Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston & Prince - Life after Death

Three musicians who have touched the world with their music and philanthropy have passed on in the last few years.  Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince all played a major role in contributing their work to the world.  Their music will always be remembered by billions of people every year, associating a song or lyrics to a time in their life when their music made an impact and inspired them in some way.

Even at our world's most painful hours, such as the terrorists attacks in Paris, people have come together singing songs like Michael Jackson's "Heal the World" and "We are the World".   It was also these artists who used their time here on earth to help children, bring about social change, and have used their voices to help others.

It was also during their lifetimes that these three individuals had to endure severe emotional pain and trauma for simply trying to bring their gift to the world.  Their royalties were stolen, song rights were transferred, loans were taken from future royalties without their knowledge, but for which they would be held responsible for.  None of these artists flanked the papers or our media with their heartbreaking stories.  Instead, we have read headline after headline about how each one of these artists amassed billions of dollars and because of their extravagant lifestyles, blew it all away.

For the public, the real story regarding their loss of income has yet to be made known.  It was not by the artists themselves that their fortunes have disappeared, it was by their managers, their lawyers and the companies who signed deals with them.  These are the people who report the headlines we see in today's papers.  These are the people who have profited from their deaths and these are the people responsible for their deaths.

Recent headlines regarding the Estates of these artists and the IRS have me wondering who and what some of these reporters are getting in return for what they report to the public.  Instead of making the public aware of the allegations, the facts, the fraud perpetuated on the artists, and the blatant and all too obvious fact that it is the Estates that have been and continue to profit from the singers themselves, I've read statement such as these:

"The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) is interested in their ability to continue to profit from the music industry through royalties, released music, unreleased music and the use of image."
 - Ashley L. Thompson Baker & Hostetler LLP

"The Whitney Houston estate said the IRS is in error by increasing the value of the singer's publicity rights from $11.5 million to $11.7 million. How the IRS came to its valuation is unclear, but this provides further evidence that the federal tax agency intends to pursue money from the name and image of dead stars."
- ERIQ GARDNER, The Hollywood Reporter

It should be all too obvious that it is the Estates themselves who have pursued money from the stars when they lived and after their deaths.  Reporting, by the way, that it was the artists, not them, that spent all their money.  Reporting that it was the artists who were addicts, and not these people who were pursuing their fortunes, that caused their own deaths.

If anyone in contentious enough to write an article now slandering the IRS for making money off the name and image of dead stars, it leads me to believe the people who are writing these statements are doing just that.  They are turning a blind eye on what should be obvious and turning the blame on someone else.  If that sounds familiar, it's because that's exactly what these crooked attorneys, managers, and some of these press outlets have done.  Blame someone else for what they have been guilty of themselves.

All of these artists were reported with foreclosures on their homes before their deaths.  All of them had reports about how they were extravagant spenders, who they were involved with romantically, what color their underwear was, and last but not least all the drugs they were so called "addicted" to. The truth is Michael Jackson was so "extravagant" that he was staying with friends because he didn't have a home to go to because his one time lawyer, now Estate administrator, took loans out on all of his musical catalogs and transferred his copyrights; even when he wasn't working for him.

The truth is Prince was not an "addict", nor was Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston's body was  "face down" in the bathtub she drown in - not face up as in an "accidental drowning by cause of an overdose".

These great musicians are not here to speak for themselves any longer.  And, quite frankly, I don't know if they would bother if they were here.  For as many charlatans and repulsive characters there seem to be in the "music business", it is an ongoing battle just to keep your sanity.

However, I will continue to speak on their behalf.  None of these people did or said anything to deserve the kind of treatment they received during their lifetimes and now during their deaths. That includes not only the press, but these lawyers who continue to make statements, continue to defend the fraudulent individuals and criminals who have stolen their Estates, and the courts that continue to cover up all of these illegal business transactions.

Our US court system was not designed to harbor criminals.  Yet we have seen death after death, Estate after Estate, all collecting on the royalties, brands, and other income streams from the deaths of individuals who were murdered.  Some "deals" just for the benefit of these Estates and the attorneys, whose absorbent fees are also included, have even been "expedited".  Our courts have blessed these criminals to continue their efforts.  Our "public service offices" are no longer serving the public, they serve the men who murder our musicians.

In issues like these, where there has been false press reported to the public, court corruption and a slandering of those who have died at that hand of another, there should be a mandated transparency by all forms of our government to stop and report these findings to the American people.

I have witnessed many things in my life, but to witness so many people that seem to be concerned only with how much money or attention they can get for what they want other people to believe, instead of the rights and compassion these individuals deserve, wears on my soul.  The idea that so many have gone to seek out control and dominate the headlines, other people, the rights of individuals and our artists, leads me to believe all is lost in my hope for mankind.  These are our governing organizations, our banks, the people who share the stories that effect the consciousness of both individuals and our history.  Never before have there been so many willing individuals to stake a claim at the cost of someone else.  Their continuance is not only a dishonor to our nation, but to God himself.  Don't worry about controlling mankind.  That's already been taken care of.  Your personage and your rights will no longer be warranted in due time.

I am unable to express the wealth of information I have been given from the other side.  Our lives do go on.  When people die they don't go away for ever.  They don't suddenly become all blissful and forget what was done to them.  When murder is committed, there must be healing.  It shames me to know that the charades continue even to this day, after all this time.  What rights do the people who loved those who were murdered have, when our courts deny them closure?  What rights do the people who were murdered, who had everything stolen from them before they passed have?

These artists made a difference in the lives of millions, if not billions of people.  It wasn't by their money, it was by their heart and their craft.  What was it that these artists wanted most during and after their lifetimes?  I can tell you that they wanted to help others.

To date, almost eight years after Michael Jackson's death, I have seen only one charitable contribution made by the Estate of Michael Jackson.  It was for $1000.

I have seen many, however, reports and interviews with Estate executive, John Branca and attorney Howard Weitzman and their claims on how much money they have made.  There is no part of his Estate that I have seen going to the charities that were supposedly outlined in the 2002 will submitted and accepted by the LA courts.  If Michael Jackson had a will in 2002, you can bet he had another one in 2009.  When wills go missing, so does the money and people behind them.

Michael Jackson and Prince had wills, trusts and plans for their deaths.  When people write about them leaving this earth without those plans in place and blame the artists, again, they fail to take into account the reality of what has transpired.  At the very least, their wishes to ensure continuing support to children's charities and support other artists and their careers should be granted.  Yet the continuance of the public disrespect by planting false stories about these artists and aggressive grabs for money make even their last wishes dismal.  What all of these people have done to these artists, whether by printing a false story or perpetuating the lies, and the people who stand and watch is irrevocable.  I'm sure that's a word the attorneys can understand.