My Twin Flame Soul Mate Reading

I had a psychic reading done a year or so ago and recently was honored to hear another woman's twin soul reading.  I've posted mine here to share.

I did not know this lady and she did not know who my twin flame soul mate was . . you'll hear for yourself what she had to say.  It's pretty transparent but I think nice to share for others going through the twin flame phenomenon.

I hope you find it as fascinating as I did. (From 2011 and yes she mentions MURDER)

Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Raising Your Awareness through Feelings

Increasing your awareness is like kindling in a fire.  You can increase the temperature and produce
bigger flames if you start to add the kindling a little at a time.  Awareness or consciousness works the same way.  If you begin to pay attention to how you feel, when you feel it and ask yourself why, sooner or later you'll begin to burn the fires necessary to burn away the unconscious sleep you had been in previously.  Answers begin to just come seemingly out of no where as your consciousness takes center stage.

Being aware of our feelings is perhaps one of the biggest steps we can take to better our lives.  We all think way too much.  Half of us can't sleep at night because the conscious mind engages in patterns of worry, tension and "what if" thinking.  So if you can't seem to quiet the mind, the next best thing would be to feel your way into a new state of awareness.

My mother comes to my door unexpectedly.  My stomach turns into knots.  My mind issues a "Why does she always do this to me" as she helps herself in without knocking.  She checks my house room by room as if she expects to find me hiding Bin Laden somewhere, then proceeds to say she can't stay long, she just stopped by to say hi.

When she leaves I find myself irritated.  Of course my mind is engaged in all kinds of thoughts but I begin to notice my body instead.  It feels alarmed.  The undercurrent of the feeling is that I have done something wrong.  But what?  As I replay the events I realize it was her actions that made me feel that way.  A prominent figure in my life was casting guilt on me without saying a word.  She checked my home as if she expected to find something.  She dropped by unexpectedly as if she was going to "catch" me doing something.

To most people, we would tend to think that this is just bad behavior, but for someone looking into the deeper issues of life it's a learning experience.  When I ask myself why I always feel like I am the culprit, this is the place I come back to.  The action taken by my mother made me feel that I should feel guilty.  In reality, my mother had an affair on my father.  It was her issue, her guilt that  was being projected onto me.  I lost count of the number of affairs she told other people I was having.  I only wish I could have remembered one, because in my "real" life there weren't any.  However, these are the real life issues that you can use to begin to raise your awareness and to tap into what's really going on internally.

There is within us a store house of emotions and underlying beliefs.  Some have been put there, like me accepting blame for something I never did, without us even realizing it.  If we dare to dig deeper, ask questions and clearly see patterns within ourselves, we can begin to not only unravel, but uproot those negative seeds that have been planted.

If there are situations in your life that tend to make your stomach get in knots, it's a sure sign that some unconscious pattern, feeling or belief is acting out in your life.  Start there by naming the feeling:  guilt, sadness, anger, etc.  then ask yourself why and what it could be.  You may be surprised to find something so very simple has permeated your life and now you can begin to change it.


Embracing the Life You Were Meant to Live

We're into the second week with the Man in the Mirror PROJECT Living in the SUPERMIND six week class (link at right).  The author, Maurie D Pressman, MD, is a psychotherapist trained in helping people overcome their difficulties with unique and impressive spiritual/psychological techniques.  During his practice he has witnessed dozens of people with past lives, out of body connections, and visions from our higher minds.

As I prepared for the next segment last night, my son and I engaged in a conversation.  If you haven't read my memoir, Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls, you might not know how much of the spiritual world has been revealed to me.  Maurie Pressman's findings and documentation are such a key element in our discovery of the truth that I just can't say enough about it.  We are at a disadvantage when we don't know all of the faculties available to us that society has hidden.

There have been hundreds of souls who have come to the earth to assist humanity.  They have had experiences that have been seemingly out of the ordinary, however, to me they should be viewed as ordinary - they should be viewed as the exact kind of potential each one of us have, yet they are still not reported as much as a gun shooting and under valued.

What if the news reported on the miracle of the Mother Mary appearing to children instead of the recent shooting down the street?  If the healings that Father Solanus has performed, which are considered miracles, were highlighted on the news?  How different would you feel in watching it?  We would turn our minds and hearts to a world full of wonder and hope instead of dismay and tragedy.

We have enough tragedy on the news.  Where our attention goes, so do our minds.  Michael used to say to me "where your thoughts go, your mind enters".  Once headed down a road, we rarely stop and make a u turn.

Today I'd like us to be mindful of where our attention is.  Is it on the fat we think we have too much of, the stressful job, or even Michael's court case?  None of these in my view are pleasantries and in this moment there is not much we can do for them.  Instead may we take our attention to and discussions to another place.  Perhaps it is a place of wonder, the color of the tulips that bloomed and the miracle that it's yet another year and without us doing anything spring has sprung all on its own; another baby is born without human intervention; a healing has taken place where all hope was lost or even the gift of seeing a loved one who has passed in your dreams letting you know they are OK.

There is a place beyond where we are today.  A place of peace and solitude which when accessed can give us the greatest treasures of life.  Today you can make a commitment to go there.  To listen to the silence within and know that we are one with all life and that your song matters in this great big orchestra we call life.  Dr. Pressman acknowledges this place with no name in his book.  Our access to it is through meditation - the silence of our beings.  In the book he quotes Khalil Gibran who describes this state of being by the following:

"For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?  And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?  Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.  And when you have reached the mountaintop, then you shall begin to climb.  And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance."

Here is where we await the thrill of intuitive knowing.  Knowing what to do, when to do it and when to be still.  Here the mind chatter stops and the flow of life itself is able to sweep through your being.  Now instead of fighting life, life begins to orchestrate itself for you.  Soon you are in unison with all things and all things are in unison with you.  Now your life looks different, you feel different.  You are one and intuitively know you are one with all there is.  This is the difference recognizing the spirit within you brings.  Living life to the fullest and not stopping to wonder about the restrictions placed upon you by others or life circumstances.  For when life itself is fully embraced there are no limitations that can ever be placed upon you again.  This is the true meaning of freedom.


The Road to Freedom - Your New Rule Book (Part of the Man in the Mirror Project)

Living the dream, obtaining your freedom, living in the light and producing loads of fun and delight
in your life all have one thing in common:  You.  You can look for love, look for a new job, find new things to do, but unless you change the hows and why's you do things you will never find true freedom within.

Loving ourselves is part of the plan.  For in loving ourselves we find the capacity to allow ourselves to love others.  If we are brave enough to look in the mirror at our flaws and still love ourselves regardless of them, then most often we can love another "flawed" person as well.

