Twin Soul Unification; Stages of the Lower Bodies

So many sites speak about the union of twin flame soul mates and what the process is for getting there.  There are four main stages of purification before union with the flame.  Each stage is a purification of the bodies and misqualified energy associated with them, with the final stage culminating at the heart center.

As depicted in the image of Jesus the Christ, the burning flame of the heart symbolizes your devotion to a higher power and a balancing of the other three stages.  Here then resides within you a balance of power, love and wisdom.  It is the discipline of the disciple that will charge you with that which matters most in this great ascent.

Yet, if we look at this ascension upside down, you'll realize that in the higher realms of your soul, you are already joined in union.  The I AM presence that is your shield and garment of light ascends upon you as you move through this earthly realm.  Perhaps it's not in the reaching for, as much as it is in the consciousness of, that is the most important concept in twin soul/flame relationships.

As we were all connected in spirit from the beginning, we were formed from the very same source.  If you believe that, it won't be too hard to concede that in every soul that was formed there was an opposite polarity of that soul that accompanied you along your soul descent into form.  When we speak of the soul, we aren't speaking about people, but the force that brought you here and the seer that guides you along your journey.

Recognition of a flame is only found through consciousness and where you place your thoughts is where your thoughts take you.  How many times have you been thinking of someone when they call or have repeated thoughts about yourself that seem to manifest in your life?  Placing our consciousness then on achieving and reaching for our highest union with our source also takes us back into the consciousness of the realization that you have and have had a twin soul from the very beginning of your creation.

On earth, we forget.  We are born into form, into bodies and are "taught" what is real and what is myth.  Yet science is only a few hundred years old.  Spirituality and the existence of the soul has been in societies for thousands of years. Remember, the earth was once "flat".  We all know now that it's round, but how many people were sure of that "science" so many years ago?

These levels of purification take your consciousness from a state of being unconscious, to a new state of being that realizes you are both here and there.  You are in a physical body, but you also are aware of your higher body, and in doing so, you are able to integrate them both.

Stage One: In it's beginning stages, the kundalini energy located at the base of the spine "awakens". Through this first stage of fire, the energy feels sexual and arouses within you earthly desires and with it your inner world of thoughts.  You identify yourself with the outside world.  You may think you are your job, you are a "Vanderbilt", for instance, if you identify with your family.  Perhaps you may say "I am a doctor, or even a "blue collar" worker.

Working through this stage is to purify the thoughts we have about identifying ourselves with our concepts about who we are while we are on the planet.  Consciousness, placing our attention on what and why we think about ourselves the way we do, can kindle the fire and release the old stigma of our earthly thoughts of identification.

Sometimes this happens naturally.  We may lose our job and be forced to re-assess who we are.  The key, however, is to always remain "conscious" of what is transpiring in ourselves.  Complete chaos may erupt in ourselves should we chose to blame someone or something for the event, but with inner wisdom we can "transcend" this stage.  We can recognize that perhaps the old is shedding away and making way for a new way of looking at things and at ourselves.  Are we really our job?  Am I really just a "Vanderbilt"?  When you can come away with the idea that you are more than what you have previously defined yourself as, you're ready for the next stage.

Growth is often painful and the masters have always told us to be conscious and persevere in order to "pass every test".  These tests are the natural hurdles that we hold ourselves; in our consciousness.

Stage Two: In everyday life our attention is always focuses outward.  It may be on our jobs, the kids, our relationships or even on our neighbors grass next door.  Yet this second stage, when you are ready to embark upon it, begins the look within.  Instead of focusing so much on your "outer' world, you become more introspective.  You may question your direction in life, who you are or even who you'd like to be.  It's culmination and fiery end is the realization that you are a soul and have a heightened spiritual awareness that you have a purpose.  One that is embedded within you and not defined by worldly terms.

Stage Three: The next stage speaks to us from our new found consciousness.  We begin to recognize divine wisdom coming from within.  We learn to heed the consciousness of knowing and feeling where our life is headed or which road we should take.  Our desires are more focused on relationships of substance, instead of gratification.  Our consciousness moves into the "wholeness" of being and as we do, we may hear our flame or feel their presence.

