Shifting Blame and Self Doubt; Obstacles to Twin Flame Union

Have you ever noticed that when things turn really bad in our lives we tend to blame either other people or God himself?  If someone dies, we say things like "God took him from us" as if God wants to punish us somehow.  If we dig a bit deeper I'd be willing to bet that most of us even believe we need to be punished.

Being away from your twin flame is not a punishment from God.   And, as with most things, our lives are truly just based on our own perceptions.  So don't look at it as a punishment, but an opportunity to master the self.

When God created man it is said that he was lonely, he created us out of his image.  When I look around the world today I don't see very many people that really reflect his image.  God's image is of pure love, unconditional and unwavering.  Our job is to learn to become that which God already is - what we were created from.  As we do that, we must learn to trust God.  Trusting him means we must know in our minds and hearts that what ever happens, perhaps there is a reason.  Just because WE can't see the reason, it doesn't mean one doesn't exist.  We just can't see it.  And who among us is bold enough to say we know better than the divine essence that orchestrates all of life?

That said, we still have our doubts.  The veil of illusion is great in this world.  We are not taught to believe in such things as magical as divine law.  Just now are the lessons of our true reality coming to the surface.  It seems extraordinary, too coincidental, and our rational mind tends to dismiss much of the reality that is just beyond the shadows of our existence.  Yet here lies our truth.  Our greatness of who we are and the potential to be who God truly intended us to be - united in love.


Twin Flames - How did it start?

Have you heard the story of creation and the big bang theory?  That everything was created all at once.
I was contemplating how it was that twin flames ever became separated in the first place.  Was it on purpose?  Some cruel joke or simply a mechanical manifestation of division in nature?

As I contemplated this thought my guidance told me that we were whole at one time but in order to manifest into the earth plane we had to split apart.  Apparently the earths vibration has been one in which it would not sustain the wholeness of the two in one.  There have been great beings who have visited in their splendid wholeness and we have heard about them in mythology in the stories of the Gods.  Now, however, the entire vibration of the planet is changing and twin flames are becoming one.  Soon our wholeness will be manifest on earth as well.

This is truly an exciting time for it is the dawn of something remarkable.  The shift in consciousness is also a shift in vibration for the planet and will allow higher energies to become manifest here on earth.  This is earths evolution.  Just like a flower in bloom, the earth plane itself has begun to open her petals.

It's beautiful to see and know that when these flames do unite, they will be serving the planet in multitudes.  What a remarkable time to witness change on our planet.  What great advanced souls must we be becoming to be here at this time.

Shirley Temple has always been one of my favorites.  In this video clip taken from The Blue Bird, she is up in heaven before our souls come down.  I have always thought the two at the end are twin flames.


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Twin Flames - They ARE You

I've read many times that your twin flame IS you.  It is the other half of you and while I believe that is true, I also believe that this statement is seriously misconstrued.

When I first heard about the concept of flames it was in the late 1980's.  At the time I had my own set of definitions.  If I was any kind of "twin" it must mean that I was exactly like the person I was a "twin" with.  I recall making a checklist off at the time.  I had suspected Michael was my twin, but upon further inquiry of the concept and my beliefs about it at the time, I dismissed it.  I began to think of the differences in our lives.  He was a famous musician, I was in the accounting field.  He was black, I was white.  He was Jehovah Witness, I was raised Catholic.  At the time, he didn't eat meat, I did.  Accordingly, I quickly dismissed it.  It must be that I was only picking up on him psychically.

Through the years I learned that it was not the personality part that the twin flame part of you was referring to, it is the soul part.  On a soul level, we both loved children, we both had an innate desire to heal the world, we both gave our money to charities, even as young children, we both loved music, we both loved dance, and we both painted and drew.  These are the aspects that are the YOU of the twin flame part.  It is comprised of the natural abilities you have come into the world with - the true you that you discover on your path.

If you think about the lifetimes you and your twin have spent apart you might be overwhelmed to know the billions of thoughts you created and manifested during those lifetimes.  The personalities that have developed through different parents, different cultures, different societies.  The karma you have created also plays an intricate part.  All of this comprises the personality.  Some "personalities" or lets call them "egos" don't necessarily mesh with your twins - even though they may indeed be your twin flame.  For this is the part that must be shed, cleansed away, so that the bright shiny part of your soul can be exposed.  Here is the YOU that is also your twin.  The rest is just packaging.


One of the Veils of Illusion

Deepak Chopra once said that our true reality lies behind a veil of disbelief.  That perhaps the reality we don't see at the moment are the things we would not believe in anyway.

Our third dimensional world has taught us many things.  Being on this planet we are drawn into the collective consciousness of all of humanity.  Our ideas are formed based on the ideas of those around us.  They come from family, religious groups, races and countries.  These are man made ideas, formed in the minds of men and spread like a contagious disease, for it is these same ideas that separate mankind from itself.

When all the world thought the world was flat, who but one man dared to believe and prove that it was round?  It was ludicrous back in that day, however, to believe in something that was against the "norm".  Something that went against what the mass consciousness was dictating.  Surely this man that made the discovery must have been a great and wise soul.  Strong in conviction and inner strength.

Today our societies don't run much differently.  We still hold mass consciousness beliefs as though they are our true reality.  We don't buck the system, and from what I've found if we have had any "strange" experiences we simply don't talk about them for fear we will be labeled "crazy".