We have within us stuck in our mind repeating thoughts, sequences of action and notable attitudes towards certain situations, people and thought ideas.  When we toss all of this salad of ideas in the air we find we limit ourselves, our beliefs and our attitudes towards life.  One might wonder "now why would I limit myself?"  Yet, we do it every day.

Knowing yourself is the first step in achieving true freedom.  When Jesus came to the earth he proclaimed this very statement; "Know Yourself", yet we see few who have accomplished this task let alone those who have set out on it.  What are we afraid of?  Do we fear we will have to do something if we find something we don't like?  Or are we afraid of the truly powerful beings we are when we find we have been indeed limiting ourselves all along?

Sometimes there is little to do with us that has to do with some of our patterns and repetitions.  Sometimes our thoughts are the result of parental neglect or abandonment, abuse, mistreatment, and many times, hidden agendas among the masses and society.  How do we undo all that has been internalized by our minds and bodies?  We begin to weed out the garden, that's how.  We pull each
weed one by one, recognizing our thoughts, noticing where they have come from and then discarding them like the weed you put in the compost container.  Sooner or later you will discover a real garden full of sustenance and good things to feed upon.  This is the garden, the good thoughts and discoveries you must cultivate.  And, like any good garden, you must continue to pull the weeds.  When a thought of dismay, or a "here we go again" comes along, we must find within ourselves another expectation, another way of thinking and a new way of being.

We all come into problems in life, however, sometimes we are our most dastardly contributors to them.  Perhaps the abandonment you experienced as a child now plays out in your relationships.  You may be too frightened your partner, like your parents, will leave you so you leave them first, or simply make the situation so they will . . leave you just like your parents did.  That's how it works.  Little unwritten laws we are most often so very unaware of.  These are the laws we live our life by, yet we have absolutely no idea why.

Today I'd like to propose a new rule book.  One that entails your personal beliefs.  To get there I offer the following questions to ask yourself.  Ponder them deeply and then write a new belief for yourself.  Remember to read these again every morning for a few days.  We are in "ruts", meaning we will slide back into the same pattern again and again until we have gained enough momentum to get ourselves out permanently.  That's ok, we're human.  As long as you are continuing to recognize what is within and why it is there, we can continue to get better.

Affirmations are fine, but we must first find out why our original affirmations have gone a muck to begin with before we can try and replace them.  Simply saying an affirmation is like giving medicine, sometimes it works, but if you don't know where it came from from the beginning, it just might come back.

  1. Am I holding myself responsible for someone elses actions or deeds?
  2. Do I feel lonely because I'm afraid of what I might find in myself or because I am depending on someone else to make me happy?
  3. What is it that I fear most and why?
  4. Do I expect the world to treat me like my parents treated/treat me?
  5. Am I creating situations in my life to inflict pain, hurt, suffering or failure because I feel this is what is expected from me as told or felt by my parent(s), aunt, uncle or another figure I looked up to?
  6. Do I believe that all the love I need can be provided within from the universe or higher power or do I believe that the love I need should be provided by someone outside of myself?
  7. Am I afraid to do something because someone else voiced that they believed that I could not?
  8. Do I feel guilty for doing things in my life that bring me joy and if so, why?
  9. Do I find myself looking in my mind for things that are wrong to think about?
  10. Am I my authentic self or are there parts of me that I have created because of projections from other people or society?  Am I trying to fit in?
Out of these questions you can develop your "new rules".  For instance if my mother has always told me I'm fat and it's hereditary, I might bring my new rule in that says I'm free to be as thin as I wish to be.  Bringing the power back into your own hands and knowing where you gave it away is key in your well being.  Having thoughts thrown at you from your parents, siblings, or others is common place but we don't have to buy into their way of thinking about ourselves or anyone else.  Placing the power back into our hands gives us the ability to step out of the ruts created by society and ourselves and help us transform ourselves into the powerful beings we were put here to be.

** As a side note, you may wonder what this has to do with twin flames.  Twin flames are kept apart for many of the reasons listed above.  Some can not love because they have not been loved themselves, some are afraid, some have been abandon, and the list goes on and on.  Healing ourselves then, is the first step in healing our flames.  The flame relationship was formed from the pure fires of love - that's why they call them flames.  We must strive towards that degree of purity once again.  Eliminating the ruts and facing our fears.


AEG and Michael's Brothers

As we head into Memorial weekend, I find myself trying to keep this on a positive note.  We are to remember those who have fought in battle for our freedom and as I do I can't help to think of the battles we fight almost everyday.  What starts on a small scale, continues to grow on a grand scale. When I look at the reasons war is started they are the same as the reasons we battle in our everyday struggles.  Most often:  money, control, power and manipulation.

This week's trial with AEG brought out a myriad of things.  Emails were found where AEG  executives called Michael a "freak" and payments were found made to his "supposed" manager, Frank DiLeo, yet no reason could be found.  The manager that started with him was not paid a cent.  His health went downhill rapidly in a matter of a few months as stated in an email:  

"He was able to do multiple 360 spins back in April. He'd fall on his ass if he tried it now."

Not only does this support what Michael has said and what we have posted, but there were other exchanges, verbal ones that are not on record. If these were the ones that were found, just imagine what was said that wasn't documented?

As I reviewed the news on the courtroom activity, I noticed someone posted a tidbit. It said that some of Michael's brothers were planning on doing a performance for AEG Live at the Staples Center. Coincidence? I saw Michaels brothers here in my hometown this past summer. I normally would not have gone, but Michael insisted. I didn't understand why and thought maybe he just wanted support for his formal family. When I arrived, however, I couldn't take my eyes off of a man that looked exactly like Randy Phillips from AEG Live. I watched throughout the show and also noticed one of the brothers seemingly trying to mimic the dance steps and energy Michael used to exhibit. I remember thinking to myself, "You don't get it. You can't just do the steps. There is an energy that went beyond the moves just on a stage that you will never channel because you are not in the right place." As I watched the man in the audience he gave a thumbs up to the brothers. Soon after I heard that they were planning on a tour with a hologram of Michael and now I hear of more formal plans with AEG.

Family can use and abuse. Don't be afraid of protecting yourself against those who would exploit you at the drop of a dime. You can and must if you want to lead a life in safety and trust with the "right" people. I don't like to bash on the blog, but I will speak the truth when I am moved to do so and some of these "brothers" are almost shameless when it comes to using Michael's kids and name to make money. When I said previously and even in my book, that Michael was under extreme pressure, it wasn't just from AEG, it was from his family as well. They had been after him for some time to go on tour and we spoke about it often. Michael was torn because it was his "family". He felt a sense of obligation to them, yet had no interest in touring. He didn't like to be on the road and that was one of the reasons he sought out a home in Vegas. He could still perform and not have to be on the road.

