Happy Birthday . . . Elizabeth Taylor!

In honor of "Dame Elizabeth" I wanted to bring attention to her day today.  On this day back in 1932, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was born.  She will remain "forever young".  Her triumphs, her friendship, her legacy, still lives on.  I honor her as a true friend on the other side to myself, Michael and many, many others.  Ms Taylor, your light has touched many.  May your good works, words and kindness live on in all of us.  Happy birthday!!

From Wikipedia:  Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE (February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011) was a British-American[2] actress. From her early years as achild star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age. As one of the world's most famous film stars, Taylor was recognized for her acting ability and for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty, and distinctive violet eyes.
National Velvet (1944) was Taylor's first success, and she starred in Father of the Bride (1950), A Place in the Sun (1951), Giant (1956), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), and Suddenly, Last Summer (1959). She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for BUtterfield 8 (1960), played the title role inCleopatra (1963), and married her costar Richard Burton. They appeared together in 11 films, including Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), for which Taylor won a second Academy Award. From the mid-1970s, she appeared less frequently in film, and made occasional appearances in television and theatre.
Her much-publicized personal life included eight marriages and several life-threatening illnesses. From the mid-1980s, Taylor championed HIV and AIDS programs; she co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research in 1985, and the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation in 1993. She received the Presidential Citizens Medal, the Legion of Honour, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award and a Life Achievement Award from theAmerican Film Institute, who named her seventh on their list of the "Greatest American Screen Legends". Taylor died of congestive heart failure in March 2011 at the age of 79, having suffered many years of ill health

A Blind Man's Dream

Once there was a blind man walking through the desert.  He came upon a shell and a fish.  The fish asked him what he was doing in the desert and the man asked the fish the same question.

"What are you doing in the desert sir?"
"Kind fish I do beg your pardon, but what are YOU doing in the desert?"

The man perplexed, walked about with his cane.  Perhaps he had gotten lost.  Maybe he wasn't in the desert after all, but happened upon a body of water not knowing.  He tapped his cane around, walking and listening for water.

The fish watched in disbelief.  Why would a man so full of knowledge, already walking blind through the desert suddenly doubt his senses?

The man stopped.  "So what are you doing in the desert?" he asked the fish again.
"Why I'm swimming, same as I always do."  "In the desert?!" the man exclaimed.  "Of course" said the fish.  "I never heard of such a thing." said the man. "Well", said the fish, "you have now".

"And you sir.  What are you doing in the desert?".  The man replied "Well I am walking".  This fish aghast exclaimed "Walking? A blind man walking in the desert?! Who ever heard of such a thing?!"

Both the man and the fish sat in silence.  Neither could understand how the other got there.  Why didn't it make sense?

I figured I'd take the time to tell you that sometimes fish are out of water and sometimes even though a man looks like he can't see where he's going, he does.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving. Sometimes what we are taught, is not necessarily the whole truth.  So be careful who you judge, how you do it, and above all don't ever put yourself in a box with a fish or a blind man who can't see.  It's those of us that like to be fish out of water and blind men walking through deserts that change our concepts about life.

Today tell yourself it's ok to be a fish out of water.  It's ok to think you don't know where you're going, because you probably really do.  And above all be careful who you judge and how you judge them.  They might just come back and judge you the same way.

-M Jackson


Society, Religion and the Soul

I heard on the news this morning of some kind of law in the state of Arizona, here in the states.  It sounded as if they are trying to pass a law for freedom of religion and one religious group to ban gays.  I wondered how a country that was supposed to be founded on the concepts of freedom and liberty for all, not just the few, could allow such a thing to happen.

When I was a child I was cast as an American Indian in a play.  I wrote about the experience in my book, that once I found out I was very excited.  I loved Indians and was proud.  However, when I realized I was to play a squaw, not a chief, I became very upset.

You might laugh at this experience, and for me I wondered why I would become so upset for playing a squaw at the time.  I was a girl after all, not a boy and Indian chiefs just weren't girls, they were boys.

Later in my life I realized why I had been upset.  I was an Indian in a past life and my father in that lifetime is now one of my spiritual guides.  Not only was I an Indian, but I was an Indian chief. Apparently one that took great pride in the "role" I played.  However, I didn't realize at the time what impact that lifetime would have on me now.  During my Indian lifetime it was customary for the males of the tribe to abuse their wives.  This was the "norm" in the tribe I was in.  Of course because everyone in the tribe did it, it was widely accepted.  Women were somehow beneath the chiefs and elders.

