The Captain and the Compass - The Language of the Soul

Captain Jack Sparrow and his compass
From the movie "Pirates of the Carribean"

How many times have you driven on the road, unaware of your surroundings when suddenly something makes you look to your left.  The driver in the car next to you is staring at you and your attention was drawn to them.  As much as many of us would like to ignore it, most language in our universe is communicated silently.  The language is universal and is one of the soul.

Unspoken words between lovers are communicated through staring deeply into the eyes, the windows of our very soul.  A light touch, open arms and the way we even hold our bodies communicates to us a myriad of things without being said.  The way you glance at an attendant who takes your purchase, the way you smile at a child, or even the way we look out on the world extends our energy to it.  This soul energy is the vital force that creates our avenues for change and future experiences.

We've heard the idea before; in order to manifest we must "think" about what we want and we must "feel" what we want, but if we don't do it consciously, who or what is planning our path for us?  Is it god himself orchestrating all of our "chance" meetings and keeping track of our schedules? Perhaps there is a more all pervasive force that links us together in unison and the captain of our ship, our inner compass, is our very own soul.

I believe in "the captain".  My captain takes me to places and people that I need to learn from.  I might "think" I'm done with a lesson in my life when "the captain" draws me to similar circumstances.  I've learned I need to deal with the circumstances right there and then, and not run from them, or "the captain" will most certainly bring me another situation that is the same.  When I'm done with the lesson, "the captain" might orchestrate something miraculous I had been thinking about.  Maybe it's a trip long thought about.  In my mind and my feeling I tell myself and "the captain", "I trust you." If things are in line and it's meant to be "the captain", my inner compass, will plan my route accordingly and being open to all possibilities, it will be made manifest.

"The captain" will also be the one communicating with those I meet.  He may give them signals through my body language, or in the way I look at them, that communicates to them how I really feel inside, even though I might not say it.  "The captain" creates my dreams.  Constantly working to figure out my problems and giving me pictures and images of things to come, things that need to be reviewed or things I need to pay attention to.  "The captain" creates the nudge when the person next to me is staring to let me know there is energy being directed toward me or let's me know my friend will be calling just before the phone rings.

These silent whispers are all around us and we all use them every day.  They just aren't talked about.  Twin flame language is the same, because you both share part of the same captain, and the same inner compass.  It is this inner compass that will eventually draw you together.

It may be silent, it may be a small voice, but it is the strongest force and the best navigator we can hope for.  Listening to the captain and tuning into him, could be the one thing that changes your entire life.  He is a part of us all and the greatest gift we have within us; the compass that navigates our lives, our very own soul.


Twin Flames - Inner Contact

Biological cells splitting
When Michael lived he more often explained our relationship as "magnets".  Now on the other side he says we are like "cells".  Real romantic right? Not! Twin flame relationships aren't easy things to do and more over they are for growth and service, not necessarily romance.

So how are twin flame soul mates like cells you might ask.  If we think about how we were created to begin with and liken it to our creation here on earth, you might think about actual cells splitting and multiplying to create a baby in a human body.  Perhaps our spiritual bodies are the same. Created from the same unit of energy then split before coming into the earth plane.  Our essence remains within our human body and moreover just under our level of conscious radar.

Most of us don't remember our past lives, but might know or believe that we have had them.  Where that knowledge is stored, is also where the knowledge of your twin flame is; just beyond your current consciousness.  In the state we call the consciousness - our awakened state.  Our subconscious then, is the back seat to that.  The form our consciousness takes when we sleep and when we act "unconsciously" from our stored patterns.  Relationships with your flame then, will always be best accessed from the subconscious state.  Just beyond your threshold of awakened consciousness.  The key is to access it while still bringing the experience back to your awakened state of consciousness to open to the full experience.

These "whispers" I'll call them, happen so softly it's easy to put them aside.  Unless you are working on your inner self and noticing and sometimes even taking note of the experiences, most often you won't even know they are happening and disregard them completely.  I had someone write me this morning and that's exactly how she felt.  As if it wasn't even real and didn't become that way until she started to explain the experience in words in her  "wakened" state.

