Being Together with a Twin Flame - Union or Chaos?

I've met a lot of people since I first started this blog.  I was so very surprised to find out that so many people were aware of the twin flame relationship at first.  Then I began to see that many are still searching for their flame or simply waiting for their flame to "wake up".

I remember many years ago wondering what it would take to come together with my flame, why we were not uniting as I thought we "should" and asking myself what else could I possibly need to learn to come together with this one great love.

I couldn't see what the truth about it was.  I could feel him within me, even talk to him, but still my thoughts played out the drama of being apart.  I saw lessons in my life, the hard ones, like people abandoning me, backstabbers, cheats and users, losing a child, and facing demons and I don't mean just metaphorically.  So what else was it that I needed to do to come into union with this most precious part of myself?  I thought many of you might be asking the same thing, so today we thought it a good time to write about it.

I have to write from my experience, and so when Michael died I thought so did our connection.  That sometime later in life I would die too, and then we would be joined again.  Still at that time I did not realize that the connection I was seeking I had all along.  We humans tend to think in physical terms, that we should be united physically, but this isn't the case with flames.  It is a "soul" connection.  One that never leaves you, just one you will eventually "discover" within yourself.

Michael stayed for a year or so before Elizabeth Taylor passed.  It was then that she came forward to help Michael to come forward to say what he was here for.  It wasn't to help with his murder, it wasn't to help to even change the world, he was here to help me.  Twin flames spur each other into union.  They present opportunity for the other to grow and they maintain a connection throughout all of time.  I'd like to say we are in perfect union, but we are not.  We are still growing and still discovering much about our own patterns in life and how much we never even realized we needed to learn.

Society is used to ordering fast food with immediate gratification.  Twin flames aren't like a side of fries.  Michael would say you have to let it "simmer" for a long time.  See how it looks, if it's safe to move forward and most importantly, see how it feels.  It's for this reason that many flames wait to come together physically.  If you still have this unfinished business within yourself you could most certainly have a relationship of chaos instead of learning.  It could be one of the most damaging relationships you have ever experienced. Being apart and knowing of the connection, however, helps you to grow.  For here your thoughts are not on a "physical" relationship as you now know it and think it "should" be, it is on the divine perfection within the other.  So here too, will be your thoughts.  The journey with the flame now becomes one in companionship and love and not held by the physical boundaries and messed up thinking and patterns in our lives that we all seem to have at this time.  This is what makes it special and unique, sacred and mysterious.  Given the choice of a quick side of fries or a slow and simmered porterhouse steak, I'd have to say I'd wait for the latter.  You can never rush perfection.


Family Matters - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As we start today our thoughts are with Katherine and the children as they begin a lengthy battle in court with AEG.  My hope is that you too will offer prayers for their well being and safety.  When I reflect on Michael's life I see how our childhoods have played such a large part in our current situations.  I thought the following was appropriate for today. It has been contributed anonymously:

"When we speak of our families most of us paint a flowery picture of loving parents wanting to be there for their children.  Most often we see images of Thanksgiving dinner with family seated around the table and enjoying a meal.  Most families, however, have only glimpses of these "picture perfect" moments.  For life itself is not perfect and so the family unit is often dysfunctional and sometimes even destroyed.

I have had glimpses of my family life while living away from home.  I have come to realize that all that I had thought about what a family "should be" is not.  All that I would like one to be is somehow diminished by the reality.  I have spent my life wearing rose colored glasses trying to see in the people that I love the most what I wanted to see instead of who they truly were.  I made excuses for them, tried to be kind so they would like me and pretended to be something and someone I thought they wanted me to be.  In the end I failed everyone, including myself and my own children.  Allowing others, including my own family to trample over my very soul damaged even the brightest light living inside of me.

How many of us live in these lies?  We offer stories to cover the abuse, the insensitivities and stay in situations that damage and abuse our very souls.  We explain our behavior by telling ourselves "it's family", when most often it is the family that is sometimes the most damaging.  In some cases they have groomed children to become subservient and obey.  As they grow into adulthood they are ingrained with that behavior.  The individual may have grown up on the outside, but on the inside, he is still a child.  Obedient to those around him because that is what he has been taught.

This leaves little room for discrimination and opens the door to further abuse.  Masking the truth and putting on rose colored glasses, denying that you may have problems with members of your family does not make them go away.  We must confront them head on knowing that they are only people too, that the one thing that ties you to them is only your longing for what you wish them to be and sometimes not for who they are.  The DNA strands that you share are the same DNA strands that tie you and I together.  If we find we can not be treated with respect and loved by our own family, we can always find another connected family in others."


Do You Have an Imaginary Friend? A Story about Kurt Cobain

A good friend recently wrote me about a suicide note Kurt Cobain wrote before he died.  It was addressed to "Boddah" his imaginary friend.  I too had an imaginary friend growing up. Or at least I thought.  It turned out to be Michael Jackson.  There is a space inside of us all that is connected to a greater, grander source from which we came.  Should we turn our attention within long enough, we become sensitive to our connections.  Our thoughts and emotions can be heard and felt and a sense of profound connectivity begins to shape our beliefs and lives.

We live in a three dimensional world.  A world which has taught us that money, fame, and the things that are "outside" of ourselves are the things that "should" make us happy.  When you read this letter below, you'll find that Kurt Cobain had all these things.  The one thing he was missing was within him the whole time.  He just failed to see it because humanity failed to point it out.  This is what the Man in the Mirror PROJECT is all about.  Finding your authentic self.  For when you do, your entire universe will change and you'll begin to notice it's not just your man you see in the mirror, it's me too.

