Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Breaking Patterns

In prior posts we have discussed the four lower bodies.   Our mental thoughts, physical body, emotional body and spiritual bodies. That to clear them and become closer to our true divinity and to be happier individuals, we must break the patterns of thought and emotion that hold us captive.  These patterns are repetitious cycles.  As we've demonstrated before, one word or thought can set us off on a pattern that we have internalized.  It may be something that makes us sad, angry, frustrated or even excited.  Most of us always want the excited and happy patterns, but the patterns that leave us feeling bad, angry or depressed I'm sure we'd all agree would be better left out.

It would be nice if we could just surgically extract them, but we can't.  We have to transmute or transform them into something else.  If you think of a car that rides down a muddy road every day, the tires of the car will produce ruts in that road.  The car will naturally go into the ruts because that's the easiest route.  Internally your make up is the same way.  What you have seen and heard from childhood and what you have become and do in your adulthood are the patterns that play out internally for you.

Some of the most telling statements and evidence of these patterns are statements like: "I love the smell of freshly baked apple pie.  It always reminds me of my grandmothers house when I was a kid" or "I hate the smell of alcohol.  My father was drunk all the time when I was a kid."

Smells, tastes, thoughts, anything we experience in the five senses can bring about an emotion.  Michael used to say what enters the mind, the mind enters.  I love that statement because when we enter into the emotion from the thought it suddenly becomes our reality.

How many times have you had a pretty good day when all of the sudden something happens and shatters it?  Say you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.  You think you see them at the mall with someone else.  Powerful emotions right?  It starts a cycle and we are cyclic beings.  The thoughts and emotions begin to run rampant and soon your pretty good day turns ugly.

The key in breaking these patterns and cycles is to stop them between the phases.  If it's the sight of your ex partner, the stopping point would be before the next thought and before entering "into" the emotion.  Once we let the emotional body, or as Eckhart Tolle would say, the pain body, into the equation, the pattern is already commencing.  You can actually "feel" the pattern in your body.  It's the tenseness, the heart palpitations from seeing that ex with someone else or the warm comforting feeling when you smell that apple pie.  Catching the pattern before it gets into the emotions is key.  When you find yourself headed toward that ugly place, stop and consciously re-route the thought to produce another feeling.

Here are a few videos that help clarify patterns and cycles and how we might break them.  The first video is a study that was done with water crystals.  Realizing that our bodies are comprised mostly of water, think of how our internal emotions really do effect us inside.  We create these types of patterns within us when we "feel" a certain way.


Twin Flame Soul Mates-I AM Union

Twin Flame Soul Mates
Uniting in the I AM Christ Presence
I was reminded recently of the necessity to explain how twin flame union and inner connections happen.  There will be times it will seem as if that connection disappears.  It doesn't.  Twin flame soul mates continually are connected at all times.  And from my experience they continue that connection even after death.  It never ceases, never ends.  This is the blessing from our father.

Souls are eternal and if we listen to the master Jesus he told us that he is the light; he is the way to everlasting life.  Not only did he live an ethical life for us to embody as well, but he told us a myriad of times that he was the son of our father in heaven.

Our father, our creator is accessed through our souls as well.  However, before we get to him we have to have access to his mediator: Jesus or our Christ self.  Many traditions term this mediator as the "I AM" presence.  If we look back in our history we'll find other terms and symbolism as well.

In ancient Egypt, for example, the pyramids contained the tombs of kings and queens along with their possessions.  They were preparing for the next life.  They knew that after death they would "ascend" to the next state of consciousness through the "pyramid" or triangular shape.
Sphinx - The body of the "Lion" and head of a "Human"

One great pyramid we often see even has a sphinx in front of it.  This is a symbolic vehicle of light
symbolizing evolutionary intelligence that is capable of solar travel.  In other words "The Lion of Judah" which is also found in the bible meaning "Christ".  The Christ consciousness, or I AM presence that carries us to the next level of consciousness and into the next plane of life.  It is here in the I AM that you and your twin unite.  It is also here in the I AM that you can take that consciousness and the light of it down to the earth plane to bless us all.

"When they first issue forth, they issue as male and female together. Subsequently, when they descend [to this world] they separate, one to one side and the other to the other, and God afterwards unites them—God and no other, He alone knowing the mate proper to each. Happy the man who is upright in his works [or pure] and walks in the way of truth, so that his soul may find its original mate, for then he becomes indeed per­fect and through his perfection the whole world is blessed."

- The Zohar

Before our consciousness finally gravitates to our Self and our Self is merged in the infinite of the I AM, there are many fine threads to be woven together into the shimmering cloth of our practice. We have to weave in a meditation of such selfless purity that the impersonating ego will be unmasked for all time. Advancing with our faith, but always calling ourselves into question in our continued attempts to clear our four lower bodies; to undo the patterns and beliefs that have nothing to do with our father. Where there is pride, there is always ignorance.

John 10:9 "I AM the door"

John 11:25 "I AM the resurrection and the life"

John 14:6 "I AM the way, and the truth and the life"

John 15:1 "I AM the true vine from the father"

Petrus Alfonsi's early 12th century Tetragrammation-
Trinity diagram rendering the name as "JEVE" or
YHWH, Jehova, or the Lord inother traditions.
Illustrated as a triangle with the lion at center.

