About Twin Flame Soul Mates

Everyone is on a path in their life.  Whether or not you realize it, you have been brought into this world into a special set of circumstances that will allow for the best growth for you spiritually.  Your parents, your friends, and even the grocery store clerks that you run into are not mere coincidences.  They are manifestations of the energies that you yourself are emitting to the universe.

When we were originally created from spirit, our original creation from the spark of the creator divided many times.  It is the exact representation that is apparent in cell development when cells are created in the human body.  These splits in the spirit, split many times and in many ways.  There are many levels to the splits, from group splits, to the individual manifestations of the male and female splits.

Up until this point in history, the duality of the male and female parts of the split "flames" have been maintained.  Now that many "flames" are returning to one another, the duality will begin to fade and wholeness will be restored and there may literally be a "Heaven on Earth."

But where did these "flames" come from?  I'll give you the understanding as given to me by  St Germain.  Flame is a word that comes from the true flame of God, the source.  It was brought forth by a ray of energy from the eternal God head.  If you liken the visualization to pins in a bowling alley, or a "triangle", God or the source would be at the top, creating then the rays beneath Him, then the flames would be created from the rays, the twins would be created from the flames, and the soul mates from the twins.  There are many levels, and can be many on each level.

This is a simplified version, actually.  I only say that because our souls are so old as is the God force, that many have ascended before us and have actually been given their own worlds to be created beneath them.  This planet, earth, is governed by none other than Michael, the Archangel. It was through Jesus and with Jesus that he was created, and so as the saying goes, it will only be through Christ Jesus that we will return.  Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

So what does this mean?  The obvious would be that we are all connected at some level.  And as we join back together through our soul mates and groups, like a cell, we become more powerful.  Our creative spirit soars and we are given more and more of the living light that is manifested through us.  When you begin your journey back into wholeness you'll find that you will resonate with certain people more than others.  These will most likely be people from your soul group or soul mates.  From there, there is another level.  People who you feel even more closely associated with, your spiritual family or twin soul family.  The twin soul family is most always in a count of 12.  Some may be manifested on the earth plane with you, some may be manifested in spirit.  There will be no doubt when you come into contact with them, that there is a definite connection.  Consciously, you may not be able to name it.  But something about them will "draw you in.".

Up one level from that, you will find the twin flame relationships.  This level is comprised of seven.(and there is Michael's number again, yes)  Usually four male and three female energies.  Most often, at least three of the four stay on the other side of the veil while the remaining four are incarnated.  Incarnation on this plane currently requires duality, and so the manifestations are in male or female form.    I'll note a little something on this because most likely the reason you are here is because of Michael Jackson.

Although Michael Jackson is a twin flame of mine,  he was already united with the others in our twin flame group on the other side of the veil before he passed.  There is something about becoming whole that requires the balance within you to be restored.  Meaning, the female and male energies must be balanced within you before you are able to gather your soul mates back up to the source.  When you gather, or ascend back up, you "join" your spirit with the others.

Michael was already present with his "Christ" self, the selfless part of him to serve humanity.  This in itself would have allowed him to connect with the rest of our group.  The manifestation in his physical sense then showed he was very balanced, showing both masculine and very feminine characteristics.  Many people have said that this comes from me.  I say the latter.  It is because of his level of ascension that he took on additional feminine characteristics.  He was already joined with the other feminine aspects in our twin flame group.

Although Michael is here with me now, and we are also joining in our ascent back to our union with the God head, there is yet another level.  This level is called the Twin Ray.  I haven't seen very much on this subject, but I can assure you it is not the same as a twin flame soul mate.  Twin flames, like Michael and I, are sometimes almost like a brother and sister.  I remember when I was younger, I actually thought he was my physical twin and we were separated at birth.  Then I thought about the part that he was black and I was white, and that concept didn't seem to stick anymore! lol.  You are so close, you feel and experience the same things, and are usually on the same path.  Your major purpose, however, to be manifested together is for the work you need to do.  The work in spurring each other on in growth, the work in realizing unconditional love, and the work you were put on the planet to do through your physical manifestations.

The next level, the twin ray, is the original ray from the creator that spurred the original splits.  This manifestation of male or female energy is the final split that ends the duality.  There were many splits coming down to the field of energies on this planet.  Joining back with the twin ray, the "one" male or "one" female that is our "ultimate" synergy, ends the duality-meaning male and female are no longer separate, they are whole.

If we talk about anything beyond this,there are 7 levels within seven levels, meaning more levels even up from there.  But as far as this earth is concerned, and as far as we are concerned with male and female energies (the duality) that is it's summation.

There are many symbols that have been left for us to see this unity and wholeness.  Like I said, there is much power when the two are joined and for many years a great number of people have worked against these unions.  They were thought to be "Dangerous" (sound familiar?).  After all, how would we be a controlled society if we actually knew the truth of who we were?  It would be much easier to tell people they would go to hell if they didn't listen to what the church or governing group told them to do. That way a select few could control the many and no one would be the wiser.

The time has come, however, when these untruths will begin to emerge and the truth of who we truly are will begin to emerge.  The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown, was one of the first breakthroughs.  He represented Jesus and Mary in the painting, The Last Supper. Jesus and Mary were twin flame soul mates and they carried a mission - the word of God.