To Boddah

Speaking from the tongue of an experienced simpleton who obviously would rather be an emasculated, infantile complain-ee. This note should be pretty easy to understand.
All the warnings from the punk rock 101 courses over the years, since my first introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and the embracement of your community has proven to be very true. I haven't felt the excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and writing for too many years now. I feel guity beyond words about these things.
For example when we're back stage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins., it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the the love and adoration from the crowd which is something I totally admire and envy. The fact is, I can't fool you, any one of you. It simply isn't fair to you or me. The worst crime I can think of would be to rip people off by faking it and pretending as if I'm having 100% fun. Sometimes I feel as if I should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out on stage. I've tried everything within my power to appreciate it (and I do,God, believe me I do, but it's not enough). I appreciate the fact that I and we have affected and entertained a lot of people. It must be one of those narcissists who only appreciate things when they're gone. I'm too sensitive. I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasms I once had as a child.
On our last 3 tours, I've had a much better appreciation for all the people I've known personally, and as fans of our music, but I still can't get over the frustration, the guilt and empathy I have for everyone. There's good in all of us and I think I simply love people too much, so much that it makes me feel too fucking sad. The sad little, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man. Why don't you just enjoy it? I don't know!
I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who reminds me too much of what i used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm. And that terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can't stand the thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker that I've become.
I have it good, very good, and I'm grateful, but since the age of seven, I've become hateful towards all humans in general. Only because it seems so easy for people to get along that have empathy. Only because I love and feel sorry for people too much I guess.
Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters and concern during the past years. I'm too much of an erratic, moody baby! I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away.
Peace, love, empathy.
Kurt Cobain
Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your alter.
Please keep going Courtney, for Frances.
For her life, which will be so much happier without me.


Michael Jackson - A Twin Soul's Story: *SPECIAL Announcement* - Man in the Mirror PROJECT...

Michael Jackson - A Twin Soul's Story: *SPECIAL Announcement* - Man in the Mirror PROJECT...: I am pleased and delighted to announce a special PROJECT aimed at getting you the information you need to become whole.  When Michael was l...

*SPECIAL Announcement* - Man in the Mirror PROJECT Online EVENT!

I am pleased and delighted to announce a special PROJECT aimed at getting you the information you need to become whole.  When Michael was living his biggest passion was to heal the world.  He formed several organizations like Heal the World and Heal the Kids.  Both were aimed at educating people into a better way of living.

Man in the Mirror PROJECT is focused on the same idea.  In order to heal our world, we must begin with healing ourselves.  Twin Souls have a special place in this, for when you heal yourself you will begin to break down the layers of tar built up over lifetimes, expose your light and then be drawn into union with your higher self and true other half.  

We have been posting periodic Man in the Mirror posts, but now we are going to offer you some MAJOR tools through a six week online event.  The event will consist of several classes a week in what my partner in crime, Maurie D Pressman, MD calls "Looking through the Mirror Mind".   "We are on Jacob's Ladder, ascending and descending in company with the angels".

I hope you join us on this exciting and once in a lifetime offer of compassion and knowledge.  The lessons will be based on Dr Pressman's latest book "Living in the SUPERMIND".  We are all searching for our true divine natures, our purpose in life.  I hope that you will use this opportunity to open your mind and heart to the possibilities of our human potential.  

Class dates to be announced soon.  Class Price:  Free (Just help spread the news and love!!)

Maurie D Pressman, MD can be heard on TAO The Art of Living Well blog talk radio tomorrow, Thursday April, 25, 2013 at 10 am


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Reinventing the Wheel

What do you think of when I say "reinvent the wheel?"  Is there an image of trying to recreate what

has already been done?  If there isn't, there should be.

How many times in our lives do we struggle with the same issues never realizing the part we have played in creating the same environment for our struggle?  We tell ourselves it is beyond our control, there is a grander plan or a struggle of egos.  Many times, however, it is our inability to see what we have done to prolong the situation.  Is it your need for approval that leads you to think that you need to put up with unhealthy people and patterns?  Maybe it's your need for acceptance or sometimes even the need to be "right".

Many of the repetitious cycles that we repeat in our lives are of our own creation.  We enter into the same situations with the same type of people, reinventing our "wheels" so to speak every time.  It's almost like having the same dream over and over again.  You'll have it, til you "get it".  So if there is a situation in your life that seems to keep repeating itself, take a step back and see what it might be.  Look at your own dynamics and how you view the situation.  Inquire about how you feel about the situation, then ask yourself how you could have handled it differently or how you can feel differently about the situation now and in the future.  Pretty soon you will realize, you don't have to reinvent the wheels in your life, you most often can let them roll right out of your life all on their own.


Another Part of Me is NOW available on Audio . . for FREE!

I am very excited to announce that the book Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls is now available on audio.  If you're like me, sometimes it's hard to find the time to read and audio books can be listened to in the car, while you're jogging, painting, almost anywhere!

Audible.com, the company who has published it is currently having a special for two free books when you use their service.  This includes mine! So if you've been waiting, now is the time to act.

Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls recounts my life and how it intertwined with the life of Michael Jackson.  We are all connected at a soul level, yet we often act as if we are not.  There has been little evidence brought to the public on twin souls and most often when evidence of spiritual connections, ghosts, and even past lives are brought to the light they are viewed with much skepticism.  Those that have had similar experiences can gain validation.  Those without the experience either hold the possibility or discount the experience because of their own.
There is a deeper part of us all that holds the true possibility of the potential of mankind.  One that tells us we are creators, one that shows us we are love.

My hope is that you trace this book.  Look up and validate the information given and let my story become part of your experience.  It's about Michael Jackson, my life, the Brotherhood of Light and the leader in the advancement of a human race, Saint Germain.  All things lead to Paris in this discovery of a lineage of souls brought here to help change the consciousness of humanity.  What do you believe?  Past lives?  Ghosts?  Do you believe you can know someone you have never met or have you ever wondered what that de'je vu feeling was when you know something is going to happen before it does?  Or maybe you just wonder what Michael said happened after he died.
It's all here waiting to be discovered!