If we lift the veil of illusion, however, we might remember that we are three part beings.  We not only consist of a body, but a mind and a spirit, without which, by the way, if we didn't have we would not even be here.  Yet not many people seem to pay attention to this part of ourselves.  Just now as the consciousness is growing do some even believe there is life after death.

So today I thought it might be interesting to throw some ideas out.  Reading the following statements perhaps you yourself can decide if the mass consciousness idea presented is our reality, or our illusion:

1.  Bringing yourself into more money will bring you happiness.
2.  Teaching your children to not socialize with "other" races will help keep your race "pure".
3.  Getting married will solve your loneliness.
4.  Working hard is the only way to wealth.
5.  My religion is right and the others are really messed up.
6.  We are the only beings in the universe.
7.  I believe God exists, but don't ask me to prove it.
8.  My perfect partner has these attributes . . I should know.
9.  Our problems in the world are all financial.
10. Money is the most important thing if you want a good life.
11. I know about those less fortunate but "other" people take care of them.
12. I don't know why that person would treat me that way.  I have never treated someone like that.
13. That person "looks" stupid.
14. They are from another country, they don't know anything.
15. If  you have a big house and a nice car you are successful.
16. Women are only good for one thing.
17.  I can treat my children the way I want.  They are MINE.
18.  When I get married I have the right to tell my husband or wife what to and not to do.  They are mine,
19.  Going to work everyday and bringing in a paycheck is what life is about.
20.  I am what I do for work.

After contemplating a few of these ideas, I wonder if you yourself have had any of these thoughts and beliefs.  If you have remember it is you that accepted them into your world and you that can change them. It is only you that can change the belief and begin to change your life.


Twin Flame Union - The Draw

One of the biggest ideas that are associated with twin flames, is the idea that they attract to one another magnetically.  The idea stems from the properties of magnets, that when two are in close proximity they draw together automatically.

Twin flames on earth act a bit differently, however.  We aren't pure "magnetic" material until we can clear away most of the clutter we've stored on our magnets.  Old patterns, some old beliefs, and throw in a few ideas about how we think an earthly relationship should be and there is some work to be had before union can occur.

When I woke this morning I was prompted to write about twin soul union by Michael.  Many years ago he had asked if we were to buy each other Christmas presents to symbolize our relationship what would I buy him.  I had no idea, so asked him.  I still had some ideas about what this twin soul relationship "should be" at that time.  I was already thinking that when we came together it would be the most romantic union ever.  He blew it out of the water, however, when he replied simply and matter of factly; "magnets".

Today he describes it differently.  Fair enough that it is different now, but more precisely he says that a union occurs because we are like cells in the body.  The cells, originally made manifest by our creator as one, seek the union out naturally.  Like nature, the very nature of our being is to seek out the union with it's original counterpart.  It is a longing, a desire, but above all a seeking to return to the state of grace, love and acceptance that we once were born from.  There is not one of us this does not hold true for and not one of us that this will be taken away from.  For where ever there is love, there is life. Where ever there is life, there is love.  One simply cannot survive without the other, nor ever even come into existence.

There have been eons of time between the souls.  Lifetimes, karma, different personalities.  But one thing remains the same.  The desire to be one once again.  The infinite knowledge that all will be one and that instinctively that we know we are one gives us the strength and the courage to go forward with full faith that all is well in the universe.  That there is divine order, divine right and the birth right we all have to be made whole in love.  This is not an option.  For almost all of us, it is an inevitability.


Liked this so much I had to post it :)

I liked this song so much I had to post it.  This is India Arie who is singing Gift of Acceptance.
The lyrics are touching and I give thanks for people who are in industries that reach the masses that continue to promote the idea of global love and unity.

Thank you India!

History of Lies

Although there are many who don't believe in twin flames, they do exist.  In reality they are so much a part of one another at times one cannot tell the thoughts from one from the other.

My life as a twin in incarnation was one of turmoil and wonder.  If you have ever been connected to someone so intensely, yet have no logical reason why, you tend to get a little mad. Add to that the fact that it is someone so famous that absolutely no one whom you could converse with would ever believe anything you told them about the person, let alone having a connection to them.

No wonder then for many years I disregarded this relationship.  I lived in denial telling myself my connection to him was only because I was psychic, only because somehow maybe because he was so famous I was picking up on him.  Even now there are times when I want to shut all of this off.  When people come out of the woodwork claiming to know a Michael Jackson that I know for a fact they don't it makes me rightfully angry.

My whole life has been spent unraveling a mystery of some connection with a pop star, who in the end turned out just to be a man trying to live his life in the best way possible.  I believed the presses at times, questioned him on many things, and what I found was an individual that was grossly taken advantage of by almost everyone around him.

When I started this blog it was to voice our rage at the fact that he was murdered.  Since it has become something beautiful that we can offer in service to help others traversing the path.  However, to truly understand the twin flame relationship you must understand that there is much history here, much hurt, and much humiliation.  I have come out with this story in my own humility, knowing how crazy it sounds to some, simply because they most likely have never experienced anything like it.  Add a pop star on top of that sundae and you have the most amazing imaginings one could fathom when you hear yourself tell of the history.

