Michael Jackson, ONE Consciousness and Albert Einstein

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Throughout eons of time, the world consciousness has gone from a very technical mind to superstitions, and back again to the material.  With new discoveries and the age of science the world has learned much.  Yet turning our backs on the human, our connections to each other and our world is the worst thing we can do to our world and ourselves.

When I look at the work I am embarking on, I find it odd that those before me have done so much and humanity has paid so little attention to it.  People I thought I knew for one reason or another, information I came upon thinking it was for other reasons, have all led me down the same path: Consciousness.

Sri Arubindo and Mother, the twin flames Michael introduced me to wrote a great deal about consciousness.  Michael himself wrote about consciousness.  My dear friend Maurie D Pressman, MD wrote about consciousness.  Edgar Cayce wrote about consciousness.  Paramhansa Yogananda wrote about consciousness.  So what does it mean and what is it all telling us?

What we are IS consciousness.  Many people I've spoken to don't believe the passage in Paramhansa's book Autobiography of a Yogi, when he talks about being able to see inside a woman he met.  To feel her feelings, see her life and visions.  Yet my friend Maurie D Pressman, MD, had the same to say.  That when he was with some patients there were no words they needed to express.  That at times he knew and could feel them from the inside.

What great testimony to the fact that we are all connected.  How can a psychic read how you feel or where your life is going if there wasn't a consciousness about you that she or he was able to connect to?  And how could life go on past the physical body if our consciousness didn't live on?

This weekend I took some time to revisit a movie called Powder released in 1995.  I was touched by the scene I posted below.  I remember feeling Michael when he died.  He not only went through me, but I became him and I remember feeling the energy encompassing everything; everything in the world.  At that time my thoughts were he was larger than life, literally.  Maybe a great spirit. Now, however, my beliefs and thoughts have shifted.  It is apparent that the transition he made was back into a greater state of oneness.  Not because he was such an advanced soul, but because he was part of us all and we all are a part of him, and everything else in this great big world.  

Here in the scene from the movie, Powder, the main character, talks about what he felt when the sheriffs wife died.  More testimony to our greatness, oneness and the need to care for one another and our earth.


Other Michael Jackson "Twin Flame Soul Mates"

I just received a sweet link from a friend searching for her twin.  It made me realize that I had forgotten what it was like searching for the truth on my own.  Many things happen in our lives that we search to find answers for.  Some things seem unexplained and magical.  Those are the things that perplex us and we try to find meaning for.  Yet each time we reach for an explanation, most often we reach from our own conditioned thinking and within the realm of our own perceptional lense.

Everyone looks at what happens to them differently based on what they believe and what their experiences have been.  For those with "special" experiences with Michael Jackson, and there seem to be many, I'd ask that you hold these experiences in your heart without judgement.  Many times when something spiritual happens we want to define it by an earthly name, and in this instance it seems many are defining their experiences as "twin flame".

You might have noticed I changed the title of this blog some time ago for that reason.  Any experience that someone else has had does not change my own.  And, if someone else seems to think they are Michael Jackson's "twin soul", who am I to say they are not.  I only know my experience.  I know what I've come to find out about those experiences and I changed the title to Becoming One because of that.

I work with many guides and Michael has brought me many other people to meet from the other side.  I did not seek to connect with Nelson Mandela, but he came to me.  That doesn't mean he is my twin flame.  What ever definition we put on "twin flame" it doesn't hold water on the other side.  We are creations upon creations, all connected to the same source and in that we are also connected to each other.

When Michael passed he entered into consciousness.  I felt that consciousness literally expand the whole globe.  Believing then that others have been touched by his spirit is not out of the question.  It was matter of fact expected.  Yet we have to be careful as we come to this age were our spiritual realities begin to merge with our physical reality.  Remember, the world was once flat.  Later they found it was round.  And by that I mean we cannot "label" our experiences with anyone in one slot or another even though the human mind might want to really, really try.

I write about flames because in my definition of them and from my experiences it's what's held true for me.  I started the blog as Michael's twin flame only to lend some form of relationship to him in telling the truth about his death and how I would know.  Connections come in all sorts of degrees.  Our perceptions of them vary.  There are many young people looking for information that run across bad information on the internet and elsewhere and because of some I've even thought to take this blog down.  But I feel it's important to not only share experiences at this juncture, but to be open to other peoples beliefs and experiences, even though they are not like our own.  This doesn't mean to believe everything you hear or read.  On the contrary.  Like anything else we must weigh our decisions and beliefs based on how it feels for us.  If you are reading something, trying to validate something, seek your inner wisdom first.  Not someone else's opinion.

Everyone's path is different and we all have different thoughts on what that path is.  Michael Jackson had an image and a heart that reached throughout the globe.  Of course everyone still loves who and what they thought Michael Jackson was.  I honor that for him and for each one that loves him.  That's exactly why we are here.  To love and care for one another.  Labeling and/or taking ownership of another person, however, is wrong.  I don't own Michael.  I can't say he is mine.  He belongs to the world as does Nelson Mandela, Elizabeth Taylor and even you.  We each have a special place in the universe and a special song and purpose to fulfill.  My work with Michael and our connection serve a purpose and I believe I know what that is.  If you feel you have a connection with Michael and feel the love inside, I hope you explore it further and find what you can do with that love to help heal yourself and the world around us.  We are here residing in ONE consciousness.  Make your time here count.


Love Sounds Like . . .