In gaining access to this greater part of ourselves we must hold in our minds that our "perceptions" may or may not be correct.  By doing this we relieve the burden of being "stuck" in our beliefs and our past.

Uniting in the I AM with a twin requires discipline, purity, ethical behavior and a clearing of the four lower bodies to an extent.  You cannot gloss over your "self work".  For it is here that your true self exits.


Princess Diana Update

We've had a few posts on Princess Diana of late.  One of the latest posts talked about a publication that confirmed what the Princess herself had told me a month or so ago; that there were others involved in her death.

After that post, someone forwarded me a link to Diana herself telling her story. This also confirms what Diana told me, only in her own words.  She feared a car accident would be staged and she would be killed.

I'm posting it here so you too can see the real life and feelings of the real woman that Princess Diana was.  There are too many lies, too much corruption and too many sad people in the world because of lies, deceit and abuse.  If it's to change, we need to expose the hidden into the light.  Talk about the dark side and make change.

Diana is someone I have come to admire even more than I did when she lived.  She is courageous, bold, enlightened and loving.  Princess Diana is the epitomy of who we should strive to become.  People that hold and live in our truth and not afraid to stand in it.

Although her life was taken, I stand with her as well as Michael in the proclamation that people placed in the public eye are people too.  They are not there to be persecuted or crucified, as much as you or I are not there to be persecuted or crucified in the name and schemes of others willing to use our position, status in life, or celebrity to fulfill their own dark desires.

Purity of heart and soul, a touch of humanness and love, is all that's needed to make a great man or woman.  Michael and Diana had both.

Reflections of Our Souls

Many times in your life you will experience the life lessons of another.  You share your journey with others, as others share their journey with you.  Should you choose to go along for the ride you will begin to reflect the attributes and soul characteristics that mirror those you are with.  Soul groups are similar in nature.  They contain the same frequency of energy and when you engage with other people, join a group or sit in meditation, the frequencies or energies will be intermingled and balanced as well.

A high soul can enter a room and you can "feel" the magic.

Someone shady can enter a room and you can "feel" the heaviness of their energy.

You walk into a room and you can feel the "tension" in the air after people have been fighting.

You walk into a birthday party with children and you smile because you can join in their delight and play.

Love is like that.  Love can take many forms and shapes, just as hatred and anger can.  It's in our choosing what we want to do with our energy.  But our choosing effects others as well.

Think of a Linus from the cartoon Charlie Brown.  He drags his blanket with dust all over the place with him.  The other characters around him are effected by it.  Your energy and the energy of others are the same.  If you have negative energy it is felt as well as if you have positive energy.  Your "auras" or energy fields are blending.  Sometimes you may feel comfortable with someone or very uncomfortable with someone for this very reason.

Aura is defined as a noun:
  1. the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place.

In the photo below you can see the emanations of the aura from two individuals.  With twin flames they will be similar in color and vibration as shown below.  With others you will "mix" well or repel each other in energy.  However, what ever company you choose to keep in your life, your energy or vibration will be affected.  The people around you will help raise you up in vibration and light or bring you down in frequency or light.  

The light or frequency are both inter-changable words in this case.  For in your final quest for spiritual freedom the goal will be to clear these fields and have a high resonating frequency.  Like Jesus when he lived, it has been said that people could feel his aura from miles away.  Or like Michael says in his song "The Way You Make Me Feel",  "I feel your fever from miles around".

Energy is real and it's always easier to be brought down in vibration than it is to be brought up.  We have to work harder at maintaining a higher vibration.  In essence, we have to be conscious of the thoughts and feelings we are emitting to the world around us.

As twin flames bring their personal vibrations up, this is also how they will affect the rest of us and the planet.  The sheer work and desire to become closer to god will become manifest in their energy field.  In turn, both flames will be able to transcend themselves and bring the light of other dimensions, the Christ light, onto the planet.  For now their vibration has been raised to a degree that resonates with that Christ like frequency.  

What a wonderful gift for the rest of us.  For now the flames desire for union themselves reflect back on the rest of us and in turn raise our vibrations too.


Eminent Attack; PLEASE Read

There are times when the entire world is put on notice.  Catastrophic events and war crimes can and do affect us all.  None so much so as in the middle east.  There is much unrest still and I fear the violence will escalate and we all will be in a place of unrest soon if we don't change our ways.

I have awoken with very disturbing images.  A visit from Gandhi from the other side gave me more information, however, if you are in a place of unrest or fear retaliation, please pay attention.

An attack is eminent.  This means it will go forward. This is not an "it might happen" event.  There is a woman involved in a suicide mission and it will involve children.  This event will shake us to our very core.

I am told that this is a retaliation for something.  Preceded by a dream, I dialed 911 only to hear a foreign language I didn't understand in the background.  The phone present in this vision meant that I would hear news about it soon.

911 (9/11) also is related to the attack on the trade towers here in the United States.  It feels as if it may be similar.