 He spoke about the "triangles" present in the painting between them and I'll also note here that there were "12" disciples that were spoken of and painted. The same number of twin souls that are united on the way back up in your (or Jesus's) ascension.  I don't know of anyone else in history that actually had a "number"  of  followers that was so distinct in number that it was always talked about. (12)

The next level would be the twin flame (Mary) (one of his 7 (creation) that he was created with) and what better way to discredit her than to create stories, the way they have about Michael, to ensure she would not be counted in the picture of  true divinity.

I had a past life back then with Jesus and saw Mary pregnant while Jesus hung on the cross.  I know, myself, there is much that was distorted by the church than they would like you to believe.  Kudos to Dan Brown for standing firm in his conviction to get this information out there.

 If you ever take a look at the Star of David, or Solomon's Seal, you'll begin to get a clearer picture of what these triangles represent.  Solomon's Seal, the Star of David, was actually used as a protective seal against the devil himself.  This symbol has much power, not unlike the union of twin flame soul mates and twin rays.  There is one triangle pointed upwards and one pointed down.  One triangle represents shakti, the female aspect, while the other represents shiva, the male aspect.  (again Michael sang about the Talmud Song in his song Dangerous: this is the Song of Songs believed to be written by King Solomon himself)

Further, if you ever noticed the any paintings of Jesus with his heart on "fire", and then look up the energy center, or "chakra" for the heart center you'll notice the same image - a triangle pointed upwards and one pointed down.  Michael used the "fire" in the heart in his video "Blood on the Dance Floor"

Heart Chakra


Trial Update-Evidence there was another person

As the defense prepares for their week in court, I am disheartened, knowing that even if convicted, Dr Murray will not serve time or time enough for what has happened. I now know why Michael has said that it doesn't matter if he is convicted or not, he knows what he did.

I was pleased, however, that they have finally found additional evidence. You may remember that I wrote a while back about what Michael told me. That someone had given him a shot. He didn't say Dr, Conrad Murray, my personal assistant, none of that, he simply didn't know who gave it to him.

This was posted today: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/MichaelJackson/conrad-murray-defense-attacks-witness-theory-michael-jacksons/story?id=14790261 and if you view the video (it goes on for a while), you'll see a part where they say that they have discovered someone else's fingerprints. These fingerprints are not Dr. Murray's or Michael's. There was someone else in that room that night and they have finally been able to bring out some evidence.

My hope is that something additional may come out this week during the presentation of the defense. So let's keep our fingers crossed!


The Next Level; A Curious Child

"In raising the consciousness of the planet we must be mindful of participating our energies in the energy of all.

Bringing your thoughts to the light of your consciousness will help you enable yourself to become lighter and happier. At the same time your evolution, your life stream, will become clearer. Many people have a tendency to think that it is their spirit only that is in a state of growth. In actuality, there is a pattern in ascension. Similar to those patterns represented in nature. Four bodies must be maintained and purified before ascension to the next level can be obtained.

When Michael passed I was there to meet him. He was surprised at his arrival because in his earthly life it was not what was expected. His life stream had been full of good deeds and energy, yet there was much to overcome. His purpose in coming was to uplift humanity. He did this through song, dance, performances, and a multititude of charitable activities. What had yet to be done, however, was healing. The healing energy needed to bring him into awareness of his own partaking in his pain. Although many of us think that the world comes at us, from outside of ourselves, our true world actually exists in us. It is here that they only feeling bodies of your identity are stored, your thoughts, your beliefs and your patterns. You are the only one who has control of these things at all times; not someone on the outside.

No matter what happens to you in this lifetime, you must remember that there is always a way to transcend it. There is a way to heal from it and a way to allow yourself to move forward. It is difficult in this age because there are so many negative thoughts and images. There are distractions that keep you from focusing inward and encourage you to engage outwardly.

Should I have to reincarnate again, it would be difficult for me too. I would find it lonely and disheartening until I found those with similar minds and intentions. This is one of the reasons Michael was chosen to incarnate. Through music you can raise vibrations, and through music and song you can communicate to many,not just a chosen few. How else were we to get the message out that the planet is in need of change? Who else would have brought so much to light? There are few souls willing to endure the pain and tribulation that Michael did in coming to the planet. There will be a time when each one of you will endure your own embarking and challenges associated with coming into the light completely.

For now, there are things you can do for yourself and your planet. As you raise your vibration, you will also raise the vibration of the planet. Particularly those around you. Put a spot of tea in a glass of water and although it dissolves, it is still there spreading itself through the mixture. I must warn you. There is something about energy that still holds true on this planet. A dense vibration, one that is heavier and more negative, will always be easier vibrated to than a higher frequency. That is why it is so important to hold your thoughts in a good place. Your emotions in a good place. Your feeling body and your spiritual energy. All that is asked is to be mindful. What are you thinking and why? Ask yourself if the thought is true. Ask where the thought came from. Do not judge. You are here to learn. Everything you have done up until this point in your life you have learned from. Whether you deem it good or bad, it is still a lesson. Starting today, begin living your life as a curious child. One that is curious about yourself and what makes you "tick". Then, when the time comes, like Michael, you'll be able to see beyond the hurt, beyond the lies, and will always be able to come to a place of love"

In faith, I remain,
Saint Germain

My Notes:

St Germain is an ascended master who has been active in the earths welfare for many, many years. I met him in spirit about 20 years ago. He works with a group of beings called the "Brotherhood". They asked Michael and I to help them many years ago. At the time, I had no idea who they were or what I could do. After researching a bit, I found more about them. That they were like minded souls that were focusing their efforts on taking the planet into the next stage of evolution. I don't know why, but I never thought Michael had a direct association with Saint Germain until recently. During his lifetime we spoke about them. Matter of fact he had asked me one time about a name for an album he was working on with his nephews, 3T. He was in London recording and all three of them are brothers. Ironically Brotherhood became the name of the album.