"Love sounds like . . . . Om
Love tastes like . . .  mmmm
Loves feels like . . . ohh
Loves is like . . a blanket

Love can be subtle, it can be kind, it can hurt, but it can't kill.  Love always knows love will conquer all evil in the world.  Love acts and feels like a force more powerful than the universe because it is.  Love in action takes causes to there heights and pushes the limits of hatred.  Love can conquer fear and any emotion that arises that counters it.  Love can act in play, it can sound amusing, it can sound alarming, it can sound soothing.  Your perception of love is key.  Does love sound like trumpets or does love sound like whispers?  Does the love in your heart reflect what you need to say aloud or does the love you feel need to be set free?

Feel love today and how love feels for you.  Each of us have a different expression of love; a different interpretation.  How we express our love to the world is how we receive it."

-Michael Jackson


Fifth Year Anniversary - Message from Michael

For some reason most people think that because someone is in the public eye or says something publicly it holds more meaning.  Stars are more "important" or what someone "famous" says is better than an every day Joe.  I've learned through the years that most often it's just the opposite. It's the lady serving food at the shelter for the homeless or the nurse who checks on dad just one more time before she leaves her shift that makes the most difference in the world.  The ones that really count.

Five years ago today I watched a multitude of people come out of the woodwork to say and pay tribute to Michael Jackson.  His artistry, the mark he had made on history and his inspiration around the world.  Yet the most touching part of any of those tributes was from a little girl unknown to the public at the time, named Paris.  Michaels daughter Paris, stood at the microphone of a star studded theater and simply spoke from her heart.  It was the most meaningful speech I have every heard and paid tribute to Michael in more ways than one in a demonstration of pure emotion.

I don't like to celebrate this day.  I don't like to remember it.  I'd rather have Michael still here in the body.  Selfishly I wish he could have remained.  And, although I am assured he is still here in spirit, as are many others that have passed, I will miss his earth life a great deal.  In thinking about what I could write on this particular day I could think of no other way to pay tribute to my friend and soul partner than to speak from the heart.

I miss the anticipation of his next album and hearing what he told me he was writing about.

I miss him singing the lyrics to his next songs

I miss the way he defied the lies told about him

I miss his courage and conviction in the truth

I miss the way he wanted to change the world

I miss the anticipation of meeting him the next time

I miss the wondering about what great good he would do

I miss the way he gave whole proceeds from tours to charity

I miss the way his heart sank when someone else felt sad

I miss the way he used his celebrity to help heal the world

But most of all, I miss the way he still believed in people even though they treated him so cruelly.  It's  not often we are blessed with people like Michael and Nelson Mandela; I could name many, but it seems the ones that do the most good are persecuted the worst.  After every thing was said and done, looking back at Michael's life I see nothing but sacrifice and goodness.  At the hands of a very cruel public and greedy men around him, he still maintained a sense of innocence and belief in humanity and our world as a whole.  I pray his life holds testament to the power of our father, our faith and the way we can all live our lives.  Believing in ourselves, a higher power, a true calling and making a difference in the world we are all a part of.

On this day June 25, 2014, five years after his death I still mourn the "what could have been".  I still hold onto what can be no longer, but what can be is the dream.  We are still dancing and will keep on dancing, dream after dream, and in that I know that the love we shared and that he shared with the world will go on forever.  He is now the sun, the moon and the stars.  Where we are, he is and where he is we will be.  So as you continue your dance in life remember this very important thing:  Where ever love is you'll find yourself, where you find yourself you will find me.  When all is lost in the world there is still hope and that hope is what keeps our dreams alive.  A hope for a better tomorrow, a wish for a better way of living, and a dream of being one in all our hearts.

Message from Michael:  

"Being together with you has been inspiring for me too.  I see your faces light up in the crowds of people and it makes my heart soar.  I loved to hear the cheers, the laughter and the play of the children at my home in Neverland and I'll never forget the love shared on this day of my passing and others.  The prayers and heart felt wishes continue and I'm amazed at all the love the world has to offer one man like me.  My children remain in my heart as do many others at this time and always.  If you wish to see me again, make a solemn vow to believe in yourself and when you do you will believe in me.  Like Christ said I have come and I have risen.  I do the same and so will you.  When your time comes we'll be together.  For now the space between us is small and in the future that space  will be even smaller.  Planes come together in unison and all things will be made manifest and seen on many levels.  I hope you enjoyed my music.  My life was incredible and lived to the fullest I could imagine.  I missed some things, you know that, but I'd do it all over again knowing how it has changed so many lives.  My wish to heal the world has touched many and because of that there are many still carrying on that work.  Thank you so much for taking the time to honor my life and family.  You are so important to the work that needs to be done in the world still.  I say that.  I mean it.  We are still working on this side too.  Elizabeth, Nelson, we all are trying to do our part.  So keep going, don't give up.  Love each other and make a way for a new world beginning now.  Peace and love to everyone, especially my family, my children and friends that have been so so dear to my heart.  Alexandria be good, I know you read this.  Don't forget what I told you, good men don't die . . . "


Twin Flame Meeting Intercessions

Although we've taken a little break from posting while writing the book, I've had several people ask about the Brotherhood of Light and the karmic board.  I feel compelled to share more information regarding twin flame soul mates and their path because of it.

If you have incarnated into the earth plane with your twin flame, there is most likely something within you that tells you that something profound is happening underneath your every day conscious life.  The twin flame relationship is a soul relationship.  It is that other part of you that is connected divinely to another.  That connection is never broken, but to connect to that other part of yourself you must transcend your former self and begin to climb the ladder of ascension.

