In Dedication, by Request - Maya Angelou

We're back! And, although I said I wouldn't post until June, I've been requested to write.  Maya Angelou has passed on and Michael would like to pay tribute to her.  I never watched the memorial they had for Michael, but apparently she wrote something specifically for him.  Yesterday he said he had met her.  Today he stands by with her and at that I'll let him take the keys:

"Maya Angelou was one of the greatest poets of all time.  But more than that she was a friend, a confidant and a true inspiration for the people.  Her talent rose her above the crowds in staggering numbers.  Her life was an instrument in which God can measure the good deeds of people like her. She gave from her heart, sung from her soul, and expressed wisdom beyond her wildest dreams in her writings, her poems and in her voice.

I wish you could know the lady that stands with me now.  Her voice, her measure, all beat like the beating of a drum.  It's steady, it's knowing, it's wise and in comparison to her life, it is bright as all "get out", as she would say.  I enjoy her company, am fond of her life and am staggered by her passing.  There are few left to voice the concerns and passion for the voiceless.  It must be us to stand in her place, for her, while she stands with me.

We had her for a time and now as she stands with me, you have her no more.  By my side and in dedication to the work our father has placed before us, she will like many others assist in ways beyond measure and in ways no one will ever see.  Her inspiration, her legacy will live on, but her soul is immortal and the song she carries in her heart remains.

In loving dedication with my dear friend Madiba, Elizabeth, and Shirley Temple Black, Princess Diana and many others we salute you, your courage, your bravery and your unending kindness.  We love you, Michael Jackson et al."

I'm going to post the poem recited by Queen Latifa at the memorial for Michael below, but would like to add a few personal comments as well.  Although Maya is here with Michael I have not had ample conversation with her as I have with others.  She strikes me as reserved, a bit quiet.  She is observing more than the others I have met.  Pensive in some ways, yet friendly and I honestly am not sure what to ask her.  When I ask what her greatest accomplishment was she says, a book of poems.  When I look I see she has many.  I find it interesting that these people all seem to hang out together.  They all seem to carry a common thread and wish for a betterment of humanity.  I am honored to be their vessel in service.

As for Ms Angelou personally, I loved her "Hater" poem and many others.  She has made a difference in my life even though I did not follow her avidly.  Her conviction, her willingness to stand up and fight for what's right, and her simple just being there is inspiration enough to give others strength to do the same.  I am so very grateful, thankful, for her light in this world.  I can't imagine a world without her.  Still amazed by the lines that cross over our lives, her story comes to mind:  It's not in the knowing what to do that the caged bird sings, it's the knowing that he carries within him a song.  This is in essence the purpose for Man in the Mirror Project.  That every one of us carries within us a song; a purpose for our lives; that we are divine beings and more than we could ever imagine. Our self imposed cages can and will be released.

Mr Mandela stands shining here beside me.  It is in his message, in her message, and in the message of Michael Jackson himself that we need to become more than what we are today and take a stand for the rights of all people in all places and not just a select few.  As these forces of love join hands on the other side, may we also here do the same.  Our dreams, our hearts and our minds can and will be the instruments used to make powerful changes here on the planet.  May we, like Maya, take the initiative to stand in our truth and beacon home the sun that so rightfully shines upon us.  Blessings . . in all ways, always and always to Maya Angelou...


The Michael Jackson "Hologram"

Still shot from hologram performance - look at the face

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't post until the first week of June and I purposely chose another post for today . .however . . I just got a note from a friend about the hologram of Michael Jackson at last night's music awards show.

I really had no idea that it was supposed to happen at all, mainly because I still don't pay a whole lot of attention to what is reported.  However, I just "happened" (if you know what I mean) to turn the station when they began to announce the performance of Michael Jackson's "Slave to the Rhythm".  My thoughts?  Oh my god, what a horrible impersonator.  The lip syncing was even off.

Today there is all kinds of talk about this hologram.  A hologram of an impersonator I suppose.  I'm not real keen on fluffing my feathers, however, I KNOW I could have given a better performance of the song and I don't perform.