That's exactly how it's supposed to be.  Twin flame soul mates are relationships of the soul, not the flesh.  If we want access to them, we have to access our own soul, not our ego.  Ego lives in our awakened consciousness, our souls live where our consciousness sleeps.  When Michael lived there were two times we "met" within the soul.  In the morning and in the evening. Those two places where you are not yet asleep, but almost.  The times when you are just between the levels of consciousness.

There have been many things written about twin flames but one thing is very certain.  The inner contact between them is never broken.  Science is starting to discover why that might be. Einstein's discovery of "spooky action" can go a long way in explaining why as flames you still feel the emotions of one another, why you might be able to hear their prayers, and can speak telepathically.  I've posted a video from Gregg Braden below to further explain spooky action as well as Michael Jackson's video, You Are Not Alone, so you can hear the words regarding prayers and the times of day one might be able to "reach out" to their flame.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Awakening to Our True Reality

So many times we believe what we are told. Someone elses truth becomes our own, sometimes never even questioning that it might not have been the truth to begin with.  Rumors might ensue.  Insults and manipulation of people, time and events can change not only one persons image of a situation, but sometimes entire nations.

There are those that will use others for gain. Those that use events and those that are the victims of the perpetrators that wish to solicit a scene of deception.  Like Lucifer, some of the grandest illusionists, are just that: illusions.

In this day and age we must not only be mindful of those around us that may wish us to see something in a light that better suites them, but we must be aware also that our government, the media and other large corporations may wish to do the same.  Similar to brainwashing, if you hear the same thing again and again, you are most often groomed to believe it.  Even in our advertising on TV it seems the media is setting the new standard of what "happiness" looks like by portraying happy families and relationships that of course buy their product.  Should we not be conscious of the messages made by film, television and advertising, we unconsciously accept the messages they convey as a new point of reference.  What's in, what's out, what a relationship should look like, or even a happy family.

Faced with these same issues in our immediate surroundings, we also may have people that solicit their ideas on how "our" lives should be run.  It may be our church, our family or even a spouse or lover.  What "they" say may inhibit our own point of reference and can lead us down a very different path than might have been intended for us.  So what is the true path we should take and who should we listen to?

If we awaken to our true reality, we'll realize that our entire makeup is a series of beliefs, thoughts and patterns.  All of them formed by our own experiences with input of thought and judgement from outside sources.  Louise Hay had at one time said that if you change your thoughts, you can change your life.  This statement holds much truth.  For when we see what thought we have been fed or have accepted as our reality, we can also see that sometimes that "reality" we thought was real, is actually just an "illusion".  Our illusions are accepted from others or created by ourselves.  We may be under the illusion we are fat and will always be fat.  That we are poor and that we will always be poor, or that we are repressed and will always be repressed.

Some of the greatest men and women of our time have dared to step out of those illusions.  Nelson Mandela comes to mind as one who refused to accept that a once repressed people would always be repressed.  He never bought into the illusion that another race or people were "better than" or more "deserving" of freedom.  He knew that the true reality of who he was lied within.  A stronger, more eternal and sacred part of himself that was his true essence.  Within him was the source that connected all beings, big and small.  He was awakened to his true self and shed the illusion of the little man that others wanted him to believe he was.  It was not his illusion, but the illusion of others that wished to cast it upon him.  He did not accept it, but rose above it and in the end he rose his entire nation above it as well.

Awakening to our true reality is the same.  We must cast aside the pictures, the scenarios, the labels and stereotypes that society and others have dictated to us.  We must begin to "re-route" our thoughts and form new ones in order to change our internal makeup and feeling body about who we really are.  Doing this requires not only right action, but a conscious choice to be proactive in our own lives.  Change can come to us, although sometimes slowly, it does come.  As Mr Mandela once said, however, if we have in our minds what we want to achieve and we keep our thoughts on what that is, our purpose, in the end we have no option but to succeed.  For when we embark on our own journey of the soul, we bring in the light necessary to make it happen.  We are powerful beings.  So powerful, that when we awaken to our true reality and who we are it often scares us. Knowing what we are, what we have created, takes consistency and great effort.  Nothing is impossible and there is no dream that can't be kept alive as long as we have our dream in our hearts and minds.