I can't speak for all flames or all soul relationships, but from my experience I can tell you that the deepest soul connection that you have with your flame is in divine love.  That is love from the heart center and will eventually, if not already, transcend into love for humanity.  Just like Jesus the Christ.  Speaking of Christ, that's exactly where you will be headed.  In ascending you are reaching higher, to be closer to god.  All that you wish and desire is to be close to your creator and in reaching you will come into contact with your own Christ self, the I AM presence.  That presence is where your flame connection is as well.  If it is brought to attention to by both parties your connection will seem stronger, for now your consciousness has been set on it.  It no longer only resides in the unconscious state of unremembered dreams or out of body contact or conversations.

At some point in your journey you will come to a point in time that you will make a conscious decision to live like all mankind lives now or break your binds and seek a higher path.  In doing so you will give yourself up in service.  You'll realize there have been others that have gone before you.  They have graduated the earth school and in turn, extend their hand to help others do the same.  These earth school graduates are often termed "ascended masters".  It is said that Jesus himself had assistance from those that even were before him.

I believe other sites make a distinction between ascension and twin flame soul mates.  I might be out on a limb here, but I do believe uniting with a true flame is a fruit of the labor of ascension.  The two, in my opinion, go hand in hand.  Being a relationship of the soul, we are all created and connected at some level, however flames unite when the soul is ready to graduate and part of the graduation is given in service to humanity.

That brings us to why flames incarnate on earth.  They incarnate for service to humanity.  That's why they say twin flames always have a "mission".  It is that mission that will always come before any romantic involvement or earthly relationship.  Many people try to fit the flame relationship into a human mold and it's just not the fit that works.  Flame relationships are about an all encompassing love, dedication and service to humanity.  Unfortunately, or not, we can't fit them into a neat and tidy earth concept box.  Yet us as humans try and when things don't go the way "we" think they should we question why and even begin to think that we might be getting punished in some respects.  As one person put it, why would you be given such a close connection with someone if you couldn't come together?

I had these same kinds of questions and it wasn't until Michael died did I get answers.  That was a long time though.  Many years of wondering and many times being told not to approach him, or on the other hand to go to certain functions.  The people doing the telling were the Brotherhood of Light.  I had made a determination at that time to serve with them.  That my life be used in service to the father.  Although we have free will and I could have approached Michael I did not - even with him looking directly at me.

To watch something like this not knowing probably looks pretty crazy.  But when you give yourself in service you learn along the way to listen to your advisers.  These are the ones that know your karma, your mission, and why both you and your flame have come.  They see things from a better perspective than you can on the earth plane.  Your faith in them must be strong enough to trust in the higher purpose and mission you have been given.  You will be tested, many times, along the way.

That said, it's not in any way a picnic and not an easy thing to do.  Walking away from a flame and not knowing why is probably the most difficult thing you can do.  Looking back I do know why they made the decisions they did then.  Yet at the time, I did not.  That being said, there were times when I petitioned the karmic board for intercessions on our behalf.  This means I consciously sought the council of these great ascended masters to intercede and allow us to come together.
For those of you who have read my book, you'll know in one session I was vehemently denied. The denial came because it would have interrupted our mission and therefore our purpose in coming to earth to begin with.  I now look back at that time and where I was and although it would have been super fun to be with Michael, I know I wouldn't have been strong enough to endure what was ahead.  I most likely would have died along side of him and no one would be left here to further our work together.

But all was not lost at all times.  There were times when this same group helped us come face to face.  It was during these face to face physical meetings that the expansion of our energy ensued and that all powerful third energy was able to be created.  Ascended masters do and will make the way when the time is ready.

That said, should you be in a similar situation, you can take a request to the karmic board.  These masters don't take things lightly, so let that be said first.  They know your mind, your thoughts and your intentions.  Twin flame unions are major deals, so if you decide to ask for intercession, know what you're asking before you do.

The process is simple.  If you've come this far, you've most likely been given some guidance already.  Your intention should be firmly planted in our mind.  That intention should be reviewed before seeking counsel and before going to sleep.  Sleep state, the unconscious state is important here because the counsel resides on the other side of the veil.  You will have to journey out of body to meet them.

Before going to sleep state to yourself "I will seek counsel tonight for meeting ...... and I will remember their answer to me by awakening".  In this sense you will be afforded to meet with them and awaken upon their response.  Karmic board members make decisions but they are not final.  Although if you are truly a being of ascension and truly trying to accomplish something with your flame, I highly suggest you take their advice.  At some point you may even realize you simply can't go against it.  It's just not in you any more.

There are other methods as well.  You can write them a letter then let it burn, visualizing the letter being sent through the ethers, however, the above method I've found to work best.  In this way you know what they have determined, and you are assured that when and if you are to come together on the earth plane, your meeting WILL BE divinely guided.

More soon . . 


Remembering the Time Confirmations, Fans, The Brotherhood and My New Book

I still have not read the book "Remembering the Time - Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days", however, I just received a troubling email from a woman named Susan Shand, aka "Kiwi Girl" who believes that Michael Jackson killed himself and has tried every avenue she can to contact me, even though I have reported and blocked her.  It seems she's very upset that I am "confirming" my connection to Michael.   I can't imagine what this might mean to her that she would go to so much trouble.  She has in the past written to tell me that Michael actually killed himself and has gone out of her way to write a lengthy poor review on Amazon; not even of my book, but on what her thoughts on the subject of twin souls are.  If you are a reader of this blog, you might already know the whole reason I started this blog was to let people know the truth.

Normally you don't pay attention to people like this, however, I've noticed ever since I started this blog I've had every kind of Michael Jackson fan come out of the woodwork to tell me about who I am and what I'm about.  Not only that, but it has been made painfully obvious that jealousy abounds when something real is pointed to.  The fantasy authors and women who share their love for Michael selfishly seem to stick together, but the truth seekers, true fans and this blog remain in the truth, not in fantasy.

