The True Origins of Thanksgiving

I spent one year in Girl Scouts.  During that year, I was afforded the opportunity to play an American Indian in a play.  I was totally excited about it until I found out I was to play a squaw.  My past life had been an Indian chief, and a squaw was so beneath me, or so I thought at the time.

My ideas about being a squaw have changed from that time, but the honor I hold for the American Indians has not.  This blog is about truth, so when I thought to make a post about Thanksgiving, I had to take my brothers and sisters into account.  As I've discussed with another native named Spider Cloud, the white man has lied.  Not only about the history of Jesus, the killing of the Jews or the captivity of slaves, but also about the story of Thanksgiving itself.  I cannot help but know what they must feel every Thanksgiving when the Americans celebrate this holiday.  For their history is quite different than the history portrayed and fed to us in the mainstream.

Below is the account of Thanksgiving as told by a Native American:

Mistakes, Lies & Misconceptions 
about American Indian people

The Thanksgiving Myth 
(Written by John Two-Hawks)

Let me begin by stating that thousands of years before the 'official' 
Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by Governor Winthrop of the 
Massachussetts Bay Colony in 1637, North American Indigenous 
people across the continent had celebrated seasons of Thanksgiving. 
'Thanksgiving' is a very ancient concept to American Indian nations. 
The big problem with the American Thanksgiving holiday is its false 
association with American Indian people. The infamous 'Indians and 
pilgrims' myth. It is good to celebrate Thanksgiving, to be thankful 
for your blessings. It is not good to distort history, to falsely portray 
the origin of this holiday and lie about the truth of its actual inception. 
Here are some accurate historical facts about the true origin of this 
American holiday that may interest you.........................................

'Thanksgiving' did not begin as a great loving relationship between the 
pilgrims and the Wampanoag, Pequot and Narragansett people. In fact, 
in October of 1621 when the 'pilgrim' survivors of their first winter in 
Turtle Island sat down to share the first unofficial 'Thanksgiving' meal, 
the Indians who were there were not even invited! There was no turkey, 
squash, cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie. A few days before this alleged 
feast took place, a company of 'pilgrims' led by Miles Standish actively 
sought the head of a local Indian leader, and an 11 foot high wall was 
erected around the entire Plymouth settlement for the very purpose of 
keeping Indians out! Officially, the holiday we know as 'Thanksgiving' 
actually came into existence in the year 1637. Governor Winthrop of the
Massachussetts Bay Colony proclaimed this first official day of Thanksgiving 
and feasting to celebrate the return of the colony's men who had arrived 
safely from what is now Mystic, Connecticut. They had gone there to 
participate in the massacre of over 700 Pequot men, women and children, 
and Mr. Winthrop decided to dedicate an official day of thanksgiving 
complete with a feast to 'give thanks' for their great 'victory'....

As hard as it may be to conceive, this is the actual origin of our current 
Thanksgiving Day holiday. Many American Indian people these days do 
not observe this holiday, for obvious reasons. I see nothing wrong with 
gathering with family to give thanks to our Creator for our blessings and 
sharing a meal. I do, however, hope that Americans as a whole will one 
day acknowledge the true origin of this holiday, and remember the pain, 
loss, and agony of the Indigenous people who suffered at the hands of 
the so-called 'pilgrims'. It is my hope that children's plays about 'the 
first Thanksgiving', complete with Indians and pilgrims chumming at 
the dinner table, will someday be a thing of the past. Why perpetuate 
a lie? Let us face the truths of the past, and give thanks that we are 
learning to love one another for the rich human diversity we share.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - How we are all connected

"As above, so below. As within, so without."

What is the truth of our existence?  How were we formed?  What is the structure of man?
Many years ago a great man came to the earth to teach us about our nature.  Jesus, also called the Christ, was so impressionable that his legacy has lived on for over 2000 years.  What was it that Jesus taught us that was so moving that has led us all to still honor him in remembrance and love?

One of my favorite quotes from Jesus was  "My father's house has many mansions".  The meaning is that there are many levels, many degrees, many places where a soul can dwell.  This statement in and of itself kind of shoots down that idea of when you die you go to heaven.  There is, obviously from this statement, at least more than one place for the term heaven.  