A special thanks to April Grace Lowe and Craig Jessen for their beautiful narrations!



Sexuality and the Twin Flame Union

The following is a follow up on the information translated from Finland:

"There are two levels in sexuality, the human level and the soul level. In the human level only the lower chakras are being joined together. Sexual connection on the soul level can happen even across different worlds because one does not necessarily need a physical body for it. Two people can feel becoming one soul and one human being. This brings good vibrations which drive away lower energies, it has been said that it is even more effective than a group of meditating people! If your twin flame is in another dimension, you must first make sure that it really is your twin flame because there are many different “beings” between different worlds. The connection between the flames builds a bridge in the cosmos between these two worlds and helps bring light to the universe. It has even been said that impregnation can happen from this kind of connection between two different worlds and for example Jesus Christ was created this way. There have also been a few others in the history of mankind who were born this way. They are called the sons of God. 

How we perceive sexuality is not always about a connection to something that is outside, because there is a man and a woman in all of us and in the new era those two will have to become equally strong. One can for example ponder on how the man in you wants to love the woman in you and recognize your inner man and woman. For example after the inner man becomes equally strong in a woman the sacred female, the goddess, can emerge from her. The sacred female in us needs a safe surrounding that supports it before it can emerge and blossom. In the new times we are stepping into a feminine era and that is why the male energy must become stronger and find love and wholeness in our society.

Sexuality is not only about being always active because platonic feelings are also a part of it. We must find our own basic rhythms. If we don’t listen to the rhythms of our body we will feel like an outsider and sexuality will seem like it is something that is very mechanical and like a performance. When you have found your own rhythm, it is important to listen to that rhythm also when you are with someone because then both of your rhythms will make beautiful music together. There are different levels of love, for example friendship love can join ten people together but romantic love is always something between two people who form a symbiosis in their relationship and that way they also form a relationship channel through which they can send light to the universe."

Thank you once again Riikka for this wonderful contribution!


More from Finland on Twin Flame Soul Mates

The following are excerpts from one of our readers from Finland who was so very kind in helping us bring this to you by translating what she has learned about twin flames in Finland:

Thank you Riikka!!

"Before we can connect to our divine counterpart, we must first realize that we ourselves are whole and we do not need anything from the outside, because many times we tend to be in relationships where we are looking for light outside of us and we become dependent on the other person."

This is why we look for relationships most often to begin with - someone to make us happy.  Instead of looking for happiness in ourselves we look for someone else to make us happy.  Most often we are disappointed.  How can someone else make us happy if we don't know how to make ourselves happy to begin with?

"Most of our relationships are about addiction or karma. When we don’t know what a relationship truly is about and what it really means we only attract relationships of addiction which are about fear of losing the other. We must recognize these relationships that do not support the path of light and release them. One cannot earn love, one must surrender to love. True love is not about chains. In true love you can be apart from the other and let the other be free without the feelings of jealousy. But on the other hand, divine love calms you down and you no longer have the need to rush anywhere. When you are with your other half, you are home. When we meet our divine relationship we still try to change it into a relationship of addiction because that is the only familiar form of a relationship that we know of. The true divine relationship is not about addiction and that is why you can feel totally happy even when the other is far away and you don't  feel a need for the other person, just longing in its purest form because you remember all the good times you have shared together."

The Man in the Mirror Project begins to break these patterns in relationships down.  What is inside ourselves that draw us to certain people?  Becoming conscious of patterns like this allows us to peel away the layers of karma and open up to true divine love.

"Karma can prevent the two flames coming together and that is why one needs to send love and light to purify that karma. When you have a divine relationship in balance and harmony within yourself first, you can start manifesting that relationship to the outer world. Being in a twin flame relationship brings you so many blessings because you also start attracting abundance into other areas of your life if you only let it happen. A twin flame relationship holds a key for abundance in life in general."

Has anyone seen the movie or read the book "The Secret"?  This is our divine right.  To put into motion the right to create ourselves.  What a better way to create abundance than to access the source itself.  This is about reclaiming the right of who we truly are - divine beings, not the thoughts in our heads and who we believe we are.

"It has been said that even the ascended masters are still waiting for the manifestation of this divine relationship. This kind of a relationship is about meeting a person who is like a mirror or a counterpart to you and that is why your interaction brings constant healing energy to both of you. When you see yourself in the other person you become healed from that same place and you are also healing the other from that place as well. This kind of a relationship is always about serving and you have a common mission of the soul. There is also telepathy and a connection of the heart. We are all practicing this divine relationship in our other relationships and so we are walking towards this last divine relationship which at the same time is our path to ascension." 

Each relationship we enter into will bring us lessons to learn about ourselves.  Use them as opportunities to do what Jesus himself has said to do "Know Yourself".  It is then that you can begin to get closer to the true light within you and connect with your flame - whether they are on this side of the veil or the other.


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT: What do you believe?

When I ask the question "What do you believe?" what comes to your mind?  Maybe your thoughts go
to believing in ghosts or believing a story about a situation or person, but the kind of believing I'm talking about is more personal.  What do you believe about yourself?

Many of us think we know ourselves and what we believe in.  We might say we believe that we are  spiritual, we believe we are loyal, we are a "good" person.  What happens, however, when we ask ourselves what we believe about ourselves in this very moment?  When we stop time and consciously move into the moment we get to act as our own witness to what is transpiring within.  We can take stock of the feelings within us and name them, we can observe the thoughts running through our heads and ask ourselves why, and more importantly we can gauge what beliefs we have in this moment that lead us to this moment in time.

Taking a snapshot of the present can even help us release our past.  What have we brought into this moment that is no longer valid?  Is the fact that I forgot my keys this morning something I need to have in this present moment?  Or even more importantly, perhaps is it important to hang onto the feelings of worthlessness you may have had when a parent or friend discarded you from their life.