With that let me remind you that if you are true fan of Michael Jackson the man and not the image, you too might be interested in the truth, not fiction.  If you believed Michael wanted to spread the message of ONE, then you might also believe he might have wanted to PROVE that we are.  Even now.

If you have listened to the psychic reading on the side bar I received a few years ago, you probably heard the word murder.  However, there is more that she states and it has to do with "proof".

During this whole process it's been very difficult for me to come out with this story.  I realized from the beginning how incredible it would sound.  The reader confirmed for me that Michael would provide "proof" that I needed to make our story sound.  Michael has never lied to me and has made good on everything he has stated he would do for me.  The "proof" was there and now there is more "proof" in this new book.

On November 12, 2012, I did a blog post regarding another book called "Untouchable,’ Michael Jackson’s Life", by Randall Sullivan.  This book got a lot of press.  Television shows, radio, you name it.  It claimed that this man knew the life of Michael Jackson.  These people that have come out of the wood work to ride on the coat tails of Michael Jackson are amazing.  He didn't know him and claimed he never was with a woman.  My post relayed information that I saw to negate this. You can read the full post here:


Here is a quote from that post:

"All of the press lately around his sexuality is just disturbing. Although Michael and I were not together as a couple, being connected to him I saw and felt many things. Some I have not even written in the book, but I would think would come to the surface on their own. I'm not one to gossip, but if the story needs to be set straight, then lets put it out there.

One thing I can say for sure is that Michael Jackson was not gay. Several times during the course of his life I saw him with women. One in a hotel, another at his home"

That was about two years ago.  The recent release of the book by Michael's personal bodyguards has again confirmed this fact that was NEVER brought out to the public before:

"The duo claim that during their employment, they picked up several women for their boss, including one with an Eastern European accent who was referred to only as “Friend.” They said she stayed at a nearby Hampton Inn, where Jackson would visit her at night after his kids went to sleep."

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/new-book-poop-michael-jackson-article-1.1762344#ixzz33s51j6iR

I believe the Hampton Inn is a hotel.  This confirmation is very important.  One blog reader wrote to ask how happy I was about this book coming out.  Happy isn't the word for it.  Relieved and grateful that we can go forward as well as very happy someone had the decency to write the truth.

My purpose is not to prove that Michael Jackson and I are in love.  Many years ago we made an agreement and one that I intend on sticking to.  The spirits, the souls who reside on the other side, including Michael Jackson, have asked for our assistance.  If you believe in god, angels, or spirit guides then it shouldn't be too far of a stretch to believe that there are those who wish to assist humanity.

We are in an age were humanity itself is advancing.  When Michael still lived I was asked to assist a group of beings called The Brotherhood of Light in bringing divine order into the consciousness.  Consciousness is what Michael and I shared when he lived and now that he has passed.  Consciousness is what all of us share and in order for "order" to be placed in the consciousness there must be proof, documentation and someone to facilitate it.  One of those people will be me.

It's been said that even Jesus himself had help from these wonderful beings in his ascension to the throne of god.  They have been by my side steadily and supported me through the worst of times.  I have NO intention of letting my part of this deal down.  I WILL take every bit of confirmation and post it as well as publishing every bit of information I can on their behalf.  It is with this goal in mind that I not only work with Michael Jackson, but with the Brotherhood and those Michael brings to me on the other side as well.  This includes Nelson Mandela and Elizabeth Taylor.  If it seems strange that they would want to help humanity, just look at their lives when they lived.

To me this is AMAZING stuff.  People should be so excited that there is proof of our connectivity.  Proof that you have a twin soul; proof that mankind has lied about our very creation.  That we are more than what mankind wanted us to believe.  Put that truth on the news and on TV instead of how big the Kardashians behinds are.

Therefore, should either Susan Shand or Susan Elsa (the "other twin soul" fantasy author), or anyone else like them in their thinking have a problem with confirmations, please feel free to take that up with the Brotherhood of Light.  You can contact Melchizedek directly.  I don't play drama.  I am NOT here for that.

Going forward let me explain what we hope the new book will do.

  • Validate life after death
  • Validate a consciousness that connects us all
  • Prove Michael Jackson was murdered
  • Validate the connection of twin souls and twin souls after death
Now if it were me, I'd be excited about this work.  I hope you are too.  The love story people seem to think or believe I'm after telling is real.  But the love we are talking about here is on a much grander scale then I think many of you have realized.  I've heard it said before that there are turtles and there are giraffes.  The turtles can only see what's on the ground, but the giraffes can see for miles.  When it comes to this work I hope you can see like the giraffe.  It is this outlook, this approach that takes us the farthest.  

Bringing divine order into the consciousness is a group effort.  I know there are others like me that do this work.  I'm asking you to take your rightful place and begin to do your job too.  Together we can make the difference needed to move this planet to its higher state of being.  If you don't believe me believe Nelson Mandela.  If you don't believe him, believe Michael Jackson himself.

On November 10, 2008, Michael Jackson sent a note to his fans that were gathered in front of his rented property in Los Angeles, California. The note reads:

"You make me sooo happy, I can feel your energy through the walls. The sky is the limit. Higher consciousness always. [I’m] working hard, as always, [on] music, film, performance. I love you, Michael Jackson”....Michael truly loved ALL of his fans that's what he meant when he said we are ONE.  Now we just need to prove it and get the rest of the world to participate in this new higher consciousness and in a new frame of mind.

** This will be my last post to this blog site until the release of the book **


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Self-Conscious

Making connections with others in the spirit realm requires some diligence on your part.  Moving into the right alignment with your higher self requires patience and persistence.  When you continue to practice your craft, you continually get better.  If your craft is yourself, your well being and spiritual health, you have to make time to practice, look inward and reflect.

