Ringing in the New Year - All Around the WORLD

Christmas may not be celebrated by everyone, but when the new year comes around seems
everyone around the world takes part in the celebration.  Many people will make new years resolutions, some will write the past down and burn it, and others will open their hearts and minds to new beginnings.

This year may you be introspective.  My hope is that you will begin to realize just how powerful you are in this coming year. That you will realize the things you wish to achieve in your life are in your hands and that peace, love and hope are all ours to give each other no matter where we live.

This is a list of those who will begin this new years celebration around the world in chronological order:  May our hearts and minds be with our neighbors as celebrations begin, knowing within we are one on this planet and our hopes for our futures are all the same: happiness.

Kiribati - a small island nation in the central Pacific Ocean; celebrates today 10 am GMT
Auckland, New Zealand: celebrates today 11 am GMT                                
Marshall Islands; celebrates today 12 pm GMT
Sydney, Australia; celebrates today 1 p.m. GMT
Tokyo, Japan; celebrates today 3 p.m. GMT
Hong Kong; celebrates today 4 pm GMT
Hanoi, Vietnam; celebrates today 5 pm GMT
Myanmar; celebrates today 5:30 pm GMT
Nepal; celebrates today 6:15 pm GMT
India; celebrates today 6:30 pm GMT
Dubai; celebrates today 8 pm GMT
Athens, Greece; celebrates today 10 pm GMT
Dublin, Ireland; celebrates tomorrow 12 am GMT
Brazil; celebrates tomorrow 2 am GMT
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; celebrates tomorrow 3:30 GMT
New York City; celebrates tomorrow 5 am GMT
Chicago; celebrates tomorrow 6 am GMT
Alberta, Canada; celebrates tomorrow 7 am GMT
Seattle, Washington, USA; celebrates tomorrow 8 am GMT
Hawaii, USA; celebrates tomorrow 10 am GMT


Have you been duped? - A Lesson from the Emperor's New Clothes

Today a picture of Paris Jackson has surfaced as well as news of Katherine Jackson being told to "get on with her life" both ironically, or not, were reported by TMZ.  Although a fellow blogger was shut down with some of the information regarding TMZ, I happen to have a little document to explain a little bit about the news "source" called TMZ.  Thank you TEAM MICHAEL JACKSON. (Remember I said to save everything while we could?  Yeah, it would have been THESE kinds of things.)

You may recall that Paris just happened, or not, went into the "treatment center" she is currently on parole from just before being called to the AEG trial.  I'm sure you might understand why reading the email above. 

Now that another trial is in the works, we find more news about Paris.  Like Michael she makes headlines, and like Michael, they are using the media to manipulate your view and redirect your attention away from what is really going on.

Make no mistake about it.  The people that were involved in Michael Jackson's life were masters in manipulating public opinion.  The child molestation trials were just one feather in their cap.  As they now make their way through not only Michael's assets, but covering up his death, they have gone under the guise of calling Mrs Jackson a greedy person when in fact who has all the assets?  That's right, lets go back to the estate of Michael Jackson who has been such wonderful friends to Michael, since Michael was all about love.  Yet where was the love when they were manipulating him into the contract with AEG and now allowing his daughter to be photographed?  Ms Rowe did state she was under "strict" and I quote "strict" orders from the Estate to keep Paris and her situation under wraps.

Michael Jackson fans you have been deceived.  Even in your community forums they have set you against one another.  This is media and psychological manipulation at it's finest.  Just talk about love and what Michael stood for instead of questioning why he died and now your focus is on something they want your focus on - Michael Jackson.  Why?  Well who would benefit from it if you did focus on Michael?  The same people who told you to focus on his "love" to begin with.  The Estate.  If they believed Michael was all that and a bag of chips and wanted to sing his praises, believe me you, they would have been there way before he died.  

We all have a choice in this world.  To be manipulated into believing everything that is handed to us or living consciously and asking questions about what the truth is.  It's not just AEG, not just the Michael Jackson Estate, not just the position and control of Michael Jacksons kids.  This is a prevalent problem all over the world.

Do you want to wake up?  Do you want to know how the media is manipulating you psychologically?  Let's take a few fundamentals, because in Michael's case it's pretty clear.

Emotional response:  It's been proven emotional responses are most always an act of subconscious patterns.  Yes, those dreaded patterns we have been trying to pay attention to with Man in the Mirror PROJECT.  So what gets to you and makes you react emotionally?  Children, a drug addict pop star with a tragic death, leaving his children who are now unable to cope, a greedy mother trying to blame a promoter for his death?

That would do it for me, but one thing is wrong for me.  I know better.  I not only know better, but even if I ask just a few questions I might find out more.  

Here are the things to be aware of when the media is manipulating the public:

  • Repeating stories that aren't true until you believe it even if you didn't before: Yes, like Michael Jackson was a "drug addict"
  • Making you think "everyone" believes that . . i.e.  Katherine Jackson is greedy, Michael was a child molester, gay, you name it.
  • Since "everyone" believes it, even if they hit those MJ communities, of course you don't want to be the exception, so you go along.  Otherwise you will be the oddball and railroaded.
  • They bank on your belief systems.  Automatic conditioned responses that make you feel and think exactly as they want you to to reel you in.  i.e.  Michael Jackson is all about love....yes he was ...,let's remember that . .yes, now buy more albums, merchandise, and hey did I tell you about the holographic show we are doing?!
  • Question the intent - why are they "reporting" this information?  Are they diverting your attention from something else more important?  Does someone have an agenda?  WHO benefits ultimately from the story?
  • Negative/Positive Labeling;  Repeating ideas in the public makes you subconsciously accept them.  If you don't believe me, how many of you remember Ford, built tuff or when Nelson Mandela was a fugitive?   Now you think Ford builds a good truck - it may or may not be true and Mr Mandela was a threat until he turned the tables on his opponents by gaining support of his people.  Now the media reports him as a Nobel Peace Prize winner,  a man of peace- that's the new public opinion.  Debbie Rowe was painted as a no good mother just a few years ago when she too was a threat to gain control of the children.  Now, as she is under the control of the estate, she is the good mom, swooping in to protect her disturbed daughter.  If you remember of all three Jackson kids, Paris is the one that wasn't afraid to speak out.  Which leads us to . . 
  • Isolation.  If you isolate the ones that speak the truth then they feel they have no support.  Now you can manipulate their views as well.  Paris is no longer in the public eye, she no longer has a voice publicly - "they" do it all for her.
  • Plant a trail.  If you remember the AEG trial, the verdict was decided merely based on one set of questions.  A set of questions designed to reach the verdict AEG wanted.  How could anybody implicate them if no one admitted Conrad Murray was hired to give Michael Jackson propofol?  
  • And last but not least, simplify, simplify.  How did Michael Jackson die?  Overdose  Why is Katherine Jackson seeking another court case?  Greed  Why is Paris in treatment?  She can't handle herself.  I beg everyone's pardon here but didn't Michael Jackson tell MANY people, including me by the way, that he thought someone was trying to kill him even saying they wanted his catalog?  Who has that now?  Oh yea, the Estate.  And why would Katherine be seeking money from AEG?  The Estate is taking good care of her remember?  or not . . Lastly, I do believe Paris was handling herself quite well when they took her grandmother away from the home.  I believe she even stated something got heated before she apparently tried to cut her wrists.  Paris Jackson is a fighter not a mouse.

Some of the fans have been duped.  Big time.  I think all of us have at one time or another.  But remember Michael himself telling us not to believe the media?  What happened?  Did we lapse in judgement, forget, or simply have we been lulled back into a state of  a lovely web weaved by more media manipulation?

I don't buy it and I stand in the truth with not only Michael, but Mrs Jackson and on behalf of his children.   I meant the words in the video I posted for Michael's girls and he knows what is transpiring with his family.  Who will you support?  What will you believe and what basis will you make your future beliefs in during this coming year?  I can tell you about that black chair all day long.  If it's white and I tell you enough times I might even be able to make you believe it.  I'll wear you down until you do.  I'll plaster it all over, the black chair that looks white, until you know without a doubt it's a black chair, when in reality it's still white.

Please use your common sense.  Please take the time to know stories are true before you believe them.

Remember the story of the Emperors New Clothes? Will you be naked in the coming year because you don't want to accept or look into what's true?  The video posted shows the story, although in quite an unorthodox fashion.  You might note that the children are the ones that notice his nudity.  Children question, they don't just readily accept until we condition them.  Note, however, I'd probably rate this particular video PG-13 due to the language.

Brace Yourself - 2014 Predictions and The Year Ahead

I was recently tweeting with a few fellow tweeters about Michael's death.  This coming year, 2014, holds great promise.  In numerology 2014 (2+0+1+4) is a 7 year and we all know how Michael felt about the number 7.  I too have always considered it a lucky number.

In numerology terms the number 7 denotes spirituality.  Maybe that's why I've liked it, but for many of us spiritual seekers we will come into our own so to speak this year.  Not only that, but many things that have been hidden will come into the light.  This includes more information about Michael's death.

We wanted to make some predictions for the coming year, so here they are:

1.  You will find you are more in tune with the universe around you.

2.  Things will begin to manifest quicker in your life. If you are thinking about a new car, the opportunity will seem to present itself more readily than in the past.

3.  Everyone will seem to be more bubbly than usual.  Things and people will be buzzing with energy.  Many new ideas and creative talents will be born this year.

4.  Big changes for many people are on the horizon with positions, jobs and security.

5.  New attitudes will be born about money and positions, power and politics.  The political arena will be one of unrest.  Sweeping changes will happen in the government and the result will be on a large scale.

6.  People will start to take things into their own hands.  Powerful corporations will no longer have the control they once did.

7.  Alerts about the environment will come into play more this year.  The consciousness is changing the awareness of what has transpired with the earth and it will be plain to see.

8.  Pollution levels will be higher.  The air will be denser and smog levels will make it more difficult to breathe.  Anxiety, breathlessness and asma will be increased because of it.  Take care to cover your mouth and nose to filter out bad air when you are in areas of concentrated smog and pollution.  (I think China is having difficulty with this right now)

9.  Michael's kids will be more in the limelight.  Projects concerning the welfare of humanity and healing the world are forefront on their minds.  These children long to make a difference in the world.  Michael says that they will.

10.  All people will suffer difficulties with deciding their future.  What has worked before will no longer hold true.  Take time to decide what it is you want to do and how best to go about it.  In the end you'll be glad you chose to make a transition, but all change comes with a price.  Be mindful and go slowly.

So those are our predictions . . Below is a reprint of the 2014 Numerology predictions from the latest issue of OM Times.  

2014 Numerology Predictions: A 7 Universal Year

by Alison Baughman
Numerology_universal-year_OMTimesBased upon Numerology, 2014 is a 7 Universal Year ( 2+0+1+4=7). The energy of the Universal Year has influence upon the collective experience for everyone on the planet. Knowing the meaning of the Universal year Number lends insight into what we can expect to unfold in 2014.
I suspect we will have many revelations in 2014 which will bring to light information that was previously secret because the 7 is associated with uncovering the truth about things that are hidden. Could that mean there will be more Edward Snowdens and Wikileaks in the near future?  The answer to that is “more than likely.”
The 7 prompts us to question things on a deeper level and to discern what is true and what is not? Could this mean a mass awakening? Is it time to face reality? Will we begin to see beyond what we are told to be the truth? I suspect more and more people will begin to question status quo and begin to see a much clearer picture of our world and the deception in it.  Secret societies and institutions that operate behind closed doors and in a secretive manner may be exposed.  Conversations, thought to be private, may find a way to become public knowledge. Caught on camera scenarios, which expose the truth, will be common. Somehow, someway, the truth will surface.
The 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers. 2014 is a tremendously important year in regards to evolving our collective consciousness. We have been experiencing a massive expansion into all areas of the metaphysical and that trend will continue in 2014. We have seen spiritual philosophy make its way into the mainstream with television, radio and media. The 7 is considered to be the bridge between Heaven and Earth and that doorway will be pushed wide open next year. Awakened people who tap into that energy will experience a deeper connection to their soul. Spending time in nature, practicing meditation and yoga and approaching your life on a holistic level would be beneficial activities for 2014.  It is a year that emphasizes dreams, messages, psychic phenomenon, wisdom and our connection to the Divine.  People will begin to question “why am I here?” and “what is the purpose of life?”  and hopefully will find the answers. Take some time in 2014 to pause from your hectic life and do a little inner reflection. Do not take things at face value, but rather, question something that does not resonate with you. Follow your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of the 7 is a deeper understanding of yourself and the world you live in


