Remembering Wayne Dyer

"The laws of the material world do not apply to those who are God realized."

- Wayne Dyer

Whenever a great teacher passes I am stunned.  I wonder if they will continue to teach and guide us from the other side. My heart aches at the thought of them not being in the world with us any longer.

One such teacher has passed on over the weekend.  Dr. Wayne Dyer, an inspirational speaker, teacher and author passed on during his sleep over the weekend.  I will miss his teachings greatly.

I was fortunate enough to attend several of Wayne's seminars and speaking events.  One event I attended with my son.  We both liked the way Wayne did not preach at you, he merely spoke with you.  He often revealed stories about his life during his speaking events.  Both the funny ones and the mystical ones. 

Some teachers are put on pedastools.  We like to think a spiritual teacher is holy and does no wrong, but Wayne always had a wonderful way of humanizing himself.

He'd often remove his shoes.  Walking on stage barefoot.  He'd tell the audience how his family life was.  He wasn't perfect.  Not a perfect dad, a perfect husband or a perfect speaker.  He was human. 

Revealing all of that not so nice stuff, allowed his audience to connect with him.  We too were human.  With lives that we struggled with.  Moments when we don't feel so perfect and then moments when mystical experiences lead us to question our purpose and our direction in life.

I'd like to share some of Wayne's story with you.  He was born in my hometown, here in Detroit. Wayne was an orphan and quite poor like many of the people living in the city today.  Sometimes we get so trapped in our minds by that identity, we forget that we are spiritual beings and can rise above any situation thrown at us.

Here is some of Wayne's story:

"Born in Detroit in 1940, Dyer grew up an orphan, an experience that molded a self-reliance as well as an aversion to self-pity.

"I grew up in the east side of Detroit in an area where there was very little, except for a lot of scarcity, poverty and hunger," he said in a 2009 interview with Success magazine. "But I never woke up saying, 'I'm an orphan again today, isn't this terrible? Poor me,' (...) there were a couple of very affluent neighborhoods nearby, but I never thought for one second that those people had more than I had. It just seemed that they got what they were entitled to, and if I really wanted those things, then I would have them, too."

I wanted to share that with you because I believe it is Wayne's life that can be reflected upon to help us all with some of the struggles we encounter ourselves.  Not only was Wayne an orphan, but he carried thoughts of self pity and anger towards not only his situation, but his father.  

Many of us struggle with our "situation".  It may be the life we were born into.  The place we grew up or the parents we never had.  

In the video below Wayne talks about some of that struggle.  He reveals the point in his life when everything changed.  The time he went to his fathers grave full of anger and the time he began to listen to the guiding light within him.  You'll see how these two things set Wayne free from his past and allowed him to step onto the path his was meant to embark on.

Your purpose comes from within.  Not from the people or situations around you.

Wayne's online course entitled "I AM Light" is still available through Hayhouse:  http://www.drwaynedyer.com/events/i-am-light-online-course/


The Story of a Soul

I was given instruction last night to write.  Another book?  . .  perhaps. Along with Michael and our mission, the Brotherhood of Light is assisting and instructing us to write.  We have written the first part of what seems to be a rather interesting start.  When they gave me the title, I have to admit, I thought it might be a scientific type book.  With pictures and found science to back it up.  But today as I sat to write from their instruction the story unfolded into just that... a story.

Here is the first part of what is entitled "A Story of a Soul" directed by El Morya El of the Darjeeling council from the Great White Brotherhood:

The Story of a Soul
Tap into your subconscious.  See yourself as a point of light glimmering in the midst of your mind.  What do you see?  A light, a figment of your imagination or is there something more to the mystery that is you?

For many eons of time there have been countless talks of wisdom through the ages about where man has come from.  Has he fallen from the stars? Appeared out of thin air or grown into a man by a mere ape already existing on earth? These questions have plagued mankind for ages. Now it’s time to discover the essence of the soul itself.  That which makes you you and that which makes me me. Who is stronger or wiser than another but he who seeks to know himself.

Here is the accounting of the creation of a soul. A wise seer that sat at the end of his bed looking for answers to the mysteries of life.  He who seeks, shall find.