This week may you keep dreaming.  Keep taking steps down the road to your freedom, and keep your eyes on what you want in the end.  Sooner or later  you will arrive, and when you do, you'll realize it was only you that stopped you all along.


Twin Flame Soul Mates - Service Work and Fusion

eros and psycheAs a relationship of the soul, twin flames will complete themselves before coming together for union.  This wholeness means that both masculine and feminine polarities for each individual will be balanced within.  As this union is in divine orchestration, it will transcend all definitions of male/female unions on the planet.  The divine purpose for the union of twin flames is to create a vibration of love and to be of service.  All "perceptions" of obligations may be thrust aside so that absolute service to the divine plan becomes the ONLY reality of the twin flame.  Take away our human perceptions and we see the potential for great planetary service, propelled by divine instinct.

Completion within your own wholeness and reaching a state where you no long feel the need for a partner, beacons your flame to you.  You are now ready to serve together.  You will begin to magnify the other and this is why it's so important that these relationships of the soul are given space to grow.  Should union come before completion, you will magnify the misqualified energy and patterns, as well as the divinity within each other.  Creating possible chaos, instead of love.

Energetic links from any former partners must become dismantled and brought into equilibrium with the frequency of the flame.  As in old partnerships on earth, the baggage we carry is both energetic and physical.  Should old baggage be brought into this union, that too would be amplified into the universe.  Since one of the reasons flames are brought together is for the amplification of love, this would only circumvent the purpose for them coming together in the first place.  Old baggage, old patterns, old frequencies of connection must all be dropped.  Inner fusion can then take place, making the twin whole within themselves.

Not a lot is written about inner fusion, but it is the balance within of masculine and feminine.  You will inside, become both masculine and feminine.  This doesn't mean if you are a woman you'll grow things, like hair and if you are a man become endowed.  More over it means that the energy you carry will be of both masculine and feminine qualities.  Inside you will actually feel that you are both a man and a woman.  Inside you will also be able to "make love" to yourself.  Energetically the rising of the kundaluni or life force energy within, will be able to re-route itself back within.  This inner fusion is the balanced state that is needed before full fusion with your flame.

After you enter into the relationship with your flame, the ability for the consciousness to move multi-dimensionaly will be common place.  This may explain to you why I still see Michael in visions on the other side.  This consciousness is here to act as a bridge to the higher dimensions and recognize the frequency of oneness.  This also means that either partner may be drawn multi-dimensionaly at any time.  Sometimes words seem unheard or unresponded to at this point.  It only means that your partner has been drawn into the frequency of oneness and is performing service for the divine.  This is again, not a relationship that is defined in human terms and service to the planet will always be first and foremost.

Since fusion with your flame will eventually make you feel androgynous, your oneness with each other, you may begin to question  your place in society and your identity.  It is important to remember that you are not defined by earthy terms anymore, but are a unit with your flame, commissioned for service by the divine.  Your partners strengths and talents will merge with your own and both will be able to be drawn upon them when needed for planetary service.   It is no longer necessary to play the purported designated roles of society.  Your aim will be to fine tune your being with the frequencies of the divine using this union for service to the all.

You may be surprised by the similarities in life lessons when you meet your flame.  Close to union you may experience similar situations.  You both will be following inner guidance and as such, you may be instructed to move, detach, end relationships or careers.  You will be being drawn into service and guided by the same Source god which is drawing you both together.

This is your covenant with god.  To serve him; to serve the divine.  It may make you question, or possibly realize why angels look both masculine and feminine.  Perhaps its because they never fell into our duality on earth to begin with.  They maintain the employing unit of service to our creator as they have from the beginning of time.


Message from the Other Side: Time and Space; Memories and Love

"Every memory comes alive when I hear your song in my heart"

              - Michael Jackson

"Today I'd like to write about love.  Love is the word that everyone says but that almost everyone is afraid of.  When we say I love you, or tell our children I love you, do you give yourself permission to feel it in your heart?