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Conditioning and Suffering

01-calligraphy-nomudnolotus2"It is only in the ash of suffering that the phoenix can be born."
- Thic Nhat Hanh

It has not been a secret that Michael Jackson had many issues that he had to deal with from his childhood. All of us are products from our childhoods.  Inside still lives the child we once were.  We may look older, but inside we still feel the same at times and look at the world in some of the same ways.

This part of our lives is what Michael used to refer to as conditioning.  In yesterday's post we reprinted an interview from Ebony magazine that mentioned that conditioning again.  It is the process of being "conditioned" as a child by your family, society and even the world.  A process we would like to dismantle with Man in the Mirror PROJECT.

We all are a products of our childhoods.  Sometimes we take away good things from our family and society, but sometimes there is much hurt and much pain.  If we do not heal that pain and hurt, our thoughts and beliefs about it will reflect and be put upon our children and our future children.  This is why it is so important to start with ourselves.  The most beautiful part of this is that as you heal yourself, you will also be planting seeds in other peoples lives you touch and now we can begin to truly transform and heal our world.  The more people that do this, the greater impact we have on the world we live in.  Nelson Mandela would often show a fist.  It symbolized that alone we are not so powerful, but together we can make profound change.

Another individual with the same philosophy is a man named Thich Nhat Hanh.  Thich is a monk and was once nominated by Martin Luther King Jr for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Much of this post is a reflection from not only Thich, but Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Saint Germain and many others.  All of these great enlightened beings believed in something called "reconciliation".

If we believe that we are part of the universal song, the fabric of existence, we must also recognize that we touch each other.  We are all one.  Yet in our everyday lives the music is sometimes interrupted.  We may get angry, we may not have the same views, and we lash out with our words and actions based on what our thoughts are about who we are and who "they" are.  We separate ourselves into us and them.  Separation, however, always leads to our suffering.  For now we have caused static in the music and the harmony has been pierced.

Reconciliation allows us to begin to heal the piercing of the fabric that connects us.  Whether it be in your personal life, or conflict between countries, there is always a way to come to an understanding if the two parties involved really want peace.  If peace is the goal of both parties, the minds of the two should be on the goal.

We have the ability to touch each other in uplifting ways or condemning ways.  You have the choice to make someone feel good or someone feel bad.  Even the mere giggling of a child can bring joy to those who hear or watch that child.  Destruction, on the other hand, and the turmoil in the world can change our energy in other ways.  Choosing to direct your energy, your thoughts consciously can change the way you feel about your life.  When conflict arises it operates the same way.  Anger is often caused out of fear.  Even war is caused by wrong perceptions about who we are and who "they" are.  Where are our thoughts?  Here they are strongly embedded in the ego.  In the idea of what it is that is right, and what it is that the other is wrong in.  How do we begin to heal if we continually strengthen the ego mind?  We must learn to look deeper and focus only on what we truly want - peace.

We can only do this by acting compassionately with one another,  Do you recognize your foe as one that is also a part of you?  Can you recognize that the actions, words and beliefs they have are also a product of their own experiences and their own childhood?

If you can do that, we can begin to move to compassionate listening.  We all have our ego issues to contend with.  We too have wrong thoughts about who we are.  It is this moment when we need to step back.  To accept that we are flawed in our thinking as well sometimes and now we can compassionately listen to the other side of the story.  The one that our foe has told him or herself that brought both sides to this moment.

Thich Nhat Hanh has a process he calls "deep listening".  It is when you listen only with one purpose - to help the other person empty his or her heart.  It is in just this one act of compassion that the healing can begin.  When you sit with them you acknowledge their suffering and ask them to help you understand it.  Words can be very powerful in healing.  Your words might go something like this:

"I know you are angry with me.  I must have hurt you.  I don't understand how I have hurt you and my intent was not to have you suffer.  Please tell me about what you are feeling and help me understand."

Should your foe be honest enough, they will empty their heart to you.  You must listen intently.  Don't make faces, no judgments, and no interjections.  You must just "be" there to listen.  If you feel there is wrong thinking with the individual, you must wait until another time to begin to plant the seeds of "right" thinking. For now, the listening, the being there and being present is what is needed to start the healing.

Like a child laughing, our mere presence can have a profound effect on the life of another being.  For how can you claim to love someone when you are not there?  Saying the words "I am here for you", "I know you are there" validates the one you love and it means you recognize their light and existence.  That individual will now feel loved and when someone feels love they can go spread more love into the world around us.

Now we have set into motion a new pattern of conditioning.  One that has conditioned the mind to be compassionate and loving.  We must recognize ourselves, our own suffering and the suffering of others. When we suffer and dare to look at it honestly, we can then transform our suffering into something beautiful. For even the lotus flower of the enlightened needs the mud to cultivate its seed to grow into the enlightened flower it is.  So look deeply, look honestly and begin to transform your life in ways you may have never thought of before.  Your heart and mind will be the seeds for your future and our childrens future of tomorrow and for all future generations.  Make it count.


