Book Supporting Material: A Glimmer of the Mission

June, 1985

The Diana Ross Concert with the Michael Jackson impersonator

Eaten Alive

It was not until Michael Jackson heard the demo of it that he suggested the chorus could be improved. The second copyright registration was filed on 1 June 1985 (the same day that Diana performed a sold-out concert at Joe Louis Arena in her hometown of Detroit) with the note ‘words and music in the choruses have been completely rewritten’.[1]

Detroit Grand Prix: 
The place I spotted Michael in the "Policeman" uniform
while meeting for my assignment
Modeling with Paul Newman

Photo I saw with Michael and Policemen in Detroit later

Detroit Grand Prix Track
Paul Newman - Car number 33

Talking about Janet, Michael sister:

Her song played on the radio that year "Don't Stand Another Chance"

Michael said he was proud, but it wasn't her "first" album.  
I later found her first album, released in 1982:

Top of Troy Building:  Where I worked and asked Michael to meet me at in the "white suit".

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