Twin Flame Soul Mates - In and Out

I've had a few people write to me about their experiences with their twin when sometimes it seems the connection is fully there, then when other times the connection seems to be non existent.

My dear mentor and friend, Maurie D Pressman, described these relationships best when he said "these are relationships of the soul". A soul relationship takes place in that vehicle.  It's not in the conscious mind all the time because the conscious mind may be busy doing other things.

When you dream you often will either remember your dreams vividly, or you won't remember them at all.  Sometimes you're just not in alignment with your higher self to bring that information back into the conscious state.

Dreams are sometimes mirrors of the soul.  They are the symbols, pictures and feelings of what's going on in our lives on a subconscious level.  They are the vehicle in which our soul can best communicate with us.

Twins, because they are relationships of the soul, operate in a similar fashion.  Sometimes our twin seems readily available to us.  We consciously are aware of their presence and don't doubt the connection.  When the connection isn't there, we doubt the experience and go back to wondering if it was ever real to begin with.

Deepak Chopra, a great author and spiritual teacher, once said our true reality lies behind a veil of disbelief.  Here is a quote from his book "The Book of Secrets":

"THE LIFE YOU KNOW is a thin layer of events covering a deeper reality. In the deeper reality, you are part of every event that is happening now, has ever happened, or ever will happen.

 In the deeper reality, you know absolutely who you are and what your purpose is. There is no confusion or conflict with any other person on earth. Your purpose in life is to help creation to expand and grow. When you look at yourself, you see only love. 

The mystery of life isn’t any of these things, however. It’s how to bring them to the surface. If someone asked me how to prove that there really is a mystery of life, the simplest proof would be just this enormous separation between deep reality and everyday existence. 

Ever since you and I were born, we’ve had a constant stream of clues hinting at another world inside ourselves. Haven’t you ever fallen into a moment of wonder? Such moments may come in the presence of beautiful music, or at the sight of natural beauty that sends a shiver up your spine. Or you may have looked out of the corner of your eye at something familiar—morning sunlight, a tree swaying in the wind, the face of someone you love as he or she sleeps—knowing in that moment that life was more than it appears to be. 

Countless clues have come your way, only to be overlooked because they didn’t form a clear message. I have met an astonishing number of people whose spiritual beginnings were nothing short of amazing: As children, they may have seen a grandmother’s soul leave at the moment of her death, witnessed beings of light surrounding on a birthday, traveled beyond their physical bodies, or come home from school to see a beloved family member standing in the hallway, even though the person had just died in a terrible auto accident. (One man told me he was a “bubble boy” for the first ten years of his life, journeying in his bubble high over the city and away to unknown lands.) 

Millions of people—this is no exaggeration but testimony from public polls—have seen themselves bathed in a pearlescent white light at times. Or they heard a voice they knew came from God. Or they had invisible guardians in childhood, secret friends who protected them while they slept. Eventually, it became clear to me that more people have had such experiences—truly secret voyages into a reality separated from this one by a flimsy veil of disbelief—than not. Parting the veil means changing your own perception. This is a personal, totally subjective, yet very real shift."

The veil of disbelief he speaks of is the conditioned thinking and beliefs we all have.  It may be your current understanding of how the world "is".  What you currently believe to be "truth".  However, when you begin to experience another state of reality, you now question the old.  This is the shift in perception and the shift into our deeper and more unified state of reality.


All in Your Name - The Path of Ascension

"I remember many years ago when a little girl who did not even know of the existence of the Masters of Wisdom prayed to God and said, "O Father, if thou hast any servant upon this earth or anywhere in the universe that will love me and help me, thou dost not need to come thyself, but send them and I will receive them as thyself."

"And when she prayed thusly, I was sent.  And I appeared to her at first only as in a dream.  She saw me surrounded with roses, and having a parochial background she fancied that I was Mother Mary.  And so, in one of her dreams Mother Mary came also with me, and then she was confused and said, "Oh, you have a sister."

"Do you understand the sweetness and simplicity of the child mind?"

"And so eventually she found two spiritual friends who guided her destiny and assisted her through the entire school system.  Upon her graduation, she became an artist of most ethereal pictures and followed the course of art all the days of her life.

"I want you to understand that within that artist there were many beautiful pictures unborn, paintings that never graced the canvases of the world.  And if these could have been seen by humanity, they would, I tell you, have paid all that they had just to prize one of them."

-Lady Master Nada

Our great teacher Jesus once uttered the words that still remain with me to this day.  He said that we must become like children before we allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven.  That kingdom, he said, is neither below us or above us.  It is within us.

I say this today because it is with sincere desire that each one of us learn to reach for those able to assist us on the other side.  Our path to our own personal tie to our heavenly father within will be the seeds planted to take us on our own personal path of self mastery and personal Christ hood.

Our belief in what is possible comes from the simplicity of the child mind.  There is wonder there, curiosity, and a fervent desire for love and acceptance.  That desire can and will be fulfilled within.

We all need love and ministry on our path.  We must be each others keepers to thwart off the attempts of the fallen ones who try and keep our most magnificent life streams off their path and from their offerings to this world.

This simply means not to let the song within you die.  Nurture it as you nurture others along their path.  There will be many who will try to keep you off your path.  They will use the guise of shadow, insult, illusion and deceit.  These many will be the servants of the fallen ones.  Your choice will be in every moment to serve them, the light or yourself.  But know this, every formula used in your own life will be a self limiting one unless it contains the ingredients necessary to bless life, heal life or increase wisdom.

How far will your light travel?  How far will your efforts reach?  Will the earth have been blessed in some way just by your being here or by the choices you make this hour?

This is the path to self mastery and your tests will be by those who throw shadows upon you.
Yet it is this self mastery that will eventually lead you to your ultimate alchemical marriage and union with your twin flame.  That union will amplify the light on your path and the two will then be given a greater task in service to the light.