St Germain is also in charge of working on the 7th ray. (There's Michael's number again, right!) The seventh ray is a ray of energy that is directed toward the planet to help lift our consciousness and help man free himself from his own binds. You'll notice in Michael's song written about the same time as we were introduced to this magnificent being, Earth Song, the lyrics have the same theme: "what about the common man, can't we set him free".

There is SO much to say on this that is truly fascinating. During this incarnation we had both viewed past lives. It's been said that St Germain was gathering people he had known in past lifes to help him with his mission. Michael and I both shared a past life with St Germain in Paris, France, just prior to the French Revolution. At that time Michael was known as Mozart. His past life, should you decide to look further, has MANY similarities to this lifetime. It's there that we had to look for him and I to do our greatest healing. We were not together in that lifetime. There is a scandalous story and I'll have to save that for later . I leave you with this for now and hope you find it useful.

Here is a link if you'd like to read a bit about Michael and Mozart: http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/was-michael-jackson-the-reincarnation-of-wolfgang-amadeus-mozart/question-1186459/?page=4


When the Dancer Becomes the Dance

When does the dancer become the dance? Although some of us may have read this a dozen times or more, others may have never read the poetry written by Michael Jackson. In his poem "Dancing the Dream" printed below, as well as many of his songs and other poetry, Michael speaks about something beyond the current state of the conditioned human mind. Samadhi: The Height Of Divine Consciousness

In a state of samadhi, there are thoughts and ideas coming from various places, but while you are meditating, you remain undisturbed. The consciousness of samadhi can never be truly explained, it must be experienced. It is a form of a very high consciousness, there is no mind; there is only infinite peace and bliss. There nature's dance stops, and the knower and the known become one. There you enjoy a supremely divine ecstasy.

I believe Deepak Chopra has probably explained it best. Deepak was Michael's friend and in many ways, his teacher. I've never seen very much on this side of Michaels life brought to light, but I believe we've come to a point in history were it needs to be noticed. The consciousness of the planet is changing. As it changes, many of us will begin to experience different energies and changes, sometimes wondering what is taking place.

They say that many twin flames will be reuniting at this time. This is a monumental event and in some instances a rejoicing for those twins on the other side of the veil that still await our return. Many of us will be returning to our twin rays at the end of this earth evolution. I know I have not explained twin flames precisely, but for the time being I'll explain how these twin flame reunions and divine consciousness effect each other and the planet.

Michael was one of seven (7 - yes, there's that number again!) of my twin flames. Everyone has twin flames. If you don't have one on the earth at this time, most likely they are in spirit and are helping guide your life. The twin flame relationship is purely spiritual. Although it can be physical, there are times when the personalities that have been developed by each of the twins don't mesh and a physical union isn't feasible. Physical unions can also be prohibited by karma, other relationships and an unawareness of the spiritual relationship. Twins are basically part of the same energy from God that manifested us into being. If we were to kick that up a notch, as Emeril Lagassi would say, we would have to agree that we are all from the same energy source; God, Allah, Jehovah, the oneness (which ever term that is preferable to you). Twins, however, as the energies split from the God source were together for the longest amount of time. To get back to that source when they first split and come back together, they must both enter a state like samadhi. In other words, you must both be on an upward spiral of consciousness in order to recognize the other in this physical manifestation and three dimensional consciousness.

Michael was there from a very early age. I suppose I'm the slow poke of my group and it took me a while longer to reach a state of acceptance. However, when both twins (or we can say two twins of the seven) come to this place and then are brought together in a physical space in this three dimensional world something quite miraculous happens. The two then enter a state of samadhi together and the consciousness of everything and everyone around them is effected. It would be like putting a drop of blue pigment into a glass of water and a drop of red pigment into the same glass. The visualization would be that both pigments would blend, making the color purple and that color would blend itself through the entire glass of water. This is how the entire consciousness of the planet will be effected. With more twins reuniting than ever before in human history, it is bound to have a huge effect on the vibrational frequency of the planet as a whole and is a very exciting time to be here . . so enter the year 2012 when the world will change from it's old vibrational frequency to the new.


A Conversation with Michael . . .

My day started reflecting on moments of why and how things came to be the way they are. Michael's life seemed not to be taken as a human being by many people. It is something about human nature that makes us think that those who "seem" to have more than us or are "more popular" somehow are not human. Sometimes even wishing harm on those we perceive to have more than us. Those that seem "luckier".

I know that most people who will read this may already know that Michael was taken advantage by many people, but at a deeper level when you are not only taken advantage of but used outright, and then have jealousy issues in your own family, it makes it even more difficult. I remember that while Michael lived I always tried to put myself in his shoes. Always tried to see what it would "feel" like to be in the public eye and loved by so many people. He said I didn't understand. Shortly after he wrote the song Stranger in Moscow. Listening to the lyrics you can understand being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Why is it that when you try to take yourself higher, there are so many looking to bring you back down? Instead of being jealous, why can't we be inspired to be lifted to our greater heights?