Taking risks and daring to be yourself is one of the most challenging things a person can do.  Writing this story, the book, was such a painful process, but one in which I believed in enough to share it with others.  It simply isn't about the fact that Michael Jackson was the twin flame to someone, its about our history as human beings and the potential we all possess in connecting to one another through our divinity.

Anything that is said now about Michael I am sensitive to.  I have spent my life listening to the lies with him, and now that he has gone I have watched as Hollywood and others have come to sing his praises only to the extent that it suits them, only to the extent that it makes them a dollar.  Again, using his image and name and in turn, using him.

Twins feel, see and share emotions.  It would be extremely unlikely for me not to feel something when stories that lie about the man come out.  It would be highly unlikely for me not to have my own version, however I have withheld for over 30 years the truth that I know.  This has not helped me and has not helped my flame.

The bottom line is that if your twin sister, your blood was suddenly taken from you.  Someone with whom was there with you since birth you could no longer see physically and someone was spreading lies about her character and who she was, would you or would you not speak up?  If someone was lying about your child and saying he was doing things he wasn't, would you just let it go?  I would hope you would not and as a being who is reaching for integrity in their life I would hope that you would go further in defending the truth in all situations.

We are here in this moment in history because the mere truth of our existence has been lied about.  Our politicians do it, our countries, our religions at times.  Just because many people lie doesn't mean that it's ok.  I've personally been lied about, Michael has been lied about and if we don't stand up for ourselves and others, than what do we stand for?

Tomorrow is a day of Thanksgiving in America.  A day that is to be remembered in thanks and one in which the pilgrims apparently sat with the Indians at a feast in thanksgiving for the bounty of the earth.  In Indian communities it is known as the great lie.  For not long after, these same people were stealing their land and killing their people.

People are capable of great lies and evil.  They are also capable of great inspiration and amazing accomplishments.  When I look at our history and see men like Martin Luther King who was killed for standing for something. I look at a man who changed history for daring to speak out against the norm. A man who had courage enough to buck the beliefs of the day to change history for many people.  Then, along comes one man, one single man who was hateful enough to take his life.  If we look back at those days you may remember the lies being told about the blacks:  they were beneath the whites, worth nothing, all blacks committed crimes, the list could go on and on.  I don't believe any of that was true - they were lies and had it not been in the strength of one man to stand up against those lies and fight for the freedom of all people those lies would have been perpetuated.  Those ideas and thoughts would have permeated society and would still be the "norm".

I don't live my life according to the "norm", or according to what is widely accepted anymore.  I live according to my truth and what I believe in.  My  heroes are people like Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and every other person who was killed because they dared to stand for something no one else dared to stand for; including Michael Jackson.  Here was a man who stood and used his celebrity for love and outreach.  Twin flame or not, speaking up on his behalf is not just an option, for me it's the only thing to do.


The Engagement Ring

I found the confirmation on the engagement ring.  It was a Liza Minnelli interview.  Someone who DID know Michael personally:
Close: Michael Jackson, who attended Liza's wedding to Gest, was 'used and abused from the time he was born' according to her
"She sighs. ‘I remember he was going with this girl and he was so in love with her. He came to show me the ring he’d bought for her. I asked him what he was going to say and he didn’t know. So I said: “Let’s rehearse,” and that’s what we did.

‘But the girl turned him down. She said she wasn’t ready to commit right now. She told him to ask again in six months. And it all but killed him. He was heartbroken. I knew all his girlfriends including Lisa Marie who became his wife.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2042245/Liza-Minnelli-Michael-Jacksons-love-life-X-rated-Lady-Gaga-David-Gest.html#ixzz2CmpvJhYC
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Continuing my version of Scream - On the man, not the image

I haven't read the new book "Untouchables" or in reality any other book written about the Jackson family or Michael himself, ever.  The only book, matter of fact, I have in my possession is the book "Dancing the Dream" which depicts the Michael Jackson I knew.

All of the press lately around his sexuality is just disturbing.  Although Michael and I were not together as a couple, being connected to him I saw and felt many things.  Some I have not even written in the book, but I would think would come to the surface on their own.  I'm not one to gossip, but if the story needs to be set straight, then lets put it out there.

One thing I can say for sure is that Michael Jackson was not gay.  Several times during the course of his life I saw him with women.  One in a hotel, another at his home.  When I went to meet him on occasion there was a little blonde girl at his side and when he passed he wouldn't stop talking about some blonde that was a dancer on the "This Is It" footage.  He kept tell me how "hot" she was and annoyed me a great deal, matter of fact.  It was like, I know after you telling me like five times "she was hot" I get the picture.

Michael liked blondes, although I don't see that information anywhere.  He was, as you can see from his dancing, very alive with life and his sexuality, even though he did not flaunt it like some men in the industry would.  Who's business is it anyway?  Can anyone remember the song "Keep it in the Closet?"

As a twin soul, it was really not even my business.  You lead your life independently until the time is right..  I just saw, felt and knew.  I had no control over what transpired, yet I could not judge him either.  Twin flames are different.  It's hard to overcome the fact that you think you should be in a relationship that fits in with the mold of society, but after you do, you just want the other to be happy.  The women I saw with Michael made him happy and that was the only thing I was concerned about.  I have not seen Grace, his nanny come out with a Michael Jackson tell all book and I think this in and of itself tells a great deal about the character of this woman.  She was closest to Michael for many years and I applaud not only her dedication to him during his life, but after.  I don't know all the details of their relationship and don't pretend to, but I do know what I saw and felt.