I know in our minds we think family is everything, but sometimes those are the ones that stand to hurt us the most. Some feel they are entitled, others that they own you. Whatever the case is in your family, I hope you understand that in the end they are just people too. They have their own ways of thinking, own agendas, and some are not so nice. Use your wisdom, common sense and intuition to tell the difference. It could mean the a world of difference in the quality of your own life and even your future.


Faith and Trust When Tragedy Strikes Home

Putting faith in someone can be a dangerous thing.  Sometimes when we think we are putting faith in someone we internally believe that they will do what we want them to do, not what we should be trusting them to do.  When someone says "I trust you" what does that actually mean?  I trust you to make the right decision for you or trust you to make the right decision for me?

Most often it is the latter and when the "trust" is broken we feel betrayed when all along we set ourselves up by not allowing ourselves to see the person as they are instead of who we want them to be.

When it comes to faith, we often do the same.  We say "I have faith in him or her" or even more often "I trust in my faith" as our guidance, God or Higher power to take care of me.  We long to have that comforting feeling of love and protection.  Someone higher than, stronger than, wiser than and more caring than us to protect and nurture us.  But when tragedies and upsets happen in our lives, like the twisters hitting homes and killing children our faith is often jarred.  We are brought back from our dream like sleep to a reality that leaves us questioning why the children weren't protected, why our daughters had to die and why God would allow such tragedies into our lives.

There is a balance of things in the universe.  For every yin there is a yang, every dark idea one is made in the light.  In nature this balance is kept with animals choosing the weak or sick to prey upon for their survival, in our natural weather patterns our surroundings constantly try to keep the weather in balance and the winds and storms are evidence of this.  Turbulent weather is natures way of trying to bring peace back to the atmosphere.

Having faith that God or a higher power will protect you in these situations can leave you with a nice comforting feeling.  It would be nice to think that God would swoop down and scoop us up in his hands in our hour of need, however, is that the way your or my God actually operates? Is this something WE think he is or should do or is this the way he actually is?

Sometimes our faith can be put in a higher power by knowing that if we listen to that higher power perhaps he or she can bring us to safety.  But faith alone can not be also the bidding.  Our requests must be made and our needs asked for.  It sounds so simple, yet how can these things we need present in our life come to us if we don't even communicate that they are needed?  Simple prayer, a simple heartfelt asking sometimes is all that is needed to have our faith restored.  God helps those who help themselves is an old saying, but sometimes a wise one.  For when we put our faith in him we are also trusting ourselves to listen to what he has to say, whether we like it or not, and live our lives listening for his guidance.  This is true faith and trust in action.  Knowing the difference of where we place it and how we need to respond to it.


The Other Side of the Veil

Have you ever wondered if there is life after death what one might actually do?  This was a question posed and sought to answer today.

We are almost always in a battle of choosing good or bad deeds.  We choose from our thoughts about a situation and most often it is the decision that makes sense mostly from our conditioned lenses that wins out.  We are immortal beings with purpose and creative abilities.  The thoughts we think, the prayers we pray, always go out into the universe and are attracting or detracting others in alignment with them.

If we, for example, set an intention in our minds and bodies that we would like to have help achieving something; a play, a great orchestra, a rehearsal or even getting a brand new car, we can attract those things into our lives to make it happen.  Some of the energy that is transmitted in the universe is played and received by those on earth unconsciously, others are made manifest by the spirits who have chosen to serve humanity on the other side of the veil.

You've heard the term "guardian angel" and some of us have at least one of those, but most often we have a group of other "people" or guides that serve our interests and look out for our welfare as well.  They can help us find our keys, look for work, or even help us with our chosen vocations.
Listening to ourselves and within ourselves most often enables us to connect with them.  You may be surprised to find a grandparent that has crossed over or even a long lost relative like an uncle.  If they had a chosen profession their last lifetime, perhaps it is the same that you hold now.  In this case they would help you in that chosen line of work.

But lets say you don't know where your life is or you feel it's broken and don't know how to fix it? Simply sending out the message, even saying a heartfelt prayer can bring someone to your rescue.  Ask for their wisdom, a direction and a sign.  Then be mindful of where it might come from.  You may hear a word, a thought, or see something that strikes out at you.  These unconscious signals are the "whispers" often heard from the other side of the veil.  If you pay attention, you might just find a fruitful life, full of wonder and mystery, all at the hands of some very powerful beings.


CBS 60 Minutes - MJ Calls Branca a "Crook"

Last night CBS televised a segment on the money generated by Michael Jackson's estate.  John Branca, one of the executors of the estate, was featured and discussed Michael's Legacy and his money situation before he passed.

I am sure most would agree that the interview was very timely.  As I watched I heard Michael call Branca a "crook".  I guess that might sum up some of his feelings.  Further inquiry revealed that with what Branca was stating one might be opined to think Michael could not handle his own financial affairs.  However, again on Michael's behalf, let this serve as a gentle reminder that it was Michael who owned half of Sony in the end, not Branca.  

Given the way Branca has now gained control of that, I guess I would be opined to think that Branca may be a "crook" as well.

Its here! Week ONE for Living in the SUPERMIND with Maurie Pressman begins TODAY!

It's finally arrived! The first week of Living in the SUPERMIND with Maurie D. Pressman MD is here.  We are live and posted on a learning site called Udemy.com.  You can access the FREE classes through the website and begin today.   Click HERE:  https://www.udemy.com/man-in-the-mirror-project-living-in-the-supermind-week-one/

The course listing is under Man in the Mirror PROJECT as we'll be offering additional course content from Dr Pressman and others in the future.  This week we have broken the course offerings into two sections.  The first section is an overview of where and how we access our Superminds (higher selves).  The second offers a look on our resistance and patterns we often use that have been placed on us by society or others.  We help you uncover some hidden thoughts within yourself that help you see what really makes you tick!

These courses are not for the faint at heart.  If you are willing to take a look at your life realistically and honestly and want to make change, then this is exactly what you need to get there.  During, you will discover one of the most precious resources we all have within us, the SUPERMIND.

Section ONE
  • Introductory lecture by Maurie D Pressman MD approx 6 minutes long
  • The Overview - What and Where the Supermind is/lecture Maurie D Pressman  8 minutes
              Bonus material "Six Steps to Get to the SUPERMIND" by Maurie D Pressman MD
  • Overview - Involution/Evolution by Deborah Stefaniak 7 minutes
  • How to get there lecture by Maurie D Pressman MD 6 minutes
Section TWO
  • Resistance and Doubt lecture by Maurie D Pressman MD 6 minutes
  • Guided meditation/visualization "Find out what's holding you back" by Deborah Stefaniak 8 minutes -
              Bonus material: Meditation is downloadable for future use.
  • Looking through the Mirror Mind Worksheet - self inquisition regarding your resistance from within 
It's suggested you break the two sections into a few different days at your convenience.  The courses will remain up for the entirety of the six weeks free of charge.