I wish I could know where this will take place, but I don't.  Only that there will be children involved.  I can only hope that I am wrong.  Yet I can only hope that if I am not, that this message is heeded and some are taken out of harms way.

If you are in an area that has experienced attacks in the past, if your country has attacked another and nothing has happened or if some unrest is happening where you are - PLEASE be EXTRA cautionary with your children.  This DOES NOT exclude the STATES.

Gandhi has said that this is political and may affect alliances with the United States.

It may be time to renew the idea that Gandi instituted while he lived.  The concept of NON VIOLENCE has been repeated over the years from some of the greatest men and women in history.  What will it take for us to start practicing it?


Dancing, Singing and Laughing

"What makes the heart pitter patter more than anything else in the world?  Pure joy and love unbounded by anger and hate.

When we laugh we release endorphines that cause us to feel good.  When we dance our bodies unite in a symbology of union between spirit and body.  Our emotions soar, our mood is made better and our bodies delight in the creative play of the spirit.

When I sing I feel the same way.  A deep resonating sound comes from deep inside me.  It sounds like a trumpet, feels like a low vibration and when I let my voice soar from my being I am lighter, softer, more brilliant than before.

Creative play, whether with singing, dancing, or laughing, are the key ingredients to happiness.  We can allow ourselves to be as a child; forget the dogma of the day and just be in the moment.

If you take today, or just one day this week, let it be a day of play and rest.  Enjoy the outdoors with nature and delight in it's senses and sounds.  Take to the dance floor or sing at the top of your lungs in the car.  All these things make us lighter and more connected to life itself.  Being your own catalyst for amazing transformation in yourself sometimes only takes a little effort on your part.  Being in the moment and "deciding" to change your energy into something playful is a good first step.  If I were next to you now I might tell you a joke, play a prank on you or climb a tree.  Someone else might eat frosting, cookie dough or steal away a gooey cookie before going outside to play.

Listen to your heart and when you do you'll find the song it sings needs to be sung through you, not from you.  Allow it to play.  Allow yourself to listen and the first thing that comes to mind that you think will bring you joy . . do."

Have a great weekend! :)



One of the first "visions" I received of Michael maintaining a life on the other side, was with him speaking with Princess Diana.  Diana passed years ago and I had never seen or spoken with her since she passed until she came to me several months ago.  The vision, was just that, the two of them speaking.

When I had an opportunity to ask Michael about it, he said that he and Diana had become good friends.  They were both murdered and both had to leave children behind.  They had many things they had found common ground with.

Weeks passed and Diana found me herself.  We spoke for a little while as she expressed her reason for coming.  I did not know or believe Diana was murdered, although at one time I questioned her seemingly mysterious death,  just as many people now question Michael's.

After we spoke I promised I'd write what she had said, so in April I did just that.  I don't follow the royal family, just like I didn't "follow" Michael Jackson.  I'd rather be surprised to find confirmations after the fact.  That way I'm assured of the validity of what I receive.  Visions of Michael have been common all my life when he lived.  I never expected them to extend until after his death, however, that's what soul union and consciousness is about.  It is not just a body that dies, it's the soul that lives on.

The original post for Diana can be found here.

In it I explain how I found out about her death and what transpired with Michael when I did.  I posted the following on her behalf:

I have since seen Diana on some occasion, but not regularly.  I recognize her as a friend of Michael's, as I have others that he has been so kind to introduce me to.  Most often they come with him, but last night Diana came alone.

She came to tell me as a friend, that there were other people that were involved in Michael's murder.  When I asked why she was telling me and not Michael, she replied that Michael's death, like hers, goes beyond just the immediate people thought to be involved.  She then said that her and Dodi were murdered and I was quite surprised.  I remember questioning then, and now she was confirming it for me.  She said she loved Dodi Fayed a great deal, but he has moved on.  She was staying to help.

Her son, Prince William, (and I have no idea what's going on there or how it works) was next in line for the throne.  It makes sense to me, but I honestly don't know if its true. That he needs to be VERY CAREFUL because something may happen similar to what happened to her.  She says he is already questioning.  Keep quiet William.  You already know the truth.  Yes  you are right about your father and your grandmother.  Both of them had something to do with it.  You may be in great danger if you don't listen to your instincts. 

Yesterday I stopped at a drug store and saw on the front cover of Globe magazine the words "Charles Murdered Diana".  You might imagine my shock.  That after all these years and after my conversation with Diana this might be written.  Now understandably Globe is a Tabloid magazine.  This may or may not be true, however, it eerily hit close to home when I remembered the words Diana used with me. Even her concern for Harry and him being next in line for the throne are confirmed in the words of this article.  And the kicker?  Camilla is painted as someone afraid that it will happen again, just as Diana said something similar might happen. 

You can view the Globe magazine article here.