The more often we stop and become present, asking ourselves what we believe in the moment, the more apparent our most subconscious beliefs will be made known to us.  Today try and do just that.  At any given time in your day, stop and ask "What do I believe in this moment?" and see what transpires.


Magical Tree - A Guided Visualization Story

**Our hearts and prayers are with the victims of the Boston bombings this morning.  As we think of these people and others around the world that are victims of violence brought by another, may we offer a prayer of healing for their bodies, minds and souls.  In gratitude may we realize the beauty and fragility of our lives and those around us, cherishing ourselves and them in love for the moments we have them.  Today is a gift.**

Magical Tree

I sat at the base of a towering, sparkling, magical tree.   It towered above me and glistened in the sun.  It's leaves looked as though they were silver, sparkling butterflies as they danced in the slight wind and the reflections of light played on them from the sun.  The outreach of it's branches encompassed over head like a protective umbrella and the beams of light danced around me and my feet as they playfully peeked through the leaves.  I felt a rush of delight then felt a pulsing coming from the tree as my back pressed against it.  I closed my eyes.  It was the heart of the tree.  A heart that had a song that only the birds could hear.  It was then that they joined in with their song from the nearby trees, while a blue heron came to sit on mine.  "What are you doing here?" I asked.  "Why I have come to sing with the tree.  Isn't that why you are here?"

I thought for a moment.  "Not really." I said "I never knew trees could sing."  The bird looked at me in surprise "You never knew a tree could sing?!  Why that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  All of life is music.  The trees, the leaves, the wind, even the ocean.  Creation itself started with a song called OM.  Why it's the sound of the universe itself."

I was surprised.  I had never heard of the music of life before.  "How can I sing with the tree?" I asked. "First" he said "you must find your own song".  "How do I do that?" I asked in wonderment.  "You must be like the tree", he said.  "Be still and grounded.  Allow light to dance within and around you.  Let your thoughts be a gentle wind, dancing like butterflies in your mind.  Soon you will hear your song and then you can tune in with the song of the tree, our song, and the song of the entire universe."

I sat for a moment and tried to be still remembering the words of the wise bird.  I felt the base of my spine tingle and connect somehow, instinctively feeling the roots of the tree beneath my bottom.  I listened.

I began to hear the sound of my childhood.  Children were laughing and playing and I felt my heart grow lighter.  "This must be how my music can be heard" I thought.  I waited and soon I let my imagination take my thoughts like the gentle wind on the wings of butterflies.  I soared through the air and flew over the mountains.  I climbed a tree and whispered sweet nothings in a sweet girls ear.  Pretty soon my heart was so full of light I began to hear it's pulse.  The song of my heart was released and I understood the words of the bird at last.  The magical tree stood there to remind me that it was all I needed to do to find my own music.   God has placed magical trees all around us.   They stand in testament as silent witnesses and symbols of our strength within.
"Just when the caterpillar thought its world
was over it became a butterfly"

When you see one today, remind yourself of it's magic and when you do, let the thoughts in your mind become like butterflies and let them dance and play until the magical song within you is released into the universe and we all begin to sing our song together.

The blue heron - "Heron links two worlds: the waters of life—the Unconscious, and the air—the realm of the conscious mind. He feeds on fishes, which symbolize the treasures of the Unconscious mind: spiritual nourishment for the Seeker. Yet he is also a creature of the Earth, so he is a grounding influence for people who spend too much time in their minds and who are called to ‘fish’ in the waters of the unconscious."


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Negative Forces and Adversity

Mother with twin flame soul mate Sri Aurobindo
Many of us have gone through life and sometimes we find ourselves in difficult situations with people,
circumstances and sometimes even with negative spirits.  Did I say all that in the same sentence?  Yes I did!

When we find ourselves in such situations it is always the same ideas that keep us there.  What are your thoughts at the time?  How did your thoughts contribute to the current situation and what are the circumstances of your thinking that keep you there?

Many years ago I found myself wondering if exorcism, the catholic term for expelling a demon or negative spirit, was real.  My question was "Can a negative spirit actually take possession of a person?"  I found my answer by coming face to face with a negative spirit.  It seems a negative spirit can take possession of someone, but as you may have noticed from exorcism even shown on the television the one ingredient necessary for their expulsion or entry is consent of the person they possess.

Consent can take many forms.  It doesn't have to be actually stating "Ok, yeah I guess you can have my body for a while" or in other situations "Sure.  Go ahead and take advantage of my generosity." or "Let me do all the housework while you lay there and watch tv again."  Most often it is more subtle and unconscious.   Our consent can be because we feel guilty about something and want to make up for it; It could be because somewhere we feel we "deserve" it or even that we may feel that it really is what we need to have in our lives to make us learn our lesson, but refuse to acknowledge it.  Really digging deep into our feelings and thoughts, will allow us to reveal the real reason it is there.

Maurie Pressman, M.D. wrote in his book "Living in the Supermind" about attacks from adverse forces.  In it, he quotes a very notable twin flame soul mate called Mother, the twin flame of Sri Aurobindo.  She is quoted as saying:

"Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable; you have to take them as tests on your way and go courageously through the ordeal.  The struggle may be hard, but when you come out of it, you have gained something, you have advanced a step.  There is even a necessity for the existence of the hostile forces.  They make your determination stronger, your aspiration clearer.

It is true, however, that they exist because you gave them reason to exist.  So long as there is something in you which answers to them, their intervention is perfectly legitimate.  If nothing in you responded, if they had no hold upon any part of your nature, they would retire and leave you."