Music of the Spheres

Michael Jackson being crowned King of Sani.  He was crowned in COTE D'IVOIRE (IVORY COAST)  
He was made king because he was well known for his humanity and philanthrophy.
Tour organizer Charles Bobbit reflected on the Affrican tour and said: I was impressed with the interaction between
Michael and the children. He sat on the bed with children who were deformed and children that were ill...
 He sat there and talked to them, hugged, cuddled them. He shook hands and did not wear a surgical mask like he does
sometimes in America... That qualifies him as a role model for children--his deeds and not his looks.
While the international controversy raged, Michael remained aloof, refusing to read the stories.

There was an interview Ebony magazine conducted in 1992 with Michael Jackson.  Every time I read it I can't help but still be amazed.  For me, I think of how much understanding he had even at that time about how the world really works.  It is my favorite until this day and when you read it in it's entirety, I'm sure you will understand why.

In the article he mentions the phrase "Music of the Spheres."  This phrase has been used to describe the vibration of the universe itself.  Some may call it Om, others the fabric of the universe or Akasha.  This is the same energy that all of our saints, Buddhas and priests have observed within.  This is the same fabric that links us all together.  For within we are still as one.  We still have access all there is.  When the Buddha says I am the tree or I see myself in the flower, this is why.  All things made manifest are from this same field of energy.

Many times when Michael danced he would say he felt the presence of god himself.  When you enter the field, you become the field.  Everything around you dances within you and you become as god himself - encompassing and becoming the all.  He has told me that he would feel a light come from above and then bam, extend through and around him.  He gives me the image from his video "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and if you listen to the words you just may even find new meaning to this old school hit:

Following is the 1992 interview and a video that has the piece he talks about from the Dangerous album. The video was created by a fellow blogger at www.reiterreport.wordpress.com.  Amazing job, just breathtaking!

The interview appeared in the May 1992 issue of EBONY.  It was conducted by Jet Executive Editor Robert E. Johnson during his visit to four African countries (Gabon, the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Egypt). During that trip, Michael was crowned king of Sani at a ceremony in the Ivory Coast.

EBONY/JET: Do you have any special feeling about this return to the continent of Africa?

JACKSON: For me, it's like the "dawn of civilization." It's the first place where society existed. It's seen a lot of love. I guess theres that connection because it is the root of all rhythm. Everything. It's home.

EBONY/JET: You visited Africa in 1974. Can you compare and contrast the two visits?

JACKSON: I'm more aware of things this time: the people and how they live and their government. But for me, I'm more aware of the rhythms and the music and the people. Thats what I'm really noticing more than anything. The rhythms are incredible. You can tell especially the way the children move. Even the little babies, when they hear the drums, they start to move. The rhythm, the way it affects their soul and they start to move. The same thing that Blacks have in America ....

EBONY/JET: How does it feel to be a real king?

JACKSON: I never try to think hard about it because I don't want it to go to my head. But, its a great honor....

EBONY/JET: Speaking of music and rhythm, how did you put together the gospel songs on your last album?

JACKSON: I wrote "Will You Be There?" at my house, "Never Land" in California. ... I didn't think about it hard. That's why its hard to take credit for the songs that I write, because I just always feel that its done from above. I feel fortunate for being that instrument through which music flows. I'm just the source through which it comes. I can't take credit for it because its Gods work. He's just using me as the messenger. ....

EBONY/JET: What was the ceneept for the Dangerous album?

JACKSON: I wanted to do an album that was like Tehaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. So that in a thousand years from now, people would still be listening to it. Something that would live forever. I would like to see children and teenagers and parents and all races all over the world, hundreds and hundreds of years from now, still pulling out songs from that album and dissecting it. I want it to live.

EBONY/JET: I notice on this trip that you made a special effort to visit children.

JACKSON: I love children, as you can see. And babies.

EBONY/JET: And animals.

JACKSON: Well, theres a certain sense that animals and children have that gives me a certain creative juice, a certain force that later on in adulthood is kind of lost because of the conditioning that happens in the world. A great poet said once: "When I see children, I see that God has not yet given up on man." An Indian poet from India said that, and his name is Tagore. The innocence of children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult, you're conditioned; you're so conditioned by the things about you--and it goes. Love. Children are loving, they don't gossip, they don't complain, they're just openhearted. They're ready for you. They don't judge. They don't see things by way of color. They're very child-like. That's the problem with adults: they lose that child-like quality. And that's the level of inspiration that's so needed and is so important for creating and writing songs and for a sculptor, a poet or a novelist. It's that same kind of innocence, that same level of consciousness, that you create from. And kids have it. I feel it right away from animals and children and nature. Of course. And when I'm on stage. I can't perform if I don't have that kind of ping pong with the crowd. You know the kind of cause and effect action, reaction. Because I play off of them. They're really feeding me and I'm just acting from their energy.

EBONY/JET: Where is all this heading?

JACKSON: I really believe that God chooses people to do certain things, the way Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci or Mozart or Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King is chosen. And that is their mission to do that thing. And I think that I haven't scratched the surface yet of what my real purpose is for being here. I'm committed to my art. I believe that all art has as its ultimate goal the union between the material and the spiritual, the human and the divine. And I believe that that is the very reason for the existence of art and what I do. And I feel fortunate in being that instrument through which music flows .... Deep inside I feel that this world we live in is really a big, huge, monumental symphonic orchestra. I believe that in its primordial form all of creation is sound and that it's not just random sound, that it's music. You've heard the expression, music of the spheres? Well, that's a very literal phrase. In the Gospels, we read, "And the Lord God made man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." That breath of life to me is the music of life and it permeates every fiber of creation. In one of the pieces of the Dangerous album, I say: "Life songs of ages, throbbing in my blood, have danced the rhythm of the tide and flood." This is a very literal statement, because the same new miracle intervals and biological rhythms that sound out the architecture of my DNA also govern the movement of the stars. The same music governs the rhythm of the seasons, the pulse of our heartbeats, the migration of birds, the ebb and flow of ocean tides, the cycles of growth, evolution and dissolution. It's music, it's rhythm. And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance. It's like, my purpose, it's what I'm here for.

EBONY/JET: What about politics?