4.memories last picture quoteMost of us have closed off our hearts.  Afraid of ridicule, afraid of hurt, we close ourselves off to the people around us that matter most.  Those people then feel hurt and sad.  They may begin to feel as if we don't care.  Saying it matters.  Saying I love you is one of the greatest things you can do to change a persons day.  "I love you."

Seeing it from this side takes on a new perspective.  We see energy.  When it's transmitted between people we see light.  Sometimes its in the blink of an eye.  A shooting star streaming through the sky between two lovers.  Sometimes it's a brilliant pink glow of a mother looking in on her child sleeping.

Love comes in all forms and in all strengths and magnitudes.  Real love transcends time.  It is the one thing common among all people and things.  This potent energy gives off a light like no other.  It is the fabric of our existence and can live for millennium.  Throughout time and space, love exists on every level.  When we engage in love, love engages us.  We become love itself and can travel great distances carrying that love with us.
If someone leaves the earth plane, that love goes with them.  They carry it in their hearts and never forget the feeling of love they have had for others.  Time and space can never separate love, it can only enhance it.  Love grows in its glory when it's found again.  It's enhanced by our memories and it's cherished in our hearts forever.  Love knows love when it sees it.  Will you?"


Addiction and Healing the Inner Child

Somewhere inside of you there is the child you once were now in a grown up body.

My grandma "Tiny", who was all of 5 feet tall, used to tell me at age 82 how she still felt like she was 16.  The body grows older, we look the part, we even try to play the part, but inside there still lives the child.  Your child can be playful, like she was when she would dress as Tina Turner for Halloween and still collect stuffed animals at "her age."  Your child can be a little broken too, as I noticed when she repeatedly told the story of saving up for fine china for her mother only to be told that her mother wanted nothing to do with it.  Little things like this or the bigger secret things that we all hold inside have all made us "feel" a certain way.  No matter if you are in the same family or not, each sibling, each member has their own memories, their own feelings, their own lenses of perception on how their childhoods played out and even their adult lives.  These feelings can create harbors of happiness or harbors of despair.  Like the old saying goes, we may not remember exactly what someone said, but we will always remember the way they made us "feel".

Most of us don't like to visit our harbors of despair.  It doesn't feel good and it makes us sad.  So we push it down.  Try not to remember our uncle abusing us, or our mother or father acting in unkind ways.  Our goal is to deaden the pain.  So we get "addicted" to  something that helps us cope.  Something that deadens the pain inside.  Drinking alcohol, drugs, anything that can help us "forget" how we are feeling.  On the lighter side, we might sit in front of the television so we can be "mindless" for a while.  Or busy ourselves so much we just "don't have time to think".  I can't remember who said it.  Was it Dr. Phil?  How's that working for us?

It's not is it?  Forgetting or trying to ignore a painful past does not make it go away.  We will continue engaging in the same behaviors until we bring the pain into the light for transformation. We continue in patterns of trying to make it go away by repeatedly engaging in activities that we think will help, but like Einstein once said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly expecting a different result.

We ourselves must stop the cycle.  The emotions, all negative emotions, will repeatedly seek resolution.  They will continue to come to the surface until they are resolved. The cycle you are in won't stop until you get to the root.  You must "transform" the emotion that blocks you from letting more positive emotion in.  It begins when you recognize it.  Acknowledge it for what it is.  If you feel it's too painful, try to imagine you being there for another child who went through the same thing.  Would you tell her or him to go away you have to watch tv or get another drink or would you sit and listen to what they have to say?  Sit and allow the child within you to explain the emotions, the events that transpired.  Allow yourself to cry with the child.  Tell the child how much you understand the feelings.  Then reassure the child that you, as the adult now, know that you will never let that happen to the child again.  That sometimes people do bad things but as a child it's not our fault.  How could we know any better and maybe even, how could those who perpetrated against us know any better as well?  We assume because they are a mom or dad or an adult they should know better, however, they too have a wounded inner child.  Nine times out of ten, the abuse you suffered from someone else, that someone also suffered as a child from another.

Patterns are when people unconsciously mull and repeat the same behaviors again and again, even handing the hurt down to their children and their childrens children without even knowing there is a single thing wrong.  How could they when no one pointed it out?  How could we when all along we have been led to believe we are "normal" or "they" were adults and know better?  Unless we become conscious of our actions, our thougts and our words we will remain unconsciously aware of our patterns at play.