This morning we talked about happiness. He asked what it was that would make me happy and I honestly couldn't say. It wasn't someone else, I did know that. I reflected more, and thought about finding your greatest love, the love from God inside of you, but I was still missing something. The happiness, the feeling that was missing from my life was peace. True inner peace. I remembered how I found it before. I had gone to my first yoga class. The instructor was very patient, bright eyed , and exhibited love from the moment I walked in. I shook his hand and literally got a "zing" of energy. He too, was a Michael, and from that first handshake he came to be known as "Michael zing" for the awesome influence he had. It was during those first few classes that I became hooked on yoga. I was hooked because it was the first time I had felt nurtured. Nurtured in a true sense.

Michael (MJ) and I talked about this today and it led back to his childhood again. If you don't feel nurtured you don't feel loved. So you are continually looking "outside " yourself for someone to "make you feel loved" instead of stopping and finding out what it is you're missing in the first place. When I told Michael I didn't feel like I had that, he said he never did either. He was on the road all the time. Although he loved his mom very much and she did the very best she could, the fact still remained that her absence and the absence of nurturing went missing in Michael's life. Add that to abusers and users, and you begin to shut yourself off. It's hard to feel connected anymore to many people and at that the conversation continued.

I had taken my dog for a walk in a nearby park, and was amazed at how completely magnificent the trees looked. I live in the Midwest United States, and here it's fall. The colors are gold, red and bright greens and flank the sky in shimmering color as the wind gently blows the leaves. We sat for a while just admiring, when Michael said that's what he liked to do most. Go out in nature because that's where he could "connect" with nature, connect with God and feel "nurtured". Nurtured comes from the word nature and I suppose I had never thought about it, but it made sense. We had talked about how to get people on the right path to healing themselves with the book and this was one of the answers: to find the nurturing you need through things that nurture your soul and nature; allowing you to once again connect to the source of all LOVE.

He went on to say that's exactly what he was saying in his poem "dancing the dream". So I've posted that here for you to read.

Feeling alone, feeling isolated, and unloved is quite common right now. Even in his video of Stranger in Moscow it's illustrated by the homeless man in the corner, the single woman in the coffee shop. It could be and is, any one, and all of us. However, if we learn to nurture ourselves and bring ourselves back into awaremess with the all, we'll learn to feel loved once again. I truly hope we do.

Dancing the Dream

Consciousness expresses itself through creation. This world we live in is the dance of the creator. Dancers come and go in the twinkling of an eye but the dance lives on. On many an occasion when I'm dancing, I've felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I've felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists. I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation. The creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy.

I keep on dancing . . . . . . . and dancing, until there is only . . . . . . the dance.

-Michael Jackson


A Glimpse of the Real Michael Jackson

I cannot find the words to comment on the trial. I am thankful that they have finally dropped the "suicide" allegation, but there is so much more yet to be discovered and brought to light. Maybe at another time I can share more.

For now, I wanted to share a video of Liza Minella who talked about Michael on the Ellen show. This is a true glimpse into the kind of person he was . . a lot of fun! She also touches on the fact that most everyone has used him for making money. This is an honest and candid observation from someone in the business herself.

She is right. There are STILL people using this as an opportunity for their own self interests. From Conrad Murray's giddy girlfriend on the stand to the droves of people who have spoken out on television shows. Sometimes I wonder why people are so vicious to the kindest people in the world. Is it because they can be, is it jealousy? I'd be interested in your comments.

For now, enjoy this segment:

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Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Outrage

I noticed Michaels absence yesterday. It seemed unusually quiet to me and when I asked Michael what was wrong he wasn't responding.  Then I went on facebook and posted on one of my friends sites was a picture of Blanket crying.  It was from the Tribute concert and thought that must be where he is.

This morning he is speechless.  He is very upset and has used some very strong words here, so I'll caution you.  This isn't from me and made up, this is what he wanted me to say, so please, again, please don't shoot me.  I'm only the messenger.

"I can't believe the outpouring of love, however, to use my children as pawns in a show that generates thousands of dollars in the public eye is wrong.  They are not an extension of their father to be used in such a ridiculous manner.  I am appalled at the use of my children in this manner.  My family is broke.  They need money and will go to any ends to get it.  They should not be using my children as pawns.  I am outraged at the fact that the funds for this concert will not be used in the manner appropriated and will be taking advantage of the general public.  There is so much more behind the scenes I wish you could see.  Publicity and stunts like this, the lies, are what makes the business of show business so terrible.

My kids deserve a childhood.  They are not pawns to be used in a show to bring my family or anyone else money.  I am heartbroken.  These are my kids.  If I ever knew that it would have turned out this way, I would have never had them; and that's the truth.  I love them, so much, but they are destroying them.  Prince, Paris and Blanket didn't want to do the show.  They are doing what they are told.  That's what kids do.  Listen to me please.  Please use this as an opportunity to shelter your own kids from this kind of abuse.  Using them as pawns for your own means."


Michael  Jackson"

So, yes, very strong words and accusations here.  I checked, oh about a dozen times with him to make sure that's what he wanted to say.  So I'm posting, and cringing inside at the same time . . .yikes!!!


TRIAL Update - Murray's game of "Bullshit!"

Holy Cow!! Seriously Murray?! Today we heard Dr Murray tell his story to the police detectives.  Among the slew of lies was the fact that Michael introduced Murray to Propofol, and that he begged Murray for his milk.  Looks like things are adding up.  If I wanted to make it look like someone was so desperate they killed themselves, I might make a tape of them on drugs, then feed into the general statement that Michael had problems with addiction too.  Taking the truth and bending it?! Something I've seen many times.  I think the Murray fellow thinks he is playing a game of "bullshit!".