I know it's hard to imagine for most people.  That life goes on and there is life beyond the body.  That we can communicate with those that have passed.  But I think it's important that we believe in what is real, that we are not just our body.  It is unfair and almost cruel for those that have passed to be almost left abandon by us in fixing what has been left behind.  It's for that reason I feel it's imperative to do what we can while we are still here.  It's for that reason I will continue to fight for justice for Michael's death as well.  All too often there are too many people that keep silent in witnessing and knowing information that is valid in the discovery of unethical behavior.  When it comes to humanity, keeping silent is as bad as committing the act itself.  In doing so it inadvertently expresses the feeling that it's O.K.  It's not.  Murder, injustice, abandonment, ridicule, rage and war will never be O.K. with me.  It is an abomination on the face of mankind.  One that we all should be outraged with for the sake of humanity itself.  How can someone call themselves a human when they have no regard for the human being?


What if We Become the Stars?

Why do so many things conspire in our universe?

What if it wasn't just a coincidence?

What if I or you were no more or less special than any of us?  What if we are all unique and the universe loves us all equally?  So much so that it bends over backwards across the centuries and lifetimes for each and every one of us.

And sometimes, we are just lucky enough to see it.  To receive glimpses of our past and insights into our future.

No life is more important than another.  And nothing has been without purpose.  Nothing.

What if we are all part of a great PATTERN that we may someday understand?  When we have lived and payed attention enough to know that we MUST sing our song and fulfill the purpose we have come to understand.  To live with and among the people in our world that matter most.  With an open heart and an open mind.

And one day, when we have done what we alone are capable of doing, we get to rise up and reunite with those we have loved the most.  Forever embraced.

What if we become the stars?

The Pattern of Creation


Is it possible to love someone so completely they simply can't die?

"What if,
once upon a time,
there were no stars in the sky at all.
What if the stars are not what we think?  What if the light from afar doesn't come from the rays of distant suns but from our wings as we turn into angels?

Destiny calls to each of us and there is a world behind the world where we are all connected.  All part a great and moving plan.  Magic is everywhere around us.  We just have to look.  Look closely.

For even time and distance are not what they appear to be.

We are all connected. Each baby born carries a miracle inside.  A unique purpose, and that miracle is promised to one person and one person alone.

We are voyagers, set on a course towards destiny to find the one person our miracle is meant for.

But be warned:

As we seek out the light darkness gathers.  And the eternal conquest between good and evil is not fought with great armies, but with one life at a time.

I feel like I've known her for a thousand years.

Our people have ten songs.  The songs tell us that inside of each of us is a miracle.  That miracle is meant for one person and one person alone.  And when we're close, the universe reaches down and helps us fulfill our destiny.

The universe sends us spirit guides that often appear as small children or animals. . .

But I must warn you.  Chaos has agents too. . .


Reflections of Concsiousness

 Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty."

- The Gospel of Thomas

They say that twin souls, twin flames and soul mates reflect what is within each other.  Many times you find the same types of issues present in each.  In looking at the other in love, you have no choice but to accept the issues and work through them.  That's how you grow and spur your soul partner to grow as well.

Yet even in our every day connections we mirror each other.  We see in others that which is in ourselves.  We can "relate" to some people more than others because of similar circumstances.  We can show compassion for those like us, because we too have felt the same way.

We are continually mirroring in one another that which is present in ourselves.  Our deepest connections come with those we feel are "on the same page", have the same beliefs as us and concepts about life.  We "resonate" with those who are most "like us."

Knowing this and recognizing the traits you most like and dislike about others is a great tool for inner growth.  The moment you realize you feel compassion for another notice the reason why. Dig deeper for the instance in your life that you relate the compassion you feel for another to.  Ask yourself why and from there expand your scope to other feelings you've had in the past for others.  Did you try to make "their" situation like your own or did you try and help them so they wouldn't go through what you went through?

We all relate to one another on a certain level.  Where ever our consciousness is operating is where our thoughts are.  If it's on negative thoughts, the traits we'll notice will most likely be negative.  If we have established belief patterns that are pervasive for a gender, a class, a nationality or race we'll have to work past those patterns of belief before we can actually "connect" to the person that is mirroring ourselves.  It is the patterns built within us that keep fogging up the mirror of consciousness.  We must work past those to see the clearest reflection.

In some traditions they say the world and events don't come at us, they come from us.  Meaning the reality we create for ourselves most often is from the conscious state we broadcast to the universe.  The universe, our world, is created "through" us and "from" us.  Resonating frequencies and bringing back like vibrations to what we send out.

It makes good sense then to be conscious of the thoughts and beliefs we transmit.  For it's not only in the thoughts we think, but in the feeling body as well.  Our creative power is so strong we emit it from our very core. This is the blessing of being fashioned like our father. Our feelings about ourselves and others are as strong as, if not more powerful than, our thoughts.  For here in the feeling body our beliefs have found fertile ground for roots.  We may think our way into "I'm not going to eat that cookie", but most likely our body will say "I really can taste that cookie right now..I need it".  The two go hand in hand and when we learn what we are saying and feeling inside ourselves, then we will also know what we are saying and feeling to others and our universe as a whole.



Nelson Mandela International Day - A Few Words From the Man

Today is the first official Nelson Mandela International Day since his death.  It's the day chosen as an official acknowledgement in celebration of the achievements of Nelson Mandela.  On this day we ask for your service, any small, kind service to humanity, in remembrance of him.