So while there may or may not be negative spirits in your life, there may be negative situations or people.  For either, however, the reason for them being there is the same.  For in any of these situations it is that something that is within us that has ultimately given consent for it being there. Like the old saying goes "I cannot control what you do, but I can control how I react to what you do."  Learning about ourselves then and what is within us that allows the situation to bother us to begin with is the only way truly to send it on its way.


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Love; the Light of the World

Most often in life we view love as something exchanged by a man and a woman.  We love our children, we might even love our dog or cat, but true love encompasses more than that.  It is the fabric that holds together our very existence.

Loving life may not need to mean that you enjoy everything you do, but perhaps you appreciate all that is brought to your life as a "gift".  Suppose the love that is shown to you by someone opening the door for you is appreciated in "love".  The little smile that the grocery store clerk throws in your direction is appreciated in "love" or the newly formed buds on the trees are appreciated in "love".

Love is not only a feeling or a longing.  Love is life itself.  When we see something in "love" our hearts are literally warmed.  Inside we feel the warmth radiate our being and for a moment in time we are the light in the world.  The entire universe pauses in appreciation and joy.  Love is found everywhere.  In the trees we admire, the flowers that bloom, in children playing and in the joy you feel in laughter or song. When we appreciate the rhythm and pulse of love beneath the everyday beauty and joy, we begin to foster it within ourselves.  Our attention begins to focus on love and the transformation of light begins within us.  We begin to become the light of the world.

Twin flames when joined are in this field of love, for the atoms themselves that join them back together are formed from love.  The love then is amplified and the union of their soul ignites an explosion in light.  They too become the "Light of the World."

This weekend take time to appreciate in "love" all that you see.  The little smile of a child or the budding of a tree.  Notice how it makes you feel, then notice the slight pause and the delight of the universe itself  already within you applauding your love for the world.  Use this love within you to express it through showing it to others in healing and compassion to help change our world.


Michael Jackson 's "Story"

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Michael Jackson.  His parents were Jehovah Witness and his siblings showed him the classic signs of sibling rivalry.  His childhood was taken away with
work and dedication to a craft that made him one of the most famous musicians in the world  - a world wide entertainer.  People came from all parts of the country just to catch a glimpse of him.  The stages he performed on were often flanked with screaming, idolizing fans and the people he met were enamoured at the meeting of someone so famous.

His life was ordinary in the world of Michael Jackson, but to the outside world it was morbidly different.  He looked different, he acted different and he said things "normal" people didn't say.  He quoted the bible and Jesus, he often played with children and laughed at slumber parties as if he was a child himself.  Sometimes he would peek his head up and look out toward the rest of the world.  He would see poverty, depression and devastation.  Pain, turmoil and wickedness in the hearts of some men.  The man, Michael would wonder why they didn't understand that to change the world they had to change themselves - that they too had to become like children and begin to understand the wonder of life and not look at all the pain.  "Where is this world headed?" he wondered, and "what can I do?".  He thought very hard and spent many hours and nights praying for the truth to be told to him, when one night an angel appeared to him.  She was dressed all in white and had the most glittery smile he had ever seen.  "Where did you come from?" he exclaimed.  "I've come from the heavens to answer your prayers", she said.  "If you are here to answer my prayers does that mean the world will change?" "No", the angel responded, "but you can start it today".  "How?" Michael asked.  "By becoming the change you wish to see."

The man Michael thought for a moment "become the change I wish to see...I know what I want to see.  I want to see happy children playing, loving parents and time being spent together.  Good quality time, not a walk in the park, but a swing on the swings and a go on the teeter totter"  He got his things together and called in some people to help.  He formed a company called "Heal the World Foundation".  This was his mission; what was in his heart.  The entertainer Michael Jackson was not Michael Jackson the man.  Michael Jackson the man was human, he had a heart and he wanted change.  His life was not in vein, for the change he made in the world spurred a great number of his fans to make change too.  The angel was right.  By becoming the change he wished to see in the world, he could truly start to heal it.

Won't you start today too?


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Happy Baby

Sometimes in our lives we feel pain so much that we lash out at others in an attempt to give it away.  We try to cover it up by blaming it on something other than what brought it about to begin with.  Most often it is a loss of love, a burning separation or a diluted sense of self that really bring us to our knees.  When children feel pain they cry.  When adults feel pain they hide.  Even from themselves.

Crying openly in adulthood is considered "childish".  We view it as a weakness and so most of us, even some parents will actually come out and tell their children not to cry.  If that is the right thing to do, however, then why do babies cry?  Isn't it the bodies natural response to the release of pain?

When we are dealing with clearing out stuck energies in our four lower bodies, the body of emotions is most often the one that holds the most built up energy.  It is here that all of our fears, abandonment issues, wounds, and longings are held.  When we don't allow ourselves to cry, to feel the real pain that we refuse to acknowledge it gets buried in this body and we carry it around for years to come.  Pain is difficult to face.  Facing it head on, however, and for what it is allows us to release it.  Perhaps it is a simple misunderstanding of the facts that is really the case.  For when most pain occurs it is directed only at ourselves unknowingly.  We literally internalize it and when we do we build up our dirty emotional bodies and carry it around with us.  The light then, is not able to shine through and true joy and love is diminished.

Love and joy abound in a bouncy baby rolling around on the floor giggling at the delight of capturing her toes.  Can you imagine an adult rolling around the floor delighting in the same?  Yoga has a pose called "happy baby", however, most often when I look around the room, I don't see many people with smiling gazes on their face.

Practicing love and joy is much like practicing happy baby.  Everything you see should be magical.  Every simple thing you learn should bring you delight.  The mere sight of a puppy or the lick of their tongue might even bring you a giggle or two.

We are most often very good at feeling pain and hiding it, pretending we don't feel it when we do.  We ignore it's presence with the reasoning that if we don't think about it, it won't hurt anymore.  That's not true.  Today decide to be like a happy baby.  Let yourself cry and release your stored up pain, then allow yourself to delight in the playfulness of life.