It is outlandish to see not only the hologram - which by the way reminds me of what they wanted to do with Michael and his tour . . you know the one that he was supposed to do at the O2 that you know Randy Phillips, you know of AEG LIVE, the company that was producing the tour. Remember when court documents revealed his horrid treatment of Michael when he said he was self loathing now that it was showtime?  I'm sure Mr Phillips would have liked to help him out by sending in a little help like this wouldn't he?  Make it all nice like . . you know to help "Mikey" out like he did with the promise of a home in Vegas he knew Michael wanted....

Anyway, the hologram was one thing, but there was also a commercial with Michael's music as well.  This is good business.  Great marketing.  I only wish that that much publicity could have been done for Michael's last studio album entitled "Invincible".  That way Michael probably wouldn't have had to sign his life away, quite literally at that, for a home et al to do the final "This is It" concert series.  Oh, but wait, that's right.  That's the whole point isn't it?

Here is the video of the performance in case you missed it.  Was this the impersonator you were going to have to perform for Michael at the O2 guys?  Sorry, so bad.  I don't believe it's Michael for a minute.....

Coincidence or Divine Timing - May 19

His robes were shorter than I remembered, draped around his shoulder with a natural colored smock tied at the waist with rope.  The patches of dirt on the front told me he had been traveling for some time.  I walked with him as he spoke about what it was like before he came.  "There were two schools of thought", he said.  "Some people thought that there was no life after death at all and others believed that the spirit lived on.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

It was Jeshua, the great teacher, that's what I called him then.  He also went by the name of Jesus, from Nazarath.  He had traveled many miles speaking with many people about the truth of life. My name was Miriam then.  A name I am told was similar to Mary at the time and our friend's name was Lazarus, someone you may know by the name of Michael Jackson this time around.

They say that we reincarnate with the same group of souls, sometimes many times with a twin soul mate, all sharing the same purpose for coming.  Back then I suppose it was to play a hand in teaching and learning with the master.

If you would have asked me twenty some years ago I would have told you I didn't believe in past lives.  It wasn't until I began experiencing them that I began to know they were real.  We all come to earth again and again, learning our lessons, recreating the same situations over and over again until we get it.  The movie "Cloud Atlas" at right, portrays this very nicely.

This life with Jesus came as glimpses.  At first when I was a child I would cry at the sight of the cross with Jesus nailed upon it.  Later, I received very disturbing visions of a pregnant woman crying beside a cross with Jesus nailed upon it.  He was alive, but dying and she, pregnant with his child.

Michael and Lisa Marie
Disney World
Which brings me to today.  It's May 19 and this date holds great prominence for this story as well as for Michael and I.  It's an anniversary of sorts.  Let me explain why.

It was in my sixth grade that I realized I was looking for someone.  I would just "know" when I saw him and he would "just know" when he saw me.  I had details in my mind from seemingly out of nowhere.  He had dark hair, his eyes were dark brown and he danced.  It was that year, 1976, when a boy in my class seemingly fit the description.  I eyed him closely and when we were told to write our birthday's on the board he wrote "May 20th".  The date screamed out at me and I sat stunned.  It turned out he wasn't the boy I was "looking" for, but the date, May 20th did have meaning and I knew it from the pit of my soul.
A photo of Epcot date stamped for remembrance

Later in 1994 when after years of conversing with Michael and going through a gruesome ordeal with accusations of child molestation, we began discussing meeting.  The place would be Disney World and the date, May 20th.  Talks like these were like daydreams.  At the time I kept them to myself, and hardly believed they were "really" taking place at all.  But in 1994 I had an incessant drive to make it there to meet him.  I had no money and no place to stay but knew I just had to be there.  That's when a postcard came in the mail from a local radio station.  If you called in and were the ninth caller on the song of the day you could win a free trip to Disney.  The calendar was for May and on May 20th the song of the day was "Will You Be There?" by Michael Jackson.

Of course it was a sign, I thought.  I needed to win the tickets so I could go.  I called every day and one day while dialing from a few lines at work to try and win a work associate asked what I was doing.  When I told him he explained he had a share time in Florida.  Maybe, he said, you'd like to use it.  "Sure" I said not thinking it would be for the right week, or there would be some kind of catch.  He didn't say a word but picked up another line on the phone and began speaking to someone.  In the meantime I was still dialing the radio station to try and win tickets.  I heard the announcer begin to announce a winner as my coworker looked at me from across the room and said "How's the week of May 20th?"

I went to Disney that week.  I even had a dream of Michael in a place of nowhere asking me to meet him in Paris.  At first I thought of Paris, France, when I suddenly realized it was Paris in Epcot he was talking about.  I went there the next day, May 19th, and found that there was someone there to meet me, but I didn't think it was him.  I actually thought it was someone else and tried to evade him.  Later, when I got home, a local television station showed footage of the man I didn't think was him.  A man I repeatedly saw and thought was following me.  It was Michael Jackson in disguise.  It was a major realization for me that year.  That after all the years of trying to put off the encounters and conversations we had, I had to finally admit they were real.  He was about to marry Lisa Marie Presley and it was later reported that he did so later that week.

Since then there has been more with the date of May 19th.  My visions of Jesus on a cross and a weeping woman came to fruition in 2006 when I learned about the movie the DaVinci Code.

In the film a professor of religious symbology from Harvard, is the prime suspect in the grisly and unusual murder of Louvre curator Jacques Saunière. He escapes with the assistance of a police cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, and they are embroiled in a quest for the legendary Holy Grail.  A noted British Grail historian tells them the actual Holy Grail is explicitly encoded in Leonardo da Vinci's wall painting, the Last Supper. Also searching for the Grail is a secret cabal within Opus Dei, an actual prelature of the Holy See, who wishes to keep the true Grail a secret; the revelation of this secret would certainly destroy Christianity.  The "secret" they are referring to is Mary.  Pictured at the side of Jesus in the painting of the Last Supper and said to have had been pregnant with a child at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus.  A detail the churches have chosen to exclude.

This small detail would have made Jesus, human, and not the divine being portrayed by the churches.  What they have failed to tell us is that we are all divine beings and that's exactly what Jesus came to teach us.

The movie was released on May 19th and it confirmed for me that Mary was indeed pregnant with Jesus's child.

Maybe it's all just a coincidence.  The fact of the dates, the visions, and the remembrances of past lives.  Yet when I think about the painting, who Mary was and who Michael and I are I can't help but think of the truth of the matter.  We are twin flames, Jesus and Mary were twin flames.  The final resting place for Mary is even said to be under two superimposed triangles and in of all places, Paris just like our meeting spot in Disney.

This fact is a historical reference point that has been hidden for centuries.  It is represented not only in DaVinci's painting, but in the story of Adam and Eve, the Song of Songs and in Jewish literature, writings by Plato and many other historical pieces of literature.

The two superimposed triangles where Mary
Magdalene is said to be buried in Paris, France.

I'm not Jesus, but I do feel close to him, just as Michael did, and if anything that I have to say is true even in the slightest, the world has done very little to keep what this great teacher came to teach alive.  That there is not only life after death, but a little known secret of the divine within as well.  The chalice, or upside down triangle, the symbol of woman and the apex, or right side up triangle as a symbol for man lives in almost every tradition in the world.  It is the Star of David, the Tibetan Heart chakra symbol - the place of divine love or flames depicted in all the Jesus paintings.  Maybe that's why they have told me to write our story.  Maybe that's why we even came.  To let others know our true history and the truth of creation and how man has destroyed this great gift that was given.  Our divine identities, our true divinity within, can and will be reborn into this world.  Michael's cover for his Dangerous album and a world that comes out in the end under divine order is something we both have aspired to.  Listening to and feeling what your life is about is much more telling than what any man has or could ever tell you.  If you listen hard enough, are quiet long enough you'll even hear the whispers of the ages.  The ancient ones, whispering the truth of our history and the truth of our future.  

Have you lived before?  Are you divine?  Do you believe or is this all just some huge, gigantic coincidence?  You be the judge.

by Michael Jackson
The Last Supper painting
From the book: Dancing the Dream

He had lived in the desert all his life, but for me it was all new. “See that footprint in the sand?” he asked, pointing to a spot by the cliff. I looked as close as I could. “No. I don’t see anything.”

“That’s just the point.” He laughed. “Where you can’t see a print, that’s where the Ancient Ones walked.”

We went on a little farther, and he pointed to an opening, high up on the sandstone wall. “See that house up there?” he asked. I squinted. “There’s nothing to see.”

“You’re a good student.” He smiled. “Where there’s no roof or chimney, that’s where the Ancient Ones are most likely to have lived.”

We rounded a bend, and before us was spread a fabulous sight, thousands upon thousands of desert flowers in bloom. “Can you see any missing?” he asked me. I shook my head. “It’s just wave after wave of loveliness.”

“Yes,” he said in a low voice. “Where nothing is missing, that’s where the Ancient Ones harvested the most..”

I thought about all this, about how generations once lived in harmony with the earth, leaving no marks to scar the places they inhabited. At camp that night I said, “You left out one thing.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Where are the Ancient Ones buried?”

Without reply, he poked his stick into the fire. A bright flame shot up, licked the air, and disappeared. My teacher gave me a glance to see if I understood this lesson. I sat very still, and my silence told him I did.

Ashes to ashes.  Dust to dust.

From "You Are Not Alone" Video
Mere human or Divine ideal?
Cover of the Dangerous Album
with Adam and Eve 
Black and white babies
from the video "Black or White"
***Note:  Postings on the blog will resume the first week of June, 2014.

Cover for the song release "Black or White"
Two superimposed triangles


The "Other" Twin Soul - My Position

I've recently been informed that Susan Elsa, a woman portraying herself as Michael Jackson's Twin Soul has been making slanderous remarks and posting material on many sites with key words containing my personal name, my book name, and much of my material.  I have nothing to hide.  It's been very difficult to have been placed in this situation and I have resisted in writing anything at all about this woman based on the fact that I know her stories are not true.

They say it's supposed to be a sign of success when you attract such haters, however, I'm not amused.  She continues to use my story as her resource for her adventures, and I'd like to set the record very straight here once and for all.

Defamation has a definition and is punishable by law. The difference in whether or not it is executable is that the material must be true and factual that has been posted about the person and I can tell you for a fact the statements made about me are NOT.

I have not said one word, visited, harassed or in any other way slandered Ms Elsa, however it seems she finds pleasure in doing so to my name.  Michael, Elizabeth, I and a spiritual group called "The Brotherhood of Light" use this blog to help heal and enlighten.  Something that is our twin soul mission.  I don't do this for fun.  It's not easy to write everyday, it was NOT easy coming out with my story.  I did so for the many, not myself.  I continue for the mission, not my personal gratification.  If you think this is a high profile, gracious position, think again.  Too many doubters, too many ill intended MJ fans and people like Susan make it worse.

 I continue to post because my spiritual counterparts have made way and have told me to do so.  I have not gone out of my way to portray myself as Michael's one and only love of his life and will remain in service to the all with the bigger picture in mind of healing our world.  You have not, nor will you ever see false portrayals or key words with Ms Elsa or anyone elses name on any posts to slander someone else to make me look better.  Michael had enough of this in his life and I think we both know how strongly we feel about it.

This work stands on its own for those looking to better themselves and the world, not their pocketbooks.  Even the book on the sidebar "Man in the Mirror PROJECT" remains to be a FREE download and DOES NOT have my name as author on it.  Why?  Because it was NOT written totally by me, and my spiritual advisers wished it to be published that way.

This journey, this blog, my writing, is NOT ABOUT ME in any way shape or form.  This is about the Brotherhood of Light and the mission they and I hold to serve humanity in bringing truth and light to the consciousness of humanity.  That includes Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Nelson Mandela, Sri and Mira Aurobindo, Maurie Pressman, and a myriad of other souls who have dedicated their time and involvement in helping.  I have personally been told this is not about me. There will be nothing that I will do to circumvent the plan that The Brotherhood of Light has put in place.  Everything I post, everything I do, and write I seek counsel on.

Please Note:

My story "Another Part of Me - An Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls" is a memoir.  This means it is a true story based on my life.

Ms Elsa's story written after it's publication, entitled "Archangel Michael's Wedding"  is under the genre she chose herself : "Fantasy".  This means it is fiction, just like the material she has posted about me. She herself has made it apparent that her story is indeed just that: fantasy.

Please be on notice Ms Elsa.  Your defamatory remarks are noted.  Any and all legal remedies will be pursued should you persist.

I would hope that internet users and Michael's fans would recognize this, however, let this stand as testament to the many STILL trying to use Michael's name to make a dollar and those that are so jealous of others, that they will go to this extent.  Still refusing to see a bigger picture of healing our world by trying to uplift themselves by putting others down.