A long time ago in a cabin tucked in the back of a wooded area sat a man in his eighties. He contemplated his life. Ran through the moments that had preceded him in various forms.  The birth of his daughter, the lightening that struck his house, the war that he had once fought in, and the wife he took to be by his side.  The story was the same from men who came to the same place in their lives time and time again.  He had been looking, wondering, what the real meaning of his life had been.  Just then he came upon an angel dressed in disguise. Her hair was smooth, her figure outlined in the glistening sun.  He was taken back when she spoke softly but silently to him without speaking a word.

“Come with me”, she said.  Come, and I will show you the way of the soul.  Not knowing what to do, the man immediately got up to close the window.  Perhaps he was hallucinating. Perhaps she was a figment of his imagination.  But as he drew near so did she.  Coming closer she again whispered into his ear “Come with me and I’ll show you the way of the soul.”

As she instructed the man humbly took her hand, almost bowing his head in obedience.  Reaching out, she grasped the old man’s hand and brought it to her lips.  “Now you shall know me the way you have known yourself your entire life.”  He whispered words that weren’t audible.  It seemed his throat would not allow him to speak.  He began to feel a tear glide upon his cheek and the tear grew into a blossom of rain.  It showered upon the floor and flooded the cabin as the man became overcome with emotion.

How could something so wondrous happen after all of these years?  How could an angel seemingly sent from nowhere become manifest in this very room?

He stretched his imagination.  Perhaps it was his time.  Maybe she was there to guide him on his journey  But with that she fled, trailing the old man behind her in the glistening sun’s rays.  They followed the light until they were immersed it.  Ceasing the opportunity to become the light themselves.  The man was overjoyed.  How wonderful the feeling.  How incredible this little journey. 

He could sense everything around him as if it was him.  The light, the shadows.  How they played on the angels face.  And the cherubs sitting in the corner, giggling at his shocked expression. 

She brought him closer once again. “Take my hand once more.  I’ll show you the heavens.”
With that the man again clasped her hand.  They journeyed higher across the sun and into the universe itself.  Full of stars against a mighty black void, the universe seemed to swallow their little lights glistening still in the void.  As he noticed, his sense of tininess in the ethers, he proclaimed to the woman.  “No more. Take me back.  I feel as if I’m disappearing”.  “Exactly” she responded.  “That’s how you’re supposed to feel.  All beings that come and go from this universe go from the sun and into the void.  When you were born on earth the angels sang your praises.  The divine part of your soul still lingers here for all of eternity.  We only ask that you return.  Come back to your true self.  That part of you that exists beyond all measure of time and space.  The part of you that was born of the sun and not that of man.”

His words were shaky, but he spoke “Who have I been born from?” he asked “The sun” The angel responded.  “How can I be born from a planet?” the man asked in confusion. The angel smiled with a little laugh.  “It’s not the planet itself my dear, it’s the source of it’s power that has animated your soul.  The force of light is so strong it intensifies the rays to mother earth in ways in which we can only explain.  She has sent you to become whole once again.  To expand your awareness, to gain mastery of yourself and then live in the wisdom and light that was born unto you.  You don’t need to be afraid, but aren’t you curious as to how you came to be?”

“Of course I’m curious”, said the man.  “But how can you explain to me when you yourself are not a mere mortal?” “Ahhhh” she said,”but I once was.  You only see me now as an angel because that’s what I wish for you to see.  Once I was a woman holding the hand of a man just like you long ago.  I wore a white gown and spectacles.  I shivered in the cold air night after night waiting for my husband to return to me.  He never did.  I wondered for many years why a man that seemed to be so loving would desert me and abandon my soul.  When I got here I discovered that his soul was already living inside of me.  It’s the same for you.  You only have not realized it yet.  She’s in there just like me.  We are all living together on this side, but you can only feel you when you are on earth because that’s all you see.  When you learn to feel that you aren’t what you see, but what you are inside, you’ll come to understand that I was never alone and you never where either.  We all come with a purpose.  Something that needs to be done to help us grow.  Here we grow in the light. On earth you grow by the lessons you bring to yourself through the divine force.  What makes you you, isn’t you at all. It’s all of us.