AEG THREATENED - Conspiracy Theories

Some news stations are reporting news about "conspiracy theories" from Jackson fans.  I understand how the media would want to think that the fans have a fascination with Michael Jackson and want to dramatize his death and not allow themselves to think that Michael could have killed himself.
It certainly would look that way wouldn't it?  I remember back in 1993 I too thought Michael Jackson was guilty of child molestation.  He had the background, he spent time with children and every news station reported how strange he was and how guilty he "looked".  I found out differently and the truth was revealed that it was about money and the use of the media only furthered the efforts and fueled the mainstream thinking that Michael was guilty.  Besides, what great ratings right?  The biggest star in the world accused of one of the most horrendous crimes.  Isn't that what we value most?  The dollar and not the man?
Who was it that said that Satan himself is the master of illusion?  That we should never judge a book by it's cover or judge a person by the way they "look"?  The inside story is often far different than the way a situation is made to look.  Narcissists and people who intentionally wish to deceive others, intentionally plant things to do it.  The bad boss takes credit for the work YOU did.  The abusive partner makes it look like they have YOUR best interests in mind by telling everyone how much they adore you when at the same time they are abusing you.  Most times they have weaved a web so nicely by planting the nice words and pictures of grandeur about how great of a person THEY are people think it's crazy when you begin to tell them the truth.  How could such a "nice" person do such a thing?
This story is no different.  Michael Jackson is being painted as a drug abuser responsible for his own death.  I won't go so far as to say Michael did not have a drug problem.  I have seen him shoot needles in his arm myself.  However, he did not shoot the needle into his arm that killed him.  There is a BIG difference there.
Astrologically I am a scorpio and by nature we are investigative.  When Michael told me about what happened I asked him repeatedly if he was sure he didn't do something himself and was in denial.  Was he sure that it was a conspiracy and someone intentionally wanted to kill him.  "I'm positive" was his answer.  I would not have even started this blog if I DIDN'T think there was a conspiracy and let me just reiterate - I was never in denial or had star struck eyes for Michael Jackson.  I saw him as a person, not a pop star.  
So what DID Michael say?  When he died he said two sentences:  "Someone gave me a shot and everything went black.  I didn't kill myself."
Why would someone say they didn't kill themselves unless there was someone who was trying to make it look like they did?  Case and point - the conspiracy theories are NOT just theories.  They are a FACT.  
The catalog which he was referencing to me as the thing that was being sought after was being transferred at the US Copyrights office back in 1995.  Document Number V3142P354 states a title defined as "(I took an) overdose & 777 other titles (Part 002 of 004)"  Interesting title isn't it?
How convenient for them to make it look like Michael took an overdose himself and skate off with all of his assets.
Further, I mentioned AEG in yesterday's post.  That they didn't want the cameras in the courtroom because obviously there would be information leaked out about how Michael was truly treated.  This morning it was reported that:
"News agencies requested that cameras be allowed in the court. The motion was supported by the Jackson family.
No Cameras in Courtroom
AEG's attorneys argued that televising the trial could draw large numbers of Jackson supports to the courthouse which could be threatening to witnesses.
Under California law, the decision to allow cameras during a trial is completely up to the judge in the case. Judge Yvette Palazuelos ruled last week there would be no cameras and did not give a reason for her decision."
In this case I do agree.  AEG SHOULD feel threatened that large numbers of Jackson supporters will be drawn to the courthouse and THEY should feel threatened.  The irony is what is said will eventually be made public even without the cameras.  


** A Special Request **

As some may be aware, the Jackson family will be headed to court soon.  Michael's children will be
involved in the court proceedings.  Any court case is very trying, however, this particular case is very heated for adults let alone children who lost their father.  The attorneys and executives at AEG have been brutal and have no regard for the feelings or welfare of Michael's children.  I suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise by the way they treated Michael himself.

This is an unfair and hurtful thing for the Jackson children to endure.  I don't believe it is fair for anyone to "judge" their involvement, however, and the fact remains that this is what is occurring and they must deal with the cards that they have been dealt.

Personally I can already feel the stress of this event upon them and would like to ask for your assistance in holding within your hearts the wish for the truth to be revealed as well as prayers for protection and support for the Jackson children at this time.  Your prayers for strength, courage and conviction would be most appreciated.

For Prince and Paris, if your father would tell you anything right now it would be these three things:

1.  Live your truth
2.  Never give up
3.  Keep your faith

You are loved more than you know.


The Twin Ray

If you are like me, you might have had or still have some kind of "disconnect" when it comes to the spiritual world.  For many years it seemed almost unfathomable that such things would exist.  We are, after all, not taught about the seemingly illusive world.  We are kept with the beliefs and patterns of what we have been told.

It is in fact this very reason that so many of us have stayed so far from our truth.  Our origins about who we are have been manipulated over and over again by those who wish to gain the upper hand.  They may be likened to men, spirits, demons, or even just negative thought forms who continue to permeate the minds and consciousness of mankind.  What enters your mind, the mind enters.  Even watching television, the news or listening to the radio allows the consciousness to receive information.  If you are listening intently perhaps you might question the validity, but if not it permeates you and you believe it - after all it was on the news, or I read it  . . in a book.

So here we are left in a world that has groomed us to be intellectual based on the intellect of what others want us to believe instead of trusting our own instincts and finding our own greatness in the wholeness of the one that we are.  We are lonely, stressed, fatigued and disheartened never knowing that it is the separation from source that leaves us to feel this way.