Next week we will post and publish week two.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get the companion book "Living in the SUPERMIND" by Maurie D Pressman you can click on the link below.


BREAKING NEWS - Jackson vs AEG Trial

I don't normally post on weekends but today I caught a segment on the TV that explained that the Jackson team has been granted access to emails between Frank Dileo, who they claim to have been Michael's manager and AEG.

This is IMPORTANT in this case.  Michael told me Frank was NOT his manager at the time and had no business in his life.  We've had several previous posts here regarding Frank and his involvement in the conspiracy against Michael.  Just this past week Karen Faye testified how she too thought Frank was "cold" when he responded to Michael's condition of not eating.  Back in 2011, when the Conrad Murray trial was going on,  we said the same.  He didn't touch the soup in the fridge when he came home the night of rehearsals and we posted a video interview taken of Frank talking about Michael's death.  His demeanor and stance was that of someone talking about a stranger - emotionally removed completely.

Please understand, not all people are "pure" evil.  Michael was even surprised at Frank's involvement with his death.  However, there are good and bad sides to us all and as an anonymous blog reader just commented on the previous post, many people will do things they may have never considered if the price is right.

Here is the link to today's story regarding the emails:  http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/17/showbiz/jackson-death-trial/index.html


A Message from Michael

"Beginning in April my life has again been under scrutiny by the public at large and others in the media circus .  I wish to tell everyone that my life was not one that was "normal" in any shape or sense of the word.  When you grow up in the public eye as I did, everything that you do and say can be taken out of context or used against you.  My trust has been betrayed more than a dozen times and I can't count the number of lawsuits thrown at me for sheer evil purposes.  Some people feel they are just entitled to whatever I had, whatever I did.  No one bothered to look past the glaring image of stardom to see a real person with feelings that only wanted love.  Society bases its roots in evil people.  I say this because I see so much greed in the world.  People feed off of the opportunity to take advantage of someone else and it upsets me a great deal.  My children have been left into a situation I can't control.  Their lives have been made public and my public persona has been played once again before their naive eyes to view their father in a light they have never known.  My shielding them from the public was to convey the truth about who they were and that we were a family not a persona of a family- there is a difference.  My personal life was not like the life displayed to the public.  I hurt a great deal.  I fell off a stage and injured my arm and back and tortured myself with self loathing.  I wanted to be someone I could have never been - perfect in every way.  I strived after success because of the love I felt I needed.  We all need love, we all want attention and time with our fathers and mothers.  I did not get that.  As many people know my father and I had many difficulties growing up.  If things were different I don't know if I would be the person I am today.  I feel all of life is a mystery waiting to happen and reveal to you the truth of who you are.  I didn't know many things when I was living that I know now.  It's not like you wake up on this side and suddenly know everything, it takes time.

Anyway what I really wanted to say is that I think everyone knows I'm not a pedophile  I want to reiterate the fact that people will go to almost any length when they have something that they want in mind.  Large corporations and people like AEG like to spread lies and people will buy into them if you only have one person telling a good story.  So make sure you don't listen to all the garbage they not only write about me, but other people and events.  There is much more going on in the world than we know and it is extremely important to have the facts straight when you decide what you want to believe and who you should trust.  This life is short and you should make it count."

                                                                   - Michael Joseph Jackson, My heart is with you.


Twin Flames - Bringing Each Other Home

When we mention the words "twin flame" what comes to your mind?  A vision of two souls uniting in perfect harmony?  A perfect marriage?  A romantic partner sweeping you off your feet?

Our true reality lies beneath a veil of doubt.  I think it was Deepak Chopra that said that.  For when you speak of twin flames you are talking about a subject that is beyond the physical ideals of a relationship between a man and a woman.  This relationship is with yourself and the other polarity of yourself.  If we look at the yin/yang symbol again and recognize the circle as a complete soul and each half as the opposite polarity of that half, we are looking at part of ourselves.  When we incarnate we take an aspect of that other half with us and it resides within our soul.

On the outside we are born in two separate bodies.  The vehicles that carry the aspect of the soul.  When we grow into adulthood we are creating our patterns and/or sometimes breaking them.  The twin is always there in contact at a soul level.  This means that our twin speaks with us during dream time and we speak to them.  When the consciousness has dawned on the two or when they make "contact", whether telepathically or physically, the dance begins.

There is exchange.  One pushes the others buttons because you instinctively know what those buttons are - they are the same ones most often we have ourselves.  At the deepest level you are similar in natures.  You may have the same interests, passions and overall view of life.  On the surface you could differ years in age, color, race, ethnicity, and even in personalities.  The work then is to bring each other back home.  To achieve that perfect union that was once in place again, you must work towards your individual "home" alone and while you do you make an impact on your flame as well.
                                      "if you continue to ignore what life is 
               showing you to heal, life will keep showing you"

If I had issues with addiction, I would have to work to overcome not only the addiction but psychologically where that deep seeded addiction came from.  Sometimes it is not only from this lifetime, but from carryovers from other lifetimes that make the situation manifest itself more pronounced for healing in this lifetime.  As the old saying goes, or just to make a new one up just now, I say, if you continue to ignore what life is showing you to heal, life will keep showing you, even stronger, until you have so much resistance you can't stand the pain or you finally take steps to begin your healing and the journey home.

This really is what the journey is all about.  Healing the wounds within ourselves, discovering our true potential and while we do, we heal our flame, spur them into healing, and bring ourselves back home to each other.  And like all things in creation, on a larger level we can and hopefully most often do the same.  We push each others buttons, inflict emotional pain on each other, spurring ourselves into further denial or on a road to recovery and healing.  Again, we compel each other, but we never truly separate.  For on our most deepest level we are all united as one.  This is the meaning of the word humanity and why we call it "one" race.  Had we never known we were part of one another to begin with, we could never find compassion for another at all.

Today you can be conscious of that and make a choice. Will  you choose the path of resistance of what life is trying to tell you or will you choose to listen more intently and find out what life is trying to say so you too can heal your life and bring yourself home?  


From a Galaxy Beyond - A View of Humanity and Twin Souls

When I sat to write this morning we decided to ask the Brotherhood of Light for some input.  There are many Brotherhoods and members and this is what one particular member had to say today:

"Your consciousness has to change little by little.  We are in the field of studying human
consciousness and why there has been so little activity and attempting to reach the highest parts of the soul.  Our evolutions on earth have been rare but few of us understand the turmoil and strength it takes to be part of a lower density vibration and still fulfill the path of the chela or student.  We have taught in many schools have walked the path with many masters, but here it is difficult to know the reasons why some may not want to learn more about where they come from.