Most often we get caught up in our day.  We are reacting to the events and what transpires around us.  Very often we are not consciously making deliberate decisions at all.  We move through what feels comfortable, our routine, our habits, often times wondering why nothing in our life seems remarkable and sometimes even boring.

I'd like to think that mankind might become more conscious of his surroundings and who he is.  If we focused more on slowing down, realizing that our job and our habits are not us, we might be able to focus on the finer part of our beings, our spirits.  Our souls are the essence of who we are, the consciousness that resides as the witness to our experience here on earth.  When you consciously connect with that part of you, your world changes and the colors you had once seen in your life begin to change into a myriad of colors, blending beautifully like the sea itself.

There isn't one of us that doesn't touch the life of another.  If we were all cans of paint we'd blend together beautifully, expressing ourselves with different vibrations, different gifts, and different voices.  Our harmony is expressed in the upper spheres of the spiritual world.  Sometimes it is given a shutter from the sounds of war.  Sometimes when people are in prayer or the monks begin their meditations, the sounds and vibrations change.  It is this focused energy of the few who consciously reach higher that make all the difference for the rest of us.

Imagine a world full of people like this.  All expressing their divinity, reaching for a higher power and consciously acting in ways to benefit the all instead of only a few.  It is with this creativity, the seeds of knowledge and the openness of the child that this world will be healed and transformed.  I do believe that, do you?


Twin Flame Soul Mates - Energetic Blueprint

When it comes to twin flame soul mates, many people "assume" they are the same.  In some ways this statement is true, and in others, not so much.

Twin flame soul mates are from the same energetic blueprint.  That blueprint resides in the spiritual part of them both - the soul.  If I were to build a house I would first start with a blueprint or plan.  That blueprint would be the intended design of the house or in this case the soul.  This is what will give the twins their mission, drive and passion.  These things that were set into motion from the beginning through their energetic blueprint, will be the same for both twins.  This is the driving force and motivational factor that drives them both.

Yet as with some blueprints for a home, what's built upon and in the home afterwards can be quite different.  Even though we may use the same blueprint upon the inception of building, the actual brick color may be different, the interior color, the flooring used and the decor.  Now two homes using the same blueprint may look vastly different at first glance, yet underneath you will find the base of the two are the same.  This also holds true for twin flame soul mates.  The blueprints or design of the soul is the same, yet the decor, the outside appearance, what's put in our house, or personalities can be at opposite sides of the spectrum.

It is with our individualized self that we will come into union with our flames.  At one time I thought twins had to be the same in everything in order for the twin relationship to be valid.  That's not true.  Matter of fact, far from it.  It will not be until you yourself have reached a point of balance and individualization that you will be united or can be united with your twin.  The twin union occurs on a soul level, but in order for you to feel it here on earth you must be able to access your soul or I AM presence where the union is felt and is occurring.

It should be noted when the two do join they still retain a separate identity.  Although twins merge and become one, they still retain the badge of ascension and individualized presence in the I AM.  It is in this way that the two can become powerful complimentary axis of balance in the universe.  For every yin there is a yang.  For every motion there is rest and for every darkness there is light.  It is no different with twins.  The very nature of our universe is built on duality, opposites and balance.  When twins come into union it is this balance that is also maintained.  One twin will never absorb the other to become like them.  It is a joint effort, joint mission to be strong and well developed individually so that each twin can bring its most powerful and light infused self with them for the final union.  It is here, and only here, that their true mission and work, the light they can lend to the planet itself, can take place.

This photo depicts twin souls whose reach to their personalized I AM
presence (their soul or light of god) unites them back in wholeness on the spiritual planes.
These planes are not seen by the physical eye.  This union is internal and can only be felt by the two.
It is here that telepathy, thought and feeling transfer, can take place easily and automatically, for the two
are already one in the same.


New Book Reveals CONFIRMING Details on Michael Jackson and TWIN SOULS

There has been a new book released by Michael's security guards. Entitled "Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days"  I haven't read it, didn't know the guards but am posting a recent article written about it for a very important reason.  Part of the work that Michael and I do together is to prove that we are all connected.  As I've said before, I was connected to Michael spiritually long before he passed on.  In my book entitled "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls", I cited some very specific things for a reason - confirmations.  To make the work valid by backing up my writing with evidence.
Much of my memoir can be validated through current public findings, although this new book and article below cites other very important confirmations from my book that was published back in 2012.
It's now 2014, and it's time to ask yourself this question if you have ever doubted twin flame connections: 
"If I wasn't a twin flame to Michael or spiritually connected, then how did I get the information printed on the pages of my book from over two years ago?"
This validation comes as evidence of the twin soul relationship, telepathy, and our very close bonds as ONE human race.  
Excerpts from my book are posted below.  The corresponding evidence and confirmations are highlighted in the article re-posted from the original site:
Chapter:  Paris, 2006 page 321
"A few weeks after my return from France, I received a vision of Michael sitting on a plane, staring out the window.  I knew he must be thinking of me because that's how it always started, so I asked:
Where are you?
On a plane
Where are you going?
I'm coming back to the States.
A smile hit my face as the warmth of his words radiated my chest.  He's coming home.
Chapter:  The Great Void,  2007 page 322
"This year started with the official news that Michael was back in the States"