Raising our consciousness, being mindful of what we choose to believe and do in our lives helps us to come back to our center.  We begin to know and feel we have another part of ourselves that is just like us.  They believe what we do, feel about things the way we do.  We instinctively know that this other person "must" exist somewhere.  The term we most often use is "soul mate".  Sometimes it may be even a "twin flame soul mate" or a "twin soul".  We refer to another part of ourselves that mirror what we think, feel, and are.  But there is another twin that few have stepped out of the box to talk about - the twin ray.

Most often when we talk about the twin soul relationship we collectively imagine a picture of the yin yang symbol.  Both a black and white half with a spot of either white or black in the corresponding half.  Twin Rays, however, are a different sort.

I have often heard the "twin ray" term used interchangeably with the term "twin flame".  They are not the same.  This untruth is simply a misunderstanding of the words handed down by the masters.  In a world of unending creations, how could we ever think we as mere humans, still separate in our identities, have come directly from source.  We have to make our way back gradually and in time, for we have fallen from source for a very long time.

Saint Germain's twin "flame" is Portia who
resembles the lady above - Lady Liberty, who
stands for FREEDOM (the twin ray quality) and is also
endowed with  SEVEN RAYS upon her crown. 
So what is this next octave of light called the twin ray?  If my twin flame group consists of seven with the ray being at the center it may stand to reason that the flame group itself came from the center central sun or ray.  Imagine a central sun emitting rays to a flower with six petals, creating three sets of male and female twin flames.  They have all been created by the same source or ray.  As such this soul group will also embody the qualities of the ray it was created from.   The light is drawn from an Ascended Master's Octave and as such will have one of the seven attributes of the seven rays of the seven masters that serve on these rays currently. This is our earth octave, so you can liken these seven areas to the seven chakras and corresponding work that we need to do on them for our ascension into a higher consciousness.

The ray of my group is from the ascended master Saint Germain. Saint Germain serves on the seventh ray, the violet ray, of freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy and transmutation. He is the sponsor of the United States of America and the hierarch of the age of Aquarius, who comes bearing the gift of the violet flame for world change. I then, as well as my other flames, embody these same attributes. Together our service will be for the same: freedom, alchemy, justice, mercy and transmutation. Most people are already aware that Michael Jackson was looking to change the world, perhaps this may make more sense as to why now. He was born to do just that.

Below is an interview with his mother Katherine who talks about the other attributes like freedom that Michael loved as well as his fascination with the number "7".

** Lady Liberty was a gift from France - this may make you think of the name "Paris" Jackson, Marie Antoinette, Saint Germain, and the Avenue Champs Elysees.  Champs Elysees is known as the avenue where the blessed dead will meet again.  The arch that sits at the end might make you think of another arch Michael used to like to use in his videos as shown below as well as in the This is It footage.   You might notice the number 7 featured on the uniforms as well.

Arch de Triumph, Paris, France


SEVEN - The Repetition in Heaven

 Happy Birthday Paris!
Do something FUN :)

Some have said that God himself is the great mathematician, for in cellular divisions, patterning of growth in almost all things even in today's science, there is repetition.  The same is so on the other side.  The spiritual counterparts of our ancestory carry repetition as well.  In my book, Another Part of Me, I talk about the number 7 and how it's vibration of energy can impact the universe simply just by it's repetition. Everything holds an energy and if repeated it is that much more impressionable.

In the hierarchy of heaven it is said that there are seven mighty Elohim.  In the bible these beings are referred to as "the morning stars that sang together".  These seven Elohim, with their counterpart twin flames, are responsible for the creation of bringing manifestations to the earth.  

If we dare to break this down even further, we'll also find that the Holy Trinity itself is comprised of seven:

The seven Elohim represent the Father (Creator) (Blue Ray)
The seven archangels represent the love of God or Holy Spirit (Pink Ray)
The seven Chohans of the rays represent the wisdom of God through the Son (Yellow Ray)

When twin flames are ready to begin their service to humanity, there will always be an opening in the heart.  This is the Christ's passion to serve humanity.  This heart opening is often accompanied by a real burning sensation in the heart chakra or energy center as well.  In the pictures of Jesus we most often have seen this represented by fire.  In Tibet the very symbol for the heart chakra is two superimposed triangles, one representing male and the other the female shakti energy.

The fire that burns in this center is three fold, just as the holy trinity itself is.  When a flame has reached this point there will have been three things that have happened.

1.  The blue flame will become manifest by the joining of forces with your flame for creation (Father) (this joining need not be PHYSICAL - this is spiritual union) (Again, refer to the heart chakra representation at right)
Heart Chakra-Shiva (masculine energy
 is represented by the triangle-
Shakti is represented by the upside down triangle (female)
In the movie the DaVinci Code this was
also known as the "Chalice" or Mary Magdeline-the twin flame of Jesus himself

 2.  The pink flame will have been nurtured with your love for God or your higher power (Holy Spirit)

3.  The yellow flame will have been nurtured by your wisdom achieved through study under the ascended masters and others (Son)

These three flames are also known as the "threefold" flame and will have been nurtured through many different incarnations.

The video clip below is the demonstration represented in the DaVinci Code that brings some of this spiritual history to light.


The SEVEN Twin Flame Soul Mates

I have had some people enter into disagreements with me about the number of twin flame soul mates we have.  Many people strongly believe we only have one.  I was told by my spiritual teacher, Saint Germain, many years ago that Michael Jackson was one of my seven twin flame soul mates.  I did not have only one.

It is hard to find information about this.  It still is a bit humorous to me that people would still think that "we" know everything in our human minds and never let the opportunity of what "might be" enter into the picture.  I felt at times as though I was Christopher Columbus going around telling people that the world was round in the day that everyone thought the world was still flat.  The world did not change from flat to round, but our idea of it did.