PLEASE: check written material before you invest your time or your money.  If it's labeled as fiction or fantasy, the author chose that genre for a reason.  It's most often because IT IS.

Archangel Michael's Wedding
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Published: Feb 25, 2013
  • Publisher: MGP Publishing
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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

 - Maya Angelou

“Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” 

- Thomas Jefferson

Simplicity.  Warmth.  Strength of character.  These are the things long sought out after decades of misconception and untruths.  If we were to put in our back pockets every lie that someone told us, every misdeed or misconception we would surely run out of space.

Living in the world today requires a great deal of trust.  Trust isn't something given lightly.  For if it was we would all be in the hands of some very evil and manipulating people.  Trust is something that is earned.  You earn trust with another over time and with your words and actions, but more importantly, we learn to trust ourselves by our perceptions and observations.  Observing the feelings and emotions, the signs and signals and trusting your instincts can be your greatest tool to gain trust in yourself.  When the world outside looks cold, we like the butterfly may cocoon ourselves up in a tight coat of armor.  Afraid of hurt, lies, and betrayal.  But when we learn to trust ourselves enough to know who we can trust or how far we are willing to trust another, we learn to expand ourselves and we become the butterfly.  No longer afraid of life or living, but eager to spread our wings and rise above adversity.


Love Never..Video, Justin, Michael and John

The video for the song "Love Never Felt So Good", written and recorded by Michael Jackson and now re-done with Justin Timberlake, was just released.  Justin is an amazing artist and that's what artists do: music.  His whole demeanor, manner and professionalism not only lend a great deal to the industry, but to humanity as a whole.

Music is the fabric of our lives.  The great OM, the sound of creation, can be likened to the song of the earth.  We have within us many songs, many vibrations, and when music is heard it has great power for healing.  Michael wanted to use his music to bring joy.  This new video that was produced I am posting below because we believe it does just that.  Michael didn't approve of the music to be released or recorded.  He didn't have the final say on what went out, but the song, the voice and music are there not only as his legacy, but a tribute to what music can do to our hearts, minds and souls.  A soothing melody can relax you, an operatic prose can bring you to tears, and the upbeat melody of a dance tune can make you get out of your seat and bring a smile to your face.  This is joy and one of the reasons Michael continued to make the music he created.  Thank you to Justin for taking a chance on putting your career and time on the line to help record and be a part of this fantastic video.

As for the estate and John Branca, whom we've spoken many times about here on the blog, they are doing what they can with what they have.  Personally, I am heart broken about what happened and what has transpired.  I don't want to say too much, but we continue to see a bigger picture of what is to come and what can be benefited by this terrible tragedy.

Michael passed five years ago, but his music and legacy still live on.  The bigger picture is this:  No matter who killed him or stole from him, we must continue to see the opportunity to still heal and bring joy to the world, especially in his name.  Michael would like very much to see his legacy being that of both music, love and healing in our world.  We'd like to see that healing legacy continue with the actions of the estate.  Michael's music and his legacy are there to be instruments of healing.  We can make it right if we use the music in a way to heal and uplift humanity, starting to become the change Michael wanted to start.  Healing the world, using his music to do it, can be a huge step in the right direction for healing the masses, simply by using music to do it.  Mr Mandela used it when he was imprisoned and music continues to be a powerful tool to move the minds and emotions of the masses.  What a great tool to do good upon earth.

Enjoy the video.  I hope it brings a smile to your face and joy in your heart.


Words to Heal and Words to Use to Heal Another

You might think them, but do you say them?

Words can be powerful tools to help us convey our feelings, but all too often many of us forget or are afraid to use them.  Sometimes afraid to reach out to another person for fear of more hurt, or simply because of our pride.  The following words and phrases can be used to ask for healing or to help heal another.  Too often we hear of the ridicule and bullying done on the playgrounds that continues its cycle throughout adulthood.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, instead of using our words to hurt, consider using these powerful phrases to heal:

I forgive you
I'm sorry
I'm sorry I hurt you
I'm afraid please help me to understand.
I love you
I'm here for you
I regret saying that.  I didn't mean it.
I adore everything about you.
I love you more.
I appreciate you.
I value you.
Please forgive me.
I'm interested in you.
I'm available for you.
Tell me how I can help you?
Tell me how I can make things right?
I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.
I'm afraid/feel you don't love me.
I'm sorry I was not there for you.
I'm sorry I wasn't the person you needed to be.
I'm sorry I wasn't the person you wanted me to be.
I'm sorry I wanted you to be someone you are not.
I'm sorry I made demands on you in exchange for my love and affection.
You are adorable.
You are kind.
You are smart.
I have faith in you.
You will do something great in your life.
This is only one chapter of your life, the others have yet to be revealed.
I think of you often.
You will be in my prayers.
I want and need you in my life.
I lied because I was afraid.
I'm sorry I was unable to tell the truth because I feared it would make me look bad and that was    wrong.
You are a light in my life.
You are important.
I was angry because I was afraid of losing you.
I love your smile.
I love your laugh.
You are amazing.
God must have blessed you.

May our need to be right, always be less than our need for peace and love.  May we make it a priority for ourselves and in turn a priority in the world.  Knowing every nation, every religion, every man and woman, all have different ideals and ideas about how things "should" go.  May we be brave enough and open enough to accept each and every one for who they are and not who we want them to be.

Notice the feeling you have when you watch Shirley Temple in the video below simple say "I love you".   A smile, and a heartfelt grin with words that invoke a feeling that made her the popular star she was.  Emotion, love and delight; the ingredients for a wonderful life.  One that no matter who we are or the color of our skin, we all want.


Michael on Prayers and Angels

"There is great power in prayer.  When you reach your hands up to the sky, when you place your palms together, there is a magic, an energy that transcends all of the forces of earth.  This extension to heaven, this reach for the magical being of god and his essence brings us to a place of humility and humbleness.  We are before the creator.  Extending our hearts to his greatness and majesty.  Our fervent prayers are heard throughout the universe and great souls answer them in service.

You would never know that beyond the veil of our illusion lies many great masters.  They take their time choosing disciples and choose wisely those that heed the word and law of god.  These same masters who have ascended the earths plane, will often choose souls to work with them.  Their hearts must be pure, their intention focused and their trust in god and them immense.  The chosen will do their handiwork on the earths plane.  Following instructions, trusting and following the cause of the whole for the benefit of all people, not just a chosen few.  These angels, these earth angels, are a treasure.  For when the outreach of prayer is heard on this side it is those that have been chosen that can answer the call on earth.

It's a beautiful thing to watch and see.  A mother or fathers fervent prayer for their son overseas may be heard by an angel here.  That angel will fly over to the son in answer to the prayer.  The angel may protect that son or they may inquire with others and intercede on his behalf.  The angel that heard the prayer can also interject.  The angel can intercede the mission of the son in war and can also inspire others on earth to help take him to safety.

There are angels among us.  They come in all shapes and sizes and if you listen close enough you can sometimes hear their wings.  A pitter patter, the soft fall of a feather or the soft, silky voice that calls out your name.  These are gods blessing to humanity and those that answer the prayers and fervent desires of many.

You can be an angel.  You can put on invisible earthy wings and fly around the earth assisting the many that are in need.  This is something I had longed to do.  Something that I do now and when I return to the earth, my angel wings will be varnished.  In time they will be immortal and I will stand with the great ones at the alter of my father in heaven.  Today I ask you to join me in becoming an angel on earth.  To help those in need.  To know we are a dying planet without the love and kindness of people like you and to walk with wings upon your back helping who ever you can.

I love you.  Be kind to yourself and the angels will be kind to you too."


Breaking the Cycle of Pain: Parents, the Inner Child, and Healing our World

In 2001 Michael Jackson gave a speech at Oxford University.  In it he expressed the need to heal ourselves, to heal the inner child, so that we all may begin to heal the world.  Reconciliation, he said, was something he had obtained with his father even though Michael himself had very painful memories.

Reconciliation is a word that has resurfaced many times here on the blog.  Shortly after Mr Mandela passed, Michael and he both spoke about this very powerful form of healing.  It is a tool, a process and a mandate for healing in our world.  For without it, we will not have peace, will not have love flowing freely through our hearts, and our world can quickly become a place of hatred instead of the loving place and people we were all created to be.

Reconciliation is not easy.  When you have been wronged, hurt and sometimes even tortured it is very difficult to put that past to rest.  The key lies in seeing it for what it was, instead of seeing it as who we are and what was done to "us".  So many times we find ourselves in only the thoughts about what was done to us and how it made us feel.  We must realize they are only our thoughts. That the thoughts of others, their feelings, their up bringing, and their inner child must be taken into account as well.

This past weekend was Mothers Day here in the United States.  A day to celebrate your "mother" and honor her.  Some parents and children are estranged and as most people know already, this foundational relationship can play havoc with the feelings and doings of your life even when you are "grown" up.  Healing from difficulties in our childhood must begin with understanding the "consciousness" of what transpired.  People can only act from what they know and as Jesus said, sometimes "they know not what they do."  This not only applies to "them", but to "us" as well.

This statement is important because some of us simply don't know better.  We don't know how to be what someone else needs or wants us to be.  When we do, maybe then it's too late.  Maybe at that point we don't know how to fix it.  In relationships with others; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, or lovers, one person has to take the first step.  Many times because of patterns that have been ingrained, as Michael spoke about in his speech, it must be the children themselves, if not for any other reason, but because they know better.

My own children heal me when they say "Momma I love you."  The mere words warm my heart and there is kindness and love generated throughout my home.  These children are special.  We are special.  The child within your parent is special as well.  Those that inflict harm on others most likely have done the best they could with what they knew at the time.   Most people react out of what was done to them and sometimes aren't even conscious of what or why they do what they do. So today I ask that you might begin to seek reconciliation with those who have hurt you.  May you realize they were acting only from a place they knew to act from.  Our pain bodies, as Eckhart Tolle once termed them,  engage when we feel pain, but the pain body, those painful emotions from our past is also our ego.  If we learn to recognize it as one and the same we can start to heal.

Releasing pain does take time, but when we realize what it is, a painful past from people who don't know better.  Pain from an episode or episodes that perhaps we have even looked upon differently then they did, we can begin to take steps.  We  must realize that in order to heal we must put our healing in front of being right.  Even though you may know a wrong has been perpetrated against you, you can be the one to take to first step toward healing it, because sometimes the people who have hurt you simply don't know how.

Recognize that this pain is the ego.  The part of us that wants to be right and realize that maybe what's more important is healing.  Then we can begin to release it.  Know that there are two views and perspectives to every side and apologize for causing the other pain.  There would never be anger, never be pain within you if it was never in them as well.

We must want peace and healing more than we want to be right.  We must say the words: I'm sorry I caused you pain, I love you, I appreciate you.  As much as words can hurt, they can also heal.  We must be that that the other can't or isn't capable of being.  Teach by action and say the words.  Your healing outreach will not only extend between the two, but all of those around you as well.

The children who kill, who hurt others, have been hurt themselves;  Let us not let them grow up in another generation of hurtful and shamed people.  Instead, let us extend our hand in kindness and in a loving fashion to show them how to heal and be loved.  If someone does not have love or kindness bestowed to them, if someone else is not shown how, how can we expect them to know any better?  It must start with those of us that know better.  If we can heal ourselves, we can and will heal the world.

Please listen to Michael in the video below regarding his thoughts on this very prominent topic:

It is also important to listen to Eckhart Tolle here as he explains the pain body and it's role in our emotional pain.  We must accept people as they are.  Although we would like them to be something we think they "should be" they are not.  It is our resistance to accepting who they are and what is that causes us the most pain.  For us to heal we must learn to let go of what we think "should be" and enter into healing knowing that we can change the way we "feel" about it just by changing our consciousness about it.  Our pain body is our ego.  As we recognize patterns emerging, these feelings, name them: "the pain body".  It's our pain body when we want to be right, our pain body when we feel we are the hurt child.  Recognize it for what it is, and you will begin to dismantle the negative energy patterns of hurt within you and begin healing.

Now that you know what and how the pain body works, you can bring yourself to say the words to heal:  I'm sorry for causing you pain, I value you, I appreciate you, before it's too late to say them and you regret the precious time you have wasted holding onto a hurt that can only hurt you both and the generations to come.


Michael on Twin Flames

"Flames of a fire,  flames of the heart are in tune with one another.  Each flame extends up from a source of unified energy.  Flames flicker, they waver, they connect and they separate, but they never seem to drift too far from one another and their source.  Twin flames are like that.  They drift, they flicker, and sometimes they join in unison, but they are always connected at the source.  They are never truly apart from one another.  They are part of you and your mission is to teach others the same - you are also a part of them.  The difference with flames is that the connection is so strong you feel differently about one another.  It's that feeling you carry with you, and it teaches you to be humble, it teaches you about god and one another and how we all need to get along.

God, the force in the universe that unites us all, is the source of love and power in all people and things.  The trees, the leaves, the flowers and the music that is brought down from heaven.  All things, all people need love in their lives to feel whole.  If I was not whole myself I could not seek someone else out to make me whole.  I have to feel inside that I am complete with god myself before allowing myself to enter into relationship with someone else.  That's the power of god. Knowing where you are at yourself.  Knowing who you are inside and what you want to do in life.

My life was not just about music, it was about dance, theatrics, knowing deep inside that we are all one and how life truly is on the other side.  I help people because I care.  There are many hurting in the world that need love.  I'm here to give it.  Some people turn a blind eye to the needs of others, but I simply can't.  There is too much hatred to go around and not enough love.  If we could learn to find that love in ourselves then I believe we could love more.  Yet most of us don't know love. We don't know where to find it, sometimes even what it feel like, but we continue to search for it not knowing what we are looking for.

Love is slippery like soap.  It can be here today and gone tomorrow, but flame love never separates.  It always seeks resolution and harmony.  You can't not love a flame because it's part of the very source you were created from.  Inside you know you belong with one another and inside you carry that piece, that other half with you at all times.  You don't know how I feel about this because I've never spoken about it.  I care very little about what the world has to say about my personal life.  The truth is we all seek love and in life I was no different.  I wanted to be loved for who I was not my persona.  People tend to think because I had money I was different.  Because I played music, I was a musician, I was blessed.  I never wanted that.  I never wanted someone to be with me because I played music, because I was an artist.  I wanted someone to care for me the way I cared about them.  Because I was honest with my feelings and expected the same from a partner.  I messed up.  I didn't find the love I sought.  Many times I thought it was too difficult to go through the pain of another meeting.  I always ended up on the wrong side of the road somehow and I didn't know how to fix it.  Sometimes we think things should be a certain way and they aren't.  When you know you are in love and you can't be with that person it hurts you.  Sometimes love can be cruel in that way, but with flames it's different.  We can reach out to one another and it makes us feel whole.  We can converse easily across the ethers like we are standing close and I can reach out and touch her now without saying a word.

Standing by watching my flame is like watching a candle.  Sometimes her light shines brilliantly and sometimes her sorrow drowns out the flame and it flickers.  We like to think we are alone when we don't see anyone there, but we're not.  She thinks I don't know she's lonely sometimes but I do. She thinks I don't know that she thinks I'm lonely too, but I do. We are in some ways in the same spot we were when I lived and I can't tell you how much it hurts sometimes.  But in the end, we will have each other.  When she comes home to me, we'll be together forever and that's a day I'll cherish.

A merging soul takes time.  You have to nurture it together.  You grow together and you grow separately, just like the flames.  You always have to keep that going inside, even though you might not see them all the time. When you do, you grow by leaps and bounds.  I can't tell you how many times I've learned something about myself by watching my flame.  Being here now lets me see her differently and we are the same in many ways, yet different in some as well. Her life is like mine was.  Simple, modest, even though the public didn't see me that way, I was. It's not any different when you meet your flame.  The only difference is that you can see them differently.  What didn't make sense before suddenly becomes clear and the path that you chose together makes itself manifest on earth.

Being born into the world means you made a decision to come together.  If that's what it takes to be with someone you love, you do it.  In the end, all of us will make that journey back home with our flame and when you do I'll be there smiling, because the love you saved for yourself has now become your own.  You are blessed to have a flame.  They are the essence of you and the light in your darkest of times.  Believe, wonder and the magic of life will come alive.  It's all right there.  Right in front of you.  You just have to look closer.  Take a magnifying glass and see through the lens of who you truly are - a divine being waiting to be reborn.  When you are, you'll be able to unite again with your flame and come home to the place all of us dream of - a heaven on earth and a place made just for you."