Refer to yellow highlighted section for confirmations of this area of the book.
Pink highlighted sections are confirmations from other blog posts on this site.
Chapter:  Paris, 2006 page 316
"Where were you?
I couldn't be there.
I waited for you. Why weren't you there?
I couldn't.  They lost my luggage; I had trouble getting to the hotel.
- He was angrier than I had ever heard and felt before.  I wan't sure what to say or do. -
I'm sorry.  I just couldn't.  I'm sorry.  What about tomorrow?
I can't tomorrow. I have to be in Italy to meet with a designer."
Designer Roberto Cavalli (Italian pronunciation: [roˈbɛrto kaˈvalːi]) (born 15 November 1940) is an Italian fashion designer from Florence. He is known for exotic prints and for creating the sand-blasted look for jeans. 
Refer to green highlighted section in the article for confirmation on this section of the book
Chapter: Paris, 2006 page 314
"I arrived at the airport in Paris and noticed a man following me.  My luggage had not arrived and I stood in line waiting for assistance when I saw him staring at me.  He was on the phone and said, "She looks great, very beautiful."
Refer to blue highlighted section in the article for confirmation on this section of the book
Chapter: Chicago, 2008 page 336
"How have you been? How was your day?
It was fine.  But my family is pressuring me
For what?
They want me to perform with them again.
Still? What do you think? Do you want to?
Not really. But they're my family, so what do I say?
Tell them you've done that already, that you loved the time you performed together, but now it's different.
Yes, I guess.
Do you like to tour?  I didn't think you liked to be on the road all the time.
No! I do hate it.  I like to perform, but not tour.
Chapter: The Great Void, 2007 page 328
"Michael Jackson and I were still speaking.  His family wanted him to record with them again and to tour.  The simple fact that he said anything about it told me he was concerned about it.  He didn't want to but felt torn.  It was his family after all. "
Chapter: A New Beginning, 2009 page 348
"As I walked from my office to the foyer, the visions started.  I knew it was Michael.  His life stream was passing through my very being, similar to when he went through the trial, but much, much stronger.  It wasn't that he was running through me it was as if I was him.
I always wondered what his life was like in the public eye.  Now I felt it.  Larger than life, massively explosive, I felt the eyes upon me as if I was him, the enormous pressure not only from the public, but also from his family and other people around him.  His presence in the world was huge, even though I never knew it and could have never imagined it.  But I now knew how much of his privacy had been taken away.  Someone can tell me, but I never truly knew until I experience it."
Confirmations from this section of the book are highlighted in orange below.
Chapter:  The Great Void, 2007 page 322
"I might have to sell Neverland.
Money.  It's very expensive.
That's OK.  It doesn't matter if you have it or not.  It doesn't change who you are.  If you need the money sell it."
Confirmation on this section are highlighted in red

The King of Pop in Exile

 , , and 

Michael Jackson’s personal security guards describe his final days.

Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson in London on March 5, 2009.
Photo by Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images
This article is adapted from Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Daysby Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, with Tanner Colby 
On Dec. 22, 2006, Michael Jackson’s private jet touched down at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Eighteen months earlier, Jackson had fled his native country, taking his three children and going into self-imposed exile, trying to escape the swarm of tabloid media coverage that had attended his 2005 trial on charges of child molestation. The trial exonerated Jackson of any wrongdoing, but he’d been devastated by the ordeal nonetheless—financially, physically, and emotionally—and hoped to find peace living overseas, first in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain and later in Ireland.
The singer likely would have stayed abroad for good, but mounting legal and financial problems forced him to return to the U.S., where an offer to perform as a headliner at a Vegas casino promised a steady income and a stable home for his family. World famous since the age of 10, Jackson had always relied on a personal security detail shadowing his every move, and upon his arrival in Vegas, the singer decided to replace the team that had served him overseas. The two men he hired for the new detail were Bill Whitfield, who’d previously served as head of security for Sean “P.Diddy” Combs, and Javon Beard, a trusted family member of one of Jackson’s associates.
For the next 2½ years, Whitfield and Beard worked as Jackson’s personal security team, stationed at his side almost 24 hours a day, often serving as the only gatekeepers between the outside world and the increasingly isolated King of Pop. In that time, they came to know a quiet man and a loving father very different from the figure depicted in the tabloids, and they were given a front-row seat for the unending parade of problems that had driven Jackson to live a life of seclusion behind the gates of his Las Vegas mansion.

Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.
Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, co-authors of Remember the Time.
Photo by Trent Black Photography.
Bill Whitfield: Prior to working for Mr. Jackson, my main job had always been handling external threats—stalkers, the paparazzi. That type of stuff I knew how to deal with. But what Mr. Jackson was really paranoid about, the thing he felt he needed most from us, was protection from the people who were already in his life. He wanted us there so he could hide his movements from his own lawyers and managers. He wanted us there to be a buffer between him and his own family. No one in his family was allowed past the front gate without advance notice, with the exception of Mrs. Jackson, his mother. If she showed up, we’d open up the gate and she’d go right on into the house. She could come unannounced. Everyone else needed an appointment, and that was a very delicate situation to handle.
We had fans that did drive-bys all the time. They’d come, circle the block, stop, look around, drive off. On this one particular day, would have been in early February, we saw a burgundy PT Cruiser going back and forth in front of the house. It had tinted windows, so we couldn’t see who it was. This car circled the block maybe four times and drove off. The next day, the same PT Cruiser came and pulled right up to the gate. Javon stayed in the trailer to watch the monitors. I went down to the gate to see what was what.
I got down there, and Mr. Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, was getting out of the car. I stuck my hand through the gate to shake his and said, “How you doing, Mr. Jackson?”
He wouldn’t shake my hand. He just eyed me and said, “You’re probably one of those putting needles in my son’s arm.” I didn’t respond. He said, “I’m here to see Michael.”
I said, “OK,” left him there, and went back to the house to get Mr. Jackson. He was in his room, listening to music very loud. I knocked on the door and he came out, and I said, “Sir, your father’s outside.”
He said, “Does he have an appointment? Is he on the calendar?”
“I don’t believe so, sir.”
“No, no, no. I’m working. I cannot be disturbed when I’m being creative. Tell him he has to come back and make an appointment.”
I walked back out to the gate, thinking, Damn, I’ve got to go tell this man that he needs an appointment? To see his son? Uh-uh. I wasn’t doing that. I was gonna have to ad lib this one. I went down to the gate and told him that Mr. Jackson was busy, but if he came back tomorrow, I’d make sure to let his son know he wanted to visit. Then I held out my business card for him. He wouldn’t take it. He just went off on me. “I don’t need your damn number! If it wasn’t for me, none of you bastards would have a job! I’m the one started this shit!”
Once he started rapping all that? Our conversation was over. I walked off. He just stood there on the sidewalk, yelling at nobody in particular. Eventually he got in his little car and left. At that point, I started to wonder what kind of situation we’d walked into. I hadn’t signed up for this part, getting involved with family.
Javon Beard: Mr. Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor were old friends, and she was having a 75th birthday party at a resort out at Lake Las Vegas, this big, red-carpet affair. Her people had heard that Mr. Jackson was living here now, and they reached out to his manager to ask if he would attend. Of course Mr. Jackson wanted to go. So about two weeks out from the event, word came down to us, and things started to gear up.
First thing Mr. Jackson did was call Roberto Cavalli, the designer, to create a custom outfit for him for the party. Cavalli took an emergency flight out here. We picked him up from the MGM Grand, brought him to the house, and he and Mr. Jackson started designing this whole new thing for him just for the party.
Mr. Jackson was obsessing over every detail. He flew his hair-stylist and his makeup artist in too. Once we saw that? We knew he was really taking this seriously. We’d been working for him for over a month, and this was the first detail where he said, “Make sure you have on new suits.” Not just suits, new suits. “Clean the cars. Wax the cars. Make sure your shoes are shined like mirrors.” He never did that kind of thing before. This was the first time we’d be stepping out in public, where we knew that the paparazzi and the press were going to be there. So every day, Mr. Jackson was like, “You guys have to look great. I want everybody to look great.”
Whitfield: We hit the mall a few times, slipping in and out in disguises. Went to Tiffany’s, to Hallmark. He picked out some gifts, a birthday card. We’d hear him talking in the car about how amped he was. We were getting excited just being around him. It was the first time we’d really seen him like this.
Day of the party, he was in good spirits all day long. It was infectious. It spread to everybody in the house. “Hey, Mr. Jackson’s in a good mood!” Everybody was pumped. The whole atmosphere of the place changed. The security team, we were checking each other out, making sure we were all set. Suits pressed. Shoes shined. Even our weapons were polished. Shit, we looked good.
Beard: We were getting ready to walk out on the red carpet with Michael Jackson. It was surreal to us. We’re security, but we’re fans too. How could you not be? We were escorting the King of Pop to Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday party. This was top of the line. A-list.
Whitfield: We were ready to roll out, the cars were in the driveway, all set to go, and Mr. Jackson was taking forever to get ready. While we waited, I left to go and gas up one of the vehicles. I came back and they opened the gate for me and I pulled in on the right-hand side of the circular driveway. The gate was closing behind me. I was getting out of the car and the gate was just a couple feet from closing when all of a sudden—BAM!—there was this loud crash. I turned around to see this gray Mercedes SUV come smashing full speed into the gate. It started to wobble back open, like a garage door does when it can’t close. The Mercedes punched forward, scraping through the opening, and then it raced up the left side of the driveway. I was thinking this was some deranged person about to crash his car into the house. I pulled out my weapon and ran toward the car.
Beard: I was in the garage, waiting to lock up behind Mr. Jackson, who was on his way down. I heard the crash and looked up and saw Bill pull out his joint. The boss was coming through the garage door at that same moment. I screamed, “Mr. Jackson! No!” I grabbed him and pushed him back into the house and locked him inside. He was all freaked out, going, “What’s happening? Is everything okay?”
Whitfield: Everything felt like it was moving at super speed and in slow motion at the same time. The Mercedes came screeching to a halt right in front of the main door. I came between it and the house, drew my pistol and took aim at the driver. I had the laser sight right on his chest and the only thing running through my mind was, Whoever this is, they’re about to get shot.
The driver ducked down and out the corner of my eye I saw this woman in the passenger seat. That threw me. I wasn’t expecting to see a woman. Then the driver lifted his head up and I saw who it was and I froze. Holy shit, I thought. That’s his brother. That’s Randy Jackson. I was only a split second away from pulling the trigger. All I could think about was the madness that would have broken loose if I’d taken that shot. I could see the headlines: Michael Jackson’s Brother Shot by King of Pop’s Bodyguards.