Today, July 18, was Nelson Mandela's birthday. There must be plans for a huge party in heaven!

This day was unanimously approved in 2009 by the U.N. General Assembly. It was created to honor him and inspire others to carry on his efforts to "take responsibility for making the world a better place, one small step at a time." 

It should be no wonder then that Michael and Elizabeth Taylor have met up with him on the other side. Matter of fact, it was Mr. Mandela himself that came up with the idea of the petition we posted here on the blog for world peace.  I'd like to think I was the one who was so brilliantly smart to come up with it, but I'm really not.

The petition is still available for your input.  Today is a GREAT day to do your part in his honor and in honor of humanity.  Recent news is unbearable.  Violence is bred.  We are breeding greed in mainstream society with ads and what the "perfect" life should look like.  We breed violence in our children simply by them witnessing it.  This MUST stop.  WE must be the ones who take a part in making these changes.  We are all creating a consciousness of chaos in the world simply by not paying attention to what we are doing.  God did not invent the gun, war or greed.  We are on this earth, we have created this mess.  We MUST be the ones to clean it up.  Don't pray for peace - make it.  Take action today.

Here is the link for the petition once again.  It is important now more than ever for us to take action in our every deed and thought.  Remember the words of Nelson Mandela and the lengths he went to in his life just for peace in his country between the blacks and whites.  Reconciliation can and should be used across the globe for peace projects everywhere.  There is no room for violence anymore.  As Mr Mandela is telling me "Peace should be our only mission".

I was asking him if he'd like to say something and was not getting a response.  Michael says he's thinking about it.  So I told him I was going to steal the rights to whatever he said and make a movie about it.  But Mr. Mandela says they already made a movie about it....... O.K. here we go...:

"On this day in history many people will remember the man I was in life.  I was no different than any of you.  I had dreams.  I had people in my life that I loved.  I worshiped god.  My only endeavor was to find peace for me in my hometown.  In order to do that I had to do something to make that happen, to try.

We are all living in the same world.  We try to control one another.  We try to be better than one another, but in the end, we still must live with each other.  Try your best to be your best.  Not only for you and your family, but for the world.  We need strong men and women to rule the masses.  These are not days for more war, these should be days of civilized and peaceful living.  Not just for the Russians, not just for the Ukraines, for ALL people everywhere.

On this day it is my hope that in the hearts of all people a seed is planted.  An idea that they too can change the world.  Change is inevitable.  We are steering towards change every day.  If we don't take control of the wheel, where do you think that change is headed?"

N. Mandela


Twin Flame Soul Mates and Twin Rays - From My Experience

I had a question I thought would be nice to share.  In our analogy of twin flames, we have seven as in the depiction of the Easter Lily; the very symbol of the resurrection and life.  In the center is the ray (counted as the seventh), also with seven inside including the ray itself.  We are creations upon creations and as we merge back into the oneness, we merge back with the all.

The seven twin flames merging I will speak on from my experience.  I have seven flames in my group.  I have met three on the earth plane.  One was Michael Jackson, however, there was another woman and another man.  The connection with a flame when meeting is undeniable.  There is an undercurrent of energy there, a synergy that connects you deep inside.  You know something is there, but consciousness just can't seem to put a finger on it.

The consciousness, however, is the key to the union with one or all the flames.  For in your creation itself you are most like these souls.  Vibrating at the same frequency, and as such you can connect easily on many planes of existence.  Telepathy is common because the association is so close.  You can converse while meditating, in a relaxed state or even in your daytime affairs.  Your closest flame, however, will be the one you were originally created with.  Meaning the other polarity of yourself split from the ray originally.  When Michael lived I was able to come face to face with him many times, but there was one particular time that I asked St Germain, a teacher of mine,  to allow me to see the reason for our connection.

We met in  my hometown.  We didn't speak.  He was with a blonde woman who kept checking on him.  I noticed his fingernails seemed dirty, but didn't realize it was the vitiligo and not dirt when I was studying him.  We stared at each other in our usual fashion.  It seems silly when I think about it in "human" terms, but it was almost like we were amused with each other.  Like looking at your hand and wondering what it was there for, what you were supposed to do with it.

We did that for a while when suddenly I was taken back in my mind.  It was dark and there was no sound at all.  I knew in an instant it was the moment we were created together.  It was scary almost for me at that point until I figured it out.  Our creation from source, from our ray, was together in this male/female polarity.  We have other flames as well, but those flames are not as close in association because of the original polarity that split when Michael and I came into the earth plane.

If you envision cells multiplying, it would be the same.  Seven cells are created in whole.  Once they determine they will enter the earth plane those seven cells again split into male and female polarities.  Michael taking a male form, and I taking female form, were able to connect very easily through our souls because we were created as one to begin with.  We can still connect easily with the others I have met on earth as well, but I've noticed our merging, or consciousness is not as united as Michael's and I were and has become.

It seems to me there are seven levels, within seven levels.  It is an upward spiral of union to our source and a downward splitting to the earth.  Our vision then is to go up in unison to where we once were. Back to the bliss we were born from.

