UPDATE on Previous Post-The True Meaning of 777

There have been many questions about the numbers Michael used in his videos and put on his clothing.
He told me this morning that to answer some of those questions that the number on his sleeve 777 in the video History posted below has the following meaning:

"Have you heard of the number 666 and what that represents? Well 777 is just the opposite"

Gods Army


We're Back! - Meet some of the Team

As we are entering the age of Aquarius not only is the consciousness changing, but there are many truths coming out from the past.  It's been quite a road for many of us.  Going forward, lets take a look back in History to see what's transpired and what kind of History is transpiring now in this great year of 2012 - The Beginning of the Aquarian Age.  (Hey this might even be historical!)

Our Lady Portia
Many years ago during the French Revolution there was a freemason found wondering around Europe.  His name was St Germain.  He was a bit mysterious and no one knew how he made his money or even how long he lived.  His twin flames name was Portia.   She is considered the goddess of liberty and freedom.  St Germain worked with many freemasons to establish the United States and gain its freedom from Europe.  At that time I was Marie Antoinette and Michael Jackson was Mozart.  We knew each other during that lifetime.  Matter of fact I was one of Mozarts biggest supporters, particularly of an opera he wrote presenting the conspiracies of the time to help with that age - the age of enlightenment to bring out spiritual truths. 
St Germain

Well needless to say Maria Antoinettes support of that play led to a conspiracy of another sort- the Diamond Necklace Affair.  St Germain tried to warn her of the upcoming revolt but due to her conditioning at the time, she was unable to stand against the others in rule.  She was killed just a few years after the conspiracy of Mozarts murder (sound familiar?).

This time around, its been said that St Germain is ascended.  I have to hold testament to that because he was the one who told me that Michael was my twin flame.  He also told me that Michael and I serve on the 7th ray.  This ray is a ray of energy that helps bring order into the new consciousness of humanity.  Surprised? Don't be.  Michael's been writing about these principals in his songs for years.  Matter of fact take a look at the number on his shirt in the video Scream  The number 7  signifies many things.  Sometimes I've heard God himself called the great mathmetician.  In numerology and with any number, if it is repeated it resonates in the universe to a certain vibration.  Seven just happens to be a God number.  Maybe you've even read about the seven seals in the bible in revelations?  Or realized that the gift to the United States from France was Lady Liberty herself (who can I just say looks so much like our dear lady Portia) who just happens to also have seven rays upon her crown? The seventh ray stands for freedom which is what St Germain is all about.  That's why the US was started to be free and that's what we are doing - as Michael said "setting the common man free" as he stated in Earth Song.  If you look even at the dollar bill in the US you'll notice the words are in Latin, they refer to a new order

Many people have tried to erase St Germain from our history.  As you know some people in power want to keep it.  So many people who tried to do just things in the name of truth and freedom have suffered.  Including Jesus himself.  

St Germain made a vow some time ago.  That he would give Marie Antoinette his personal guidance.  He also stated that he would gather a great number of his friends from the centuries and French Revolution to help him make the planetary transition into this new Age of Aquarius.  So guess who came back to help him?

Michael was amazingly brilliant at working all this out. We went to meet one time in Paris.  He suggested we meet at The Arc de Triomphe.  This Arc sits on a street called Champs-Elysées.  The street was named at  the end of the French Revolution to symbolize a place where the blessed would meet again after death.  This is where St Germain, Michael, me and many others are from that are working to help bring in this new consciousness.  Michael called it the Army of Love.  I believe some have even said he put the number seven on the shoulders of the guys in the uniforms he used to film the video.  And I believe he had all the spirits of those from the past descending back down on the stage during footage of the This is It concert.
04. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
Screen Shot from This is IT
The Arc de Triomphe

"I don't sing it if I don't mean it . . " Michael Jackson

More on the number 7 - 20th century Hindu scholar, poet and mystic, Sri Aurobindo, described the Vedic seven rays of knowledge, or Agni, as "the seven forms of the Thought-principle" and wrote that "the seven brilliant horses of the sun and their full union constitutes the seven-headed Thought of Ayasya by which the lost sun of Truth is recovered. That thought is again established in the seven rivers, the seven principles of being divine and human, the totality of which founds the perfect spiritual existence.

Sri Aurobindo with his twin flame Mother


A Soul Mates Purpose

December 21, 2012 is not a doomsday on the Mayan calendar!
As it was noted in Maria's astrological forecast yesterday, our lives our changing.  We are definitely coming into the new consciousness.  It is evidenced in many things around us and within us.  If you've ever heard of the statement that the Mayan Calendar predicted that the world would no longer be the way it was, it is my opinion that the statement holds the very truth of this new beginning of consciousness.

But before we can begin something new wouldn't it stand to reason that we must first dismantle that which used to be?  Our banking systems, stock market, the way we treat each other and the way we thought about ourselves and the world.  These are the patterns I have been going on and on about that I believe is the reason why Michael Jackson and I shared a connection.  Because twin souls come together for a purpose it is in that mission that the two will be united.  If you remember on a previous post I spoke about an event called Heal the Kids that Michael had back in 2001.  It was at the event that we merged spiritually more than at any other time previously.  I'd like you to think about it logically and with reason, because everything that happens to and with us happens with purpose.

Thinking about that event ask yourself what it was about.  If you review his speech you'll recognize that he was speaking about the child parent relationship.  The sole function of that organization was to help parents heal so that our children, our future, could get the nurturing they deserved and needed to make it a better world tomorrow.  I realize, and I think Michael does too, that his words were sometimes taken as flowery ideals.  But I'm here to tell you there was much more power and information behind his actions and words than anybody ever realized.  Helping parents heal, meant breaking down the patterns and cycles of the past.  Paying attention to what we were doing and nurturing the child within us all.