Stage Four: The fourth stage is a realization with a fully developed consciousness that we are both here and there.  We are everywhere, because our consciousness is.  We are the victor and the vanquished.  We are the known and the unknown.  We are conscious of our true identity, and complete the process internally by fusing in the heart with our twin spirit or flame.  The balance of the feminine and masculine parts of ourselves is now complete.  We make our way back out into the world with a new sense of knowing, free from those misqualified energies we have discovered within us along our path.  This is work, but it is indeed the work of every soul and their progression toward wholeness.

At each stage there are hurdles.  At each stage, a tendency to go "back" to how things "were".  We want to fall back on what we have known and for many of us it is the "unknown" that we are most fearful of.  We may deny our souls existence, say we don't believe.  We may deny that spiritual events are happening in our lives because we simply have no known way to explain it.  We may hide the truth of our experiences because we might not "fit in".

At each stage there will be a dying away of an old veil of consciousness and how we perceive ourselves.  At the final stage you will know you don't need to "fit in" to others outmoded thoughts and beliefs about who they think you are or should be, or even your own.  The earthly terms you had once described yourself by, will fall away, and a new bright and shiny you will be ready for service with your flame.

The flames ascension then, is just that.  A twin "flame" helps us burn out of our four lower bodies all that he or she reflects back to us within the mirror of consciousness.  The flame union is felt within and the final stage allows us to feel whole and complete.

Each stage sets a fire in ascent in the four lower chakras.  This begins the purification of the four lower bodies. Starting at the base of the spine, you'll feel a fiery sensation at each center as you make your way up to the heart.  This fiery surge is undeniable. It's not heartburn! It's your own fiery self awakening the energy centers that function in this realm of consciousness we call earth.

Putting your thoughts and consciousness on the prize, your heaven and union with source, will always be the very vehicle to bring you back home.

**Note: These are only guidelines.  Don't ever put yourself in a box of any stage or definition.  We all move back and forth and in between according to our own natures and divine plan.

Chart of the I AM presence of flames in union beyond the physical world.


Michael Jackson's MURDER in a NUTSHELL!

This is such a nightmare! Conrad Murray did NOT kill Michael Jackson! AEG Live took out an insurance policy naming Tohme Tohme as an additional insured three days prior to Michael's death. They both conspired to kill Michael Jackson to collect on insurance AND to transfer the rights of Michael's catalog to Sony. AEG stood to gain money from the 50 shows they were going to INSURE for, not to have Michael perform AND from negotiating the FILM THIS IS IT as well as other very valuable deals like souvenir tickets.

The California courts have chosen to cover this murder up. Steven Cooley the district attorney at the time of Conrad Murray's trial was accepting donations from AEG Live. He filed an Amici Curiae to exclude the insurance evidence that would have led prosecutors to a timeline indicating AEG dropping cancellation insurance with only death insurance in place. Conrad Murray was also only budgeted for TWO months from his May 1st contract. That means until July 1st. Michael Jackson was found dead on June 25, 2009.

The phone records used in the Conrad Murray trial were CHARTS, not actual phone records and you'll find every time defense mentioned insurance or the contract they were hushed with an objection sustained by the judge.

The actual 911 call was placed from The Beverly Hills Hotel. That's where Frank DiLeo was having lunch that day. Frank administered a dose of propofol to Michael as well as Tohme Tohme. All three people, Tohme Tohme, Frank DiLeo and Randy Phillips of AEG Live were at Michael's home the morning he died.

Here are only SOME of the actual records. You can even HEAR in the testimony at the Conrad Murray trial that the 911 call was being TRANSFERRED:

Part two of the documentary is below.  If you don't want to watch the whole thing, start at point 45:00. You'll see what and where Frank DiLeo was and what Randy Phillips has to say about the day Michael Jackson died:


Looks like someone else was moonwalking this week...

It looks like someone else was moonwalking this week. . . in the clouds.

Maybe it's a coincidence? Maybe an act of nature?  Maybe the two spirals in the clouds are a mere distortion and everything really doesn't mean a thing. Or maybe it's a message that moonwalking or moonwalkers still live on.

Forces of nature sometimes seem mysterious.  It's not nice to try and fool mother nature.

"John Plashal, a recreational photographer, snapped pictures of a violent thunderstorm on Tuesday, June 23, in Central Virginia and submitted the images to a local news site. It didn't take long for people to point out that the sky looked like a moonwalking Michael Jackson."