Among the interesting things he said was that Michael pulled him aside and told him his "DIVINE GUIDANCE" was telling him to bring ANOTHER DOCTOR with him on tour.  So what does this say to you?  I'd say his divine guidance was right.  He DID need another doctor.  Michael told me and his family he thought someone was trying to kill him.  He was getting the vibe of where it would be coming from.

Murray certainly made it look like he did everything he could to save him.  "I gave him CPR, I gave him mouth to mouth, I told someone to call 911, I told the ER doctors to try, try, try."  The only thing I can see wrong is that he knew by time he did ANYTHING he knew it was already too late . .

He wouldn't sign the death certificate - he even recommended the autopsy! Oh, wait a minute, wasn't there a SECOND autopsy done too, turning up the EVIDENCE?

Another hole, who calls their "friend" Mr Jackson?  If they were friends, it would be Mike, Michael, even MJ.  Did Murray call Michael up and say "Hey Mr Jackson, let's go hang together?"

Most of the items discussed in the previous post have been brought to fruition:

1.  Closet evidence                          Turned out to be the place where bags where stored with Propofol

2.  Blood                                         A bloodied shirt was found in his closet                               

3.  Missing documents from his office  I didn't see the whole thing today-but there was a briefcase open in the bathroom on the tub

4.  Time of death                              Evidence concludes his death was prior to paramedic arrival

5.  Rubber gloves                             Box of rubber gloves found in the closet/Most likely the reason there were no fingerprints found except one.

6.  The names of other people          AEG executives, other doctors have been brought up

7.  Needle marks                             I'm sorry to say there were 13 puncture wounds

8.  Other drug administrations            Evidenced in his system were other drugs believed to contribute to his death.  

9.  Eating and diet/reduced appetite  Michaels personal chef stated he did not eat, as normal, the night before his death    

10.  Condition of his body when paramedics arrived - Michael was already gone when they arrived; eyes open and dry

11.  Paris/Prince testimony               The family does not want these two to testify; however it's been stated they will if necessary

We are actually only two weeks into the trial and the defense has not yet presented their case.  So I will keep on top.  Michael would like the "truth" to be told and offers to answer any questions anybody may have.    Feel free to ask them in comments and I'll do my best to receive his answers properly.

  He says to say he was not a "junkie".


Unfinished Business, the year 2012, and Michael Jackson and the number 7

When Michael said we needed to take care of some "unfinished business" I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about.  Today there is evidence in the direction he would like to go and our "unfinished business" together that may include you.

During the last few weeks of his life Michael was concerned about doing as much as he could for the children of the world and raising the consciousness on the planet, not only among the nations and people, but for the environment.  There is a rumor that has been about concerning the year 2012.  Like the year 2000, some people seem to think the world may end.  In the spiritual communities, many believe the world will end as we know it and the planet will be changed.  My opinion is not of either, particularly.  There is a scientific basis that comprises all of the creations on the planet.  It is said that all of creation is comprised of building blocks which contain pyramids of light.  Like a triangle, a pyramid of light can focus concentrations of energy into particular cells, whereby animating the creation of matter.

This might seem a little scientific, but if you take into consideration the fact that all of life on this earth is mimicked throughout the universe, you'll understand more about what we are made of and the secrets of the universe.  For instance, the human body contains cells that contain a nucleus that is believed to transmit signals to make the cell behave in an "educated"  manner.  We contain a soul that directs our lives to the lessons we need to learn and it is incarnate into the parents and situations which give us the ability to learn what we need to.  It's a simple function.  Likes attract likes and the energy we are projecting, we attract.

When the pyramids and Mayan calendar where created it's been said they as pyramids would be the instruments in which to measure the consciousness of humanity.  There are events in the world that can be traced to the pyramids even down to the 911 event.  At 2012 we see where we as a human race have evolved.   Will we be consciously aware?  Will we have realized the state in which we have left the planet and begin to make corrections?

Going back to the beginning of creation, God said in the bible we were created in his image.  That statement literally means we are creators in our own right.  Creating the reality of our own personal lives and for the planet.  It's been said we've not only done a lot of damage for ourselves, but for the planet.  Now it's time to heal ourselves and the planet to come back into union with our creator, ourselves and our twin flames.

When Michael started the charity called Heal The Kids and gave his address at the Oxford University, he began to explain some of the ideas we as a world need to embrace in order to heal ourselves.  We have all been children and all have within us an inner child.  At this point in time there has been quite a few patterns set into motion through dysfunctional family systems that need to be corrected.  Michael was very sensitive to children because he saw himself in them.  I too am very connected to this.  Just within this past few years I witnessed a little girl on the outside of a playground, crouched down crying in the corner.  The playground was full of children and three teachers were on the other side of the playground talking and ignoring her.  I began to cry because I connected with her pain.  I too was a victim of child neglect and had no idea it had carried it's way into my adult life until a counselor pointed it out.

How many times do we as adults find ourselves doing or saying the same things our parents had without even realizing it?  Becoming conscious of this and our destructive patterns, those thoughts we think about ourselves and others, begins to heal and pave the way for a better life and in turn, a better world.

The first step in the process is to become like a child.  Michael had said this many times, and it is even referenced in the bible.  In order to know ourselves, as Jesus said, we must look at ourselves and our world like a child.  Without judgement and with complete curiosity, we must explore our inner thoughts and intentions before we can truly be our authentic selves.  We are constantly creating our realities and the realities of this world with our thoughts and actions.  We must begin to contemplate who we are and where we have come from in order to find peace not only for ourselves, but for the planet as a whole.

