Our Discussion about the Deaths of our Artists

This past Saturday I joined E. Mandisa for a discussion on the death of our artists and the book "Murdered Music". We talked about the industry, the deaths of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Elvis Presley and the importance of music in our lives and culture.

One caller, based in the UK, offered new evidence against AEG Live, revealing that all the people slated to do the "This is It" tour in London still did not have a contract with the company when Michael Jackson passed.

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Prince in the Afterlife - Artists Rights

I have seen and spoken to Prince Rogers Nelson since his passing.  On one morning while driving, Prince appeared out of nowhere, smiling, while saying "Hi", with an amazing loving presence.

Since then, I've spoken to him on occasion.  He is different than some of the people I've spoken to on the other side.  Instead of sometimes just appearing or talking, Prince asks "Can I talk to you for a minute?"  He is extremely polite, very kind, very caring about other people and so I've found, very knowledgeable about the music industry.

As you might imagine, Prince is not happy at all about what is happening with the music industry. He is and was concerned for not only himself, but other artists.  While he lived, he has said he was working towards helping others in the industry.  Now that he's on the other side, he has offered some advice:

"Use scrutiny when dealing with others involving your financial affairs.  Bring particular attention to the act of severability in the contract itself.  You should not be held accountable for fees for administration of your own music.  Fees charged to musicians are like fines in our legal system. Everyone deserves the right to be heard free and clear without repercussions from the justice system, our courts or the record companies themselves.

Leave the legalities of music as defined today on a table next to your bed.  When you wake up the next morning and you're not dead - rejoice.  They haven't done away with you yet.  Don't be surprised, however, to wake up one day and find that all the music you worked so hard to create is behind closed doors next to someone with a motive to kill for your music.  These are monsters who are hungry to control and devour any reputable artist alive.  

Don't misrepresent your interests when you sign your life away.  Control what you have, when you have it.  Leave no stone unturned when fighting for justice and go it alone if you must.  These people need to be stopped in their tracks in order for the music industry to survive.  We are not alone in this mission.  The higher authority on this is God himself.  Read the bible - Thou shall not kill.

There are three things to remember when faced with adversity:

  1. The first constitutional right; Freedom of speech - Speak your mind.
  2. The second constitutional right; Freedom to bear arms - Fight if you must.
  3. The constitutional right to be able to love God the way you see fit - Love him/her with all your heart and never let go.  Trust me, it works."
- Prince Rogers Nelson

For us lay people, especially me, I had to look up the term "act of severablity".  It is one of many clauses that are most often contained at the end of a contract.  This clause, in particular, has to do with rights:


From time to time, parties to a contract wind up suing one another.  The court is often asked to determine whether a party has breached some part of the contract. Occasionally, a court will rule that all or part of the contract is unenforceable. Maybe it is too vague.  Maybe it is too one-sided.  Maybe a part of the contract violates some obscure law that neither party knew about.

For example, your term songwriter agreement with Big Hits may prohibit you from writing songs for any other publisher in the United States for 10 years after your contract with Big Hits ends.  A Texas court would probably hold such a “non-competition” clause to be unenforceable as an unreasonable  restraint of trade.  But does that mean that the entire contract would be void?

Severability clauses provide that if any portion of the agreement is held invalid, the other portions of the contract will not be affected, but will remain valid and enforceable according to their terms.  It will be as though the offensive part of the contract had never existed.  The rest of the contract stays in force."  source:  RobertCarter

Prince has also stated that the industry knows how to write contracts - that's what they do.  When you sign up as an artist, you rarely think about what you're getting yourself into.  You are happy to be able to do the thing you love - your music.  But if you bypass the legalities, you give up your rights as an artist.  Sometimes it's the small details that take us by surprise.

Paris Jackson, Murder & Space

 Paris Jackson is "the charismatic, beautiful daughter
 of one of the most famous men who ever lived"
- Rolling Stone Magazine

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Paris Jackson spoke about her father's death.

"They always say, 'Time heals,'" she says. "But it really doesn't. You just get used to it. I live life with the mentality of 'OK, I lost the only thing that has ever been important to me.' So going forward, anything bad that happens can't be nearly as bad as what happened before. So I can handle it." Michael still visits her in her dreams, she says: "I feel him with me all the time."

"Picture your parent crying to you about the world hating him for something he didn't do. And for me, he was the only thing that mattered. To see my entire world in pain, I started to hate the world because of what they were doing to him. I'm like, 'How can people be so mean?'" She pauses. "Sorry, I'm getting emotional."

Most often the outside world tends to judge a person from what they hear about them, what's written about them and how they present themselves when given a chance.  For the first time in almost eight years, Paris Jackson has been brave enough to expose some of the real difficulties she has experienced in her life.  Being vulnerable and exposing your true inner feelings takes a great deal of courage.  However, vulnerability is rarely found in our news stories and most often found within the context of lyrics for a song or an amazing art piece.  It is our artists, our poets, our musicians and great intellects that allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to share with the world their inner pain and offer it as a gift to the world.  Paris Jackson has demonstrated this same ability through her emotional outcry at Michael Jackson's memorial and now through this amazing cover and story for Rolling Stone magazine.

If we think about our own struggles that we have personally dealt with over the years, I would bet that most of the pain we have experienced over the years has been extremely personal.  Often times it is so personal and so painful, we rarely share it with our friends and family, much less the world. Imagine sharing your most intimate struggle even with a personal friend.  No doubt you would become emotional and begin to relive the experience in the moment you found yourself revealing those most private, inner experiences.

What reason then would Paris Jackson have for revealing these most excruciating parts of her life? The reason, I believe, is very simple: Love.  She has stepped up to defend her father, his legacy and allow the world to glimpse just a portion of what the real story behind her life with and without her father has been like.  For the haters and cruel people who have made dis-barraging comments to and about her, I truly hope you never have to step in the shoes Paris Jackson has had to wear.

Both Paris and Prince Jackson have no doubts that their father was innocent of the multiple child-molestation allegations against him.  For the public, we may only know Michael Jackson as being the man he was made out to be by reporters and planted stories.  The truth behind the child molestation accusations and stories are similar to some of the stories regarding his death.  If you have something someone else wants, they will slander you and try to place you in positions to maintain control and get the thing they're seeking.   For stars like Michael Jackson, this type of treatment plays out on a public field.  For people like us, it tends to play out in offices when someone tries to discredit your work or even in families when your little brother tries to blame you for breaking the vase.  They will lie, cheat and cover up the evidence of their deeds.

What the public needs to understand is that for people like Paris and her brothers, Michael Jackson was not the Michael Jackson that was lied about in publications.  Not the Michael Jackson that graced the magazine covers or even the Michael Jackson that performed on stage.  Michael Jackson was a very real, very personal attachment and figure for them - Michael Jackson was their father.  No one can ever take his place.  No one will know the bond and love these individuals shared with what the public views as "the most famous man that ever lived".

As the lives of these individuals go on, they will and have been seen as "Michael Jackson's children". They are not allowed the privilege to lead normal, private lives like the rest of us.  They have become public figures, who unfortunately, some people think it's OK to ridicule or slander.

When we have a father or a mother that passes on, we can become recluse, reflect on our lives with them and begin to heal the pain and replace that pain with our loving memories of that person.  For people like Paris and her brothers, they are constantly reminded of their father through press stories, press intrusions, and the injustice that has been done in their father's death.  Imagine how you would feel if a false story was publicized about someone you love.  Imagine having to relive the pain of losing that person again and again, because justice and closure have been eluded.  These children have had the one stable, protective figure in their lives taken from them.  Their father, Michael Jackson, was murdered.  Can any of us imagine being eleven years old and having a parent taken away like that?  Can we imagine how it might feel as a child to be swept up in the public eye before you can even come to terms with what happened?  Or to go through the turmoil of trying to seek justice for years through a crooked legal system?

As Paris stated, "Nobody but my brothers and I experienced him reading A Light in the Attic to us at night before we went to bed"  "Nobody experienced him being a father to them. And if they did, the entire perception of him would be completely and forever changed."

It has since been reported that Paris  “Will not be answering any press regarding the rolling stone article whatsoever.” source: People  After all she has revealed, I'm sure you can understand why. Each time we relay an experience it re-animates itself within us and the pain is relived until it is healed.  Paris has been brave enough to reveal some very personal and painful experiences.  She needs time to reflect and heal.  She needs to be given the space, courtesy and empathy to be a human being like the rest of us.

If the press does have questions about the murder of Michael Jackson and who was behind it, I'd like to suggest some reading material.  The Murder of Michael Jackson was self published prior to the Katherine Jackson v AEG appeal, which was turned down by the courts in the State of California. The book, Murdered Music, also self published, exposes the truth about the murder and mistreatment of Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston and Elvis Presley. Feel free to contact me for a free copy.  I'd be more than happy to fill in the details and the cover up done by the LA Courts.  I'll even provide the documents that prove it.

As Paris put it, "He would drop hints about people being out to get him".  "And at some point he was like, 'They're gonna kill me one day.'" (Lisa Marie Presley told Oprah Winfrey of a similar conversation with Michael, who expressed fears that unnamed parties were targeting him to get at his half of the Sony/ATV music-publishing catalog, worth hundreds of millions.)

Paris, myself and many other people know that her dad was murdered. "Absolutely," she has said. "Because it's obvious." " It was a setup. It was bullshit."

For the full interview with Rolling Stone Magazine click  Here

There was one person who had something to say about Jackson's interview.  Piers Morgan ranted about Jackson during an episode of Good Morning Britain, calling her claims "alarming" and describing her as "troubled." source: Oxygen 

Her claims are "alarming".  What's more alarming is that the California Courts have covered the conspiracy to murder her father up. She, like I, am very troubled that the courts would do such a thing.  That the press would write such lies about her father, yet fail to report the truth of his demise.

However, even more troubling than that, is the fact that this middle aged man, that is supposed to be a professional, was attacking an 18 year old girl who has lost her father on national television and Good Morning Britain allowed it.

Piers, by the way, personally interviewed some of the conspirators that led to her father being killed. I would imagine Piers Morgan is just one of the many people John Branca and Howard Weitzman have used to cover up the murder, mistreatment and conspiracy to steal Michael Jackson's catalog away.

If you think allegations of a conspiracy are a long shot, think again.  It is these two individuals who have gained access to the Sony/ATV catalog and have now sold it to Sony.  I now wonder if Piers was paid for his piece, advertising the success and good intentions of the Estate, all the while covering up the details of what really transpired.


Prince Rogers Nelson - Exposing the Corruption Radio Event

Prince Rogers Nelson, a person,
not a brand
Prince Rogers Nelson passed on April 21, 2016.  There have been countless celebrations in his honor since then.  Newspapers and magazines have plastered his photos over their covers and many fans have took to social media to celebrate his legacy.

Michael Joseph Jackson, a person,
not a brand
As his music plays on and his photos are distributed, behind the scenes sits a number of people who benefit from the tragedy of his death.

Often times when we hear of a celebrity passing, we automatically tend to think that if they claim it was an overdose, it most probably was.  Why would our newspapers and television stations lie to us?

Perhaps it's not the newspapers or the television stations.  Perhaps the abundant news of our celebrities passing over due to an "overdose" from a drug addicted star has more to do with the people passing out that information than it does with the people reporting it.

The music industry has been big business for many years.  They know how to market, to cause a stir, produce sales by creating a demand, and as Prince would tell you, how to write contracts.

When I started this blog, almost six years ago, I never anticipated learning about the music industry or any artist's life other than Michael Jackson.  The facts behind his death will always haunt me.  But the fact that these horrendous crimes continue, infuriates me.

For those who do not know, I am a medium.  I've spoken to people on the other side for many years, but don't "market" myself as such, nor do I look to make money from that God given gift.  The ability to communicate with those on the other side, has allowed me to gain access to information that is not reported in our papers or on our news stations, or even in some cases, that has ever been written in books.

This blog, as titled, "Twin Souls and Beyond", has not only documented the details behind the death of Michael Jackson, but some of what he has given me in words and some of what others have given me as well.  There is a whole other realm that we all will one day enter into.  As Prince would tell you, these days "things are much harder in the afterlife".  Not unlike here on the earth, we still long to bond with others and in the case of foul play with our deaths, we seek justice and closure for the life we have left behind.

How would you feel if someone stole from you while you were living, then plotted to kill you to make sure they could gain all you had?  When they succeeded, they hid what they could about your life so no one would know the difference, then continued to use your creations to exploit them for themselves.  The courts would help them cover up their deeds and the banks would help them gain access to your assets.  If this sounds too far fetched, as I once thought, think again.  This has happened over and over again for at least four individuals I have personally spoken to in the last few years.

Yet hearing about these events has not been the most surprising part of this story.  It is the actual evidence and documentation that aligns so perfectly well with all they have said.  It's not just one star who has passed over, it's many.  The same story, with the same people, the same corrupt courts, and the same types of cover ups.  Some people would call this organized crime and as one of Michael Jackson's former manager's, Frank DiLeo once stated, "You don't have to look like a criminal to be one."  

True fans of Prince know how he felt about his music.  He was a musician first, not a brand.  If he wanted to be a brand he would have created something other than his music.  Music is a gift.  That gift has been stolen.  His legacy, his music, his art and his philanthropy have been overshadowed by a group of greedy individuals who seem to have the philosophy that what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine.

As soon as I began posting my contact with Prince to this blog, suddenly there became an abundance of news stories about how he and Michael Jackson were at odds.  When I started this blog in 2011, as "A Twin Soul's Story" for Michael Jackson, suddenly Michael Jackson had another "twin soul"; One who has made it her mission to use key words related to my content, multiple blogs to gain presence on the internet, and who has spread viscous rumors and lies to distract attention away from my writing and the truth about Michael Jackson's death.

These are simple tactics the music industry uses.  They have used them for years.  If they don't want attention on any one story, they'll use one they make up and give the media what they want written.   Look at the stories about Michael Jackson and child abuse charges, while litigation continues behind the scenes for the Michael Jackson Estate.  Stories about Prince taking an overdose, while overshadowing the evidence that the "prescription" he was prescribed, was not what was prescribed at all, but an entirely different medication that was enough to kill a horse.

If you're in the media, you should be questioning your source.  Just because it comes from a large corporation doesn't mean it's true.  Matter of fact, it's these large corporations that are not only feeding the media outlets, but are changing our history books right before our eyes.

For those who have made it their mission in life to serve others and share their music with the world, it is unfair to say the least, for us to sit back and accept what is spoon fed to us from the papers. While we are going about our lives, these corporations are taking control and networking with the businesses we rely on every day.  This effects our banking systems, our credit bureaus, our courts and our police stations.  The institutions that were supposed to be set up to serve the public have now begun to serve the ones with the most money.  This not only effects our musicians, it effects us all.

While the stories of Prince and Michael Jackson being at odds have made their rounds on the internet, I've been watching the response.  We should all probably realize that both Prince and Michael Jackson stood up against the music industry and both artists were killed because of it.  To think anything different after what these two artists have gone through, is pure fantasy.  And although the music industry likes to bring you their form of entertainment in planting such a myriad of stories and people to carry out their deeds, I've been entrusted to bring you the truth.  This is not a contest of who was a better musician or who was more liked.  This is a simple fact check that both of these musicians were highly intelligent, giving and kind individuals who were taken advantage of by the industry and in the end, killed because of their success.

Let us make no mistake about it.  It was THEIR success and artistry that brought the music that was created into the hearts of the fans they have.  It is not the attorneys, the music companies, the business managers or tour managers who have managed to steal the proceeds from THEIR hard work.

We cannot create another Michael Jackson or another Prince, although corporations like Sony Music have tried.  Releasing songs that "sound like" an artist are not songs that were given "through" the artist.

Making sure the public attention is not on the lawsuits that have been brought against you because of your fraud, does not make you innocent.

Hiding wills and trusts so you can gain access to music rights does not make you smart and successful.  It makes you a blemish on the face of God's kingdom.

I know these people think they can outsmart anyone with controlling the courts.  They think they have succeeded in their mission.  It is unfortunate that they fail to realize that there may be a higher mission in a higher court waiting in the wings.  One that can not be influenced by money or contracts.

Please join us next Saturday for a one on one with E Mandisa, a former associate of Prince's.  We'll be discussing the details surrounding his death and how the courts have handled his Estate on their behalf.  Details are coming soon on the Facebook site E Mandisa! Don't forget to hashtag #JUSTICE4PRINCE to spread the word and share the TRUTH!