Michael spent much of his time talking about children because it was the inner child within him that was hurting.  That's why it was so emotionally overwhelming for him to see another child suffer.  No matter how old we are we all have an inner child.  That is the part we must heal within ourselves in order to give to our children what they need to begin a new cycle.  Breaking down the old cycle and pattern and creating something more healthy and nurturing.  That's what purpose we share together and what I will continue to do.

For soul mates, I realize everyone has a different opinion.  I know most people still think that it is their ultimate romantic love.  I want to continue to write and talk about this because I feel it's important.  I don't think it matters if anyone thinks we have one true soul mate or ten.  To me those are just logistics.  And while we are on that topic, I don't feel threatened or uncomfortable about anyone else saying they are Michael Jacksons soul mate.  To me we are all soul mates, we are all connected.  In my world, I act as one with my spiritual counterparts.  Their mission is mine.  The love they give, I give as well.  That's how it works.

But for anyone to think that you can have a "perfect" love when they themselves are not perfect yet boggles my mind.  This is the way I see it. We all have an eternal yearning for the perfect opposite polarity because I think we know somewhere deep inside us that it exists.  No one told you to start liking boys, or to start liking girls.  It is a natural pull - some may say a magnetic attraction.  So where does our idea of perfect love come from?  I have a sneaky suspicion it's from the same place, don't you?  No one told you it exists, but somehow you feel it might be there somewhere.  The reason is because when you where created you were created out of perfect love.  This perfect, unconditional love was God love.  Michael spoke about it all the time.  It was God he gave credit to for just about everything in his life.  His love for his creator and the master Jesus was beyond description.  He tried to emulate that love and did so by allowing it to flow through him.  This is spiritual love, an all encompassing love. 

We've been away from that perfect love for a long time.  We created many patterns and  ideas about how things should be.  We have many energies within and around us that influence us that are not God created.  So to think that we can go from being an imperfect being to being in a perfect love doesn't make sense to me.  You must take steps to get there.  Soul mates are there because not only are they part of your soul, but they are there to remind you of the lessons you need to learn to get back to your perfect love.  They mirror to you what you need to heal.

I can't publish all of my journey in this one little post, but I can tell you that on my path I have found the soul mates that have treated me the worst taught me the most.  If you think back on your life, try to recall those people in your life that treated you poorly and ask yourself what you learned.  It is in that very experience that you may find the exact thing that you need to heal within yourself.


Planetary Alignments and What it Means for You

Every now and then I like to post astrologer Maria Shaw Lawson's astrological take for the week.  She's been amazing at predicting some very prominent events and after reading her insights of this week I decided I just had to share it with you:

Astro News
By Maria Shaw Lawson

I am happy to report that the week ahead looks lovely! There is a nice trine with the sun in Taurus to many other planets and it should be a nice easy week for almost everyone. You can accomplish a great deal and things will be moving pretty fast and forward.

However, I also would like to share some other astro news with you. As you know, I always try to give you information before things happen so you are forewarned and forearmed.

This week, you will be given a subtle idea of what the upcoming Uranus square Pluto aspect will bring....personally for you. I will try to write more about this in detail in the coming weeks after I get back from my travels. But it is important that you all take mental notes this week of the messages the universe is sending you. They will give you a clue as to what you can PERSONALLY expect and what you will have to deal with over the course of the much anticipated Uranus square Pluto that lasts until 2016.

Basically you will be challenged to move out of your comfort zone; out of complacency, towards a new and better life. Suffice to say by the end of this transit you will be a different person, living a different kind of life.

Uranus square Pluto will have great impact on the world as well as our personal lives. This aspect will create stress and challenges which will actually push us to transform our lives. For some people, this aspect will force a change. There may be much inner tension growing inside of you, forcing you to recognize where you are limiting yourself. There can be great breakthroughs if you allow yourself to accept, deal with stuff and then heal.

With Uranus in Aries, the changes can be quick and sudden; seeming to come out of nowhere at times. Some situations and relationships in your life, may suddenly take a turn and fall apart, allowing something or someone new to take their places. You may have a sudden shock to deal with. But that shock helps you let go of the past and forces you to move forward to something better. You may not feel you have any control of the situation. The ego will not enjoy this aspect. For people who work mostly from the ego, it will throw them off course and make them feel very insecure. The reason? Because this aspect is about trusting your inner spirit, trusting God and accepting a new path, even if you are not sure where you are going or how you are going to get there. This period creates a huge life altering experience, helping put us on our destined path.

The best thing you can do is not to resist the change. It's going to happen one way or another. Expect upheavals, profound transformations and breakthroughs in one or many areas of life; depending on where this aspect hits in your natal chart.

Even if you cannot understand and perhaps accept what is happening, you MUST trust that there is a bigger picture and blessings to come.

I feel there will be dramatic changes coming on the international front with government, banking, health care, religion, financial.... and even as we have already witnessed, earth changes (weather pattern changes are already experienced).

Relationships will change, as those operating on a higher level of frequency may not be able to connect with their partners of a lower frequency. People will come and go in your life. The people whom you always felt would "be there", may not as reliable as in the past. This may cause fear and anxiety. Your best bet is to connect with people who share your ideas and are very positive. Steer clear of negative and toxic relationships, as they will only create more anxiety.

By 2016, you will be in an entirely new place in your life and in the world. It's almost as if you have lived two lives; the one you have known for many, many years and this new one, you will soon be moving into.

Uranus Pluto transits are major milestones in history. Those folks born in the 60's during the Uranus Pluto conjunction, will be affected greatly by this aspect. This is apt to be a climatic period in their lives. But for everyone the next five years will bring a huge generational upheaval. You should have started to feel this as of June 2011. The last series of squares we had, was between 1932 ad 1934; the Great Depression. I feel the coming aspect now signifies a new life for everyone that is destined to take hold. It feels almost fated to happen to help us to rise to a new level of spiritual consciousness.