It's a mystery to us to find such delightful creatures in such disarray.   Seemingly taking pleasure in the destruction of their own kind and life.  We have many powers but we say why use them if you will use them against yourself.  How do you know if you use them wisely if you don't even know you have them?

This is why we are here to support and guide you, not to control you.

Higher vibrational light frequencies can be seen throughout the galaxies.  We view them as shooting stars darting across the sky.  When twin souls join in energies and create a vortex we see massive shoots of light directed outward in all directions.  It is a monumental sight and we most often gather to watch the lights embrace as the dance begins.  This extremely powerful force is gathering momentum. For here on earth the twin souls that have long been split are joining forces once again.  They are helping each other grow in numbers.  It is not just the twins in action for themselves but the outreach to others that is making such a massive difference.  We can stand by and look at the progress and see that each has made remarkable contributions on the planetary scale just in the last 15 years.

All of us are delighted by this scene of color and vibration.  It is rare, however, extraordinarily beautiful for souls to unite.  The mere scene brings the vibration of those who watch up several octaves of light.  In our time these unions were on a grander scale.  If you went back into history you would see what were talking about.  Many of us were considered angels.  The guardians of the threshold and already united with our other half.  We can simply divide our consciousness in different places now or be as one again in union with the divine.  It is a choice.  Our freedom is always maintained but the most joy is received by serving with oneness.

Your divine director has set down a plan.  Within the seed planted within you, you'll come to know what it is to bring order into the consciousness.  We come with many ideas and thoughts about how we can change this ever changing world, but true enlightenment must come from within the center of each human to bring humanity back to its roots.  The magic will be in the wonderment of how it ever strayed so far from the truth to begin with."


Protecting Your Heaven

Yesterdays trial brought out more information about Michael's last days.  I had posted previously during the Conrad Murray trial that I was looking for testimony and evidence on Michael's appetite, even siting in one post that he did not eat the "soup" his chef prepared him for dinner the night of his final rehearsal.  

If there is one thing that I am certain of through all of this is that we never stop learning.  Michael is on the other side now, but still learning.  Still coming to terms with what must be grasped in order to obtain more knowledge for the self.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mean he is stuck or in limbo on the other side, I just mean to say he is still learning.

I've noticed that most people that have come to spirituality have had very difficult paths.  Maybe it's because we were forced to seek out help for ourselves or perhaps its just in our nature.  

One of my favorite sayings is to not mistake kindness for weakness.  I suppose people in this day in age that believe you are kind think that they can step all over you.  If you expose truths about yourself, they believe they have the right to exploit  it, or even if they "think" you are alone based on their perceptions, they believe they can control you.  Spiritually minded people are all over the world, but so are the con-men, the murderers, and those who refuse to "grow up."  It brings me back to the vision of the Native American timeline at the end of 2012.  There is one line that goes up and another going down.  Could it be that there will be a great divide of humanity that has already begun?  One with those who have embraced who they truly are and one that refuses to acknowledge the truth?

One of our very best blog readers, Reni, posted a comment on yesterdays post that I felt was very important to share.  He said (and I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him)

"your "friends" leave you, shun you, speak evil behind your back, then realize: THEY WERE NEVER YOUR FRIENDS IN THE FIRST PLACE! True friends don't forsake you when the going gets tough in your life, or when they realize they can't quite match your nobility of character. People with respect for your frankness and kindness will never leave you. So when the number of your "friends" dwindles, remember, THEY WERE NEVER AT ANY TIME YOUR FRIENDS."

I am sure most all of our readers might have found themselves in this same situation.  Sometimes it's devastating to find out that the people you once thought you could trust and would be there for you were actually talking behind your back and not in a nice way.  People often come up with down right lies and can paint a picture of you in a completely different light just to achieve their agenda.  

I bring this up because Michael's life was on public display for this type of behavior.  These are the things that if you look back at his life you will see glaring you in the face.  False news reports, even the current court case where AEG is currently trying to shift the blame once again.  So what does this mean for the rest of us who truly want to take the higher road in life?  Simply put we must accept what and who we deal with and be on notice.

I'll say what some others will never dare to and that's that we battle every day to survive and live a peaceful life.  Our life trials are the big battles and the every day challenges are the small.  For as long as there is a world full of people on different levels, we must continue to strive higher and as we do, protect the ground we have sown.  Doing this will require you to have conviction in your own life.  If you feel you are different, you have every right to be and you must believe that you do.  If you feel you have been betrayed, don't trust as easily in the next person and continue to shine your light strongly in the world.

We need other light workers to come together and support each other.  It is easy for someone to come and tear apart a seemingly trusting person who wishes to do good in the world.  Look at what happened to Michael.  Had I been able to I would have broken down the doors to carry him off to safety.  Now I ask you to do the same should you find your brothers or sisters in the light in harms way and may they do it for you. 

There is a story I posted not too long ago about an encounter I had with the archangel Michael.  I had wondered for some time if there were even angels to begin with.  When I thought about the "big" guys - the archangels, I wondered how if they were in my mind, so full of love, how they could throw the devil himself out of heaven.  When I came face to face with the archangel Michael I suddenly knew.  For as loving as he was, so was he shrewd and powerful.  Love is power.  And when we face our challenges, our adversaries, we should not be afraid to stand at the threshold to protect our heaven on earth and do the same.


Our Gifts - Michael Jackson

"Waiting on love is like waiting for the tooth fairy to come and take your tooth from beneath your pillow.  Our minds create a framework that when it's filled we call it "love".  We don't take into account the love that we share each and every day.   We often say we are waiting for "the one", the "right one" or the "love of our lives".  Somehow these magical people will show up in our lives and make everything happy for us.  We don't realize that they can't do it for us, we have to.

Although there may be struggles in our lives, there are times when you know you can count on someone to listen, lend a hand, or even just be there to hold your hand.  Your dog may kiss a tear away or snuggle close.  A child may lend a smile or giggle that breaks the silent revelry of the negative mental chatter.  Although these seem to be small things, these are the things that make our lives worth living, our lives worth while.

In the end I have seen friends come and go.  My popularity has soared to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  My friends left me wondering what I did.  My family adored me, although sometimes only when I could provide for them.  When my lowest days swallowed me whole, I had my children to look to.  The smiles on their faces, their warm, sunny demeanors turned my most dreadful days into days of delight.  There will never be another time when I will find that joy that they have brought to me.  Our days are numbered, our gifts of these small tokens of love are sometimes few.  When we refuse to acknowledge our gifts, those small acts of love and joy, we cheat ourselves.  We accept our fate as conditioned adults and lose the mystery and splendor of life.  We are made from love, we are love.  When we extend our hand to another that is love.  When we smile at one another that is love.  When we unite and stand together for a common purpose that is love.  We are all love.  We just have to acknowledge that our love is our gift.  We are gifts to each other.  And if we are brave enough to see that then we are brave enough to change our world.  This is our gift.  Our planet, humanity and your loved ones.  How will you cherish your gifts today?"