During this lifetime, I have found I have had to make amends for that experience.  My injustice towards women, the abuse I dealt my then wife was turned around on me.  I didn't mention this in the book, almost embarrassed about the situation.  However, when I see this happening all over the world, it's hard not to say something when you know what eventually will happen to everyone.

I married my then Indian wife this time around when roles were reversed.  I was hurt and was abused and knew almost the entire time during that marriage of my past wrongs.  Being an Indian, having what I did then as the norm, did not excuse my behavior towards other beings.  No matter how smart or better we think we are by excluding another group of people or putting them down, eventually, I am convinced the tables will turn.  This experience has led me to believe that there will always be restitution for what we do to other parts of ourselves - other people, other beings and life itself.

Humanity is a unit, and as Jesus said treat others as you would want others to treat you.  I think he may have said this for a reason, not just because it sounded like a nice thing to do.  So if you ever find yourself in a position where someone, or some entity wants to dictate to you how your life should be lived; how you should view and treat other people; perhaps you should think again.  There is no man on earth that can speak for or go against the laws of the universe itself.  In the end remember there is only one truth, one story about who we are.  I don't think any man or religion can make or set any rules to govern that.  Only the ONE can do that and whether we are listening or not, it is being done.


Twin Flame Soul Mates vs Connecting with Universal Consciousness

Here is my latest video on the concept of twin flame soul mates.  Many people miss the concept that these relationships are relationships of the soul.  This means they are spiritual and you will have "spiritual" experiences.  However, how can you tell if the "spiritual experience" you have is a twin soul or something else?  Watch this video for some answers:


Michael Jackson Murder Update

When I asked where I could find a paper trail for evidence in Michael's murder and the criminal intent to obscure everything he had, he told me "Dieter would know"

I didn't realize "Dieter" used to be Michael's manager.  Upon investigation this is what I found:

  • In 2003 Michael gave Power of Attorney to Dieter Wiesner
  • Also in 2003 he did a reorganization of the Jackson Camp: Lawyers, Advisors, Accountants, Co-Workers (due to Jackson's request to "change the system")

This means the 2002 will was not only asked to be returned (as you'll hear Dieter explain in the video below) it means that the will that John Branca used to obscure control of the estate was committed fraudulently and with full knowledge. 

The second video posted below is unsettling.  I had hoped this was not true, however, it depicts a phone call to "Dieter" the night before he died.

Standing in Your Truth; A Feeling Body Inventory

Have you ever been told something is different than it actually is?  When you are a child and you look at the world, you see it through the lenses of a freshness and clarity that only children can see. After a while, the "grown ups" tell you how things "actually" are.  Soon your perceptions are distorted.  The world you thought you knew, is suddenly changed.

"Mommy why is that boy brown?"  A child asks the question.  It's an observation, not a judgement.  Yet given this same question in two different families, the answers could be vastly different.  What will you teach your children?

"Mommy why is there war?"  The question is deeper, yet valid.  How would you answer?  Two countries at odds?  Two leaders at odds?  Will you say it's because of the stories on the news?  Will you know the stories they have told are true?  Will it make sense when your own children go to war in your own household because they don't agree either?

The questions become, what is society teaching us?  That if we don't get what we want, we go to war and kill people?  Can we not have two leaders meet and come to an agreement?  If the same situation happened at home, would we pit our children, our families or our cities against one another?  Is control of another country worth the price we pay in humanity?

The more division, the more divides we claim, the further we separate ourselves from the rest of humanity.  One rainbow world is now divided into countries, ethnicities, religions, beliefs and all are from the same source god.  We act as if it is "us" and "them", not taking into consideration we are all the same.  If we are the same, then what do we offer to one another?  A hand to help, or words to condemn?  We have a choice.  Our words can heal or they can hurt.  Often times we only take into consideration the way we feel and look for the result that we want.  We cling to it and will not deter until we get it, not allowing ourselves to look at the other persons point of view or feelings.

If we stood in their shoes, how would we feel?  Can we place ourselves in anothers shoes long enough to understand where they are coming from and how they may feel?  Are we compassionate enough to understand that their feelings may be different than ours?  That in the end we all want the same things:  Love and acceptance.  Yet we perpetuate the patterns.  Mulling over why he did this, or she did that.  We talk about it, think about, lay blame and soon create ill feeling between ourselves, our nationalities, even our countries.  We are just people in the end.  All wanting the same thing - to be happy.  To live in harmony.  To be well cared for, to be loved.  But when we don't get what we want, when we don't get the love we need, rarely can we find it in ourselves to give to others.  The child who grows up motherless yearns for nurturing.  When the child grows up how is she expected to nurture her own child?  The cycle repeats itself until someone decides to nurture the woman or nurture her child.  We can be nurtured by another person, but in this day and age it is a rarity to find such people.  We must become our own mothers, our own fathers and become conscious of our needs.  My friend Maurie Pressman used to say some people would think it's selfish when they take the time for themselves to introspect.  Yet if we don't take the time to take care of ourselves, how do we expect to take care of anyone else?  What example are we projecting to the world and to our own children?  To lash out at the world because our needs weren't met or to take steps to find out what we need and be compassionate enough with ourselves to get it?

We have to start with ourselves.  We have to be honest about how we feel, then ask ourselves why we feel that way.  We have to think of ways to change our negative feelings into feelings of love. When you say I love you, or I know you love me, can you feel it?  If we can't feel love, we have some work to do.

Our feeling bodies are powerful.  They will dictate any given situation.  If you feel love, you will act lovingly, if you are angered, you will be short and angry with others.  If you feel powerless, you will express yourself as a powerless individual, and the list goes on.  So we have to introspect.  Where did you get the feeling?  Were you taught something by someone or made to feel that way by the words of another?

Take inventory today, paying attention to any recurring feelings and name it.  Loneliness, depression, anxiety, even joy.  Then ask yourself why you are feeling the emotion.  Then go deeper.  Ask yourself if your story is true.  Ask yourself where you heard your story.  Finally, recreate your story so it changes your emotions and your feeling body.

For example your statement may be "I'm lonely".  When you ask yourself why, you might say "because I don't have anyone".  Ask yourself is it true?  Are you all alone?  Do you have a dog, a brother, a sister, a friend, co workers, parents?  If it's that you don't have a significant other, then ask yourself to define loneliness.  Does loneliness mean you don't have a significant other or does it mean you are alone?  Which is true?  Now is your belief about you being lonely true?  If it's not, then we need to take our attention to the people whom we now realize are in our life.  They represent the "why I'm not lonely" section of your internal dictionary.  Every time you think "I'm lonely", redirect your attention on the "not lonely" section of your life.  When you can do that, you can go further and see what it is that is really bothering you, if anything at all.

When we take the time to learn the truth about ourselves and where our stories came from, we can rightfully stand in that truth.  We know what the truth is because we have traveled enough within ourselves to explore our truths first hand.  We will have asked the questions about where our truth came from and not been given it or have had it handed down.

Ultimately, standing in our truth will not only free you from the thoughts and emotions that have bound you for years, but will leave you with a sense of empowerment and strength.  When Jesus said to know yourself, this was one of his greatest gifts.  For in knowing yourself, you will also come to know him and the strength he had standing in his truth.  He knew who his father was in heaven.  It wasn't dictated to him, nor taught by any man.  Inside the truth revealed itself and the true wisdom that he taught was to also know yourself as he did.  Imagine what we could do if we all took a little time to "know ourselves" a little better.  Now our world would no longer be about "us" and "them", it would become about "we" and "I".


Confirmations on Michael,The Age of Enlightenment, Abuse, and Reincarnation

Last year I had mentioned some of what Michael had told me, but had not found the confirmations I was seeking.  He mentioned a date, March 25, when he signed a contract.  I couldn't find it at the time.  Only another letter firing his accountant. See that blog post here:  http://michaeljacksontwinsoul.blogspot.com/2013/03/pre-trial-lets-get-party-started.html

Since then I have found the signed document, dated March 25, 2009 (see below):

He also had me state that Tohme Tohme was his only manager at the time of his death in this post: http://michaeljacksontwinsoul.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-requested-writing-by-michael-jackson.html
I had no idea that there were several people including Frank DiLeo, Tohme Tohme, and Leonard Rowe trying to act as Michael's manager.  Perhaps this is why he needed to clarify.

I have to say Michael has never been forward with much of anything negative about his life.  In the beginning he told me very little about his death until I asked specifically.  Elizabeth has been angry and livid.  I too have shared that with her, knowing his death was not just an accident.  However, as I research further and gather information, I can't help to be further mortified at the tug and pull that he actually went through.  No where at any time did anyone give consideration for Michael, his feelings or even his wishes.

Back in 2008 and 2009 Michael had told me he was being pressured by his family to tour with his brothers.  I even wrote about it in my book.  He not only told me once, but several times.  We talked about it because he felt a sense of loyalty still to his family, but he had his own career.  My advice then was to tell them that was then, and this is now.  The time they spent together performing was treasured, but Michael had moved on.  This conversation sticks out for me because Michael was not forward with issues like these on a regular basis.  If something was really bothering him, he'd say it, but not say it several times.  This was obviously bothering him.

I suppose I shouldn't be, but I am shocked at my recent findings at the lengths these people went to trying to control Michael and get him to perform with the family when he had stated several times he wasn't interested in doing the tour.  People actually went to his mother to have her "talk to him". This was a grown man and the severity of the abuse I now realize was not just at the hands of AEG.  I can't tell you how mortified and angry this entire situation makes me.  Who are these people that think they can walk into someone else's life and strong arm them into doing what "they" want?  I have never found so many people trying to USE another person in all of my life.  I have read stories about selling things to tabloids, selling his personal items, moving his things and selling them without his consent, opening businesses and hiring and firing people without his knowledge and all of it had to do with HIS business and HIS life.  Never once did they consider what was best for him.  It sounds like the ultimate dysfunctional relationship;  Your life is about everyone else, but you.  You shouldn't be happy, you should be miserable like everyone else to make them happy. You shouldn't cheat or lie, only they can and if you don't play by their rules, you're out.

While many fans have maybe known this about his affairs for some time, my life also took a turn when Michael passed.  We've been catching up and I am convinced that given the same situation Michael had, I simply would have wanted to vanish.  There are times when Elizabeth has said Michael isn't from this planet and I now believe what she has said.  He can't be when there are people like this that think this is the way we should be living with one another.  Use, abuse, and do whatever it is to get what you want.  All the while the other person, the one that is trying to make a difference in the world suffers.  Does anyone realize the extent this man went to trying to make a difference in the world?  That the only reason he did it is because he knew what it was like to suffer?  That his true fans knew this and that's why they were his fans?  That THESE are the people that MADE the MONEY for him because HE was the way he was . . kind, unselfish, sensitive?  Talk about dense.  Maybe some of the coat tail riders might see that being kind and generous can actually shine through and people can sense when you are genuine.  Maybe then they can go out and make money for themselves instead of trying to use other people to do it.

While there are still those that love to make messes in the world, using and abusing others for their own means; Political leaders, bosses, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, supposed friends, and the list goes on, there are still those trying to make change.  We can't make ignorant selfish people change but we can hold them accountable for their actions.  Part of that is by exposing what they do. Everything that is said and done in the dark, behind closed doors, and behind a persons back sooner or later comes to the light. Make it shine when it does.  People like this don't like to be "found out".  The control and manipulation goes on behind closed doors and in ways that make them seem like they want to help.  But remember, even Lucifer was one of the most beautiful angels.  There are devils in disguise and it's the job of the people that want change for the better to unmask these impostors.

As Mr Mandela had once said, if I can't change things, if I can't set this right, I will die trying. Then, I'll come back and we'll probably do it all over again.  We can play this game until the end of time, but sooner or later it will be our turn to win.  Michael's message, freedom, love and compassion for our fellow man, was no different than the message of our past lives.  I've posted a video of the Age of Enlightenment and what it meant here.  In his past life as Mozart, he promoted it.  As did I as Marie Antoinette.  Michael promoted this same concept this time around and as the video explains those in authority sometimes don't like when people are free, speaking and thinking for themselves.  So here we are again with the same message and our plea for change.  Man in the Mirror PROJECT's hope is to let you see that you are a divine, free being.  One worthy of hope, love and truth.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I plead with you to find help.  I can think of three people just off the top of my head that have died directly because of situations like this.  One is Michael and two others committed suicide.  One young man couldn't have children.  His wife ridiculed him, his family berated him, and he was made to feel less than a man.  No one reached out to help him or understand him.  He was made to feel that he didn't matter and why bother trying to talk to anyone anyway.  These were the people that were SUPPOSED to love him - his family.  He wrote a suicide note and shot himself in the field next to his house.  I met him only after he came to the other side.  It took years for him to come to an understanding about his life.  The guilt, the pressure, all of it stays until you are ready to move on.

Another young man simply vanished.  Pressured by his parents to move out into the world after verbal, emotional, and physical abuse, he was taught to be afraid of the world.  Again, his parental abuse conditioned him for it.  After the abuse was done and they felt he was old enough, they figured its time for him to leave.  Never giving him the tools he needed to make it on his own.  He was frightened, felt unloved, was ignored, and had no self worth.  Where do you go when your own parents don't love or help you?  He decided he would just disappear.  In his mind that's what they wanted anyway.

There are situations like this and worse all over the world.  I know it's difficult from first hand experience when the love you "think" you should have just simply isn't there.  If you find yourself being abused in anyway; physically, emotionally or mentally and begin to feel you don't matter, that no one cares, that you shouldn't exist anymore, PLEASE go to a center for counseling.  I promise it will make a huge difference in your life.  No one on this earth is NORMAL.  Our normal is dysfunctional and it is evident by rulers dictating, wars, crime, and list goes on.  The only reason you think your life is normal is because it's all you know.  Don't wait for a parent who hasn't been there, or that ignores or treats you badly to change because you think they love you.  It's the behavior that is the problem - the pattern set in motion most likely by their parents.  Realize it has nothing to do with you or who you are and find support.  There are forums online, counseling centers, teachers, find someone and don't stop until you do.  This is your life and you shouldn't live it based on others opinions of you or their mistreatment of you.  In the long run and in our cycles of rebirth until we do get those lessons under our belt, you never know who might come back or in what lifetime to help you set things straight.  Your greatest friend, parent, and teacher might not be a parent at all.  It could be a friend, an acquaintance or even a twin flame soul mate.


Love: Somewhere Out There

Love can be difficult.  Love can be hard.  Love can be kind.  You can even give "tough" love. What love isn't is special, rare or absent from life.  Even though some "look" for love, rarely do we feel we have love right in our back yard.

Love isn't something we can buy.  We don't attain love, we allow it.  When love flows, all of life dances with it.  It is in the air, in the clouds, in the trees and in the stars.  We breath love in, we taste it's sweetness and marvel in it's majesty.

Love is in the mountains, in the streams, in the snow and in our hearts.  It grows when we pay attention to it.  Recedes when we block it and dances when we allow ourselves to flow with it.

If all of life is made of love, why should we stop it?  We cause ourselves pain when we look for love not knowing we are love itself.  We don't realize when we look at a child we are looking at love.  When we look at a tree, a flower or the bee that lands on it, it is all made of love.  With a world so abundant in love, why do we try to box it up, squander it and control it?  Can we allow love enough in our lives to just rejoice in it?

When it comes down to it, it's only a choice that we ourselves make.  Can we see past another's imperfections to the divine being they truly are?  Can we see past the mask of illusion into the soul of another or the beauty of nature?  Can we cherish love enough to allow love to cherish us? When we reach for the stars, gaze to the heavens, love looks down and says "I am yours".  When love reaches to you and longs for your heart to embrace it, what will you say to love?

We are always looking at the reasons why we might not be together with our flame.
We often look at the outside reasons: our hair, our nationality maybe, our dysfunction - all of these things cause us pain, never realizing we are never apart.  It's just the illusion in the physical world. When we realize what the real illusion is in our lives, that we are never separate from love, we will be brought together with all of life, our flames, and our dreams, all together from the same source: love.  It's always nice to know that your flame is wishing for you just as much as you are wishing for them.  We all reach for love because that's what we are.  On your journey, may you discover within you the love you have had with you all along; inside of you and all around you, no matter where you are.


Where is Waldo?! The Twin Flame Search

There is a twin flame soul mate blog that I occasionally follow called "Relationship Reinvented".
The author is with his twin flame soul mate and writes many entries on the twin flame relationship. Yesterday's blog entry really spoke truth to me and I felt it was very important to share.  This was one of the most difficult parts of my path and from what I've heard the hardest part for many others as well.

It all goes back to what we are "taught" about relationships and what we are led to believe about them.  Yet if we put our whole existence into perspective and if we dare to believe that we have had past lives, we'll discover a whole series of relationships, people and love affairs across the board.  Each one comes into our lives to help us learn something about ourselves.  There will be times when you are in denial and refuse to accept the truth about yourself, but those are the exact things that will keep you from inner contact with your twin flame.

Twin flames are more common now as we are progressing as a species.  You may get glimpses in dreams, during the day or occasional telepathic conversations going on in your head.  I've been asked before why it might be so strong sometimes and not as strong other times.  Sometimes the connection you feel is all based on our patterns.  If we are engaged in what we "think" the relationship should be, or refuse to accept parts of ourselves, including the existence of our twin, the connection is dimmed.  You or the other twin is refusing to accept a part of yourself and most often is in some sort of denial.  This can be frustrating, but you have to have the wisdom to just inquire and not force; to allow the issue to surface on it's own like the budding of a flower.  I made specific steps on my path to do this.  I asked for a spiritual teacher and began taking yoga classes. Most people think yoga is just for relaxation, but it serves many purposes, especially when a twin flame discovery is involved.

The key to discovering the twin is actually to discover the self first.  Your alignment with your twin will be in the I AM presence of your soul.  To get to that place  you yourself must be in alignment.  Yoga serves to that on many levels.  The physical body is the obvious one, then mentally it helps you focus.  Spiritually it helps to clear your head and ultimately helps you connect all three, body, mind and spirit into unison.  But there is another part of yoga that I discovered.  I used to like to tell my students this analogy:  When you stretch in yoga, when you reach for the sky, your body is like a rubber band.  If you picture a rubber band stretching, the molecules of the rubber band begin to get further apart.  When they do whatever is stuck in those molecules or between them can get released.  Of course it could be stress, but on another level, and in the energy bodies, since they are all connected, we are releasing our "stuff" from them as well.  Patterns played out through lifetimes, things we do unconsciously this lifetime we suddenly become conscious of.  This all happens just by "being" in the moment, focusing our attention, and being taught the ability to "let go."  Now we allow our stuff to rise to the surface all on its own.  It is never an act of the ego or will to force growth, it must always be allowed.

Which brings me to this very favorite paragraph of this special blog.  Many times you will feel like you want to "fix" things with your flame.  You will want to force finding them,  you may want to force a meeting or make it happen sooner than it should.  All of these things are thoughts based on the ego and thoughts based on thinking you can "make" something happen like we do in ever day relationships.  This is not the case with flames.  These are relationships of the soul.  The true journey is internal and the way this blog writer wrote the following paragraph explains our attempts to control it perfectly:

"You will be fearful to let go of any and all pain, for the pain to let go will give the pain a sense of survival mode as it were as food for the ego or mind to keep this as a state of thinking that it is outside that the problem exist. This is the greatest magic trick for it takes you far away from what the connection was in bliss.. You thinking and how you interact in the world is the illusion of why you are or aren’t together. A great void this leaves for it is an empty pain with no real truth. It tries to give you the pain to rebirth you and you elect to suffer through this as a need or a want.. and as you seek outside to find resolution or seek outside making this about the twin you will suffer greatly. Yet the greater the suffering or pain the greater the connection has something more miraculous to birth within you."

For the full blog post referred to please visit Relationships Reinvented, Madness of Twin Flames post here.  In summary we must always remember, the flame is with us always.  We only need to discover them.


Michael on "Feathers"

The above art is done by Julie Kennedy.  For
more on her work and to purchase prints
visit her page

I can put a feather in your cap

You can put a feather in your hair

I can dress up like an Indian and wear a feathered headress

I can sing like a rooster and spread my tail feathers

You can watch a peacock spread it's majestic feathers and strut

I can do all these things and so can you

It is in the choosing and the doing that makes the difference

Which feather will you put in your cap?

What kind of feather will you wear in your hair?

How is your feather fashioned?

Is it one from a turkey or one from a peacock?

Do you wear it proudly or just for show?

Many of us have invisible feathers.  Like wings of an angel, we can spread our feathers in many different ways.  If I were to choose which feather I'd like to be, I'd like to be like the peacock, strutting my stuff and showing off my feathers.  That way everyone would know how beautiful I was inside.  But I'm not a peacock and my feathers don't show, so I move silently with the angels among all men and women, hoping they feel the slight breeze as my feathers glide by.

If you are longing for feathers of your own you just have to believe you have them.  You can stand prouder, stand stronger, when you know your invisible feathers are by your side.  Know that I am and I'll be sure you know that you have them too.  All it takes is a breath, a thought and a deed to send feathers into the air and upwards toward heaven.

- M Jackson