Like previous posts, Michael's message and inspiration of this was evident in much of his music.  To begin, I'll reference the Scream video, since it is already posted on the side bar.  I think many of his fans would agree there was an affinity to Michael and the number 7.  There were 7 days to create the world, he was the seventh child in his family, and was rumored at one time to even have an album coming out entitled 7 Even.
Seven is a God number and as a God number, it symbolizes creation.  We are the "creators" of our HiStory, we "create" our world, as we also "create" our destruction of ourselves and our planet.

Take a look at the video Scream one more time, and you'll notice the number 7 on his shirt. You'll also notice the word prior to segment where he is wearing the shirt, the word "reCREATion".

The anthem and his purpose is here in this song delivering the message in yet another song entitled HiStory.  If you've ever seen the teaser video for the album there is also the number 7 present on his sleeve.


He got kicked in the back
He say that he needed that
He hot willed in the face
Keep daring to motivate
He say one day you will see
His place in world history
He dares to be recognized
The fires deep in his eyes

How many victims must there be
Slaughtered in vain across the land
And how many struggles must there be
Before we choose to live the prophet's plan
Everybody sing...

Every day create your history
Every path you take you're leaving your legacy
Every soldier dies in his glory
Every legend tells of conquest and liberty

Don't let no one get you down
Keep movin' on higher ground
Keep flying until
You are the king of the hill
No force of nature can break
Your will to self motivate
She say this face that you see
Is destined for history

How many people have to cry
The song of pain and grief across the land
And how many children have to die
Before we stand to lend a healing hand
Everybody sing...

Every day create your history
Every path you take you're leaving your legacy
Every soldier dies in his glory
Every legend tells of conquest and liberty
Every day create your history
Every page you turn you're writing your legacy
Every hero dreams of chivalry
Every child should sing together in harmony

All nations sing
Let's harmonize all around the world

How many victims must there be
Slaughtered in vain across the land
And how many children must we see
Before we learn to live as brothers
And leave one family oh...

Every day create your history
Every path you take you're leaving your legacy
Every soldier dies in his glory
Every legend tells of conquest and liberty
Every day create your history
Every page you turn you're writing your legacy
Every hero dreams of chivalry
Every child should sing together in harmony

The how in getting to this place of peace within ourselves and our planet is by observing ourselves like children.  The end result, and the journey will be revealed along the way.  Using your soul, the nucleus of your being, begin to route your destiny today.

"If you can see  your path ahead of you laid out step by step, it's not your path.  You create your path with every step you take.  You can only see it looking back through time."

                                                                                                     - Joseph Campbell

A Dangerous UPDATE

There is a comment under yesterdays post regarding Dangerous and whether or not I knew what the song was about.  I answered it, and realize that things always look different at the surface.

I'd like to tell  my story to demonstrate the connection between two humans on the planet, and how that relates to all of us.  In essence we are all connected and from the very same source.  Although there have been many stories about connections between people, even spiritual telepathy, I don't know myself of a current one or one that was with someone in the public eye so much.  For me, it is a great opportunity to share a story that relates to everyone that they may have not ever known about. Maybe we can learn something from it, maybe it might inspire you, or maybe it can even lead you on your own path of discovery.

I'm sure you can read the Dangerous comment all on your own.  I know how the song sounds, and what the lyrics are.  In the book I hope to offer other notes related to the path of twin souls.  Right now, however, I can offer this:

Life is a series of perceptions.  No two are ever exactly the same.  On a path to yourself (the twin flame path) you'll encounter every thought you have ever thought.  You'll begin to notice how you perceive the world and realize that the world is only how you perceive it.  This was a prime example of judging a book by it's cover and although I don't blame the reader who commented, there is much more going on behind the scenes on many things in life, than what at first appears.  Even in Michael's trial everyone could have assumed he was an addict and took an overdose, but I think at this point we all know better.

So as it relates to Dangerous?  I can offer that there were a series of meetings that Michael and I had; or let me rephrase that; a series of encounters with each other (we did not approach each other) at this time.  It is possible for someone to think it was a "waste of time and money" if nothing was brought to fruition.

On a path like this, there are always two people and two perceptions.  That's one of it's purposes.  You spur each other on in your "spiritual" growth.  And, although I love Michael very much, and admired his abilities and connection to the whole, I also knew him to be sarcastic and could be very ruthless if he wanted to be.  There are some great songs of love that he wrote, and some great songs of not so much love, lets say. . .

Anyway, to continue the Dangerous saga, I'll also offer this.  I had said before that his songs were a sort of reflection of our story.  Previous songs and ideas where repeated throughout his career, and he again, I felt was "inspired" by the events of his life and experiences.  That's where we get our beliefs from right?  Our experiences.  So here is another "experience".  I won't give details unless asked, however, this song was written after meeting in New York in February, 2001 and was released on the Invincible album that I previously mentioned.  He promoted that album on my birthday that year in New York again, wearing blue.

You Rock My World's video featured Chris Tucker and as you listen to the intro, you'll notice the use of the word Dangerous again.  Enjoy!


Michael Jackson - A Dangerous Story

“Inspired by the grandeur of love, artists, writers, and composers throughout the ages have expressed both love’s exalted heights and tragic depths.  In many of their masterpieces, we can sense an inner understanding of twin flames, their love for one another, and their encounters with karma and cosmic law.”

- Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Elizabeth Clare Prophet

EBONY/JET: What was the concept for the Dangerous album? 

MICHAEL JACKSON: I wanted to do an album that was like Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. So that in a thousand years from now, people would still be listening to it. Something that would live forever. I would like to see children and teenagers and parents and all races all over the world, hundreds and hundreds of years from now, still pulling out songs from that album and dissecting it. I want it to live

- "Michael Speaks" - Ebony Magazine - May, 1992 

In 1992 most of the world was focused on Michael Jackson and his career.  His albums were monitored as to whether or not they were better than the last one, how many sales were made and how much the video's cost to make.  Most of the world is concerned about the money it takes, the money we have, the money we don't have, and what "sells".  Even during this time of the trial our television programming is entertaining those people who will come and tell their version of why they think Michael had addictions, who Conrad Murray's girlfriends were, and other controversial issues that in the end, don't matter at all.  Somehow some people still seem to think that who ever gets the best press and the most money wins at the game of life. 

I think Michael would tell you first hand that it is not the case.  As soon as he was at the top of his game there were a great many people trying to bring him down.  It was those same people who did not see what went into what he did.  Those same people even now that have never realized who he was and the deeper meaning of life that Michael brought into his music, and the deeper meaning Michael lived in his life.  To Michael personally, it wasn't just about the money or the number of albums, but the music, what he could do with the money that he earned from it, and how he could help the world.

I referenced the Dangerous Album above so we could take a look at some of the things Michael did with much of his music.  He wanted it all to live and in it, he left clues and bits of meaning for everyone to decipher.  What makes a great artist?  In painting The Last Supper it was said that DaVinci himself left clues, as well as many other artists, as to the true nature of man.  As Michael put it, true art is the union between the human and the divine.  His music was his art and what inspired him was his spirit - the divine.

He has said before that he did not wish to take credit for the music he wrote. After all, he said, it was a gift from God.  He was only the instrument, he said, for the music to flow through.  Many times he would just "wake up" with song as if it was already written.  So what are the clues that Michael left as an artist that connected the human with the divine?  Let's take a look at the first song on the Dangerous album entitled "Jam" . . 


Nation To Nation
All The World
Must Come Together
Face The Problems
That We See
Then Maybe Somehow We Can Work It Out . . so pretty simple here, the message WORLD PEACE
I Asked My Neighbor
For A Favor
She Said Later
What Has Come Of
All The People
Have We Lost Love
Of What It's About                                        . . A twin soul relationship (neighbor) put precedence on the                                   mission before the relationship.  The mission is to make "All The
 People" aware of the fact that life is about love . . there is a definite 
concern for the people in the world.

I Have To Find My Peace Cuz
No One Seems To Let Me Be
False Prophets Cry Of Doom
What Are The Possibilities                                 ..  Interpretations from the bible by others spell trouble for
I Told My Brother                                                 the world
There'll Be Problems,
Times And Tears For Fears,
We Must Live Each Day
Like It's The Last                                               .. Brother(Jermaine) shared his concerns/faith

Go With It
Go With It
It Ain't Too Much Stuff
It Ain't Too Much
It Ain't Too Much For Me To
It Ain't
It Ain't Too Much Stuff
It Ain't
Don't You
It Ain't Too Much For Me To

The World Keeps Changing
Rearranging Minds
And Thoughts                                                       .. Change is constant.  Thoughts and beliefs continue to
Predictions Fly Of Doom                                          change in the world
The Baby Boom
Has Come Of Age                                                . . Media portrays world problems as "problems"
We'll Work It Out                                                 . . Hope for the world
I Told My Brothers
Don't You Ask Me                                               . . This whole passage is about his family pressures.
For No Favors                                                          Pressured to take care of and provide for them.
I'm Conditioned By                                                    Already his "career" is not his own . he is
The System                                                                "conditioned" by the system (brought up to
Don't You Talk To Me                                               have beliefs and characteristics that have been
Don't Scream And Shout                                            placed upon him by others -managers, father, etc)

She Pray To God, To Buddha                               . . This passage is about his twin soul. The Talmud
Then She Sings A                                                      Song is the Song of Solomon in the bible.
Talmud Song                                                             This biblical reference is made to the beloved.
Confusions Contradict                                                Although there is confusion on their path of
The Self                                                                      what to believe in spiritually, he wants her
Do We Know Right                                                    to recognize him in the physical body(temple)
From Wrong                                                              As a side note here - we had already met by now
I Just Want You To                                                    I did not believe he could be my twin soul and
Recognize Me                                                            walked away many times.  I hurt him because
In The Temple                                                             he already knew.  We talked, but I did not think
You Can't Hurt Me                                                      it possible to be him.  Finding peace in yourself
I Found Peace                                                             is what it takes to become whole before coming
Within Myself                                                              together.