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Inside Yourself

One of the favorite phrases for new age gurus is to "go within".  In the bible it is the phrase "the kingdom of God is within".  In the "Secret", a book about creating your reality, they say that we create our reality by using our "thoughts".  Some people think we have to sit and meditate to "go within" although every single one of us do it every day.

We think about the relationships we have, the argument we had with a spouse or the guy that cut us off on the road.  Inside we are creating our feelings about what we see from our perspective.  We are "creating" a field of energy inside of ourselves.  When we are angry or stressed about a situation that we continue to go over "inside of ourselves" our bodies show the signs of this creative energy in process.  We become tight, rigid and begin to have sore shoulders, headaches or other aches and pains.  We might be depressed.  Our thoughts could be about no one caring, what's the use, nothing I do matters or I'll never get married or have kids.  Inside ourselves we are creating a cyclic pattern of sadness.  This creative process shows on our face through a frown, our energy diminishes and soon we are hunching our shoulders, becoming lazy and dipping into another dish of ice cream to smooth over the emotions we helped maintain.

It's hard to realize we do this.  It's like breathing. We don't think about doing it to ourselves and many of us would be shocked to find out that we are our worst enemies.  To stop it, we have to become "conscious" - there's that word again!  We have to "notice" what the thoughts are doing inside of ourselves and change them.  We can't fight the thought, we have to release it.

When Michael was depressed or had issues his favorite thing to do was to serve others and be the instrument for God.  This way he took the focus of his thoughts inside himself that were destructive to outside of himself, actually expanding his energy and creating something positive.

Next time you find yourself in a situation where those not so nice thoughts are running through your head, perhaps you can try to take them outside as well.  Reaching out to another and creating something positive in their world and inside yours.


Court - Michael's Murder

I feel the need to switch gears today.  The AEG trial has been on going and they really are just beginning.  I expect more "media" stories to be released to confuse and contradict the truth.  Sometimes even to "gaslight" so the attention is drawn somewhere else.  Perhaps I should be more specific.  When I say media, I mean stories planted in the media.

I want to clear some things up because that's why I started this blog.  There have been stories about Michael's health, his management team, etc.  I've seen stories on both sides and it leaves people wondering what happened.  His death was not an accident.  Even when Michael was living he wanted people to know the truth about the industry, money and the people that use it as power and control.  It is simply part of the world we live in.  If we are to change it, we must become aware of it and take steps to insure our safety and even look at ways to change it.

I will speak from my experience, because the rest I can only speculate on.  So we have to merge the spiritual with the physical here.  My experience with Michael before he passed as a twin flame soul mate allowed me or should I say brought me the same experiences and feelings he had.  This may make sense to you if you are experiencing emotions that seemingly come out of no where.  Your twin flame may be experiencing something and so you too will experience the same.

So if you asked what it was like before he passed I can tell you I couldn't sleep (and I had never had a problem personally with that), I had a hard time eating, I felt like there was no one I could trust, and my whole body, mind and emotions felt as if I was paralyzed.  My life at that time was coming to an end as well, just not in the same way.  Michael had told me he thought someone was trying to kill him before he passed.  A few days after he passed I experienced something amazing.  I was walking through my foyer when all the sudden I felt as if I was massively expanded.  I had the same feeling once before when I saw Michael in New York City for a Heal the Kids event.  This time however, it felt as if I encompassed the world.  Something energetically happened and the only thing I can relate it to is his I Am presence joining with mine, because seconds later I felt his body, I felt the pressure he was under.  It was as if I was him.  It seemed like it should have lasted for hours.  His life passed before me, then I saw his past lives.  As suddenly as it started, it ended.  When it did I thought I'd never see him again, but I was wrong.  I did.  He came back and told me what happened.  I asked him.  He didn't volunteer.  It was ugly and he wanted me most to know that he didn't kill himself.

Anyway, when it comes to these stories I do know what I felt - his body was extremely weak.  He was under extreme pressure (by more than just AEG) and they had been slowly taking over his health and life for a period of time.  This just wasn't a one day event.  Couple that with the patterns in his own life from childhood and I can't tell you how horrible the whole ordeal really was.  I still don't want to think about, still don't want to hear about it.

I've posted information about the evidence here before, but recently ran across this video that not only supports what I have already said here but may put it into perspective a bit more.
I know that many people want to point to Michael's as an addict - I look at his addiction as a "dependency".  Again this dependency was not the cause of his death, the overdose "given to him" was.  Deliberate injections to inflict harm are different than injections sought after for addiction.


**SPECIAL Announcement** - Man in the Mirror PROJECT

I am super excited to announce our formal starting date for the first six week course for Man in the Mirror PROJECT.  On May 20, 2013 Dr Maurie Pressman and I will be presenting the material associated with his new book "Living in the SUPERMIND".  We'll be working on our Man in the Mirror by self introspection and finding out who we REALLY are and our TRUE potential as spiritual beings and not just physical bodies.  Join us back here for the link to the class and begin to look at your Man in the Mirror differently.

  Divine timing, divine inspiration and a little trust and pixie dust have brought us to this point.  
May we all begin to heal the world by beginning to heal ourselves.

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Keeping Life in Check

"The heartbeat of a song is like the rhythm and tides of the ocean.  In the world there is form. The
rhythm that plays throughout creation is also found in the birds and the trees.  All of life exists as one big symphonic orchestra.

We are here as symbols of creation.  We each play a part in a dramatic symphony that captivates the attention of life itself.  We play upon one another, feed off of one another and take each other to our highest of highs and lowest of lows.  How can we say that we are not infinite beings with minds and imagination that can swirl clouds of color in and out of the universe?  Creation is our rightful  duty and we all "create" without even a second thought.

The slight breeze upon your face creates a gentle caress, your body creates a feeling of joy and the feeling is emitted into the universe.  The universe applauds in delight because it has witnessed and has been captivated by the movement.  You smile at a child and it creates a feeling of joy and laughter.  The child extends a giggle and it's echo is vibrated throughout the universe.  Again the universe applauds and is in delight of the magnificence that a giggle and a smile can bring to humanity.

Simple things, simple joys are those things that life should be made of.  We can place our minds in our struggles, our turmoil and differences of opinion but in the end it is the smile, the joy and the giggle that will always captivate us the most."  


Divine Judgement - FOLLOWing UP with the STARS - MUST READ!