Maurie D Pressman on Superconscious Holograms

Maurie D Pressman MD
As you may know my friend Maurie D Pressman MD who wrote the forward for my first book and worked with me on several classes, passed on.  I am thrilled to say Maurie is in the house today!:

"Super conscious holograms:

The super conscious hologram is a subset of vehicles used in transporting thought into creation. We call it super conscious because it is.  Super consciousness is a higher standard of being and living through the mind.  My work on the earth plane was in consciousness.  I still ponder the existence of it and try my best at reaching higher levels.  It seems whenever I reach for the unimaginable it's there anyway.  It's amazing.  Whatever I see I realize comes from me.  It's a stupendous state!  When you realize what a divine being you are, you realize you have the power to create whatever you want.

In life it's the same.  If we'd only realize what our potential was we could heal the world in more than one way.  It's time to start thinking about what our state of consciousness is.  What are the thoughts that repeat in your mind? What are your most cherished dreams?  These are the things that life is made of.  These are the things that Jesus the Christ and others along that path have made clear to us that they are our birth right.  We have the power, we just have to hone in on how to use it."


Spiritual Etiquette and Visits from the Other Side

Etiquette (/ˈɛtɨkɛt/ or /ˈɛtɨkɪt/French: [e.ti.kɛt]) is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a societysocial class, or group.

Etiquette, to me, is like following the rules or just plain having good manners.  There are some things you just don't do.  Like pick your nose in public.  

On the "other side" we expect the same.  There is protocol and if "protocol" is not followed often times you get yourself entangled with not so nice spirits and confusion.  Even for us spiritual folk it's not nice to "check" on someone remotely if you don't have the courtesy to call.  That's just plain invasion of privacy.

Some time back I remember getting quite a bit of spiritual information when ever I was in the bathroom. Where is the protocol? I would say.  Are they watching me going to the bathroom and figure hey we'll catch her in there?  It's kind of humorous when you think about it, but every time it would happen it would alarm me.  Like what exactly are you guys seeing?

I've just run into some else who had the same experience.  It's not that the bathroom is a cool place for them to contact you, but most often it is a "quiet" place.  A place where you are alone.  If any information that has been trying to get through to your consciousness is there, it's easy to see why it would eventually be "downloaded" to your consciousness when you are in a quiet place.

Other times there just may be rude spirits.  Sometimes I've seen them in bars starting fights, or watching children playing video games.  They can influence others just by their energy.  That's why incense and other high vibrational activities in your home and around your workplace are highly recommended. That way the energy level is maintained and you don't attract lower vibratory beings.

There always seems to be a wayward spirit here and there, but I've had some of the same ones in my home for quite some time.  They "visit".  Michael brings his friends from the other side, my grandmother sometimes has brought other family members and even my friend Maurie D Pressman MD, drops by occasionally.  He's one of the quiet ones.  I say that because sometimes they'll stand back, like Maya Angelou did.  Quite reserved and humble.  Other times they are in your face, like Gary Coleman, messing around.  Some just seem to know what they can get away with and others are very well mannered.

I was reviewing notes again and came across some interesting and funny things that have happened with Michael and sometimes Elizabeth Taylor.  Some people imagine people flying into space when they pass, but most often they still retain some of what they were here:

  • When I asked Michael how it was on the other side when he passed and what he liked most he said it was that he could go anywhere quickly and could just watch - no one could see him.
  • The first year Michael passed he orchestrated a chorus of "Happy Birthday" the morning of my birthday when I woke up.
  • Michael would sometimes leave Elizabeth Taylor with me so I wouldn't be alone and I would sing very badly out loud on purpose.  She would make remarks like not again: I was hurting her ears.  Then she would threaten to sing Henry the Eighth all night to me if I didn't stop.  

  • They continue to have parties and when Nelson Mandela passed I asked if he was going and had partaken in any squirt gun fights.  He said no, but we agreed we would have one when I get there. I am super nervous already about it.  I just know they're going to blast me when I get there.
  • I tease Michael because he had to call for Elizabeth once when he couldn't get me to stop crying. The poor thing sat with me telling me I wasn't alone, but my response was I was, he was dead, he wasn't really there and I was by myself.  Finally in desperation he called for Elizabeth.  "Elizabeth, Elizabeth!" he yelled.  She was wonderful, but after I teased him for the way he called out to her.  He had no idea what to do with me.
  • And, before you feel too bad for him, let me tell you what he did to me.  I have had this fascination or rather hate relationship with this roll of fat on my back.  I constantly look at it, no lie.  I don't feel Michael around all the time.  Sometimes he just hangs back.  One time I got dressed and was in my bedroom looking in the mirror to see how I looked.  I could feel Michael come behind me and say "You look beautiful".  I thought wow, that was really sweet.  The he followed up with "except for that back fat".  
  • When I first got my dog and was trying to potty train her I swatted her butt when she had an accident on the floor.  Michael was so upset.  He chimed in "NO! don't hit her!" in his sweet voice.  My son says the same about me.  Our dogs don't listen because I'm like "No, please, no don't go potty."  He later apologized.
  • I sensed him pacing at one time.  I had written something about his family on the blog.  He was beside himself and didn't know how to tell me.  When I finally got it out of him I wrote an apology on the blog.  He was and still is very protective of his family.