The Easter Lily - symbol of resurrection and our very souls.
Notice the six petals with a center - numbering seven;
Within the center are six more buds with a center, totaling seven.
Recently a blog reader from the country of Finland has been kind enough to share some information from her country.  She has taken some educational courses and has translated into English for us what she has learned about Twin Flame Soul Mates and the number of them:

"It is said that we have one twin ray and there are seven twin flames altogether. Your twin ray is within that flame group with you and together you form the center of a flower where the rest of the flames are the petals. Each flame has its own twin ray and together they again form the center of the flower where the rest of the flames again are the petals. It has also been said that this division of the soul started in the time of Atlantis when we all were split into two bodies which means our souls were split in two parts. This was done because this way we could channel more love to each others’ hearts which already had a lot of pain in them. By that time the people of Atlantis thought that instead it being a blessing from God it was a punishment and they were really confused. They did not realize that the split was made so that the people could connect with this other half and this way they could endure life and pain better together. Instead the people of Atlantis started developing a fear from this pain of separation. This pain is still in our relationships today because we do not realize that there actually is no pain, only love and no separation. But in this separation we have grown and been healed and we have become healers and just recently we have been getting ready to connect to our soul group and make our soul whole once again. 

The bond to our divine twin is so strong, that the farther we try to run the tighter the bond gets and we feel such strong pain in our hearts. Also the pain we feel in ourselves is also the collective pain from what our other half has experienced as well. This strong bond exists so that eventually we would return back home and realize that there is no separation and that all of our experiences have been happening inside one soul. This strong bond is the most powerful manifestation of God’s love because the bond is actually a path that brings us to reunion with who we really are. This connection is in our hearts and it will never break. Before we find our twin we are in other magical relationships for practice and they prepare us. When you find your twin, you find a deep familiar connection inside of you and all of your feelings are one and the same and they are pure and godlike."

There is so much information in these two paragraphs.  One thing that I would like to point out is that many of us are hurting from perceived "separation" right now.  Even in our mortal relationships we tend to try and claim the other person as our own.  Somewhere we know we have our other half somewhere and they are indeed ours, so we continue to look until we "feel" we have found them.  

I'd like to remind everyone once again, these relationship are a part of everyone.  Somewhere someone right now is experiencing the same pain and joy as you are right now. You ARE inside the
Screenshot from Michael Jackson's video
"Scream"  - How I knew he didn't molest
children - I felt it inside of myself when I asked him.
same soul.  For the sake of your other half, choose joy.  For the sake of you both, choose love.  From personal experience I can tell you you can't run and you do experience the same emotions.  

Thank you so much Riikka for this fabulous insight and taking the time to translate it.  This is truly a gift!


Twin Flame Soul Mates - Making the Connection

A little while back someone had asked how I used to consciously connect with Michael.  Most of the time it seemed to happen automatically.  We had been doing it for years before I knew he was an actual person.  When you find out it's true, that there is someone actually you are connected to, it feels crazy; for it challenges everything you "thought" you knew about the world.

There is a song called "You Are Not Alone" that could be the anthem for many twin flames.  The lyrics mention two specific times at the end of the song that are best for making connections with your twin.  They are:  "(You just reach out for me girl), in the morning, in the evening."  

I know I have mentioned before that these two times are the best because most often you are relaxed and more importantly as you begin to drift into sleep there is a space where you can be conscious yet almost asleep.  This is the space when the connection can most easily take place.  You are no longer living in just your conscious mind, you are beginning to make access to the subconscious mind and as such, your very soul.  If your twin flame is a part of your soul he or she will be able to come through your very being.

There are several different ways you may hear your twin, you may even just feel them.  Perhaps in the beginning you might hear a word or two or just sense a silent understanding.  Most often it is in the solar plexus area that you can hear them from the strongest.  Twins reside "within" you, not outside, they are a part of you.  This is an important distinction because any wayward spirit can claim to be a twin and take you on a joy ride,  but a twin flame remember is always already a part of you.  There is no need for "merging" on the physical, true twin flame merging will always be in the higher spheres.  You cannot merge physical bodies.  Unless you want to become someone with four arms and two sets of genitalia it doesn't even make sense.  Possession, on the other hand, will take on the gross physical features of another disembodied soul still stuck in the astral realms.

Twin flames take another flavor.  For here you are becoming one and are already one on higher planes.  This is why connections on the earth will be easier with them than with others.  You know instinctively that this other person is already a part of you.

When you lie down to sleep or when you just wake up, try to quiet yourself.  Let yourself drift as if you are going to fall asleep.  In that space, begin to consciously connect within, focusing within on the heart and solar plexus area.  Begin to feel the warmth there, you may even feel a burning sensation.  Control the breath as you focus so it is slow, deep (exhaling all the way) and methodical.  Focus your thoughts on searching inside of yourself for your twin.  As you do, ask in your mind any questions you would like them to answer.  "Where are you?", "Do you hear me?", "Are you on the earth?"  Continue searching within yourself, relaxing and breathing deep.  The answer will come from the solar plexus area.

Sometimes it might be easier to visualize.  If you try to make contact during a meditation you can visualize the space in your mind.  Again begin by quieting yourself, controlling the breath and breathing deeply.  Imagine a castle.  Begin to see the castle as yours, even down to the little details. Does it have flowers outside?  What does the walkway look like?

As you walk up to the door, see what the door looks like.  Open the door.  Inside is a space that has been designed just for you. Every piece of furniture, every fixture and item has been placed there just for your joy, happiness and comfort.  Enter into it and explore for a bit, then make yourself comfortable.  Sit for a little while feeling the space, the protection of the castle walls and how nice it feels just to be "you".

When you are comfortable, glance out the window.  As you do, you will see a bridge.  The bridge is connected to another castle.  That castle belongs to your twin flame.  When you are ready, open the back door to your castle and ask your twin flame to meet you on the bridge.  Begin walking on the bridge to meet them.

Above all, remember it is your heart and theirs that will always be connected.  You are NOT alone.