Go With It                                                                  The rest of these passages are self explanatory.
Go With It                                                                   However, you'll notice as songs are published
Jam                                                                             through the years, what isn't too much now,
It Ain't                                                                         becomes too much in the song released in 2010
It Ain't Too Much Stuff                                                entitled "Another Day" with Lenny Kravitz.
It Ain't Too Much                                                    
It Ain't Too Much For Me To                                     
It Ain't
It Ain't Too Much Stuff
It Ain't
Don't You
It Ain't Too Much For Me To
Get On It
Get On It
Give It Baby
Give It To Me
Come On
You Really Give It Too Me
Got To Give It
You Just Want To Give It

So what's the point in all this and what does it have to do with twin flames?  The point is that Michael used the inspiration of the belief in twin flames in his music.  He encompassed the human with the divine and the mission to heal humanity all in one.  As the quote at the top of the page explains, many masters have through the ages used the same inspiration (meaning from spirit) in their craft.  The fact that Michael used it is what made his work so successful.  Twin flames are considered "perfect" love.  Deep within all of us we remember that at one time we had "perfect" love.  That memory drives us to seek it out again, to be loved and love perfectly.  What makes a great song great is that it speaks to everyone.  What better way to speak to everyone than to speak to them from the essence of their very soul? 

DANGEROUS - My Personal Story

*Dangerous was the nickname given to me by my colleges around 1988 while working for a computer company.  The original song he wrote was quite different.  We met in 1989 the night before his Grammy performance of  The Way You Make Me Feel.  I was with my colleges at the time at a work conference and that's where he learned of the name.

It was during that performance that I learned I had performed the exact dance steps he used in the beginning of the song.  I was living in a mobile home at the time.  I walked through the kitchen and thought how cool it would be to slow the song down and do a little walk like this .  . a few weeks later when I saw his performance I was stunned.  He even put a cigarette out the same way I had the night before.  Michael didn't smoke.  Unfortunately, I did at the time.  You'll hear my name "Debbie" referenced several times.

In later years you'll notice the repetition, the story being told, in his lyrics, videos, songs and performances.  For the nickname Dangerous in particular, you'll notice he screams it in his performance at the 1995 MTV music awards.  I heard him rehearsing, although I wasn't there.  I couldn't figure out what he wanted and even got quite annoyed with him for continuing to scream it and not answering me.  Anyway, when I saw the performance I understood where it came from.  His performance here tells yet another story, however.  If you listen to the words (the lyrics) and the order in which it is done, you'll notice he starts with singing about the force.  That's where we all came from and become closer to as we come back together with our twins.  Twin flames have a lot to deal with on that path, however.  There are many who do not wish for the union to occur.  At this time we had interference with our communication and I was being lied to.  We didn't let it stop us, however, and continued to push on.  You'll  notice the hitting of the baseball in the dance moves and a look to see where it goes . . its for those people, who like us, are undaunted by adversity, for those people who like to live dangerously . . 

There is more to say about this performance, Lisa Marie, etc. but I'll stop here for today . .


More from the man behind the music . . and then, more from me :)

"Your words of comfort to my family make all the difference in the world to me.  Too many times have I witnessed people justifying their anger through their words and actions that display only  hate towards one another.  If you could stand where I am standing you would know that its not only feasible to believe that there can be peace between us all, but that there is.  Everyone's intent is most often, not always, but most often for the best.  Don't worry about my family.  They are doing their best.  They are strong, unified and resilient just like me.

I hope to see my children grow up to be leaders of their generation, leading the way to peaceful and ecologiccal change.  Peace, may there be a joyous day of reconciliation among the nations.Your hearts are with me during this trying time for my family.  I am grateful once again for your support and love.  Thank you to the wonderful people who have stepped up to speak on my behalf.  It's not often that I've seen those close to me be so willing to act on my behalf.  I am humbled at your willingness. Grateful for your sacrifice.  If there is anyone that differs in the opinion that this life doesnt matter they should think again. Everything that you do, everything that you say has an affect on people.  I only hope that everyone who hears this knows they somehow make a difference in the world just by showing their face.  Don't worry about me, worry about you.  Worry about the earth, the planet and what  you can do to heal it.  That's the mission, that's the goal.  If I was there now, that's what I'd be doing.  Sending the message to the world to heal the planet, to heal ourselves and our children.  Don't put off what you can do today.  You are only here for a short time and then it's gone.  Make that change today and change the world."

Michael gave me this a few days ago.  He is intent on focusing on the positive, yet today I can't help but be angered by the trial.  They have taken his life!  Michael is at this point where he says yes, he's angry too, but there is nothing he can do.  "All of it will be revealed in time", he says,"I'm at peace."  To me, I get disgusted (and yes I've used THAT word before) to see the amount of people who will continually try to shift blame and responsibility. The attorneys can sling the word "addict" all they want, but one thing remains:  Dr Murray was his DOCTOR.  If Michael was not taking responsibility for himself, Dr Murray would not have even been there to begin with.  Michael would have been hootin and hollarin it up, having a good time with his quote, unquote "addictions".  Further, how is it that Dr Murray just "happened" to have bags sitting on chairs for Michael's security to place vials of propofol in?  Also, why again is it that Dr Murray didn't want to call the time of death at Michael's home or let the paramedics?  Oh, yes, I remember, so he could shift the blame toward the "hospital" as evidenced by today's testimony from the doctor at the hospital Michael was taken to.  If the hospital pronounced him dead, it's on them, not the doctor.  Let's just say he has a pulse and say what ever we can, knowing he is beyond help, but hey at least we'll look better!  Do you sense a bit of sarcasm . . yes, it makes me want to Scream!

That said, I promise to try and not show so much disgust in future posts.  But if I do, please know up front it's not my fault.  It's probably the blog site, or the way my keyboard is made . . . it's also quite possible I was "sleep typing", but then again, you may never know. . . .

Michael, on the other hand, is preferring to use his voice and the blog for "unfinished business" as he calls it.  So I'll be posting content related to that soon . . :)