The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Constancy and Love

We all have love.  We love our kids, our pets, our world, or maybe just the skirt we bought last
week.  We know what it is to like things and we know how to not like things as well.  We were brought into the world for one thing: to learn.  When we begin our journey as children we are open to the possibilities of all that could be.  We take in what is around us for the first time, not judging or criticizing anything or anyone.  We grow older and hear others opinions about what they like and don't like.  Sometimes we find ourselves "liking" something only because they do or even disliking something because someone told us we should or we want to just fit in.  Maybe we've heard it on the news and bought into it, or even maybe we've heard it from a very prominent figure in society.

Our concepts become distorted.  The once innocent view of our world is tarnished from the viewpoints of others and we begin to see the world through the eyes of others instead of our own.  Our minds become a whirlwind of the he said, she said scenario and now we are confused on exactly what we believe and who to believe. The skirt I bought last week I thought I liked, but Ruth at work tells me it's the wrong length and my girlfriend Cathy just told me that the color is last years.  Really, what is a girl to do!

I once saw my neighbor and her child at the mall.  Her little girl was about eight years old at the time and was wearing her pajama bottoms and a cute bright pink blouse.  My neighbor explained that it was something she thought was really cute to wear and that she, her mother, thought it best to "choose" her battles.  Her daughter was expressing herself.

If I chose to wear those same pajama bottoms and a bright pink top it would not be acceptable.  Adults are seen as people who should "fit in" to society and if they don't, they are frowned upon and ostracized or better yet, ridiculed.  Somewhere and somehow we have an unspoken set of rules in every nation and country of what a normal, "conditioned" adult should look and act like.  If you don't believe me, test it yourself.

As you go through the weekend notice the amount of time you are judging people around you.  You might think seeing a nun means she is spiritual and pure.  I once had a nun give me the finger.  Sometimes the cover on the book doesn't tell the whole story.

That's why looking at people, places and things like children; as if you are seeing it or them for the first time allows you to see it or them for what they are.  Not for what we were taught they stand for, what we've been told, but your own true perception of the world.  We might notice that we begin to see our differences as something beautiful, for even the leaves on the trees and the trees themselves are all different.  Yet the delight they show as their leaves glisten in the sun, all standing in the same field, never reveals a bit of hatred, anger or disdain for the one tree among them that is old and dying.  Their very branches seem to hover over it, protecting it from further damage and embracing it in love.

If we are constant in this measure of being, always checking in with the open minded child within, we'll begin to see the world differently.  Our constancy in life will always lead us to better things.  When we are open and honest with ourselves and others, we can only find our own happiness in the light we were once created in; love.


AEG Trial - Taj Testimony UPDATED

It's been difficult to get updates today on court, but Michael tells me his nephews are done and have testified.  When I asked how they did he said it was very emotional.

I tweeted some of the information presented today from his nephew TJ.  Most of it was recalling what kind of relationship they had with Michael and now with his children.  Back in 1994 Michael was in the UK helping his nephews, Taj, Tarryl, and TJ record an album.  They all form a group called 3T and I had written a song title and lyrics down before I heard it come out on their album.  The song was called "Why" and they had recorded it with Michael on their album called "Brotherhood".  Michael asked me about what to name the album during that time as well.  If you recall the group that our sponsor is from is the Brotherhood as well, so it made sense at the time.  Kind of a two fold deal, since 3T where brothers as well.

I have a lot of memories from those days of his nephews and it was emotional for me to read some of the testimony today.  It brought many memories back and I know how close they felt to Michael and how they must hurt missing him.  They also lost their mother to murder and it tends to get relived when similar events transpire.  I hope you'll join me in saying a little prayer of strength and healing their way today.

I plan on updating again if there is more evidence that has been presented that I haven't seen yet.  For now I'll leave you with the video they did with Michael.  The story of them recording with Michael is in my book.

UPDATE:  When asked if they thought Michael was murdered his nephew replied "Yes.  People do anything for money."

Prince Jackson Testimony in AEG Trial -Angels are watching

What an interesting day yesterday.  My internet went out just as Prince was taking the stand.  Later, as I was walking through the parking lot of Target I felt Michael.  I acknowledged his presence by saying hi, what's going on?  He was happy and I could feel him almost giddy.  He said "Prince finished testifying".  I said "How did he do?"  With a little laugh of exasperation he said "He did great!"  I couldn't wait to get home to read over the testimony.

Prince Jackson, your father is more than proud of you!

I'll start with a tweet I copied from TeamMichaelJackson that I think says it all :

Enough 4 the jurors to b sure now that Randy Phillips is a liar. Prince just completely destroyed RP image & credibility.

I hardly know where to begin so much came out that has confirmed what we have said here on the blog, yet there is so much more to be said.

We can start by going back to the Conrad Murray trial.  Back in 2011 the court showed Michael coming home from security footage taken at his home.  A black sedan pulled up to the house and Michael was peaking from the back seat.  The rest of the footage was missing.  At that time we said here there were other people in the house.  I believe I also posted more details regarding the cars that were there.  Yesterday's testimony not only confirmed that Randy Phillips was there the night of Michael's death (and let me clarify - I say night because I don't believe he died at noon the 25th/it was hours before then)  but that security personnel who were paid by AEG would not let Joseph Jackson, Michael's father through security when Michael phoned him for help.

The testimony itself was heart wrenching.  I can't imagine having to be 16 years old and tell such a testimony about the person who was most cherished by you.  Prince showed both strength and conviction when he explained how they had called for him when Michael was lying halfway off the bed with his eyes rolled back in his head and Paris was calling for their dad.  I had also posted this on the blog.  Michael had told me he blanked out at this point.  He stood witnessing the event, out of his body, and the last he heard was Paris calling out for him.  

There was also testimony that Michael feared for his life and he had not only expressed that to Prince, but had cried several times after phone conversations with the AEG executive.  Prince witnessed the executives' abusive behavior even with Conrad Murray when he saw him grabbing his arm.  Other things like vases that were broken in the home and the bloodied shirt we referenced with the physical abuse we've been talking about on this blog for quite a while paint a tortured picture of humanity at its worst.

Prince said that Randy Phillips often showed up at the house even when Michael wasn't home.  Sometimes with another man.  That's very telling to me.  The other "man".  It makes one wonder if security was for Michaels safety or Randy's?  Oh yea, security was being paid by AEG, I guess that would be Randy's.  That must be what happened to the tape and all the paperwork that went missing after Michael's death.  I'll go further and say also that must be how they were able to obtain so many of Michael's songs, etc so quickly.  And let us remember, AEG is not a publisher of music, Sony is.  There is also evidence in the testimony, not from Prince,  but in emails early on when Randy Phillips was approaching Michael to do the deal, that referenced the amount of money Sony made with Michael from his music.  If Randy Phillips is not in the recording industry exactly what would that mean to him?  Seems this set up with Sony might have been from the very beginning.

I'll end here because some of this is very hard for me.  But let me end on this note: There was testimony about Michael's meditation practice, but my favorite part of the testimony was when Prince told the court what he told his siblings when they found out so coldly by Murray and Frank DiLeo ("Sorry kids.  Your dad is dead.") that there were angels watching over them.  He said it to comfort them, because his dad always had told them that.  Prince was right.  There are angels watching over them and one of them just happens to be their dad.


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - A Game of Becoming

What can we look at in ourselves that we can change to change our world and in turn the world around us?  If we change our hair color, we change the way people look at us, but we don't change the way the world works.  If we become skinnier we can change the way we look, but we don't change who we are.

What if we changed the way we thought about ourselves?  What if we attempted to think we were infinite beings with tremendous energy and potential?  Would it change our thoughts about what we could do in our lives?

Just for today lets play a game.  Choose one of the following characters to be for just today:

  • Angel
  • Superman
  • Fairy Godmother
The catch is that you are in disguise.  No one can know who you are.  From the outside you look like your normal self, but on the inside you know you are . .  . . a fairy godmother for instance.  All day you will look at everyone as if you are a fairy godmother.  Heavens, you might even want to bless someone with a fairy godmother present!  If you are an angel, you must act as one.  Blessing everyone you meet, and knowing that all beings are love.  If you choose Superman, perhaps you become invincible and begin to feel the strength inside of you and help little old ladies cross the street.  You may not be able to fly them across (or maybe you can), but you can certainly help a fellow human do a task or assist them in some way.

This isn't necessarily about helping others, its more about the feeling we get when we "become" the change we wish to see.  There is a power in believing and when you can believe you are a super being other than yourself, I want you to feel what it "feels" like.  Later you can refer to this feeling, knowing you have the potential to become whatever you choose.

I am choosing an English Fairy Godmother.  My children will most likely leave the house today, but I know my dogs will still listen.  Cheerio!


UPDATE: Michael's Death Anniversary/Request from Michael

I know many fans are grieving and I can feel their pain in my very soul.  Michael feels the pain and this overwhelming grief as well.  Your cries, your prayers, your thoughts and energy are all in our universe.  He is in pain, suffering with you.  PLEASE, please, Michael wants to be remembered for his life, not his death.  He would never want anyone to suffer because of him, only to live and love.  So on this day, although I know you are grieving for his loss, remember most his love and send that out instead.  I know it might sound strange, but it hurts him too...

We are all living in this world together.  His physical passing was just that, physical.  He was and still is in our hearts, minds and in the world.  Don't let his image be marred by what was done to him, let him live in our hearts for what he brought to the world and to each of us individually.  Let us celebrate him in joy, not grieve believing in an ending to him that really isn't an end.  He is and will always be in love.

Thank you.

The Fourth Anniversary of Michael's Death - Do You Believe?

When I was asked what I might be doing today to remember Michael, I wasn't sure how to answer. Fans send flowers to the grave site, some may visit, others light candles and pray.  I don't like to remember the days when people cross, more over I like to celebrate their life.  In my world no one really dies, only their physical presence.  Still to this day that's what I mourn the most.  Yet I see it as almost selfish at times.  For the presence I long for is for me, not them and I know that they still live on.  As Einstein once said, energy is neither created or destroyed, it only changes form.

So in that thought and spirit of today's fourth anniversary of Michael's death, I wanted to put together a video of the things that I felt Michael treasured most and still would like us to "believe". .


The Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Perceptions of Humanity

When I was a child someone told me not to talk to strangers.  In my head, I imagined a stranger to be someone like the guy pictured below.  A sinister look, dark hat and glasses, with a long black trench coat.  I had "other" pictures too, the "shoplifters", the "murders", "the Muslims", the "poor people", the "blacks", the "Jews", the "Catholics", the "Iranians", even someone "spiritual".  I had heard so many labels that inside my head, I began a subconscious dictionary of who these people were and apparently by my own perceptions, what they would "look like" as well.  I would know them if I came across "them."

My dictionary was shattered, however, time and time again.  When I was almost molested by a "stranger" that didn't have the black trench coat and realized my twin flame was one of the "blacks".  Somehow I was taught a mentality of "them" and "us."  That we should rightfully categorize people.  But are we correct?  Does labeling someone really help us differentiate who we should be aware of or is it just another division in our humanity?

If I asked if you were a murder and you said no.  I would have a tendency to believe you.  But if someone broke into your home and was hurting your child would you shoot the intruder and would that not make you a murderer as well?

Stranger - A subspecies of humanity
It's not safe or wise for us to put people into little slots.  A murderer, a stranger, or even a catholic, looks no different than we do.  Even if we say someone has a different color of skin, we are shunning our the truth.  For in reality the humanness that we are is in everyone.  The only things that make us different are the reasons we do things, our life experience, circumstance and upbringing.  I might be a Muslim if I was born in another country. I would be a shoplifter if my family was starving.  Some other people have different thresholds, different ideas about what is right, wrong, or even the way the world works.  It's our thinking that is different, not our humanity.

Knowing this allows us to embrace all people and reach our own conclusions.  I could have a Jewish murderer living next door.  But how dangerous would it be if I had already categorized him as a Jew instead of a murderer?   I might believe Jews don't murder and that they're rich,   Then as my Jewish neighbor appears at my door asking to borrow a cup of sugar, my perplexed self might let him in.  My mind might think; 

"Hey wait a minute!  He's Jewish.  He's rich.  He should have his own sugar!"  

The next thing I know, he shoots me in the back and takes all my money and jewelry.  Now my idea of the "Jews" is shattered.  Everything society has taught me, just proved to be wrong.  If I had paid attention to the humanness of him when he was "checking" out my home on his last visit, I might have realized.  But I didn't.  I labeled him a rich Jew and dismissed his humanness. 

The lesson for ourselves in this is that we should look at humans as humans; all with dysfunctions, all with different thinking and all with different beliefs.  In the end we'll find we are all also one thing: human.


Paris Jackson: on Cutting Herself

Photo of Paris with the alleged cuts
 being reported

Recently a blog reader asked if I believed that Paris Jackson cut herself.  I was never told whether
she did or didn't, so I simply said I didn't know.  Michael never told me himself, but that doesn't mean she does or doesn't.  I didn't want to comment any further.  His kids are private for him with most issues, with exception to the big blow out regarding Paris and her "alleged" suicide attempt.

But quite honestly, the blog reader got me thinking and I remember just before the news broke I was very touched by a video of Paris that she did of herself applying makeup.  I posted it to my Facebook page I believe, but not here.

Photos can be very easily manipulated and my thought was if she was cutting herself like they say, the cuts or scars would show on her home made video.  I looked.  I don't have very good eyesight and I am wearing my glasses today, but I didn't see any scars on her video.  Maybe it's best if you have a look for yourself:

A "Tour of the White House" - Michael's Home

I hope that you find this as entertaining as I did.  I received another vision of Michael.  He was with a young boy playing outside his castle.  This time, however, he offered to take me on a tour.  He said a tour of the "white house", jokingly.

It might sound strange.  I know for me it did - thinking people had actual homes on the other side.  That is until I saw my ex husbands grandparents on a porch of a home they had built many years ago when his grandmother passed.  It sounded as if it was the same one they spent a life together on earth in.

In the movie, "What Dreams May Come" there is also a home featured.  The home is a made up place that the two main characters "create" in a painting. When one of the characters actually dies, he finds himself in that place and resides in that home.  This movie is a favorite of mine, not only because of it's imagery, but because the writer represented the entire piece based on actual research.  That means it was documented on actual findings, not just a fictional story.
Actual Disney Shrub

When I saw Michael he was playing with a child outside the castle on the grounds.  He gave him a pat on the butt and offered to take me on a tour.  So I asked "Right now?", he said "Sure why not?", and off we went.  The grounds outside were very green with winding paths that reminded me of the Wizard of Oz movie.  As we walked, I could see to the left he had recreated some shrubs I had once seen in Disney World.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland (and now he is correcting me) . . He says it was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  Sculpted shrubs that look exactly like the characters and scenes.   I've posted a picture from Disney at right just so you get an idea if you've never seen them.

A little further on there was a beautiful waterfall on the right.  A bench sat beside it.  I said "I can't believe you thought about all this.  To even include a waterfall so spectacular!"  His reply again reminded me of his character.  He said "If you can create something, why not create something with all the best.  You shouldn't not put something in if it's the things you love."  Basically he was saying not to do something halfway and that you can have it all; why not have it ALL.  That's how he has always thought.

I wanted to see the inside so we were immediately met with dark wood doors.  My first thought was these aren't very glamorous, but they were like doors from a "real castle" he said.  When they opened I again expected to see a vast entrance, an open foyer, dangling chandeliers . . but .  . nope.  I was met with a tree house.  Yes a tree house.  You entered from the trunk and it sprawled in directions all over the house.  It was like a maze you had to find your way through before you could access the rest of the house.  Fun stuff.  I opted right so we ended up on higher ground overlooking the main area.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  It wasn't a living room like one might expect, and there were people there.  He said it's like the great hall area from the movie Harry Potter."  The gathering place.

Next was the master bedroom, so we circled around and ended up in a far back corner.  The room was expansive and huge and curtains opened revealing the view to the outside.  The room itself was on an upper floor.  There were openings like windows, but they let in the breeze, all around - like two full walls of openings, that overlooked a jungle.  It was incredible to see it just outside and I could see the heads of giraffes lazily walking by.  I like to feel the breeze of a slight wind when I sleep so I asked if any animals could get in.  (That would be something I'd worry about!)  He said not anymore. He had put window frames on the open walls recently.  He said "I had to.  One morning I woke up with a monkey in my bed."  Then he looked at me and said "No, it wasn't Grace Rwaramba"  A lil humor on his part . . .

I hope that helped bring a smile to your face and that everyone who has stopped by to read has a fantastic weekend.  I'm posting some scenes from "What Dreams May Come" below reflecting some of the "other side" in imagery.  I hope you enjoy it.


Yesterday's Testimony - AEG

Yesterday a Dr Earley testified in the case of Michael Jackson's death and the involvement of AEG Live.

It was brought out that Michael was addicted to Demerol.  Michael himself sang about the substance on his Blood on the Dance Floor album and his friend, Elizabeth Taylor even tried helping him with addictions to pain killers like these.

What I want to say is that Michael sang about Demerol in 1997, that was like 12 years prior to his death.  They are trying to paint Michael as a drug addict.  Addicted to drugs, taking multiple kinds and "accidentally" killing himself.  I just want to re-iderate that that was not the case.

I am posting several pictures below that you may not have seen main stream media show.  They do not fall in line with an "accidental overdose".  Accidental overdoses don't mishandle you, abuse you, or poison your system so you lose so much weight and appetite you can't function anymore.

Source:  ABC7 Court News-June 19, 2009

Source:  TeamMichaelJackson.com


Love, Justice and Hatred - A Message from Michael

"Love is just about the strongest emotion on earth.  If you couple it with justice you have a recipe for success in changing the world we live in.

I've recently been on a pilgrimage.  I've visited places all over the world in a quest to find the true enlightened individuals that could bring this planet hope and peace all over the world.  What I found is that many people, including myself, have thought the world was a loving place and are devastated to find that true hatred is a commonality among the people.  I've watched families tear each other apart, witnessed crimes, devastation from catastrophes and helped women and children escape their fate at the hands of some very cruel men.

What I noticed in all of this is the willingness and desire that arises from those most tortured with the cruelty of the world.  We rise to the occasion, offering ourselves up for the betterment of humanity.

If there was one thing I could say to the world as a whole in its devastation and rising and falling of nations, it would be to love.  To love like you mean it and not stop.  To rise to the occasion of fighting for justice in the world and take up arms when needed to defend your fellow man, not your fellow nation.  Stop hating your neighbor and look to the world as a place you must learn to defend and honor.  We all share one commonality all over the world;  the need to be heard, loved and listened to.  No one of us is any different."


Divine Compliment - From Visitations from the "Hood"

I've been visited by members of the Brotherhood for some years.  Lately I have been blessed with visits from Sri Aurobindo, his twin flame Mira, Yogananda, and a dear friend "Madge".  It seems the "other side" is very interested in us obtaining information about them, how the world works, and our access to other dimensions and them.  If you are here for the first time, yes, I talk to "dead people."

On a recent visit from Sri, he inquired what it was that I thought was so important about sharing experiences with people was.  I told him that it was these exact experiences that helped me see life differently.  They were the one reality that I could hold onto, knowing that it was love that held us together and others were willing to help not only me, but humanity.

If you don't know who Sri is, he is one of the documented cases of twin flames.  He and his flame, Mira, also called "Mother", were stationed in India servicing humanity and teaching about the consciousness of it.  Sri has been a common thread between myself and Dr Maurie Pressman.  Appearing to us both, prompting us to continue on this journey.  I honor all that Maurie has done and is still doing in this work.  It is, after all, a collective effort.

When I say "hood", I just think it's a cool way to refer to the "Brotherhood".  The Brotherhood is a group of souls who are dedicated to the work of raising the consciousness of humanity.  I have found them both very loving and selfless.

So one of the last times I went into meditation one of the members had me write something down that I am posting today.  It's subject matter is the Divine Compliment:

"Divine Compliment means the other half of the soul.  The soul is made up of many parts but there are two vibrations of light that resonate with each other most often in tune with the vibration of the other.  This is divine compliment.  We say compliment because it is not the same, it is whole but different.  Each with its own vibration and frequency adding to the whole.

Many worlds have been formed on the idea of identity.  This we speak of is based on unity.  For each sphere of light there is another sphere of darkness.  Within the whole is a complex pattern of identities and wholeness.  It starts with a spark of a ray carried forth within another dimension that sends forth a flame.  Within the flame there are several parts like atoms of light floating through the vast world of form.  The flames are comprised of seven octaves of light .  These octaves take the form of twins .  One male and one female forming a whole but radiating at the same frequency.  

Seven octaves mean not only a light frequency but a sound vibration.  The resident vibration of sound creates the soul made manifest in the world of form.  These light bodies then emulate the being you call a human.  We are not different on this side of the veil, we are only lighter in vibration.  The density of the body is what makes the third world dimension real to you and often mundane to us.  Third world form is stagnant in vibration.  We move quicker and travel lighter"

Interesting that he has made reference to sound vibration when the very nature of the sound of "Om" has long been referred to as the very sound of creation.


Best daddy

You see  love when you see this video.  On Father's Day and in that love we share.  Michael is with the children today.  The love and well wishes that are being sent today to him are so appreciated and returned.  To his children, you are and always have been love ; that never has gone way and never will...we are...always.


AEG Update: One thing in common: "They all passed away"

If you have read my book, you'll know that Michael was working on a new will before he passed.  I have often asked where the attorney was that wrote it.  It never surfaced and the will that was submitted was written years before.

I believe that today's testimony from AEG executive, Randy Phillips may have answered that question.  When asked what the three individuals that Randy always referred to having spoke with:  Frank DiLeo,  Jackson and attorney Peter Lopez, Randy could only respond that they had all passed on.

Michael, according the Phillips, "accidentally" killed himself and Peter, his attorney was thought to have committed suicide, leaving a note without any signs of depression.  http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/03/michae-jackson-lawyer-peter-lopez-catherin-bach-suicide-note/

This bothers me a great deal for one reason:  The recent reports about Paris Jackson. 

AEG-Medium Absolves Dr. Murray - Mr Panish Allow Me to Apply!

I would say Michael would be turning over in his grave, but he's not there.
And for those that think a "ghost" is bizarre or even a spirit, better think a little bit more about life.  To me it's bizarre NOT to think that there is life after death somewhere in this vast universe.

But, let's get to the story at hand.  Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live,
testified on Tuesday that a medium (a person who speaks with the other side) told his friend that Michael absolved Dr. Murray of all blame and that he (and let me put this in quotes) "accidentally killed himself".

I bypassed this statement earlier thinking it would not be taken seriously.  Besides, Randy Phillips has been regurgitating lie after lie.  It's hard to pick and choose the best ones that further incriminate him.  Yet the press are reporting the medium statement everywhere now.  So let me remind you the whole reason I started this blog was that Michael told me specifically (and let me put this in quotes again) "I didn't kill myself".

When Michael told me this I was thinking he died tragically, but not necessarily from murder.  I thought it was strange that he told me such a thing and thought that it most likely had to do with drugs and he wanted me to know he didn't commit suicide.

When the news broke about his death I understood.  That's exactly what they were saying and I knew Michael told me because that's what they would want the public to believe.  Now that Randy Phillips has stated this again on the stand makes Randy's guilt all the more glaring.  Using specific words that Michael warned me about from the time of his death really puts into light for me.

So if the court is allowing evidence from mediums, I truly feel my record with Michael is much more credible then Randy's friends medium.  My connection with Michael has been for years.  Please allow me to submit my resume and credentials Mr Panish.  I'm ready to take the stand. 


Confirmation: Jackson/AEG Deal: Michael Saves a Fan

New York Daily News has the story of the Jacksons performing for AEG Live, stating they don't have a choice.  Personally when Michael asked that I see them perform here in Detroit, you remember, when Randy Phillips from AEG was in the audience?! They were under a company called Live Nation, AEG's biggest competitor.  Seems to me they DO have a choice.


Let's not forget the recent news of Paris and exactly WHO has spoken out about it.  May we keep all of Michael's children in our prayers.

I just recently ran into this video of Michael filmed at a concert in Korea.  A fan jumps on the cherry picker with Michael during the show.  This is what amazes me about him.  Instead of being all freaked out, Michael immediately makes a point to hold the fan so he/she doesn't fall.  You can see him moving the arm of the fan to get a better grip.



Ok so I said I would so I'm going to.  I just reviewed yesterday's testimony and a few more things
have made their way into the light.

When I first started the blog I started it because Michael was murdered.  He had been through a few very rough trials in his life and it was no picnic for me either.  I not only needed a place to vent for myself but a place I could post the information about his murder without sounding like a nut job trying to report it because I had this "spiritual connection" with him.

One of the first things Michael and I talked about was who killed him.  He had said months before he died that someone was trying to kill him but he didn't know who.  After he passed he told me someone gave him a shot, but it wasn't Dr Murray.  Turns out the testimony from Randy Phillips yesterday is headed in the same direction:

From ABC7 Court News:

On 8/18/09 Phillips wrote email to Michael Roth: I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad

Panish: Did you want Dr. Murray to get exonerated? Phillips: I'd always want an innocent man not to get convicted

Panish: This is Dr. Murray doing something to help AEG get insurance, fair enough? Phillips: Fair enough

Here is my question: If Phillips believes Dr Murray is innocent then who is guilty?
Logic tells me no company is going to go out of their way or be concerned about a Dr. they knew nothing about to help get him exonerated UNLESS they felt obligated because they were guilty of something themselves. . . kind of like paying for the big show after Michael's death for everyone to pay tribute.

Earlier testimony has revealed other details we have also stated earlier; Like Michael's appetite which court documents and emails confirm. From CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1305/31/cnr.06.html

"These are e-mails that were read in court, for example, "Make sure we take out the shots of MJ in that red leather jacket at the soundstage where the mini-movies were being filmed. He looked way to thin -- think," he meant to say "thin" we found out. "And skeletal."

And then there were comments from Michael Jackson's stylist and later from the production manager that he was pretty thin in his last two weeks. One of them, production manager Bugzee Houghdahl, wrote, "He needs some cheeseburgers with a bunch of Wisconsin cheesehead bowlers and a couple of brats and cheese. Jeez."

That was just 11 days before Michael Died, but four days later, Bugzee had a more serious assessment of Jackson's condition, writing, "I've watched him deteriorate in front of my eyes over the last eight weeks. He was able to do multiple 360 spends back if April. He'd fall on his ass if he tried now."

There are many other things that we've stated here that have been brought to light.  These are just a few.  

BUT, the other interesting thing to me is that this email also said :

"I've watched him deteriorate in front of my eyes over the last eight weeks." 

This was a deliberate poisoning of Michael's system and the "eight weeks" remark only confirms it. If Michael had a drug problem for years what would make it change so drastically in an eight week period? The hiring of Conrad Murray perhaps? They wanted to make sure he would not be able to keep his contractual duties and Conrad Murray was willing and able. No wonder they wanted to keep an "innocent" man out of the hot seat.


AEG Updated Evidence - Michael Was Slapped by Randy Phillips

As the news is buzzing around Paris, the details of the testimony for AEG boss Randy Phillips has gone under the wire.  Coincidence?  I think not.

A fellow blogger has posted a transcript of some of the court documents.  We have stated here before Michael was abused by these people, now comes the proof.  An email from Randy Phillips says he "slapped him.":


So much of what is going on in that court room is not reported.  I think we all know at this point why AEG did not want the trial televised.


Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Sweet Dreams; Using Your Dreams for Life

We've arrived at conducting the class instructions for Maurie Pressman's book Living in the SUPERMIND at the Man in the Mirror PROJECT on Udemy.com.  For some reason I wanted to entitle this segment "Maurie and Me", we are consistently working with one another and have had some very interesting things transpire since that I will write about later.

There was an article that was just published in CE Magazine on Dr Pressman that discussed lucid dreaming.  So I will try and include an excerpt from it at the end here, but what most of us don't realize is that even though we may not be getting promptings because we don't meditate, we most often always do in our dream state.  The dreaming world is one in which it connects the conscious and unconscious minds.  Most often we are unconsciously making arrangements or solving problems.  Sometimes we are given clues into the nature of our true situation, people, and problems or even solutions in our lives.

I had a friend some years ago that kept coming to me for psychic advice.  She was on the brink of a divorce and kept asking me what I thought.  Every time I told her she would hear only what she wanted to.  Finally I decided that no matter what I said she would still live in her illusion until she came to know the truth herself.  I decided on a plan.

I told her to ask herself what she wanted to know before she lay down to sleep that night.  I told her she would receive her answer in her dream state and this would be the correct one for her, making sure that she also told herself that she would remember and wake herself up at the conclusion of the dream.  This had been a favorite technique of mine for many years when I was extremely bothered by something and wasn't able to get my emotions out of the way to decipher consciously what was transpiring.

She did as I instructed and woke the next morning informing me of her findings.  In her dream she was moving out of her home.  Her then husband screamed at her that he was not coming back.  Although she did not like what she saw and heard, she did "know" it was true and was then able to place her thoughts on her own future.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, or even if you want to connect with your twin soul, you might find that the dream state can do the same for you.  In my book "Another Part of Me- And Extraordinary Tale of Twin Souls"  I describe a segment where I was trying to come to terms with my relationship with Michael.  I used the dream technique to begin remembering and if you haven't read the book yet, you'll find it was extremely accurate.

I awoke one night to remember Michael dressed in black lace.  I was teasing him because a camera man was giving him instructions to turn to the camera like a supermodel.  I tried modeling for a time, but he was much better than I was as he turned and smiled at the camera.

When I awoke I remember thinking and feeling so uncomfortable.  Again my thoughts were "Oh my god, maybe he is gay" only because of the black lace.  Then I wondered if he had been taking pictures or maybe my mind was just making it all up.

A few months later he released a video entitled "You Are Not Alone".  In it, I noticed the black  lacy type see-through shirt I had dreamed about him wearing.  When he turned to the camera like a supermodel about half way in, I knew it just wasn't a dream.  What I saw was real.

The dream state always gives you opportunity to completely surrender to a state in which your soul and spirit can interject into the events transpiring in your life and even sometimes take you into a better direction for your life overall.  In the end, I hope that you too find that all your dreams are indeed sweet.

Opening the SUPERMIND Through Lucid Dreaming and Meditation
By Maurie D Pressman MD

(Excerpt from CE Magazine Article; visit www.collective-evolution.com  for the full article)

"If we enter the quiet mind, we enter a borderland between waking consciousness and dream consciousness. It is the zone of Lucid Meditation. In this margin we have right of entry to many things: worries and fears, suppressed emotions, all of which can now rise to the surface to be
relieved or made productive. Our dearest aspirations and longings may come up.

Our minds carry a magical power that we can mobilize when we become lucid. It is rewarding to develop this capacity, and to visualize what we dearly want to achieve. Though it may sound mysterious, it is not. Achieving what we visualize is fully possible if we make this way-- the way
of lucid meditation-- a way of life and practice.  Lucid dreaming is a special kind of dreaming; the
dreamer is awake and yet dreaming. He/she can direct the dream. At such a time, waking consciousness meets dream consciousness. When the waking mind and sleeping mind
join, we have special access to high expanses of the mind.

In the lucid dream, we bring waking consciousness into the dream world; in lucid meditation we bring the dream consciousness into the waking world. In both cases, there is a joining. It is this joined consciousness that we cultivate in lucid dreaming and lucid meditation. But all this is of little
benefit, if we do not bring the lessons learned from such dreams and meditation into waking life."

"Lucid meditation is the mirror of lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, our goal is to be awake in the dream. In lucid meditation, we are already awake, yet we try to connect with the power of the dream realm. Translated into waking life, this ability, cultivated during meditation, develops the power of our subtle senses. This capacity affirms our essential unity with all of life. It cultivates compassion, awareness, and a sense of our being in the flow of things. Using examples from meditations, I will share my experiences with lucid meditation, to show how it has helped me to be a better teacher, therapist, father, husband, and friend, and improved my sensitivity and compassion."

*For more on Dr Pressman and his work please visit www.MauriePressman.com
**To join the classes on his book "Living in the SUPERMIND" please go to Udemy.com and search under Man in the Mirror PROJECT or use the link on the right side bar for direct access.


Update on Man in the Mirror PROJECT and Giving the Gift of Love

Update:  This is week three in the Man in the Mirror PROJECT - Living in the SUPERMIND Series.  You can still join the course for FREE.

We have added the full issue of CE Magazine for June which features an article on synchronicity and Dr. Maurie Pressman speaking about using our lucid dreams and lucid meditation to enter the SUPERMIND.  The whole magazine is very interesting.  If you haven't checked it out before, now's your chance!

Giving the Gift of Love

The gift of love is something we all have within us.  Love is slippery like soap, the tighter you hold onto it the more it tends to slip away.  Why then do we ever love if we get hurt or lose the "one" we love?

We all have great loves in our lives.  We live with them, we fight with them, we enjoy their company and we often call them when we feel down.  Giving love is easy when you feel love within yourself to begin with, but what if you don't?  To start we have to kindle that spark into the great fire it once was.  You must believe that you are the love that was created from the very first love of the universe itself.  That love is all encompassing, perfect in every way, nurturing and protecting.  Envision this love within you and around you and say "I am love".

When you feel it, you can then begin to channel to others.  If I feel I am love, I am perfection in God's eyes I am free to express myself and free of all the hinders my ability to love.  For the universe itself is pouring love into me - I am it and it is me.  WE are love.

Take time today to bring the gift back into yourself.  Be love and transcend any doubts that you are not worthy of love or are not loved, for in this universe there is nothing that is not made of love to begin with.  You are that.  You are the one and only being that can express the true, innocent and individualized expression of love that is only yours to give.  Don't cheat yourself and the world by hiding it.