Take a look at some of the facts behind Michael Jackson's Death

We're beginning to compile evidence for a clearer picture of the events and cover ups behind the death of Michael Jackson.  This is our first summary of just some of the facts:


New Blog

We are in the process of separating the spiritually related posts from the facts of Michael's murder case.

A new blog, facebook and twitter account have been established for the clarification of the events and facts related to Michael's death.  Please like, tweet and share these sites within the community.  Our voices must be spoken for the word to be heard.

New Blogsite:  http://themurderofmichaeljackson.blogspot.com/

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For more on Supreme Court Decisions, you should know the Jackson's aren't the only ones looking to rectify this situation.  Conrad Murray will be taking his case to the Federal Courts:

Court Won’t Review Michael Jackson Doctor’s Case  « CBS Sacramento http://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2014/04/23/court-wont-review-michael-jackson-doctors-case/#.VV3uHr9XmMs.twitter


I'm Back! Audio Book Release

Just when you thought you were rid of me forever I come back!

We've taken a reprieve.  Enough to sort through some findings and see that the Katherine Jackson vs AEG appeal case in the Supreme Court has been closed.  Mrs. Jackson has reportedly been ordered to pay the AEG attorney costs to the tune of $800,000 by the LA court system.

Speaking of court, I have seen some comments left on the review of the book "The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy" that the crime I have written about should have been reported.  Let me make abundantly clear the fact that this crime has been reported by me personally no less than six times to the LA police department and District Attorney Jackie Lacey twice.  I have not even been given the decency of a reply and don't expect one.

I am of the firm belief that the Los Angeles county courts are corrupt.  This is not new news.  As I wrote in the book, it was District Attorney Steven Cooley that accepted donations from AEG Live and hid the crucial evidence by order of Amici Cureae that would have made abundantly clear the real motives behind Michael's murder.

They have been and are continuing to take "donations" for their own personal causes. Los Angeles County's annual report cites a 39% funding shortfall.  A former representative named Richard Fine has exposed the corruption that has run rampant in the courts for years.  Let me post a quote from one of his sites:

"International attorney Richard Fine, formerly with the Justice Department, was disbarred and put in solitary confinement for 18 months when he stood up to the judicial system in California for bribery and corruption. He discovered that the County of Los Angeles, some of its supervisors, and many of its judges were accepting illegal payments in addition to their salaries that violated the law, ethics, and the trust of the people of California. The State Bar of California has supported, empowered, and conspired to protect the same judges, and anyone who accepted bribes and money – including the County of Los Angeles itself, which withheld millions of dollars of child support that were paid, but never delivered to the women and children they were to go to. In order to protect everyone for corruption charges and misdeeds and violating the public trust, they moved to disbar him and Judge Jaffe ordered that Mr. Richard Fine be placed in coercive solitary confinement for 18 months to force him to pay for attorney and client charges for a case he never represented."  source:  http://itsrainmakingtime.com/richard-fine-bravest-man-legal-field/

Which leads me to the reason why I'm back.  There will be no justice in the LA court room for Michael, his mother or his children.  The courts and district attorney have not only made that abundantly clear, but now have added insult to injury with a required payment to AEG attorney's.  

We have gone on to publish the audio book for "The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy".  That audio version is now available on Audible.com here.  The first audio book is free if you are new to the site, so please take advantage of that offering.  I'd like to thank Aurora for joining with me on this venture and helping to make the truth known.

To Mrs Jackson and the team at Panish, Boyle and Shea, thank you for trying to make a difference and going the extra mile.  Your integrity and strength of conviction are both admired and appreciated. I know everyone has their personal reasons and Mrs Jackson let me just say I'm probably willing to say a few things here on the blog that you are too much of a lady to say.  You've been shafted and it should be known.  I know you're probably tired and hurt beyond belief.  Please know that my heart is with you.  I know the decisions to keep all the crucial evidence out of the public eye have been "under seal".  I'm sure you understand why.  If the public knew what you did and knew that the authorities are not willing to do anything about it, they might have another riot on their hands. The Michael Brown case in Missouri was not the first, nor will it be the last to be exposed.  

I don't like riots, but even more so I don't like injustice. Especially by a judicial system that was designed to protect the people.  We've seen our share in history.  From Martin Luther King Jr, to Gandhi to Mr Mandela.  All fighting for peace and freedom for all people.  All having to fight against authority to get there.  In my eyes you simply had no chance from the beginning.  They convicted the wrong man to begin with.

May we not be surprised by more uprisings.  I don't advocate uprisings, but since the AEG attorney Marvin Putnam has invited the "news" to convey the truth that obviously won't change the court rulings, and the LA court system has made their position very clear, I suppose this type of activity is not that far from the mark.  They have simply nurtured a space for it and have invited it in. 

I believe the justice system is in a position of authority.  That authority has been under minded by cruel and greedy individuals willing to put the lives of victims and unexposed corruption in a position to control the masses.  We have been akin to this type of activity in the past and will not stand by while continued corruption at the corporate and judicial levels continue. 

The Murder of Michael Jackson: The Cover Up & Conspiracy | [Deborah Stefaniak]

"The first question to ask in any homicide is "What was the motive?" For Dr. Conrad Murray, the real motive should have been to keep Michael Jackson alive. That way he could get paid. But it wasn't Dr. Murray that was the only person in Michael Jackson's life at the end. There were other people too. Other people who did have a motive to kill. Working backwards from information personally received, discoveries have been made as to who the real killer of Michael Jackson was. This recounting of the events as they happened, is a personal testimony to the discoveries and evidence supporting the conspiracy and cover up of the murder of one of the greatest entertainers and humanitarians in world history - Michael Jackson."