I have no idea why I just wrote all that.  I suppose it might be entertaining.  Spirits are a normal part of life.  One that we all too often forget about after people pass, but it truly is an inevitability for us all. When you think about who we are, we are not our bodies.  We are spirits first, only experiencing our world through the body.


1000 Years - The Ascension

I began reviewing notes for the book and came across an entry on 9/9/2011 from Saint Germain.  I remember speaking with Maurie Pressman, M.D. during this time about the information I was getting. I'm laughing because this same information has been given to me again this past year.  Michael has even made the remark about twin flames being like "cells".   I guess I wasn't listening as well as I should have been.

St Germain 9/9/2011

You must speak out against the injustice.  You must not hide it.  That what's hidden within you will stay hidden.

Where Twin Flames and Twin Rays are concerned - This is the end of duality.  As twin rays join, then there are the divine compliments; those souls who resonate at the same frequency but are whole and like cells of the body - they operate in unity.

This is a step up in vibrational frequency - There can be many.  This is before the office of the christ, governed by Jesus himself who sits at the right hand of the father.  Through him you are able to meet the father as one in a final ascension.

When whole we will reside with the angels for a time until we are assigned our own galaxies to contribute to.  Earth is not the only planet governed under the great central sun.

Jesus was the first son of God for this dimension, but not the only.  We are brothers and sisters because from his ray many others were created.  He resides within us all.

The pyramids symbolize the vehicle of ascension.  Every 1000 years souls are selected for ascension. There is a 12 year lapse allowing for the completion of the tasks before ascension.  This measures the souls we feel will ascend during the next millenia.  We work with those souls for the advancement out of the whole.  It is very rare that a soul can ascend without the help of the other masters and angels.

We become androgynous beings and one with the son.  The archangels have divine compliments.  There are 7 steps in the process; another 7 and another 7...

In the year 2012 the chosen will have already begun the ascension process and therefore able to disseminate their light upon earth.  With each ascension from earths school room there will be another pouring of light into the whole upon the planet.  This in turn will raise the consciousness of the planet for the next 1000 years.  Earths evolution to the next planetary stage of life.


The Murder of Michael Jackson

It was some time ago when I watched an episode of "Life with LaToya".  She had a psychic reading and the reader said "it was an accident, but it wasn't."  At the time I was convinced that Michael's murder was plain and simple and was a little confused.  I assumed that it was plotted out and intentional. I now know it was not intentional from the very beginning.  Only an option for one man at the end.

I've been waiting for confirmations and to see the bigger picture in this mess for some time.  It wasn't until 2011 that Michael and I really talked about anything with his death and even at that time from what Elizabeth Taylor told me, I really didn't want to know what went on.  I was afraid.  Michael had told me he thought someone was trying to kill him and as most peoples minds would, I couldn't fathom how or why.

I've tried to track the Conrad Murray court case as well as the AEG Live case as best I could.  I never knew most of what was already known about Michael Jackson and his fans.  I don't read most things about him because I don't want those things to color what I get from him or feel.  Those things are direct and they must remain in a place of purity that is not dampened or tinted from another opinion or story.

Since his death there have been many "stories".  The press, the media, the people who were supposedly close to him.  I have been appalled at times, touched at others and remain in angst knowing how cruel some people continue to treat others.

Michael's death was a direct result of the greed and need for control by a handful of people.  I can say it was this company or that, but in the end it was the choices that these people made that brought his death about.  I don't think that these people are much different than many others.  Greed, selfishness and need for control are rampant here in the United States and else where.  I've seen many people come out of the woodwork to capitalize on Michael's death that weren't there when he lived.  I've seen both men and women marry for money and have heard many stories of people killing for money.

Michael's life was not only taken for money, but when he lived, he was used for his status and money as well.  If you didn't think he was the best star in the world then you were stabbing him in the back with insults on the news and in the media, not to mention the common everyday folk in the streets.  His life was tortured at times and it was because of us - people.  We allowed it.  We allowed it on the news.  We allowed it in the magazines.  We allowed it in the media.  If the consciousness of our fellow man is to change at all it must be in these venues that it starts.  People are fed information from these sources.  It's like programming the public when stories hit the news and it colors our view of the world and our brothers and sisters next door and abroad.  Of all things that could have happened in the world, you would only hope that Michael's death would have put a stop to this.

Earlier in the week I had posted that we would make a decision on whether or not to write a book about his death.  We have made one.  Although at times I think this venture will be painful, there is something inside of me that is screaming and I need to get it out.  The book will go forward with Michael's input.  I have seen and spoken to Frank DiLeo as well, but am doubtful for any additions from him, nor are they needed.  His apology has been accepted.

