Steve Cooley; LA DIstrict Attorney MORE Evidence

If this article doesn't spell out the facts, I don't know what will.  I've read dozens of articles regarding Steven Cooleys style.  Cooley was the DA in charge at the time of Michael Jackson's murder.  He's been said to assign crimes to other departments as to not convict the guilty party, accept donations to look the other way, and intimidate coworkers if they didn't go along with his plan.

I found this article today which gives us a better look at what was going on just prior to the trial of Conrad Murray.  It looks as though Cooleys tactics were in full swing.  Not only did he accept donations from AEG Live, Sony and Tohme, but he actually even took the time to re-assign the case from the major crimes division to a unit with no experience in murder investigations.  the cherry on top is that he filed the Amici Curie, the document that withheld critical evidence.  According to this article, withholding evidence was also common place for Cooley.

Will the L.A. District Attorney’s office blow yet another big case? Gerald Posner on the internal battles that helped delay the charges expected against Dr. Conrad Murray today.  Source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2010/02/04/the-jackson-prosecutions-internal-war.html?via=mobile&source=email
Will they blow it again?
The Los Angeles District Attorney's office, which has seen a two-decade streak of losing its highest-profile Hollywood cases, from Robert Blake to O.J. Simpson, is supposed to start its latest trial of the century today. So far, with Dr. Conrad Murray expected to turn himself in to face involuntary manslaughter charges, they're off to a rough start.
A retired senior Los Angeles police official and a Los Angeles-based defense attorney, both familiar with the specifics of the Michael Jackson death probe, describe a series of angry battles, encompassing which DA would handle the case, what charges should be brought and whether to go to a grand jury or have a preliminary hearing. This partly explains the long delay in moving forward with the case, which has puzzled so many observers. These fights, the sources said, even pitted prosecutors against their own Bureau of Investigation. Such accounts dovetail with a TMZ reportyesterday that the DA's office has been feuding with the L.A. Police Department, and that today's anticipated arraignment of Dr. Murray might even be indefinitely postponed due to disagreements between the two about how he should be arrested and processed.
"They have no choice but to deliver an indictment or there would be hell to pay." 
The defense attorney said that war among the prosecutors started last September, three months after the pop superstar died of a drug overdose. The first skirmish, a winner-take-all affair, featured two of the DA office's most powerful figures, Major Crimes's territorial chief, Patrick Dixon, and William Hodgman, the chief of Target Crimes. After Jackson's death, the Los Angeles police had dealt only with the Target Crimes Division, which describes itself as doing work on arson, crimes against peace officers, stalking and threat assessment, and child abductions. It is not clear why Target Crimes got the case in the first place. But Dixon was adamant that his Major Crimes unit, which handles all celebrity cases, should have jurisdiction. When Hodgman dug in his heels, the dispute escalated straight to the desk of the District Attorney, Steve Cooley.
• Gerald Posner: Conrad Murray’s Defense Attorney Is the Next Johnnie CochranCooley, the son of an FBI agent and a career prosecutor, is the first Los Angeles County District Attorney in 70 years to be re-elected to a third term. He has a no-nonsense reputation, and sided with Dixon, much to the chagrin of Target Crimes, which had by then put in more than two months of work.
Ed Chernoff, Murray’s Houston lawyer, knew around this time that there was something wrong when in late August, a Los Angeles police detective told him, “Hodgman is going to be taken off the case.”
“Why,” Chernoff asked.
“There’s something going on at the DA’s office.”
“I had a warm relationship with Hodgman,” Chernoff told me. The two exchanged information, and worked together in vain to try and stop the late August release of a sealed search warrant in Houston. Hodgman had even promised to call Chernoff and discuss the case before the DA settled on any charges.
The move to Major Crimes may have ended the fight over turf, but once it was there, more problems followed. David Walgren, a respected veteran who is also handling the Roman Polanski case, took on the assignment. He had no rapport with Chernoff as a starter.
“When I would call him and say, ‘Hi, this is Ed Chernoff. What’s going on?’ He would say, ‘No comment.’ I’m not kidding. He wouldn’t talk to me at all.”
Chernoff wasn’t the only one having trouble adjusting to Walgren. Throughout the fall, Walgren was at odds with Dominick Rivetti, Chief of the DA’s Bureau of Investigation. According to the former police official, who counts many current members of the DA's office as friends, some of Rivetti's investigators had dubbed the Jackson probe "a shit case," and thought that if it were not for public and family pressure, there might not even have been a probe.
"Eight months of a costly investigation, in a bankrupt state," one prominent defense attorney told me, "they have no choice but to deliver an indictment or there would be hell to pay."
The O.J. Simpson trial cost the state $9 million and Michael Jackson's $2.7 million child abuse trial ended in an acquittal. The Robert Blake murder trial, which ended in a "not guilty" jury verdict, cost the state an estimated $5 million between the investigation and the trial.
Walgren, according to the police official, had contentious meetings with Rivetti's investigators, sometimes irate that they were unable to draw a firm consensus on the medical evidence needed for a higher charge. He was also disappointed when he initially reviewed the police evidence, which reportedly included conflicting conversations with medical experts to determine whether Murray's behavior in his treatment of Jackson, especially on the fatal night, fell outside the bounds of reasonable medical practice. And he was disappointed, says the police official, to discover that investigators had determined that Murray's medical past did not include a large dispensing history of opiates or pain pills—the types that were prescribed in significant amounts to Jackson by other physicians.
The early debate in Major Crimes was whether to seek a murder indictment or merely involuntary manslaughter. Evidently, says the source, voluntary manslaughter was not seriously considered. "It either was going to be strong enough to go after a murder charge, or they were going to settle for the safest charge," he says.
At one impassioned meeting last November, a member of the Bureau of Investigation is said to have told Walgren, "How are we going to convince 12 people to understand all the medical terminology and believe Propofol killed him when our experts don't even know for sure." It was a turning point in the internal debate over what charge to pursue. By December, the consensus was that involuntary manslaughter was the charge on which the office had the greatest chance of obtaining a conviction. Walgren, according to an attorney who knows him well, says he's always been an advocate that over-charging is problematic. "He'd rather get a conviction on a smaller count than have someone walk free on a headline grabbing indictment," says his friend.
As a consensus swirled around involuntary manslaughter, the next fight was over whether to proceed to a grand jury to obtain an indictment—preventing the defense from getting an advance look at the prosecution's case—or to bring the matter for a hearing before a judge, as was done in the O.J. Simpson case. According to the retired police official, Walgren urged that the case be presented to a grand jury but was overruled by Dixon.
Prosecutors often joke that they can get a grand jury—which only receives handpicked evidence—to indict a ham sandwich for a crime, but there was fear in the office that a grand jury might not find the evidence developed by the investigators to be compelling enough to issue an indictment.
"This may be one of those rare cases where a grand jury of ordinary citizens is not ready to attach criminal liability to the doctor," prominent Los Angeles defense attorney, Mark Geragos, tells me. "The DA might feel better off in front of a judge."
Also, if there are internal doubts about the strength of the case, and how best to present complicated medical testimony to a jury, the District Attorney might want to do a test run through a preliminary hearing and afterward make adjustments for the trial.
"They did that on the USC case (a 2007 infanticide case against a USC student)," Geragos adds. "I destroyed the coroner in the preliminary hearing, and they hired a new expert to repair the damage for the trial." In that case, the DA's plan didn't pay off. A trial judge dismissed the charges.
In overruling Walgren, says the former police official, Dixon and others also decided they gained a strategic advantage in a preliminary hearing. In Los Angeles court jurisdiction, a case brought by indictment goes to the downtown courts. One brought by a preliminary hearing will go before the LAX Court, which has a higher demographic of black jurors. Says the attorney who is a friend of Walgren's: "Since Michael Jackson has been totally embraced now by the black community, it's better for the prosecution to have a large black jury pool."
That preliminary hearing could be held as soon as 10 days after Murray's arraignment, but it's not expected for several weeks since the defense is likely to use that time to digest all the documents they will receive from the prosecutors after Murray is officially charged. From there, the Jackson drama will move from the private to the public domain. When asked for comment on the internal acrimony so far, Sandi Gibbons, the Los Angeles District Attorney Public Information Officer responded: "We would not comment on such unfounded drivel."
Gerald Posner is The Daily Beast's chief investigative reporter. He's the award-winning author of 10 investigative nonfiction bestsellers, on topics ranging from political assassinations, to Nazi war criminals, to 9/11, to terrorism. His latest book, Miami Babylon: Crime, Wealth and Power—A Dispatch from the Beach, was published in October. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife, the author Trisha Posner.


Steven Cooley, The Time of Revelations and The Fifth Seal

In a quick search around the net I've found dozens of comments regarding Steven Cooley's lax sentence on Conrad Murray when he was convicted of manslaughter on November 7, 2011.

I'm posting the video of Steven Cooleys announcement of Dr. Conrad Murray's conviction below.  If you want to know why he didn't ask for a stricter sentence you can be rest assured knowing that Mr. Cooley himself knew Conrad Murray was NOT the guilty party in Michael Jackson's death to begin with.  Even Randy Phillips of AEG felt bad after Murray's conviction.  He stated he thought he knew what killed Michael Jackson and felt it could exonerate Murray, in his own words.  Isn't that a nice gesture coming from a GUILTY party?

It was Steven Cooley that withheld the pertinent information relating to Michael's murder.  The Amici Curie filed by Steven Cooley himself withheld information specifically related to Michael Jacksons murder - The insurance contract with AEG Live and Michael's FORMER manager Tohme Tohme.  But apparently you can give the DA's in Los Angeles a few dollars and they can make your bad deeds go away and then prosecute and convict someone not even guilty of the crime.  Is that American justice?  I do believe the United States of American has already signed democracy away. Permitting illegal activity like this is not only appalling, it desecrates the very foundations this country was formed on.   If people like this in government offices think it's OK, wait a few years. You'll see exactly what permitting this kind of behavior will lead our country to.

All over the internet I've found co-workers of this DA that state if Mr. Cooley doesn't want to prosecute, he finds someone on his staff that won't.  Donations from convicts and defense attorneys representing guilty parties has repeatedly been brought to light by dozens of reporters, bloggers and YouTube members.

If you notice the woman on the left of Cooley, you'll realize it's the new District Attorney for Los Angeles, Jackie Lacey.  If this is the way they operate the court room, may I suggest just skipping a trial?  If you know you're not going to do your job right in the first place you could save the tax payers money and pocket that too. Not to mention wasting a whole juries time. But that wouldn't "look" right would it?  You'd rather hide the truth and be paid off, making it "look" like you did your job.

I don't believe many people realize that truth is never hidden.  In our corruption and greed, we have managed to lay the foundations for the time of revelations.  We are beginning to see that right now. Brace yourselves.  It looks as though they have already laid the lines.  Congratulations boys.  You have now sown the seeds for the future of humanity itself.   Feast on your victories, take advantage of the public, distort the truth and display all the news you want.  In the end it won't matter.  The book has already been written.  And I don't mean mine..

7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Plagues  

The Fifth Seal:

"And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:

"And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

"And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they[were], should be fulfilled."

Revelation 6:9-11

Our white robed brethren:

The ascended masters are all a part of the Great White Brotherhood*, spoken of in Revelation 7 as the great multitude of saints “clothed with white robes” who stand before the throne of God. The Brotherhood works with earnest seekers and public servants of every race, religion and walk of life to assist humanity in their forward evolution.

Every master in heaven has already merged with the Spirit of the I AM Presence. By proving the laws of God, the masters demonstrate that we, too, can attain immortality. All that we are is not lost at the moment of death but is perpetuated by the action of that light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Among these saints are Gautama Buddha, Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Saint Michael the Archangel, Zarathustra, Moses, Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Saint Francis, Saint Germain, El Morya, Thérèse of Lisieux, and unnumbered and unnamed loving hearts, servants of humanity who have ascended to the I AM THAT I AM and are a part of the living God forevermore.

These masters are teachers of mankind. They teach the path of overcoming victory whereby the soul can reunite with the Higher Self, walk the earth with self-mastery following in the footsteps of Jesus as a Christed one and return to the heaven-world at the conclusion of a lifetime of service. This is the path of personal Christhood, whereby each one can find the way of overcoming. The ascended masters teach by example, not by words or platitudes. They reveal to us the next step of our spiritual evolution. They point the way, and they say: “I AM the way. This is the way, and the way ye know.”

source: http://www.summitlighthouse.org/great-white-brotherhood/

Prayer with Michael Jackson and Robin Williams

When I was little I used to wonder how to pray "right".  I was never taught to pray and often I would apologize to God for not doing it "right".  Sometimes I would memorize a prayer, but even those seemed to be pre-designed words.  What I wanted to say and ask from God was more personal.

Not long ago, I had heard from other people that they had heard Michael Jackson pray.  I know I have even heard stories that he would often pray for hours.  Sometimes he would pray for the sick children at the ranch, for their families, for the world.  Sometimes I would catch part of his prayers, but rarely all of them.  Then after he passed, I asked him how he prayed.  Prayer almost seemed elusive to me as a child.  Sometimes if we are not taught things or don't believe we are doing it "right", we don't do it, or we don't believe it will "work".

Prayer does work and there really isn't a right or wrong way to do it.  When I asked Michael about his technique I thought his answer was the best way to explain how and why we enter into prayer.  He said prayer is your personal relationship with God. When you pray you enter that silent space with only him.  You give yourself permission to ask what's in your heart and mind, listening inside for the answers.  "I would give all I had up to God.  For Him to use me as a vehicle to express love on the planet.  For healing.

Not many people pray any more the fervent prayers we have once heard.  When people pray, we hear them on this side of the veil.  When they pray for you, you are transported into light, enveloped in a field so strong it embraces your very soul.  That's the power of prayer."

Some people pray and ask for things.  Robin Williams is here this morning, so I asked him if he used to pray.

"Prayer is something we all do in our time of need.  Sometimes we can ask for a job, more money, better schools for our children.  Healing the world is rarely on our list of to do's in prayer.  Most often it's about ourselves.  Our own little world that we have created takes center stage.  It's rare to look outside of ourselves to see humanity as a unit.  If we took that thought and permeated it throughout the planet, I think people would see themselves as something more than what we do today.  We can't be little planets independent of one another.  We are still living in one solar system.  What we do today effects the other little planets around us.  When we use the water, abuse the earth, there is less for the other planets, but if we choose to help, to provide assistance to those in need.  Find homes for the homeless, lift the spirits of the depressed, I think we'll find the world a much happier place.  We find love when we connect.  We find healing when we heal each other.  Don't ever think because your life is bad you can't help another.  It's at that moment that we need most to reach out.  Seeing ourselves in that other person is exactly what we need to realize we are not an independent being, but intra-dependent beings.

I'm Robin Williams.  Over and out, nanoo, nanoo"

It's important to take time for your personal relationship with God.  The creator that created us all, that sees all, that is all, can connect with your heart and in turn that heart felt connection is what you will also feel with everyone around you.  All of life, dancing in symphony to the tiny tune of your own beating heart, connected in love, connected to God himself.

It's beautiful to pray alone, but when our prayers are joined together we create a larger symphony, a more potent form of light and love.  As demonstrated in the video below, one prayer from Celine Dion is made even more beautiful when another man, Andrea Bocelli, joins in with hers.  The music is the same music of the spheres.  Souls in unison, praising the light and love that we are all connected to and have all been created from.  Notice as you listen how you feel inside.  It's the music that lifts you and connects your heart even in unison with the performers.  This is the magic that connects us all . . through our very own hearts.

We have often joined with this group in prayer.  A wonderful outreach that was created after Michael's death.  If you'd like to join with others in prayer for our planet, please visit Major Love Prayer.  When we join together in prayer, we can and do make a difference.


Michael Jacksons Murder - New Information

I've updated the page regarding Steven Cooley's campaign donations.  It now includes the imperative information that led to the cover up of Michael's murder; the history of Cooley accepting donations, the donations actually made by AEG Live, the Amici Curie that withheld the evidence, the insurance policy that went into effect on 6/2209, three days prior to Michael's death, and I've noted the page where Tohme Tohme was added onto the contract changes as an additional insured upon death.

There is also the video that is testimony revealing Tohme Tohme himself stated that he would bring death and destruction to Michael Jackson and his family.  All evidence that SHOULD have been brought into the courts.  Conrad Murray didn't have half of this evidence tied to him and he was convicted of manslaughter.  What Murray DID have going against him was that he was a doctor, using propofol.  The link to the Cooley information is here

HOWEVER, if you watch the video below you'll find another doctor.  As listed under his name, Tohme R Tohme, he is also an MD.  An MD with a motive.

You'll also find other names coming up in this video which are important.  One name in particular is Dennis Hawk, the attorney Randy Phillips said he assigned to Michael before changing his attorney to John Branca.  Dennis Hawk's business address was the same as Tohme's in 2009.  You'll see the relevance of Tohme and AEG when the photo at the end shows both Tohme and Randy Phillips of AEG arriving at the hospital TOGETHER.. or should we say together AGAIN.


Being Loving; Mastery and Twin Souls

I've recently had a comment that said everyone is light, everyone is love, even the nasty people. While that is true, we are all divine in nature, our misqualified energy and how we use it is not.

There is a very common belief that to be loving means you have to be a doormat.  That is not what the masters teach.  In my teachings we have been taught to balance the power of love with both wisdom and power itself.  You are not afforded power if you cannot master the self and while we are on that subject, that's exactly why our separation into duality began.

Misqualified energy is the energy of pure light and love from God distorted.  Distorted energy is what we have done to that energy from our thoughts and beliefs.  When Genesis speaks about Adam and Eve and how Eve was created from the rib of Adam, that is the original twin soul concept.  One created from another with both a male and female counterpart.  But when Eve ate the apple of knowledge of duality she was said to have sinned.  Sinning is something that we have been taught that is something to be shameful of, something we have to be forgiven for by God.  When in actuality, in my teachings, true sin is the creation of misqualified energy itself.  It is our knowledge of duality and natures to choose good or evil.  It is also with ourselves that we can transform that energy back into pure light.

This concept is important because all too often Jesus himself has been depicted as a loving soul who wouldn't hurt a fly.  But I"m here to tell you he would not have been in the position he was in if he was who many people think he was.

Think of the times of the trials of Jesus.  If he was loving in the sense that most people think about what being loving is, perhaps he would have conceded to those who wished to put him to death. Wouldn't a loving Jesus, as many people depict him as today, be subservient to the king and agree with his rulings?

Jesus did not do that.  He stood his ground with what he was here to do and here to teach.  He did not come to bring love to the people, he came to show them the way.  There is a difference.  Even in the angelic community there are angels, divine light beings, that when evil enters the world, they intercede.  They don't say "well that's their free will and we are all loving we're not going to fight for good souls".  They intercede time and time again, even though the evil or misqualified thoughts or energy have come from even ourselves at times.

The archangel Michael would not have thrown the devil out of heaven if he was kind and loving like what kind and loving is thought of today.  Being separated into duality was for a reason.  We are to master ourselves to get back to the bright and shiny light.  You cannot master yourself or help anyone else when you allow people to walk all over you or make you believe your purpose is something other than what you yourself know inside.  Mastery comes with compliments;  Love, compassion, but also boundaries, protecting our heaven and realizing the power within us that propels us forward.

Let me give you an example.  If I was in an abusive relationship, for instance, and I wanted to be on the path to mastery, I wouldn't let the abuse continue.  There are many reasons for this.  First and foremost it teaches the party that is abusing that it's OK.  If you think you are being loving by loving the person for who he or she is, think again.  Loving the light within someone else means loving the light that is also reflected in you.  It is not loving what they do or the misqualified patterns they are caught up in.  Loving ourselves enough to step out of the situation with boundaries is a step into mastering the self.  You know what to protect and how to protect it by using wisdom  and the power within you to step away.  While this may seem undeserving to this other being that is doing the abusing it is also serving them.  Whenever we take steps to master ourselves by bringing dark deeds to the light, we allow the doer of the dark deeds to transform.  In essence we are teaching them and then learn from each other.

My late mentor and friend, Maurie D Pressman MD, had a beautiful analogy in his book with Patricia Joudry called Twin Souls. They depicted a story of a staircase.  As one noble soul moved higher into the light at the top of the stairs, the dark soul followed, prodding and festering.  But what the dark soul didn't realize that as he was prodding the lighter soul, they both moved up the staircase together. The noble soul was helping the darker soul to transform.

There is always a balance.  One that must be held within the self and one that must be maintained on the planet.  We serve no one when we allow ourselves to be abused, misguided, or mistreated.  If there is a path you wish to follow to gain mastery and freedom you simply must start with yourself. Our own road to individual wholeness and mastery is the same road to our twin flame and the light that created us all.

The following video depicts Jesus.  The sword he speaks of is the sword of truth.  True wisdom, love and power are the elements that Jesus himself taught.  That is what being loving means.  To allow ourselves to be that which we are in light, while teaching others how to transform themselves as well. He didn't spill the money from the merchants here because he was subservient to ill intended individuals  He did it to teach them that the sword of truth he brought with him had nothing to do with money and kings. Our true natures, as he taught, was the true divine nature in every living being. That is the nature of ourselves that must be honored.  Not money, fame or earthly power, but the power within that was bestowed upon us from our very beginnings.

A Mary Magdelene Scrapbook - Twin Flames/Divine Secrets

I have had memories of a past life in which I saw a pregnant woman weeping by Jesus.  Ever since that vision, I have been interested in the history of not only Jesus the Christ, but Mary Magdelene as well.

I've written about the movie the DA Vinci Code here before.  I know the church had it's say in claiming the story was fiction.  But did you also know that the church proclaimed Mary Magdelene a prostitute?  Then turned around years later and proclaimed her a saint?  How can an organization claiming to be the leaders of spirituality, holding the keys to heaven, suddenly change the rules and opinions of a woman they were so brutal to before?

It almost sounds like our tabloid news today.  News stories are planted one day to make you look good, but if you don't comply, there will be someone to plant horrendous stories the next.   But what bothers me the most is that how much so many people went out of their way to hide the truth.  Even the Estate of Michael Jackson has gone out of it's way to take the angelic parts of Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone video out.  This is a desecration of his art, and with Mary Magdelene a complete desecration to our history and history of mankind.

I'm posting a few photos here from different artists around the world.  These statues and paintings celebrate Mary Magdelene, whom I believe as the twin flame soul mate of Jesus.  Both here to serve humanity.  But like so many others, mankind, the politicians in rule, have managed to distort the truth, hiding the true divinity present within all people.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Santa Croce, Florence
Notice the illumined halo surrounding Mary's head as well.

Stained glass window from Kilmore Church, Scotland

The church of Saint Etienne

DaVinci's Last Supper
Photo by Carolyn Shield of Passion picture at Miraculous Medal Shrine

Artist Unknown

 by Charles Marochetti depicting St Mary Magdalene being lifted up by angels.
Still from the "You Are Not Alone" video PRE-Michael Jackson death


Proof of District Attorney Steven Cooley's UNETHICAL Behavior/UPDATED

I said it before, let me say it again.  The AEG Live case that involved Lloyds of London Insurance Company was covered up by Steven Cooley the District Attorney that led the prosecution of Dr. Conrad Murray.  Mr. Cooley issued an Amici Curie requesting the records to be held until Murray's conviction.  Concealing evidence that would have led to the real people involved in Michael's murder.

But this wasn't the first time.  It never is.  One time found, is ten times under wraps.  Here's an article written by The Los Angeles Times uncovering such activities by Cooley with other cases:

** I've updated this post with a copy of the Amici Curie, links to the donations to Steven Cooley from AEG and their executives and the critical evidence, the insurance policy, below.

Cooley's donations raise questions about the line between fundraising and probes

By Rich Connell

Rene Cota was stunned when he searched the Internet and came across a $1,500 campaign contribution reported recently by Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, who is running for state attorney general.

The shocker, he said, was the donor - David Perez of Valley Vista Services in the City of Industry.

For about a year, Perez, who is also the mayor of the City of Industry and whose family owns the Valley Vista trash hauling firm, has been the focus of an inquiry by Cooley's office into his private business ties to City Hall. The ongoing probe, apparently examining multimillion-dollar refuse collection and landscaping maintenance contracts, began after Cota filed a complaint.

When the city shut down his bar for alleged code violations, Cota began looking into Industry's close-knit political culture - there are fewer than 100 registered voters, and many are related to one another or working for the city.

"It disheartens me," said the former Anaheim police officer. It is "obviously unethical if he's taking contributions from persons or entities" under scrutiny by Cooley's office, he said. "It definitely shakes my confidence in the legal system."

Cooley's top anti-corruption deputy says there is no connection between campaign money and the district attorney's investigation or prosecution of public officials.

But the donation highlights a tricky choice for an elected prosecutor like Cooley. Where does he draw the line on taking money from people who could figure in an investigation?

The question has also arisen in Bell Gardens. Cooley'scampaign accepted $13,000 from City Manager Steve Simonian, a longtime friend and former aide, during and immediately after an inquiry involving two of Simonian's bosses on the City Council.

Cooley's campaign spokesman, Kevin Spillane, said the prosecutor's ethical line is clearly drawn: Political fundraising has no influence on the work of the district attorney's office. Suggesting otherwise is "ridiculous and it's insulting," he said. Cooley doesn't track all the donations his campaigns have raised, he said.

And Cooley wasn't even briefed on the City of Industry or Bell Gardens inquiries, said David Demerjian, head of the office's Public Integrity Division. "Steve Cooley doesn't decide which cases we open or review or which cases we close," he said.

But the public is understandably suspicious about donations involving targets of inquiries or related entities, said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause, a nonpartisan political reform advocacy group.

"The public doesn't make a distinction between what the political, elected D.A. does and what the office does," she said. "The D.A. needs clearer rules.... So his office doesn't have to live with this cloud of doubt about who he is receiving contributions from."

The Perez contribution has been criticized by a campaign aide to San Francisco prosecutor Kamala D. Harris, the Democrat opposing Republican Cooley for attorney general. In preparing this report, however, The Times independently reviewed Cooley's campaign filings and obtained additional records and interviews. Cooley's spokesman said raising the issue was an attempt to smear the Los Angeles County prosecutor.

Some details of the Perez donation weren't clear. The mayor, who has previously said he carefully follows the law, didn't respond to requests for interviews. Cooley's campaign fundraiser believes the March contribution came by mail from the mayor, Spillane said, as opposed to a relative with the same name who is also associated with the family businesses. The mayor gave $1,000 to Cooley's campaign in 2007 when he last ran for district attorney, records show.

In Bell Gardens, those who pushed for an inquiry involving alleged absentee ballot irregularities said they had wondered how aggressively it was pursued, even before they learned about the city manager's contributions.

Simonian's contribution "raises, to me, big questions," said unsuccessful City Council candidate Cristina Garcia, whose complaint to the D.A.'s office evidently prompted the inquiry.

Martha Mendoza, a polling place inspector, said she also wrote Cooley's office about absentee balloting irregularities after hearing complaints from Bell Gardens voters. News of Simonian's contributions is unsettling, she said. "It doesn't look good."

Simonian said he had nothing to do with the vote-by-mail process and wasn't aware of the inquiry. He said his contributions arose from a long relationship with Cooley, including heading Cooley's investigations bureau for several years.

Cooley is "a great candidate" and should be able to accept donations from "someone who's known him for over 25 or 30 years and considers him a friend," he said. Simonian gave Cooley the maximum $6,500 allowed in both the primary and general contests, records show. He also gave to Cooley's local campaign in 2007.

The voting inquiry apparently began after Garcia, a USC adjunct professor who grew up in the city, wrote Cooley's office about alleged misconduct by supporters of some of her opponents, including Mayor Priscilla Flores and Councilman Sergio Infanzon.

Volunteers allegedly solicited support and offered to help voters fill out absentee ballots, including for residents of an assisted-living home, according to a copy of Garcia's letter reviewed by The Times. Volunteers also allegedly offered to take ballots to the post office, she wrote.

The allegations are false, Flores said, and typical of those made by losing candidates. "Councilmember Sergio Infanzon and I were reelected by the voters of this community and that's the end of the story," she said.

Investigators looked into allegations involving both council members, specifically possible violations of a state law that bans going into the homes of those who have mail-in ballots to solicit their vote, according to a case closure letter provided by Cooley's office.

Some individuals said they were "approached by the candidates" and their votes were "allegedly solicited by the candidates," the letter says. But because of the voters' mental disabilities and other problems, they weren't credible, the letter says, an apparent reference to residents of the assisted-living center. "The candidates very well may have solicited votes from mail voters in their residences during the time of voting," but no credible evidence existed to prove a crime, the letter concludes.

"We worked that case," Demerjian said. "We talked to a lot of people."

Spillane said Cooley deserves credit for forming a team to pursue sensitive political cases, close to 300 of which have been filed since Cooley took office in 2000.

That's all the more reason Cooley should set fundraising standards stricter than the law requires, said Feng of California Common Cause.

Copyright ? 2010, Los Angeles Times

See the article on Los Angeles Times website


source: http://votesmart.org/candidate/campaign-finance/120014/steve-cooley#.VLxTcdLF-So

ANSCHUTZ ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC. LOS ANGELES, CA 90015 $6500 2010-05-27 2010-11-01

ANSCHUTZ ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC. LOS ANGELES, CA 90015 $6500 2010-05-27 2010-11-01
source:  http://www.electiontrack.com/lookup.php?committee=1323795

TIMOTHY LEIWEKE LOS ANGELES, CA PRES/CEO/AEG WORLDWIDE, INC. $1500 Contribution date: 2010-10-28 Report date: 2011-01-31

TOHME TOHME Contributions 4/26/12 $1500 to Carmen "cover up" Trutanich, District Attorney
1338122 - Carmen Trutanich For District Attorney 2012 (apparently under FBI investigation)

I am positive I saw a donation to Cooley's campaign from Tohme, but wouldn't you know it there is no search on the site for Cooley anymore!  BUT it still comes up in a google search:
(OFC - Office Expenses) Desc: 4/28/12, Thank you gift, Dr. Tohme ... (CVC - CivicDonation) ... 1235308 - D.A. Steve Cooley Officeholder Account, E - Payment

Also contributed to Steve Cooley Funds:  Carmen "cover up" Trutanish




THE INSURANCE POLICY:  Note the date aknowledged in the bottom right hand corner on page one: 6/22/09 effecitve 3 days before Michael Jackson's death.  See Page 26 Amendment to DEATH POLICY adding FORMER Manager Tohme Tohme as additional insured under AEG Live's Policy:

RELEVANCE:  It was Tohme himself that stated he would bring death and destruction to the Jackson family.  See video below:

Proof of Telepathy - The Power of the Mind

As my late friend and mentor, Maurie D Pressman, MD stated in his forward for my book Another Part of Me, the power of imagination and power of the mind is indeed beginning to be discovered in more instances than we can imagine.

Neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis built the brain-controlled exoskeleton that allowed a paralyzed man to kick the first ball of the 2014 World Cup. What’s he working on now? Building ways for two minds (rats and monkeys, for now) to send messages brain to brain. Watch to the end for an experiment that, as he says, will go to "the limit of your imagination."


Man in the Mirror PROJECT: Emotional Patterns and Your Authentic Self

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
- Carl Jung

Looking at our man in the mirror can be an intensive process.  Yet if we dare to look inside for the reasons we do what we do and how we act, we can begin to make small changes for our self that not only can improve our quality of life, but in the world around us as well.

I've recently been introspecting the cycles in family relationships.  Most of us get our response systems handed to us from our experiences as children. Your parents, your teachers, your friends, all of these relationships and experiences with those relationships, help form the emotional and mental bodies that you are accustom to.  For many of us, we've had not so good pasts.  Abuse, both physical and emotional, leave secret wounds that we ourselves don't and sometimes can't see unless we do become introspective.

There is a man that I know that is estranged from his children.  I know he hurts deeply, but the emotional wounds he has left with his children have not been overcome.  His children are angry at him and he is angry with his children.  I know him differently than his children do.  I was afforded the opportunity to speak with him about his childhood long ago.  His father would call him names, pull him by the ears and speak badly about him.  In his childhood, he internalized his father's words and actions in the form of his self worth.  I don't think he realizes that it is that same self worth that prevents him from reaching across the divide to heal his relationship with his children.

When you have low self worth like this, when you have been put down as a child, you carry that feeling with you.  Today he says that if he were to show up at an event for the family, his children would make fun of him.  He truly believes his children don't even like him.  And although the children themselves may say this, the fact remains that we all long to be loved and accepted. Especially by our parents.

The actions and emotions he expressed to his children when they were little, were sometimes very unkind.  As humans these types of events, the ones that hurt us most, are the kinds that stay with us as the most prominent experiences of our past.  I'm quite sure there were very loving things he did for and with his children as well, but his experience from his own childhood played a heavy hand in the up bringing of his own children.  He learned how to be a father from his own father.  A father that berated him.  And although he most likely knew this treatment was wrong, our emotional response systems automatically trigger the events and emotions from our past.  They fly through our systems and soon instead of reacting out of a place of love, we may be reacting from the emotional wounds somewhere else inside of us.  Not realizing that the anger we may feel in the moment most likely has nothing to do, or very little to do with the current situation.  It is only a learned response.  A cycle that continues until someone realizes and introspects enough to know where that feeling came from in the first place.

We are all not perfect people.  We all carry these patterns of cycles within us that cause us to react. The key is to catch ourselves in the moment, or even after and ask "why did I feel that way?"  "Where did that statement I made come from?"  "What was I thinking?"  Then when we find it, we can bring that hurt into the light and make change for ourselves.  By making the change for ourselves,  we can then also make change in our outside world as well.

If this man was conscious of what had transpired for him internally, I believe he would have the power to know he could apologize.  If his children embraced him as an imperfect dad that was scarred as a child as well, I believe they too could find the compassion to forgive him.  They will also become parents one day.  Parents that will not always do what's right and best for their children.  We all will and do make mistakes.

I'm posting a few clips below.  The first is of a story dear to my heart.  It's from a movie called "Precious".  A young girl who is brought up in the projects is abused.  Most likely this is a symptom of the society.  A "way of life" for some people is to live off welfare.  Because our mothers or fathers did this, we think that's what we are to do, or sometimes what we are told to do.  We should be like "them".  The mother in this movie most likely had a similar situation.  She is reacting and doing only from what she knows, not realizing the harm she is causing her daughter.  Precious is only seeking her love and acceptance, and in turn internalizes that she, because her mother is so abusive with her, is unloved and no one cares.

We all have a little "Precious" within us.  Parts of ourselves that are insecure or that we hide from others because we feel we won't be accepted.  We can react angrily towards others, cause stress within ourselves by doing this, or we can choose to live our authentic self and begin to undo the damage within to heal and transform our lives.  It starts by recognizing where the feelings and thoughts came from.  If we accept them as rules for our lives, we'll never begin to live as the free loving beings that we truly are.  Precious is not a worthless woman.  She is a great and brilliant light. Inside she has dreams.  But if she never allows herself or gives herself permission to live them, she will be caught in a cycle; repeating the messages of her mind and emotions and will relive the past for the rest of her life.  The man I was speaking about in the prior paragraphs is in his late 70's.

Living an authentic life means embracing who you are.  You are not the thoughts and emotions from your experiences.  You are the passionate dreamer, the soulful journer, the courageous adventurer ready to meet life with excitement and curiosity.  Learning to let go of the past cycles and patterns that have shaped us means that we have to accept the situations and events as they were.  Imperfect people engaging in imperfect patterns.  We can then break free when we consciously know and feel we are the love we were created from and have the permission to live and love an authentic life.

Understanding that anothers journey isn't all that different than ours can allow us to be empathetic to someone elses patterns.  We can't change what they have internalized, but we can change what we have internalized and begin to reroute the emotions of our past into powerful catalysts for our future.

Inside, we can take a look again at emotional responses.  The following video represents the energy associated with reliving our past.  This clip is from the movie "What the Bleep do we Know".  How addictions like drugs and alcohol can make us "feel better" in the moment because we are trying to block the pain.  But in the end we are only doing more harm to ourselves.  Getting ourselves caught up in the same cycle until we can learn and understand where the pain came from and release it. Rerouting our thoughts into new and better places.  Remember, however, our thoughts create roads. Roads inside that when traveled often create "ruts".  It takes repeated attempts to get our car tires out from the ruts of a dirt road and onto a new path.  So be kind with yourself as you reroute your internal path.  It may take some consistency and work, but in the end you'll be free and improve your quality of life and world.  You can now afford yourself the opportunity to live authentically.  Defining new goals and creating the life you might have felt so undeserving of or afraid to have before.  It takes just a few steps, but it always begins with you.

This last video is a demonstration of one such woman who decided to live her life authentically. Living our truth frees us from having to hide who we are.  It frees us internally from shame, guilt and repeated social patterns.  Like the patterns present within ourselves, when we break our patterns we can also begin breaking the patterns in society.  Living our truth inspires others to live theirs.