to this post, we referenced the material that was published with the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know". The movie followed the story of a young woman who re-lived her emotional experiences when the same types of triggers were presented to her.  The movie displayed and explained how these energies are actually activated within us and how emotional pathways, or ruts as the masters have called them, are created and re-lived.  To form a new pathway within us, we have to take the steps necessary to create new ideas, new feelings and new ways of being.

    There is another movie that I'd like to share which seems to compliment this same idea.  I think it will help many of us dive deep into the spaces we don't normally allow ourselves to.  Putting into perspective exactly how the events in our lives effect the rest of our lives.

    Here is a trailer from the movie "E-motion":

    Clips from "What the Bleep Do We Know":