On and leading up to the following dates, you will be feeling more anxiety and tension to release the past, embrace and TRUST the changes, that lead you to a new future. Over the course of the next four years I will be writing of this aspect and as each specific date comes, I will provide more information on what each date specifically holds in store and what to expect from the energy of each. They all hold the same fundamental meaning but each date may provide us with a unique and different aspect. So make sure you monitor your StarScopes newsletters. Feel free to forward or have your friends sign up for the newsletter too.

Uranus Square Pluto Dates:
June 26, 2012

September 19, 2012
May 21, 2013

November 1, 2013
April 21, 2014
December 15, 2014
March 17, 2015

As I wrote earlier, this week and next are perfect for breakthroughs and insights to understand where your destiny lies and the changes you should make. Or at the very least, will give you insight as to what you may be dealing with.
Maria Shaw Lawson www.mariashaw.com


The Man in the Mirror Project - Alignment with the I AM

Part of the previous Man in the Mirror segments talked about our thoughts.  Becoming aware of them is one avenue to begin to identify the patterns present in our lives.  These are the energies we are projecting out into the universe to be made manifest.  Michael told me quite a while back to write $1,000,000,000 on every mirror in my house so we could start a foundation.  That was the way he made things manifest in his life.  Projecting the thought out every time he looked at it created the reality.

The process sounds simple, but sometimes we as humans that have been in this fear based society like to make it more complicated.  It's that old devil on the shoulder thing that begins to come into play, because somewhere the ego says "it just can't be that easy".

This past weekend I was talking with my son at college.  He was overwhelmed with school work.  I found him playing on the computer over Skype with my younger son and had to remind him about his thoughts.  What were they thinking and were they true.  What kind of reality was he creating by thinking how overwhelmed he was?  He spent a lot of time thinking about how overwhelmed and busy he was and none of his time actually doing anything about what he had to do.  So here's how it goes:

A typical day for most of us includes thoughts like this:

I AM too busy
I AM so tired
I AM so broke
I AM so fat
I AM so ugly
I AM so stupid

I'd like you to note the first part of each of those statements.  The I AM in every one of those is the God presence in each of us that allows us to create everything and anything.  So when I say I AM I am using my divine inheritance to manifest His creative energies to make that statement true.  This is misqualified God source energy.

Turning our thoughts around, can turn our entire lives and planet around.  Projecting the following thoughts creates a different energy:

I AM God's perfection
I AM that I AM (I can't take credit for this one - but this is the ultimate God purity and perfection.  Or was it Popeye that said that?  I can't remember)
I AM blessed
I AM prosperous

This week pay attention.  When you say I AM tired, remember this lesson and change the thought up.  Notice the subtle changes in your life, your feelings, and your demeanor.


Happy Earth Day!

An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that who ever got there first won the sweet fruits. When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats. When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: ''UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?''

'UBUNTU' in the Xhosa culture means: "I am because we are"

Happy Earth Day!


Are you an abusive MJ fan? Then this one's for you.

A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stamp on it and really mess it up but do not rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty is was. She then told them to tell it they’re sorry. Now even though they said ...they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it.

Something must have happened in the ethers.  Just as I was reading about other fans taking their sites down because of harassment by other Michael Jackson fans I was hit as well. 

I received some emails and have noticed a lot of this activity lately.  Michael was very upset just last week about it and now after researching a bit I can understand why.  This kind of behavior can go by no other name: Its bullying.  If you are not sure what bullying is go read the segment on the Return to Love page.  But we truly do wish you would leave those trying to still do good things in his name alone.  If you were really his fans you would know that this hurts him a great deal.  Postings, research into his murder, writings, all of that takes time.  It's easy to go around and post a comment here or there putting someone else down but realize there is real work behind it, and from what it looks like to me, real love for Michael.

I have a different belief about this type of behavior.  When I saw the comments coming my way I decided to moderate the posted ones.  This is a spiritual based blog.  One that I hope inspires people, moves, them and teaches them about some of the mysteries of life that have been hidden for a long time.  So when these comments came my way I decided I would post them in a place so everyone could see.  That way the passerby with the rude comment can get the answers they seek.  Some people when they get an answer will still not be satisfied.  If you are one of those people then I respectively ask that you find another blog to visit.  I would rather have one person read and have them get something from it than 10,000 that don't.

I visited the author Neal Walsh's site for his book Conversations with God not too long ago and at the time saw comments like "I don't believe you are actually talking to God".  My thought was why bother commenting?  Did they even read his book?  Did they know for sure he wasn't? Shedding light on the dark that people like to do is the only way sometimes to clear the air. 

Michael has said that people are looking for a replica of his image.  I'm not that.  Michael and I are not the same person.  We are not physcial twins, we are spiritual twins.  We don't have the same personality, we share part of the same soul.  Let me explain more by answering the following questions:

The fact that you require approval on your blog was to be expected. This is a manipulative tactic of yours to make viewers only think people are saying positive things about your blog. Doing this, will not give the full truth about how people REALLY feel. You need to allow all comments. Especially if you want people to REALLY believe you. If you can provide a legitimate answer to the scrutiny, it will be more credible. Are you looking to make money off of Michael? on Types of Soul Mates
Diana Simbole - Washinton on 4/21/12

I am not into manipulation, I am however into boundaries.  Boundaries are when a person decides what they want to accept into their lives and what they won't.  This particular person emailed me for proof that I was somewhere with Michael.  When I did she didn't write back to say thank you, she wrote back with another litaney of questions and statements about who she thought I was.  She has decided she knows exactly what I am after and about by telling me this was my "tactic".  If we remember the Man in the Mirror Project, was this comment coming from me or her? She decided this based on my action.  Decisions about people and what they do are not necessarily true.

Am I looking to make money off Michael?  Honestly if I was you would most likely see a list of links to advertisers sites on this blog, that way I could get my fair share.  I would have sold my story about him and Lisa to the National Enquirer years ago and should probably be seeking to get myself a spot on Larry King or something right now.  Maybe I should even be advertising this blog all over the net, but I'm not.

If you read the blog, you would know that the money made from any book sales will go to a foundation Michael wished to set up to fund the many charities that have been started in his name and to educate.

See, let me tell you something Ms. Debbie. You told me that skepticism was healthy. I was not disrespectful towards you. I did not call you crazy. However, you seem like the type that only will accept comments or emails where a person is either kissing your butt, or will agree to your twin-flame story about you and Michael. You can not tell me what I know or don't know about twin-flames because you have not yet given you my take on it. Just because I believe you are not Michael Jackson's Twin-Soul does not mean I don't have an idea of what one is. Just because you say there are such things as Twin-Flames, Twin-Rays or whatever does not make it the gospel. You come off as like you know everything and that your word is the final say. You are talking to a psychic, a metaphysical expert, and a person who has a Twin-Flame themselves, as well. I also been to Never Land and will be posting an older picture of myself with Michael and a few others. That piece of paper that you sent me might on Types of Soul Mates

Diana Simbole - Washinton on 4/21/12

I guess she told me who she was.

Interestingly enough, why didn't you start this blog before Michael's death? Furthermore, there are billions in this world who are into metaphysics, the paranormal, have dreams of Michael Jackson, psychic that don't claim the things you do. You have a way with words and a way with skipping around everyone's questions, but you don't fool me or anyone else. You don't put off Michael Jackson's energy or anything. You are not a Twin-flame of Michael Jackson because there is only 1 true Twin-Flame which is why they are rare. You are not a Twin-Ray either, which is the same as a Twin-Flame. You are not at all connected to Michael Jackson, probably. You probably just identify with him. Go make money off of somebody else. on A 'Lil Something About Me - WARNING Graphic Pictures **
Anonymous on 4/21/12

What would be the point of starting the blog before his death?  He was already actively rallying people to help make change in the world.  If you read the blog, you would know I did write the original book back in 1997, before his death.  It was decided then that it would be best not to publish it.

I'm not trying to fool anyone, why would I?  What's the point?  Waste my time writing articles, posting to the blog and writing a book, for what?  Who's making money?  Can I get paid for writing this stuff because all along I thought I was giving this information for free. 

I would hope that those billions in the world that are into metaphysics wouldn't claim the things I did. 
Where did you feel my energy?  Did we meet?  Or is it that I don't "sound" like him?  I'm not Michael Jackson.  I'm now going to skip to the next question . . .

Michael Jackson is not your twin-soul. Stop writing about Michael and focus on another one of your hundred twin-flames. on SOUL Stories
Anonymous on 4/21/12

Wow you mean all my life I've been wrong?  . .  Thank you for clearing that up for me.

hi elevenseven, u said that michael jackson isnt ur only twin flame so my question is why do u point out michael jackson only??? why dont u talk about ur other connections????? on Types of Soul Mates

Susie on 4/21/12

Because the title of the blog is Michael Jackson - A Twin Souls Story.  I have pointed to other connections in prior posts.  The post on Michaels past life as Mozart mentions some soul mates although I did not term it as such.  Many people are reincarnated in the same groups, but my guess is you yourself didn't come here because of my connection to them.

If I were going to choose ANYBODY to be a Twin-Ray or Twin-Flame of Michael Jackson, it would have been PRINCESS DIANA. She reminds me of Michael Jackson more than any woman I have ever laid eyes on. They had a lot in common and Michael Jackson OPENLY said that he felt a CONNECTION to HER. Not you. You don't have any proof and all you can say is " you keep it private" or it will be "in my book" . Why do you need to WRITE and SELL a book? Trying to make money off of our beloved Michael Jackson? Why not just post it on the blog? Hmmm..... Furthermore, if the spirit with you is experiencing human emotions, and telling you things about people, places, and treating you like a lover, you need to run. Especially if the spirit AVOIDS the light. I am a psychic and I am also a reader of auras and all. You have an unnatural entity with you. Michael Jackson had one of the biggest missions ever on Planet Earth. He does not have time to play around in the spiritual realm with you or anyone on Types of Soul Mates
Diana Simbole - Washinton on 4/21/12

First, let me tell God that you said Princess Diana should be Michael Jacksons twin flame because you said he openly felt a connection to her, not me.

As far as proof, do you really want it?  Tell me what it is that would prove it to you, perhaps I can accomodate you.

Why do I need to write and sell a book?  Because it is mandated by my spiritual guides and counterpart.  I believe that it explicity demonstrates the unique spiritual connecton between people.  Michael believes that it will give people hope and something they can believe in. 

Why sell it?  Because his estate has done nothing to give to the chairites Michael once supported.  His work was very instrumental in the support of many people in the world.  Its my duty to try and continue his outreach.  I'm not an entertainer like he was, so this is how it is supposed to be done .. starting his foundation.  Do you think it better I should solicit money from his fans like other organizations started in his name?  I'm not asking for that.  I am seeking to give, not take from the fans.

Did I say Michael was treating me like a lover?  I think I've tried to make it abundantly clear that is not what this twin flame relationship is about.  I have an unnatural entity with me?  Really? Where?  Did you see it?  I thought he was in the light.  You mean he's not?  Do you mean Michael wasn't a human with emotions? . . .

I am a friend of Joanna's & I have spent time at Never land. I read your blog and there are some things that don't make sense to me. I am trying to understand why Michael said that Conrad Murray wouldn't be found guilty when he was. Are you sure you don't have an entity or demonic spirit pretending to be Michael? Michael always announced the women in his life that he loved. Diana Ross, Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor. Michael also turns words into names and things in his songs. Kind of like how he says Shamone! He just said Debbie, but I find it a bit ridiculous for you to claim that he said your name in scream because he sang to you through his songs. Why would he include your name in a song that is talking about the system sucking with Janet? Do you know how many other woman claim to have Michael Jackson as a Twin-Flame? I have spoken to many women who have a spirit with them the same as you. You think skeptism is healthy? Well, I hope you answer my questions. I am really on Types of Soul Mates

 Diana Simbole - Washinton on 4/21/12

Michael did not say Conrad Murray wouldn't be found guilty.  Michael said don't be surprised if he was not punished at all.  Please reread the post and make sure not to take my words for his or vice versa.

Am I sure I don't have an entity or demonic spirit pretending to be Michael? Yes .  I've had demonic spirits and other astrals trying to portray themselves as someone else.  I was taught that you know them by their fruits.  Is there something good and beneficial they are brining to the table?  If not then the contact is not necessary.  Of course because you are an expert in the field you would know that there is access to a place where all information is made available.  There is nothing that transpires in this world without it being known somewhere.  Any entity or person who has passed can give you information about the future or try to pass themselves off as someone else and that's why.  We all have access to it.  If you read my post about others connecting to Michael you might take that into consideration. Again my connection is not just since he's past.  It was well before. 

Michael told me quite some time ago that he would find someone to make me happy.  This is what twin flames do.  They are concerned for each other's happiness and well being.  His connection to me is spiritual and has purpose.  We have work together.  This is not a love affair mandated by the universe it is a beaconing home.

Michael did not always announce the women he loved in his life.  The people you mentioned are all public people.  He loved his nanny too, but didn't announce her.  He also had another girlfriend he didn't announce.  

As far as saying my name in Scream and why . . I was in contact with him then.  The part Janet sings about "Oh my God, I can't believe what I saw on the TV this evening.  I was disgusted by all the injustice."  Those were my words to him.  That's why.  The press was ruthless when he was going through the first child molestation accusations.  I kept hoping they would recind but it kept getting worse.

I have no idea about how many women claim to be Michael's twin flame.  I do know there are others.  Would it be better if I said we had a connection?  Would it be more paletable then? 

Skeptisism is healthy.  We are in an age when there are far too many people taking advantage of others.  I am more than happy to answer any and all questions, however, tackfully.  Please dont make statements and judgements.  If you have a sincere question, ask.  Sorry if this bothers you, but it is my blog and I make the rules for it.

Oh yes a i forgot about that one too, the "false twin." Mm hmm....yes... on Types of Soul Mates
 Nicole on 4/20/12

 Are you the "real" twin?  Ok, you can be the real one. :)


Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. Bullying can cause serious and lasting harm.

Although definitions of bullying vary, most agree that bullying involves:

Imbalance of Power: people who bully use their power to control or harm and the people being bullied have a hard time defending themselves

Intent to Cause Harm: actions done by accident are not bullying; the person bullying has a goal to cause harm

Repetition: incidents of bullying happen to the same the person over and over by the same person or group

Types of Bullying:

Bullying can take many forms. Examples include:

Verbal: name-calling, teasing

Social: spreading rumors, leaving people out on purpose, breaking up friendships

Physical: hitting, punching, shoving

Cyberbullying: using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to harm others


Michael, Children and God

"I confess that there is nothing to teach:    
no religion, no science, no writings  
which will lead your mind back to Spirit.
Today I speak this way, tomorrow that,
but always the Path is beyond words and beyond mind."

- Lao Tzu

Too often it is the mind,the thoughts and the beliefs that we have formed that get in the way of our true divinity.  These again are the patterns at work in us.  I used to tell my students that maybe God knew what he was doing with me because I was blonde and my mind was empty so it was easy for me to pick up things psychically sometimes! It sounds funny, but it really is true.  That's why sometimes it's good to meditate to clear the mind.  Too often we find ourselves thinking about the past or the future, missing the present moment.

Getting inside of ourselves really is not about "thinking" our way there.  Even in yesterdays post we outlined some of the types of soul mates.  The purpose was to plant seeds of understanding on how we all came to be.  Real truth, however, will be felt within, and it is within that each one of us must go to obtain it. No blog writer, person, or spiritual guru can tell you absolute truth.   All people will have a tendency to filter through their individual life stream the words of the perfect being.  If we were pure source energy then of course the truth would always be absolutely revealed through a teacher or person.  But we are not.  We are still working on obtaining our purest form, less we would not be here.  Others may "guide" you, give you information that is true, but I do caution the true spiritual seeker to weigh all things with a grain of salt. Real truth will be revealed within, your true path, your true nature.  This is the true path of any being seeking enlightenment.

Michael practiced meditation to do this, but he also did many other things in his life that led him to the discovery of our true selves.  Although many people thought it was strange, Michael knew that by being in the company of children and playing with them, he would remain in a more pure state of mind.  It was Jesus himself after all that said the statement "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven". Seeing as a child, without judgement, being like a child without conditioned thinking.  Without the "patterns" placed upon us.

During his 1991 Ebony/Jet interview this is what Michael himself had to say about it

"Well, there's a certain sense that animals and children have that gives me a certain creative juice, a certain force that later on in adulthood is kind of lost because of the conditioning that happens in the world. A great poet said once: "When I see children, I see that God has not yet given up on man." An Indian poet from India said that, and his name is Tagore. The innocence of children represents to me the source of infinite creativity. That is the potential of every human being. But by the time you are an adult, you're conditioned; you're so conditioned by the things about you--and it goes. Love. Children are loving, they don't gossip, they don't complain, they're just openhearted. They're ready for you. They don't judge. They don't see things by way of color. They're very child-like. That's the problem with adults: they lose that child-like quality. And that's the level of inspiration that's so needed and is so important for creating and writing songs and for a sculptor, a poet or a novelist. It's that same kind of innocence, that same level of consciousness, that you create from. And kids have it. I feel it right away from animals and children and nature."


Types of Soul Mates

I've heard a few different terms used for soul mates and as with most things, some might have a different definition for the same word.  The term soul mate really isn't a new concept, matter of fact soul mates and spiritual relationships have been written about since the beginning of time.  Now that we are in the process of the raising consciousness we are beginning to realize there is more to the word soul mate than just someone who you think is your ultimate partner.

We've been away from our creator for a very long time.  On this planet we have come in duality.  Meaning we have either taken a female or male form when we entered into the earth.  Our true selves, when created, were whole.  If you've looked at other philosophies you'll see the history as in the yin/yang symbol.  Here there are two opposite polarities-one male and one female.  I like this representation because it also has part of the other polarity within the other.  This is how we were created.  That's exactly how Michael and I connected.

Our wholeness was present in our original creation.  We as humans actually instinctively know this.  This is why we look for someone representing that opposite polarity to compete us, or make us whole.  We look for love.  We say things like, he's my soul mate, because to us the soul mate represents our perfect partner - someone who loves us unconditionally, the ultimate love that we remember subconsciously from our very beginnings.  But we have a tendency to live in and of this world.  Meaning, in the scheme of all things, we are only beginning to meet our soul mates, our twin souls, our twin flames, and only beginning to work our way back up to our true source, our true wholeness.

Below are some definitions of the types of soul mates you will encounter on your way back to wholeness.  With each relationship you will find that you begin to open to a greater awareness of love between all peoples.  That is why in a previous post I said that with a twin flame relationship, other relationships are not only optional, they are mandatory.  We have to chart the course and enter the journey step by step.  We can't jump from our currently density to enlightenment all in one movement.  It takes time.  That's why they symbolize the process in some traditions by the lotus flower.  It's seed begins in the murky, dark depths and through time, patience, persistence, and in our case, learning, we reach the light and unfold our petals into the brilliance of who we truly are.

Michael Jackson is one of my twin flames.  If you read the definition below, you'll realize the purpose of our relationship is/was not just to have a romantic relationship,  it is/was to complete our mission together.

A Soul Mate is someone whom you've shared many past lives with.  They have a familiar energy and you will find that you immediately "resonate" with them and have the feeling of knowing them before.

A Twin Soul is a like vibrational frequency. Each individual has twelve Twin Souls as in the twelve disciples of Jesus. These twelve are extremely close to your earthwork.You will feel as if you have known and worked with one another forever, and truly you have. This is likened to the twelve Ascended Masters you will link up to on your climb to the Christ Light.

A Twin Flame is a being you have worked extremely closely with from the Galaxy on down into a third dimensional life form. This was set up long ago and you have kept the same Twin Flames for eons. There are seven Twin Flames you are connected to. Besides the Twin Ray, this will be your closest bond to an entity. Whichever level of light one is at, you will have the ability to reconnect with the Mighty Seven. It will assist to further your own enlightenment. These are integrated before reaching the level of the Twin Ray.

Needless to say that many Twin Flame relationships are of great remembrance and love to all. They are also both genders. Although there is a great love for one another, any romantic involvement will always take a backseat to the mission they share together.

There is a special bond between Twin Flames, and you will forever be connected at the heart. It moves beyond human sexuality and into the purity of devotion for working together through these cycles. You have been through much, and after the Twin Ray split, the first relationship one enters into is with a Twin Flame. At the level we split, there was not yet time to learn jealousy, we just created and experienced in the love of our Source. 

The Twin Ray is the ultimate. There is no need to look further for source as this is experienced with one another. The joy at this time as we have prepared long for this event is overwhelming even for the many Ascended Masters awaiting this reunion. You are the same Godspark that came from the loving embrace of Mother/Father God. It is quite a gift that we are coming into harmony with the one other half of ourselves.

There is much disbelief with this event, and I can only tell you that it is well worth the wait. For those who refuse to accept, you only prolong your advancement, as many ascensions are tied into the reunification with the Twin Ray. After working to reconnect and taking the time every day and night to complete the energy work necessary, your Twin Ray is then known as the Consort. Both of your missions are one and the same. The responsibility is held equally by both of you. At this point you have proven yourself worthy of the title, as together you have both conquered the densities to return as one love, one life, one entity.

Each person will have a unique situation, and therefore all Twin Ray couplings will occur differently, as there is closure necessary from many experiences learned by both parties. In addition to ascending, the Twin Ray merge will take a daily conscious effort. So many of you feel that deep inner knowing, but have not been able to express this as the earth consciousness has not allowed for divine relationships in a long time.

There have been some instances when you have traveled together on earth. Some Twin Rays of earth partners are on a Galactic Star; or perhaps your Twin Ray is a universal being. The last scenario is the rarest. Also, some of you will electromagnetically connect with the perfect mate here already on earth. This would be a Soul Mate, Twin Flame, or Twin Soul.

Some Twin Rays in the upper dimensions are not ready to reconnect. This comes only by the approval of one's Higher Self. So many different situations, yet each one is perfect for the individual. Whichever level you intend to reconnect with, there will be shifts in your life, and Spirit will not give you what you cannot handle. For instance, if one is happily married on Earth, you can commit to a Twin Ray at an energetic level while working here. This for the time being is perfect. No Twin Ray will interrupt a harmonious environment. This being only wants the highest and best and is willing to wait for Divine time.

Quotes from Elizabeth Taylor:

(on Michael Jackson) What is a genius? What is a living legend? What is a mega star? Michael Jackson - that`s all. And when you think you know him, he gives you more . . . I think he is one of the finest people to hit this planet, and, in my estimation, he is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul.

(on Michael Jackson) He is part of my heart. We would do anything for each other.


The Man in the Mirror Project - The Legend of Johnny Appleseed

Here in the Unites States there is a legend about a man named Johnny Appleseed.  He was born John Chapman,  an American pioneer who introduced apple trees to large parts of the midwest. He became an American Legend while still alive, largely because of his kind and generous ways, his great leadership in conservation, and the importance he contributed to apples planting the seeds where ever he went.  

In yogic philosophies they say that we all plant seeds with our thoughts and deeds.  Those seeds could have been planted many lifetimes ago and are now "sprouting" in your life.  Currently, you are still planting seeds with your thoughts, although most of us are unconscious about how we are planting them.  If we think about every thought we think as a seed that we are actually "planting" in our universe would you plant the seed that you are thinking about now?  Would you actually send that thought into the universe to be ripened at some time later in your life?

This is one act of beginning to live consciously of the patterns within us.  For instance, if I was thinking "I'm never going to have any money", guess what seed I would have just planted?  Yeah, that would be the  "I'm never going to have any money seed."  Is that really what you would like to plant for yourself?  Or do you want to plant the "I'm going to be richer than all get out" seed?  The choice truly is all your own. 


A Proud Papa Moment

A while back we had a post about Paris Jackson starring in an upcomping movie.  Michael stated her decision was her own and that she was persuing a career that was long ago dreamed of.  I can't tell you how proud and excited it is to learn it has finally begun and that she will be involved in a program to raise funds for important programs in our schools that allow the creativity of music and art to flourish once again.

We are proud, excited, and as Michael said, we expect to see great things from the true Princess of Pop. 

 Congratulations Paris!!!  WE LOVE YOU!!!  

The Man In the Mirror Project - Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

"I can’t take credit for it because its Gods work. He’s just using me as the messenger.”

- Michael Jackson

We've talked a little about "misqualifying" energy.  That we create our own thoughts about situations and feelings out of our own minds that are not necessarily true, and not necessarily pure.  Michael would most always give the reins over to God, Allah, or the higher source.  His music, his dance, was all part of his access to the divine.  

 "On many an occasion when I'm dancing, I've felt touched by something sacred. In those moments, I've felt my spirit soar and become one with everything that exists."

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if we stepped aside and out of our ego that allowing this God force to act within us would be the greatest gift we could not only give to ourselves but to all of humanity?  Michael even used to give this advice to his dancers; Don't think about it.  When you think about it, you get messed up.  You have to let it flow.  This flow is the creative force, the force of Love and all things.

He knew a very important secret.  That while most people were acting out of their selfishness and egos claiming ownership to accomplishments and their blessings that in reality there was only one power behind anything that was created - the power of God.  That power is present within every individual.  It is within the mighty I AM that anything can be created.  Giving credit to that power and allowing if to flow through you only gives you more of the pure radiance and light that was set forth from your very creation.  This is the real you, the magical you, the force of nature that no one can touch.  

Giving credit to that power is recognizing, as Michael did, that there is but only ONE LOVE acting, One Intelligence and One power.  Try giving credit where credit is due this week and see what a difference it can make in your life.


The Man in the Mirror Project - Reflecting Your Point of View

Have you ever wondered how there seems to be so many differences in the opinions of people and nations all over the world?  It seems in each city and every nation and religion there are differing points of view  about how we should be running society and what we should believe in.  For every person, there is also a unique set of beliefs and unique set of circumstances surrounding their life that has shaped and molded their reality, leading to their beliefs and patterns of thinking.

When we started the Man in the Mirror Project, my thoughts were that it was something new.  I thought "wow this is really something we can make a difference with.  Something that hasn't been done before."  But, just this past weekend I was working on the book doing some editing.  I ran into the part where Michael had made his speech about the Heal the Kids Foundation and realized what I never realized before.

There were two twin souls named Sri Aurobindo and Mother, quite a while back.  I remember reading that Mother used to say she thought she would get an original idea only to find that Sri had already had the idea some time prior.  This was one of those experiences that reminded me of that, because as I read Michael's speech over I found that his speech for Heal the Kids was about the exact patterns we are trying to break down with the Man in the Mirror Project.  It is about the patterns set forth through the parent/child relationship and how we need to heal ourselves, even that child within us, so that our children and their children can continue to heal the world.  These patterns have been established through our race, ethnicity, location, religion, country of origin and families.  When you think about it all of these establishments and people had and have their own thoughts.  All of them had their own points of view and all of them were most likely a "misqualified" thought of an ego based belief, not something pure from the God source.

So getting back to our pure essence and breaking through all of these layers of thought takes some reflecting.  Michael used to reflect out in nature.  Looking at the trees, the flowers and how nature operated reminded him of how we were created and how life should be.  Everything in nature is in perfect balance.  One giant symphonic orchestra, perfectly tuned with all of creation.  We too can tap into that pure source by clearing our energies and clearing our thoughts.

So the exercise for this part of the Man In the Mirror Project is to be aware when other people come into your life with differing opinions.  Reflect upon how the opinions they express have been formed.  Think about their background, their experiences, their nationality and maybe even their religion.  Don't judge them!  Just observe.  If your opinion differs from theirs, think about why.  Reflect upon your background, your experiences, your religion and how your beliefs came into existence.

