Michael expresses the role his childhood played in his murder

There were no plans to post today.  It's been very busy. One thing you learn, however, is that when the universe "nudges" you, most often it's in your best interest to take notice.

I've written what Michael wanted to say today.  He says someone has been questioning his desire to be heard and wanted to pre-empt the Man in the Mirror segment.  Here is what he had to say:

"Take a look at your life today.  Do you find that there is something missing?  Is there perhaps a pattern that has been recurring in your life that you've noticed, or do you feel sad or shameful most of the time but you don't know why?

My childhood has been the focus of much of my work during my life on earth.  I've expressed my concern for the children of the world because inside I felt like them. Cold, abandon, and confused.  I now know why I had such a fondness for them.  Debbie and I were talking about this project and I honestly never knew how I could feel so abandon without reason.  The truth is there was a reason.  I just wasn't aware of it.  I think most of us go about our business and day thinking we are "normal" when we really don't have a healthy definition of what normal is.  I think we need to define a new "normal" for ourselves and our children.  I think the "normal" of yesterday no longer serves humanity in a healthy way.

I spoke about my father when I was living publicly.  I said that he must have had a difficult time in his life because of the circumstances he was brought up in.  It's hard when you can only have the experiences you have this time around to look back on.  Sometimes it's difficult to know any different when you've only experienced one side of the coin.  My death was  brought about by people I had around me that were using me.  I felt comfortable with them.  I was raised as a God fearing person and taught we should love.  I now know I was wrong in my thinking.  I loved too much.  Not in the way that I should have.  I had no boundaries, no friends to tell me what was in my best interest and no knowledge to know the difference.

Do you want to know why I had those people around me?  Because it was in my experience.  It was what I was comfortable with.  I had people abuse me all my life.  Sometimes it feels uncomfortable when we get to know someone who really does have our best interests in mind.  Many people believed that I was all that and a bag of chips.  They were wrong.  I am only human, just like everyone else.  I made mistakes, and yes, I had triumphs, but you have to believe that everyone has a path to follow.  Sometimes it's not that easy.

I want you to know this because as you follow this along I want you to think of your own life.  What has transpired in your past and how it's made you feel.  Make a commitment to yourself that by New Year's Day you'll have something about yourself that you'd like to change.  I promise you, the information we will be giving you will help you make that change.  I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

Life is funny.  I never thought I'd be here doing this with Debbie.  She's always been a puzzle to me and now I see that we teach each other as much as we learn from one another.  I'd like to say we are one, but that's not true.  She has her own thing going on, and I have mine.  Our minds and hearts, however, are connected at a very deep spiritual level.  I wish you could know the complete peace it gives me in our mission.  My hope when I lived was to give the world what I was so lucky to receive from God - my music.  That music carried a message and it was my sincere desire to change the world.  We are now at the brink of doing just that and I ask you to join with us in that mission. 

Peace and blessings,
Michael Jackson

PS Yes, I want to be heard"


Healing the World in 2012 - A Mayan Prophecy

Have you ever looked back at your life and realized that everything in your life up until this point has brought you to where you needed to be?  Yet through that journey, it was sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, confusing and you always wondered where it was leading you to?

I am truly excited about our future.  This year will mark an opportunity like never before in our history, to make great strides in changing the consciousness of ourselves and the planet.  Michael Jackson's entire life was devoted to not only his music,  but using that music to change the world.  If you look back at the messages in his music, you may realize he was preparing many of us for this very moment in history.

With 2012 just around the corner, I wanted to share with you a video from a real Mayan who was taught in the traditions of his people.  He explains what the ending of the Mayan Calendar is truly about in his interview posted below:

I also wanted to share with you some work that we've been up to and the next segment we will be presenting on the blog.  As you know Michael Jackson had a great love for children.  The pain of a child resonated with him deeply.  He was sensitive to the abused inner child within not only himself, but within us all.  He has said many times that we should be healing the world for our children and our children's children.  In order to do that we must heal the inner child within us all first.  Some people aren't even aware that they have an inner child.  Some people have no idea that the loneliness they feel, or the addictions they have stem from our childhood.  This is not about blaming our parents, because if we ever bothered to look, they most likely had the same problem.  These are patterns.  Patterns that have been established in cycles for generations.  The change, however, must start somewhere.  Our hope is that it may start with us.

This first segment is part of the Man In the Mirror project.  In the coming year we'll be exploring what patterns have been set into motion in our own personal lives on emotional and spiritual levels and how to break through them.  We'll also be looking at our role in the world and our true spiritual potential.  You may discover a you that you never knew existed.   By doing this we will all begin to truly Heal The World.

We can throw money at many problems in the world to try and fix something that has gone wrong.  Poverty, war, neglect.  But to truly Heal we must realize there is an underlying cause for this destruction.  It isn't money that will fix it.  It's us and changing how we think about ourselves and our wold.  A child that is raised in a war stricken zone knows only war.  His comfort, his home is war.  What do you think he will teach his children?

A girl who is raped in a poverty stricken community will be subconsciously given the message that she is worthless, she is powerless.  What do you think she will teach her children?

These are just some of the things we need to realize before real change in the world can transpire.  I hope that you will join us on this journey in the coming months.  I hope that you yourself will find great happiness, healing and joy from the advancements made in the coming year for us all.  It is Michael's hope, as well as my own, that we can continue what he started in making these changes.

Hope to see you soon!


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Twelve

Do you believe in Angels, like the one that God sent to
announce the birth of Jesus?  
"Day twelve of The Twelve Days of Miracles brings us to a close.  The number 12 itself is significant because it represents completion.  There are twelve months in a year and if you all remember 12 disciples.  The disciples I speak about were those of Jesus Christ himself and on this coming day, which we call Christmas, we celebrate the birth of his physical body made manifest.  Your job in life is to remember the message of Jesus.   We celebrate his life year after year and know that he suffered greatly . The message he brought was hope to the world, and love.  That we are all brothers and sisters.  That although there may be kings that rule the nations, there are even greater kings that rule our world.  Peace then to our world will come when we all realize that peace must come from ourselves first.  My Man in the Mirror song Debbie keeps talking about is true.  We have to look at ourselves first.  It's there within that the real self, the Christ self can be born and there can truly be peace on earth.  

The miracle today is then as we close this segment out is the greatest of them all.  Our greatest miracle, our greatest gift was Jesus.  God so cared about what was happening in our world that he made special arrangements to send someone with such a high degree of knowledge and wisdom to walk alongside us and try to teach us.  We celebrate him every Sunday in some households, every Christmas time, or Easter, but rarely do we take his real teachings to heart to get us all to where our world needs to be.

Since this segment is done we plan to bring more information to you.  Our mission as twin souls is to help in someway shed light on those things that have been made dim.  This coming year will bring to fruition many more details about my death and how it was handled.  It will also reveal to you some very important information as to the nature of my relationship with Debbie.  We are spiritual beings and I want you to remember that.  We are not merely flesh and blood.  If we were how do you think Jesus would have ever been chosen to come?

This season and Christmas time I want to wish the very best for you and all of those you love.  I want to share with you my love for the world and extend the invitation for you to join me in my mission.  Perhaps you could just for a moment consider coming on a mission to heal the world.  I warn you it will take much work but in the end it will be well worth it.  Until we are able to write again, Merry Christmas  May Christmas hold for you the joy I find in a child receiving the gift of his first toy on Christmas morning.  God Bless and truly from the heart, I love you."   Michael

I'd like to say Merry Christmas too and thank you for sharing with me on this blog.  For your thoughts and to those wonderful people I have been able to meet from around the world I am truly grateful and honestly very honored.  Michael's message makes me a little nervous, but we'll have to see what comes to fruition in the coming months.  I hope that everyone finds an abundance of peace and love in their lives in the coming days.  We'll take back to posting a new message after the Christmas Holiday and as I said before, if Michael doesn't show up then, I'll just let you know . . "Michael seems to have left the building"  Until then, happy holidays with L.O.V.E.!   Debbie


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Eleven/Ending of the Mayan Calendar

"Your mind is like a mechanical vault.  The thoughts you think travel like light speed through the galaxies and beyond.  Did you know that what you think you make manifest?  That what you believe, what you think about yourself, is what becomes your reality? 

God gave us a gift when we were created and that gift was to be a creator among ourselves.  Why then do we choose to create things that are not good for us?  What is it in your life that you have created that is not God like, not of love?  Are you creating  the very best of your life that you can or the very worst, maybe somewhere in between?

Today's miracle is about loving ourselves.  It is about the miracle in ourselves to give ourselves the very best of what the world has to offer.  Offer then the best there is to give and not something that is mediocre or bad, but something that shines and is a brilliant beam of light to guide your life.  Hope is a miracle, a wish is a miracle, nature is a miracle, you are a miracle, we are all miracles to one another, there is one thing all of these miracles have in common - they are all created from you.'

Sri Aurobindo: The Dreamer Of Divine ConquestThe Mayan calendar is now starting to complete it's last year.  With this ending comes the birth of a new consciousness. This consciousness has been spoke of by others before us.  According to Sri Aurobindo (twin flame soul to Mother) the foundation of a new consciousness on earth is a consciousness with infinite possibilities of manifestation”. He stated that “The task we now set before ourselves is not mechanical but moral and spiritual .We aim not at the alteration of form of a government but the building of nation. The dharma, the national religion which we also believe to be universal. There is a mighty law of life, a great principal of human evolution , a body of spiritual knowledge and experience which India has always been destined to be guardian ,exemplar and missionary. This is Santana Dharma-the eternal religion. We must return and seek the sources of life and strength within ourselves. We must know our past and recover it for the purpose of our future. Our business is to realize ourselves first."
This is the Man in The Mirror


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Ten

"Listen to the voice inside of you.  What does it say?  Did you ever sit in the quietness of your own self and listen to the thoughts and feelings that seem to come from deep within you?  Continuing what we do, this mission of healing the planet requires a lot of dedication to ourselves and each other.  What is it I think to myself that I can give people that will help them see how to best serve themselves and each other?  You see everything to me is a miracle.  The sky, the trees, the shapes of the clouds.  But in your world the busyness of everyday takes you away from these things.  Your focus is on the mundane tasks of life and not on the eternal glory of our Father.  Listen then, for it's inside you that you will find a gentle yet guiding voice leading you on your path.  It is here that you will find me and where I will find you.  It is at this point, this specific inner place that we are truly all joined as one.  Do you know where it is?  I do.  It's called the soul.  And in it's essence, it's creation, we are all truly soul mates.  The miracle is that we have just never realized it."


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Nine

"One thing to remember is that we all contribute to the well being of one another and the planet.  Making wishes, using our dreams, our inspirations and hopes for the future always contribute to the all of everything that exists.  In union with everything that surrounds us we experience that which is called "samadhi."  That union is what we should all strive to achieve because it is there that you will soar to new heights and be able to transcend any difficult situation.

The miracle for today is that seeing and believing are one thing,  but doing is quite another.  When you look at a tree you can see the trunk and it's leaves,  You believe that it is there.  But what you don't see is the true miracle of the tree.  The energy that surrounds it, it's roots, its existence on the earth for sometimes hundreds of years.  We are like trees.  We have roots, energy that surrounds us, and some of us, yes, have been here for years.  What is it then that we can learn from this?  Is it our consciousness expanding to a level that we can see ourselves not only in one another but in a tree as well?  Or is it the miracle of knowing that we are not only connected to one another but to everything that exists around us as well?  

Contributing to the all of everything is what this is about.  Our miracles are most often those things we ourselves help create.  When we don't know this ourselves, we only have to look around us to be reminded that it is already present in our world.  The tree, its roots, you and your roots, have taken you this far in your life.  The next step is yours."  


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Eight/A Poem for Michael's Fans

"Don't worry about the small stuff, worry about the big stuff.  How much love you have in your life.  How much love we can give to one another.  Remembering the season is not about the shopping.  Remembering the season is about remembering the giving.  Giving from the heart without expecting anything in return.  When you do a miracle happens.  The love that you shared by giving is ten times the love you feel when you receive.  What is that feeling, that heartfelt sentiment that happens when the person you give to expresses their joy?  It's called love, and as we spoke yesterday about how we can take the first step into our own miracles by wishing, we can also begin creating miracles by our giving.  

The miracle of love is truly alive  It lives within us all.  This is the true meaning of Christmas; the true message.  Without love we would not exist.  Without love we would not be here.  Somewhere at sometime two people had to have expressed their love for one another for you to even be here.  How is it then that a world can even exist without love?  It can't.  So I urge you to increase your love this day and do those things that bring others the most joy.  In doing so, the miracle of love will abound in your heart."

There were many times that I heard Michael recite poetry. Sometimes the poems I heard came to be lyrics in his songs.  For many years I doubted it was him, because I'd never "heard" that he wrote poetry.  When his book "Dancing the Dream" came out, I started to believe the words were his.

I've had some people ask me if Michael was giving me songs, etc. and I've said no he hasn't.  It's kind of strange because being twin flames you find that you both have a tremendous amount of similarities you never knew you had.  I used to write song lyrics, make up my own songs, read self help books, dance, and truly thought I was the one that originated the saying "I love you more".  I even put it in a book I wrote many years ago.  I had read that twin flames Sri Aurobindo and Mother had this happen quite frequently and it still amazes me to this day.  You don't know what really is your idea or what is the other's idea.  The more I find out, the more I am amazed.

So today, Michael has taken the time to write with me.  This isn't just from him and not just from me.  We wrote this together and are dedicating it to all the people (his fans) and others who have done things on his behalf, been there for him and thought of him in kind and loving ways.

So for those that have kept the faith and are continuing to shine the light, this is for you; THANK YOU!

Miracle of Love

Every time you sing my songs
It plays upon my heart.
The words you sing, the love you send
Is like a piece of art

I wonder time and time again
About the love we’ve shared
The love I have, the love you give
Is truly ‘cause you’ve cared

My wish is that there is a time 
When all of you can see
The love you gave
The love you start
When you pray for me

I’ve played the tune, you’ve spoke the part
Even though it seems we’re miles apart
But if I could share, just one more care,
I’d tell you from the heart

That you are the world, you are the light
That lifts the world in song
I am that man, I am that strong
To carry this along

Angels lead us on above
Paving the way with truth and love
Please be strong, don’t stray the path
This miracle is not God’s wrath

The kindness we can give each other
Make us strong, makes weakness shudder
Open your hearts,  open your minds
The Miracle of Love is not far behind.

Blessings to everyone.  May the love you have sent be sent back to you ten times over.  Thank you so much!


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Seven

"I'd like to tell you a story about my childhood.  When I was little I used to wish on every star I would see.  I'd wish for things like race cars.  My early childhood dreams were shattered when I heard that there wasn't a Santa Claus.  I was convinced that one day he would hear me and bring me something.

One day when I was alone I found myself wishing again.  This time I was wishing for other things.  A new bike and some skates.  I wanted to be like the other kids and have a normal childhood.  Although I didn't believe in Santa Claus anymore, I still believed in the power of wishing. When I was done I looked at the time and it was time to go home.  I didn't know what time I would have to be to practice so I hurried up and looked for something, anything around the house to see if any of my wishes came true.  I believed in magic . . .  and there it was.  A brand new bike.  My father bought it the night before with money he had set aside from a gig we did in Detroit.  Not only was I surprised but from that day forward I believed in wishing all over again.

When a miracle happens, most likely we are the ones that give birth to it.  So create your miracle today by wishing for something you thought you would never get.  You never know, you just might get it."


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Six

"What is it that expresses a miracle most?  Is it the trees that stand as silent witnesses among us or the mountains that tower above the earth adding splendor to the already implicit wonder of the earth?  Who is it among us that can say what a miracle is?  Maybe we all have a different definition of what a miracle actually is?

Today the miracle I would like to convey is that of love and splendor.  It is those things that capture the attention and give way to expanding the heart and increasing our love.  The wag of a puppy's tail, the smile of newborn baby, a wave from an admiring fan.  These are all miracles to me.  

Big or small it is the every day that we need to notice.  The everyday of the everything that brings us joy and is truly a miracle that plants a seed within us.  When the miracle occurs that seed sprouts wings and flies above us like a rainbow, increasing our compassion, opening our heart and blessing those around us. 

Happy Sunday.  On this day many years ago I would go on pilgrimages knocking door to door spreading the message of God's word.  I look on this day today, and laugh because now I'm doing the same.  Some things never change. When we love, we love.  When we want to bring joy, we bring joy.  When we want to sing, we sing.  Don't let your music die.  Let it live and do what it is that brings you the most joy today."

Charity worker Seany, 25, is a devoted Michael Jackson fan

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-460910/Lively-Gerry-new-favourite-win-BB.html#ixzz1gulrWAfd


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Five

"So you're not going to believe what I have to tell you but it's true.  It's time you know the truth about what is written.  In society we tell people to believe in what they are told, in spirit, we believe in what we experience.  How is it that this transition from one state of matter to another is so secretive?  We have for ages known people of all nations and colors to die yet we still wonder at the continuation of life that still exists.  We speculate on ghosts, channel spirits, and others seem to think that we just go to heaven and live happily ever after.  Did you know that the native american Indians pray to their ancestors for assistance?  Did you know that Jesus himself said that we would do all of the things he once did and more?

Today I want to tell you about my miracle.  There was a day in my life when I thought everything that I had worked for, everything that I thought I had in my life was gone.  That was the day I left the earth.  My body died and I felt lost and confused.  There were people on the other side of the veil that helped me see that I had not lost a thing.  The only thing I lost was my body.  Everything else was completely unnecessary.  

I say this because putting all things into perspective I realized what I was missing from my life.  It wasn't money, things, people or success, it was the knowledge that everything and everyone exist in perfect unity.  That no matter where we are, no matter who we are or who we think we are, we still all exist together.  That no one truly leaves us, no one truly ever really leaves.

They say we leave footprints on the hearts of those we have touched in life, but I believe it's much more.  Today the miracle is that all that we give of ourselves, all that we think and all that we do will forever play a part in the matrix of the universe.  Our words, our thoughts our deeds, all fall into alignment with all there is.

If you ever wonder where someone has gone in your life, you need only close your eyes and feel their presence in your heart.  The footprints they have left are real.    Its called love and it's that love that resonates at all times within you that is the miracle for today.. Peace and love, much love (blowing kisses) Michael "


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Four

Today I'd just like to say that if you believe that this coming from me, thank you, because if it did then I feel really smart!  This is a good one . . .

"Day four of miracles brings us to the challenge of believing in things that seem distant or remote.

I believe that everything that happens to us, happens for a reason.  Sometimes you think when things go badly you are singled out or being punished for things you think maybe you've done badly.  On the contrary.  You are only being led in the direction that is most beneficial for your soul.  The soul resonates at a frequency and similar vibrations attract themselves to it, thereby bringing you those situations that would be most beneficial to your growth and being.  How many times have you looked back on what seemed to be a bad situation and it turned out to be one of the best turning points in your life?

Today's miracle is then to believe in the compass of your soul.  For it is the soul that ultimately brings you to your purpose in life and your destiny.  The miracle is the journey."

                                   - Michael Jackson (present today with "friends" including Elizabeth Taylor and her cute little white pooch!)


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Three

The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Three

I have to say personally I got a little nervous today - I feel like I'm required to perform now that I said I've committed to these 12 days.  I'm like "Michael?! Are you there?! What up dude?! Are you going to give me something or what?"  He laughed, said he has to test me; test my faith . .  .but if he ever does leave, you know maybe takes up residence in his old pad to haunt the people there just for fun (just kidding!) I'll tell you straight out. "sorry but Michael Jackson seems to have left the building".

So here is his miracle for today:

"Miracles are two fold;
One is that they always seem to have a magical essence associated with them.  
Two is that they always seem to take our breath away. 

Every day in your life you are faced with challenges.  These challenges seem to encompass most of the day for almost everyone.  Seemingly life is full of challenges, but we rarely stop to see the beauty of that which is around us waiting to be noticed.  I see beauty in trees, in life, and in the air.  Nature holds a beauty all in of itself that we rarely stop to notice.  How is it that a bird finds food when he needs it?  Or the skies paint themselves in colors of the rainbow?  Is it magic, a miracle or both?  

Today's miracle has to do with remembering.  Remembering Gods' beauty in the things that surround us. It is the gift of beauty and love that has created every miracle in existence.  When I see a child's face I see a miracle.  When I see a tree, it is the same miracle, but a different face.  Don't you see?  We are all miracles, living in a miraculous place.  Just take a moment to notice those things that have been miracles from the very beginning of time."


The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day Two

Day two of the twelve days of miracles brings us the following message from Michael:

"You don't have to look far for a miracle.  Sometime miracles are in your own back yard.  The words that someone can say to you can soften your heart, or bring a smile to your face.  

The miracle of our creation is the first miracle of twelve.  The miracle of our "creating" is the second.  Be inspired to change the way you look, the way you act or the way you feel.  Taking it a step further, try changing the way someone else feels by offering your kindness in words, actions or deeds.  Now you will not only be your own miracle, but a miracle to someone else."


Scam Organizations and The Twelve Days of Miracles - Day One

I've just read some disturbing information about the fans of Michael Jackson being scammed by several different entities designed to exploit Michael's name, dream and the money of the fans for the same.  This world, unfortunately, is full of those people who will always seek to put money in front of any heart felt gesture. Michael stated many times that he would do just the opposite.  He has said that he would die broke giving his money away to the less fortunate.  His life ended because of greed, yet this world still reeks of it.

When I first started researching information on what has been transpiring during the past two years since Michael's death with the fans, I was amazed at how many fans were dedicating their time and efforts towards projects they felt would be close to Michael's heart.  I remember feeling so bad.  I hadn't done anything.  Here there were literally thousands of fans who have with Michael in mind, picked up their torches to shed light in a dimly lit world.  For a time, I thought, what could I ever have to offer?  Even the blogs by fans had a ton of information and hours of research on them regarding the nature of his passing.  I still am amazed at the outpouring of love and generosity that exists among the true fans.  Because there are those people in the world that choose to cloak their deeds in darkness, I hope that those true fans never feel as if they should shame themselves into the darkness with those who aren't doing the "right" thing.  One light, one torch, can light an entire room.  There is a saying by Paulo Coelho, a favorite author of mine, which says: "You are the light of the world.  Shine and darkness will disappear."

As we approach Christmas, I can't help but to think of the man Jesus.  Seems most of the people who do things that are beneficial to the masses are most always taken advantage of and persecuted as well.  I remember when Michael was going through one of his child molestation trials I told him he was like Jesus.  He was being persecuted for the very thing that he cared about most.  Some people took that statement out of context when he said it, saying he thought he was Jesus.  I suppose I have a different view of Jesus than some people.  I believed Jesus to be a man, who was not unlike the "potential" of any one of us.  To reach his state, however, the state of an ascended one (one who is close to Allah, God, or the source) one has to go through many trials.  Jesus certainly did, and if you check into any other ascended being's past you'll find the same path -  trials.  Maybe this is what is meant by "walking through the fire".  In the Bible Isaiah 43:2 says: "When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown. When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you"

"Like the old Indian proverb says, do not judge a man until you've walked 2 moons in his moccosins.
Most people don't know me, that is why they write such things in wich most is not true. I cry very very often because it hurts and I worry about the children, all my children all over the world, I live for them.
If a man could say nothing against a character but what he could prove, history could not be written.
Animals strike not from malice but because they want to live, it is the same with those who criticize, they desire our blood not our pain. But still I must achieve I must seek truth in all things. I must endure for the power I was sent forth, for the world for the children.
But have mercy, for I've been bleeding a long time now. MJ."

                                                                        Handwritten note published in People (12 October 1987)

So maybe the moral of the story here is, is that we need always be mindful that no matter how difficult it may be or how lonely or frustrated we become, we should remember these words.  That there were others before us that walked this path and endured great suffering in order to bring the world much light.  I believe that many of Michael's fans have already lit the world in some of it's darkest places.  I believe that this is the very thing that made Michael Jackson gain the fan base that he did.  Some people, most people, need to be shown love before they can give it.  So shine your light, and be the light to guide others to the place of healing and let us all begin to heal the world remembering the words Michael wrote himself:

 "In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe".

Twelve Days of Miracles - Day One

I believe we find strength in knowing not only that others have endured, but in knowing the peace and love that exists that we all too often ignore in this world.  To remind you, Michael is suggesting that we do a 
"Twelve Days of Miracles" series.  Each day I will post a miracle.  (And, I'm doing this on great faith, because like I told him - I don't know if I can come up with 12 miracles! lol So glad he can) So here is the miracle for today from none other than himself, Michael Jackson:

"A miracle is not only something to believe in, it is something that exists.  To believe in a miracle means that you believe in God and everything that exists is in His presence.  I know this because I'm here.  I am a miracle.  I AM a miracle of God and so are you.  So your number one miracle for today is you.  You are the miracle.  The miracle of a gift from God.  Choose wisely what you do with your gift because it is yours and yours alone." 
                                                                    - Michael Jackson


11:11 and Approaching the Spiritual Revolution

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21st 2012 and they have predicted the end of an old reality. The famous prophet Edgar Cayce said that by the end of the New Age of Aquarius, we will become a completely telepathic civilization. This is a 5th dimensional state of being. 

As I've stated here before, Twin Flames have a special contribution to this "shift" into the new reality.  Many twins are coming together and the energy on the planet is being changed.   

There are interesting synchronicities that often pave the way to twin flame reunions.  They often involve the numbers 11:11.  This is common in Twin Flame soul unions. Eleven is considered to be a master number and is thought to be the number of the spiritual messenger. Two 'ones' are united to form pillars to the heavenly gate - the connection between yin and yang, female and male. The significance of two into one is the perfect symbol  of a Twin Flame.

Most every meeting I had with Michael involved synchronicity.  It seemed and still seems almost unbelievable at times how things "magically" came together.  Most interesting to me was the dates of events.  For instance I first thought a boy in the sixth grade was my "twin".  His birthday was 5-20.  That date rang out to me, and I thought sure it was "him" until I didn't get the vibe.  Years later I was overcome with the feeling I had to leave town to meet Michael.  The date of 5-20 stuck out in my mind.  I later received a postcard from a local radio station that had a song of the day for every day of May.  We were to meet in Disney World and the contest "just happened" to be for a trip to Disney World.  The song of the day for 5-20 was "Will You  Be There", by Michael Jackson.  I didn't have money to go to Disney, but knew I had to be there to see him.  It was very important. 

 I decided to call the radio station, repeatedly at work.  The phone had three lines, and I decided I would "cheat" by using all three.  While dialing, an associate noticed that I was frantically trying to get through and asked what I was trying to win.  He then said "I have a place in Orlando.  Do you want to use it?"  I kept dialing, because it was a time share and thought it probably wouldn't be for the time, or he was just kidding me.  So while I was dialing, he got on another line and asked if the unit would be available.  Pausing, he looked at me and asked "When do you want to go?".  I didn't answer him because I was trying to concentrate on dialing the number.  I then head him say "How about the week of May 20th".  At that moment they announced a winner on the radio and I dropped the phone.

Turned out that meeting was very important.  Michael  followed me around with Lisa Marie Presley and her two children during that trip.  I knew he was there, however, didn't recognize his disguise (as pictured at right).  I actually thought it was someone "creepy" and tried to get away from him.  I finally "got it" when I got home.  He was shown in a clip on Entertainment Tonight on the television.  They remarked how bad his disguise was and I felt stupid for not recognizing him.

The press reported that they were married on the 18th of May  (see this link) http://swoopscoop.wordpress.com/2009/07/01/exclusive-michael-jackson-never-married-lisa-marie-presley/. However, they were both in Disney at that time.  I know, I was there.  So that would be hard to believe for me personally.  I remember the "news" coming out and what is "reported" isn't always what is true.  I think they have like five different wedding dates.

Anyway, when he passed I still didn't really know about the 11 thing.  I was on a call with Dr. Maurie Pressman, author of Twin Souls, Finding Your True Spiritual Partner.  He asked what date(s) we met on, if there was an 11 associated with them.  At first I said no.  The first date that popped out was 5-20.  I was thinking maybe 7, but not eleven.  Then I started seeing 11:11 on the clock and thought it was just because he mentioned it and I was starting to pay attention.  Thinking back, I then realized Michael asked me to meet him in Paris when I was down there.  At first at thought "What?! Paris? You mean France?", but he meant in Epcot.  The date was 5-19-1994.  I remember because when we got back to the room I had heard Jackie Onassis had passed.  Then adding those numbers together 5+1+9+1+9+9+4=38  Then adding the 3 and 8 together = 11.

I didn't know still why 11 didn't just pop out at me.  I'd remembered after he first passed I had just wanted him to go on to the light.  I didn't want to hold him here by my thoughts, yet I kept feeling him around me.  I had taken my older son to college and by the time we got there it was late so we ordered pizza to be delivered to the room.  I remember thinking to myself, "gosh I really feel Michael strongly right now, but why would he be here?  I'm sure he's gone on to the light.  I'd get some sort of sign if he was really here."

Just then there was a knock at the door.  It was the pizza delivery guy.  He gave me the receipt and I signed it.  I noticed his name was Michael Jackson and I laughed.  I kept the receipt for a nice memory, then ran across it recently again.  I looked at the date again 8/21/2009.  Adding the numbers up this time, I got the double 11.  8+2+1=11 and 2+0+0+9=11.
So what exactly does this mean?  Numbers carry with them a "vibrational" energy.  The number 11 obviously resonates with something very spiritual, and most often a message of some sort.  Many times if twins are to meet in this lifetime, they will also have the number 11 in their birth dates.  Michael's birth day was on 8-29 where the 2 and 9 would add up to 11.  Mine is in November, the eleventh month of the year. Kind of makes you think there just might be a divine order to all things after all!

The video below talk about "Indigo" children and the future.  Many children coming to the planet right now are telepathic.  It does seem as if this "new reality" is definitely coming upon us.