Astro News By Maria Shaw

Astro News
By Maria Shaw Lawson

The October 27 Full Moon is the last Supermoon of 2015.

A Super Full Moon in Taurus is the third of three Super Full Moons in a row which produce an intense energy today, Tuesday. Supermoons feel more intense than your average full moon and this one may create some pretty heavy emotional energy. After the Cosmic Connections Convention Sunday night, people were exclaiming how beautiful the moon looked. It will also bring a message to many of us as Full Moons often reveal things or bring light to situations.

If any of you are feeling more sensitive to things, sad or hurting, that's because the wounded healer Chiron is in the mix of this cosmic cocktail. The Moon in Taurus focuses on creating some sort of stability and security. We need to feel safe but Chiron stirs up old wounds and hurts, bringing them to the surface so we can eventually work on healing them. With the Scorpio Sun, opposite the full moon in Taurus, we are being pushed out of our comfort zone by someone. Any time the sign of Scorpio comes out to play, it reveals something that is hidden. Secrets come out. So this full moon on Tuesday is kinda like a wake up call in our lives; pushing us in a new direction whether we are ready or not. You will feel more sensitive to things. Look for the Super Moon's personal message. You could find it in many signs and symbols this week.

Remember I mentioned the good luck and prosperity times we are in now through November 2nd? This is a lovely period to draw wealth or opportunity to you. Push your luck and ask the Universe for things you need and more. Good things come to those of you who ask.

Halloween Forecast - The days leading up to all Hallow's Eve
appear to be intense. The energy is in Scorpio and the Cancer moon on October 31st is one of over indulging. It will be easy to gobble up the Halloween candy and other goodies in one evening. This emotional eating signals the likelihood that Pluto is dredging up some old feelings that need to be released rather than fed with food. Be aware or beware
But overall, Halloween looks like a friendly spirited one. The moon in Cancer creates a peaceful energy. So whether you are out and about reveling on Saturday night or staying home and passing out candy, it looks like the vibe is a pleasant one for ghosts and goblins.

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A Moment of Dread - A Requested Post

The following has been posted as a request from the "other side":

A Moment of Dread

“When I was younger and days were longer, my heart was full of hope
I came upon a selfish man that took my life and ended all my dreams

Again I looked out to the sun full of promise after the rain
It was then I realized nothing again would ever be the same

If you could be where I am I would hold you near
I would make you a promise and whisper into your ear
I love you, I miss you, I need you as well

Don’t believe for a second that anything has gone to hell
If you could hear what I say and the things I have done
You’d know you could be more able and strong
Don’t believe for a second I’ve given up hope
Don’t believe for a moment there is no way to cope

Listen to the trees, as they shiver in fear
They know that the winter time again is once near

They don’t give a crackle nor moment of dread
They don’t shutter knowing what is ahead

They gleam as the sun shines down through the rain
They marvel and wonder at all life’s wonders and pain

Give me a moment just a speck of your time
I’ll come in the form of some wondrous rhyme

I’ll hold you quite near and trust what I say
When the time is at hand
There’ll be not dread, nor dismay

Weakness and cowards are always at hand
It’s the ones that are strong that dare take a stand
Don’t fret what is to come, don’t whimper in fear

Our time is now and the moment is here.”

Blessings to the people who have so graciously saved my family from the insidious acts of cruel men.
I hope this serves you well. Your partner in peace.



New Book
by Steve Knopper

Q: How did your opinion of Jackson evolve?

A: Most of the books that have come out about Michael, and there are some very good ones, have been like, "I'm going to get this guy. I'm going to nail down all the weird details and not let him squirm under these half-truths." And of course I wanted to tell the truth, too. But my feeling was that I didn't want to get this guy. I wanted it to be sympathetic to what his life was like. But I didn't expect to be so thoroughly convinced of his innocence on child molestation charges.

Q: What convinced you?