If I were to take your hand and you take mine, you’d feel that I had a warmth that radiated into your hand.  You’d know I had your hand by feeling my hand inside yours.  When you are born you still have the light that created all things within you and that’s how you and I and everyone you see on earth are formed together and connected in the deepest recesses of the soul.  This is the mark of the ancients.  The ancient knowledge from long ago lost to civilization.  When man stepped foot on this planet all was lost.  His memory of his true self vanished and along with it the wisdom that great masters had given him before his entry onto the planet.  At this time there has been a long and running race to declare mankind as the race of one once again. No more divisions in states of honor, statesman, political parties or race.  His true identity is and belongs with the all.  His face has shown here many times and he harkens back to him his children.  The god you pray to is the same god everyone on earth prays to.  His name is Jehovah, YHWH and the master of all things.  Jehovah is his holy name but many refer to him as the creator.  The master of all things the wise counselor or the mighty one.  I am one of his messengers sent here to tell you about the coming race.  The race of the I AM.  Where ever there are people that gather together in the name of YHWH there are souls attracting to them the ingredients necessary for the salvation of their very souls.  To know oneself in his own conscious memory is a very powerful thing.  You must be diligent at consuming all negative thoughts, all patterns of rejection to return to the true source of your being.  These ones that I speak of have managed to transcend their former selves and come into the light of the I AM.  God or YHWH sends his messengers to them asking them to return to the whole.  As they do they leave behind their wisdom.  Some may leave books, others songs.  Some will even write on walls just as the ancients did in the Egyptian cities.  The sun god Rah was actually a messenger for our kingdom.  His face shown like the sun because he was so powerful and brave.  His name still resonates with those on earth as does the many masters like Jesus, who have come to show man the way.  If just one of you had become ill in his presence the light that shown from his arms would have engulfed an entire nation and healed the sick.  Uplifted the poor and brought peace back to mankind.  But that was not his mission.  His purpose in that life was to uplift humanity.  Allow them to find the path for themselves.  Why would he want to possess all the powers that be when he knew his people whom he loved dearly had the same power within them?  What good would a fisherman do if he caught all the fish for his village?  Would he not starve the people once it was his time to go?

Leaving the earth wasn’t an easy choice for him.  For in years prior he had come to know many hungry fishermen.  One such man was named Thomas, the doubting one.  He was one of Jesus’s favorites.  How wonderful he thought it would be if he could convince this doubter of thy faith to come to the kingdom with him.  To believe in his works as Jesus did in his.  Then, and only then, could he have hope for the salvation of all of humanity.  So he led Thomas and many others down a path of riches.  Not of the flesh but of the spirit.  Spiritual riches are like light seeds born into the body.  Thy have the power to transform any thought, any emotion or any vibration into a greater aspect of itself.  When they are bestowed upon you you don’t suffer any longer.  You are the living light.  The one that created you is also in you. Therefore, you are able to create the promises god made to you by requesting them yourself.  Temporal riches are those made by man.  For as many dollars as you might have today tomorrow they will decrease.  For as many sheep for you have herded, they will eventually disperse.  Nothing is constant more on earth than the constancy of the soul.  That light never goes out, it only needs to be uncovered.”

Mark Of the Ancients (written by Michael Jackson)

He had lived in the desert all his life, but for me it was all new. "See that footprint in the sand?" he asked, pointing to a spot by the cliff. I looked as close as I could. "No, I don't see anything."

"That's just the point." He laughed. "Where you can't see a print, that's where the Ancient Ones walked."

We went on a little farther, and he pointed to an opening, high up on the sandstone wall. "See that house up there?" he asked. I squinted hard. "There's nothing to see."

"You're a good student." He smiled. "Where there's no roof or chimney, that's where the Ancient Ones are most likely to have lived."

We rounded a bend, and before us was spread a fabulous sight — thousands upon thousands of desert flowers in bloom. "Can you see any missing?" he asked me. I shook my head. "It's just wave after wave of loveliness."