We are all broken a bit.  However, if we can transform our brokenness, we can begin to heal.  After we embrace what has happened.  We must come to terms with it through repeated mindfulness and allow the feeling to be transformed.

Transformation begins when we decide we will seek resolution.  That we will stop pointing fingers at anyone outside of us, including our abusers, and begin to look within.  Simply put we must believe that all people, good or bad, are only acting out as best they can from their current state of consciousness.  Some people may be deeply lost.  Their acting out may be from very deep scars. As Jesus said "They know not what they do".  Most people are only acting out of their own pain and are rarely aware of the consequences of their actions with others.  We cannot expect "them" to change. We must transform ourselves in order to stop the cycle.

I've heard it said before that you can't give what you don't have.  If you don't feel loved, how can you give it?  If you don't feel healed, how can you heal another?  

I think the trick lies in realizing that the inner child is not you.  We all have a tendency to "identify" with our experiences.  Our experiences then become our identity.  The child who is told she is too fat by her parents identifies herself as the fat kid, even though she may be fully grown.  The child who is abandon identifies themselves as insignificant to others, even though they may be an adult as well.  The child and the memories are the "experiences" that we had.  They are not the real us. We must learn to step back as the witness when our feelings come up from the past.  Acknowledge them, then study them.  The mind chatter might be something like this:

You notice the feeling.  "I'm feeling sad again.  Why? Oh, that lady just said I was fat.  That's what my mother always said.  I'm fat.  I hate that I'm fat." (notice how you are feeling.. may be ... insignificant, sad, unwanted - name the feeling (how did it make you feel and why)  What is it that you now want to do or find yourself doing?  In this case, probably eating.  So you sit down with a chocolate cake and eat the whole thing because you know, you're fat.  You might as well.  You are feeling it, you are thinking it, so now you are making it your reality.  You are giving yourself more reasons to "feel" the feelings you once had.  You are recreating your experience, and this could be in a myriad of ways.  You will do whatever you can do to recreate the drama of the past, and if it's not there, you will create it.

I had a member of my family that was like clock work.  When ever it was quiet I'd know soon there would be something to erupt.  Her parents were alcoholics who fought all the time.  Her comfort then was "chaos".  If chaos wasn't happening in her life, she would find someone and something to "create" it.  

If we let our old patterns play out, we'll all be acting literally insane, just as Einstein said.  If I aked you straight out if you would ever deliberately do something to yourself to cause yourself pain, I know you'd say no.  Yet we do it everyday, sabatoging ourselves unaware of what we are doing.

If we stop ourselves at the moment the feeling comes on, just before the mind goes rampant with thoughts, we can start to dismantle the thoughts and by doing so, the feelings as well. Ask: How did it make me feel?  Your answer could be unloved, not cared for, didn't care about my feelings, took advantage of, abandoned, alone, afraid.  Then why?  Was it the actions themselves or the actions and who you defined the person who did them as?  Does your definition match who they are supposed to be.  For example; Society's language might be Dads are protectors, yet your experience may have been dad abandon you or dad abused you.  Inner conflict is added because of our definitions of who they "should be".  Acknowledge that they are not who we define them as.  We are all imperfect people.  It doesn't make what was done right, only your knowledge that they are broken as well.  This will help you heal.

We must be compassionate enough with ourselves as to know we are validated in our experience(s).  You don't need someone to say "Hey you're right.  You did get the short end."  You already know.  So the first step is to acknowledge what happened and tell yourself you have a right to feel the way you do.  If a lot of anger erupts, get it out physically.  Hit a pillow, kick box, do something to "expel" that energy from your field.  Then later you can go back and work on the mental body - the thoughts about the situation.  You must develop a new story for yourself.  One that makes you the victor and redeems your inner strength.  You were a child then, but now you are an adult, for instance.  One that makes their own rules and governs their own life.  Then whenever the feelings come up again, repeat your mantra.  The powerful story that helps you come to terms with what you have struggled with.  File it away in the "this life's sucky story" file.  Realize you most likely have had many past lives with similar struggles, but the reality is that the real you is the bright shiny soul that has experienced them.  The experience itself never defines you as a person unless you allow it to.  It is our attachment to the pain, the labels and the identity that blocks us from moving forward.  The past really has no power over our present unless we ourselves make it so.