It was also late in the year around 2007 I believe, that I received a vision of Michael purchasing an engagement ring.  He was thinking about getting married then again, although I don't know who to.  I thought I had read somewhere confirmation on this, but haven't been able to find it.  But the point is, how can someone write all these things never knowing or even attempting at finding out about the "real" man, not the strange entertainer everyone sets out to make him to be.

I was connected to him, yet I don't pretend to know everything about him.  Only that which I experienced, saw and confirmed.  These things that I write about above were not confirmed, yet with all of the other things that transpired between us I have no doubt they were true.

I believe the blonde assistant he had a relationship with is in the audience in this footage, she was also featured as having an affair with Michael in a 2006(?) interview with Entertainment Tonight if I remember correctly - I offered to speak on his behalf, since they were talking about his sexuality then.  After all I had seen visions of him.  He told me it wouldn't help.  Next I knew she did and showed photos of the two of them.  He was right, it didn't help.

I also saw this same woman with him in during one of the times I asked for him to meet me.  I believe her to be the one he most likely was going to ask to marry him.

Grace, the woman I did write about in my memoir, although I did not mention her name on purpose.  Michael was NOT ALONE during his trial as others have stated.  She was beside him as I wrote in the book and as documented in photos in this video.

Just because these women have not chosen to talk about their personal experiences with Michael,
DOES NOT mean he didn't have them.

Continuing my version of Scream on behalf of the man, not the image . . .


The Man in the Mirror Project - Giving Permission

As we go through our life journeys at some point we may notice that there is something within us that is holding us back, putting us down or making us feel bad.  It is only within that any of these things can actually affect us and it is only us that can give them permission to do so.

One of my favorite twin flame pairs was Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.  Mother describes dark forces as follows:

"Attacks from adverse forces are inevitable; you have to take them as tests on the way and go courageously through the ordeal.  The struggle may be hard, but when you come out of it, you have gained something, you have advanced a step.  There is even a necessity for the existence of hostile forces.  They make your determination stronger, your aspiration clearer.

It is true, however, that they exist because you gave them reason to exist.  So long as there is something in you which answers to them, their intervention is perfectly legitimate.  If nothing in you responded, if they had no hold upon any part of your nature, they would retire and leave you."

Does this mean that if we don't respond to war we don't engage in one?  If we don't accept someone elses insult as our own thought within us we are unscathed?  If we don't accept someone elses definition of us we are not likened to fashion ourselves that way?

I believe it means all of these things.  I believe it is us and only us that give ourselves permission to accept our life circumstances.  We may think we are victims for a time, but when we truly realize it is us and only us that gives another permission to treat us a certain way, talk to us a certain way or make us feel a certain way, it is up to us to disengage what ever it is within us that makes us continue the cycle.  It is there that your freedom will be won and the powerful being you truly are will begin to awaken.

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Comments from an Anonymous Reader

I hope this reader doesn't mind I share, but the words in this comment would echo my thoughts.  I wanted to share this exchange with you because as conscious beings I feel there is a lesson in this:

I can understand why that author promoted he died a virgin. He was an odd soul indeed. Granted, I didn't know him personally yet here WAS a strange disconnect whenever you'd see him with women he was supposedly dating or even married to. First and foremost, he was groomed to be a consummate (pardon the pun) performer. Much about him seemed choreographed. I can see why he may have been inclined to stage or promote several circumstances. Was the timing (or exploitation) of marrying Lisa Marie Presley as child molestation accusations mounted meant to curb or repair his image? Factor in the self-proclaimed king of pop marrying the daughter of the king aka Elvis Presley? Seems pretty transparent that way. Or the various women he hired as surrogates to have his children? He couldn't (or wouldn't) father his own? Supposedly good father or not, what parent dangles their bazaarly-named infant child off a balcony or instills paranoia to the extent they are to wear air masks or strange costumes when paraded around in public? No sign of CPS getting involved for child endangerment etc, etc. Same goes for showing up in court in pajamas looking frail and being helped into the courthouse. Next thing we know, he's dancing on top of a limousine hood, making a complete mockery of the justice system. Was that 'victory dance' on the car hood meant to celebrate being exempt from accountability in this life? A series of freak shows and manipulation. What about his fascination with Emmanuel Lewis aka Webster, Macaulay Caulkin or even Bubbles the Chimp (not meant as humor) and then serious allegations of child molestation- showering with children, sleep overs, even spiking some child's soda can with wine during an airline flight? It's anybody's guess how many people were paid off to remain silent that may never surface. All of that, including a children's theme park as a substitute for lack of a childhood takes root thanks to a driven Joe Jackson subjecting his children to grueling schedules centered around performing? When Michael released his solo album Off the Wall in '79, he was quite handsome, looking genuinely balanced and happy. As the years progressed however, it was sad to literally watch his inner sadness become his outward appearance via endless plastic surgeries. It was alarming as his appearance became freakish and alien-like. The signs of mental illness and strange behavior became alarmingly apparent yet (even as an adult), the family couldn't find a way to intervene? I can see where all the denial comes into play. Seems many were enabling Michael Jackson yet not once, has his family ever held him accountable for his behavior or having the ability to have a broad range of people in his pockets to enable him. Why scapegoat Conrad Murray as the ultimate downfall of Michael Jackson? There was an entire succession of people Micheal Jackson probably shouldn't have had in his life yet did via his vast wealth and fame. However you look at it, it starts and ends with the source. People are responsible for their own choices and actions. Try telling that to Jackson's family as they divide and eat each other alive over Michael Jackson's estate. Amazing what money, power and influence does to people as to what they can have at their disposal. Denial and misdirected or selective blame comes in many forms, as does the downfall that ultimately presents itself...
  1. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your very well written comment. You make some very good points I won't contend with because I too agree. However, I look at his situation differently and feel it is a lesson for all of us and here is why:

    Although I knew I was somehow connected to Michael I wasn't exactly sure why in the beginning. I had a disconnect and believed what was being portrayed by the media about him. I have a police officer for a father and by nature I am skeptical. I wasn't blinded by the Michael Jackson pop star image and screaming at his concerts. He perplexed me. There was a man in the media that did not resemble the man I felt I was connected to. The man in the media I thought was guilty of child molestation, I thought he was eccentric, I thought he was strange. The man I was connected to had a deeper voice, feelings and reasons for what was transpiring and not at all like what he was made out to be. He grew up in the limelight and knew what to do to get attention.. but my point is had it not been for my connection to him, I would have concluded that Michael Jackson was strange and weird - I would have written him off that way. But being connected to him like I was I found out differently.

    That's why I think its important for all of us to realize the old saying is true. We can't judge a book by its cover and more importantly how a book is presented to us. In this age where we are becoming more conscious about who we are we have to also be aware of what we are being told and shown. Images and stories can be deceiving, even to ourselves. We can make judgments and decisions without even realizing that we have mistakenly perceived people and events that have transpired. I know because I've done it myself. That's really the point I am trying to make.

    And, you are right, in the end it all comes down to ourselves - the man in the mirror.


The Shift and Mass Consciousness

Yesterday we had a solar eclipse that effected the energies of all of us.  The further along you are on your path, the more sensitive you will be to the changes occurring.

A few weeks ago I spoke with a Native American about the prophecies that his tribe believed in about the upcoming end to the Mayan Calendar.  His belief was that it was already transpiring.  In the book, "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls" Maria Shaw describes a period on March 11, 2011 as a time when the planets would align in such a way that it would spur a revolution in consciousness that has never been felt on earth before.  This change that was signaled then would spur individuals and nations into humanitarian and global efforts that the world has never seen.  Twin flames all have a special role in the unfolding of these events.  Joining their energies creating vortexes of energy and bringing more light into the world of consciousness here on earth.

As we progress into December and the date of the ending of the Mayan Calendar as the current calendar signals it, we will continue to see a growth in both areas of spirituality and humanitarian undertakings.

Simply put, the shift is occurring now.  We have already seen evidence of it with the weather by tsunami's, hurricanes and non-typical weather in many areas of the world.  Technology has been interrupted and our financial markets are collapsing.  Even the job industry and the way we make our livings is changing.

It's not gloom and doom, it is the ending to a way of believing how we should live.  An ending to living unconsciously.  In many areas of the world we have been given signs.  Heiroglyphs that document what will transpire, the pyramids, the native american prophecies, even the bible itself, all speak about the changes we as a human race will go through.  There have been sightings of the blessed mother in Medagore as well as several other places around the world where even the children were given information regarding our future as a planet.  In the United States I even met a woman who asked me to paint her a picture after she met with Michael and discovered I was his twin.  She had met with him the week prior to my meeting with her and showed me a photograph she had taken of the sky in a place in Ohio.  The photo revealed the "doorway to heaven" as she put it.  It was the heirarchy of angelic hosts that were letting us know there is more than what man has revealed in our world.  I took the photo, not knowing exactly how she even knew I painted and began to compose the painting.  I had  no idea what I was painting when I was doing it, but when I finished I was astounded at the revelation.

That painting is in the book and another one of those things that transpire in your life that let you know there is divine order and purpose, even though society puts more of an emphasis on its physical activities alone.

So what does this all mean in relation to the shift?  The hieroglyphs that the Native Americans study and those in the Mayan cultures show the same thing.  At the end of the shift there is a line that goes to the heavens and a line that goes down into chaos.  The line is the time line that has predicted all events up until this point in history.  It was explained to me that this possibly means that they don't know where we will be, but this is my take on it.  The consciousness of all of humanity will be split.  There are those of us that have been working on raising our consciousness and those who still hold fast to our old patterns of belief.  Half of us will transcend and raise our consciousness into the new vibration and the other half will continue to struggle, wondering why what and how they have lived for years isn't working anymore.  Here is the split.  The mass consciousness then will be at odds.  It may be more difficult when we transcend to the next phase of consciousness to hold our light so to speak.  The impact of the lower vibratory planes will be like someone holding onto our coat tails and we have to drag them along.  It might be easy to give up due to the weight, the difficulty of sustaining the light and love of being while some around us will be even more determined to hold fast to the mental thoughts and projections of the past. This is negative energy, lower vibratory frequencies and the people that literally will want to "bring you down".

The photo at left shows a note that Michael wrote to his fans that speaks about this higher consciousness that he himself was working towards and trying to convey to the rest of the world.  This place of higher consciousness is the place where oneness resides and if you ever saw the segment where Michael is speaking in the circle of his cast on "This is It", he talks about the fact that we are all one.  That's the message.  That's what's important.  No wonder then we all feel so close to him.  Did you ever think that maybe it was because it is that we are one?  That we were all heading to that place of consciousness that he was already at?