Found on markhensonart.com
  • ƇƦↁ Ƈɽєaƭїv̧є Ꮙєηƭųɽєʂ& Ƈṏɱɱųηїcaƭїṏηʂ
    Love with Twin Flames is a Gate of Possibility to experience Union in a multi-dimensional way. It can also represent “sacred marriage” & a reflection of sacred union in Divine Masculine and Feminine. Union of the Twin Flame is one of Service. It should not be romanticized in the context by which one perceives the male and female relationship. The Service of the Twin Flame is not only planetary but also cosmic and Universal. The Twin Soul connection is always a triad involving the Divine Spirit
Two spirals are the rising of the kundalini for twin flames.  The unification and expansion of consciousness.  An image of that is depicted directly above.  The image of the kundilini in the clouds is depicted to the right of the "feet" in the clouds,outlined in white.  These are two double helixes wrapping around and joining the two.

More revealing news on the conspiracy . . .

I hope you were able to view part two of the second documentary.  This video revealed some of the cover ups in the courts.  The revelation about the 911 call being documented to have come from the Beverly Hills Hotel and Randy Phillips and Frank DiLeos statements about being there that morning should have cleared a few things up on what we've been saying about Michael's death and who conspired to do it.

As I stated in that video, more comes to the surface constantly.  Even while recording I found notes from Elizabeth Taylor that told us that Tohme Tohme was also on an LLC named on the Lloyds of London insurance policy.

Today I discovered that the alias Mark Jones named on that policy is actually a real person as well.  There is a Mark Jones that is a relationship banker for Lloyds Bank GLOBAL Transactions.  The significance is this: Mark Jones was also named as Mark Jones LLC on the insurance policy held by AEG Live.  The LLC is a company, not a person.

Coincidently, or not, Randy Phillips recently opened a new company in London where Lloyds is based.  It's name? GLOBAL Entertainment.

Here are some links to the corresponding information:




Remembering this day

On the anniversary of Michael's death the hole in my heart is aching too loudly to write anything wonderful today.  But there are others that have written beautiful pieces that speak to the man that Michael was.

I'd like to share one such piece below, written by Cormael Lia:

"A lot of people have lots of visions on all kind of questionable matters. The author of this little piece of paper is no exception. That's why this text is called My MJ Vision. My vision on who Michael Jackson (MJ) was as a human being, but ever so more as a spirit. Those who still see Michael the way the mainstream media 'presented' him better skip reading this and go search for BS elsewhere. MJ was a visionary but above all a humanitarian. His music, specially lyric-wise, speaks for itself so we can leave that behind and so are his dance-skills. Although those are the specifics which made him famous. MJ was a Peter Pan to me, for a lot of reasons but most of all for he was destined to fly high. 

In my humble opinion MJ was a man who didn't have a youth at all. He started 'working' when he was five and carried this through until the day he died. The sweet child in him is what remained throughout the harsh years of dutiful 'labor.' As adult and professional he was in his profession, the pure child-like he was in his deepest being. An old soul born and destined to work hard with a gigantic soul-task on Earth. A pure soul to whom everyone was equal. MJ simply loved people but not all people loved MJ. The sad thing is that mankind didn't know what they had in their midst while he was still around. Now they do, but now that is all water under the bridge. 

Personally I have always 'felt' him. This was strongest during the period of those heartbreaking trials he had to go through, and I think a lot of people experienced the same. MJ was this big catalyst of cosmic energies and he knew he was since a young age. And it seemed when he needed it most he was able to energetically connect with those souls who could effectively back him up. Those who knew who he really was. I was just one of them. He never did anything specific, I didn't have any special contact, it just happened naturally. Michael and I differed eight years in age, therefore I was aware of all the steps he took career-wise. Strange enough I never experienced him as the musician but as the man and I know that this man and musician are all the same, but nonetheless I experienced him as a soul on a distance. The moment I became aware of who he was, was the moment since when I always saw him as a man, a soul and I saw him crystal clear. MJ was a light being born with a mission to bring awareness to the planet and her inhabitants. To make them see how Mother Earth was affected by their wrong-doings and how to save her from this demise and how this affected all people around and that is was time to have another mind-set and see things in a different way. 

C’mon it doesn’t matter if you are black or white! MJ descended from the Eight' Dimension, embodied on Mother Earth with a major but grand soul-mission. Sometimes I compare him with Jesus (no offence please!) Just knowing that all souls need to go through initiation-tests, only the old souls have heavier crosses to bear. We all know what Jesus' his harshest initiation was right? The Crucifixion, a test which he resplendently passed by all means. What I mean to say is, that last initiation is always a heavy cross to bear. MJ's crucifixion were those trials and the aftermath thereof. Knowing that half the world puts you on trial for crimes you didn't commit. And I simply knew it was impossible, that he never could have done what they accused him of, and I knew it was to lure big money out of his pockets, it was a bribe and he gave in eventually, but was cleared of all charges. 

Justice served its purpose so we thought. Only he was never the same anymore. He was a broken man. He gave in because of his children, we all understand. It cost him everything he worked so hard for, he had to sell his beloved Neverland and what is Peter Pan without Neverland? He lost his safe haven and the safe haven of his children. It wasn't enough though ... they wanted in greedy need more money from him, like he was this cash and carry. And again he gave in and said 'This Is It.' He couldn't have prompted it any more prophetic because That Was It. The End of everything. God must have said 'Okay son it's time to come home,' and he left the planet, not voluntary but he heeded the call!

Do you remember how it all began? It just seemed like Heaven, so why did it end? Be safe Sweet Speed Demon, once we will meet again. We love you! 

© Cormaël 2009 22/07
www.cormael.nl • www.cormael.com 

Cormael wrote this back in 2009.  We are six years after Michael's death with still no justice.  The men who conspired to kill him did it without thought to the ramifications to his life, his children, his family and the other souls on this planet that would be effected, including themselves.

People like Michael come only once in many lifetimes.  They are here to uplift humanity and sacrifice their very lives and souls in doing so.  It is a mission.  A must do and Michael and those like him will always rise to the occasion.  No one on this level quits.  That's why they killed him.  There is no stopping a force of nature. 

But the killers and the thieves never remember, there is no stopping a force of nature.  As for the conspiracies, the lies and press surrounding this entire ordeal, may we be reminded that it's never nice to try and fool mother nature.  


Celebrating the Life of Michael Jackson

As we near the anniversary of the date of Michael's death, many people around the world will be celebrating his life and legacy.  The message of love, hope and compassion for humanity is something that is felt within each one of our hearts.  His messages were in the words of songs and many have taken the liberty to re-record and sing the songs that made the world take notice of one of the most prolific and inspiring individuals to hit our planet.

To commemorate this legacy of love, I'd like you to take a look at some other inspiring singers singing the melodies that hit the atmosphere while Michael was here in the flesh and even now that he's passed.  If your heart was moved by Michael, don't forget to look at your man and the mirror and make a change in yourself and our world to make it a better place.

Michael Jackson Would Be So Proud If He Got A Chance To See This..Michael Jackson Would Be So Proud If He Got A Chance To See This..R.I.P MJ
Posted by Don Jaye on Monday, June 22, 2015


For Peter's Wife

Quite a while back I was witness to a beautiful scene.  A man was leaning over a woman with reddish hair, tenderly kissing her on the cheek.  He gazed at her lifting his lips from her in the most loving way.  I was taken back by the love this man felt and as Michael Jackson stood watching him, I too shared in the vision.
At first I didn't know who this man was.  I realized it must be someone Michael had once known.  So doing some research and looking at photos, I discovered it was Peter Lopez, Michael's attorney. Not "ex" attorney.  (Michael says he never fired him.)

His wife, Catherine, is still here on the earth plane.  Her husband, Peter passed several years ago.  I promised Peter I would write for him today, so this post is dedicated to him and his wife and for the beautiful love they share between them:

"I wish I could say more, but I'm only given a few minutes here to say what I need to.  You're like sunshine in my orange juice.  Don't forget everything we shared, everything we said and how you made me feel.  This is a piece of the puzzle. One that you and I will long remember.  It doesn't make a difference who, it makes a difference how.  If you're searching for answers don't let them come, let them open your heart.  I'm here with you always .  Watching you while you sleep. Playing with the kids. Everything you do, I'm right there with you. If only you could see how beautiful you are in my eyes you'd know what love I feel for you in my heart.  I'm here. I'm a heartbeat away and right at your side.  Don't worry about the kids, they'll be fine.  We're working together to make sure it happens.