Yet it makes us wonder how the idea came about that we only live once and how a great deal of the population still embraces the idea.  If you look back in history, you'll find that Emperor Constantine and 300 Bishops had reincarnation removed from the Scriptures at the Council of Nicea. This gave the Church control of the 'salvation of souls' by means of money- the more money you gave to the Church the more assured you were of a place in heaven.  The church was very much in control of the population not long ago.  Matter of fact it was one of the reasons the United States was established in the first place - to obtain freedom from it.  Yet many people fell for the lies.  Paying their churches, giving up their own power, and giving it away to those in the churches claiming to be holy men and women.  We now see how holy some truly are, as stories of abuse surface.  

So little by little through the ages, the truth of who we are has been lost, manipulated and changed to serve the needs of others wanting to take control of the people.  Those who wanted to maintain power.  That's the politics of our spirituality - the politics of who we are.  Yet I do believe our experience leads us to believe something quite different.  The mystics of the East, the buddhas, the great indian sages, almost every religion in the world contains some bit of the truth.  And, as we have experienced the death of some of the greatest people on earth, we have all "felt" something.  We have felt connected.  Yet no where in our scriptures, no where in my church did I find the words to describe the feeling I had when Princess Diana or Michael Jackson died.  
I name these two figures because they were both so prominent in mainstream society.  We all felt something at their passing.  It doesn't mean we were their "twin soul", it just means that we were all connected to them.

Our creation is comprised of pyramids.  Like the great pyramids of Giza, the Mayan temples and the super imposed triangles that make up the star of David, Solomons Seal, the heart chakra in Tibet and the ideas presented in the film the DaVinci Code, you must suspect something.  These pyramids also represent the building blocks of all of creation.  What is below in our third dimensional world, also exists above.   Sri Aurobindo used the symbol of superimposed triangles to represent the material world and access to the divine.  The divine connection, or our divine light, has many mansions as well.  Some may be on the first floor, maybe others have worked their way up to the seventh floor.  These pyramids of light, our overselves come into conjuction with the overselves of others in the biopyramid of our physical universe.  This means the more in touch we are with our "what is above", the more we will feel connected to others.  This is the reason that people like Michael Jackson make such an impact on so many people.  The level of love he reached encompassed a greater field of light than most of us do.  That light touches all of humanity.  The higher the mansion, the higher level of influence on the field below.

Accordingly, the I AM of our higher universe comes together with our lower universe forming the Star of David.  This is our creation.  This is the creation of man and how all beings have come into being.  All being connected from a greater source, a greater love that when accessed and unified, we are one.


The Mission - The TRUTH of Our History - UPDATED

Cover of the Dangerous Album
The path at left depicts entry into an amusement ride
under mankind's rule.  The world is upside down at the end of
a path filled with destruction.  Michael's hands holds a child,
the seeds of our future.  The end of the ride depicts coming
 under the understanding of our true beginnings; The bubble present contains
Adam and Eve -creation itself.  The black and white face next to it
represents unity; the human race; all under the eye of God.
My nickname at this time was Dangerous.

"We're Takin' Over
We Have The Truth
This Is The Mission
To See It Through

Don't Point Your Finger
Not Dangerous
This Is Our Planet
You're One Of Us"

- Another Part of Me, Michael Jackson

If you are a student of the light or interested in twin flame soul mates, you'll most likely know that they have a mission on earth when they do decide to incarnate.   For those who have read my book "Another Part of Me -
An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls", you'll also know some of the history between Michael and I and my life path.  Part of that path has been many synchronicities.  Those are the things that happen, the events and things that draw you to your chosen mission.

One of those things was a white book I picked up years ago.  I had no reason for buying it, had no idea what it was, matter of fact it was out of my price range, but something inside of me said I had to have it.  On the cover of this white book where seven pairs of hands with seven rays extending to a dove.  Little did I know then that I would come into contact with St Germain of the Brotherhood of Light.  Little did I know then that he himself would inform me that Michael Jackson and I served on the seventh ray of light and that was the reason we had incarnated together.

The seventh ray is similar to the opening of the seventh seal in the book of revelations.  Our seventh chakra is the crown, and now is the time of the opening.  Seventh ray workers work for the unfoldment and unification of the consciousness when this happens.  It is our duty to uplift, educate and organize the thought energy associated with it's opening.  

Many people know of Michael's use of the number seven, however, there was much more that he has left for us to look at besides the number seven on his uniforms.  His saying was that he was building God's army.  In the video History he does just that.  An army of love is positioned in front of a structure similar to the Arc de triumph which is placed at the end of a street called Champs Elysees in Paris, France.  A street which means "the blessed meeting place of the dead".  If you have studied St Germain at all, you will know that he has said that he will gather his workers, his soldiers of light, from the past centuries to help him with his work.  St Germain is the seventh ray.  It is his mission to oversee the process of this enlightening of the consciousness of mankind.