If you're not there yet, I hope you will be and not take the lower road that leads to an unconscious chaos in the world.

Who knows exactly what the future may bring.  But if the past is any evidence of the future, I think we as humans must realize that we can no longer ignore the signs and prophecies that are happening even now in the world that all tell us we are more than just a physical dead planet floating in space alone and separate from everything and everyone.  I hope we take down the barrier of disbelief in who we truly are and wake up to the realization that we are indeed all ONE.


The Shift of the Eclipse

Bringing in the consciousness of oneness today at the lunar eclipse will begin a trans-formative journey for many.  It is likened to a flower opening from its seed.  Ready to emerge in the light and fully awakened in the knowledge that we all posses a seed of divinity within us.

This shift in energy awakens even the little whispers in our very soul.  It is beckoning us to come hither, awakening us to become alive and letting us know that we, our egos, are not in control, but there is a greater plan at work in the universe.

All things are divine in nature.  Nature has a plan and a way for all things.  Have we gotten in the way of them, have we supported them, or have we simply allowed ourselves to ride on the wave of its beauty and majesty?  Only we ourselves know the answer.

Our love is like a ripple of change throughout the universe.  It rides the currents, sweeps through the lowest of emotions and heals the greatest of wounds.  Love can do that.  Love is the most potent force in the universe. But we don't use it enough.  Today as the energy of the planet continues its shift extend love to another.  Offer your hand, your ear or your assistance.  Offer to nurture, to protect, to confide and to heal  Your being is as important as the next in the healing of this planet.  Don't hide your light, but offer it instead.  Extending your loving light into the planet and changing its very vibration forever.


Unlimited Potential

Have you ever heard the saying that "with God all things are possible"?  What if you were Him, the God force himself, acting out in the world and orchestrating your life.  What would it look like?  Where would you be and how would you like the world around you to change?

We all have within us the divine seed that allows us to be like God.  We have a seed, a power for greatness that can only be realized when we allow it to come through.  We can try to "think" ourselves there, or say the words, but to truly realize that power, we have to "feel" it as well.

There is a favorite song of mine done by the Jacksons called "Can You Feel It".  The songs lyrics are:

Can you feel it,can you feel it,can you feel it!

If you look around
The whole world's coming together now.
Can you feel it,can you feel it,can you feel it!
Feel it in the air
The wind is taking it everywhere.
Can you feel it,can you feel it, can you feel it!

All the colors of the world should be
Lovin' each other wholeheartedly.
Yes it's alright,take my message to your brother and tell him twice.
Spread the word who tried to teach the man who is hatin' his brother,
When hate won't do
'cause we're all the same
Yes the blood inside of me is inside of you.

It's a favorite because the words are so indicative of what the truth is.  That we are all part of one another and the force that connects us, is also connected to every other living thing, the force of the divine.  It's moving in the world even now as you breath and when you do with each breath you have another opportunity to live your life differently.  To do something miraculous in your life to change it.  Not because someone tells you to, but maybe because it's just something you "feel" you should do.  Not because it makes sense, but because it "feels" right.

Going with the "feelings" are sometimes only  going with the knowings of the divine force within you.  It nudges you along, silently whispering where you should go.  When you start to pay attention to it, you begin to realize that your life is part of a divine matrix that when consciously entered into allows you to have unlimited potential.


Twin Flames and their Mirrors

Who among us can say who your twin flame is?  If I tell you it is your best friend would you believe me?  Or if I told you one does not exist, would you believe that?

Flames have been around since the dawn of creation.  Our very existance is based upon the idea that we were created as whole beings, illumined as God free beings, then fell from grace.  Those left in the heavens are called Angels, the angelic ones and hosts who remain whole, for an angel is neither a male or a female.  They all contain aspects of both genders, retaining their wholeness and in the servitude of God or the higher power.

Listen to your intuition when it comes to your flame.  It is a different part of yourself that when encountered will feel as if you are falling again.  Completing the cycle of oneness takes time.  And in earth terms this process simply cannot be defined.  In all things we have what's called divine time.  The timinig of the universe, when the trees and flowers bloom and when the oceans and tides go to and fro.  Listening inward puts you in touch with the universal seed within you.  It is there that your flame resides, the other part of you, connected in spirit, not in personality, connected in love, not in judgement.

As a mirror of yourself you will see the perception in them as a perception in how you have formed ideas about your own world.  Don't be afraid, be curious.  Don't be anxious, be patient.  Being in the moment with yourself, centered in your God force makes all things possible.  The wholeness you achieve alone will manifest itself on the spiritual realms as the wholeness you achieve with your flame in spirit.

Opinions and ideas are like the wind.  They change in a heartbeat and are never what remains true.  The truth will always be found within.


Another Excerpt from the book - 1988

Twin flames, when connected on this plane, not only can share a telepathic communication, but they may experience the same emotions, feelings, and in this case pick up on what is transpiring in the other's world:

"My co-workers nicknamed me “Dangerous.” I

wasn’t sure if it was because of my forthright

efforts to tackle new technologies or something

else, but I accepted the title in jest. They were

fabulous to work with, and before long we were

asked to participate in a training program the

software company was hosting at the airport

nearby. I was past any intimidations by now

and looked forward to learning some of the new

programs to compliment the basic program.