When you are done with that part, ask yourself after each thought or belief "Is it true?"  Meaning, do I know absolutely that my thought or my opinion is absolutely true.  Is it based on what I was told or what I KNOW.  Keeping this in mind, it allows us to be more open to others beliefs.  It allows us not to judge, but to observe.  As a child would do, it allows you to wonder about the creation of it.  Even within yourself, wonder about how those thoughts came to be.  Like a child, just notice, don't judge even yourself.  These are just thoughts, let them be just thoughts.  When you sort out what is your divine self and those thoughts that were imposed upon you, you can finally let them go.  Decide to send them away by replacing them with something else.  If the thought is "All middle eastern people are terrorists" replace it with "All races are my family.  We are all human and our family name is humanity."


Making REAL Change

It's 2012 and although some of us may think that all the hoopla about the changing consciousness is over, it truly is just beginning.

More and more people are "recognizing" each other as "light workers", others that have chosen to join in making change for humanity and the planet.  Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to be on set with an actor named George Clooney.  It was another one of those moments when I saw him that I knew there would be something else we would be doing.  Something clicked, and I knew without a doubt that he too was "one" of us.

I hope that makes sense to my readers, because I believe that you too have been brought to this blog for a reason.  I believe that you too are looking to change things in the world, just like me, just like Michael Jackson, and now, I know for sure, just like George Clooney.  He has openly come out to support a movement I posted a month or so back and now it's time to begin to take action on that movement:

Maybe your presence here is because of Michael Jackson.  I want you to know the great difficulty Michael had with press and reporters.  If you followed Michael you know there was much being reported that was false.  This is a strategic manuever used not only in the entertainment industry, but in politics all over the world.  If they want the public to believe something it hits the airwaves.  This is not only dangerous for individuals reputations and careers like Michaels, but if we look at what Michael was trying to do, we get an even dimmer picture.  Michael wanted change in the world.  He and Elizabeth Taylor used their celebrity to make the unheard, heard. To make effective change.  People like them, like George Clooney are extremely important for effective change because they are the focus that can capture the attention of the public in masses.  Michael Jackson was well aware of this, and that's exactly why he used his status as a celebrity for change.  He felt it was his duty.

Now that we are continuing on that path, it won't be easy to decipher the truth from what the press is trying to portray.  There is always something in the background called greed that tends to decide the path of the one trying to deceive the public.  So we have a choice and I feel strongly about this, because it's the exact reason why Michael Jackson was killed - greed.  We can turn a blind eye or we can take active steps in speaking out for what's right in this world whenever we can.  That means speaking on behalf of our children, our victims, racism, violence, greed, a bully and yes, even murder.

The KONY fight continues on April 20th.  To take an active role visit their page here:


Creatures of Habit - The Obstacle in the Path of Ascension

The heart chakra (heart energy center) is symbolized by two triangles—one pointed up and the other down—locked in harmonious embrace. The two components are called "Om" and the "Hrim" in Sanskrit, and symbolize man's position between earth and sky.  This is where ascension begins.  The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the sacred embodiment of femininity, and the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva, representing the focused aspects of masculinity. The mystical union of the two triangles represents Creation, occurring through the divine union of male and female. 
Note the two interlocking triangles.
It is this symbol, male and female, that represent our
very beginnings.  Our first creation as whole beings
in the universe.

In a previous post I explained that one of the ascended masters, Saint Germain, who is currently guiding the planet into it's new revolution, has stated that the earth is currently in a rut.  That we are continually following the patterns and habits that have long been established on a whole for the planetary consciousness and individually.

Part of coming out of our old habits or ruts involves a great deal of awareness.  We are indeed creatures of habit.  It's easy to mindlessly go through our lives will little thought as to what we need to do.   Sometimes we mindlessly eat, we mindlessly watch TV, we mindlessly go through the motions of our daily morning routines.  Once established, a pattern or habit is difficult to break.  We need to be mindful, making a conscious decision to change the way we do things, and to change the way we think.

Yesterdays post on twin souls got many people thinking about the possibility of there even being such a thing as a twin flame.  It's like one of those things like angels.  Because you haven't seen one yourself, or experienced it, you're not really sure if they exist.  

Twin flames have not been common on this planet and that is the reason why many of us have never heard of, or experienced anything like it.  Now, that the consciousness of the planet is changing, you will begin to hear more about twin flames and their unions.  It will be these twin flame unions that will bring the most light into the planet with their work in helping humanity.  These twin flame unions will not necessarily be in marriage.  You may unite at a heart level with a friend, who happens to be your twin flame, a sister, a brother, a mother, a co worker, it can be any kind of relationship. Remember, the twin flame relationship is God centered in the heart.  It is rooted in the heart and when this special relationship is established the heart center will be activated giving way for higher dimensions to be brought through the person and infiltrate the planet.

Another reason why twin flame relationships have not been common is because of the work that needs to take place before the union can occur.  When we talk about the patterns and habits of our consciousness, these are the very things that need to be shed within ourselves before we come into union.  It takes work.  How many people can you think of that are disciplined enough to work out their patterns?  Not many have been.  It's easier to go with the flow, feel like you are part of the group, in with the "in" crowd.  Breaking established patterns, currently, means stepping outside the man made box that not only you have established for yourself, but what humanity has established on the planet.  This can, and has, taken many lifetimes to achieve.  Remember that our patterns are established even through past lives, so bringing these into awareness is part of the picture as well.

If it seems overwhelming, don't worry.  These words are just words.  There is a process.  If we were a lost civilization with no rhyme or reason for being, these great ascended masters would have given up hope long ago.  Fortunately, they have already taught us how to get back to where we need to go.  If we stop misqualifying the energy, that is, stop creating our own dysfunctions, both individually and collectively, we get to come back home.  Sometimes the hardest part in all of this is just allowing that to happen.  Remember, we tend to think we need to do something.  That's the ego.  When you allow yourself to realize, allow yourself to make a conscious choice and allow the old pattern, relationship, or energy to leave, that's when the real beauty of your soul begins to emerge.