As you might have noticed, I have a past life in France where I knew St Germain in body.  He has simply gathered us up for help with this movement.  However, if you remember, history does repeat itself.  There was a similar time just prior to the revolution in France that this work was being done.  Back then it was known as the "Age of Enlightenment" and although not popularly publicized, there was also a riff within the Freemason world.  Two opposing sides within struggling for control.  It was one side of this order which started the revolution.

There are beings that wish humanity to remain ignorant of the truth.  Currently there is a struggle.  The soldiers of love must take their rightful places.  In the video below you'll even notice the language used at the beginning of the video.  It's not French - it is an universal language called Esperanto that typically depicts a future in which there is a language spoken that is more universal than there is today.  Our future of ONE.

Album cover for HIStory
Note:  HIS tory - Michael told me at
this time the name of his album
was two fold: History and HIS story.
 The track listing reveal more.

This same video was used to promote his album of the same name:  HIStory; PAST, Present, and FUTURE.

Freemasons were the founding fathers here in the united states.  The all seeing eye of god on the dollar bill has been a big part of this country's history.  You may have noticed the same kind of "eye" in the back of Michael's History video, at the end of the amusement ride on his album Dangerous, and present again in the video "They Don't Care About Us". 

There has always been a struggle between good and evil.  We've heard the stories of the angel and the devil on the shoulder and choosing between right and wrong, but few of us realize the measures to which those who want to maintain control - I will call them the evil ones - go to keep our history hidden.  The history I am talking about is the history of mankind itself.  This is the truth that Michael talks about in the words of the song my book is named after.  This is also the depiction he gives in the album cover art of Dangerous - A world upside down, comprised of a circus of performers.  In the end, we come out under the eye of god once again, but we are unified (the black and white face) and know we are all the same.  Even the bubble of Adam and Eve depict our very creation.  Twin souls, yes, but it is also the creation of all of mankind.  The meaning:  That our world will come under divine order instead of  the controlled order of man that leads us on the path of destruction.

I have taken the following from my "white book" to explain further:

"It will become apparent to Man that organized religion has shown disrespect for the ancient scientific scriptures of Light.  For this reason organized religions who promote the priesthoods of Man at the expense of the scriptures, will be seen as the Abomination of Desolation because they sit in the place of the Lord God proclaiming themselves as the force of YHWH and the authority of Christ.

Close up of the US Dollar
Novus Ordo Seclorum means:
A New Order Has Begun
These authorities neutralize consciousness causing the neutralization of spiritual growth, literally the nullification of the ongoing inner consciousness which was brought by the Christ and which has continued to radiate through the ages in the scriptures of Light."

What this means is that mankind has kept our true light hidden.  They have lulled us to sleep with a false sense of our reality, focusing us on their power instead of the power within us.  This is our true spiritual right and one that all children of the light continue to work for.  Michael's written message for a higher consciousness meant exactly this - we should be reaching for the light of god, not the false light of man.  Even at the memorial service for Michael himself all religious symbols were shown during a performance of "We Are the World".  Do you understand?  There are no separations between us.  The only separations are the ones that man has created himself.
"While the theme of Michael Jackson’s memorial service was indeed spiritual, it certainly could in no way be mistaken for a Christian funeral. During the performance of We are the World which was sung by a Who’s Who of musical icons, symbols of every major religion were displayed on a giant screen behind the stage including a larger than life picture of Jesus. The message could not have been clearer."  source:  http://www.examiner.com/article/michael-jackson-memorial-a-wakeup-call-for-the-church


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Placing Conditions/Happiness

Have you ever noticed the way our minds think?  Have you watched your thoughts long enough to realize that maybe you are actively searching for something to complain about, or something to be wrong?  Maybe your mind is fixated on one thing; that whenever such and such happens, or when ever I get that big house, I'll be happy.  The ironic thing is that when you get the big house or when you do find that thing to complain about, it doesn't end.  There will always be something else to complain about.  There will always be something else we want.  Our conditioning most often leads us down a path of wanting and complaining.  We are fed it on the news and we see it in advertising; on the radio, TV, billboards, even popping up on our computers.  How can we not be conditioned then by a society that is continually bombarding us with images of things we need, shootings and bad people to complain about, and the next best thing that everyone in Hollywood is getting?