"Yes," he said in a low voice. "Where nothing is missing, that's where the Ancient Ones harvested the most."

I thought about all this, about how generations had once lived in harmony with the earth, leaving no marks to scar the places they inhabited. At camp that night I said, "You left out one thing."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Where are the Ancient Ones buried?"

Without reply, he poked his stick into the fire. A bright flame shot up, licked the air, and disappeared. My teacher gave me a glance to ask if I understood this lesson. I sat very still, and my silence told him I did.

from the book
**DANCING THE DREAM by Michael Jackson**
(published 1992)


Twin Soul Separation Anxiety - A Lesson from Master Oogway

If you've felt the presence or even a "knowing" that another part of yourself is inhabiting the earth, then most likely you've also felt "compelled" to bring the two of you together.

In nature, everything takes its place in due time.  The flower blooms only when it's ready, not the day you'd like to see it bloom.  The tides rise and fall, not when we want them to, but when nature allows the forces to create the movement.

Twin flame soul mates are the same.  The force of the two have been created in and by nature.  As such, the two souls are also aligned in nature.  Simply put, nature must take it's rightful course in order for the two to "bloom" together.

This isn't always an easy idea to digest.  As humans we feel as if we are in control, and once known to us we most often feel the task of coming together with our twin soul should be an easy one.  It's not.  We have been conditioned to think that we are in charge of all aspects of our life and in some instances we are.  However, when it comes to nature even man must have to admit he has no control over the floods, the tides, or the hurricanes.  Nature has it's own rhythm, it's own cycle, and it's own time.  Such is the same for twin flame soul mates.

Spiritual relationships are "spiritual".  Being created in spirit, not by man, the spiritual forces that bring the two together are governed by the same forces in nature.  All forces will transpire when the time is right for a meeting, a message or a union with a flame.  In the meantime, we must realize it is nature's way, not our own, that makes way for the flame.

Just as roses have thorns to protect them, our flames may also have their defenses.  Blocking, ignoring, silencing and running are common themes among twin flame soul mates.  In nature we have been created from source.  That source is the most potent and powerful in the world - love.  Yet man has not master "love" as much as he has not mastered the tides or the winds.  True love, the divine aspect of us all, can be very overwhelming.  So powerful can the feeling be, most may deem it scary, unheard of, or simply not know what to "do" with it.  In the case of twin flames most often it's nothing we have to "do" at all.  It simply is what we need to "nurture".

Sometimes on this path you may find yourself hating the connection as much as you love it.  As twin flames drift from and to each other they will always come back to each other - always seeking wholeness and completion the way nature intended and the way nature magnifies the two towards each other.  No matter what you do, what you say to yourself or to your flame, if the relationship is truly a twin flame soul mate relationship, the two of you will eventually make your way back to the other.  It's simply how nature intended it to be.

Kung Fu Panda has a delightful story about this illusion of control we as humans try to imagine ourselves as being.  In this story imagine it is the peach that eludes you.  Your twin flame, no matter who he or she is, that isn't here at this time with you or isn't acting the way you would like him or her to act.  Most likely even though you may not like where you are at sometimes with this other part of yourself, you simply can't just walk away.  There is something inside of you that knows you belong together.  And as the master says, instead of wishing for something you don't have at this time, you simply must see the wisdom in nurturing the relationship itself.  In doing so, you nurture own being and that of your twin soul.


The Eclipses are Coming, The Eclipses are Coming!

September expected to be a Life Changer!

By Maria Shaw

Eclipses bring the unexpected, forcing us into action.

Every so often, the Universe gives us a kick in the butt.  If we are sitting on the fence about something, remaining in our comfort zone or just plain procrastinating, eclipses force us into change. They happen several times a year and can turn our lives upside down. But they do serve a purpose. They create NEEDED change, even if we cannot see it at the time.

Often, an eclipse will take something away to replace it with something better and for our highest good. So let's say you are in a ho-hum relationship. It's not bad enough to leave but certainly not good enough to stay in. Yet you do nothing to improve your situation. An eclipse comes along and BAM! The energy creates a disruption that removes you from that relationship. Then a few days, weeks or even months later, a new and wonderful relationship enters your life.  Change are unique to everyone as they pertain to where the particular eclipse will fall in your chart.

