Susan Elsa - Libel & Defamation

There has been another blatant attempt to mislead the public.

A woman named Susan Elsa has unfortunately been on the internet creating multiple sites and accounts, making defamatory remarks about me and my former mentor who has passed on, Dr. Maurie D Pressman.

While most people try their best to ignore this type of behavior, it has become clear to me that Ms. Elsa has deliberately tried to mislead the public claiming I am a fraud, am under investigation for criminal fraud and that I have given false information regarding Michael Jackson's death.

It disturbs me that all the statements she has made that I have done, she has been perpetrating herself. Further, statements regarding poisoning and putting statements in quotes such as "finish me with it", are disturbingly similar to the language used by Michael Jackson's perpetrators.

She has claimed many things on public forums, however, I can assure you that she has not taken any action, nor has any other agency against me.  I came to produce this blog for one purpose - to document information regarding Michael Jackson's death.

Libel and defamation cases can only be brought to court if you can prove that the statements made were not true.  This is exactly why Ms. Elsa has not done anything she has stated she has.  From the inception of this blog, it is very clear that every post, picture, title and subject matter I have written about she has used for her own purposes.  It may make you wonder why someone would be so intent on distracting my audience.  Perhaps it's because someone doesn't want you to know the truth about the death of Michael Jackson.

In light of this I have contacted my attorney after prior written warning to Ms. Elsa.  She will be receiving written notice at her home address and we will be taking legal action against her.  Unlike Ms. Elsa, I can prove she has committed both libel and defamation and it will no longer be tolerated.

This is a criminal matter, and one that I have devoted the past few years to.  I don't take this lightly, nor will I take blatant attempts to attack my reputation lightly.  I am well aware of the correlation of false headlines and what goes on in the courts.

1.  LAW
"a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation.
synonyms: defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, calumny, misrepresentation"

"the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel.
"she sued him for defamation"
synonyms: libel, slander, calumny, character assassination, vilification"


"A Blatant Attempt to Mislead the Public" - The Trial of Conrad Murray

After several failed appeals on behalf of Conrad Murray, the trial of AEG vs Katherine Jackson and her multiple appeals, the records still stand that Conrad Murray was solely responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.

No where do we see the facts of the case being disclosed, because it was the District Attorney's office itself that withheld crucial evidence from both cases AND from public view.

What would happen if this information did make it's way out to the public?  Would we be shocked? Would anyone take a stand for justice or would the truth even be reported to the public by our media outlets?

It's been several years since one attorney did take a stand.  In the case of Douglas v Cooley, attorney Jeffrey Douglas filed for a writ of mandate, asking the courts to put in place safeguards for the unfair practices of District Attorney Steven Cooley.  Douglas stated:

"A trial is a search for truth, not a game of hide and seek. This principle is never more
true than in criminal trials, where “the People of The State of California” are deciding whether to take
away a citizen’s liberty. To ensure that criminal trials will be reliable, truth-seeking procedures, the
statutes governing criminal trials in California include, among others, two provisions requiring the
disclosure of evidence to the defense. These laws implement constitutional protections recognized by
the United States and California Supreme Courts as indispensible components of Due Process in
criminal proceedings.

Hard as it may be to believe, in the face of these clear mandates, Los Angeles County
District Attorney Steve Cooley, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office (“LADA”), Los
Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (“LASD”) have enacted formal, official policies to evade the mandatory duties imposed by these laws and to violate the constitutional and statutory rights of countless criminal defendants. By doing so, they not only flout both their explicit statutory and constitutional duties and their inherent duties to see that justice is done, but they also undermine the reliability, fairness, and truth-seeking function of criminal trials every day in this county."

See full filing below:

What was the then District Attorney's response?

"Cooley’s office called the lawsuit a
blatant attempt to mislead the public and the court,”
and a Baca spokesman did not respond to my queries. One would hope that in the days to come, they’ll have a little more to say, because the allegation here is that they’ve corrupted the system by denying some defendants the chance for a fair trial."

I have to say if Cooley's attempts to mislead the public, the court and the families of the victims aren't blatant, corrupt and disgusting, I don't know what is.

It was only weeks before the Conrad Murray trial that Steven Cooley filed the Amici Curiae to withhold the insurance policy held by AEG Live from the trial of Conrad Murray.  That insurance policy contained evidence that it was not only changed to include Michael Jackson's former manager three days before his death, but that AEG Live actually dropped it's cancellation insurance all together on the date correlating directly to the hire of Conrad Murray.  AEG did not intend to go on any tour.  AEG Live's intention was to commit fraud with the insurance company, as evidenced in the Lloyds of London v AEG suit and do away with Michael Jackson.

The results of the Douglas v Cooley case were successful in that amends were made in the system. Yet to this day, we still see that evidence is still being withheld from correcting past wrongs in the system.  Justice for Michael Jackson's death is still pending due to a completely corrupt court system. The abuse of political power not only misleads the public, but puts the people in positions of unfair justice, altered history and further conflicts hurt and confusion on the families and loved ones left behind in the case of murder trials.

It is unfathomable that such cold and filthy individuals are still standing in places of governing authority.  It not only incriminates our justice system, but reflects the personal intent to harm others and mislead the public in an effort to maintain control individually and collectively.  This certainly shows the character of this particular District Attorney and those like him.

Ongoing efforts to disseminate this information have been in circulation, yet not reported on as much as the public statements court officials like to release, as well as the large companies that are guilty of such crimes.  Here is one such effort at disseminating the truth.  Crime after Crime is a documentary being produced by the Oprah Winfrey Network:


The Story of the Velveteen Rabbit

This story was recently brought to my attention:

"A stuffed rabbit sewn from velveteen is given as a Christmas present to a small boy. The boy plays with his other new presents and forgets the velveteen rabbit for a time. These presents are modern and mechanical, and snub the old-fashioned velveteen rabbit. The wisest and oldest toy in the nursery, the Skin Horse, who was owned by the boy's uncle, tells the rabbit about toys magically becoming Real due to love from children. The rabbit is awed by this idea; however, his chances of achieving this wish are slight.

One night the boy's Nana gives the rabbit to the boy to sleep with, in place of a lost toy. The rabbit becomes the boy's favorite toy, enjoying picnics with him in the spring, and the boy regards the rabbit as 'REAL'. Time passes, and the rabbit becomes shabbier, but happy. He meets some real rabbits in the summer, and they learn that he cannot hop as they do, and say that he is not real.

One day, the boy becomes sick with scarlet fever, and the rabbit sits with him as he recovers. The doctor orders that the boy should be taken to the seaside, and that his room should be disinfected, and all his books and toys burnt - including the velveteen rabbit. The rabbit is bundled into a sack and left out in the garden overnight, where he sadly reflects on his life with his boy. The toy rabbit cries and a real tear drops onto the ground, and a marvelous flower appears. A fairy steps out of the flower and comforts the velveteen rabbit, introducing herself as the nursery magic fairy. She says that because he is old and shabby and Real, she will take him away with her and "turn [him] into Real" - to everyone.

The fairy takes the rabbit to the forest, where she meets the other rabbits and gives the velveteen rabbit a kiss. The velveteen rabbit changes into a real rabbit, and joins the other rabbits in the forest. The next spring, the rabbit returns to look at the boy, and the boy sees a resemblance to his old velveteen rabbit."
source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Velveteen_Rabbit

Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  This story exemplifies that true love can transform us in the most beautiful ways.  Even those we have lost can become seen somewhere else in our world, if we only love them enough.

For all of those who have loved in such a way, this story is for you.

The following video is taken from the Conrad Murray trial.  I believe it was done by someone who believes Michael Jackson is still alive.  I'm sorry to say that he isn't with us in that way, but the rabbit . . .  perhaps we can see a resemblance somewhere.


2016 Karma and Fated Relationships; Maria Shaw Lawson

2016 - A Year of Karma
Disconnecting and Reconnecting
By Maria Shaw

I will be speaking around the country and on radio about the New Year's Astrological Influences. If you happen to be in Michigan the 7-10 I will be in several cities doing my annual predictions lecture. If you are not able to attend, I will be offering a recorded lecture of my in depth speech available through audio.

But I am sharing a small portion of my lecture here in regards to big portion of what the new year holds in store.

2016 will be a very karma year.

The term karma means for every action there is a reaction. For everything you put out, you get back. Paybacks can be wonderful or difficult depending on the done deed.
When we break 2016 down numerology wise,
 we see we have a Number 9 Year.
2  + 0 + 1+ 6 = 9

The Nine Year is about karma. You get a chance to end something this year once and for all. Some thing in your life will come to an end. Now this doesn't have to be a bad thing. Endings can be good and I want you to think of this as such.

-You can end a bad attitude or habit now
-You can stop something negative from happening
-You can move away from a bad situation or relationship and replace it with someone better.

Some things are supposed to end so something new can come in. Your karma may be complete with a situation or person this new year. Allow it to unfold so you can be rewarded karmically. Don't try to tempt, alter or fight Fate.

Let's say you worked hard and never got a promotion these past several years. No matter how hard you worked, your ship never came in. Well in 2016 you may be rewarded for a job well done and see some major progress! But before that happens, you may be required to let an old job go first so then we one can come in.

The Number 9 Cycle is also about your past coming back....second chances. So I am feeling this year is a year to reconnect with old dreams, goals and lost loves. You can connect with old friends or go back to a former employer. You can resurrect an old dream. Dust it off and try again. Likewise, if something or someone has not been working to your advantage to enhance your life, you will end your association. So, it is truly a new year to disconnect and reconnect. You will get paid back karmically for the good you have done or for the poor decisions you made. Either way, karma is coming to call. You can release alot of things you no longer need in your life to make way for new opportunities!

In addition to the the Number 9 Year being the universal energy for us all, we individually also have a specific number too. Some of you reading this may be in a Number 1 personal year or perhaps a personal year that will bring you love and money. If you would like me to do a reading on your specific personal year you can order a one question reading here and I'll give you an overall view of the theme you will be working with. This reading will show you how to enhance and push your luck and the area where you will receive the most benefits.

You can also order a second question for 50% off if you order the 2 question reading. Just ask "What's My Personal Year for 2016?" Click here to ask!

The Moon is in the peace loving sign of Libra on New Years Day. The energy pushes us to "balance" our lives as such is a key word for Libra. So remember, Karma is also being balanced this new year. So be sure to balance work and play. Make time for love just as you would for personal goals. Work and Rest. Balance will be the key to the new year in almost everything you do.

Because Libra also represents peace and harmony, it is important that we strive for peace with our world, our country. This will be a main focus too, globally of course. But within our own hearts, we will be looking for peace. Many people I have spoken with are stating their new years resolution is more about finding inner peace than anything else.

So I while I wish you all happiness, good health, love and prosperity in the new year, I also wish you the gift of true inner peace. Love, Maria

Fated Relationships Return in New Year
What can we expect in the game and name of love?
By Maria Shaw 

Remember, Numerology-wise 2016 reduces to a 9.

The 9 Year strongly suggested finishing relationship karma. This is a time we get second chances or we finally understand our destiny with someone and put it in proper perspective. I predict we will see many reconciliations this year and many marriages too, especially after mid September when astrologically, Jupiter moves into the partnership sign of Libra.

The challenge for many people I see, is that they do not truly understand what soul purpose or karmic lesson they have with someone and this causes them to make poor choices. Some folks marry the wrong people because they are too impatient to wait for their soul mate. Others make someone a friend who was really supposed to be a romantic partner. Yet others keep chasing unrequited love because they do not understand the true purpose of a relationship with someone they obsess over. I have also seen clients push away their true love. AND i have read for clients who have met their twin flames and are honoring their destined paths and soul committments from many lifetimes.

Do you ever wonder the real reason you are with someone or why you are so drawn to someone?

Have you ever wondered why there is such a strong connection?

Is there someone from 5,10, 20 and even 30 years ago, you intuitively feel you have unfinished business with?

These could be the people coming back in 2016. These people always show up in your astrology chart. They "hold" or "own" a place in your chart, your life and heart. To truly understand the relationship you must understand the role they were born to play and their true purpose in your life. Through understanding comes knowledge and eventually, peace.

I am reviving my "Fated Friends and Lovers" readings. If you want to know about a specific person in your life, you can order a one question reading and include their birthday along with your info. I will study both of the charts and share the information of past lives, current life, fate, destiny and their purpose. Order your Fated Friends and Lovers Reading here!

You can also book phone and in person readings with me as well.

I am also doing one and two question readings now sent to your email or phone...ask anything here