JACKSON: I never get into politics. But I think music soothes the savage beast. If you put cells under a miscroscope and you put music on, you'll see them move and start to dance. It affects the soul .... I hear music in everything. You know, that's the most I've said in eight years .... You know I don't give interviews. That's because I know you, and I trust you. You're the only person I trust to give interviews to.

COPYRIGHT 1992 Johnson Publishing Co.
COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group


Jesus - The Teacher

Before we break until the new year, I wanted to give some insight on some of the work that those on the other side of the veil wish to be posted here.  The main message is that we are more than we have become and the other, that we are united in spirit and that our consciousness is also shifting in that direction.

As Christmas is celebrated around the world, many people hold the man and the image in their hearts.  We pray to him, ask him for assistance and others may even ask for his hand in friendship.  Michael looked to Jesus as his teacher and in that light, I'd like to share the following:

Jesus once said, "A man’s enemies shall be those of his own house".  He might have been referring to flesh and blood and as we embark on the holidays you just might encounter that with your own family members.   Yet I also believe Jesus may have been referring to our own nature, consciousness and ego.

In the Gospel of Thomas it says: "If two shall make peace with each other in this house [our body] they will say to the mountain, ‘Move away’ and it will move away."  It's possible that this passage is speaking about our higher selves and lower selves.  For if we are able to clear away all of our negative thoughts and patterns, the two shall make peace with one another.  Coming into agreement and focusing the energy into manifestation.  Now our two areas of consciousness, both subconscious and awakened consciousness have become one.

"When you have made the two one, you will become the sons of Man, and you will say, ‘Mountain move away’ and it will move away. Where there are three in unity, they are gods." - Vs. 132, 133, 135 Chap. 8, The Complete Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are all god like and made in his image.  In the coming New Year let us not be afraid of the power we have been blessed with and walk in silver light and make powerful strides for humanity and ourselves.

God bless all this holiday season and may your New Year be both prosperous and enlightening.  May we all not pray for peace, but strive to obtain it, and at the end of next year may we look back and be astonished with how far we have come!


Merging Back into ONEness - Mansion of the Oversoul

Many years ago when I was first awakening to the realization that I was speaking to someone in my head, I, for a moment thought I was like Sybil.  Sybil was the movie at the time in 1976 when a young girl was diagnosed with a disorder for multiple personalities.  Maybe, I thought, I'm just talking to one of my "selves".  Little did I know at the time that I did have other parts of myself in other dimensions.

I've come along way from that day and since I've started the blog and even written the book I, like many of us, continue to grow.  I had a very pleasant conversation with Dr Maurie Pressman some time back.  We were discussing the concept of twin souls and our beliefs about them.  At the time my guides told me we were creations upon creations.  That in and of itself told me we had a long way to go before we reached what a current concept of a twin soul is.

Nesting dolls - Like a mansion, the biggest one can
hold all the others.  If you are one of these dolls,
you are also part of the largest and smallest doll.
The largest doll would be the overs soul, a larger more
expansive spirit encompassing them all.
I've been very careful to not judge anyone else's twin soul experience or even connection with Michael Jackson, bar the fact that I know he didn't drink propofol; but that's another issue. The reason I have been careful is that I have learned to keep my mind open to the possibility that I don't know everything.  And although that sounds strange, many of us do think we know.  Yet with God, the universe and all things great and small, the lies we have been fed about who we are, it's almost impossible to know.  So I have learned to hold a space for possibilities and not condemn but be curious about others and their experiences.  Many times even inviting them into my life to find out more.

As you read this I hope that you too will hold your mind open to the possibilities.  As I put this together in my head yesterday my guides informed me that I was getting it.  It took me a long time, but I was getting it.  At first I thought it was funny, then I thought yea, it has been a long time.  I don't know if it's because I'm blonde or just dense, but at least I got it, finally! lol

I had to search back in my mind.  A woman named Susan wrote me about her guide named Sananda and a connection she felt she had with Michael.  She was persistent, and at first I was annoyed with why she was so adiment about giving me this information.  Sananda used to be Jesus in one of his incarnations and not just anyone throws this name around so I asked her for more information.  She talked about the oversoul and again I thought that had nothing to do with the blog, but again, I'm blonde, so I didn't get her true intent and what Sananda and the others wanted us all to know.

In my book "Another Part of Me", I end it with another connection and the idea that we are all connected.  In essence we are all one.  As we traverse the path back to true oneness the consciousness and energy itself is changing.  That means many of us are becoming more psychic and more tuned into the ethers and those around us.  Back in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, when twin souls were one, the whole generation was telepathic.  Everyone was connected, similar to the direction we are heading into today on earth.

But as we go there, as we get back to the whole, there will be many energies that come down to us from our higher selves, or souls or I AM presence.  We may get pictures, we might get words or even visitors from other dimensions and other planes of existence.  When Jesus said my fathers house has many mansions, that is what he meant.  Many places where the soul can reside and even many aspects of the soul that can reside in different places.

When Michael died I had this overwhelming experience.  I was walking through my foyer and all of the sudden his life and the feelings associated with it flashed in front of me.  Then, like pages of a book, all of his past lives began to flash in front of me.  When it ended I felt myself get as big as the entire world.  Literally encompassing the world.  I was marveled.  I thought that's what it must be like when you die.  Going back into the oneness.

But Michael going back into the oneness was like Michael going back to his home or a mansion as Jesus put it.  In Michael's soul mansion he has many rooms.  In some rooms he has been Mozart, in others he was Lazarus and walked with Jesus and that's what tipped me off.

Years ago I had a guide tell me I was part of Jesus.  I didn't understand that at the time.  Now with Michael gone and so many people experiencing "something" after his passing I understand it.  We are making our way home, our energies are merging back into the whole.  If Jesus had a mansion, Michael has another mansion underneath it.  He is part of the mansion of Jesus and they pick up the same energies from one another.  Maybe I too have a mansion in the mansion of Jesus and my mansion lives next door to Michael.  Now I can pick up Michael's mansion energy from just living under the same roof - the mansion of Jesus.

I believe many of us have mansions under the roof of Jesus's mansion.  This may be the reason Jesus said the words that no one comes to the father except through him.  I believe that as we evolve as a species these separations that we perceive today as to who I am and who you are will take on a whole other meaning.  We are all manifestations from a much larger source.  That source we each tap into differently and uniquely.  My mansion room might be pink, yours maybe blue, but if our mansions are housed together we will both pick up on all the people and lifetimes and aspects of all that live with us and all at different levels according to where we are at.  What does this mean?  That we are literally climbing the ladder back to oneness.  All of us - together.

When Elizabeth Taylor lived, I remember her saying "I know Michael's soul".  I found it very curious.  Today I know how she knows his soul because I too know her soul as well.  This explains why some others believe they are Michael Jackson's twin soul and why others even believe that they are my twin soul.  As I've said before I will never claim Michael Jackson as my own, it would be like claiming Jesus for myself.  He, I and you, all belong to the whole - all belong to the world.

We share energies and have all come from the same place.  As we merge back into oneness we will continue to receive unique and unusual experiences.   We are all not like Sybil, but we do have other parts of us connected to the whole.  As we merge back into the oneness, let us all know that it's only all still in the name of love and that all of our experiences, no matter how they are perceived are there for our learning and our growth.  Let us all be mindful of this going forward.  For you may "know" you have had a past life and someone else believes that they have had the same past life.  You both may have those same energies connected with your soul, just from being in the same mansion together.

So as we go forward, I've renamed the blog "Becoming ONE" and will continue to post these spiritual ideas and phenomenon.  I hope that you join in and enter the discussions and ideas.  Finally, I want to send out a special thank you to Susan who was loving enough to continue to send me her experiences in a such a loving way that it prompted this entry for the blog - thank you Susan :) xxoo

John 14:6

New International Version (NIV)
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


Mary - The Mother of Jesus

It's Christmas time and a time when many of us begin to celebrate the birth of Christ.  It's the season of giving and we exchange gifts and pleasantries with many, expressing our gratitude and love for those that touch our lives.

For me this day is a peculiar time.  I often think of not only Christmas, but all of the other religions and how they celebrate and what they believe.  For Catholics this time often tells a story about Mary, the mother of Jesus and the immaculate conception.  Some say it's the fact that Mary was born without sin, others say it's that she conceived Jesus without a partner.  Here is what wikipedia says:

Mary (mother of Jesus)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to the Bible, Mary (Aramaic: Maryām; 1st century BC – early 1st century AD) was an Israelite Jewish[1] woman of Nazareth in Galilee and the mother of Jesus. Among her many other names and titles are Saint Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and Virgin Mary in Western churches, Theotokos in Orthodox Christianity, and Maryam, mother of Isa in Islam. She is identified in the New Testament[Mt 1:16,18-25][Lk 1:26-56][2:1-7][2]and in the Qur'an as the mother of Jesus through divine intervention. Christians hold her son Jesus to be Christ (i.e., the messiah) and God the Son Incarnate (see Trinitarian monotheism), whereas Muslims do not regard Jesus as the messiah, but rather as one of the most important prophets of God sent to humanity.

The canonical gospels of Matthew and Luke describe Mary as a virgin (Greek παρθένος, parthénos).[3] Traditionally, Christians believe that she conceived her son miraculously by the agency of the Holy Spirit.

The Story in the Bible

In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary. The angel went to her and said, 'Greetings, you who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you.'
Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be. But the angel said to her, 'Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favour with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end.'
'How will this be,' Mary asked the angel, 'since I am a virgin?'
The angel answered, 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age, and she who was said to be barren is in her sixth month. For nothing is impossible with God.'
'I am the Lord's servant,' Mary answered. 'May it be to me as you have said.' Then the angel left her.
Luke 1:26-38
There are several things that jump out at me from these readings.  First is the fact that the Holy Spirit was going to give Mary a child.  Not only Mary but Elizabeth, her relative, because nothing is impossible with God.  Is this passage talking about a sheer sweeping of the hand of God in favor or is it the favor the angel is speaking of talking about her communion with her higher self?
You see this could seem very mysterious for many.  She got pregnant with a child without ever being with a man.  But Holy Spirit suggests to me that perhaps there was an exchange in energies, and that perhaps even Mary's twin on the other side of the veil had something to do with this conception.  
You see as they mention Joseph as the son of David it makes me think of Solomon.  Solomon was also a decendant of David which brings us back to Solomons Seal or the superimposed triangles we have mentioned so often on this blog.  This is the illustration of both female and male energies coming together.  Both creating the seal and also a vehicle called the Merkabah which is said to not only signify creation, but is able to transport light bodies from one dimension to another.  This is the vehicle that many have witnessed seeing at very holy events and sightings.  Perhaps this is what happened when Mary conceived.  

As we make our way back into the light the consciousness of the planet is changing itself.  It's been said that there will be a gathering of the tribes of Israel.  Not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual sense.  That those from previous incarnations, like Davids descendants, will come or have come back to assist humanity in a new way of living, a new consciousness and bring back the promise of New Life.
I have had a very powerful experience with the Blessed Mother in my childhood.  She, like many others, still seeks to assist humanity and can intercede on your behalf.  Perhaps this Christmas we can all make a little room for some gratitude for Mary as we also celebrate the birth of Jesus.  For without her, her sacrifice and humility, Jesus may have never been born.

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Twin Flames: Love and Hope

When we choose to love, we open our hearts to the possibility of arriving in a state of grace and gratitude for all things and people around us.  Sometimes it's a choice, and sometimes love creeps up behind us like someone at a masquerade ball.  There is someone behind the mask we don't know, yet the feelings within us stir ourselves to our very soul.

This is one of the indications that you have run into a soul mate.  Someone with whom you have already walked a path with.  Someone with whom you shared love ties with at another time and place; in another lifetime and have most likely made a deep impact on as well.

It seems sometimes we are "drawn" into the person.  That somehow their very soul magnetically attracts us to them and often times as hard as we try, they are literally irresistible.  You can't put your finger on it.  You can't tell anyone why.  Can't pinpoint the reasons.  Just "something" about them that draws you in.

The feeling perplexes you.  Something perhaps you haven't felt before, and you know it's different.  It's not like the last time  And for as far back as you remember, you can't recall ever having that feeling before.  As much as you search your mind, you come up with no valid answers.  For the answers you seek are not in the conscious memory.  They are locked away tightly in your soul.

Love and hope are the most precious commodities we have.  Without love we cease to exist and without hope, we wallow in misery.  At this time in history, the conditions are such that when flames arrive at their chosen incarnation, they are endowed with a mystery.  Some of you will know immediately.  Others will find that they must traverse a path of discovery.  What is most common, however, is that all will know without a doubt that it is love and you will know immediately.  All will hope that it will be the "one" and know inside that it is so.

Flames often have a very difficult path.  It's not easy for either one to finally depart the earth plane during a last incarnation.  But there is a consolation prize.  They will always have one another.  And as one is going through a difficult time, often the other will be as well.  But one thing is certain.  They will continue to share their love bonds and hope for one another.  This in and of itself will carry the twins to their chosen destination:  Union.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Damaged Goods

There are three things any successful person knows to do.  Perseverance, honesty and trust in oneself to see whatever it is you are after through.  Making a commitment to do something like walk the dog seems to be a simple task, but when the commitment comes to the self, we often fall short.

Many of us have pasts that have damaged us.  Some even without knowing it.  Yet there remains hurts, past wounds and scars from loved ones, parents and those who have alienated us.  We often hear phrases like "that's life", or "join the club", but phrases like that don't heal the wounds, don't make us feel better and don't pave the road for a successful and happy life.  We often take our wounds with us, holding them tightly, acting as though we are damaged goods.

Many of you as you read this may remember a friend telling you their story.  Their father walked out on them when they were six, they were sexually abused, they were abandoned by both parents, their ex cheated on them, and the list goes on and on.  Often times we place the mistreatment inside of us.  Somehow accepting blame for the actions, or in actions of the other.  We are damaged then.  Hurt, confused, and afraid to step out into the light again for fear we will be hit yet again by another lash of the whip.

But damaged people damage other people.  Many may even justify it.  "My father beat me and I'm OK" or even "My ex cheated on me so I'm going to cheat on you.".  Two wrongs, however, never make a right and until we learn to fix our own damage we will continue to damage those around us.  Most often justifying the act by our past experience.

I've had the opportunity to sit with Mr Mandela of late and asked him how it was that he was able to overcome the horrid things they did to him to reconcile with his foes for an ending of apartheid in his country.  The idea still amazes me.  Can you imagine sitting down with someone who beat you, tortured you, who tried to intimidate you and jailed you for years?  Wouldn't have it been easier for him NOT to do anything then withstand all that abuse?

His answer was simple.  When you are focused and committed to a cause you don't act as if you are damaged goods, you are not.  You are only the recipient of the mistreatment.  It's cause is behind the perpetrator, not you.  Sometimes it's fear, sometimes anger, but it is always behind those that have dealt it.  You must commit to your purpose.  If you want to live a better life you must commit to a better life and not waiver.  Change is painful.  Yet if I say I want to change and then stop half way, nothing is achieved.  The birthing of a baby cannot be stopped half way and if you do, why go through any pain to begin with?

The bottom line is this;  You can never build a successful future you would like by always looking behind you.  You must look forward with purpose, and a clear vision of what you would like to see.

We all have the power to release ourselves from our own personal prisons.  It's in the choosing to do so that also has the power to begin to release us all.  A valuable lesson from one who knew it all too well.  Thank you Mr Mandela for committing yourself to having the power to change.  .  


A Peaceful World

To make certain all of the world is at peace we must start with ourselves.  We can make the changes.  We MUST make the changes.  Let us no longer pray for peace, but vow to create it.  We act as though God himself will reach through to heavens to change the world.  He will not.  We have to change it.  We have been the ones that for centuries have used the earth, held our people in bondage and have waged the wars. Let there be no more.  Let us pick up our swords, lift up our hearts and fight for justice and freedom for all people, all races, and all nationalities.

Every day we can make a choice to serve humanity.  We can choose NOT to beep that horn when someone cuts us off, to offer spare change when we see a homeless person,  instead of buying that extra dessert , we can offer a gift for a child who goes without for Christmas.  We can be mindful and thankful for our circumstances, knowing that it could be so much worse.

We are mirrors of each other.  Our brothers and sisters who go without, that struggle with the every day today, can be us tomorrow.  Lend them a hand, give something of yourself, teach them how to make their life better, and show them how to love.  In many places all over the world, there has been too much hate, too much crime and too much battle for our children and their children to know what love is.  Some people need to be shown love in order to give it.  I ask that you show love this holiday season and celebrate the true meaning of the spirit of the season.  For a child, a person, who has never known kindness, the outreach and care of even one person, even a stranger can mean the world of difference and change a life for ever.

The following organizations are participating in outreach activities.  Won't you join us in taking part to send a gift or give this holiday season? Just choose ONE.  It's as simple as a few clicks of your mouse and with that we can all unite the world just a little more this holiday season and touch a life.

Send a shoe box gift to a child that needs it anywhere in the world. To build one online follow this link

Holiday Care Packages a Welcome Treat for Deployed Troops


Nelson Mandela Speaks

There is something special that I've noticed about a few very prominent people.  The Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, and now Desmond Tutu.  All of these men beam and radiate love.  It is with great surprise and honor that I give the following words today from Mr Mandela, a dear friend of Michael Jacksons, who is with him on the other side of the veil:

"Desmond Tutu has been instrumental in keeping peace in our neighboring countries.  We have been able to correspond with many diplomats in the past regarding racism and it has been with great pleasure that we have been able to make many strides toward successful negotiations.

If I were to paint you a picture from heaven, it would look like this:  Many colors of people all around the world, living and working in different countries, different nationalities, religions and even types of clothes.  We aren't so different from each other.  We have the same blood, we have the same veins, we even have a nose and mouth like every other person does on earth.  What makes us different is the color of our skin, our race, our ethnicity, our religion, our beliefs.  No one will believe as we do, no one will believe as you do, but what we must do is meet in the middle.  Find common ground between all people, all races and all countries.  For in this way the world can be united as one.  People living apart, sharing a common goal is sometimes difficult, but not impossible.  If the dream is there, it can be achieved.  With a little work and fortitude, freedom and justice is always at hand.

Many of you may think I am away.  That because I have left the earth that I am no longer.  My will is still here. I am still in existence.  Because I have changed forms does not mean I am no longer.  The work I have done in my lifetime, I will continue to do.  It is us, all of us, that must change the way things are.  When I look at what is still transpiring in the world it sickens me to no end.  There is much hatred, much racism, and much fear.  We must tap into the power within us and know that we can overcome any situation, any angry demonstration and all hateful forms of violence.

Desmond Tutu you are my dear friend and with you all things can be made new again.  It is great pleasure that I take in seeing the continuing efforts in my home town Cape Town   It is the people there, young and old, the hearts that rejoice in freedom that give me my greatest pleasure.  I hope that you realize it is with honor that I have been able to make a difference, with humility that I continue to serve and with the grace of God that all people will be free from harm and free to live the way they please.

Desmond Tutu I am honored at your dedication to our cause.  It is a great day in heaven when our two hearts will be united again and we will serve again as brothers.

Yours in power and strength I salute you.



Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Reconciliation

Personally, I had never heard the word used the way it had been when I heard it used yesterday. "Reconciliation" to me was a term I would use when I was reconciling the bank statement for a client.  Yet it was given in a message yesterday, and as I listened to President Obama's speech at Mr Mandela's memorial, I realized that Nelson Mandela had taught "reconciliation".  What was it, and how did he achieve it?

President Obama stated that Mr Mandela taught us that "reconciliation is not a matter of ignoring a cruel past, but a means of confronting it with inclusion and generosity and truth."  When we are faced with disagreements, differing opinions, and arguments, reconciliation may be the best means to obtain a peaceful solution.  All countries, all people, all races have differing pasts.  We have had different experiences, different upbringings, different social conditions.  We all will probably never be of the same opinion on everything.  In order to "get along", for there to be peace among a country or even among people we must learn to reconcile ourselves.

I believe Mr Mandela had a great deal of time to think about the best and most peaceful solutions for his country.  He has left us with a very powerful tool.  Reconciliation allows us to embrace the fact that perhaps we've been hurt, betrayed, or abused.  We must first accept the truth of the situation.  We must accept our part of the responsibility and be generous and open enough to see the other side.

We can never solve a problem with anger or with the same mind that we entered into the problem with to begin with.  We have to reach to the other, and as Nelson Mandela did, even know our enemy.  Who is on the differing opinion's side?  Who is it that betrayed you?  Know their mind, their upbringing, their conditioning and be generous enough to include their past experiences into your truth about why they may act or have acted they way they have.  Only here can we begin to see both sides of the fence and begin to break the barriers that stand between our countries, our races, and our world.

If you have had issues in your past, don't ignore them, embrace them for what they were.  Then as you go forward also embrace the truth about them.  Was the past about you or about the perpetrator?  Was the hurt about something you personally did or something that was acting out within them?

Starting at a point of openness and inclusion, including all the possibilities of why things transpired the way they did, can lead us down not only a road of healing but a road of a more fulfilled life and peaceful state of being. 


A Message from Michael - Politics, Desmond Tutu and the Need for Change/UPDATED

Yesterday I wrote about a visit I received from Michael who introduced me to a great man named Nelson Mandela.  Contrary to what some might think, I had no idea Michael knew Mr. Mandela as well as he did.  I suppose those two have had some time to talk, because today I've been requested to write something about some of the issues I believe Mr. Mandela was working on when he was alive.  There is unrest in the world and it is us that must rise up to change its conditions.

The following message is from Michael:

"In many ways I see the sun as rays of energy directed toward our planet in blissful unison with the earths elements.  The light is shown in ways that make the earth and its population majestic, enlivened and serene.  It's always a pleasure to stroll in a wooded area and see the trees and their leaves glistening in the sun.  I always liked the trees.  They are the silent witnesses of life; standing. looking and never saying a word.

Today is a day I'd like to speak about reconciliation.  When you know you have been wronged it's difficult to let go of the past.  You want the past to be brought to the present so the record can stand straight.  There are many that want revenge, many who take it upon themselves to see that justice is brought to the people.  My life was taken, I was murdered, but I don't seek justice in the form that many may have imagined.  I am at peace and working towards a peaceful planet.  We work together on this side, unlike some on the other side of the veil.  Our mission is peace for the planet and freedom for all people.

When Desmond Tutu made his speech to the world governments he made the assumption that all people should be free.  We are not all free.  Not yet.  And there are those that are in places today that need to be freed and are under some governments control.  Communism is alive and well.  Slavery of all sorts and the common man has not been set free.  Our governments, the people need to realize we are a planet of one species - ONE.  One race acting as if  we are separate.  But separation leaves us weak and tortures our very soul.  When the planet is in unison, like the sun glistening on the leaves of the tree, we are in blissful harmony and our spirits can soar.  But its not until that day that we may reach the heights of our greatness.  Believe in your truth, your light and your potential and shine like the sun.

We all have music in us and we all have the opportunity to make change in the world.  Please join me in helping our planet grow in light and love.  Your hands, your words can make all the difference.  Encourage your mothers, your fathers, your brothers, your sisters and your children to do all they can to help their fellow man.  We are only here for a short time and I think most would agree that it would be best for all of us to use that time wisely.  Heal the world".  - Michael Jackson

You can visit the Human Rights Campaign here:

UPDATE:  I had NO idea what this man did with this organization, but just looked it up.  Looks like Michael and Mr Mandela are teaming up: