Making the Grade - Manifesting in the Universe/The Soup Story

Opening up your heart to the divine is like opening a can of soup.  The broth can be clear and light or sometimes thick an heavy.

You never know what you might find in soup.
Carrots, celery, a little garlic or a few pieces of corn or chicken.

I like my soup hearty.  The better the mixture of "stuff", the better it tastes.

Our hearts, like soup, can be heavy or they can be light.
We can delight in many different treasures and partake of joy in many things, like what you might find in soup.  Or we can limit ourselves in what we find pleasure in, only accepting the finer and more delicate "broth" that life can bring.

I like soup for what it is.  I can't say I want a tomato soup and then expect to get a chicken noodle.
I can't ask for wheat bread then expect to get white.  Yet everyday in our lives we do the same thing.  How little are the times we ask for what we REALLY want?  We settle or say we want something, we most often want nothing to do with.

You can say you want a new job, but do you?  What kind of job?  Are you specific?  Because when you ask the universe for a new job you can get one, but it might be worse than your last if you don't ask for the "kind" of job you want.

Say you want a new boyfriend or girlfriend/husband or wife - You may realize you have a wide variety to choose from, but do they have the ingredients, the traits and personality, that you would like them to have?

If you want a new rug, and your intent is that it must be blue.  Is it light blue, aqua or navy?

That's why I like the soup with all the "stuff" in it.  I get to choose exactly what I want, ask for it and expect it.  Like soup, if we don't ask specifically what we want and wait for just broth, we might get everything but what we wanted in the first place.

Making the grade is about being conscious enough to make your intentions not only clear to the universe, but to yourself.


It's Coming! New ASTRO News with Maria Shaw

The Cardinal Cross and the Eclipse Season is Coming

By Maria Shaw Lawson 

Talk, communicate, write, ask...you will likely find support for the things you wish to do. On March 29, Venus will trine Mars while it squares Saturn so it's a fine time to get folks to make good on their promises and pitch in.

The New moon in Aries falls on March 30 and it ends a relatively quiet week. But not for long as the new moon will usher in a crazy period because it is conjuncted by unpredictable Uranus and squared by Pluto and Jupiter. This crazy energy creates all sorts of issues with people who all want different things from you or situations that make you feel like you are being pulled in different directions.

What's happening that you need to be most prepared for? It's called the Grand Cross. The Grand Cross is most difficult for Aries, Libra Cancers and Capricorns but your chart too will light up whenever the Cross is present.

The powerful eclipses and Grand Cross will push us all forward in life. If you have been holding onto issues, people, and situations from your past, it is now time to let them go. If you don't, the cosmos will do the work for you and it may not be as pleasant. What you thought was secure and would always be in place may no longer be. But between the Grand Cross and the eclipses, we will be forced to live the life we were born to live. Even if we are scared to make the first step, we could be pushed to make it. This mean changes in relationships, job, homes, paths, dreams etc. Watch for the changes.

See what messages come out of the April energy. It is an exciting time because we will be getting messages from the Universe, some very clear and concise.

All of the planets involved in the Grand Cross are Cardinal Signs, which represent the following areas of our lives...





Cardinal signs affect major aspects of our life, so during a Cross such as this one, we will feel more tension than usual. We could feel like we are being stretched to the limit in all of the areas above at once.

April 23, is the day to circle on your calendar when the four planets will all be stationed at exactly 13 degrees. Check to see if you have anything at 13 degrees in your chart in one of these signs or planets.

Aries -Uranus

Cancer- Jupiter

Libra - Mars

Capricorn -Pluto

April 23 WILL BE an eventful day. MANY OF YOU WILL HAVE a breaking point.


So this is also a turning point in our lives too. Look forward to it but also be prepared for it. It's likely you have been feeling the tension for some time and now it peaks.

(This is not a time to consult with someone who says they do a "little astrology". Make sure whomever you book a reading about with month really knows astrology. This is serious stuff here.)

Suffice to say, April brings lots of twists and turns. We have an eclipse season coming! April 15 and April 29 will be the hot button days! But all of April will be a wild card. Things may happen you would never expect to. Sudden turn of events happen. You may think something is going one way.... then boom! It turns and takes another direction. Look to where the eclipses fall in your chart as to what they will bring you.

If you don't know you can always order a one-question reading from me and ask "How will the April eclipses affect my life?" You may ask a second question for 1/2 off about how the Grand Cross will affect you.

Click here to ask

Special Note: April 17
is a good day to manifest!


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Making Concessions/Your Purpose

"This is your moment to shine"

- M Jackson

Definition of CONCESSION

a :  the act or an instance of conceding (as by granting something as a right, accepting something as true, or acknowledging defeat)

What are concessions?  Parts of our world that we hold within ourselves that allow another person to be valid with their experience.  We can "hold our tongue", "hold our truth", or simply be silent.  While holding our tongue may serve us well sometimes, there are other times we simply must speak up.  We as individual souls hold the power and uniqueness within us to be "ourselves".  Simply put, never dim your light because of someone else.

If we want our world to shine, we must shine ourselves.  Within each one of us lives an eternal song that yearns to be sung.  We sometimes "learn" to hinder our song, make concessions because of others, or simply throw our song out the window because we "feel" it can't be in our lives.  At the same time, our song continues to creep back up.  The yearning, the feeling to do "that thing" comes back into play often many times in our lives.  The key here is to realize "that thing" is your song.

We each have a purpose.  Most often it is revealed to us again and again, but often we don't see it for what it is.  We disguise it and label it, ridicule it, and put it down.  How can "that" be my purpose or what "change" will I make with a purpose like that?  But we must allow ourselves to be who we are to discover not only our purpose but what our life is all about.

If it's true that all of life is this great symphonic orchestra, then the world will be so much less with out you playing your part in our song.  Won't you take the time and give yourself the space to experience your passion?  No matter how silly it sounds, or how little of a "thing" you might think it is, begin to take steps to live it. For in the end, the joy your passion brings to you in the experience, you also bring to the world.


Are You Ready For Love?

Holding our dreams and wishes in our hearts for a true love, one who loves us completely, one we can trust, one that will be there no matter what, is something that is universal.  All of us want love, the feeling of belonging in the world, protection, trust and all the other things that make love so wonderful.  We can think about it, hope for it, look for it, but do we actually "believe" we can find it?

There has often been so much hurt in our lives, so much longing and so much pain that it's hard to see the opportunity for love some times.  Has there been too many years of struggle and your heart has seemed to stop caring?  For many of us the weathers of life have taken their toll.  We drudge through our every day, bogged down by the ideas of modern man and the "realness" of our every day world.  Struggle, jobs, security, loves that come, lie and leave.  It's easy to shut down our hearts in such a world, but I beacon you to enter into a new one.

Inside your heart you still have a flame. That flame burns the hope of an everlasting love that has been with you since the beginning of time.  I invite you to enter the chamber of the heart center.  To sit in silence knowing that there is the place of oneness with not only your creator, but the one who will fulfill all your hopes in dreams for love.  He or she is there.  Has been there and is waiting for you.  Find them there and you will also find yourself.  Believe it.  Feel it and bring it into manifestation.

You must "believe" in perfect love before you can recognize it.


Oneness with the Universe

You can be one with yourself.  A little time spent on healing your wounds, being in the present moment and spending time with yourself and nature can be beneficial to anyone transforming and coming into union alone. Alone time is mandatory when we discuss becoming one with the universe - it is not an option.

It is imperative that you understand that all things connected take time to heal and transform.  We are works in process and as such will require time to heal and regenerate when necessary.  Nothing happens over night and nothing is created on a whim alone.  All things brought into the light, all things good, require time and energy, light and love.

So who and what can connect with our universe?  Everything and anything, simply because we are all part of the all.  All is all and we are that.  There is no question about our existence in the scheme of things.  What we need to do, however, to FEEL that part of ourselves connected is quite a different story.

For eons of time man has gone out of his way to busy himself with creations of his own.  The creation of the wheel, light bulbs, traffic, war and even medicine.  What most men have not seen or paid attention to are the other avenues of light and love available to him.  What if he accessed a higher power one that was more potent than the light bulb, more persuasive than war and lighter and kinder than a mothers gentle touch?  Such things do exist and it is rare and few between that we find men that access this very special gift within the earth plane.

Say you are a wagon.  Inside of you I could put many things.  Fruit, vegetables, light, love, happiness and joy.  I could also put a thread inside that connects to another wagon and in that wagon I might have chocolate and other earthly delights.  Say just by having the thread in your wagon you could access the chocolate in the other wagon simultaneously.  We all have the ability, we all have the connection to the universe around us to access almost anything we desire.  Like the genie in Aladdin, ask and it shall be yours.  Know, and it will come to fruition.  Be, and it will be with you.

Sit still with yourself everyday for five minutes.  Listen to your heart beat, feel your breath and know you are one with god.  Focus on your connection with god.  Where do you feel him?  Is he inside of you or outside?  Is he in your heart or out of your heart?  When you realize he is both in and outside of you and both inside of your heart and outside, you have found oneness.  Be still and know.  I AM that I AM and you too shall become and realize your oneness with the universe.


Ascended Masters and Twin Flame Soul Mates

What do the ascended masters have to do with twin flame soul mates?  Only everything!

For true twin flame soul mates to come into full union with the I AM and join in their ascension, an ascended master must become a sponsor.  Who else could help bring you the tools and people you need to "transcend" your former self?  If you don't know your soul yourself, your past lives, or what you need to work on, you'll need someone who does.

Ascended masters come in all shapes and sizes, nationalities and religions, but one thing remains the same; they all help humanity free themselves from the binds of this world to become a "god free being".  You can be groomed to live in this world, but not of it.

I've prepared the video below for explanation on the masters and how they can help you with your twin flame soul mate and becoming whole yourself.  The audio is soft, but the information provided may be priceless:


Opening to the Divine

As I sat down this morning and waited for the message of the day, I realized there is nothing from me that posts here.  Nothing of value anyway.  Everything beautiful, everything that makes sense, and all the "ah ha's" have come from the divine.  Michael, St Germain, a Brotherhood member, or even Nelson Mandela.  It is the divine part of me that allows them to come through.

Opening to the divine is like opening a can of sauce.  It's bitter at first. You don't know if the sauce is sweet or tangy.   But once you allow yourself to taste it, you realize it's a little bit of both.  A mixture of flavors, sweet, spicy, raw, and rural.  You don't know what to expect with a can of sauce and sometimes with working and allowing the divine to flow through you, you don't know either.

It is the divine part of you that nudges you into doing something you may never have thought of doing, but may have felt like you "had" to do.  It's the divine part of you that sends you messages in dreams that somehow come into play in your real life.  The divine speaks to us in many ways, but somehow most people still think we are not divine, but human.  This exercise will help you to know your true self - your divinity.

You are a divine being brought into creation by source love.  This divinity lives on through you at all times.  To realize your potential you must raise the constricting bars you have placed around yourself.  You must realize all things are possible and that you,like many masters of the ages are capable of the greatest of feats.  Healing, prophecy, and many more talents that are bestowed by our father who created us all.

Take a moment for yourself.  Sit in a chair, upright and tall.  Close your eyes.  Breathe deep.  Inhale to the count of a slow three, exhale to the same count.  Do this three times.  Notice your breath.  The way it feels as it enters your nostrils, the way it feels inside your body.

As you inhale you might notice that the breath is felt at the nostrils, but what happens to it when it enters your body?  Does it disappear?  Do you still feel it?  Inhale deeper and deeper until you feel the air in your chest.

I'm sure you would agree that the air is in there.  That the air has expanded your lungs.  You feel your chest puff up, you felt the air enter, but somehow we can't always feel the air moving within our bodies.  It's like our blood, our veins and our bones.  We know they are part of us, but sometimes we don't feel these things.  Somehow we don't readily identify with them.  Your divinity is the same.

As most people would say what you pay attention to, your attention is drawn to.  Today pay attention to divine things.  Place your thoughts on angels, the silent whisper of the wind moving through the trees, the invisible loving touch of a smile, the silent witness to a flower in bloom and the feeling you have when someone hugs you .  Paying attention to the little things we know are there but have a silent undercurrent is the divine in action.  Our attention when focused there takes on a different form.  One that embraces the unseen and feels its very existence.  In this way, you may realize there is divinity in all things.  Including you.


Purification of the Emotional Body - Getting out of your personal ruts

"The first obstacle, the nervous emotional, we may suppose to be removed by the purification of the nervous system. The second obstacle is that of the emotions themselves warping the impression as it comes. Love may do this, hatred may do this, any emotion or desire according to its power and intensity may distort the impression as it travels. This difficulty can only be removed by the discipline of the emotions, the purifying of the moral habits."

- Sri Aurobindo

In the quote above, Sri talks about the purification of one of our lower bodies - the emotional body. With that comes the responsibility for oneself and mastery of our emotional make up. It doesn't mean that we need to be in control over our emotions, but we can certainly play witness to them when they come up to help eliminate the negative ones.

I have often posted the video featuring the scene from "What the Bleep Do We Know" in relation to this very powerful body. All of our bodies effect one another, and when our emotions come into play they can be one of the strongest stimulus known to man. How often have we heard the phrases like  "Love can conquer all"."There is no power like a mothers love" or know hatred when someone is enraged or have heard of a jealous lover killing another man?

In almost all cases of our misqualification of the powerful emotional energy, we "associate" the event, person, idea or outside stimulus presented to something we have experienced, been taught, or believe. Catching the emotion and why and when it came into play can be a very powerful indicator to disengage that emotion and start to "uproot" the pattern from its unconsious repetition and into the light of your consciousness for purification.

Recently, I had one such occurrence I'm not so proud of, but will share my story with you for an example:

My son came home from college and became ill. I cared for him for several days, came home early to tend to him, and went out several nights and mornings to clinics, drugstores and for "specified" drinking items as he requested. No big deal. However, after he was given his medication, he continued to lay in bed. He began to exhibit a pattern of calling me to bring him water, aspirin, etc. when he had no problem with walking or getting out of the bed. He repeated the pattern multiple times and when he called for me asking for a different medication again on the fourth day, I became angry. My automatic response went into flight without me catching it and I sat with myself for a while before I could put my finger on why I was angry with my sick son.

As I sat, I searched my mind for any clues. Was I angry because he was taking my time? Because he was sick? Or was it something else?

I was bewildered, and quite frankly, bothered by my response. How could I be so cold to my sick son? When the irritating part hit me. I had to ask "when" did I feel myself get angry and how did the feeling come up. What were my thoughts when it did come up, and that's when I got my answer.

Back in my childhood I had an aunt that used to care for me. Her husband was always laying on the couch. Matter of fact I don't think I saw him up from the couch much and he wasn't sick. He constantly yelled out to my aunt to get him things when he was perfectly capable of getting them on his own. He would bellow "Rose! Get me some ice cream" Five minutes later "Rose! Get me another pillow. Rose! Can't you get me a glass of juice?!"  Rose!"

Needless to say he irritated the begeezes out of me. Why on gods green earth couldn't the man get up for himself and get what he wanted. My mind associated my irritation with that man with my son. And in my inner workings I was fearful of becoming "Rose!".

The minute I figured it out I had to tell my son. My response to him came from me, not because of what he was doing, but what I thought he was trying to do to me internally, and he never even knew "Rose". I explained why I became angry with him because now I set off a pattern within him that would make him think that every time he needed me and called for me, I'd get angry. I didn't want him to feel that way, so I had to explain and apologize.

Many teachers have taught us about how our worlds are a reflection of who we are inside. Sometimes, like my story above, it's not so nice to see these kinds of things about ourselves, but we would be wise in recognizing these patterns., For it is these types of patterns that play out every day in our lives without our knowledge. These are the same types of patterns that shape our world.

My son will have children one day as well and when his children are sick I hope he reacts in kindness when they call instead of irritation like his mother once did. Just in making this small change in me, I know I have changed just a little bit of him.  Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Let's all do it and begin to change the world.

Please watch this small video clip below to see how these ruts run rampant and how you can escape some of your "personal" ones.


How to Use the Violet Flame - Clearing the Four Lower Bodies

In our reach to who we truly are, our quest for ascension, or even in the search for our twin flame soul mate, all four lower bodies need to begin being cleared.  We spoke about some methods in prior videos. Meditation and yoga are always good options in clearing some of our fields, but one of the ascended masters has also given us another tool called the violet flame.

St Germain introduced the violet flame years ago in his quest to free humanity from it's binds.  Along with Jesus, St Germain teaches us about the creative center of the heart.  It's firey passion for humanity is able to transform many obstacles, karma and negative energies.  Because of this, he has allowed the violet flame of his heart to manifest through your personal I AM presence and help transmute the energies of your four lower bodies into your original god self.  This process allows for the quickening of your spiritual path and more direct access to your I AM presence and creator.

The following two videos discuss the violet flame, these two ascended masters and how to properly visualize violet flame technique and why.  Using the heart center to "feel" instead of only "seeing" brings the violet flame and other needs and wants into manifestation more easily.  As taught by Jesus, this center is our "creative" birth right.


Seven Steps to a Shift in Consciousness

The Mother

May we all see the day when we can all live by the words of the mother.  

Mother was the twin flame soul mate of Sri Aurobindo from India. The Mother has summarized her twin flame mission as:

 “…my only aim in life is to give a concrete form to Sri Aurobindo’s great teaching and in his teaching he reveals that all the nations are essentially one and meant to express the Divine Unity upon earth through an organized and harmonious diversity”. 

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother strove together to embody and manifest upon earth this Divine Consciousness.  It has been the same for many twin flame unions and as we progress I see the same ideas, consciousness and plea for freedom and unity for all people in every flame union I discover.

As you make your way on your path and embrace the concept of unity, it is important to remember some key points.  We all have been conditioned and as such we have held beliefs for sometimes all of our lives. Yet because we have believed certain things for so long it does not necessarily make them true.

Ascension, twin flame unions, and even navigating through every day life would be well served if your ideas and thoughts were held in suspension.  God simply cannot be defined by man and if you also believe that you may want to hold these concepts in your being as well.  Here are seven steps to a shift in your consciousness:

  • I hold all "truths" I currently believe in a suspended space to allow for what "might" be
  • I will try and not attach anything to the labels I use in my mind to limit my beliefs about a race, nation, community, person or relationship
  • I will allow myself to accept what is or what a person is at all times instead of trying to fight or change the reality
  • I will believe there is only one truth and I have access to it at all times.  
  • Real truth will not necessarily be told by any man or religion or society.  Fulfillment of the truth of the light that I AM can and will be known to me through my personal I AM. 
  • The light of the god within me fulfills my every need and want.
  • I will try to be in the "present" moment, not adding to the thoughts of my past or to the future, but staying on the present, clear and focused with my mission.
We will all realize that these small ideas can change part of the consciousness we currently hold.  Holding our ideas and beliefs aside, we can be open to what not only is possible in life, but open to each other.


Your Calling - St Patrick

Opening up to the possibility that you have a place in the world, that your light is needed, that a purpose has been set forth for you is a great endeavor.  Without you, without the music of your soul, our symphony can never be complete.

Life, as it's been said is a finely tuned orchestra.  Perhaps the birds sing, the mountains hum, the creeks babble and the winds howl.  Each life force brings forth the purpose of existence in form.  Each life center knows it's path within and follows that small voice that leads him there.

Today on St Patricks Day many will pay respect to a saint perhaps, or maybe even the identity of St Patrick the ascended master.  If we look at the stories of the saints and great men of yesterday we will see their path had never been easy, but their chosen and  most cherished worth that they have shared with the world, has been described as something of a "calling."  St Patrick himself had a "dream" which called him back to Ireland and back onto his chosen purpose.

We are all called to do something in life.  For some it may be music, others chemistry, others even may be to preach or seek justice.  What ever that calling is, it is ours and ours alone.  There should be no one and nothing that deters you from the "calling" you are called to.

Some readers wonder how earth will ascend.  They see the sever dysfunction in society and wonder if it will ever happen.  Part of Man in the Mirror PROJECT will be to help reveal your purpose.  Part will be breaking down old patterns, and as you reach for a higher ground you will lift in light all that surrounds you.

We will all take our rightful places if we choose in following our path and finding our song.  You as a woodwind or a flute will play out your raised vibration in harmony with the rest of our world.  As you ascend you will help the earth and others ascend as well just by your BEING here.  What a wonderful and all beneficial way to help our world.  By helping yourself, you automatically raise the vibration of all others.

Today focusing on the trinity of the clover, our wisdom, power and love flames of our heart and the reflection of each heart with rightful purpose, I celebrate your love and commitment to not only yourself but to following your path and calling as St Patrick did.  For in the end it will always be in the oneness that all will benefit.  Happy St Patricks Day!


A Message From the Brotherhood of Light

The Brotherhood of Light is a group of souls who have ascended the earth plane through various lifetimes.  Their mission is to uplift humanity into the light that all were created from.  The Brotherhoods have many different groups that focus on different activities that need to be spread throughout the world in order for mankind to evolve.

Some groups harbor ideas to let humanity unfold on it's own.  Others believe that our intercession is not only necessary, but the only way mankind can survive.

The purpose of the brotherhood is not to condemn, but uplift.  We seek no judgment when we view a disciple or decide to allow our brethren to work with a soul.  All is the all and we have all been in the places everyone is in now.  Our function then, is simply to work on our mission; humanity itself.

If I were to pick a flower and it happened to be one of you, I would enjoy the smell, the aroma and beauty only until the flower faded.  The life force that leaves the flower has eluded me.  I see it no where, I can no longer smell the fragrance or admire your beauty.  Yet your heart,  your mind, and your soul still live.  You still exist among the clouds, the trees, the wondrous mountains and the majesty of all life.  We are the same.  Invisible to the eye, but ever present in the world of man.  Silently working behind the scenes to ensure all life takes it's rightful place in the world.

We are many in number.  We have many helpful souls to help guide the many on your side of the veil, but our presence has sometimes been squandered.  Our light although bright and brilliant, has been held down by the shadows of man for ages.  Now in this new millennium we are delighted to be more present in the world now than ever before.  We hold truths for man that will astound him.  We have gifts to bestow that will delight you.  We only need your faith in us and the rest will come in time.

Your path to your individual light manifestation will be among common man.  Should you choose to embark on the discovery of your soul, there may be many hurdles.  But I promise you you will not fall if we are there.  Our brothers have picked up, strengthened and interceded on many souls through the centuries.  There is not a one of you that we don't deem worthy of the same.  You only need ask and we are there.  You only need love, and feel our presence within you.

If you choose to you, can help us.  Help us unfold this plan.  A plan your father has had in store for you since your very beginnings.  Do you think such a world at this was planned by the all ever seeing eye of the father himself?  The misqualification and misuse of the gifts and knowledge brought here for the children of the light has been severely distorted.  We must all work together to strengthen this wisdom and it's teaching once again.  Hopefully your world will be restored to the bright, shiny planet it once was.  A heaven on earth.

- The Brothers of Light

***For additional background information on this group, please visit the ascension research page here.


Twin Flame Soul Mates - How to Clear the Four Lower Bodies

Twin flame soul mates are real, but there is much work prior to union.  Chances are if you are on the path to a flame, you have spent lifetimes prior in work towards ascension.  Take a look at this video as we discuss what it takes to begin clearing the fields of energy needed to start remembering past lives and coming into contact with your I AM presence:

Saint Germain and I - Our Past and Present Lives

 I'd like to spotlight St Germain, the ascended master I have mentioned many times on this blog.  He is the lord of the seventh ray, the ray of freedom directed toward our planet and is leading the way in the ascension of the planet.  I realize sometimes when you read something it might sound like "fluff", "new age", a little too far "out there" to be believable and so I wanted to give you some background on St Germain to perhaps help you maybe even have an "ah ha" moment.

(wikipedia) St. Germain (also sometimes referred to as Master Rakoczi) is a legendary spiritual master of the ancient wisdom in the Theosophical and post-Theosophical teachings of C. W. LeadbeaterAlice A. BaileyBenjamin Creme, the White Eagle Lodge, modern Rosicrucianism and the Ascended Master Teachings, responsible for the New Age culture of the Age of Aquarius and identified with the Count of St. Germain (fl. 1710–1784), who has been variously described as a courtieradventurercharlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer. He is of central importance to the Saint Germain Foundation.

St. Germain, is one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, and is credited with near god-like powers and with longevity. It is believed that Sir Francis Bacon faked his own death on Easter Sunday, 9 April 1626, attended his own funeral and made his way from England to Transylvania where he found lodging in a castle owned by the Rakóczi family. There, on 1 May 1684, Bacon, by using alchemy, became an immortal occult master and adopted the name Saint Germain and became one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, a group of beings that, Theosophists believe, form a Spiritual Hierarchy of planet Earth sometimes called the Ascended Masters. Thus, according to these beliefs, St. Germain was a mysterious manifestation of the "resurrected form" (or "resurrection body") of Sir Francis Bacon.

Some write that his name St. Germain was invented by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Brother."[1][2][3] In the Ascended Master Teachings (but not in traditional Theosophy), the Master R, or the Master Rakóczi, also known as the Great Divine Director (a term introduced by Guy Ballard in the 1930s) is a separate and distinct being from St. Germain – the Master Rakoczi is regarded in the Ascended Master Teachings as a name used by the Great Divine Director when he was functioning as Saint Germain's teacher in the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters
Forward to the year 1712 Count St Germain mysteriously made his way to Europe.  His birth and background are obscure, but towards the end of his life he claimed that he was a son of Prince Francis II Rákóczi of Transylvania. It has been said that it was the Rakozai castle in Transylvania where he made his ascension.  
The king of France at the time employed St Germain for diplomatic reasons and when Louis and Marie Antoinette took reign he also became their personal friend and advisor.  It was St Germain himself, a freemason, illuminati and secret society member, that tried to help them see that the French Revolution could be avoided.  In the memoirs of Marie Antoinette her lady speaks of  the discussions St Germain and Marie Antoinette had.  His warning of the revolution and instruction to leave France.  Of course that didn't happen.  Too "groomed" to obey, rather than take matters into her own hands, the path of revolt was laid and followed through on.
As you might already know, Marie Antoinette was one of my past lives.  During this lifetime I came upon St Germain standing at my bedside during the early nineteen nineties.  At first I would only see his hand with a ruby freemason's ring on it when I reached out to Michael.   The following might help to see the whole picture coming into a better light:

From http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Nesara-Constitution/saint_germain_hist1.htm:
SAINT GERMAIN was personally known by the French kings, LOUIS XV and LOUIS XVI, and Queen MARIE ANTOINETTE. Had they heeded His advice it would have saved their and many others their lives during the French Revolution. Saint Germain told us in the latter nineteen-thirties that MARIE ANTOINETTE was at that time good at heart but did not withstand the influence at court; that she was in embodiment again in France and that He would see that she was brought in contact with this instruction

The instruction noted above is the instruction from the ascended masters.  I first came upon it when I was doing an art show and kept passing by a booth dedicated to the masters with instruction from a group formed by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  I was drawn over and over again to that booth riddled with photos of the I AM presence.  When I engaged in conversation with the gentlemen present I told them of my draw.  They looked at each other in surprise and handed me my first lesson.  Since I have done some research and when I finally realized it was St Germain that had been with me all along, he began to help me understand the seventh ray and my relationship to Michael.

So it's not so strange when the pieces all fit together and I hope you find it as fascinating as I do that these masters help us in so many ways.  Don't be afraid to reach out to them.  You never know what kind of help they can give until you actually do..


World Peace Treaty - We Want YOU!

michael jackson dangerous album cover_elephant man
From the "Dangerous" Album
We are the ones that hold
the world in the palm of our
Please sign the petition
for world peace

In my lifetime I have received many visions from where Michael has been. When he lived it was when he was sitting on an airplane, in hotels, sometimes at home watching the television.  Since his passing, I have been surprised at times to have been receiving the same visions.  Some have been of his life on the other side, sometimes he is with others that have passed, and sometimes he is helping others still on earth.

This matter is very difficult for me to discuss.  It is both emotional and devastating.  When my friend Dr. Maurie Pressman was still living, he liked this story.  I was ambivalent.  Not sure how I felt about it, but I now realize it's pressing need to not only be shared, but for something to be done about it.

It was some months back when I saw a screaming woman.  She was running, then hiding, and as most of the visions I sometimes "share" with Michael, I knew he was there with her.  I wasn't sure what to think of it.  Wasn't sure what to do if anything and I had no idea where she even was.  Since then we had talked about that vision and many times I can "feel" Michael's absence and wonder where he has gone.  I now know where he does go and the reasons he goes there.  He was helping the woman to escape from her captures.  The scene was devastating for me.  I could feel the sheer terror and would never want to be in any situation even remotely close to what the woman was experiencing.  Yet with Michael's help, she was brought to safety.

It's not unusual for spirits of the departed to help others.  Often times you come up with an idea, or some small little voice inside of you gives you the right direction to head in.  Michael, Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, and many, many others on the other side of the veil are still helping much of humanity.  It has come to my attention, however, that they too need helping hands on earth to fulfill the peaceful mission they wish to complete.

We currently have devastation and uprising all over the world.  The crimes against humanity are astounding.  Women, children, especially are being bombarded with hate crimes and left for dead in the streets.  Our little boys are growing up to know only war and violence and I am quite afraid we are only laying the ground work for a continued and escalated state of violence for our future.  Our hearts close when we experience violence and such mistreatment of life.  Our hearts and minds grow numb when we hear the words or see the images on the television, and not enough is being done to restore peace, to restore faith, or to restore healing to not only our nations but to our children and those affected by this awful calamity.

I have tried speaking to Mr Mandela about this conflict and ask for your assistance in seeing this through.  He gives me strength and courage to speak when I know his story and of his success.  I am asking you too to take courage and strength from Mr Mandela's story.  To raise your voice and get your pen.  We'd like to propose a resolution and we'd like you to propose it with us.  You have nothing to lose and may you realize just a few minutes of your time can help us all gain a possible brighter future for all.

We have outlined a letter to the United Nations we'd like you to share.  You can also write your own, ask your children to write, start a classroom activity, and ask others to write as well.  Please send it to the United Nations via snail mail, or copy and paste to one of the other organizations below over the net.  Please tweet, re-tweet, and post everywhere and anywhere.  We must sound our voices together in order to achieve peace for our planet. Too many of us have sat in silence while others have died and are suffering needlessly.

The Letter

The Honorable Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary General
760 United Nations Plaza
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr Secretary-General,

We value and commend the work you and the United Nations have done on behalf of humanity.  As we  follow the news reports from across the globe, we feel the urgency and importance of making change.  Our children, our worlds precious resources and humanity as a whole suffer often times at the hands of those who mistreat and misuse their power.  Our governing officials must take remedies to ward off future destruction of the human race and our planet.

We propose a new treaty for implementation by the United Nations.  A World Peace Treaty to be signed by all countries, all nations and all governing officials.  It's subject matter here-into shall be deemed  to keep peace in all areas, all countries and in all nations at all times.  To ensure and protect the rights of all of humanity and life itself.  Peace and humanity must come first and foremost.  Our priority must now be on world issues and not only on who gets control this week of a nation.  The bullying done on the playgrounds at schools has now become the bullying of the worlds nations at large.  This must stop now.  We must be heard.  We must take action.

To ensure the safety of all peoples, all children and our earth we must develop new ways, and new strategies to uphold our god given liberties of the simple freedom to live a life free from destruction, war, and greed.  We humbly implore you to take a stand and help make changes now.  Please revisit the purpose in which the United Nations was formed.  Please meet with all United Nations council members and embrace the larger picture of a humanity coming to its knees at the opposing side of grown up bullies now holding our world captive.

Our cycles of humanity must change.  We are breeding future bullies in the children now exposed to only violence in their countries.  We are breeding closed hearts to humanity and closed minds to the affairs of the world and there remains a growing need for a commitment to peace for and by all.  Our ONE humanity all living in our ONE world.  We must take care of our earth and brothers and sisters as if we are one world instead of different countries, different cultures.   Should any governing official or group start violence or engage in it against this treaty, may ALL other nations hold them responsible in the name of peace keeping for all peoples and the right to life and human dignity as a whole.

Thank you for your sincere consideration of this proposal.


Your Name Here

One of many concerned people living in our world. 

Other Places to send a letter asking for support and sample letter to copy and paste:

Sample Letter

I recognize and commend your organization for standing for human justices and treatment.  I wanted to write and ask for the support of your organization in an idea that has touched my heart.

As I  follow the news reports from across the globe, I feel the urgency and importance of making change.  Our children, our worlds precious resources and humanity as a whole suffer often times at the hands of those who mistreat and misuse their power.  Our governing officials must take remedies to ward off future destruction of the human race and our planet.

I am making my voice heard in proposing a new treaty for implementation by the United Nations.  A World Peace Treaty to be signed by all countries, all nations and all governing officials.  It's subject matter here-into shall be deemed  to keep peace in all areas, all countries and in all nations at all times.  To ensure and protect the rights of all of humanity and life itself.  Peace and humanity must come first and foremost.  Our priority must now be on world issues and not only on who gets control this week of a nation.  The bullying done on the playgrounds at schools has now become the bullying of the worlds nations at large.  This must stop now.  We must be heard.  We must take action.

To ensure the safety of all peoples, all children and our earth we must develop new ways, and new strategies to uphold our god given liberties of the simple freedom to live a life free from destruction, war, and greed.  We humbly implore you to help us take a stand and help make changes now.  Please have your organization ask the UN to revisit the purpose in which the United Nations was formed.  Please ask them to meet with all United Nations council members and embrace the larger picture of a humanity coming to its knees at the opposing side of  grown up bullies.  

Our cycles of humanity must change.  We are breeding future bullies in the children now exposed to only violence in their countries.  We are breeding closed hearts to humanity and closed minds to the affairs of the world and there remains a growing need for a commitment to peace for and by all.  Our ONE humanity all living in our ONE world.  We must take care of our earth and brothers and sisters as if we are one world instead of different countries, different cultures.   Should any governing official or group start violence or engage in it against this treaty, may ALL other nations hold them responsible in the name of peace keeping for all peoples and the right to life and human dignity as a whole.

I would be very grateful for your support of this and know you, as I do as well, that only we hold the future of our wold in our own hands.  Making our voices heard is our first step in making true change for tomorrow.


Your Name Here

2. Al-Haq
30. Human Rights Watch (HRW)