A: It's media-driven, because he was just crushed by tabloids and cable TV news in the post-O.J. era. People went into those events and into his trial — and this is documented — saying "He's guilty, we're going to get this guy." I interviewed unbiased journalists with the same observations. He was declared innocent by a nonpartial jury in 2005, which I do not think was scammed or bought in any way. The prosecution against him was very aggressive and well-funded. And I just don't think the evidence is there to overcome that ruling. The people who accused him are the wrong people."

Read more here:
source:  http://www.denverpost.com/entertainment/ci_28976035/mj-makes-huge-topic-approachable


The LA Courts Have Altered WORLD HISTORY

The damage the LA Courts have done in covering up and televising an orchestrated trial, has set the records of our history books world wide as "fictional".

To this day most people all over the world believe that Michael Jackson died at the hands of a negligent doctor.  When in fact the records should state the TRUTH.  That Michael Jackson was murdered for his celebrity, earnings potential and music catalog, not to mention the insurance money AEG Live went to collect on just 5 days after his death.

May we all remember the most televised trial in history was that of Dr. Conrad Murray.  Prosecutors paraded the court room with an IV bag that they themselves tampered with.

At the inception of the AEG trial vs. Katherine Jackson, no cameras were allowed.  However, very damaging emails came out that were supposed to be kept under seal.  These emails showed the true and factual treatment of how Michael Jackson was treated.

The courts have put the most incriminating evidence "under seal" and have kept this information away from the public eye purposely. Covering up crimes, accepting donations in lieu of justice and reporting news falsely to the press has led to a very tainted view of what actually transpired.  This is both unfair to Michael's family, his children and his legacy.  Further, it is unfair and unjust to the people.  We all deserve to be told the truth, especially by our own governing bodies.  These acts are irrevocable, unjust and evil.

No one deserves to be treated this way.  It is our duty to stand up for the truth and to stand up for justice.  

We are creating the world we live in in every moment and in every decision we make. Regardless of what anyone thinks of Conrad Murray OR Michael Jackson, both individuals, both people that once had lives, deserved both fair trials and truth in reporting and facts of evidence. How would we feel if we were them and what image do you see of yourself when you look out into the mirror of our world?

We have a choice.  We either stand in truth or turn a blind eye.  But the next time this happens to one of us, don't expect someone to stand for justice for you when you have turned a blind eye on the justice for anyone else.  This cycle continues.  Not just for Conrad Murray or Michael Jackson, but for all the men and women in any state or country whose lives have come to a crossroads and they have to have a day in court.  Wouldn't you expect a fair trial? Or would you be OK with this type of behavior because we "expect" corruption in our politicians and false media reports?  

We have a choice.  Our children will be reading the history of today tomorrow.  Wouldn't you want your child to know the truth?


Michael Jackson's Murder - Conrad Murray Admits Michael Died at NOON

Just when you think you've gotten enough evidence to provide details on the death of Michael Jackson, low and behold more comes out.

In the process of trying to spread the TRUTH about the death of Michael Jackson, I've come across some footage of Dr. Conrad Murray admitting Michael Jackson died at noon on the 25th of June, 2009, not 2:26 pm in the afternoon.

There, I believe, is not one single person I've found to be credible or honest in this whole mess.  If anyone had something to gain, they by all means took it.

I've done an additional video on Michael's murder for the summary, which means overview, of his death.  This video is only a glossing over of the details, however, in light of this, you'll note interesting additions such as the following facts:

  • Conrad Murray believes the DA set his trial up and planted evidence
  • Conrad Murray admits Michael Jackson died at 12 noon
  • Conrad Murray disputes Alberto Alvarez's testimony
  • Conrad Murray trial footage now missing from YouTube accounts is included allowing you to view the prosecutor David Walgren admitting to tampering with evidence.
  • Conrad Murray calls the "slit salene bag" absurd.
  • Conrad Murray confirms the IV port at Michael's leg contained Michaels blood confirming the site of injection by Frank DiLeo as witnessed in my book The Murder of Michael Jackson
  • Missing trial footage is also included that shows Conrad Murray's attorney cross examining Alberto Alvarez regarding "handling" the IV bag with both hands.  No finger prints for Alvarez were ever found on any evidence.
  • Both David Walgren and Deborah Brazil were promoted for their corruption to judges in the California Court system.  
  • Alberto Alvarez's drawing of the IV bag presented at court was done just before the trial at the REQUEST of the prosecuting attorney David Walgren
  • Alberto Alvarez accepted contracts with MEDIA prior to the trial accepting payments to embellish his story
Here is news of the press endorsing our corrupt officials:




And, no Mr. Walgren, this is not good!