Randy cracked his window open and yelled, “Get that gun out my face before I call the press.”
The press? That was the last thing the boss needed. I went up to the window and said, “Mr. Jackson, you can’t be doin’ this.”
“I’m here to see my brother,” he said.
“Not like this, you’re not. I’d appreciate it if you’d go back outside the gate. Go back outside, and I’ll inform Mr. Jackson that you’re here.”
“I ain’t moving until I see my brother!”
Beard: He started screaming, cussing his brains out, rapping all this stuff about money he’s owed and how he’s not leaving without it.
Whitfield: I left Javon and the others to watch Randy and went in the house to talk to Mr. Jackson. “Your brother Randy’s crashed the gate,” I told him. “He says he’s here to see you about some financial matters, and he won’t leave until he talks to you.”
Mr. Jackson raised his eyebrows for a moment. Then he winced and looked away. “Get rid of him,” he said.
I went back down to try to talk to Randy again. He wouldn’t move.
Beard: I had the idea to block Randy in with one of the trucks, bring the boss out through the side entrance, hop into a different car, and then slip away. But Mr. Jackson shot it down. He said, “He’ll just find out how to follow us to Liz’s party and cause a huge scene; she doesn’t deserve that.”
Whitfield: After about 30 more minutes, I went in the house and told Mr. Jackson again that Randy wasn’t leaving. Mr. Jackson sat there for a moment, then he let out a sigh and said, “OK. I’m just going to go to bed.”
He went upstairs, closed the door, and didn’t come back out.
Beard: That killed us. We were devastated, for Mr. Jackson and for ourselves. I was proud to work for him, and I wanted the chance to do that in public, to show people I worked for Michael Jackson. We had brand-new suits; we were very excited. Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday party? Are you kiddin’ me?! I’m just a normal guy. It was just human nature for us to be excited.
And Mr. Jackson? He’d been making plans for two weeks. This was so important to him. So for him to write it off and go to bed? That was a moment that let us know, okay, this family has some real power over him. It threw off his whole night.
After that, Mr. Jackson didn’t leave the house for three days. We didn’t hear from him. No phone calls, no communication, nothing. He just shut down.
Whitfield: A couple of weeks later, the whole family showed up—all of them. Around midnight, we walked out to the front and saw a bunch of people standing outside the gate. There were a whole lot of familiar faces. Looked like everybody except Randy and Marlon. For a minute it was like I was looking at some kind of Jackson reunion special.
Beard: They all had on hats and sunglasses. It was very incognito, this big family of famous people standing out on the sidewalk in the middle of the night, and quiet all around.
Whitfield: I walked up to the gate, asked them what their business was this time of night. They said, “We heard our brother’s sick. We came to make sure he’s OK.”
I told them I hadn’t seen any signs that Mr. Jackson wasn’t okay. They told me they wanted to see for themselves and weren’t leaving until they did. So now I was in a jam. We had strict instructions from Mr. Jackson not to bother him, but at the same time we couldn’t just leave the entire Jackson family standing in the street at 1 a.m. without it turning into a scene, which Mr. Jackson also wouldn’t want.
I told them to hold on. I went back to the house, rang the doorbell. When Mr. Jackson came to the door, I said, “Sir, your family is out front, and they insist on seeing you.”
He was not happy. He was pissed, and I could tell he was pissed at me for not handling the situation myself. I said, “They heard you were sick and they want to know if you’re okay.”
“I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said. “Tell them I’m fine.”
“Sir, they’re not leaving until they see you.”
He went quiet for a moment, then said, “OK, I’ll meet with them. But I don’t want them in the house.”
“I can bring them over to the security trailer. You can talk to them in there.”
“Fine. But I’ll only speak to my brothers.”
Then he asked if Randy was there. I said I didn’t see him. “Good,” he said. “I don’t want to see Randy.”
I went back to the gate and said, “Mr. Jackson just wants to see his brothers.”
This voice from the back said, “What about me?”
At first I couldn’t see who it was. Then I realized it was Janet.
“Sorry, ma’am. He said only his brothers.” She was not happy about that.
The brothers came in. I escorted them over to the trailer, and they stepped inside. Then I called Mr. Jackson and he came down and joined them. They closed the door and talked for about 20 minutes. Mr. Jackson came out first. Walked straight into the house. Didn’t say anything. The brothers came out, walked to the gate, and that was it. What they talked about, I don’t know.
Beard: They’d come because of a rumor they’d heard that their brother was sick, but Mr. Jackson wasn’t sick. The kids were. Back in January, they’d all come down with colds. Arrangements were made to see a private doctor at his office one evening, after regular hours. The receptionist in that office leaked the story that Michael Jackson had come in, and the family had heard about it. It seemed suspicious to them. They heard he was seen going to a doctor’s office in the middle of the night, and they wanted to make sure he was okay.
Whitfield: That was the difficulty of being Michael Jackson and trying to move around in the world. Just to take his kids to the doctor required days of planning and advance work. You’d use every precaution, and all it took was 15 seconds walking past the wrong person, some nosy receptionist, and all of a sudden you’ve got this rumor circulating.
Paris didn’t get better. Her cold wouldn’t go away, and Mr. Jackson was worried she was coming down with the flu. We couldn’t go to the emergency room, and Mr. Jackson didn’t trust going back to some strange office. He wanted a doctor who would come to the house. So the word was put out there to find a private physician who made house calls. I was given a name and told when to expect him.
On the scheduled night, this silver BMW 745i pulled up to the driveway and a tall, slender gentleman stepped out. He was wearing light blue medical scrubs. He walked up to the gate and introduced himself. “I’m Dr. Conrad Murray,” he said. “I’m here for a visit.”
I told him he was expected, opened the gate, and directed him as to where he could pull his vehicle in. He drove in, parked, and got out.
I had a confidentiality form waiting. Before I pulled it out, I asked him if he knew who he was here to see. He said no. I told him he’d need to sign the agreement before I could allow him to go inside. He said sure. I pulled it out, and he glanced at the heading on the document and saw the name Michael Jackson. His eyebrows raised up and he gave me this look, like, Are you serious?
I gave him a nod. He signed his name. We walked to the front of the house, and I rang the bell and we waited. I could see the silhouette of Mr. Jackson through the glass as he came over toward us. He opened the door, and I said, “Mr. Jackson, this is Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray, this is Mr. Jackson.”

Excerpted from Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days by Bill Whitefield and Javon Beard with Tanner Colby. Available from Weinstein Books, a member of The Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2014.

source:  http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/culturebox/2014/06/michael_jackson_his_personal_security_guards_describe_the_king_of_pop_s.html