Noticing the feelings that come up is a very powerful step in healing.  A favorite author of mine, Eckhart Tolle, used to term this as our "pain body".  It is where all these emotions are stored.  It's not us, but we do carry it around with us.  It helps when we recognize when our "pain body" is activated.  Someone hits your "sore spot" and all you have to tell yourself is:  "There goes my pain body again!"  Now you can act as if it's a separate entity other than yourself and treat it accordingly.  

Be mindful of this;  feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  They can transform our lives in huge ways.  Allow yourself to contemplate, even if only for a week, on the feelings that come up in your life that irritate and hurt you.  I promise if you notice them, if you keep asking yourself the questions, you'll be able to discover parts of yourself and why you do things that you never knew before.  We don't need to carry the burden of being angry all the time or feeling sad.  When Jesus said "Know yourself", I think he really meant it.  It is the one thing that can truly transform ourselves and the world.

Here are some quotes from Eckhart Tolle to help you during times of stress and upheaval:
“The past has no power over the present moment.” - Eckhart Tolle
“Give up defining yourself — to yourself or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are. - Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” - Eckhart Tolle
“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” - Eckhart Tolle
“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but thought about it. Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking. Separate them from the situation, which is always neutral. It is as it is.” - Eckhart Tolle
“As soon as you honor the present moment, all unhappiness and struggle dissolve, and life begins to flow with joy and ease. When you act out the present-moment awareness, whatever you do becomes imbued with a sense of quality, care, and love - even the most simple action.” - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
“Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you from being present now, and if the past can't prevent you from being present now, what power does it have?” - Eckhart Tolle
“In today's rush we all think too much, seek too much, want too much and forget about the joy of just Being.” - Eckhart Tolle


Mother Earth and the Inner Child

Happy Earth Day!  As we embark on this day we pay tribute to Mother Earth.  May we treat her with the same unwavering love that she treats us with.  Unending in splendor, always giving of her fruits and delightful in her creation.

In honor of Mother Earth, that steadfast mother that is always there, I'd like to go deeper today to the mother we all have within.  For centuries, family patterns have played out all over the earth.  Some patterns have been family oriented, others have been as a by product of religion or society.  Sometimes these things can leave us feeling like we are disposable.  That we don't matter or that no one cares.  This is a most excruciating place to be.  Yet we can feel it as a child and we can also feel it as an adult.

I've posted a video below called "Warming the Stone Child".  It's nature is intended for the unmothered child within us.  However, the word unmothered does not necessarily mean you didn't have a mother.  It can mean simply that the kind of nurturing and support you needed simply wasn't there.  Most likely it wasn't because your mother was withholding it from you.  Most likely it was because she herself didn't know how to give it because she never got it, or perhaps you didn't have a mother at all, or one that was barely there.

An unmothered child could be a child that was not protected during war.  A child that was abused and not protected.  A child that was made to care for their siblings when he or she could barely care for themselves.  A child that was neglected.  A child that was belittled.  A child that was made fun of.  We can all find ourselves in parts of these children.  As adults we carry these hurts with us and if we aren't careful, we turn around and share those hurts again with our children unknowingly.  Yet if we become conscious of what has taken place in our lives and what we need to do to feel better ourselves, we can not only begin healing ourselves but those around us as well.  Particularly the next generation of children.

We all have an inner child that was hurt in some way.  Take time to nurture the child within you and heal those things that have been causing you pain for years.  Taking responsibility for what you feel doesn't mean you had a bad mother, it only means you are taking steps to be the bright light you were born to be and not the product of outside circumstances or people.  Taking back our own authentic power to heal ourselves is the greatest gift we can not only give ourselves, but the greatest gift we can also give to the world.  Bless mother earth today by being like she is - giving of yourself to yourself by nurturing and mothering the child within.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: An Exercise in Associations

Associations are very powerful tools. If I associate someone with a favorite thing, their name with another person or a word with an object, we most often remember faster than when we don't associate with another thing or person.  Yet most often our associations also have our "thoughts" attached to them.  A mere word like "flower" represents something to us, but nothing in particular.  It could be a rose, a daisy, or a carnation, but when we name it we lose the beauty in looking at and appreciating it for what it is in the moment, instead of what we remember about it.  It slips through our mind because we already processed what a rose looks like and in doing so miss the beauty of the rose in the moment.

Naming things is similar when we name and remember people.  When we think of our mother, we have many thoughts associated about who she is, what she did, and who she represents.  If we think about our friend "John", we also have associations.  It could be what he did to us last year, how many times he lied, our relationship that failed with him, or his unruly children that visited our house.  We still "associate" most often in the present things, events, and people from our past.  To step into the present try the following exercise:

Today with everything you see and every one you see or speak to, don't name it.  Don't name your car, the road, your spouse, your children, or anyone at work.  You'll notice the recognition come in your mind automatically.  When you see John, your mind will automatically recognize John and the thoughts and feelings about John will rise to the surface.  Today when you see John, or anyone else, dismiss the name John, and notice whoever is before you for what they are in that moment.  Study their face, how they talk, what they may be wearing, and the feeling that you have in the moment with them without associating anything from your past history or what you already know about them.

This exercise may give you a fresh perspective on many old thoughts and patterns you have set for yourself.  Freeing you from seeing things in your past as you once had, you can now gain a new perspective and recolor your thoughts about people, places and things in your present.


Requested Post - Princess Diana

Queen Elizabeth Tells Prince William Princess Diana Killed By International Arms Merchants - Hired Croatian Hitman (Video)I'm writing this only  because I promised I would. Princess Diana died in 1997; a LONG time ago.
I still remember the day.  I was babysitting for a friend when I heard she was in an accident.  She was in Paris, I immediately knew she passed and thought about her children.

It was that night when the news really hit me.  I lied in bed that night sobbing for a woman I never knew, but knew how she touched the hearts of so many. Her innocence, he being and who she was showed through everything she did.  In every look and in every smile.

That night I was surprised when in the middle of my sobs, Michael asked what the matter was.  I tried to explain it off.  It was girl stuff.  Just emotional.  He pressed, saying I wouldn't be crying like that over "girl stuff".  I thought he might know, at least should have before I did.  I didn't want to be the one that broke the news to him.  I asked "Didn't you hear?'.  "Hear what?" he replied.  "About Diana.  She was in an accident."  "No I didn't"  he said.  "Is she all right?".  "No honey she's not.  Diana died."

I felt him retreat from me at that moment and I knew the news shocked him.  I asked him where he was and he told me he was in Paris as well.  I begged for him to leave. The stories in the news were that Diana was being chased by the paparazzi and that's what cost her life.  He told me later about an interview he was asked to do with Barbara Walters.  I told him he should do it.  He she do it and tell the truth.  We both knew there would be another to pass.  This next was not Michael, but Mother Theresa.  Was he psychic?  Yes, but I'll let him answer that for you in the interview I posted below:

When Michael lived I would often get flashes of him.  Talking to people, sitting on a plane, doing every day things.  When he passed I thought they would stop, but they haven't.  One of the first "visions" I did receive was Michael talking to Diana, Princess Diana.  I like to get these things because it's validating when it surprises you.  It surprised me.  Michael and I later had the conversation about how she and him had to both leave children behind.  They had become good friends.

I have since seen Diana on some occasion, but not regularly.  I recognize her as a friend of Michael's, as I have others that he has been so kind to introduce me to.  Most often they come with him, but last night Diana came alone.

She came to tell me as a friend, that there were other people that were involved in Michael's murder.  When I asked why she was telling me and not Michael, she replied that Michael's death, like hers, goes beyond just the immediate people thought to be involved.  She then said that her and Dodi were murdered and I was quite surprised.  I remember questioning then, and now she was confirming it for me.  She said she loved Dodi Fayed a great deal, but he has moved on.  She was staying to help.

Her son, Prince William, (and I have no idea what's going on there or how it works) was next in line for the throne.  It makes sense to me, but I honestly don't know if its true. That he needs to be VERY CAREFUL because something may happen similar to what happened to her.  She says he is already questioning.  Keep quiet William.  You already know the truth.  Yes  you are right about your father and your grandmother.  Both of them had something to do with it.  You may be in great danger if you don't listen to your instincts.  

I don't know why anyone would have wanted Diana to die, although that said, I wouldn't know why anyone would have wanted Michael dead either on the surface.  I suspect for both it is the same reason: power/money/control.  That's what it always seems to be in the end for anyone who dies at the hands of another.  

This post is for Diana.  For her children and for her wish to be heard and her children to be safe.  May it find it's way somehow to the right people who need to hear it.  My heart is with her and thoughts of her life and how and what she might have endured.  May we be kinder to one another than we have been, especially those who have large roles in the public eye.  They are people too.

Easter - A Glimpse at the Revolutionary Jesus

There is more to an explanation of the man Jesus.  As many have taught, Jesus was love.  He loved humanity, but much more than that, he and those like him, Moses, and others that have sacrificed themselves for humanity in the name of standing for truth and freedom for all.  Jesus was a rebel for his time and hated by many during the time he lived because he "spoke out" on the injustices and rights and wrongs of the world.  There was no room for politics in the life of Jesus.  The only politics he played were the politics of his father in heaven.  This is why Jesus will remain a favorite of mine and I hope of yours.  When faced with the question "What would Jesus do?"  I hope you are mindful that he was more than just loving.  He spoke out, spoke truth and questioned church, state, government and men, all in the name of his father.

Glimpse for yourself this powerful insight from a wonderful author called Adyashanti, author of the new book "Falling into Grace":


Some Cool Things to Share: Spirit Photo and Painting of God

I just ran into a few old photos and thought I would post them.  You might find them interesting; I still do.

The first one is a painting I did for a lady who did a psychic reading for me back in 1996.  She had then told me I was looking for my "twin".  I played cool with her, or so I thought, and told I didn't have a twin.  I had one brother, a year older.  She then said, no it's your twin.  Your twin soul mate and he's famous.  Who is he?  She had met Michael Jackson the week before and asked that I do a painting for her from a photo she took of the clouds somewhere in Ohio, USA.  It was a holy place where people gathered every year supposedly to see some doorway to heaven.  I had no idea how she even knew I painted, and I didn't feel I was much of an artist but she insisted that I just paint what came to me.  

This is what came out.  It kind of painted itself.  What I found interesting later was that in the Bible there is a verse that says:

"Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."

I didn't know it at the time and when I looked at what I painted it seemed to be what it was.  God from the kingdom of heaven with breath through his nostrils creating man.  Even Jesus made an appearance on the right as well as a bowing angel. You might notice the date stamped on the bottom: 11 and 22 are master numbers 

Master number 11

The number 11 represents instinct, and is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is your connection to your subconscious, to gut feeling and knowledge without rationality. 
If you have the Master number 11 in your Numerology chart, tap into it and use it to create personal power and spiritual evolution. Do not deny your instincts, and let your inner, guiding voice push you toward growth and stability. This is a number of faith, and very much associated with psychics, clairvoyants and prophets.

Master number 22

The Master number 22 holds more power than any other number (earning it the nickname "the Master Builder"). It is a pragmatic number, a doer, capable of spinning wild dreams into concrete reality. Those who have 22 in their Numerology chart have great potential for success -- that's because it has all the intuition of the number 11, paired with a grounded and scientific approach associated with the number 4 (because 2 + 2 = 4). 22 is an ambitious but disciplined number.

I like the part where it says it's "intuition with a grounded scientific approach."  That's what I try to do here on the blog.  Focus on giving information that is helpful, intuitive, yet based and proven in our reality.  Sort of part of my purpose.
Which leads me to the photo below.  If you have never seen energy in a photo before you might find it fascinating.  
The photo was taken in New York City before I was supposed to meet Michael late in 1994, I think it was November.  Some people say I had a great being with me.  Perhaps it was our sponsor, St Germain, I don't know.  I just think it's pretty cool.