Sooner or later when people realize that keeping up with the Jones's and outer appearances don't make us happy, they begin the search within.  Maybe it starts with the question "What will make me happy?".  Sometimes the answer will automatically be conditional:  I'll be happy when I'm married, I'll be happy when I get a new job.  The list goes on and on and after that condition has passed, we will always place another one on the pile.  We have now set ourselves up for never being happy.  How crazy is that?  Yet that's exactly how we living unconsciously create our lives  Then we wonder why we're not happy.  Go figure!

If we take a step back and be just in the moment and let our minds be still, most often we will be at peace. This quiet stillness allows us to just be.  It is in this space we can reflect within on the things that truly make us happy.  The smile of a child, the lick from a puppy, dancing, painting, hugging our kids.  You'll notice the things that truly make you happy were never things to begin with.  It is the engagement in life itself, the exchange of love from one being to the next that always enters into the equation.  True happiness is love in action.  Always has been love, always will be.

We as humans instinctively know we need love.  It's just that sometimes we just don't know how to go about getting it.  Don't place conditions around love.  Don't box it in.  Let love flow from not only those around you but from the universe itself.  The trees, the flowers, the dewy raindrops left on your deck, or the kiss from your favorite pet.  Feel the love the universe has to offer and I promise you'll also find happiness.


Fire and Ice: Flames of the Heart

The flames of the heart, when fanned can bring about great transformation in our lives.  We tend to be open, to be giving and when moved, we can also move mountains with the love we allow to flow through.  Sometimes, however, we freeze.  We have people and certain situations that turn our hearts to ice.  We willingly participate in the event, afraid of more hurt, afraid to be vulnerable.

If you've ever been hurt, you'll know what I'm talking about.  With each piece of your soul that another seems to try and snatch from you, your heart gets heavier and the freeze begins.  Sometimes it becomes just like a rock and then we might think why bother?  If I allow myself to thaw I will only get hurt again.

Stored in our hearts are the memories, patterns and hurts of the past.  We think it foolish if we let them go.  Afraid that we will be "conned" again, hurt again, or taken advantage of.  When people think of Jesus and the way he loved, unconditionally, I believe they have a common misconception.  Unconditional love has nothing to do with being weak, unconditional love has everything to do with inner strength.

Our heart centers, the life center of our being and seat of creation, hold with in it a threefold flame.  It's colors are gold, blue, and pink.  The plumes of the heart must be balanced for us to hold the flames of humanity itself within each twin flame inhabiting earth.  That is the goal.  But many of us mistaken our compassion and humility for weakness.  Our kindness for allowance of hurts and our unconditional love for acceptance of toxic people.  Allow us to explain what the three fold flame really represents.

If we remember, humanity has often spoken about an angel called Michael.  Michael is an archangel and is said to have cast the devil himself out of heaven.  Archangels, as it's told, have never fallen from the grace of god.  They remained at the thrown in service to him and as such have remained in pure love.  But if Archangel Michael is pure love how could he cast the devil out?  Shouldn't he have forgiven him with love and compassion for stealing people's souls or possessing them?

That would be like us throwing our arms around our abusers, telling them it's OK, you only hit me a few times or hey, it's not like I died from your blows; at least not yet.  Make sense?  Not really, does it?  The only thing we do in this situation is put ourselves in more danger and subconsciously tell the abuser his or her behavior is OK.

What does make sense is the inner flames that the brotherhoods of light have talked about.  The balance between the the flames of pink, gold and blue, are also the balance of love, wisdom and power.  True power is given to those like Jesus who have learned to master the heart energy.  To be able to love with wisdom and have the power of miracles knowing it is not their work, but the work and energy that flows through them from the father.

So what is love?  Love is the all pervading energy of the universe.  The stuff that makes us who we are, and that gives us the feeling that we need to protect our newborn baby.  It moves mountains, heals planets and walks quietly among men and women.

Wisdom is the willingness to learn.  To be open to possibilities, to know when to set boundaries for ourselves and others and to not make the same mistakes again and again.  It is consciousness in action.  Readily available to look at any given situation with open eyes and see things and people for how they are, and not what we wish they were.

Power is the manifestation of fires glowing and love that is allowed to flow through the heart.  True power yields to love, begs for compassion and is upright in stature.  It is the fruit of the father and given to only those who have earned it through the balance and purification of the heart center.

So when you decide if you wish to have a heart of fire or a heart of ice, remember;  We are not defined by the deeds others do to us, what they may call us, or how they define us;  We are how we respond, what we allow into our lives, not what only passes through our hearts.  This is wisdom with love and the true power of the soldiers of love.  Just like the archangel Michael.