I wrote this morning's blog post then checked my email.  Maria Shaw Lawson had emailed an update to the stars.  She is a fabulous astrologer and she always has been spot on with her predictions on the planets.  After this mornings post I had to post her insights as well, since the two go hand in hand.  This may be a difficult time for some of us and knowing why and how to handle it, will help us a great deal.  Further, I anticipate additional public information to come to the forefront this week in the AEG vs Jackson trial.  It seems that the planets are aligned in such a manner that support this.

Here is Maria's guide to our stars:

Astro News You Can Use By Maria Shaw Lawson

I was not planning on writing more about the eclipses but everyday I am doing readings for clients who are experiencing the eclipses in one way or another. I think if a few hundred people are contacting me, then there may be thousands of Facebook fans and clients who are also questioning what the heck is going on?????

Intense energy is with us as two eclipses and another peak of the Uranus Square Pluto all happen this month. The two eclipses on May 9th and 25th bring us to a conclusion of something. We can release the tension that's been building in a situation, job, relationship, etc. These tensions have to do with issues you have been concerned with for a very long time. The Uranus/Pluto square calls on you to change old patterns and ways that are no longer valid in your life. However, what you probably need to change the most is probably something you have gotten yourself in way too deep. For example, one of my clients is in an abusive relationship but she has a house with her boyfriend and a child. She also just bought him a new vehicle and is pretty much broke. She needs to get out now but she can't fathom how to. However, the astrological aspects this month are shouting at her to get out and the relationship's intense violence is getting worse. Are you the type of person who finds a comfort in things staying the same? If you are someone who needs stability at all costs, then this month will be difficult for you. Be open to a change of mind. Trust the universe. The fixed signs like Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius may have troubles with these energies because they like being in control . But my advice is even if you do not have a clue as what your next step is or how you can make changes, let the universe show you the way and don't argue with it as to why you cannot make the change. These cosmic energies are pushing you to the limits.

The StarScopers who are cheering the change on, will find this month very exciting for them. If your natal chart is affected by this eclipse May 9, at 19 degrees Taurus or the one on May 25, at 4 degrees Sagittarius, you may find a concern or long drawn out battle coming to a quick end.

If any problem or challenge shows up this month, I want you to realize that whatever it is, it's probably in some way for you highest good to create a needed change. There's something in your life that needs to be released. So if a bad business partner drops you, recognize this somehow is for your highest good and after the eclipses pass, you will see why. I actually want you to be thankful for any challenges that arise because these will move you closer to releasing something that needs to released once and for all.

For more on Maria visit her website at www.MariaShaw.com

The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Divine Judgement

Listen to your inner guidance.  Trust the divine spark within you to embrace life for what it is and
not for what you wish to see.  Many of us try spending our time wishing things could be different.  We think that if they were just another way, our way, everything would be fine.  If you could see the entire plan and all that transpires you most likely would think differently.

We are divine beings, and within us lies a spark that came from source (God) itself.  Here lies our power to connect with all things and find our true purpose and path in life.  All too often we tend to look outside ourselves.  We consult with friends, family members and others in hopes of finding our direction in life when all along our true path lies within us.  We can never know what is truly transpiring in another's world, yet far too often we think we can.  We don't even know what is happening in our world half the time and still we think we know "better".  We may judge another person, situation and think we see it for what it is.  In reality we only see it from our unique perspective.  We can never see the whole picture unless we allow ourselves to, like children, see it for the first time and without judgement.

Judgement is a hard thing to over come.  For currently almost everything in your life you judge.  The way the grocery store clerk is wearing her hair, how your boss acts towards you, even a look from your dog is judged on what we "think" it means.  Letting go of judgement means to not have any thoughts about a situation or person.  If they act rude, perhaps they had a bad day or life.  If they seemingly look "different", well then I guess that's their prerogative 

Letting go of judgement allows our minds to be free of the good and bad and the negativity and weight that judgement itself carries.  When we learn to let go of the thoughts we then allow our "feelings" to be heard and not just the chatter of the mind.  Here is where our real power lies.  For in the feeling you don't feel a biased colored knowledge, but a "knowing".  The part of you that is connected to the whole begins to awaken within you and you develop the sense of knowing based on the judgement of the universe, and not yourself.  Here is judgement without conditions or preconceived perceptions.  When we can do this our lives begin to transform in ways we could have never seen for ourselves prior and it catapults us up to embrace humanity instead of just ourselves and the thoughts we have about our world.  This is embracing the flow of life instead of fighting against it.  Feeling your way through divine judgement allows the right doors to open and for your to know the wrong ones you need to close.



I must be blind!! The workshop on addiction will be postponed.  The LIVE class with Tony Bittick is not until May 31st.  Sorry for any confusion!!

The Tony Samara/Dr Pressman Interview & A NEW Workshop

Below is the link to the FABulousity interview done with Dr Maurie Pressman and Tony Samara regarding our SUPERminds and the path of the human consciousness. This will be part of the subjects we cover in the six week course on Dr. Pressman's book "Living in the SUPERmind".

We'll also have a special segment next week on overcoming addiction.  Not only was Michael's life affected by addiction, but so was Elizabeth Taylor's and many of our readers.  Tony Bittick, a yoga teacher and recovered addict himself, will be helping you work on YOUR Man in the Mirror with this unique and amazing workshop called "Recovery Yoga."  Unlock your patterns of addiction and learn the techniques necessary for moving forward in your life.  If you are in Michigan, hit Tony up on Facebook and be present for his LIVE class today at Bodhi Seed Yoga in Mt Clemens, MI.

Hope everyone has a super weekend!



A 'Lil Teaser from "Living in the SUPERMIND" - Moving objects with our minds PROVEN at Universities!

I'm so excited to share this fascinating interview with Dr Maurie Pressman.  He shares the history of telepathy, moving objects and our higher minds.  I truly can't wait for the six week classes to start!!! Listen to the interview below to get a lil taste of this remarkable man:

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Just at the tip of the trial

When I sit to write, I extend an opportunity for Michael to say something about the trial.  It's like waiting in slow motion for the truth to make it's way out.  When I began this blog it was because of the first trial with Dr. Murray, so today I thought I would re-post that first blog post.  Ironically (or not) it was 9/11/11 when I started.  As the news of Dr. Murray's financial troubles hit the new stands I'd like you to re-read what we started with.  It was money from the beginning that Michael had pointed to and now as the news is finally beginning to come out, Michael says "Wait.  There will be more."

First blog post 9-11-11

Welcome . . .

Welcome to my blog . . .