The Prophecy of Elijah

Malachi 4:5-6 ESV

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.”

This passage was given to me recently.  The masters have said the time for this is now.  There will be a return of "the great one" after this is done.  

I've re-posted the video from Michael Jackson's Oxford Speech below.  His speech speaks of reconciliation between parents and children.  This is a necessary step for us to begin to heal each other and the world.  Our shootings in schools, our bombing of countries, all stem from the decisions people make, not the bombs themselves or the guns.

Please take time to heal your inner child and treat your children with the love they deserve.  Our true nature is that of a loving consciousness. With all of the destruction we have caused ourselves, we must take the reigns to recapture love among all people to heal our world or we will be met with what has been prophecized.


Jackson Day: October 2, 2015

Janet Jackson's new album "Unbreakable" was released Friday, October 2, 2015.  Her eleventh (11) album has amazing reviews.  Let's join hands in celebrating and congratulating Janet on this most recent venture.

She now has her own recording studio with amazing vocals and a tour that's sure to Rock Your World.  This is a tour sure to be remembered. Her dance routines and vocals are phenomenal.  The entire world will see the dedication this beautiful woman has to show for her love of family.

Tickets for the tour can be found here.  The full album can be purchased at iTunes.

Here is Janet's title track: "Unbreakable":

Also debuting on the same day, was the new Jacksons; The Next Generation reality series.  This series is led by three of Michael's nephews (he has many).  But particularly close to him were Taj, Tarryl, and TJ.  Recording with them some years back, Michael took these three under his wing for musical ventures as well as fun outings and embracing them with love.  

Michael says to do you best, be kind and supportive of one another and follow your dreams.  This has been an amazing journey that will be well remembered.  Your destiny awaits.  Pick up the pieces and travel to the distant stars shining in your future.  Love and best wishes always, Uncle Doodoo.

I've posted a snippet from the series below.  This undertaking seems to be heartfelt for the Jackson family.  Many reports and articles have been written about the family and like for many of us, some of them are not entirely true.  For people in the public eye, it seems harder to allow people to know who you truly are with so many people willing to bend the truth.  In this case, as well as in many others, it is imperative to set the records straight.  History has been altered and the truth needs to be known. 

For centuries our history books will reflect the legacy of Michael Jackson and his family.  We owe it to the contributions he and his family have made to society as a whole to reveal their lives in their truest form.  I was once told we learn history so we don't repeat the mistakes of the past.  Let's not repeat the treatment and manipulation that this family and Michael have suffered.  The truest legacy has been enduring the lies and manipulation by controlling, abusive contracting companies and surviving the attacks by the press who are so willing to listen to them.  

We create our history and our future every single day.  Even in small groups of people, slander and lies is unwarranted and wrong.  Imagine an entire country or world throwing stones your way because of something someone said about you.  History will repeat itself unless we learn to stand up against bullying and false press.  This not only effects the Jacksons, it effects you and me; our children and their children.  We are shaping the world of our tomorrow today.

On a personal note I am delighted to see all of these amazing people share their talents.  Michael's nephew is thinking about doing a documentary on Michael's life.  I think it's a great idea.  Start writing from beginning to end.  The pain and struggles and particularly the end.  The world needs to know how the courts manipulated the truth and how the press continued the lies.

Although press may not be interested in the truth today, the true story of the legacy of a great man with a great heart may well be remembered tomorrow.  May truth and justice always triumph over evil. But for that to happen, we have to stand in it.  My guides once told me, if I don't say the truth, the truth will never be known.  I say the same to you.  If we all allow ugly lies to permeate the air, soon we all won't be able to breath.  Make your voice count and let the truth be told.