A Message From Michael

It was a trying day yesterday.  Since his passing, Michael has been concerned about his mother and children in particular.  He was close by his family yesterday as they prepared for court.

It feels a little uncomfortable to share this, because it's almost hard to believe for some people.  Although there are many people who have spoken to people after they have passed, for me it's common place and has been for years.  Not only Michael, but with my grandmother, grandfather, friends fathers, friends grandfathers, and on and on.  With Michael, however, it was not only after his passing but before.  Because I haven't shared our contact with very many people, I feel a little vulnerable.  That's why this blog will remain anonymous.  As he put it, the public would "eat me alive".

I've had a lot of thoughts about what it might be like on the "other side".  I have left my body and know the freedom of moving in spirit, but I've always wondered what it was really like.  Michael and I haven't talked a whole lot about that, but we have talked some.  His friend Elizabeth passed just this past March and is with him, and he says to say he's also met with James Brown again . . lol  I know of many children that have passed and through other channels have heard they have met Michael.  He and Elizabeth are very busy, still, with their philanthropic efforts.  I suppose that's the kind of souls they are.  If you are concerned about the welfare of humanity, you remain that way, even after your body stops working.

Last night after the first day of the trial, I was exhausted.  I didn't know if it was just me, or if it was me and I was picking up on what he might be feeling.  So I asked him how he was doing and we agreed that we would put it down in words.  His answer surprised me.  I suppose I expected him to remark about the case or express his feelings about the testimony, but he didn't.  This is what he said . .

"I am humbled.  I can't believe the number of fans all over the world that are supporting me.  I hear them.  I hear all of them.  Every word.  It's amazing.  The prayers, the wishes, the desire to do good, everything is in my heart and I can't believe the outpouring of love.  It's truly, truly amazing.  I wish I could be there to share it all with you.  I wish you could know the love I feel in my heart for every one of you.  If you could only know the way the world really works you would know that I'm at peace.  The love you have given to me may not have nourished my body, but it has nourished my soul.  That love can take you to the heights of reality.  The true reality is that of the spirit, and in the spirit of love.  Lift yourselves up to a place of love and you will soar.

The trial, is just that, a trial.  Whether Conrad Murray is found guilty or not, doesn't matter.  He knows what he did.  God knows what he did.  It won't be long before I'm avenged.  There's no one on earth that can hide what they do in life.  It resides in the consciousness of all things and will be revealed in time.  This I'm sure of. "

So there you have it.  Take if for what you will . . and don't shoot me . .I'm only the messenger.  My focus was on court yesterday, so if there were fans rallying and praying . .thank you.


Perfect Storm or Perfect Murder?

I can't imagine how the family must feel.   I am exhausted from today.  Just the sight of Michael's mom made me cry. . .  Thank God for Kenny Ortega.  He provided wonderful testimony and was successful in painting an introduction to what has happened behind the scenes.  God bless him for being such a great friend to Michael.

Some common language that I have used here, and some things I have stated previously did come out already on just this first day.

1.  The concert tour was never intended just for 10 days (Michaels statement to me regarding time of the tour)
2.  Defense claims they can prove "scientifically" that Michael died instantly (I've said this previously as well, except the defense is claiming it was by Michael's hand.  AGAIN, it was not - as Michael told me after he passed back in 2009, also stated here previously.
3.  The syringe - A syringe was found by the bedside with propofol evidence in it.  As stated previously,  Michael had stated someone gave him a shot.  This would be the evidence suggesting that.
4.  Other people - Prior to opening arguments I stated "other" people would be brought up.  Kenny brought up the email he emailed to Paul and Randy of AEG at 2 am in the morning (Kenny must have been VERY concerned to email that late) stating the concern of Michaels state.
5.  The closet- brought up as the area where Murray stashed the drugs
6.  His death was over money .. .
7.  Kenny testified, as I stated earlier and in the same language (platform), that Michael wanted to use the performances as a "Platform" for sending a message to heal the world.
8.  Other drugs - it was confirmed by testimony that there were other drugs found in Michaels system that contributed to his death that were administered by Dr Murray
9.  Timeline-earlier brought up and of course has been in the news.  I expect more evidence as to the time of death to come.
10.  Defense stated the "perfect storm" was created by the drugs in Michael's body.  Knowing he had a prior history of drug problems, what a better way to make it look like he did it himself.  This is more like the "perfect murder"  If he died immediately, why wasn't it reported immediately . . .
11.  Why would Murray record Michael apparently on drugs . .another name coming up "Klein" perhaps
12.  LaToya Jackson tweeted today that she hoped someone would come forward with who else was in the house - She has confirmed what Michael has stated previously here as well, there was someone else.

More to come . .

At this juncture may we all continue to keep our thoughts and prayers with the family . . . .

Opening statements....

On this the opening day of statements in the Conrad Murray case, I will enter my own opening statement and reiterate again what I said before.  Michael Jackson did not kill himself.  He was given a "shot" when everything went black and passed.

Michael had a problem, he had issues with drugs, he had issues with sleep.  It does not mean he took matters into his own hands.  I'm sure the prosecution will show the lengths Michael went to to get in shape for any tour. The timeline in which will show Dr Murray negligent beyond a doubt.  As the trial progresses, I am looking for evidence to be presented as follows:
1.  Closet evidence
2.  Blood 
3.  Missing documents from his office
4.  Time of death
5.  Rubber gloves
6.  The names of other people
7.  Needle marks
8.  other drug administrations
9.  Eating and diet/reduced appetite
10.  Condition of his body when paramedics arrived
11.  Paris/Prince testimony 

This is such a heated case and very personal to many people.  I can only hope for the best outcome.  Unfortunately, I feel there will be much mud slinging and will keep on top of what is said with rebuttals.

As fans and onlookers if it was a member of our own family, I hope that your thoughts and prayers will be with the family at this time.


"Tenets" from Michael's past . . .

While working on my story today, I was going over a speech Michael gave at Oxford University in 2001.  I had just seen him the month before at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the unveiling of a charity called "Heal the Kids".  Increasingly concerned about his children, you can understand that after I learned about the recent news of a reality show, and most recently, Prince traveling alone to Germany to accept an award on behalf of his father, my heart ached even more as I read the speech over.  I can't tell you how much I wish the family would realize what they are doing, and who they are being guided by.  Unfortunately, theirs is a family in which no one can be trusted.

I didn't plan on posting to the blog today, but when I got to the part about the "tenets" of the Children's Universal Bill of Rights, I had to laugh.  There was that word again.  The same word he used when he described the Tenets of Love in my prior post.  So now that I know what it means (after ever so diligently looking it up on the internet! lol) I thought it would be nice to post Michael's prior tenets regarding children as they were given during his 2001 speech at Oxford University.  (Perhaps this may serve as further validation as to our connection for some and heartwarming validation for others.)

" ... what has never been in dispute is that children have certain inalienable rights, and the gradual erosion of those rights has led to scores of children worldwide being denied the joys and security of childhood.

I would therefore like to propose tonight that we install in every home a Children’s Universal Bill of Rights, the tenets of which are:

1. The right to be loved without having to earn it

2. The right to be protected, without having to deserve it

3. The right to feel valuable, even if you came into the world with nothing

4. The right to be listened to without having to be interesting

5. The right to be read a bedtime story, without having to compete with the evening news

6. The right to an education without having to dodge bullets at schools

         7. The right to be thought of as adorable - (even if you have a face that only a mother could love.

Friends, the foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved."


Influencing the Masses

Twin souls come together in purpose always.  Most often the result is not only growth for the two people involved, but to raise the consciousness of those around them as well.

In the early 80's Michael Jackson's career had reached a point in history whereby he could influence the masses.  He took amazing responsibility for his life in the public eye.  I don't believe that with all the press that has been written did they ever report him to be irresponsible in his pubic behavior.  There were no wild parties he threw, no public drunkeness, nor slews of mistresses.  His life was about giving, healing and using his "gift in music", as he called it, as a platform to help others.  He was personally responsible for eliminating world hunger by 50%.  Further, with reports that he was almost broke, I have failed to hear anyone take note of the fact that he said he would go broke by giving back and he didn't care if by giving, he did go broke.

Last night I didn't sleep well.  I was awakened many times.  I was a little concerned about the book I am writing that I believe is our joint mission.  Twin souls always have one.  This, I believe, is my part in holding up what we are here to do.  Share the story with others, so that they too can benefit from the knowledge and experience of what twin ship and our true natures really are.

Michael always has his input while I'm writing.  And, in writing this blog I always ask what he wishes for me to say.  There was news about Elizabeth Taylor testifying against him, other things that could be commented on, but that wasn't what he expressed.

He spoke about tenets of love and using them to influence the masses.  He was speaking about his life.  Should he write the book himself, that's what he would talk about.  This is what he used in his lifetime, the tenets of love.

So thank God for the internet because I didn't even know what a tenet was!  When I looked it up, I understood.  Tenets are principles or beliefs.  He lived his life by the belief in love.  By the exercise of this love, he regarded the whole human species as one family. By stating it this way, it gave me insight.  He spurred me on to another realization.  I had always thought he was more spiritually developed than I.  I had even asked him at one time if he would teach me.  As he often did, he wrote about it in his song "Butterflies" with the lyrics "I would show you, guide you to the light." (There are also other notations in this song, regarding commonalities of twin souls as in the lyrics "You're not here with me, still I can feel you near me ".  Many twins can "feel" one another, even though they are not physically together.)

The realization was, however, that this belief of love and living as one family was a self-evident reality for him, not a visionary ideal.  Many of us live as though it ought to be true,  but not that it is.  There are tremendous realities in human life, and it should be as impossible to question their validity as it is to question the ground underneath our feet.  His belief in our spirits, our connection to one another, was just that concrete.  It wasn't just a notion, it was something that was a "matter of fact".   

Should we all take this approach in our own lives, imagine how we too could "influence the masses".



New Findings Regarding Michael's Previous Request . . .

In my previous post on 9/13/2011 "As Requested", I expressed to you Michael's concern about his children and how upset he was at something that was going on with them in regards to the media and having a normal childhood.  Today I discovered an article dated 9/15/2011, just two days after my post:  Reality Show

If you click on the link you'll discover why Michael is so upset.  The article is written by Music News.com and talks about the kids being involved in a new reality show.  If you never believed in the connection of twin souls before, you might start to take note now. The only way I could have known this information would have been from Michael himself.  I'm only beginning to post a glimpse into the world of twin souls.  As things progress and I add posts, you'll be able to journey with me as things such as this have and will be revealed.

With the pending trial I can only say, fasten your seats belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride . . .


MJ Fans and the "connection" experience . . .

I've been reading some of the material out there on the net. I've watched many fans over the years and have heard them speak about Michael.  I'll say I've never seen such a loving group of people who have adored someone and supported them so much.

Coming out with information about the twin soul experience with Michael, may leave some people to question their experiences or feelings about a special "connection" they may have experienced with him.  I wanted to make this clear, because I believe it to be part of the reason I'm here.

Because someone discovers they are a twin soul of someone else does not give either party ownership of that person.  Matter of fact, by time such a discovery has been made most often both parties have developed spiritually enough to encompass and experience the realms of many souls.  We meet soul mates, soul friends, next of twins, and so on and so on.  Increasing our vibration, developing divine love, and embracing ALL of humanity are the traits that begin to define the compass on the path to discovery of the twin flame.

I believe Michael "connected" with so many people because he did have these qualities.  Further, I think that those who have felt connections with him did so because they were "connected" to him.  Simply put,we are ALL connected to one another.  That truly is the real beauty of the twin flame story.

I remember when Princess Diana died.  There were many people who felt "connected" to her as well.  We mourned her loss because we "connected" to her on a personal level somewhere deep within us.  Psychologists may say we saw something in her that we needed to believe or see.  With Michael, I think it was the same.  He meant something to all of us personally in a unique way and on a very personal level.  Whether or not it was something we needed to believe in or wanted to see really doesn't matter.  Michael instilled hope, and humanity without hope is dead.  Somewhere deep inside of us I think we all know that we are inherently connected with one another.  Because we may have never met him, or may have never met Diana, doesn't mean we don't have real feelings or even a real connection.  That connection however strong or weak, remains with each one of us whether we decide to acknowledge it or not for all of eternity.

May we ALL use the spark that Michael ignited within each one of us to tender a warm fire, that not only keeps our souls in the embrace of the love he shared with us all, but to ignite a spark in others to continue the legacy and carry on the flame of love in others for years to come.


As requested . .

I've seen the news recently about the upcoming tribute concert for Michael.  It's a lovely idea.  It's sometimes overwhelming the number of tributes and outpourings of love that has happened in the last few years.  I've been in touch myself with many people who are doing some extra ordinary things, like taking on projects and organizaitons to help people, children and the earth. 

A month or so ago, I was told that there was some arguing going on in Michael's family.  He was very concerned. I then heard on the news that the family members were not in agreement on this tribute concert and the timing of it.  I have my own personal views, but I'm sure everyone does, right?

So I have just watched.  However, recently Michael's stated that he's not very happy about the arrangement with his children.  Now I know I'm putting this out there, but this isn't the first time Michael and I have spoken.  Being twin souls, we have always spoken.  That being said, it's not the first time I've talked to someone who has passed either.  With that, I have learned that if you are prompted enough, it needs to be said.  So here goes . .

When Michael passed the children were allowed to be seen in public without their veils for the first time.  I understood this and even thought it was somewhat of a healing thing for the fans and even the children.  However, now, it is apparent to me that Michael believes that the children are not being given the childhood they deserve and is a bit upset about it.  He feels that they should not be his replacement, or the "headliners" for any show or series of shows.  These are not children that should be made to follow in the footsteps of their father and he says that's not why he had them.  He had them to love them, be a devoted father, and let them choose their futures and have a childhood.

When Michael had the children wear veils, it was not because he just wanted to make a parade of any activities they did together.  It was because he was protecting them.  Protecting them as much as he could in his own way, out of love, so they would not be subject to the media manipulation as he was.  The current circumstances are putting them on the exact road he wished to avoid for them.  As he says, "this needs to stop!"

So there it is.  I'm not sure exactly what all the details are, but I certainly hope he is heard.

More tomorrow . . .


Welcome . . .

Welcome to my blog . . .

It's been a long journey.  Like anyone's life, my life has been full of soul lessons.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have met my twin flame this time around.  Michael Jackson was not just a pop star to me.  He was a friend, a lover, a brother, a true soul mate, and a teacher.  After all the chaos, all the confusions, there is but one thing left: the truth.  There is purity of the soul that resides in each of us.  If we allow ourselves to be "as children" and see the world as if it's for the first time, just like them, we will then once again begin to revisit the purity that is within us and has been with us from the very beginning of time.

When I questioned myself about coming out with our story, I was given this answer:  The world feeds itself on controversary.  There will be those who believe and those who will doubt.  But know this; there have been many teachers before.  Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Jesus the Christ, and countless other souls who have brought with them the message of peace. love and a mission of healing for humanity and the earth.  When twin souls incarnate on earth together, they carry with them a joint mission.  A mission to serve humanity.  It's with this service in mind that I come forward to offer you our story.  We are two imperfect human beings.  Two people who where not in the ranks of Jesus or Ghandi, but two ordinary people from ordinary upbringings.  Michael exemplified his being in his craft and has proven the potentional of any ordinary man.  He, as others have, stated our common grounds, our need to heal the planet, our need to see that we are all connected.  There is not one of us, not connected to another.  Our entire world mimics ourselves.  Yet instead of seeing ourselves as a whole we continue to treat ourselves as separate entities.

Should your hand be the world and the fingers be countries, what would happen if you damaged several of those fingers by waging war?  Would you not be crippeling your own capacity?  Why not then, work and cultivate the health of the fingers for a better whole?

My relationship with Michael stems back to as far back as I can remember.  I first became aware of him as an imaginary friend in my youth.  It was not until I was about 19 did we actually see each other physically for the first time.  I had a very difficult time believing that Michael Jackson was my twin soul.  He was a pop star after all, and one of the most famous men in the world.  He made it a point, however, to let me know that he was no different than anyone else.  He had feelings, he had troubles, he had worries, but most of all he had love and he wanted desperately to make a difference in the world.

Growing up we would always talk about things we had heard on the news.  Events in the world were dim and he knew we were going in the wrong direction.  It was decided in the early 80's he could use his lifestream as a platform to heal the world. 

Although most people would think that a soul mate or a twin flame would be a romantic relationship, they are only right to a certain point.  As with any twin flame relationship, your mission together always comes first. Serving humanity and spurring each other on with lessons about who we truly are is always first and foremost.  A twin flame is lke the ying/yang symbol.  The symbol is a circle and within it there are two parts: Yin -the female aspect and Yang-the male aspect.  The two parts together make the whole.  So is the twin flame-one is the female aspect, one is the male aspect and the two together make a complete soul. 

There is one other element at this time, that I'd like to share.  If you've ever seen the symbol of Yin/Yang you'll also notice that within each half is a small circle which represents the aspect of the other.  This means that where ever you are, you have the aspect, the other part of yourself with you at all times.  This is how Michael and I were connected.  Should  you ever listen to his music again, you'll notice that he has been telling our story all along.  I am Dangerous, I am Debbie, I am the one he can feel from miles around.  I could feel him for miles around too.  It's like you have a compass.  Whenever he was close I could almost pinpoint his exact location, and had many times.

That being said, because I was so close to him, I felt many, many things with him.  Twin flames share the emotions of the other, at times I even performed dance steps I thought were my own, only to see him perform them on the next awards show.  I neglected press about him, any information for a long time because I was bombarded psychically and physically for many years.  I know for a fact that his fans probably know much more about his life as a pop star than I do.  However, I can tell you more about what drove him, why he did things the way he did, and most importantly, why he was here.

Twin flames never separate.  Because Michael has passed it does not mean he is no longer.  There is a place beyond this earth that has been in existance from the beginning of time.  Lets' not be foolish and allow ourselves to think we are haphazard beings with no spirit and no reason for being.  Like a symphony of finely tuned instruments, I am intuned still to the melody of his soul and as the trial approaches there will be many things that need to be spoke of.  It is my intention then, to use this blog to post those things I feel and get from him.  I not only need an outlet for them, but so does he.  His voice seemed never to be heard while he was here from many people.  Mine is another voice, but together and by posting at the least it will be said.  I've seen many people pick up there pens, their voices and pocket books at Michael's expense.  I've seen those who have claimed to "know" him tell his story.  All I can say, is that if they were such good friends, and knew him so well, where were those same people when he was going through his trials?  Did he need to die for all those celebrities to flank to the stage to sing his praises?  I do not do this for show.  I do, however, wish to express the truth as I've experienced it with him, and stage witness to another trial that he will not go through alone.

We are saddened that his children will be made a part of this.  Saddened that men resorted so low as to put money in front of a human life.  And, as this progresses I can't help but ask myself what is it that we have to learn from this?  At this moment, I think the answer may be simple.  We have built our world on a system of priorities that put money first.  It is now economically collapsing, as evidenced by the stock markets and world banks.  There has never been a louder shudder of truth than now that we must not put money first in this world any longer.  It's time to wake up and put people, humanity and our earth first, less our race and this planet will not survive. 

So join me on this journey.  I know not where it leads, only that it must lead somewhere and that my soul cries out for the justice of it.  Fear not the darkness of this world, for we are never truly alone.