I love you always,

Peter Lopez and his wife
** If you know Catherine Bach please make sure she sees this.


Part One of the DOCUMENTARY SERIES: The MURDER of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy

This is the first in a small series of videos documenting some of the evidence for the Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy.

This is by no means all the evidence! There is much more, but due to time constrictions I'm trying to stay with the main points of the evidence.

Part two will be available soon.  This video will demonstrate the actions on the days preceding and during Michael's death as well as the quick actions taken after.

Part three will include all the cover ups of the evidence in the California courts as well as by the conspirators themselves.


Your Moonwalking Lesson

I heard that someone wanted to learn the moonwalk.  So if you've ever wondered how it was done, this video is for you!


I wanted to take a moment to recognize those who have lost daddys.  With Father's Day tomorrow, some of us will celebrate with our dads and some of us will remember the fathers we have lost.

This morning I awoke to a father I had not seen before.  His name is Nathaniel.  He sported round shades and was someone's daddy.  Michael says he wants to be heard.  That cancer didn't beat him.  He was not his illness, his illness was not him.  He is the epitome of song, the living soul, relishing in the winds of time.

There are a few daddy's on the other side I'd like to acknowledge and let their children know they are still looking after them.  I've posted their photos below and have written a little something for all of the people who have lost a daddy:

The Loss of My Daddy

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.

Gloria Naylor

Daddy’s come and sometimes daddy’s go. But one thing remains in our hearts. The love that was shared between a parent and their child.

The words may not be said. The heartfelt cards of appreciation or the loving hug a daughter or son wish to have. But in the eyes of a child their dad is their protector, their rock, their confident and the person they want to look to when trouble comes.

Children see their dad as the strong tower that weathers the storm. When dad hurts, their children hurt. When they are pulled apart they feel the tug of loss within their very souls. Who will protect me? Who will be there to guide my way? Who will love me the way my daddy did?

Parents are the cornerstone of every person’s life. Our values, our love, all of our wants and needs are wrapped up in the warm and unconditional love only a parent can provide. To lose a dad that’s either living or departed, means to lose that feeling of being protected, being nurtured and feeling the special bond of love that only a “daddy” can provide.

No matter how much our “daddy’ may have hurt us, no matter how much time may have passed since he’s been away, we still crave the love and support that only a “daddy” can provide. Losing a daddy sometimes means that it wasn’t that he didn’t love you, it’s just that maybe he didn’t know how. Sometimes losing a daddy means you know he had all the love in the world for you, but he just wasn’t allowed to stay.

If you’ve lost a daddy you have to believe that when daddys are lost, it only means that we believe we haven’t been given the time we needed to be with them. We feel the loss of guidance, support and love that sometimes leaves a deep wound within us. We seek to fill the void of the warm and loving embrace that only a “daddy” can provide. We reminisce about the times our daddy cared for us, played with us, or said a kind word.

We all have “daddys” and as old as we get we still remember them, we still miss the daddy we wish we could have, that daddy that’s not there, the daddy that was taken from us, or the daddy that chose to leave.

Emotional wounds are hard to heal, but not impossible. When we are hurting from the loss of a daddy we can remember how he made us feel when he gave us a warm hug. We can wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, one of his favorite shirts or with our own arms closing our eyes and remembering his loving embrace. We know then that our daddy is still with us. Living inside our very hearts.

If daddy was cruel and left you alone, you can remember that he didn’t know how to stay, to be the daddy you wanted and needed him to be.

Although we may always wish for our daddy to be in our lives and be the men we want or needed, we have to accept that that’s what daddy was or that’s who our daddy is. The loss of the daddy that we were given only means that somewhere along the line it was destined for them to step aside.

Daddy’s are like angels. Some leave their children only to let them sprout their own wings and others watch from beyond, silently whispering in our ears I still love you.

Daddy's I've seen on the other side:

Image result for robin williams

Image result for nelson mandela

Image result for katherine jacksons father


Twin Flame Soul Mates; The Union with All

There has been little information at times about the twin flame soul mate relationship.  These relationships are "soul" relationships.  As each of us split into form, we separated into duality.  We each have a masculine and feminine half to our beings.  From the time we were created, we split into many, each connected to the whole and to the very source of creation itself.

As science begins to catch up to the way the world was created, we can see many discoveries in nature that begin to explain the creation of the human soul as well.  Einstein's discovery of "spooky action at a distance" is similar to two people connected within the soul experiencing something at the same time.  It's automatic and instant and telepathy is natural between them.  But one thing that is left out of this model is what is stored in the soul itself.

We've spoken about the four lower bodies of man.  It is the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the physical body.  Twins have two separate physical bodies.  Their mental bodies fluctuate.  In this body the mental body is stimulated by outside rules, religious upbringings, and ego mind.  The spiritual body is the body that connects us and it is in the emotional body where the emotions of one another are stored.

You may remember a technique brought into the public about manifesting.  "The Secret" was released some years ago and brought to us the tools we needed to use to manifest things and events into our lives.  First you needed a thought and many times it was suggested that people should also create a "vision" board for what they wanted to manifest in their lives.  But the "Secret" left a vital part of the story out.  It is the emotional body that sends our energy into motion in our worlds.  It is the power behind the thought that sends it into our universe.

All emotions begin with a thought.  Our emotions are stored in our emotional bodies and can be brought up at any time even allowing us to experience the emotion all over again.  In your own life you may remember an event, or something someone did.  When you do, you'll notice how your body experiences the emotion all over again.  These "triggers" are what cause post traumatic stress and build roads of emotional blockages.  We continue to relive the events of the past until we are able to consciously recognize the pattern and change it.

With twin flames I've noticed the same emotional body that is most prevalent in the relationship of the soul.  It was with my own twin flame soul mates passing that I glimpsed his past lives, but was also allowed to "feel" the emotions associated with those lives.

Later, when I thought it was done I began to experience the events from his last life as if they were my own.  Our souls or spiritual bodies began to merge and it was the most traumatic and emotional events that were stored in his emotional body that I too began to experience.

Gregg Braden explains the scientific explanation of why this might happen here:

Every day we all experience one another's emotions to a certain degree.  As your consciousness expands, so does the emotional body.  You become more sensitive, you connect with not only your flame, but with the all.  This means you feel the connection to everything, to everyone, and it's easy to feel the weight of the world and the emotions contained in it.

This is a strange time on earth.  As we all try to come to grips with who we are as spiritual beings, we are often bombarded from the emotions of others aimed toward us or simply in the "soup" of the universe.  If we don't understand why or where these emotions are coming from they can send us for a loop.  We need to be conscious of the fact that we are connected to everything and everyone, and sometimes the emotions we feel are not actually coming from us but from those around us.

If you've ever walked into a room after someone's had a fight, you might more readily understand. There is stagnant energy that lingers and it can be felt like the needles of a porcupine searing our emotional bodies. It's subtle, but it's there without question.  It's important to remember where and how you are perceiving this energy.  And just as important to maintain your own field of energy so that the negative energy around you doesn't become your own.

I like visual examples, so here are some examples of how being connected to the world around us can be. These are a few clips from the movie "The Green Mile":


Today's Theme: Dancing

A while back we started what was called "The Man in the Mirror PROJECT".  It's intent was to give us ideas about how to look at our lives and make positive change.  To inspire, to ignite a passion for living and bring more joy into our lives.

This morning I was reminded by some friends on the other side of the simple pleasures that bring us joy.  In yoga we move our bodies in certain poses and as we do, we release stuck energies that hold stress and pain in our bodies.  If everything is energy, then when we feel stress or feel down we need to make a shift to either transform that energy or release it.

In the old traditions, yoga was once described as a dance.  As you move from position to position and release the stuck energies you are transitioning your body as if you are dancing; moving to the rhythm of your own breath.

If you've ever danced, you know how it feels to "let loose" with the rhythm of music and enter the "flow".  This rhythm is akin to the same rhythm and tide our very beings pulsate with.  There is rhythm in all of life.  It's bass is the creator, the om, the ancients of days humming our song in tune with the very universe itself.  Once you've entered the rhythm, you are joined into the all of life.  The rhythm of the waves, the tide and the movement of the winds.

Great artists and performers, even athletes would say their best performances were when they entered the "zone".  This zone is void of anything but the connectedness to the moment.  The sheer connection to our very being and the very pulsating and rhythm of that connection to the all.

Today I was greeted by Fred Astaire.  Fred is on the other side and still enjoys to dance.  Some of his favorite dances have been with Ginger Rogers and when I looked to find one of my favorite songs that reminded me of him, I thought twice.  The song title was "Heaven", but I doubted myself for a moment and thought maybe it wasn't him that performed that song.  That's when Fred corrected me. His response was "Could their be any other"?  Of course not!

Fred is in his "Heaven" and they ALL seem to be dancing cheek to cheek.  So this morning with Fred and Michael Jackson in the house we wanted to bring you some joy.  If you can't dance at this very moment, sometimes just watching it can bring you a smile.  So here are some clips of dancing to remind you to take part in the rhythm of life yourself and connect with the joy that spans the ages and connects us all.

You need to feel it.  Bring it to life.  Let the rhythm pulsating in the motion of your own being bring forth that which it was meant to construct.  This is your song, your style and your unique manifestation of the creator living in you.


On the Other Side - Michael and Diana

I received a phone call yesterday from a friend who was a great admirer of Princess Diana.  She said things I never knew about the Princess.

Princess Diana has been gone now for 18 years, but her spirit still lives on.

Our conversations turned back to the days I had conversations with the Princess myself.  Diana told me that William was next in line for the throne and she was concerned about him.  She told me that she was murdered.  My friend said, no, she thought that Charles was next in line for the throne, but that she always knew something was "fishy" about Diana's death.

When I wrote the post for Diana last year, I had no idea who was up for the throne.  I don't follow the royal family, but I do care about those who have passed that still have unfinished business here. William is next in line for the throne.  It was apparently determined by the Queen herself.

One of my first visions was of Michael Jackson with Princess Diana.  Later in conversation, I discovered that the two had become good friends.  Both of them had been murdered, and both had to leave their children behind.

Both of these individuals were loved greatly by the public.  Their lives were lived in a fish bowl, and the stories of their lives were left to tabloid magazines and the writings of those who were given information by the people around them.

I've seen many stories about Michael Jackson written that are simply not true and I believe the same has happened for the Princess herself.

I suppose many people in society find it easy to engage in speculation about who or what they were. We gravitate to the stories that portray people in some kind of limelight that instills drama, mystery or sheer shock.  Our current headlines and most fascinating television includes stories about dysfunctional people living their lives on camera and instilling a sense of normalcy in our own lives.
Somehow people like to digest the information with how they can use it best.  If it speaks to them and touches them in a manner that is useful for them, it remains their truth.

Yet both of these people were human beings.  They had lives that were extremely difficult because of the positions they held and because of the manipulation and power struggles they endured.  So many people have risen to mourn the death of these two.  To celebrate their lives, to remember what touched them most about what they gave to the world.  But both of them are still on the other side trying to do the best they can with what they have been left with.  Both with lives taken from them, and both manipulated both by political means and the media.

Their deaths remain in a cloud of mystery, because most people want to go on with their lives without thinking about what the individuals themselves have been left to face.  If the public that celebrates their lives would stand up for the truth about the consequences of their lives as well, perhaps we wouldn't see so much tragedy for the great people willing to do good in the world.

This post comes at the heels of news of the final closure for the case in California with the Jackson family and AEG.  As you know, the family has been trying to appeal the case with AEG for quite some time.  Both Michael's death and Diana's have been covered up by political systems, yet very few people are trying to expose the truth and get closure for these two great individuals that so many claim to love.

If we really loved Michael and Diana wouldn't it be crucial for us to stand up for that which they can not anymore?  For their children?  Our world seems to take great satisfaction in celebrating their victories and memories.  It's easy and lovely, but there is another side - theirs.  Their real lives and the struggles they went through and continue to see and endure from the other side of the veil.

I've just recently discovered more details surrounding Michael's death.  Details that point to AEG deliberately and with intent to murder him.  These findings are appalling to me.  Not only to know that his contracting company deliberately conspired to set out to murder him, but that the California courts conspired with them to cover it up.  The public at large now only knows this: That Conrad Murray was found guilty and is responsible for Michael's death.  They made sure the AEG trial was not televised so the public could never see the real treatment Michael endured.  The courts concealed evidence to make sure that evidence was never divulged to incriminate the guilty parties.

As the anniversary of the sixth year of Michael Jackson's death draws near, I hope that his true fans will find it in their hearts to stand up for his truth.  To vindicate his death instead of celebrating his life with notions of their own memories.  His real life was something that no one of us would wish to endure.  He deserves more than just flowers on his grave.  He deserves the right to be seen as the man he was and for the life he really lived.  A life that was given to the world under the control of some of the most cruel people this world has ever seen.

If it was you and you had to endure the same, I'm sure you would find that help from the people that really loved you on this side of the veil for your children and family would be more important to you than singing any song that you wrote that is now in the hands of people who were controlling your life and that now control your children's lives.  That a flower would be sweet, but a move to make things right would be better.  That the love you send is warmly felt, but the love you act on is even more important.

In the end this could be any one of us.  Looking back from beyond the veil at the pieces of our lives left behind.  Trying desperately to make things right.  Our courts have not only acted maliciously for Michael, they will continue to act maliciously for other people as well.  If we don't take a stand to change things, no one will and this world we live in will become more and more akin to the treatment of people dictated by cruel and in humane individuals seeking their share of money that's collected by the same people they seek to mistreat.

If you truly believed in Michael's philosophy, the time has come to demonstrate your love.  Stand up and make that change.  For him, for you and for all of our children.


Astro News with Maria Shaw Lawson

Astro News

By Maria Shaw

The week holds a mixed bag of astrological aspects. Mid week is a great time to mull over past issues with your partner. You may be able to get past problems that could not be addressed earlier in the month. I would suggest you reach out Tuesday or Wednesday. Later in the week, there could be more mixed messages and misunderstandings.

From the 11th through the 16th, there are more disappointments in relationships than not. If you are trying to force someone to come back to you or make amends, it will be difficult during this 5 day period mentioned. Venus squares a few planets so tensions are high. More arguments are likely. You may only want to see what you want to see. Take the rose colored glasses off. Make your plea Tuesday or Wednesday when the aspects are easier for love and peace keeping.

We have alot of moon voids this week so you could feel a little lazier about things than usual. Whenever we have a moon void, not much gets accomplished. People feel non committed to things. These are good times to meditate, relax, chill out and put off what you can do later on.

Moon Voids this week

Tuesday 2:09 PM EDT through Wednesday, at 7:15 AM EDT.

Thursday, 7:44 PM EDT, through Friday at 10:17 AM EDT.

Saturday, 6:07 PM EDT until Sunday at 1:51 PM EDT.

Mercury Goes Direct Thursday! So you could expect things to start moving forward. However Neptune goes retrograde on Friday, creating some confusion and deception.

Mercury will experience challenging aspects to Uranus so unexpected news may arrive on Wednesday and maybe over the weekend too.

Saturn will go back into Scorpio at 8:36p.m. on Sunday the 14th until mid September so we all get a chance to fix something or finish a lesson or storyline from the Christmas season. Scorpios born from November 15 to the 21 will have some challenges or lessons to deal with over the summer. But no matter what sign you are, there is something to wrap up or complete. What were you dealing with over the holidays? I was offered a very good opportunity before Christmas and now it is the works and looks like it is about to materialize. A friend of mine met up with her ex boyfriend from high school over the holidays last year. They are now making plans to move in together. Another friend had to put her husband in the hospital for an unknown illness. At that time, he told everyone he wouldn't be on the earth plane much longer. The doctors say he is in his final stages of life. Your story doesn't have to be sad or bad..it can be good but know the final chapter is here....you'll finish the story.

This week we should make a point to take some action however if some opportunity presents itself. Opportunity comes out of the blue and it comes quickly! If you don't react quickly, you may lose your chance for advancement. You may not want to turn down that great job offer or a new contract. Snap decisions are being urged and yes many people will be lucky this week. If something comes up before the 12th that you just can't turn down, don't be afraid to take the opportunity. Just understand that you may need to make some adjustments after Mercury goes forward.

So all in all, things will start to move forward after Thursday. You will feel some sort of a shift in energy and optimism too. And remember, if something or someone great comes your way, don't be afraid to say yes! Maria