The book is not going to be all psychic "woo woo".  Psychics can see some of the future.  Mediums can speak with the dead, but neither are all super human and we are not mind readers.  We have filters, we have personalities and being in the position that I have been placed in this lifetime, it's taught me a great deal about the need for validation.  It's taken a few years, but I have gathered enough evidence to support the visions I have had and as such, the book will entail court evidence as well as the visions I received in the summation for what transpired in Michael's murder.  I believe this will be healing for both of us, as well as his family.

I realize I have a problem with expectations and expect too much.  I expected the estate to do the right thing and not only protect the children, but to give the money they have so willingly expressed that they have made to charities and support as Michael wished.  He had a message.  It wasn't "Look how much money I can make."  it was "Heal the World".  That message is something only the Estate can do properly on a global basis, but to date, they have not.

That said, there are posts I have made that are related to Michael's death on this blog.  They are the findings as I have found them.  The ending to this story is much different than I had thought when Michael had first told me that someone gave him a shot.  I have received visions from that time and have been very surprised at times on what I have seen.  I didn't know some of these people in Michael's life, but do now.

I have personal reasons that I'd like this issue to be settled.  One is that I am sick and tired of hearing everyone make up their version of what happened or didn't happen.  Sick of people coming out of the woodwork to get their chance in the limelight to speak about Michael when they were never there for him to begin with.  I don't even watch television anymore because all I see are illusions.  It is on rare occasion that I see worth while news.  I sometimes sit here and think of all these miraculous things that happen in our world and they go unreported, unnoticed.  Yet the minute some one goes on a shooting spree, it makes national headlines. What's wrong with that picture?  We should not only expect more, but do more.

I am honored, that the entertainment industry has checked my credit.  I certainly hope they were satisfied.  If I was looking for money, I would have done that a long time ago.  I'm not another woman looking for a handout.  I haven't sued for having any of Michael's fictitious children, haven't gone on national television to speak about his dirty laundry and I haven't stalked the family outside the court room.  I know it's hard to believe, but I'm an honest person looking to set things straight and expand the consciousness of truth.  Shocking isn't it?

Below is the clip from the show "Living with LaToya":


Above and Below: CREATION

"That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing"

The above phrase is from Hermeticism, a religious and philosophical tradition based primarily upon writings by Hermes.  They originated in the Vedas, texts that originated in India, but are used in the sense that the macrocosm is as the microcosm and vice versa; within each lies the other and through understanding one we can understand the other.

If we look at science, for example, we see great strides in cellular research and biological findings. They have been able to examine literal cells under a microscope and have found that they actually divide themselves when creating a human being inside the womb.  They have found similar cells using the same process to create plant forms and other forms of life as well, but have they stopped to look at the "what is above" in the equation?

If you're a regular blog reader, you'll already know the fascination I have with that simple little shape, the Star of David.  Even Sri Aurobindo and Mother, the twin flames from India, used this very symbol in their teaching schools.  In Tibet, it is the symbol associated with the heart chakra, and recently it has also been discovered that it is in this heart center where there is also a very powerful magnetic field.

During 9/11 in the states, just after the bombing of the trade towers, satellites where able to measure the magnetic fields of the earth.  At that time specifically, they found that there was a spike in the measurement of this field.  Gregg Braden, author of many books researching the science behind these kinds of events, believes that the spike was due primarily to the human emotion brought forth from the event.  It was the human emotion from the heart center of each one of us that contributed to the spike of the earths magnetic field.

When I heard Gregg explain this on the video below, I had a great many things fall into place.  The masters have repeatedly told me we are creations upon creations.  That there is a shape, sometimes they refer to as the "merkabah", that is used in all of creation.  It is also this same shape, they said, that transports the soul after death.

The merkabah is also seen as the Star of David, the Seal of Solomon, and you guessed it, it is the symbol at the heart center in the Tibetan illustration of the heart chakra.  The same place Mr Braden recently discovered the power of emotion and the wondrous magnetic field that comes from this very special area.  It is this same place, by the way that Jesus himself points to with his "heart" on fire.

The powerful place is where we "create" from.  It is the place where twin souls join, in the heart, in the ceremonious shiva and shakti union.  As male and female bodies create babies, male and female souls also create a third very wonderful energy called love.  It is all relative and all in complete harmony.

Watch Gregg's video below as he explains what science has found.  I've used this same video to explain how twin souls can feel the emotions of each other.  The same way the human "cells" are created, is the same way our human "souls" are created as well.

Supporting Illustrations:

The Merkabah shape; two interlocking triangles.  Also found
as a field of energy around the human body.  The human
character sits in a meditation pose, again triangular in shape.
Makes you think those yogi's have a reason for sitting
this way to meditate.
Tibetan heart chakra.  Two interlocking triangles.

Human cells under a microscope
magnified X700. Actin, critical for cell division, cell movement, internal movement of cellular components, cell-to-cell...
Human cells under a microscope magnified X700. Actin, critical for cell division, cell movement, internal movement of cellular components, cell-to-cell contact, signaling and cell shape, is designated in green. The nucleus/ DNA is marked in blue.  Notice the two interlocking triangles in green; the same pattern sequence as the Star of David

Picture of Jesus pointing to his heart.  Notice the
mudra of his right hand.  Two fingers interlocking
symbolizing union.