It's been a long journey.  Like anyone's life, my life has been full of soul lessons.  Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have met my twin flame this time around.  Michael Jackson was not just a pop star to me.  He was a friend, a lover, a brother, a true soul mate, and a teacher.  After all the chaos, all the confusions, there is but one thing left: the truth.  There is purity of the soul that resides in each of us.  If we allow ourselves to be "as children" and see the world as if it's for the first time, just like them, we will then once again begin to revisit the purity that is within us and has been with us from the very beginning of time.

When I questioned myself about coming out with our story, I was given this answer:  The world feeds itself on controversary.  There will be those who believe and those who will doubt.  But know this; there have been many teachers before.  Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Jesus the Christ, and countless other souls who have brought with them the message of peace. love and a mission of healing for humanity and the earth.  When twin souls incarnate on earth together, they carry with them a joint mission.  A mission to serve humanity.  It's with this service in mind that I come forward to offer you our story.  We are two imperfect human beings.  Two people who where not in the ranks of Jesus or Ghandi, but two ordinary people from ordinary upbringings.  Michael exemplified his being in his craft and has proven the potentional of any ordinary man.  He, as others have, stated our common grounds, our need to heal the planet, our need to see that we are all connected.  There is not one of us, not connected to another.  Our entire world mimics ourselves.  Yet instead of seeing ourselves as a whole we continue to treat ourselves as separate entities.

Should your hand be the world and the fingers be countries, what would happen if you damaged several of those fingers by waging war?  Would you not be crippeling your own capacity?  Why not then, work and cultivate the health of the fingers for a better whole?

My relationship with Michael stems back to as far back as I can remember.  I first became aware of him as an imaginary friend in my youth.  It was not until I was about 19 did we actually see each other physically for the first time.  I had a very difficult time believing that Michael Jackson was my twin soul.  He was a pop star after all, and one of the most famous men in the world.  He made it a point, however, to let me know that he was no different than anyone else.  He had feelings, he had troubles, he had worries, but most of all he had love and he wanted desperately to make a difference in the world.

Growing up we would always talk about things we had heard on the news.  Events in the world were dim and he knew we were going in the wrong direction.  It was decided in the early 80's he could use his lifestream as a platform to heal the world. 

Although most people would think that a soul mate or a twin flame would be a romantic relationship, they are only right to a certain point.  As with any twin flame relationship, your mission together always comes first. Serving humanity and spurring each other on with lessons about who we truly are is always first and foremost.  A twin flame is lke the ying/yang symbol.  The symbol is a circle and within it there are two parts: Yin -the female aspect and Yang-the male aspect.  The two parts together make the whole.  So is the twin flame-one is the female aspect, one is the male aspect and the two together make a complete soul. 

There is one other element at this time, that I'd like to share.  If you've ever seen the symbol of Yin/Yang you'll also notice that within each half is a small circle which represents the aspect of the other.  This means that where ever you are, you have the aspect, the other part of yourself with you at all times.  This is how Michael and I were connected.  Should  you ever listen to his music again, you'll notice that he has been telling our story all along.  I am Dangerous, I am Debbie, I am the one he can feel from miles around.  I could feel him for miles around too.  It's like you have a compass.  Whenever he was close I could almost pinpoint his exact location, and had many times.

That being said, because I was so close to him, I felt many, many things with him.  Twin flames share the emotions of the other, at times I even performed dance steps I thought were my own, only to see him perform them on the next awards show.  I neglected press about him, any information for a long time because I was bombarded psychically and physically for many years.  I know for a fact that his fans probably know much more about his life as a pop star than I do.  However, I can tell you more about what drove him, why he did things the way he did, and most importantly, why he was here.

Twin flames never separate.  Because Michael has passed it does not mean he is no longer.  There is a place beyond this earth that has been in existance from the beginning of time.  Lets' not be foolish and allow ourselves to think we are haphazard beings with no spirit and no reason for being.  Like a symphony of finely tuned instruments, I am intuned still to the melody of his soul and as the trial approaches there will be many things that need to be spoke of.  It is my intention then, to use this blog to post those things I feel and get from him.  I not only need an outlet for them, but so does he.  His voice seemed never to be heard while he was here from many people.  Mine is another voice, but together and by posting at the least it will be said.  I've seen many people pick up there pens, their voices and pocket books at Michael's expense.  I've seen those who have claimed to "know" him tell his story.  All I can say, is that if they were such good friends, and knew him so well, where were those same people when he was going through his trials?  Did he need to die for all those celebrities to flank to the stage to sing his praises?  I do not do this for show.  I do, however, wish to express the truth as I've experienced it with him, and stage witness to another trial that he will not go through alone.

We are saddened that his children will be made a part of this.  Saddened that men resorted so low as to put money in front of a human life.  And, as this progresses I can't help but ask myself what is it that we have to learn from this?  At this moment, I think the answer may be simple.  We have built our world on a system of priorities that put money first.  It is now economically collapsing, as evidenced by the stock markets and world banks.  There has never been a louder shudder of truth than now that we must not put money first in this world any longer.  It's time to wake up and put people, humanity and our earth first, less our race and this planet will not survive. 

So join me on this journey.  I know not where it leads, only that it must lead somewhere and that my soul cries out for the justice of it.  Fear not the darkness of this world, for we are never truly alone.


Raising the Consciousness of Humanity - Coming to your town soon!

We are busy getting prepared for the upcoming classes soon to be announced with Dr. Maurie Pressman and his book "Living in the SUPERMIND" for our Man in the Mirror PROJECT special six week event.

In the meantime, Dr. Pressman had been in demand from many shows and stations.  I think the word is getting out!  We are both honored and delighted that strides are being made in the education of others in this very important work.  Dr. Pressman is a true pioneer in the field and one we are very lucky to have in our midst to help us transform our lives and way of thinking.

He has done quite a few interviews lately, but I did want to share one very interesting one with you.  Tomorrow he will be interviewing on The Dr. Melanie Show and the topic will be the consciousness of humanity.  Dr. Pressman and I both have an innate drive and desire to help fulfill the mission of educating others about their true potential.  The interview that will be taking place will couple Dr. Pressman with another author named Tony Samara.  This is extraordinary not only because of the topic, but because they will be discussing our leaps and bounds as a human race in the field of consciousness.  This is what the end of the Mayan Calendar was all about - the changing consciousness on the planet!  Super exciting for all of us!

So stay tuned tomorrow!

Consciousness and Living in the Super Mind

May 2, 2013 http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/68794/consciousness-and-living-in-the-super-mind
Hosted by Dr. Melanie Barton  
Spiritual teacher Tony Samara author of four books will share with us his mission to encourage people to lead a life in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness. Dr. Maurie Pressman creator of the program to help Olympic ice-skaters visualize their success will talk to us about his new book Living in the Super Mind and how he developed Spiritual Psychotherapy.