We have Solar and Lunar Eclipses. The next one we have comes September 13 in the sign of Virgo. During solar eclipses, we are apt to be introduced to new things; new jobs will be posted, new relationships formed and the like.  This solar eclipse will affect Virgo, Pisces Gemini and Sagittarius the most.

On Lunar eclipses (we have one coming September 27 in the sign of Aries) something shocking can come to light. This one will affect Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn the most but we all will have some aspect because we all have Aries energy somewhere in our charts.

Most of the time, Lunar eclipses are the toughest. But they can be quite magical as they bring things to the surface that we need to be aware of. These are the times you find out who's cheating who and who's being true. Lunar eclipses can bring sudden changes to even a stable situation. By no means are all Lunar eclipses bad but they can be very revealing!

There are positive and negative elements to the changes eclipses bring us. The important thing to remember is that eclipses bring what is for our highest good and will play out in the weeks and months to come. That's why I don't want you to judge anything until the eclipse has passed. You may lose a job and two weeks later, get one closer to home with much more pay and less stress. Eclipses put you on the right path and your destined path.

There's a Message from the Eclipse being delivered this month too.

About a month and a day before the eclipse hits you will likely get a message from the Universe as to what it will bring you. Pay attention to August 12/13 and August 26/27 as there will be signs and symbols from the Universe. Some will be subtle and some will be blatant.

If you want a heads up, I can take a look at your chart and give you a one question reading about how September's eclipses will affect you. I will tell you about both the solar and lunar eclipse and where they will be falling in your chart, what to expect and more. I will do both the solar and lunar as a one question rather that a two question. Just ask "Tell me how the September eclipses will affect me?" I am doing the show in Minnesota this weekend so the answers may take an extra day to arrive. Click here to get your eclipse reading.

September is going to be a crazy kind of a month for many with this "wild card" eclipse energy but if prepared, you can certainly make the most of it and work with the Universe as it pushes you onto your destined path.


The Sea of Consciousness with Michael Jackson

Sometimes twin flames can be teachers to the other.  Mother Mira, the twin flame for Sri Aurobindo, was once a student of Sri Aurobindo's.  At one time I too had asked to be taught by my twin flame.  It was a request to be "guided to the light".  For someone so sure about how things worked, I was certain he had a great deal to share.

As fate would have it, I am being honored by that request.  I'm sharing a lesson I received regarding consciousness below.  The words marvel me at times and hope you take from it what I did - simple facts that have been there all along that we just needed to look at differently.

Here is the story "The Sea of Consciousness" by Michael Jackson:

I walked along the beach shuffling my feet in the water and came upon a conch shell.  When I picked it up he said "listen".  Putting the shell to my ear I could hear the sound of the ocean.

"It's vibrations are cyclical" he said.  "It's part of the shell.  We're like the shell. Emitting a song like the ocean into the sea of consciousness.  What is the song you are singing?  Do you want to sound like a flute? What vibration do you wish to emit? Love, healing?"

Love, healing, yes, I said.  "Then be that.  Feel it.  The whale doesn't think about the fact that he needs to migrate.  It instinctively knows where to go.  It's conscious of the energy it can feel.  It's consciousness creates opportunities by becoming aware of the sea of consciousness.  A fish swims with the current not against it.  When you are conscious as in heightened consciousness, you don't think about it.  You enter "into" it.  This is how consciousness works.  You're entering into a field of vibrational energy, directing your course by instinct.

When people who have passed on create their homes on the other side they "feel" where they want to be.  What makes them feel safe; what makes them happy.  They feel the energy and direct it to manifest their home.  A place all their own and of their own making.

People don't realize how much power they have. When you tap into consciousness anything is possible.  Your only road block is yourself and your thoughts.  The energy needed to manifest comes from within.  A consciousness that directs action when the time is right.  You only know that time if you can "feel" it.  You can only enter into the vibration you choose if you "become" it.  Become the change in the world and the world will become the change.