My mind was mostly on my work, grocery

shopping, and cleaning. So I was surprised to

find myself in another nightly conversation.

So what was your day like today? What did you do?

It was fine. I was finally able to show a stuffy

accountant a demonstration. Everyone thinks I don’t

know what I’m doing when they see a tall blonde

come in to demonstrate accounting software. This

guy sized me up right away. I got a kick out of it,

though. By the end of the demonstration, I could tell

he was impressed.

(Laughing) Some people don’t know who they’re

dealing with, huh? I hate when people judge you

before they even know what you’re about.

I know. It drives me crazy.

They think they know all about you, then make up

whatever they want, and don’t bother to even find out

if it’s true.

Exactly! I know. I hate that!

I’d really like to see you sometime. You’re so sweet.

I love the way you smile.

How do you know? What’s your name anyway?

(Laughing) You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Try me. Ok, I promise I’ll believe you. You’re not

going to tell me you’re like Jesus or somebody are


No, no, I’m not Jesus (laughing). OK. Promise me

you won’t laugh. Don’t tell anybody.

I promise. Who am I going to tell? It’s not like

anyone would believe me anyway. Oh, yeah, um, by

the way, there is this man I talk to in my mind at

night. Well, no he’s really not there. I mean, we

don’t really talk, talk. It’s more like thinking. Yes,

that would be very believable. Don’t you think?

(Laughing) All right. I get it. I’m Michael Jackson.

Right, and I’m the Queen of Sheba. Really, what’s

your name?

See I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.


Yes. You’re really Michael Jackson?

Yes. See I told you. Now you don’t believe me.

Ok, I’m sorry I believe you. So . . . Michael Jackson,

are you sure? You’re not playing with me. You’re

not some wayward spirit looking for some attention

or something?

I’m sure. I know who I am. (laughing)

All right then, Michael.

I’d like to see you.

Well, if you’re really Michael Jackson, meet me




I have a show to do in a few days.

Oh, that’s right. You’re supposed to be on the



OK. Well, I know. I have training at the airport

tomorrow night. You can just fly in, meet me for a

drink, and fly out. That way you can make it back for

your performance, OK?


Oh yeah. That’s it. At the end of the

conversation, I felt proud of myself. He thinks he

can fool me into believing he’s Michael Jackson.

Right! I laughed to myself. Guess he won’t be back

anytime soon after he’s a no show!

The next day was so busy that I gave no thought

whatsoever to the prior evening. My mind was

focused and I was excited to go to the training. I

loved to learn new things and this was just the

program to take our department to the next


The training was at the airport in a conference

room. There weren’t too many of us, but the

guys I worked with were all there, and we

decided to get a drink afterward in one of the

bars there.

I guess there were about five or six of us all

together, as we sat down at a table next to the

bar area. I couldn’t wait to talk about the

training. The trainer was moving so fast I could

hardly keep up. “By time you got to the fifth F5,

F6, I was still on my first!” Like all things,

though, I had to laugh at myself. I knew it was

new, and it would only be a matter of time

before I could catch myself up to speed.   The guys laughed because they knew, too.

“Yeah, Dangerous, you’ll be F5ing and F6ing

tomorrow all day!” I smiled, because they knew

me, and I knew myself. I would F5 and F6 until

I had it. I would do it over, and over, and over,

and over, until...wait! I glanced up and noticed

a man sitting by himself at the bar, looking at

me. Our eyes locked and I couldn’t keep myself

from staring. The guys I was with had already

continued the conversation without me, and I

felt their voices fade into the background as I

pensively stared at the man sitting at the bar. He

had dark hair and dark skin, and I almost

immediately thought of the conversation the

night before. Could it be? No! It can’t be! I


The expression must have shown on my face.

Perplexed, I continued to stare as if I thought

something would come to me if I stared long

enough. But it didn’t, and I couldn’t help but sit

and stare right at him for a good ten minutes

before all the men I was sitting with noticed and

began looking, too.

My peripheral vision could see their heads

turning from him to me and back again. The

man sitting at the bar didn’t seem to notice, at

least not right away. After a few more minutes,

though, he realized all of us were staring at him.

He looked down, seemingly embarrassed, as I

continued to stare. Even though my colleagues

were looking at me strangely, I couldn’t help

myself. How could this be? Do I really think it

might be him? That he might be able to hear me? At

that thought I brought myself out of it. No. It

must just be someone who looks like him.

We continued our conversation as if nothing had

transpired and before long they were ready to

leave. We stood up to go, and I lagged back a

little, putting my cigarette out and taking my

time. I still wasn’t convinced there wasn’t

anything to this “man” at the bar. We began

walking and I thought to myself, I’ll just walk

past him slowly and see if I can feel his aura. I should

be able to feel something if it’s him.   I was sure to walk behind the others, so they

didn’t see me and began to walk very slowly

behind the man at the bar. In a moment I

stopped directly behind him and his hands were

placed on the bar. I studied them, noticing how

nicely manicured they were and how long his

fingers were, like pieces of a perfect sculpture. I

couldn’t feel anything and tried to see if he could

feel me, so I stood for a moment just a foot

behind him, watching his shoulders tense up.

He didn’t turn around, so I continued on. He

would turn around, wouldn’t he?

By the time my colleagues and I were out of the

bar, the entire thing was eating at me. I shook

my head and said to the guys, “I have to go back

in there. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I rounded the corner back in quickly,

determined to just approach him and ask his

name. I’d end it all right there, and then I’d

know for sure. Looking around, I saw no one at

the bar or the tables. He was already


The next day came before I knew it. I passed off

the prior night’s experience as a coincidence

again. Tonight I had plans to watch the

Grammy’s. Michael Jackson would be

performing and I knew I’d be able to see his

hands and see if they looked like the guy’s

hands I saw the prior evening.

I was pretty pleased with myself. I thought I

was smart. Thought I had it all worked out. Of

course the hands wouldn’t be the same and then

I would know it was all just a crazy fascination.

Michael’s performance began. No one

announced his moment on stage, but the crowd

grew excided as the camera panned in on a

silhouette behind a lit screen. The screen lifted

as he began to walk across the stage in exactly

the same manner and at the same speed that I

had a few months prior. Even the song was

slowed to the same tempo I had been singing.

He did a few moves and proceeded to mimic

smoking a cigarette and putting it out, like I had

done the night before. I studied his hands

carefully because now I thought perhaps it really

was him the night before. His hands were

exactly the same as the ones I saw!

I was speechless as I watched almost helplessly,

not wanting to breathe a word to anyone and

hoping my husband didn’t notice my shock as I

gazed at the television screen. That’s when I

heard him sing my name. Debbie. Was that?

My name? He continued to sing and sang it

again. Yes it is. That was my name."  


The Ice Storms - update

Last week I posted that I saw ice storms for the east coast.  Unfortunately it looks like that is what will be transpiring, but I really do hope I am wrong.  Storms are expected to arrive later today with several areas being evacuated again.  They are calling for high winds, snow and sleet.the problem is if the sleet freezes on power lines let alone high winds.  Power will be lost again, so please prepare as necessary.  Make sure you have food,water, knowing that roads may not be able to be traveled on for a bit.

As for the rest of us this will extend to the middle states as well.  We ll be feeling the effects of winds and chill.  Unstable air will bypass the noreaster and bring more bad weather to south carolina prepare and bunker down as necessary, you may be in for a bumpy ride, again.

As I receive more information I ll be posting it.  In the meantime our thoughts and prayers do effect our world.  Please bring them to an awareness of peaceful weather patterns and healing for the people most affected.  Japan is still in recovery as well, so any thoughts of healing would be most welcome for the people there as well.


This made me smile . . .

A follower of the blog who has discovered her twin soul fowarded a link to me.  I have never seen this video or have even heard this poem, but it is the epitomy of Michael Jackson and an indication of how we all should be in life.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and a special thank you to the anonymous twin soul who sent it.

Macy's Match Program for Hurricane Sandy


Hurricane Sandy - What YOU can do

While most of us sit in our cozy homes,complete with heat, our most prized possessions and a sense of space, the victims of hurricane Sandy are still trying to get their lives together and back on track.  We can view their situation from a distance and say that's just a shame and go on with our lives or we can try and make a difference in some way by being in their shoes and giving them what it is that we think we would need if we were in their situation.  American Red Cross

Sometimes that may be in the form of cash.  The American Red Cross is accepting cash donations for the victims and is the single most mobilized unit in the areas affected.  It's important to centralize the efforts at a time of disaster.  Most of the time there is enough chaos already, added confusion only makes it more difficult to streamline the efforts.

So how can you help with cash?  You can make a donation yourself, you can ask your employer to match the contributions of the employees, you can hold a fundraiser and donate that way, ask your church, your local school to get involved in fundraising, knowing that at any time any one of us could be in the same situation.

The Red Cross also needs blood - you may be able to donate blood.

Call the companies that make the following most requested products during this crisis and ask for them to donate to the American Red Cross the following items:

Generators - Companies like Kohler

Garbage bags -Companies like Glad and Hefty

Flashlights - Companies like Maglite, REI

Batteries - Companies like Duracell and Energizer

Paper towels - Companies like Bounty and Scott

Baby wipes - Companies like Pampers, Huggies

Baby food - Companies like Gerber and Heinz

Diapers - Companies like Pampers, Huggies, Costco Brand

Formula - Companies like Similac, Enfamil, Carnation

A stuffed animal to comfort a child - Companies like Target, Kohls, Toys R Us

Last but not least, contact a local radio station asking for their assistance.  Maybe it's to get the biggest donation for a local company you know to help the victims, sometimes all it takes is a phone call.

Living with loss can be devastating and paralyzing.  If you are a therapist in the area, perhaps you could donate your time.  Notify the Red Cross and station yourself.  The psychology of the loss could be very detrimental.  Currently we are living in a society that is much attached to "things".  Losing them, could make us feel less valuable.  Counseling services for both the adults and children could help them get back on track and begin to rebuild their hope and their lives.

Today I'll be contacting some national corporations to inquire about what they can do in these efforts.  Our environmental changes are not coming to an end, they will continue.  We must pull together to make sure all of our human family is taken care of.  I challenge you to make a phone call, a donation, or begin an action in the healing of our humanity today.  Maybe I'll hear your name on the radio or your school name because you banned some children together to make a difference.  Taking actions like this is helping to heal our world.  It takes so little, won't you do your part?