Book Supporting Material - 1990 He'll Be There

January, 1990 my guide told me Michael would be in Disney World Florida.

From the book:  "He looked like he was about to cry.  I wanted to run to him, but he was fat.  Why would I think a fat man was Michael Jackson?"

"Up to 1991, the time of my Dangerous tour, I would don my disguise of fat suit, wig, beard, and glasses and head off to live in the land of everyday America, visiting shopping plazas and tract homes in the suburbs." 


Footprints found at a later date that confirmed him being there dated January, 1990:

Cement block at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida
with Michael Jackson signature 1/13/1990

The past life of one of the other psychic students:

My mother sees things from afar. She does not evaluate them from my standpoint, and she judges me too severely; but she is my mother, she loves me, and when she speaks, I can only bow my head.

—Marie Antoinette on her mother, Maria Theresa
Maria Theresa Walburga Amalia Christina[1] (GermanMaria Theresia; 13 May 1717 – 29 November 1780) was the only female ruler of theHabsburg dominions and the last of the House of Habsburg. She was the sovereign of AustriaHungaryCroatiaBohemiaMantuaMilanLodomeria and Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma. By marriage, she was Duchess of LorraineGrand Duchess of Tuscany and Holy Roman Empress.

The inclining of my past life when the other student brought up that her daughter was Marie Antoinette, the one that got her "head chopped off."  I looked down in shame afraid it used to be me

Marie Antoinette (/məˈr æntwəˈnɛt/ or /æntwɑːˈnɛt/French: [maʁi ɑ̃twanɛt]; baptised Maria Antonia Josepha (or JosephinaJohanna;[1] 2 November 1755 – 16 October 1793), born an Archduchess of Austria, was Dauphine of France from 1770 to 1774 and Queen of France and Navarrefrom 1774 to 1792. She was the fifteenth and penultimate child of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa.

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