The sea of consciousness is the master of all things and the people in it are what's creating it.

When tides rise and fall they rise on a current of energy directed by the waves of consciousness.  Where does that energy come from?  The waves themselves or the sea?"


Yogananda, Jesus and Michael Jackson

One of our greatest spiritual teachers once stepped foot here in the United States.  I remember hearing about a yogi who visited the Chicago fair in 1933 who was brave enough to speak about his spiritual beliefs.  The yogi's name was Yogananda.  When I read his book Autobiography of a Yogi, I was convinced I wasn't actually going crazy.  Yogananda spoke about visiting with his teachers on the other side and about consciousness.  Yet when I thought about Yogananda coming here in 1933 and speaking out loud in front of an American public, I just couldn't fathom it.  Even on this blog, here in the year 2015, we still find people disbelieving in something that has been regarded as ancient truth for centuries.  I once even had a yoga friend ask me if I thought his story was true.  It is still too unfathomable to some, when they have not had the direct experience themselves.

It is for this reason that many of us criticize and falsely accuse the spiritual teachers that come to help us.  There seems always to be a tendency to color what ever the offering is with a dark projection. Even Yogananda had problems with the press proclaiming him to be using sex as a hidden agenda for his teachings.  Jesus apparently wanted to be the "real" king. Michael Jackson was actually molesting children, instead of helping sick children and the list goes on and on.  Once met with someone who portrays something different that speaks to love, the public seems to take great pride in ripping that very brave soul who only wanted to teach and help the public, to shreds.  Such is the life of suffering for all those that come to the earth to help us transform the planet.

Here however, we have the same message from all of these wonders, who are actually wonders now that they have passed.  A message of love, a spiritual part of our being and one that dares us all to raise the consciousness of humanity itself.

In the  movie "Awake: The Life of Yogananda", Yogananda speaks about being conscious in his mothers womb.  Some people liken consciousness to something that the brain does.  Consciousness is more like what directs the brain or enters into it to make things manifest.  For yogi's this is common place and belief.  It is something that has been woven into the fabric of Indian tradition for years and years. For us Americans, many of us still believe in our old religious upbringings, not realizing they all speak of ONE universal truth.

In all the worlds religions we see aspects of the same.  A golden halo depicted around the head of Christ, signifying God consciousness; the symbol of the cross signifying the resurrection of Jesus to a higher form of consciousness; the Hindu symbol of OM representing the sound of all consciousness being born into form. Even in the case of Michael Jackson we hear the lyrics for "Man in the Mirror" referring to the same principals Yogananda himself has spoken about: Self realization.

To truly transform our lives and the life of the planet, it always must start with ourselves.

Jesus said: "If those who lead you say to you: See, the kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will go before you; if they say to you: It is in the sea, then the fish will go before you. But the kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty."   - Gospel of Thomas
Here is a clip from the movie "Awake: The Life of Yogananda":


In Case You Haven't Seen It

In case you haven't seen it, here is the new Pixar animation film I Lava You.

This is inspirational for twin flames because many times you may doubt your twin flame hears you. Perhaps you feel you are all alone waiting. But one day from the deep recesses of your soul emerges your true "Lava".



I Love U Janet Jackson

I was blown away today when I viewed the new video by Janet Jackson, "No Sleep".  She is an amazing artist, a genuine soul and ..well, what can I say?  I feel completely "Speechless."

I remember her performance of "Scream" on stage after Michael's death.  I remember her face of motherly protection as Paris cried at the memorial for Michael.  This video made me cry and I just have to say "thank you" for your creative and brilliant talent and . . . I love you.

This video has over 5 million views already!  There are so many things I could say about her profession and how I think this will be in the top ten, but more importantly I feel this lady is a tremendous person with more love in her heart than many, many other people in the business and on the planet.

Should I say how much your brother loves you? Because with that I think you already know. Be good to yourself and the family. Love lasts forever.

Janet Jackson with "No Sleep":

Janet Jackson performing "Scream":

Janet Jackson with Paris: